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Solipsism is the philosophical view that only the self exists or can be known to exist. In its most extreme form, solipsism holds that all perceived objects and events are merely the products of personal consciousness and that this consciousness alone is genuinely real. Most forms of solipsism, however, are derived from skepticism and argue that the only things of which genuine knowledge is possible are the mind and its contents; hence these alone may justifiably be said to exist.唯我论是哲学认为, 只有自我的存在,也可以知道存在,在其最极端的形式,唯我认为, 所有的感知对象和事件只是个人意识的产品,而这种意识仅仅是真正的现实,大多数形式的唯我论的,却是来自怀疑和认为,其中真正的知识是可能的唯一的东西是心灵和它的内容,因此这本身就可以理直气壮地说是存在的。 A variant of this form argues that only in the first person case is knowledge of the mind possible.这种形式的一个变种认为,只有在第一人的案件的心灵知识成为可能。The problem of the minds of others has received considerable discussion in contemporary Anglo American philosophy.在他人心中的问题已经收到了当代英美哲学的讨论。

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