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Hezbollah, or Party of God, is an informal umbrella group of Shiite Muslim militants in Lebanon that advocates the creation of an Islamic republic there.真主党,或上帝党,是一个什叶派穆斯林武装在黎巴嫩的非正式伞组,主张在那里建立一个伊斯兰共和国。Formed in about 1983, it places Islam above Arab nationalism and has demanded that Westerners leave Lebanon and that Christians there be tried for crimes against Muslims.在大约1983年成立,它把伊斯兰教和阿拉伯民族主义上面有要求,而西方人离开黎巴嫩的基督徒对穆斯林有罪行的审判。 Hezbollah's more than 5,000 members, subsidized and trained by Iran, are concentrated in the southern slums of Beirut and al - Biqa (Bekaa) Valley; they become martyrs if they sacrifice their lives in what is considered a holy war.真主党的5000多名成员,由伊朗资助和培训,主要集中在贝鲁特南部的贫民区和基地 - Biqa(贝卡)山谷,他们成为烈士牺牲什么,如果他们被认为是一个神圣的战争中丧生。

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The organization has no formal structure; its fluid membership includes such shadowy terrorist groups as Islamic Jihad, the Revolutionary Justice Organization, Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Arab Revolutionary Cells.该组织没有正式的结构,其成员包括流体等阴暗的伊斯兰圣战组织,革命正义组织,伊斯兰圣战组织为解放巴勒斯坦和阿拉伯革命细胞恐怖组织。 Hezbollah groups have claimed responsibility for the 1983 bombings of the US embassy and marine headquarters in Beirut, several hijackings, and the taking of Western and Israeli hostages.真主党游击队已经声称对1983年美国使馆爆炸案和海洋总部设在贝鲁特,一些劫机事件,以及西方和以色列劫持人质的责任。 In January 1989, after months of armed clashes, Hezbollah signed a peace agreement with the mainstream Lebanese Shiite group, the Syrian backed Amal (Hope). 1989年1月,经过几个月的武装冲突,真主党签署了与主流黎巴嫩什叶派集团,叙利亚支持的阿迈勒(希望)和平协议。

The 1989 death of Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini and a Syrian brokered Lebanese peace accord led to a decline in Hezbollah's influence in the early 1990s.在伊朗精神领袖霍梅尼和黎巴嫩的叙利亚斡旋的和平协议,1989年去世导致了真主党的影响力在90年代初下降。 Hezbollah's tactics and shadowy nature frustrated conventional political, diplomatic, and military strategies and contributed to a US foreign policy scandal, the Iran Contra Affair.真主党的战术和阴暗沮丧传统的政治性质,外交和军事战略,促成了美国外交政策的丑闻,伊朗魂斗罗事件。 After the Persian Gulf War (1991), in an effort to end its international isolation, the Iranian government persuaded Hezbollah groups to release some hostages.波斯湾战争结束后(1991年),以努力结束国际孤立,伊朗政府说服真主党游击队释放一些人质。

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