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Jude, sometimes called Judas, or Jude Thaddaeus, is mentioned in Luke 6:16 and Acts 1:13 as one of the apostles of Jesus.裘德,有时也被称为犹大,犹大达太,提到路加福音6点16分和1时13分充当耶稣的使徒之一。He was traditionally believed to have been the author of the Epistle of Jude and is often identified with Thaddaeus, the apostle mentioned in Mark 3:18 and Matt.他传统上被认为已裘德书信的作者,往往是达太,马克3点18和马特提到使徒确定。10:3.10时03分。Among Roman Catholics he is known as the patron saint of desperate cases.在罗马天主教中,他是绝望的情况下,被称为守护神。Feast day: June 19 (Eastern), Oct. 28 (Western; with Saint Simon).盛宴的日子:6月19日(东区),10月28日(西;圣西门)。

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Jude = Judas裘德=犹大

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Among the apostles there were two who bore this name,在使徒中有两个孔这个名字,

He who is called "the brother of James" (Luke 6:16), may be the same with the Judas surnamed Lebbaeus.他被称为“兄弟詹姆斯”(路加福音6:16),可与犹大姓Lebbaeus相同。The only thing recorded regarding him is in John 14:22.关于他的记录是唯一在约翰14时22。

(Easton Illustrated Dictionary)(伊斯顿说明字典)

Apostle Jude使徒犹大

Orthodox Information东正教信息

(This information may not be of the scholastic quality of the other articles in BELIEVE. Since few Orthodox scholarly articles have been translated into English, we have had to rely on Orthodox Wiki as a source. Since the Wikipedia collections do not indicate the author's name for articles, and essentially anyone is free to edit or alter any of their articles (again, without any indication of what was changed or who changed it), we have concerns. However, in order to include an Orthodox perspective in some of our subject presentations, we have found it necessary to do this. At least until actual scholarly Orthodox texts are translated from the Greek originals!) (此信息的信奉的其他文章的学术质量。由于少数东正教学术文章已被译成英文翻译,我们都不得不依靠作为源东正教的Wiki。以来的维基百科集合做不注明作者的姓名的文章,而且基本上任何人自由编辑或改变任何自己的文章(再没有什么改变,或改变它的任何指示),我们有顾虑。然而,为了在我们的一些主题,包括东正教的角度介绍,我们发现有必要做到这一点。,至少要等到实际学术东正教文本翻译从希腊原件!)

The holy, glorious and all-laudable Apostle Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ and his brother, along with St. James, by virtue of being the son of St. Joseph the Betrothed.神圣,光荣和所有值得称赞的使徒犹大的耶稣基督和他的兄弟的十二门徒之一,与圣雅各福群,凭借圣若瑟订婚的儿子。 He is also called Levi or Thaddeus and sometimes the name Jude is rendered as Judas, but he is not to be confused with Judas Iscariot, the Apostle Matthew (also called "Levi"), or the Apostle Thaddeus of the Seventy.他也被称为列维或赛迪斯名称裘德有时呈现为犹大,但他是不是犹大,使徒马太(也称为“李维斯”),或七十使徒赛迪斯混淆。 He is referenced in the Synoptic Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and wrote an epistle which is part of the New Testament.他是在对观福音书,使徒行传引用,并写了一封书信,这是新约的一部分。His feast day is on June 19.他的宗教节日是在6月19日。


Jude was the brother of St. James and son of St. Joseph, Betrothed to the Theotokos.裘德是圣雅各福群会和圣若瑟的儿子的兄弟,许配给的Theotokos。Sometimes he is called Levi or Thaddeus (some English translations call him "Judas").有时,他被称为列维或赛迪斯(一些英文译本,称他为“犹大”)。He protested along with Simon and Hosea when the elderly Joseph wanted to leave a portion of his estate to Jesus upon his death.与西蒙和何西阿沿时的老人约瑟夫想离开他去世后,其遗产的一部分,耶稣他抗议。He was often called 'brother of James' out of humility and shame for he did not believe in Christ at first, yet St. James did.他经常被称为“雅各的兄弟”出的谦逊和耻辱,他不相信基督,首先,但圣雅各福群会那样。

He was one of the Twelve Apostles (not to be confused with the Thaddeus of the Seventy Apostles) and after the Ascension he preached the Gospel in Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Idumea, Syria, Arabia, Mesopotamia, and Armenia.他是十二门徒之一(不要与混淆的70使徒的赛迪斯)和耶稣升天后,他鼓吹在朱迪亚,撒马利亚,加利利,Idumea,叙利亚,阿拉伯,美索不达米亚和亚美尼亚的福音。 While preaching in the area around Ararat he was captured by pagans, crucified and killed by being shot with arrows.虽然在该地区周围阿拉拉特传道,他被抓获的异教徒,钉在十字架上和杀害被箭齐发。


Troparion (Tone 1) [1]Troparion(音1)[1]

Divinely we praise you, O Jude, as a faithful witness,神,我们赞美你,作为一个忠实的见证澳裘德,
Knowing you to be the brother of Christ.知道你是弟兄。
You trampled on delusion,你践踏上的错觉,
And so preserved the faith.所以保存的信念。
Today as we celebrate your holy memory,今天,我们庆祝你的神圣记忆,
By your intercessions we receive remission of sins.通过您的代祷,我们收到的罪得赦。

Kontakion (Tone 2)集祷颂(音2)

You were chosen as a disciple for your firmness of mind:您被选为您心中的坚定性的弟子:
An unshakable pillar of the Church of Christ,基督的教会的一个不可动摇的支柱,
You proclaimed His word to the Gentiles,你宣布他的话给外邦人,
Telling them to believe in one Godhead.告诉他们要相信一颗神格。
You were glorified by Him, receiving the grace of healing,您被尊称他,接受愈合的宽限期,
Healing the ills of all who came to you,医治所有的人来到你的弊病,
O most praised Apostle Jude! O最称赞使徒犹大!


St. Nikolai Velimirovic, The Prologue of Ohrid圣尼古拉Velimirovic,奥赫里德的序言

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Apostle Jude the Brother of the Lord, June 19 (OCA)使徒犹大主的弟弟,6月19日(亚奥理事会)
Apostle Jude, the Brother of James, June 30 (OCA)使徒犹大,雅各的兄弟,6月30日(亚奥理事会)
Thaddeus (Jude) the Apostle & Brother of Our Lord (GOARCH)赛迪斯(裘德)使徒与我们的主兄弟(GOARCH)

Judas (Jude) Thaddaeus Lebbaeus(犹大)犹大达太Lebbaeus

Coptic Orthodox Information科普特东正教信息

Although a number of the disciples are known by two 1 names, this is the only one who has three names given in the sacred record.虽然是由两个1名的弟子,这是唯一一个有三个名字在神圣的记录。

He is called "Judas the son of James" (Luke 6:16; Acts 1:13), but there is no indication as to whether this is one of the other James mentioned in Scripture.他被称为“犹大的詹姆斯的儿子”(路加福音6:16;徒1:13),但没有说明这是否是在圣经中提到的其他詹姆斯。

To distinguish him from the other Judas, John carefully adds the remark “not Iscariot” (John 14:22).为了区别于其他犹大他,约翰仔细添加备注“犹大”(约翰福音14:22)。John wants it clearly understood that this Judas remained devoted to Christ.约翰希望它清楚地了解这犹大仍然致力于基督。He must have been of a very different character than the other Judas, for his other names Thaddaeus and Lebbaeus mean something like "dear heart."他一定是一个非常不同的性格比其他犹大,他的另一名达太,并Lebbaeus意味着像“亲爱的心脏。”Apparently both Matthew and Mark avoided the name Judas because of the betrayer who had the same name.显然,马太和马可避免,因为有相同的名称的背叛者犹大的名字。Matthew uses Lebbaeus only as an interpretation of Thaddaeus.马修只使用作为解释的达太Lebbaeus。

In addition, some translators have rendered Judas as the form "Jude."此外,一些翻译的形式呈现了犹大“裘德。”Once again it seems that this is done to avoid any connection with Judas Iscariot.再次看来,这样做是为了避免与犹大的任何连接。

Characteristics of This Disciple这个徒弟的特点

There are very few references to Judas Thaddaeus in the New Testament beside those that list him as an apostle.有很少提及新约旁,列出他作为使徒犹大达太。In John 14:22 when the apostles were sharing the last Passover with Jesus, Judas Thaddaeus asked Jesus, "But, Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?"在约翰14时22分,当使徒们分享耶稣最后的逾越节,犹大达太问耶稣说,“但是,主,为什么你打算给我们展示自己,而不是到世界吗?” Jesus said to Judas and the other disciples, "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him."耶稣的犹大和其他门徒说,“人若爱我,他会听从我的教学,我父也必爱他,我们会来找他,使我们的家,与他。”Jesus revealed himself and his mission only to the humble in heart.耶稣透露,他本人和他的使命只有不起眼的心脏。He wanted them to know that he and his Father would stay close to them and would guide and protect them.他想让他们知道,他和他的父亲会保持紧密联系,他们将引导和保护他们。Jesus was comforting Judas Thaddaeus and the other apostles, because he knew that the next day he would no longer be with them physically, but would be put to death.耶稣安慰犹大达太及其他使徒,因为他知道,第二天他将不再与他们身体,但会被处死。

This Judas was a faithful servant of the Lord, for he is listed with the other faithful (Acts 1:13).这个犹大是主的忠实仆人,因为他是与其他忠实上市(徒1:13)。The Lord blessed those who used his gifts wisely, for they were given to the apostles to establish the early Church throughout the earth.耶和华赐福那些使用他的礼物明智的,给他们建立整个地球的早期教会的使徒。As an apostle loved and prayed for by his Master, Judas was faithful to his responsibilities.作为使徒的爱和他的主人祷告,犹大是忠于他的职责。

Although some have suggested that Judas Thaddaeus is the writer of the Book of Jude, it seems more likely that the author of this short epistle was Jude "the brother of the Lord."虽然有些人认为犹大达太的犹大书的作家,似乎更容易,在这短短的书信的作者是裘德“主的兄弟。”Outside of Scripture, the history of the Church in Armenia claims that it was the Apostles Judas Thaddeus and Nathanael who preached to their country.的经文之外,在亚美尼亚的教会的历史,声称这是使徒犹大赛迪斯拿谁鼓吹自己的国家。Armenia eventually became the first country to claim Christianity as its national religion in 301 AD But even with this national claim of Christianity, the Armenian government was at first violently opposed to the preaching of Judas Thaddeus and Nathanael and was responsible for putting both to death.亚美尼亚要求作为其国家的宗教基督教公元301最终成为了第一个国家,但即使有这样的基督教国家的主张,亚美尼亚政府是在第一次激烈反对说教犹大赛迪斯和拿,负责把两个死刑。

See the attached “Acts of Thaddeus” in Appendix #2 for an account of his work in the Kingdom of Edessa.见附件“的赛迪斯行为”附录#2他在埃德萨王国的工作。

The ship in Judas Thaddeus' symbol represents the many missionary journeys which church traditions suggest he took.船舶在犹大赛迪斯“的象征,代表许多教会的传统建议他带着传教行程。Sometimes he is symbolized with a club.有时候,他与俱乐部的象征。Legends say he was martyred when he was beaten with a heavy club.传说他以身殉国,当他是一个沉重的俱乐部殴打。

James F. Korthals詹姆斯F Korthals

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