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Ali (Ali ibn Abi Talib), bc600, d.阿里(阿里本ABI利布),bc600,D.Jan. 24, 661, fourth caliph of the Muslim community, is regarded by Shiite Muslims as the only legitimate successor of the Prophet Muhammad. 1月24日,661,第四哈里发的穆斯林社区,被认为是什叶派穆斯林先知穆罕默德的唯一合法继承。The first cousin of Muhammad and husband of the Prophet's daughter Fatima, Ali was passed over in the caliphal succession until 656, when he received the office after the murder of Uthman, the third caliph.阿里穆罕默德和先知穆罕默德的女儿法蒂玛的丈夫的表弟,是通过在caliphal继承,直到656,当他接到办公室后,第三任哈里发奥斯曼被谋杀。

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He was immediately challenged by an aristocratic faction led by the prophet's widow, Aisha, whom he defeated.他立即率领一个由先知的遗孀,阿伊莎,他击败贵族派的挑战。Ali then became involved in a civil war with Muawiyah, governor of Syria, and at the same time a group known as the Kharijites ("seceders") created a schism among his own followers.阿里然后成为在内战与叙利亚总督穆阿维叶,的参与,并在同一时间Kharijites(“seceders”)一组自己的追随者之间建立一个分裂。 When Ali was murdered by one of the Kharijites, Muawiyah seized the caliphate and founded the first Muslim dynasty, the Umayyads. Ali's partisans, the Shiites, never recognized Muawiyah, claiming that only Ali's sons could rightfully have succeeded him.当阿里被谋杀的Kharijites之一,穆阿维耶抓住哈里发和创办第一个穆斯林王朝,倭马亚王朝阿里的党羽,什叶派,从来不承认穆阿维耶,并声称,只有阿里的儿子他可以理所当然 ​​地取得了成功。


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Ali, in Arabic, Ali ibn Abi Talib (600?-661), fourth caliph of Islam and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad .在阿拉伯语, 伊斯兰教和先知穆罕默德的女婿的第四任哈里发阿里本ABI利布(600 -661),阿里。He was born in Mecca, the son of Abu Talib, Muhammad's uncle.他出生在麦加,利布,阿布穆罕默德的叔叔的儿子。Ali was one of the first converts to Islam and one of the most faithful followers of the Prophet.阿里是伊斯兰教的第一个转换和先知的最忠实的追随者之一。He married Muhammad's daughter Fatima, who bore him two sons, Hasan and Husayn.他,为他生了两个儿子,哈桑和侯赛因穆罕默德的女儿法蒂玛结婚。In 632, when Muhammad died, Ali claimed the right of succession.632,当穆罕默德去世后,阿里声称继承权。He was preceded in the caliphate, however, by Abu Bakr, Umar I, and Uthman ibn Affan, and did not become caliph until 656.不过,他之前在哈里发艾布伯克尔,欧麦尔我,和奥斯曼本阿凡,并没有成为哈里发,直到656。

In the first year of Ali's reign he was forced to deal with a rebellion led by Aisha, whom Muhammad had married after the death of Fatima's mother and who bitterly opposed Ali's claim of succession.在阿里的统治的第一年,他被迫处理阿伊莎,其中穆罕默德结婚后,法蒂玛的母亲和强烈反对阿里的继承索赔去世领导的叛乱。 Although the rebellion was suppressed in late 656, disputes over Ali's right to the caliphate were not resolved.虽然656下旬镇压叛乱,阿里的哈里发权纠纷没有得到解决。Muawiyah I, a member of Uthman's family, refused to recognize Ali as caliph and claimed the caliphate himself.穆阿维耶我,奥斯曼的家庭成员,拒绝承认哈里发阿里,并声称自己哈里发。This dispute continued until 661, when Ali was murdered at Al Kûfah by a member of the Kharijite sect; Muawiyah I was then acknowledged caliph.这一争​​端一直持续到661,当阿里在Al Kûfah被谋杀的Kharijite教派的成员;穆阿维耶我当时承认哈里发。

Dissension between Ali's adherents and his opponents continued to shake the Muslim world.阿里的追随者和他的对手之间的纠纷继续动摇穆斯林世界。This conflict led to the first and most important schism in Islam, between the Shiites (adherents of Ali) and the Sunnites (orthodox Muslims) .这种冲突导致在伊斯兰教的第一和最重要的分裂,什叶派(阿里的追随者)和逊尼派(正统的穆斯林)之间。 Ali is the ancestor of the Fatimid line of caliphs, who traced their descent from Ali and Fatima.阿里的哈里发,追查他们的后裔,从阿里和法蒂玛法蒂玛线的祖先。

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