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The Way, International is a cultic organization founded in the mid 1950s by a former Evangelical and Reformed minister, Victor Paul Wierwille.之路,是一个邪教组织,国际成立于20世纪50年代中期由前福音派和归正部长维克托保罗Wierwille。 The Way claims it is not a church or a denomination but merely a "biblical research and teaching organization."该路声称它不是一个教会或教派,而只是一个“圣经研究和教学机构。”

Like most cultic groups, The Way's history and theology revolve around its founder and long - time president.最喜欢的邪教组织,路的历史和神学围绕其创始人和长期-时间会长。A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Wierwille holds a doctorate from a reputed degree mill, Pike's Peak Seminary.毕业于普林斯顿神学院神学,Wierwille拥有博士学位神从被誉为度轧机,派克的山顶。He first taught his "power for Abundant Living" class in 1953 and began to attract attention and followers during the Jesus Movement of the late 1960s and 1970s.他首先教20世纪60年代和70年代他的“权力”丰富生活类于1953年,已故的耶稣运动开始引起注意和追随者在。The class continues to be the primary means by which potential converts are introduced to the unorthodox teachings of the movement, and has become the cornerstone of The Way's doctrinal position.类仍然是该运动的主要方法,使潜在的转换是非正统教义的引入,并已成为地位的基石之路的理论。

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In 1958 Wierwille resigned from the ministry, disillusioned with the institutional church, and continued his spiritual search as an ecclesiastical loner. 1958年Wierwille辞去了财政部,幻灭与教会的体制,并继续搜寻他的教会作为一个孤独的精神。He claims to have had a life - changing experience during which God spoke to him audibly and promised that he would teach Wierwille the Word as it had not been known since the first century.他声称他有生命-神改变的经验,期间他大声说话,并承诺,他将教导Wierwille字,因为它没有被称为世纪以来的第一次。

After this "revelation" encounter with God, Wierwille pursued a career of writing, preaching, and teaching that included the denial of the Trinity, the deity of Jesus Christ, and other major doctrines of orthodox Christianity. He is revered as a prophet by his followers and views himself as an apostle, "one who brings new light to his generation."在此之后“启示”与天主相遇,Wierwille奉行的写作生涯,讲道, 教学,其中包括拒绝基督教的三位一体,基督耶稣的神,教义的正统和其他重大。先知,他是作为他的崇敬使徒自己的追随者和意见作为“一谁带来新的曙光,他这一代。”

Wierwille's theology is a strange admixture of Unitarianism, dispensationalism, Pentecostalism, and Calvinism. Wierwille的加尔文神学是一个奇怪的外加剂和单一制,时代论,五旬节。While he claims to teach the "rightly divided" Word in a manner that was lost to Christianity until he rediscovered it, Wierwille's preconceived theology is an accumulation of ancient heresies in modern dress combined with some biblical truth.虽然他自称为基督教教给他,直到它重新发现“失去的正确地划分”字的方式是,Wierwille的先入为主的神学是一个积累了一些圣经真理的结合古代服饰在现代异端。 The Way, in reality, is an organization that is built around one man's interpretation of the Bible.在现实的方式,是一个组织的圣经是围绕一个人的解释。

Critics claim that Wierwille misdefines Greek words, employs inferior study tools, promotes false principles of textual criticism, and routinely distorts biblical teaching. A presupposition underlying much of Wierwille's questionable exegesis is the primacy of the Aramaic.批评者认为Wierwille misdefines希腊字,采用劣质学习工具,促进考证假原则,并经常歪曲圣经教学。训诂学的基本前提,大部分Wierwille的首要问题是阿拉姆的。 Way researchers assert that the NT was originally written in Aramaic, not Greek.路研究者断言,新界原本写在阿拉姆语,而不是希腊文。 They make extensive reference to Syriac versions and to the Peshitta version translated by George Lamsa, an inferior biblical text.它们使大量提到叙利亚的版本和版本文本翻译的Peshitta乔治莱姆塞,一个劣等圣经。Wierwille also manipulate Orientalisms to reinforce his own preferred doctrine. Wierwille还操纵Orientalisms加强自己喜欢的学说。

Members of the Way do not accept the deity of Christ. Wierwille regularly asserts, "Jesus Christ is not God, never was and never will be." The Way teaches that Jesus is the son of God, but he is not God the Son. Consistent with Wierwille's unitarian monotheism is his rejection of the Holy Spirit as the third person of the Godhead. 路的成员不接受神的基督。Wierwille定期断言:“耶稣基督是不是上帝,从来没有也永远不会。”道教导我们,耶稣是上帝的儿子,但他不是神的儿子。一神教符合Wierwille的一神派他的精神是拒绝的圣作为第三人的神性。 In his view, the Holy Spirit is the Father (God) and just another name for God.他认为,圣灵是父(上帝),只是另一个神的名的。 When the words "holy spirit" are not capitalized, Wierwille is referring to a spiritual ability of power.当改为“圣灵”是没有资本,Wierwille是指一种精神力量的能力。Therefore, according to Way theology, the Holy Spirit is not a person but an impersonal power or enablement.因此,根据路神学,圣灵不是一个人,而是一个客观的权力或启用。

Speaking in tongues is central to the Way's theology. Wierwille teaches that speaking in tongues constitutes the true worship of God and that the practice is a necessary indicator of the new birth. As part of the Power for Abundant Living course Way members are taught how to speak in tongues, following Wierwille's rather mechanical instruction. 说方言的是中央的路的神学。Wierwille教导我们,说方言中构成了神真正的崇拜,这种做法是一个新诞生必要的指标的。为动力的一部分,为丰富的生活历程,路成员学习如何说方言,下面Wierwille的相当机械指令。

Other errant doctrines of The Way include the belief that there is no glory in death and that the dead remain dead until the final resurrection ("soul sleep"); the teaching that water baptism is not for Christians; and the view that faith is a spiritual thing given to man only after Pentecost and therefore it is the faith of Jesus Christ that saves, not our faith in Jesus.其他的方式包括武侠理论的信念,没有死亡的荣耀,而且要保持死者死,直到最后的复活(“灵魂睡眠”)教学,水的洗礼,是不是基督徒;和认为,信仰是一考虑到人的精神的东西后,才圣灵降临节,因此它是耶稣的信仰耶稣基督的拯救,而不是在我们的信心。

The Way International has headquarters in New Knoxville, Ohio.该路国际公司在新诺克斯维尔,俄亥俄州总部。Its outreach program includes Word Over the World (WOW) Ambassadors, a leadership training program called The Way Corps, and publication of The Way Magazine.它的推广方案,包括杂志的Word世界各地(WOW)中的大使,领导培训计划称为军团之路,路及公布。The organization espouses a very conservative political ideology and has been accused by some parents of mind manipulation and aggressive recruitment tactics.该组织洋溢着一种非常保守的政治思想和战术被告已积极招募一些家长的心态和操作。

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The Way International国际之路

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Thanks for this website!感谢这个网站!I belonged to this organization for over 12 years and to its splinter organizations for several more years before breaking away completely and publishing a book debating its doctrine.我属于这个组织的年数超过12多年来的分裂组织,在彻底打破和出版了一本书讨论的学说。The Way took the truth in Jesus Christ and blurred it so bad the truth and the history was lost in the minds of thousands of people.该路采取了基督耶稣和真理的模糊如此糟糕的真相和历史是人民失去了成千上万的人的心声。

S. Spencer南斯潘塞

(NOTE: BELIEVE has received over 150 similar letters in the years that our presentations have been on the Internet. There have also been about four letters that have come in that supported The Way, two of which were from people in their organization.) We try never to present any bias or preference toward any viewpoint on any religious subject. (注:相信已收到超过150个类似的信件互联网在未来几年,我们一直在介绍的。也有许多关于这四个字母来了,是有支持的方式,其中两个组织是从人的。)我们尝试从来没有提出任何偏见,或受偏爱对任何宗教的任何观点。 This letter and this reference to other letters is merely meant as trying to be informative.此信,这封信参考其他意思,只是因为想成为翔实。

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