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Saint John's Baptism was not Christian baptism, nor was that which was practised by the disciples previous to our Lord's crucifixion. 圣约翰的洗礼是基督教的洗礼,也不是,这是由以前我们的主钉在十字架上的弟子实践。Till then the New Testament economy did not exist.至此新约的经济并不存在。John's baptism bound its subjects to repentance, and not to the faith of Christ.约翰的洗礼悔改约束其臣民,而不是基督的信仰。 It was not administered in the name of the Trinity, and those whom John baptized were rebaptized by Paul (Acts 18:24; 19:7).这不是管理三位一体的名称,和那些人约翰洗礼的保罗(使徒18时24分,19时07分)rebaptized。

(Easton Illustrated Dictionary)(伊斯顿说明字典)

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