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Evangelist is a term used in the New Testament (see Acts 21:8; Ephresians 4:11; and 2 Timothy 4:5) to designate any of the workers in the apostolic church who traveled to distant places to announce the gospel and to prepare the way for more extensive missionary work on the part of the apostles.传播者是在新约中的术语(见徒21:8; Ephresians 4时11和提摩太后书4:5)指定谁在使徒教会前往遥远的地方宣布了福音工人的任何及准备为更广泛的对使徒传教工作方式的一部分。

In postapostolic times the term evangelist was applied to a writer of a Gospel, that is, to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.在postapostolic倍,长期传道被应用到一个福音,即马太,马可,路加,和约翰作家。Traditionally, the four evangelists are symbolized by emblematic figures derived from the prophetic vision of Ezekiel and from Revelation, especially Revelation 4:6-10.传统上,四福音的象征从以西结先知的眼光和从启示录衍生象征人物,尤其是启示录4:6-10。For many years controversy existed over which symbol should be attributed to which evangelist.多年来存在争议过的符号应归功于其倡导者。It was finally agreed that Matthew, who started his narrative with the genealogy of Christ, should be represented by the head of a man; Mark, who began with the mission of John the Baptist in the wilderness, by a lion, the inhabitant of the desert; Luke, who commenced with the story of the priest Zacharias, by a sacrificial ox; and John, whose Gospel soars to the heights of theological speculation, by an eagle.会议最后商定,马太,谁开始与基督的家谱他的叙述,应该由一个人的头部代表;马克,谁开始与施洗约翰在旷野使命狮子,对居民沙漠;卢克,谁开始与祭司撒迦利亚的故事由一个祭祀牛,和约翰,他们的福音的神学投机腾飞的高度由老鹰。

Since the Reformation, especially in Methodism, the term evangelist has been applied to any itinerant preacher who attempts to bring about conversion among masses of people.由于改革,特别是在理宗,术语传播者已被应用到任何巡回布道者谁试图实现人民群众之间的转换。

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Evangelism is the proclamation of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ with a view to bringing about the reconciliation of the sinner to God the Father through the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit.传福音是耶稣基督的救恩,以对罪人和解神透过圣灵再生电力的父亲认为好消息宣布。The word derives from the Greek noun euangelion, goods news, and verb euangelizomai, to announce or proclaim or bring good news.这个词源于希腊名词euangelion,好消息,和动词euangelizomai,公布或宣布或带来好消息。

Evangelism is based on the initiative of God himself. Because God acted, believers have a message to share with others. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son" (John 3:16).传福音是基于神自己的倡议, 因为神行事,信徒纷纷留言与他人分享。“神爱世人,他 ​​给了他唯一的儿子”(约翰福音3:16)。"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" (Rom. 5:8). “但上帝表明,在此向我们自己的爱:虽然我们还是罪人,基督为我们死”(罗5:8)。Like a father who longs for the return of his lost son, a woman who searches diligently for a lost son, a woman who searches diligently for a lost coin, and a shepherd who leaves the rest of his flock to find a lost sheep (Luke 15), God loves sinners and actively seeks their salvation.就像一个父亲是谁为他失去了儿子,一个女人谁努力为搜索丢失的儿子,一个女人谁搜索勤政丢失硬币和一个牧羊人谁离开了他的羊群休息找到丢失的羊返回多头(路15),神爱罪人,并积极寻求他们的救恩。 God is always gracious, "not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance" (2 Pet. 3:9).神永远是亲切的,“不希望任何人灭亡,但每个人都来悔改”(2宠物。3:9)。

God, in turn, expects his people to share in his quest to save the lost. In order to believe the gospel people must first hear it and understand it (Rom. 10:14 - 15).神,反过来,预计他的人分享他的追求,以拯救失丧为了相信福音的人必须先听到它,了解它(罗马书10点14分- 15)。Thus God has appointed ambassadors, agents of his kingdom, to be his ministers of reconciliation in the world (2 Cor. 5:11 - 21).因此,上帝已经任命大使,他的王国代理,将在世界(林后5:11 - 21)和解的部长。

A comprehensive definition of evangelism came out of the International Congress on World Evangelization (1974).一个全面的定义来传福音的国际大会就世界福音(1974年)。According to the Lausanne Covenant, "To evangelize is to spread the good news that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead according to the Scriptures, and that as the reigning Lord he now offers the forgiveness of sins and the liberating gift of the Spirit to all who repent and believe. Our Christian presence in the world is indispensable to evangelism, and so is that kind of dialogue whose purpose is to listen sensitively in order to understand. But evangelism itself is the proclamation of the historical, biblical Christ as Saviour and Lord, with a view to persuading people to come to him personally and so be reconciled to God. In issuing the gospel invitation we have no liberty to conceal the cost of discipleship.根据洛桑公约“,传福音是传播好消息,耶稣基督为我们的罪死了,是从死里复活根据圣经,并作为主的统治,现在他提供了赦罪和解放的礼物对所有的精神谁悔改并相信,我们在世界上的存在是不可缺少的基督教传福音,因此是一种对话,其目的是倾听,以了解敏感,但传福音本身就是历史,圣经公告为救主,以说服人来对他个人,所以与神认为基督在福音发出邀请我们没有自由隐瞒作门徒的代价。

Jesus still calls all who would follow him to deny themselves, take up their cross, and identify themselves with his new community. The results of evangelism include obedience to Christ, incorporation into his church and responsible service in the world." 耶稣还呼吁所有谁就会跟着他否定自己,拿起自己的十字架,并找出自己与他的新社区。传福音的结果包括顺服基督,为教会和世界负责任的服务团。“

The Message消息

In light of this statement evangelism may be broken down into its component parts.在这句话的传福音的光可以分解成它的组成部分。 First, there is the message.首先,有消息。To be biblical, evangelism must have content and convey information about the true nature of spiritual things.要圣经,传福音必须有内容和传达有关精神事物的真实性质的信息。It should address the nature of sin and the plight of the sinner (Rom. 3).要针对罪和罪人(罗马书3)困境的本质。It should stress the love of God and his willingness to be reconciled to the lost (John 3; 2 Cor. 5).应该强调的上帝和他的意愿,不甘心失去(约3 2林5)爱。It must include a clear statement about the centrality of Jesus Christ in God's plan of redemption: that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself and that Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead, according to the Scriptures (1 Cor. 15; 2 Cor. 5; Rom. 10).它必须包括一个关于耶稣基督在上帝的救赎计划的中心明确声明:上帝在基督里调和世界上对自己和基督死为我们的罪,是从死里复活,根据圣经(1肺心病。 15,林后5;罗10)。The evangelistic word must also contain the promise of forgiveness of sins and the regenerating gift of the Holy Sprit to everyone who repents of his sin and puts his faith and trust (ie, believes) in Jesus Christ (Acts 2; John 3).在布道词也必须包含赦罪的承诺和神圣Sprit大家谁悔改他的罪,把他的信心和信任耶稣基督(即认为)再生的礼物(使徒2;约翰3)。 In short, the evangelistic message is based on the Word of God; it seeks to tell the story that God has already acted out.总之,福音的信息是基于神的话语,它旨在告诉上帝已经担任了故事。

The Method该方法

Second, there is the method.二是有方法的。Good news can be told in a variety of ways.好消息可以告诉记者,在多种方式。Scripture does not designate a single method of transmitting the gospel.圣经并没有指定一个传播福音的一个方法。In the NT believers shared their faith through formal preaching and teaching, in their personal contacts and chance encounters.在NT信徒共同通过正规的说教和教学的信念,在他们的个人接触和机会相遇。Consequently Christians have felt free to devise different ways of doing evangelism: personal, mass (ie, revival campaigns), saturation (ie, blanketing of a given area), friendship, etc. They have learned how to use various media in spreading the gospel, including the latest in printed and telecommunications fields.因此基督徒感到自由地制定不同的方式做传福音:个人,集体(即复兴运动),饱和度(即某一地区密),友谊等,他们已经学会如何使用各种媒介传播福音包括印刷和电信领域的最新。 All of these means are allowable if they present the message clearly, honestly, and compassionately.这些手段都是允许的,如果他们目前的消息清楚,诚实和同情。Overaggressiveness, manipulation, intimidation, and a well intentioned misrepresentation of the gospel message actually subvert effective evangelism, though they may appear to bring "results." Overaggressiveness,操纵,恐吓,以及对福音信息用心良苦误传其实颠覆有效的传福音,虽然他们可能会出现带“的结果。”

Whereas there is a legitimate place for aggressiveness and even confrontation in evangelism, integrity and love should be the foundation on which all methods are built.虽然有一个攻击性,甚至在传福音对抗合法地位,完整性和爱情应该是在其上的所有方法的基础。Furthermore, sharers of the good news should know their hearers well enough to speak to their needs, in ways that they can understand (1 Cor. 9:19 - 23).此外,好消息共享者应该知道自己的听众不够好说话的方式,以他们的需求,他们可以理解(1肺心病9时19 - 23)。When it comes to evangelistic method, Paul's words still speak with authority and insight: "And pray for us too, that God may open a door for our message. . . so that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone" (Col. 4:3).当涉及到福音的方法,保罗的话还是说话的权威和见解:“和我们祈祷过,神可能会打开我们的消息一进门,这样我可以宣布清楚,我应该是明智英寸。外人对你的方式行事;充分利用每一个机会,最让你们的谈话总是充满了优雅,加盐调味,这样就可知道该怎样回答各人“(西4:3)。

The Goals这些目标

Finally, there are the goals of evangelism.最后,有传福音的目标。Basically evangelism seeks to bring people into a new relationship with God through Jesus Christ.基本上传福音的目的,使之与神通过耶稣基督的新关系的人。Through the power of the Holy Spirit it endeavors to awaken repentance, commitment, and faith.通过圣灵它努力唤醒忏悔,承诺和信仰的力量。Its goal is nothing less than the conversion of the sinner to a radically new way of life.其目的无非是在以一种全新的方式生活罪人转换少。How, then, do we know when evangelism has taken place?那么,如何传福音时,我们知道已经发生?When the message has been given?当消息被赋予?When the message has been adequately understood?当消息已被充分理解呢?When the hearer has been brought to the point of deciding for or against the message he has received?当听者已提请或反对,他已收到的消息决定呢?Theologically, of course, the results of evangelism are in the hands of the Spirit, not the evangelist.神学,当然,传福音,结果是在精神,而不是传道者的手中。But practically, the bearer of the message determines to a large extent the scope of the hearer's response because he has stated the terms of the invitation.但实际上,消息的旗手,在很大程度上决定了听话者的反应的范围,因为他已经说了邀请的条款。This means that though evangelism by definition concentrates on the need to respond to God in initial repentance and faith, its message must also contain something about the obligations of Christian discipleship.这意味着尽管从定义福音就需要在初始回应悔改和信仰上帝精矿,其信息也必须包含有关基督教门徒的义务东西。

In their enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of the gospel evangelists dare not neglect the obligations that come with receiving it.在他们的热情分享福音传道的好处不敢怠慢的义务与接受它来了。In many evangelical circles, for example, people make a distinction between accepting Christ as Savior and accepting him as Lord.在许多福音派人士,例如,人们之间作出接受基督为救主,接受他为主的区别。This often leaves converts with the impression that they can obtain the forgiveness of sins without committing themselves to obedience to Christ and service in his church.这往往留下的印象是,他们可以得到自己没有犯在他的教会顺服基督和服务赦罪转换。Such notions are not found in the NT and may be part of the reason that so many modern converts have so little staying power.这种观念是没有发现在NT和可能的原因,所以许多现代转换有那么一点后劲的一部分。

They have been offered and have accepted "cheap grace" rather than the free but costly grace of the gospel.他们已提供和接受,而不是免费的,但昂贵的福音恩典“廉价的恩典”。"Counting the cost" is an essential part of responding to the gospel message, not something that can be put off until a later time.“计算成本”,是一种满足的福音信息,不是可以推迟到稍后的时间过的重要组成部分。Conversion to Jesus Christ entails more than the forgiveness of sins.转换为耶稣基督需要比罪的赦免了。It includes obedience to the commands of God and participation in the body of Christ, the church.它包括服从上帝和基督,教会机构参与的命令。As Jesus said, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nation, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" (Matt. 28:19 - 20).正如耶稣说:“所以你们要去,使所有国家的门徒,奉父的姓名和子和圣灵他们,教导他们遵守我所吩咐你们的一切”(太28:19 - 20)。

One way to maintain the connection between conversion and discipleship is to keep proclamation and demonstration together in evangelism.一种方法来保持和门徒之间的转换连接,保持在传福音宣讲和演示起来。In the ministry of Jesus and in the life of the apostolic church, preaching and acting, saying and doing were always joined (eg, Luke 4:18 - 19; Acts 10:36 - 38; Rom. 15:18 - 19).在耶稣的事工和教会的使徒生活,宣讲和表演,说和做总是加入(例如,路加福音4时18 - 19;徒10点36 - 38;罗马书15时18分 - 19)。Proclaiming salvation without demonstrating its transforming power in the fruit of the Spirit and goods works is as inadequate as showing the effects of new life in Christ without explaining their source.宣称没有展示在精神和货物作品水果的改造力量拯救一样呈现出没有说明其来源的新生活,在基督的影响不足。Announcing the good news of salvation without showing the love of Christ in personal and social concern is not evangelism in the style of the NT.宣布不显示在个人和社会关注的基督的爱的救赎的好消息是不是在NT风格的布道。In this holistic approach to evangelism we do not fail to distinguish between regeneration and sanctification, but do contend that the two should be held closely together.在这种全面的方法来传福音,我们不会失败区分再生和成圣,但辩称,两者应紧密结合在一起举行。

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(Elwell Evangelical Dictionary)(Elwell宣布了福音字典)

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Evangelist, lit., "a messenger of good" (eu, "well," angelos, "a messenger"), denotes a "preacher of the gospel," Acts 21:8; Eph. 。传播者,点燃,“使者的好”(欧盟,“好,”安耶洛斯,“信使”),是指一个“福音布道者,”徒21:8;弗。4:11, which makes clear the distinctiveness of the function in the churches; 2 Tim. 4时11分,其中明确了在教堂的独特功能; 2蒂姆。4:5.4:5。Cf.比照。euangelizo, "to proclaim glad tidings," and euangelion, "good news, gospel." euangelizo,“宣布喜讯,”和euangelion,“好消息,福音。”Missionaries are "evangelists," as being essentially preachers of the gospel.传教士是“传道,”说成是本质上的福音传教士。

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