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Melchiorites is a term used for the followers of Melchior Hoffman (modernized in German as Hoffmann), the Reformer who carried the gospel to Baltic areas such as Estonia and Livonia, to Emden in Friesland, and to Amsterdam. Melchiorites在弗里斯兰省的术语爱沙尼亚和用于现代化的追随者(梅尔基奥尔霍夫曼在德语霍夫曼),谁的重整等方面进行了福音波罗的海以埃姆登利沃尼亚,以及阿姆斯特丹。 Hoffman was an individualist who did not unite with the Swiss Brethren, and they in turn repudiated him.霍夫曼是一个个人主义者谁不团结与瑞士弟兄们,他们又推翻他。Nevertheless he did unite with a fringe group of Anabaptists in Strasbourg in 1530. For a time he was a Lutheran, but Luther ultimately repudiated him. In the 1530s he traveled about a great deal. He held to such Swiss Brethren doctrines as believer's baptism, nonresistance, the rejection of oaths, earnest discipleship to Christ, and separation of church and state. He wrote numerous books, mostly on eschatology.不过他没有团结在斯特拉斯堡边缘再洗礼派集团于1530年。有一段时间他是一个路德,但路德最终推翻他。在1530年代他交易走对一个伟大的。 他认为这种瑞士弟兄洗礼学说作为信徒,不抵抗,拒绝宣誓,认真门徒到基督,教会和国家分离。他写了许多书籍,其中大部分是关于末世。 He made much of baptism as a covenant (see 1 Pet. 3:21 in the Luther Bible), and his followers were often called Brethren of the Covenant or "Covenanters."他所立的约与其说是洗礼的(见1宠物。路德圣经在3:21),和他的追随者通常被称为盟约弟兄的盟约或“。”

In addition to the usual Anabaptist doctrines Hoffman was obsessed with eschatology, reveling in the anticipated apocalyptic violence against the wicked after Christ's return, and he was naively drawn to "special revelations" through dreams and visions. He also held an eccentric view of the incarnation whereby Mary was understood to be merely a channel through which the "heavenly flesh of Christ made its entrance to the earth." In response to a special revelation through a Melchiorite he hastened back to Strasbourg in 1533, was arrested, and jailed, in the expectation that in six months Christ would return.除了沉迷于末世一般再洗礼派的学说霍夫曼,恶人陶醉在同预期的世界末日的暴力事件后,基督的回报,他天真地吸引到“特殊启示”通过梦和幻觉。 他还举行了化身偏心观据此玛丽被理解为只是一个渠道,即“基督天国肉作出了入口在地上。”在1533年回应被逮捕到一个特殊的启示,通过他赶紧回Melchiorite在斯特拉斯堡,并被判入狱,在期望在6个月基督将返回。

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However, Hoffman lay in prison for ten long years before dying in 1543.不过,霍夫曼在监狱在于1543年为10年前长期死。His Reformation in the Low Countries slowly matured into two wings: (1) The Peace Wing led by Jan Volkerts Trypmaker (martyred in 1531) and Jacob van Campen (martyred in 1535).他的国家在改革低慢慢成熟阶段,成为两个翅膀:(1)和平部 )领导在1月沃尔克茨Trypmaker(烈属,1531年)和雅各布凡坎彭中(烈属,1535。Later leaders in this Peace Wing in Friesland were Obbe Philips, his brother Dirk Philips, and from 1536 Menno Simons .和平永后来的领导人在这弗里斯兰人奥贝飞利浦,他的弟弟德克飞利浦,从1536年门诺西门子 (2) The apocalyptic and revolutionary Melchiorites were led by the unstable Jan Matthys, who set up a theocracy in Munster, Germany, and died violently in 1534, and by the unscrupulous "King" Jan van Leyden, who was executed after the 1534 - 35 Munster "kingdom."(2) 世界末日和革命Melchiorites是1534年1月率领不稳定Matthys,谁建立了一个政教合一的明斯特,德国,并在1534年死于暴力,以及由无良“王”扬凡莱登,谁是被执行死刑后- 35明斯特的“王国”。Violent Munsterite "ultra - Melchiorism" was kept alive briefly by Jan van Batenburg (executed 1538) and by David Joris, who fled to Basel in 1544 under a false name and successfully posed for the rest of his days as a Zwinglian.暴力Munsterite“超- Melchiorism”被关押巴滕堡(活着简略扬凡执行1538年)和大卫里斯,谁在1544年巴塞尔逃到下一个假姓名,并成功Zwinglian构成了他的休息日为。

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Mennonite Encyclopedia, II, III.门诺百科全书,第二,第三。

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