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The angel Gabriel, an important figure in the Bible, appears first in the Book of Daniel (chapters 8 and 9) as a messenger and revealer.天使加布里埃尔,圣经中的一个重要人物,出现在但以理书(第8,9章)第一次作为一个使者和启示者。In the New Testament he announces the births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ (Luke 1), and in the Book of Enoch, part of the pseudepigrapha, he is one of the seven archangels who stand close to God.在新约,他宣布了施洗约翰和耶稣(路加福音1),并在以诺,部分图书的pseudepigrapha,他是七个大天使谁的立场接近神之一的出生。 Later Christian tradition made him the trumpeter of the Last Judgment.后来基督教的传统使他成为最后的审判吹鼓手。A popular figure in art, Gabriel is often pictured appearing to Mary or with trumpet raised.在艺术热门人物,加布里埃尔是经常出现的玛丽合照或小号提高。In Islam he is Jibril, the principal of many tales, who revealed the Koran to Muhammad.在伊斯兰教中,他是贾布里勒,许多故事,谁透露了古兰经穆罕默德校长。

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Gabriel is an angel of high eminence in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim tradition. He is one of the four most often noted archangels in Judaism and Christianity, the others being Michael, Raphael, and Uriel. Gabriel is the heavenly messenger who appears in order to reveal God's will.加布里埃尔是一个卓越的高犹太教,基督教和穆斯林传统的天使, 他是最经常提到four大天使在犹太教和基督教,其余正在迈克尔,拉斐尔,乌利尔之一,加布里埃尔是天上的使者谁才能出现揭示神的旨意。 In the Old Testament, Gabriel interprets the prophet's vision of the ram and the he-goat (see Daniel 8:15-26) and explains the prediction of the 70 weeks of years (or 490 years) for the duration of the exile from Jerusalem (see Daniel 9:21-27).在旧约,加布里埃尔解释先知的RAM和他 - 山羊(见丹尼尔8:15-26)的愿景,并解释为从耶路撒冷流亡期间的年(或490年)70周预测(见丹尼尔9:21-27)。In the New Testament, he announces to Zacharias the birth of Zacharias's son (see Luke 1:11-20), who is destined to become known as John the Baptist, and to Mary that she is to be the mother of Jesus Christ (see Luke 1:26-31).在新约中,他宣布对撒迦利亚在撒迦利亚的儿子(见路加福音1:11-20),谁注定要成为著名的施洗约翰,和玛丽出生,她是被耶稣基督的母亲(见路加福音1:26-31)。 Among Muslims, Gabriel is believed to be the spirit who revealed the sacred writings to the Prophet Muhammad.其中穆斯林,加布里埃尔被认为是精神谁透露给先知穆罕默德的神圣的著作。

Gabriel is the prince of fire and the spirit who presides over thunder and the ripening of fruits.加布里埃尔是火和精神谁在雷声和催熟的水果王子主持。He is an accomplished linguist, having taught Joseph the 70 languages spoken at Babel.他是一个多才多艺的语言学家,教授约瑟夫有70种语言在巴贝尔。In art he is generally represented carrying either a lily, Mary's flower, at the annunciation, or the trumpet he will blow to announce the second coming.在艺术上,他一般是代表携带无论是百合,玛丽的花,在报喜,或吹小号,他将宣布第二次来。


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Gabriel, champion of God, used as a proper name to designate the angel who was sent to Daniel (8:16) to explain the vision of the ram and the he-goat, and to communicate the prediction of the seventy weeks (Dan. 9:21-27).加布里埃尔,冠军的神,作为一个适当的名称,用于指定谁被送往丹尼尔(8:16)解释的RAM眼光和他山羊天使,和沟通的70周预测(但9:21-27)。 He announced also the birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:11), and of the Messiah (26).他还宣布了施洗约翰(路1:11),和(26)弥赛亚的诞生。He describes himself in the words, "I am Gabriel, who stand in the presence of God" (1:19).他形容自己的话,“我加布里埃尔,谁在神的面前站”(1:19)。

(Easton Illustrated Dictionary)(伊斯顿说明字典)

St. Gabriel the Archangel圣大天使加百列

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"Fortitudo Dei", one of the three archangels mentioned in the Bible. “Fortitudo业会”,在圣经中提到的三个天使长之一。Only four appearances of Gabriel are recorded: In Daniel 8, he explains the vision of the horned ram as portending the destruction of the Persian Empire by the Macedonian Alexander the Great, after whose death the kingdom will be divided up among his generals, from one of whom will spring Antiochus Epiphanes.只有四个加布里埃尔出场记录:在丹尼尔8日,他解释为预示着由马其顿亚历山大大帝,波斯帝国的毁灭对角的公羊视力后,其死亡的王国将被划分在他的将军了,从一个其中将春季安提阿哥伊皮法尼斯。 In chapter 9, after Daniel had prayed for Israel, we read that "the man Gabriel . . . . flying swiftly touched me" and he communicated to him the mysterious prophecy of the "seventy weeks" of years which should elapse before the coming of Christ.在第9章后,丹尼尔已为以色列祷告,我们读到,“那人加布里埃尔。。飞行迅速打动了我”,他传达给他的来临前的“七十周”应经过多年的神秘预言基督。 In chapter 10, it is not clear whether the angel is Gabriel or not, but at any rate we may apply to him the marvellous description in verses 5 and 6.在第10章,目前尚不清楚是否是天使加布里埃尔与否,但无论如何,我们可以向他在5和6节精彩的描述。In the New Testament he foretells to Zachary the birth of the Precursor, and to Mary that of the Saviour.在新约中,他预言到扎卡里诞生的前兆,并玛丽的救世主了。

Thus he is throughout the angel of the Incarnation and of Consolation, and so in Christian tradition Gabriel is ever the angel of mercy while Michael is rather the angel of judgment.因此,他是整个天使的化身和安慰,因此,在基督教传统加布里埃尔是以往的天使,而迈克尔是怜悯,而天使的判断。 At the same time, even in the Bible, Gabriel is, in accordance with his name, the angel of the Power of God, and it is worth while noting the frequency with which such words as "great", "might", "power", and "strength" occur in the passages referred to above.与此同时,即使是在圣经,加布里埃尔是在与他的名字,对上帝的力量天使的规定,它是值得指出的频率为“伟大”这样的字眼,“可能”,“权力“和”力量“出现在上面提到的段落。 The Jews indeed seem to have dwelt particularly upon this feature in Gabriel's character, and he is regarded by them as the angel of judgment, while Michael is called the angel of mercy.犹太人的确似乎已经在这个特别的加布里埃尔的性格特征住了,他被认为是由他们作为判断的天使,而迈克尔是所谓的慈悲天使。 Thus they attribute to Gabriel the destruction of Sodom and of the host of Sennacherib, though they also regard him as the angel who buried Moses, and as the man deputed to mark the figure Tau on the foreheads of the he elect (Ezekiel 4).因此,他们属性加布里埃尔所多玛和主机的森纳赫里布破坏,但他们也认为谁埋葬摩西的天使他,作为男人写给时,以纪念在额头上的数字头,他当选(以西结书4)。 In later Jewish literature the names of angels were considered to have a peculiar efficacy, and the British Museum possesses some magic bowls inscribed with Hebrew, Aramaic, and Syriac incantations in which the names of Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel occur.在以后的犹太文学的天使的名字被认为具有奇特的疗效,和大英博物馆拥有一些神奇的希伯来文,亚兰文和叙利亚文咒语,其中迈克尔,拉斐尔,加百列的名字刻发生的碗。 These bowls were found at Hillah, the site of Babylon, and constitute an interesting relic of the Jewish captivity.这些碗被发现在希拉,巴比伦的网站,并构成了犹太圈养有趣的遗物。In apocryphal Christian literature the same names occur, cf.在猜测基督教文学相同的名称出现,比照。Enoch, ix, and the Apocalypse of the Blessed Virgin.以诺,九,以及圣母启示。

As remarked above, Gabriel is mentioned only twice in the New Testament, but it is not unreasonable to suppose with Christian tradition that it is he who appeared to St. Joseph and to the shepherds, and also that it was he who "strengthened" Our Lord in the garden (cf. the Hymn for Lauds on 24 March).正如上面所说,加布里埃尔是只提到两次在新约,但它不是没有道理,与基督教传统假设它是谁,他似乎圣若瑟和牧羊人,也希望这是他谁“加强”我们的在园主(参的赞美歌3月24日)。 Gabriel is generally termed only an archangel, but the expression used by St. Raphael, "I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord" (Tobit 12:15) and St. Gabriel's own words, "I am Gabriel, who stand before God" (Luke 1:19), have led some to think that these angels must belong to the highest rank; but this is generally explained as referring to their rank as the highest of God's messengers, and not as placing them among the Seraphim and Cherubim (cf. St. Thomas, I, Q. cxii, a.3; III, Q. xxx, a.2, ad 4um).加布里埃尔一般称为只是一个天使,但圣拉斐尔用了,“我的天使拉斐尔,七分之一的,谁在耶和华面前立场”(Tobit回归12:15)和圣盖博自己的话说,“我上午加布里埃尔,谁在神面前“(路1:19)的立场,也使一些人认为这些天使必须属于最高级别,但普遍认为这是指作为神的使者,以他们的排名最高的解释,而不是作为配售之间的塞拉芬和基路伯(参见圣托马斯,我问cxii,A.3;三,问:XXX,A.2,广告4um)他们。

Publication information Written by Hugh T. Pope.出版信息写休T.教皇。Transcribed by Sean Hyland.转录由Sean海仑。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VI.天主教百科全书,第六卷。Published 1909.1909年出版。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, September 1, 1909. Nihil Obstat,1909年9月1日。Remy Lafort, Censor.人头马lafort,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰米farley,大主教纽约


In addition to the literature under ANGEL and in the biblical dictionaries, see PUSEY, The Prophet Daniel (London, 1868); EDERSHEIM, Jesus the Messiah (London and New York, 1890), Append.除了在天使文学和圣经字典,看到皮塞,先知丹尼尔(伦敦,1868年);爱德生,耶稣的弥赛亚(伦敦和纽约,1890年),追加。 XIII; H. CROSBY, Michael and Gabriel in Homiletic Review (1890), XIX, 160-162; BARDENHEWER, Mariä-Verkündigung in Bibl.第十三; H. CROSBY,迈克尔和加布里埃尔在说教回顾(1890年),十九,160-162;巴登黑韦尔,玛丽亚 - Verkündigung在Bibl。Studien, X, 496 sqq.(研究),X,496 SQQ。

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