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Beginning in England at a Quaker revival in 1747, the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, also known as the Millennial Church, or the Alethians, came to be called Shakers because of the trembling induced in them by their religious fervor.在一开始,英国在1747年贵格复苏, 美国社会的亮相在基督信徒的第二次,也被称为千年教会,或Alethians,来到被称为热点的宗教狂热引起的颤抖,因为他们在其中。 Led by James and Jane Wardley, the so - called Shaking Quakers were a minor religious sect until Ann Lee became the head of the movement.贵格会带领由詹姆斯和简获多利的-所谓的轻微振动是一个宗教教派,直至成为安李的头部运动。

Mother Ann, as she was known, believed that she had received the feminine principle of the deity.母亲安,因为她知道,相信她已收到了神女性原则。Following imprisonment for her unorthodox views, she experienced a vision and led (1774) a small group to the United States, where they established (1776) a community at Watervliet, NY Mother Ann made a number of converts, and after her death (1784) they established further communities under the leadership of Joseph Meacham and Lucy Wright.以下监禁她非正统的意见,她经历了远见和领导(1774)一小群美国,在那里他们成立(1776年)1瓦特弗利特社区在纽约州的母亲安提出了转换次数,并在她死后(1784年),他们进一步建立社区和露西赖特的领导下,约瑟米彻姆。 By 1826 there were 18 Shaker communities with about 6,000 members in 8 states. Their peak period was 1840 - 60.到1826年有18沙克尔州社区的约6000名成员8英寸的高峰期是1840年至一八六○年。As revivalism declined after the Civil War, so did the fortunes of the communities.由于复古战争后下降公务员,所以没有对社区的命运。By 1980 the Shakers were almost extinct.到1980年的热点几乎绝迹。

The Shakers believed in Mother Ann as the source of God's fullest revelation to humankind.对人类的母亲在信安的热点作为神源充分的启示。Other doctrines and practices included celibacy, open confession of sins, communal sharing of possessions, pacifism, equality of the sexes, and consecrated labor.其他学说和做法,包括独身,公开忏悔的罪过,两性共同分享的财产,和平主义,平等,和神圣的劳动。They rejected Calvinist ideas of predestination and emphasized free will.他们拒绝加尔文的宿命思想,强调自由意志。In their well - organized, self - sufficient communities segregated from the outside world, the Shakers worshiped in unusual ways; dancing, ecstatic shouting, and trances were held to be proof of the Holy Spirit's presence.在他们的好-组织,自我-足够的社区与外部世界隔离,供奉的热点在不寻常的方式;跳舞,欣喜若狂叫喊,并举行了向在场静坐的是证明了圣灵。

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The furniture and other goods that the Shakers made for themselves are remarkable for simplicity of design and fine craftsmanship; they have become highly valued collectors' items.为自己的家具和其他物品的热点是了不起的,简单的工艺设计和罚款;他们已成为高度重视收藏家的藏品。

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