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(Rom. 12:6).(罗马书12:6)。Paul says here that each one was to exercise his gift of prophecy, ie, of teaching, "according to the proportion of faith."保罗说,在这里,每个之一是运用他的预言,即教学,馈赠,“根据信仰的比例。”The meaning is, that the utterances of the "prophet" were not to fluctuate according to his own impulses or independent thoughts, but were to be adjusted to the truth revealed to him as a believer, ie, were to be accordance with it.意思是,一些“先知”的话是不是按照自己的波动冲动或独立的想法,而且是应该调整,以事实表明作为一个信徒,即耶稣,都必须按照它。 In post-Reformation times this phrase was used as meaning that all Scripture was to be interpreted with reference to all other Scripture, ie, that no words or expressions were to be isolated or interpreted in a way contrary to its general teaching.在后改革时代,用这句话的意思是说所有的经文解释,参照其他所有经文,也就是说,没有文字或词句均是孤立的方式或违反其一般教学解释。 This was also called the "analogy of faith."这又被称为“信仰的比喻。”

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