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The United Church of Christ was established in 1957 as a union of the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church.基督联合教会成立于1957年作为一个教会联盟的基督教公理教会和福音派和归正。With a current membership of approximately 1.7 million communicants located in more than 6,400 congregations in 39 conferences (state and regional organizations), the United Church of Christ is the "youngest" of the major Protestant denominations in the United States. Its roots lie in the teachings of the 16th century reformers, particularly Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli, and in Congregationalism.随着组织)电流(国家和区域会议的成员约3900万圣餐170位于6400多人在教会,基督联合教会是“最年轻的国家”在美国主要的新教教派。及其根源在于改革者教义在16世纪,特别是马丁路德和茨温利乌尔里克和公理。

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The basic unit of the United Church is the local church, which is guaranteed autonomy, or freedom, in the decisions it makes.美教会的基本单位是当地的教堂,这是有保障的自主权,或自由决定,它使。That freedom is the "freedom of the gospel," however, and every corporate body within the church, whether a local church or a conference or the General Synod, is supposed to make its decisions in the light of the gospel and out of a sense of responsibility to the whole fellowship.这是自由的福音“自由”,然而,每一个法人团体,教会内,无论是当地教堂或主教会议或大会,也是为了使某种意义上决定在光的出福音和负责整个金。

The General Synod of the United Church of Christ, which meets biennially, is the representative, deliberative body composed of 675 - 725 delegates elected by the conferences.该每两年举行一次总议会,其中,联合国基督教会,为代表,会议审议机构代表组成的选举由725 675 - 。 The officers of the church and the General Synod are the president, secretary, and director of finance and treasurer.总主教和教会人员的是主席,秘书,财务总监及司库和。The national program agencies include the United Church Board for World Ministries, United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, Office for Church Life and Leadership, Office for Church in Society, Office of Communication, Stewardship Council, United Church Foundation, and Commission for Racial Justice.国家计划部门和机构包括联合国世界教会理事会董事会部委,联合教会国土部,办事处的领导,办公室负责教会在社会中的教会生活,委员会办公室的沟通,管理理事会,联合教会基金会和种族正义。 The United Church of Christ is a member of the National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, and the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.基督联合教会是一个教会理事会成员的国家,世界教会理事会和世界归正教会联盟。

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LH Gunnemann, United and Uniting (1987); HP Keiling and FL Battles, eds., The Formation of the United Church of Christ (1977); BB Zikmund, Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ (1984). LH的Gunnemann,联合和团结(1987年);惠普Keiling和FL战役,合编。,该)形成美国基督堂(1977年,BB心跳齐克蒙德,1984)史美隐藏在基督的教会(。

Evangelical and Reformed Church福音派和归正

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The Evangelical and Reformed Church was a Protestant denomination established in 1934 by the union of the German Reformed Church (Reformed Church in the United States) and the Evangelical Synod of North America. These two religious bodies shared a German-language heritage, a similar form of church organization, and evangelical enthusiasm.福音派和归正会是一个新教教派成立于1934年由美国工会的德国归正教会(美国归正教会在美国)和北方的基督教主教会议。这两个宗教团体的共同德语语言遗产,一个类似的形式教会组织和福音的热情。

The Evangelical and Reformed Church was governed according to the presbyterian system; legislative authority was vested in a general synod, which met every three years.福音派和归正教会管辖根据长老会制度,立法权力是属于1年总议会,满足每3。The denomination conducted missionary work, operated hospitals, and maintained homes for the elderly, children, epileptics, and the retarded.该面额进行传教工作,经营医院,老人院的老人维持,儿童,癫痫和智障。

The church recognized the Heidelberg Catechism of 1563, Luther's Catechisms, and the Augsburg confession as standards of doctrine. Separate congregations were permitted latitude in choosing specific points of faith and worship, but certain forms and hymns were recommended by the general synod.这座教堂承认问答1563年海德堡,路德的要理问答,和奥格斯堡自白作为学说标准。被允许独立的教会在信仰崇拜纬度和选择的具体问题,但某些形式和赞美诗主教会议建议由一般。 Baptism and the Eucharist were considered the only sacraments authorized by the New Testament. In 1957 the Evangelical and Reformed Church merged with the Congregational Christian churches to form the United Church of Christ.洗礼和圣体被认为是新约由唯一授权的圣礼。在1957年和归正福音教会基督教公理会合并,形成了基督联合教会。

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