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The Knights of Columbus (K of C ), a US fraternal order of Roman Catholic men, was founded in 1882 by Michael J McGivney, a Connecticut priest.哥伦布(C的K),在美国的罗马天主教男兄弟秩序,骑士始建于1882年由迈克尔J McGivney,康涅狄格牧师。 The K of C provides social activities, insurance, and other benefits for its members, sponsors athletic events, contributes to various charitable and educational projects, and works to promote Catholic interests.而C K提供社会活动,保险和其他福利为它的成员,赞助体育赛事,有利于各种慈善和教育项目,并努力促进天主教利益。With headquarters in New Haven, Conn., it has a total membership (1990) of about 1.47 million organized in more than 9,000 local councils, most of them in the United States, but also in Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, and other countries.随着纽黑文,康涅狄格州的总部,它拥有大约147万会员总数(1990年)在9000多名地方议会,其中大多数是在美国举办,但在加拿大,菲律宾,墨西哥等国也。 The K of C magazine, Columbia, is published monthly.C的杂志,哥伦比亚K,每月出版。

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Knights of Columbus哥伦布骑士

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A fraternal and beneficent society of Catholic men, founded in New Haven, Connecticut, 2 February, 1882, and incorporated under the laws of Connecticut, 29 March, 1882.一个男人兄弟和天主教社会慈善,成立于纽黑文,康涅狄格2月2日,1882年,并在康涅狄格法律注册成立,1882年3月29日。

The organizers and incorporators were the Reverend MJ McGivney, the Reverend PP Lawlor, James T. Mullen, Cornelius T. Driscoll, Dr. MC O'Connor, Daniel Colwell, William M. Geary, John T. Kerrigan, Bartholomew Healey, and Michael Curran.组织者和发起人是MJ McGivney牧师,牧师PP Lawlor,詹姆斯T.马伦,科尼利厄斯T.斯科尔,奥康纳博士MC,丹尼尔科尔韦尔,威廉M吉里,约翰T.的Kerrigan,巴塞洛缪希利和迈克尔柯伦。 The purpose of the society is to develop a practical Catholicity among its members, to promote Catholic education and charity, and, through its insurance department, to furnish at least temporary financial aid to the families of deceased members.社会的目的是发展中成员的实际共通性,促进天主教教育和慈善事业,并通过其保险部门,向其提供至少临时财政援助,以已故人士的家属。

On 15 May, 1882, the organizers, as a Supreme Committee, instituted the first subordinate council, San Salvador, No. 1, New Haven. 5月15日,1882年,主办单位,作为最高委员会,制定了第一个下属委员会,圣萨尔瓦多,1号,纽黑文。From this time on, subordinate councils were organized in the different cities and towns throughout the State of Connecticut, but it was not until 15 April, 1885, when a subordinate council was established at Westerly, Rhode Island, that the order was extended beyond the borders of the parent state.从这时起,下属议会已举办了不同的城市和整个康涅狄格州城镇,但直到1885年4月15日,当一个下属委员会是在西风,罗得岛成立,该命令是超越延长边界父的状态。 The Supreme Committee then enacted a law providing that a Supreme Council should be established, composed of the Supreme Committee and delegates from the subordinate councils, each council being entitled to one delegate for each fifty members.最高委员会随后颁布了一项法律,规定一个最高委员会应建立,最高委员会及下属议会代表组成,每局被有权为每五十名成员代表。 The number of delegates under this arrangement proving too large, the Supreme Council, on 14 May, 1886, resolved itself into a Board of Government, composed of the Board of Directors, formerly the Supreme Committee, and the Grand Knight and a Past Grand Knight of each subordinate council of the society.在此安排下代表人数证明过大,最高理事会,5月14日1886年,分解成一个由政府委员会的董事会,原最高委员会,和大骑士和过去的大骑士组成,本身每个社会理事会下属。

Owing to the rapid growth of the society, the Board of Government, in 1892, provided for the organization of State Councils, composed of two delegates from each subordinate council in the state.由于社会的快速增长,政府委员会在1892年,为国家议会组织的两名代表组成,每个国家在下属委员会,提供。On 29 April, 1893, the Board of Government was succeeded by the National Council, composed of the State Deputy and last Past State Deputy of each State Council, and by one delegate from every thousand members of the insurance class. 4月29日,1893年,在政府委员会的继任者全国委员会,国家副主席和国务院最后每个国家过去的代理组成,由一个从保险类每千成员代表。In October, 1893, associate members were first admitted to the order.十月,1893年,准成员首次承认了秩序。The establishment of the associate class was intended for those advanced in years, or unable to pass a physical examination, but has gradually been extended to comprehend all eligible men not desiring the insurance feature.该联营公司成立的目的是为阶级的先进中来,或无法通过体检,但已逐渐扩展到所有不渴望理解保险功能合资格的人。On 22 February, 1900, the first instance of the fourth degree took place in New York City, when more than twelve hundred candidates from all parts of the United States received this degree.2月22日,1900年,第四度一审发生在纽约市举行,当超过1200来自美国各地的候选人获得这个学位。

The order is now established in every state and territory of the United States, in every province of Canada, in Newfoundland, the Philippine Islands, Mexico, Cuba, Panama.现在的顺序是建立在每一个国家和美国的领土,在每一个加拿大省,纽芬兰,菲律宾群岛,墨西哥,古巴,巴拿马。Councils are to be established in Puerto Rico and in South America.议会将在波多黎各和南美洲建立。The membership, divided into two classes, insurance and associate, included, on 1 March, 1910, 74,909 insurance members, and 160,703 associate members, a total of 235,612.的成员,分为两个班,保险和准分,包括3月1日,1910年,74909保险成员,准成员和160703,一共有235612。 Insurance policies are issued for $1000, $2000, and $3000, to desirable risks between the ages of 18 and 60.保单发出1000元,2000元,和3000美元,到18至60岁的可取风险。The rate of each member increases every five years until the age of 60 is attained, after which he pays a level premium based upon his age at initiation.各成员每五年加息,直到60岁达到后,之后他支付的保费根据他在开始的年龄。The society has paid to the beneficiaries of deceased members $4,438,728.74.该会已支付给死者$ 4,438,728.74成员的受益者。

The Knights of Columbus have done notable work in promoting Catholic education and charity, providing education and homes for Catholic orphans, endowing scholarships in Catholic colleges, providing lectures on Catholic doctrine, endowing hospital beds, providing sanitoria for its sick members, maintaining employment bureaux, and, in general, performing the work of the apostolate of the laity.哥伦布的骑士已经做促进天主教教育和慈善显着的工作,提供教育和天主教孤儿家庭,赋予天主教大学的奖学金,提供有关天主教教义讲座,赋予病床,提供其患病成员sanitoria,保持就业局,并且,在一般情况下,执行的俗人使徒工作。 In 1904 the order presented to the Catholic University at Washington $50,000 for a chair of American History, besides several thousand dollars for library purposes, and is at present engaged in raising $500,000 to endow 50 scholarships in the University.为了在1904年提交给在华盛顿天主教大学50000美元为美国历史椅子,除了几千美元图书馆的目的,是在筹集50万美元,目前从事赋予50的大学奖学金。

The work of lectures to non-Catholics on questions of Catholic teaching and belief has always appealed to the spirit of the order, and of late years has been taken up with no little success.讲课的工作,对天主教的信仰问题,以教学和非天主教徒一直呼吁的秩序精神,最近几年一直采取了不小的成功了。Splendid results have attended the lectures so far delivered.锦绣结果出席迄今发表的演讲。They have led to a better understanding of the Catholic faith on the part of non-Catholics, and a more friendly attitude towards it; they have shown that bigotry is on the wane, and that the non-Catholic mind is open to conviction.它们导致了对非天主教徒的一部分信仰天主教的了解,并朝着更加友好的态度,他们已经表明,偏见是在减弱,并认为非天主教的头脑是开放的信念。 The series of lectures delivered by the Right Reverend Bishop JJ Keane of Cheyenne, Wyoming, in Denver, in 1909, inaugurated the work.对交付正确的牧师主教JJ基恩的夏延,怀俄明州在1909年,在丹佛,系列讲座,成立了工作。 At Cedar Rapids, Iowa, eighty-five per cent of the audience, at the lecture under the auspices of the Knights of Columbus, was non-Catholic.在锡达拉皮兹,爱荷华州,85%的观众在百分之下的哥伦布骑士团的主持下演讲,被非天主教徒。The work has been taken up successfully in Buffalo, Milwaukee, Houston, Los Angeles.这项工作已成功地采取了在布法罗,密尔沃基,休斯敦,洛杉矶。It is a movement which does not aim at attacking any man's belief, but at building up charity among men "and", in the words of Bishop Keane, "bringing us all closer to God Almighty".它是一种运动,不着眼于攻击任何人的信念,但建立在男性慈善“和”在主教基恩的话说,“使我们大家都更接近真主”。 In several cities the Knights have established Catholic libraries, and in many others have catalogued the Catholic books in the public libraries.在一些城市已经建立了天主教骑士库,并在许多其他人在公共图书馆编目天主教书籍。

The erection of a memorial to Christopher Columbus, in the City of Washington, by the United States Government, is due in a measure to the work of the Knights of Columbus.一个以纪念哥伦布在华盛顿市,勃起,美国政府是在给了哥伦布的骑士由于工作措施。"Columbus Day" (12 October), which is observed at present in fifteen states of the Union (California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island), was instituted largely through the efforts of the Knights, who are now striving to make it a national holiday. “哥伦布日”(10月12日),这是在十五个联盟国家存在(加利福尼亚州,科罗拉多州,康涅狄格,伊利诺伊,肯塔基,马里兰,马萨诸塞,密歇根,密苏里,蒙大拿,新泽西,纽约,俄亥俄,宾夕法尼亚观察和罗得岛),是主要通过设立的骑士,谁是现在努力使其成为一个全国性节日的努力。

Publication information Written by Edward Hearn.出版信息写爱德华赫恩。Transcribed by Dennis McCarthy.转录由丹尼斯麦卡锡。In Memory of the Deceased Members of K. of C. Atlanta Council No. 660 The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume VIII.在亚特兰大的C.安理会660号天主教百科全书,音量八K.死者大家记忆。Published 1910.发布1910年。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910. Nihil Obstat,1910年10月1日。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰farley枢机主教,大主教纽约

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