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The belief that an individual human soul passes through a succession of lives.相信一个人的灵魂穿过继承的生命。The idea of reincarnation had its origin in northern India (c. 1000 - 800 BC).轮回的概念有其原产地在印度北部(约1000 - 公元前800年)。Western views of reincarnation popular today are modifications of the ancient theory of transmigration of souls (sometimes called metempsychosis), which holds that the soul may be incarnated not only in human bodies but also in animals and plants.西方观点的轮回流行的今天,是灵魂轮回的古论修改(有时称为轮回),其中认为灵魂可以不仅体现在人类的身体,但在动物和植物也。 The Western version of transmigration has been redefined to limit cyclic rebirths taking place in human form only.西方的轮回版本已被重新定义,以限制参加人形唯一的循环轮回。

The concept of reincarnation first appeared in the early Hindu scriptures (Upanishads).轮回的概念最早出现在早期印度教经文(奥义书)。It has always been an integral part of classical Buddhism.它一直是佛教经典的组成部分。Reincarnational thinking characterized some Greek philosophers, including Pythagoras and Plato.轮回思维特点包括毕达哥拉斯和柏拉图的一些希腊哲学家。Because of the influence of the first century Greek mystery religions, the Gnostics, and the Roman Stoics, the theory of transmigration, or reincarnation, became firmly established as a Western as well as Eastern doctrine.由于第一个世纪的希腊神秘宗教的影响,诺斯替派,和罗马斯多葛学派的轮回,或轮回理论,牢固确立为西部以及东部的学说。

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Closely associated with the notion of reincarnation cycles in the Eastern concept of Karma.密切相关的循环轮回的因果报应观念东部的概念。The law of karma asserts that the evil deeds of past lives relate to the present life, and that one's present actions have implications for future lives.因果法律声称,过去生活的劣迹涉及到现在的生活,以及,一个人的现在的行为对未来生活的影响。Essentially karma is the law of cause and effect, of action followed by reaction.从本质上讲是业力因果,法律的行动反应遵循。 In the Orient the belief in karma has resulted in a basically pessimistic view of life.在东方的因果报应信仰导致了生命的基本悲观的看法。Human existence is often a dreary, endless cycle of pain, suffering, and rebirth.人类的生存往往是沉闷,无休止的循环疼痛,痛苦,和重生。Karmic reincarnation does not resolve the problem of evil.业报轮回不解决这个问题的邪恶。It requires self salvation leading to ultimate liberation from the wheel of rebirth.它需要自我救赎,导致车轮从重生的最终解放。The concepts of divine forgiveness and mercy are absent.神的宽恕和怜悯的概念是不存在。

The modern Western expression of reincarnation emerged during the Enlightenment of the eighteenth century and was revived by such nineteenth century occultic movements as Theosophy, founded by the influential Madame HP Blavatsky.现代西方轮回的表达出现在十八世纪启蒙运动和十九世纪是由这种巫术神智学的变动作为有影响力的夫人惠普Blavatsky成立后,复活了。 This westernized version of reincarnation was later popularized by such psychics as Edgar Cayce, Helen Wambach, and Jeanne Dixon.这个版本的转世西化,后来被作为凯西,海伦万巴赫,和珍妮迪克逊等通灵推广。 Unlike Eastern proponents of reincarnation, Western reincarnationists stress a more optimistic view of life, holding out the hope of more and better lives.不像东部倡议者的轮回,西方reinc​​arnationists应力对生活更为乐观的看法,抱着更多,更好的生活的希望。

The ultimate objective of all reincarnation is to fuse with "ultimate reality," to merge with God, to become God.所有转世的最终目标是与“终极现实,”融合,合并与神,成为神。All reincarnation teachings are based on a monistic, mystical - occult world view that promotes the essential divinity of humanity, denies the notion of a sovereign personal God, and offers the promise of esoteric wisdom.所有转世的教义是基于一元论,神秘 - 神秘的世界观,促进人类的基本神性,否认个人的上帝主权的概念,并提供了深奥的智慧的承诺。

Biblical Christianity, in contrast to reincarnational teaching, emphasize grace, atonement, and forgiveness for fallen humanity through the once - for - all death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.圣经的基督教,而相比之下,前世轮回教学,强调通过一次宽限期,赎罪,宽恕和人类堕落 - - 所有的死亡和复活的耶稣基督。 The Christian's disavowal of reincarnation is anchored in the biblical assertion that "man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment" (Heb. 9:27).基督教的否定转世是扎根于圣经的说法,即“人是注定一死,死后且有审判”(希伯来书9:27)。

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