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Voodoo is a religious system with followers predominantly in Haiti, the West Indies.巫毒是一个在海地,西印度群岛的追随者主要宗教制度。Developed by slaves brought to Haiti by the French between the 17th and 19th centuries, it combines features of African and native West Indian religion along with some of the Roman Catholic liturgy and sacraments.由所带来之间的第17和19世纪法国对海地的奴隶开发,它结合随着罗马天主教礼拜仪式和圣礼一些非洲和西印度本土宗教的特点。 The voodoo deities, called loa, are closely related to African gods and may be spirits of natural phenomena - such as fire, water, or wind - or of the dead, including eminent ancestors.神的巫术,所谓LOA,是密切相关的非洲神,可能是自然现象的精神 - 如火灾,水灾,或风 - 或死亡,其中包括著名的祖先。A feature of the cult is that at special ceremonies the loa have the power to make their presence known.邪教的一个特点是,在特别仪式的LOA有权力,使他们的存在已知的。They temporarily displace the astral body of a living person and occupy his or her physical body.他们暂时取代了一个活生生的人的身体和星界占据他或她的身体。The individual thus possessed is said to be mounted by the loa and behaves and acts as the loa directs, usually in a manner characteristic of the loa itself.个人因而拥有据说是由LOA和安装行为和行为的LOA指示,在该协议书本身的特性,通常的方式。Priests called houngans preside over these ceremonies.牧师叫houngans主持这些仪式。

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Two main groups constitute the loa: the rada, often mild and helping, and the petro, dangerous and often deadly.两大类构成总长:在拉达,常有轻度和帮助,以及石油,危险往往是致命的。Graveyards, coffins, shrouds, bones, and skulls figure prominently in the symbolism of the petro cult.墓地,棺木,寿衣,骨骼和头骨突出人物在石油崇拜的象征意义。The bocor, or priest, is especially dreaded for his supposed ability to create the zombie, a newly dead body that he reanimates by causing it to be possessed by an elemental spirit under his control.该bocor,或祭司,尤其是可怕的,他应该能够创建的僵尸,一个新的尸体,他所造成它是由他控制下的精神元素具有reanimates。

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