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The Native American Church is a religious body composed of Indians from several tribes mainly in the southwest United States.北美土著教会是一个宗教机构的印度人组成的,主要在美国西南部几个部落。The church combines some teachings of traditional Christianity with the sacramental use of the drug Peyote.教堂结合了该药物的佩特圣餐时使用一些基督教传统教义。Peyote induces abnormal mental states or hallucinations when chewed, giving the user a sense of direct contact with God.佩特诱导异常心理状态或幻觉时咀嚼,让用户直接与上帝接触的感觉。The church's peyote ceremony is an all - night ritual.教会的仪式是一个全仙人掌 - 夜间仪式。Since the turn of the century efforts have been made to curtail the use of peyote in this ritual, and in 1990 the US Supreme Court ruled that it is not unconstitutional to prosecute church members for possession of peyote.自本世纪之交已作出努力,以减少对仙人掌在这个仪式使用,并于1990年,美国最高法院裁定,它不违宪起诉的仙人掌占有教会的成员。 The movement began about 1890 among the Kiowa Indians but soon spread.该运动开始关于正确处理基奥瓦印第安人,但很快蔓延1890年。Since 1918 the Native American Church has been formally incorporated in several Western states.自1918年以来的美国原住民教堂已被正式纳入几个西方国家。It is loosely organized, however, and lacks reliable membership figures.它是松散的组织,但是,缺乏可靠的成员人数。

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