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Satanism, the worship of Satan, developed from the religious doctrine that there are two supreme beings - one good, the other evil.撒旦主义,撒旦的崇拜,从宗教的教义发展有两个最高人 - 一个很好的,其他的罪恶。It involves black magic, sorcery, and the invocation of demons and the forces of darkness, who are propitiated by blood sacrifices and similar rites. In Christian cultures these ceremonies include the Black Mass, a mockery of the Christian rite.它涉及到黑魔法,巫术,并援引恶魔和黑暗势力的,谁是由流血牺牲仪式propitiated和类似。 基督教文化在这些仪式包括黑弥撒,一个嘲弄基督教仪式。

Satanists, or Luciferians, believe that Satan is the power behind the processes of nature.撒旦教徒,或Luciferians,认为撒旦是自然过程背后的权力。What is natural is acceptable.什么是自然是可以接受的。Sin is only what is unpleasant.罪是唯一令人不快。Unlike the Christian God - stern and moralistic, restraining the free expression of the instincts with a set of difficult and unnatural commandments under threat of punishment hereafter - Satan is the leader of a liberated people who are free and indeed encouraged to indulge in the good things of life, including uninhibited sexual activity.不同的是基督教的上帝 - 斯特恩和说教,限制与困难和非自然诫命惩罚以后威胁下设置的自由表达的本能 - 撒旦是一个谁是免费的,确实鼓励沉浸在美好的事物解放人民的领袖生活,包括豪放的性活动。The history of Satanism is obscure.撒殚的历史是模糊不清。Medieval Christian writers tended to label any dualist sect (such as the Bogomils and Albigensians) as Satanist.中世纪基督教作家往往标签任何二元节为撒旦教(如Bogomils和Albigensians)。

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Satanism and Witchcraft恶魔崇拜和巫术

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Worship of Satan and the use of sorcery with evil intent. Probably no subject alarms Christians more than that of satanism and witchcraft. 崇拜撒旦和意图使用巫术与邪恶。恐怕没有报警基督徒受巫术越来越高于撒旦。Today many groups claim to be neopagans who belong to such movements.今天,许多团体声称要neopagans谁属于这类运动。These groups, along with practitioners of ritual magic, are often conceived as belonging to a vast underground movement with its roots in antiquity.随着仪式魔术从业者这些群体,往往视为属于在古代它的根源,一个庞大的地下运动。 In fact, the neopagan movement consists of a large number of small, diverse groups who share the common belief that they are inheritors of ancient religious traditions.事实上,neopagan运动由一个小,谁分享共同的信念,他们是古老的宗教传统的继承者大量不同的群体。 Some of these groups are violently anti Christian, but others claim to be the true inheritors of Gnostic Christianity. The traditions to which they appeal in their attempts to legitimate themselves vary greatly. Some claim to be a revival of Druidism, others of Greek religions, or of ancient Egyptian mysteries.一些团体,这些是极端反基督教,但其他人自称是基督教的诺斯底真正的继承者。 它们的传统,呼吁他们试图合法自己相差很大。有些人声称是德鲁伊教的复兴,宗教其它希腊,或古埃及之谜。Many simply claim to belong to what they call WICCA, which they assert is the ancient witchcraft religion of Europe.很多人只是声称属于他们所谓的巫术,他们声称是欧洲古老的巫术宗教。A few groups claim to be satanists who worship the devil of the Christian traditions.一些团体声称谁是撒旦教徒崇拜魔鬼的基督教传统。

In the new pagans' understanding of the world, Christians have distorted humanity's development by emphasizing the dominance of the intellect over other aspects of the human psyche.在'新异教徒对世界的理解,基督徒歪曲通过强调过的人类心灵的其他方面的优势人类智力的发展。 Christians, they claim, demand that humans subordinate themselves, their emotions, and will to God.基督教徒,他们声称,要求人类服从,他们的情绪,并会向上帝。The new pagans argue that humans must live in harmony with nature.新异教徒认为,人类必须与大自然和谐生活。Such a harmony represents a cosmic orientation which they claim brings man in contact with the cosmic powers of the universe.这种和谐的方向代表了宇宙带给他们声称在与宇宙的宇宙的权力联系的人。

For the new pagans, religion is a practical activity carried out through ritual and ceremonial acts to align the participants with the cosmic order and thus release the mystical power within them.对于新的异教徒,宗教是一种实践活动,通过开展仪式和礼仪的行为所,以符合宇宙秩序的参与者,从而释放了神秘的力量在其中。 The exact rituals, techniques, and beliefs of the new pagan groups vary greatly. But all are concerned with a quest for power and the desire that humans control their own destiny.确切的礼仪,技巧和团体的新异教信仰的差别很大。 命运的关注,但都与一个追求权力和欲望,人类控制自己。

The roots of the new paganism lie in the romantic movement of the nineteenth century and the desire to exalt feelings and imagination over the intellect.新异教的根源在于十九世纪浪漫主义运动的愿望和发扬了感情的智慧和想象力。Thus the poetry of William Blake is often very important to members of such groups.因此,威廉布莱克诗歌往往是非常重要,这些团体的成员。Contrary to their claims, the history of these pagan movements is relatively short.相反,他们的说法,这些异教运动的历史相对较短。Rather than representing long historical traditions the majority represent groups only a few decades old.而不是长期的历史传统,代表多数代表群体只有几十年的历史。

One of the most important figures in the growth of modern paganism is Alphonse Louis Constant (1810 - 75), who called himself Eliphas Levi.在现代异教增长的最重要的人物之一是路易斯阿方恒(1810 - 75),谁自称一只利维。An ex Roman Catholic seminarian, he claimed to be an occult initiate and wrote many books that purported to reveal ancient mysteries and occult law.一名前罗马天主教神学院,他自称是一个神秘发起并写了许多书,本意是揭示奥秘和神秘古老的法律。He drew upon theories of magic and the kabbalah, which is an ancient system of Jewish mysticism.他提请后,魔术和卡巴拉,这是一个古老的犹太神秘主义系统理论。

In Britain, the growth of modern paganism was encouraged by the foundation of the Order of the Golden Dawn in 1888.在英国,现代异教增长感到鼓舞的是对1888年的金色黎明秩序的基础。This is the most famous of many esoteric groups that grew out of nineteenth century romanticism.这是最前身是许多十九世纪著名浪漫主义出深奥的群体。The movement's influence extends to the work of such figures as the poet WB Yeats and the notorious black magician Alistair Crowley.该运动的影响力延伸到这些数字,因为诗人叶芝和臭名昭著的黑色魔术师阿利斯泰尔克劳利工作。Most ritual magic and satanistic groups trace their origins to these sources.大多数仪式魔术和satanistic团体追踪它们的起源到这些源。

The majority of witchcraft groups have a different and less bizarre history.大部分的巫术团体有不同的,较低离奇的历史。In England the work of historian Margaret Murray, who claimed to have discovered evidence of a pre Reformation witchcraft religion, and Gerald Gardiner, the proprietor of a witchcraft museum on the Isle of Man, provides the basis for most WICCA groups. Although these authors give witchcraft an apparently respectable history, their works have not stood the test of time.在英格兰,历史学家玛格丽特默里的工作,谁声称已发现的证据巫术改革前的一个宗教,杰拉尔德加德纳,东主岛的一个关于巫术巫术博物馆男子团体提供大部分的基础。 虽然这些作者提供巫术一个显然可敬的历史,他们的作品还没有经受住了时间的考验的。They are in fact refuted by competent historians. Today witchcraft groups are usually based upon the journalistic writings of self proclaimed witches who propound a religion based upon the concept of a mother goddess. 他们其实是历史学家驳斥主管。今天巫术小组通常基于一个母亲女神后,新闻写作的概念基于宗教的自我一宣布巫婆谁针对性地提出。During the 1970s this movement was greatly reinforced by the writings of some religiously inclined feminists.这个运动在20世纪70年代大大加强了一些女权主义者的宗教倾向的作品。

Although groups like that of the infamous Manson family are obviously highly dangerous, the majority of witchcraft and ritual magic appear to be relatively innocuous.尽管像臭名昭著的曼森家族群体显然是非常危险的,对大多数巫术和仪式魔术似乎是相对无害的。In attempting to assess such groups it is extremely important to consider carefully their specific claims. Some self proclaimed "white magic" groups appear to be little more than ill informed people with vague religious sentiments. Others that practice ritual magic may be more articulate but are still essentially harmless.在试图评估这些群体是非常重要的认真考虑他们的具体要求。 一些自称“白魔”的群体似乎有点情绪更加模糊的宗教不是不了解情况的人。他人的做法仪式魔术可能会更清晰,但仍然基本上是无害的。 There remains, however, a small number of social deviants who are psychologically disturbed and potentially socially harmful. It is important to realize, however, that the vast majority of people involved in the neopagan movement repudiate and strongly denounce such deviants. Although a rejection of traditional Christianity, the neopagan movement seems to be essentially no more harmful than many other religious groups which also stand outside the Christian tradition.仍然存在,但是,少数社会离经叛道谁的心理不安, 这是必须认识到,然而,绝大多数人离经叛道。参与和大力neopagan运动推翻谴责这种排斥潜在虽然社会有害。传统的基督教,neopagan运动似乎比其他许多基督教传统之外也基本上没有站在宗教团体更有害。

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