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Terminism is the doctrine that God has eternally determined a time limit (terminus) in the life of the individual after which he no longer wills the conversion and salvation of that person. terminism是个人的学说,上帝永远)在生命的终点站确定的时限(之后,他不再遗嘱的转换和人得救那种。After that time the individual may no longer repent and come to faith .在这之后,有关人士可以不再回头来的信念Terminism was a doctrine of some pietists and therefore went along with the idea of human free will in spiritual matters. Terminism是一个虔诚主义学说的一些问题,因此前往随着人类精神的思想自由意志研究。

The difference between strict terminism and other doctrines is that the time limit is set by God, not by the individual's hardening his own heart.该学说的区别是严格terminism和其他的时间限制是由上帝,心不为个人的硬化他自己的。Terminism is also not a matter of the sin against the Holy Ghost.terminism是也不是神圣的鬼事得罪了。Different theologians may have combined these elements with terminism in varying ways.不同的神学家可能有不同的方式组合这些元素与terminism。Pietism in general was not characterized by a high degree of doctrinal unanimity.虔诚主义的不是一般的特点是高度的理论一致。

As expressed by the pietist JC Boese (d. 1700), terminism led to a controversy between the pietists and the orthodox Lutherans in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.正如1700所表达的虔信赛马瑟(草),terminism导致了几个世纪的虔诚主义之间的争论和早期18世纪和正统的路德会在17世纪末。 Terminism is best considered a peculiar point of historic pietism, though a similar idea has been held by some Quakers.terminism是最好的一个历史性的虔诚主义视为特殊点,虽然类似的想法已经被一些谊。

In the history of philosophy, terminism is sometimes used to refer to nominalism.在哲学史上,terminism是有时用来指唯名。

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