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Ferdinand Christian Baur, b.费迪南德基督教鲍尔湾June 21, 1792, d. 1792年6月21日,四Dec. 2, 1860, was a German theologian who founded the Tubingen school of New Testament interpretation. He received his education at Tubingen University, where, from 1826 to his death, he was professor of ecclesiastical and doctrinal history. 1860年12月2日,是德国神学家的圣经解释谁创立新蒂宾根学校。他收到他的教育理论的历史在蒂宾根大学,在那里,从1826年到他去世,他教授的教会。

Baur applied the philosophy of Hegel to New Testament interpretation. He was thus an early advocate of the historical or scientific study of the Bible. In 1845 he published a book on St. Paul, in which he applied the Hegelian principle to the history of early Christianity: Primitive Jewish (Petrine) Christianity, represented by the Gospel of St. Matthew, was the original force or thesis; Pauline Christianity was the antithesis or reaction against Peter - Matthew; and early Catholic Christianity, which brought these two forces together, was the synthesis.巴尔应用了黑格尔哲学向新约的解释。 因此,他主张一个早期的圣经或科学的研究的历史。1845年他出版了一本书关于圣保罗,他在原则上适用于黑格尔的早期历史基督教:原始犹太人(伯多禄)基督教,圣马修代表的福音,是原来的武力或论文;宝莲基督教是对立的反应或对彼得-马修以及早期天主教基督教,这使这两种力量一起,的合成。 In the process, Baur rejected the traditional attribution of a number of Epistles to Paul.在这个过程中,鲍尔拒绝了传统的书信归属数以保罗。He held that Paul was the author only of Galatians, the two Epistles to the Corinthians, and most of Romans.他认为,保罗在加拉太书的作者只,这两个书信向科林蒂安,和罗马人最。Later Baur wrote extensively on historical theology. He developed a school of followers, mostly at Tubingen; but the movement declined with his death.后来鲍尔说了广泛的历史神学。他的追随者在发达国家,主要是图宾根的一所学校,但运动的死亡与他的拒绝。

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Bibliography 书目
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Tubingen School蒂宾根学校

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In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries a conservative school of theology existed at Tubingen fostered by GC Storr (1746 - 1805) that stressed the supernatural character of revelation and biblical authority.在18世纪末和19世纪初一个保守的神学学校存在于蒂宾根)培育的气相色谱斯托(1746年至1805年,强调圣经的权威的启示和超自然的性质。 Also, a Catholic "Tubingen school" attempted in the late nineteenth century to reconcile the church's teaching with modern philosophy and biblical studies.另外,天主教“蒂宾根学校”世纪企图在19世纪末调和教会的研究,教学与现代哲学和圣经。By far the best known, however, is the one headed by Ferdinand Christian Baur (1792 - 1860), which opened up new avenues in NT study and was the most controversial movement in biblical criticism in the midnineteenth century.到目前为止,最有名的,但是,midnineteenth世纪的一个为首的费迪南德基督教鲍尔(1792 - 1860年),开辟了新途径新界研究圣经批评和运动是最有争议的。Its major contribution was calling attention to the distinct strands and theologies within the NT itself and establishing the principle of a purely historical understanding of the Bible.其主要贡献是帮助人们了解这个独特股和神学在NT本身和建立圣经原则的认识历史的纯粹。

The contrasts between the Synoptic Gospels and John, the various letters attributed to Paul, and Paul and the other early church leaders were carefully examined.和约翰福音的对比,各种信件归因和保罗保罗,和其他早期教会领袖们仔细检查之间的天气。Baur, much influenced by idealist philosophy, rejected supernaturalism and applied Hegelian dialectic to the NT.鲍尔,多由唯心主义哲学的影响,拒绝超自然和应用黑格尔辩证法的新台币。He found that it reflected, not a homogeneous development, but a fundamental tension between the Jewish church of Peter and the hellenistic Gentile church of Paul.他发现,它反映,而不是一个统一的发展,而是一种根本性的紧张关系犹太人保罗教堂之间的彼得和外邦人的教会的希腊。The NT documents attempted to reconcile the conflict between an earlier Petrine and a later Pauline theology by formulating a new synthesis.新台币文件试图调和伯多禄圣保禄合成及以后通过制定新的神学之间的冲突较早。 Baur believed that the authenticity of the various books could be determined by the degree to which they revealed "tendencies" of this conflict.鲍尔认为,书籍真实性冲突的各种可能确定在何种程度上,他们发现“这个倾向”的影响。He also traced out a similar kind of dialectical movement in the history of the church.他还追溯了类似的历史的教堂一种辩证运动。

Although Baur began teaching at Tubingen in 1826, the school's founding is properly dated from the appearance of his pupil DF Strauss's Life of Jesus in 1835.虽然鲍尔1826年开始任教于蒂宾根的,学校的成立是正确的日期从1835年出现的他的学生东风施特劳斯的生命耶稣研究。 This marked the formal break between the old conservative school and the new radical antisupernaturalism.这标志着激进antisupernaturalism正式打破旧的保守之间的学校和新的。 Bauer himself viewed Jesus in Hegelian terms as the exemplary embodiment of an idea that had greater universal significance that the concrete person of Jesus himself.鲍尔认为自己更普遍的意义耶稣在黑格尔,民政事务总署的条件,以模范的思想,体现了耶稣自己的具体的人。Soon a circle of young lecturers formed under the leadership of Eduard Zeller and in 1842 founded the principal mouthpiece of the school, the Tubinger theologische Jahrbucher.不久,泽勒循环的爱德华领导下成立的年轻的讲师,并于1842年成立了校长的喉舌,在Tubinger早期神学Jahrbucher。 (It went under in 1857 but was revived as the Zeitschrift fur wissenschaftliche Theologie (1858 - 1914) under the auspices of Adolf Hilgenfeld, one of Baur's most extreme followers.) (它接着下,但在1857年)恢复的科学杂志wissenschaftliche神学(1858年至1914年在极端信徒主持阿道夫最希根菲尔德,其中鲍尔的。)

By the late 1840s the Tubingen School came under severe attack and the various members gradually drifted away.19世纪40年代末由蒂宾根学校成员受到严重冲击和各种逐渐疏远。Baur himself became isolated within the Tubingen faculty as well as the German academic community, and spent his last years defending his views and producing a multivolume history of the church from a naturalistic standpoint, which explained all events by a combination of political, social, cultural, and intellectual causes but without any consideration of divine influence.巴尔自己被孤立在蒂宾根大学的教授以及德国的学术界,并度过了他的最后几年捍卫他的意见,并结合生产的所有事件由多卷历史的教堂从一个自然的解释,立场的政治,社会,文化和智力原因,但没有任何影响的考虑神圣。 Although relatively short - lived, the school with its emphasis on dialectical conflict within the early church, rejection of Pauline authorship of most of his epistles, and completely antisupernaturalistic outlook contributed significantly to the development of a historical - critical approach to the Bible that completely ignored the divine element in it.虽然相对较短-生活,教会学校与辩证的重点放在内部冲突的早期,拒绝宝莲,书信的作者,他的大部分,完全antisupernaturalistic前景作出了重大贡献被忽略的发展历史-批评的态度是完全圣经在这神圣的元素。

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Bibliography 书目
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