Origination Of Many - Gods Belief Systems在众多的起源 - 神信仰系统 中文 - Zhong Wen

Hinduism, Brahmanism existed by 1600 BC印度教,婆罗门教存在由公元前1600年

Buddha, Buddhism broke off around 530 BC佛,佛教发生了大约公元前530

Lao-Tzu, Taoism broke off around 500 BC老子,道家爆发了公元前约500

Zorastraianism broke off aroundZorastraianism断绝左右

Confucianism broke off around围绕儒家断绝

Buddhism split up into several different branches佛教分裂成几个不同的分支

Lamaism is primarily in Tibet主要是西藏喇嘛教

Mahayana Buddhism is primarily in Taiwan, Korea, Japan大乘佛教主要是在台湾,韩国,日本

Theravada Buddhism is primarily in Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka上座部佛教主要是在泰国,缅甸,斯里兰卡

About 300 Million total约300万

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