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The Council of Chalcedon was the fourth ecumenical council of the Christian church.在Chalcedon委员会是第四基督教教会大公会议。Convoked in 451 by Marcian, Roman emperor in the East, it was primarily concerned with settling theological disputes about the person of Jesus Christ.在召集由451马尔奇安,罗马在东方皇帝,它主要关注解决有关耶稣基督的人神学的纠纷。In 449 a council meeting in Ephesus without papal approval had upheld the position of Eutyches, archimandrite in Constantinople, that Christ had a single, divine nature (see Monophysitism).在449没有教皇批准以弗所理事会会议曾坚持了Eutyches地位,君士坦丁堡司祭,基督有一个单一的,神圣的性质(见基督一)。 Pope Leo I immediately rebuked the Ephesus assembly as a "Robber Synod" (Latrocinium) and convinced Marcian to convoke a new council at Chalcedon.教皇利奥我立刻斥责为“强盗宗教会议”(Latrocinium),并相信在马尔奇安召集新议会的以弗所迦克墩大会。 The council formally condemned the Robber Synod and promulgated a dogmatic statement called the "Faith of Chalcedon," which described Christ as having two natures, divine and human, "without confusion, without change, without division," perfectly united in a single person.安理会正式谴责强盗议会颁布了教条式的声明称为“迦克墩信”,它描述为具有两个性质,神和人的基督,“没有混乱,而不会改变,无师”,在一个人的完美统一。 The council also attempted to raise the status of the patriarch of Constantinople and make his see second only to Rome; this position was steadfastly rejected by the papacy.该委员会还试图提高对君士坦丁堡宗主教的地位,使他看到仅次于罗马,这一立场是坚定不移的教皇拒绝。

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Council of Chalcedon安理会的迦克墩

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(451) (451)

The Council of Chalcedon, the fourth ecumenical council of the church, was summoned by the Eastern Emperor Marcion.在Chalcedon委员会,第四教会的大公会议,是由东方皇帝召见马吉安。It was convoked specifically to establish ecclesiastical unity in the East, and its definitive formulation, the Chalcedonian Creed or Definition, became and remains the measure of orthodoxy for Christological statements concerning the two natures of Christ.这是召集专门建立在东方教会的统一,其最终的制定,Chalcedonian信条或定义,成为并保持了正统的有关基督的两个性质基督陈述措施。

The work of Chalcedon can be understood only in the light of a series of Christological declarations beginning with the Council of Nicaea (325).该迦克墩的工作可以被理解只有在一个与理事会的尼西亚(325)系列轻型开始基督声明。The Nicene Creed declared that Christ is of the same divine substance with the Father, against Arius, who taught that Christ had a beginning and was only of similar substance.尼西亚信经宣布基督同神圣的物质与父反对阿里乌斯,谁告诉我们,基督有一个开端,并且是唯一的同类物质,是。 The Council of Constantinople (381) both ratified and refined the Nicene Creed, in opposition to continuing Arianism, and declared against Apollinarianism, which stated that Christ's human soul had been replaced by the divine Logos.该理事会的君士坦丁堡(381)均批准和细化了尼西亚信条,在反对继续阿里乌斯教,反对Apollinarianism,其中指出,基督的人的灵魂已被取代的神圣标志声明。 Moreover, Constantinople declared that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.此外,君士坦丁堡宣布圣灵从父和子的收益。

In the post-Constantinople period the heresies were Nestorianism and Eutychianism.在后君士坦丁堡时期的歪理邪说是景教和Eutychianism。The former posited a dual personality in Christ, whereas the latter, reacting to Nestorianism, declared that the incarnate Christ had only one nature.前者假定在基督双重人格,而后者,反应到景教,宣布化身基督只有一个性质。Nestorianism was defeated at the Council of Ephesus in 431, but Eutychianism was upheld by the so-called Robber Council held in Alexandria in 449.景教被击败了在安理会的以弗所在431,但Eutychianism是由所谓的强盗在亚历山大举行的449委员会维持原判。 This set the stage for the Council of Chalcedon two years later.这为在Chalcedon委员会两年后的阶段。

Marcion ascended the imperial throne in 450 and immediately sought to bring about church unity, which was imperiled by dissension concerning the two natures of Christ.马吉安在450登上皇帝宝座,并立即设法带来教会的团结,这是由纠纷危及有关基督的两种本性。Pope Leo I wished a general council to be held in Italy, but settled for Chalcedon in Asia Minor as nearer the capital.教皇利奥我祝愿总理事会将在意大利举行,但定居在小亚细亚的迦克墩作为较近的资本。

The Council of Chalcedon met in October, 451, with more than five hundred bishops and several papal legates in attendance.在Chalcedon委员会在十月举行,451,超过500位主教和罗马教皇的使节出席一些。There existed a general consensus among the bishops simply to ratify the Nicene tradition interpreted by Constantinople along with the letters of Cyril of Alexandria to Nestorius and John of Antioch and Pope Leo's letter to Flavian (the so-called Tome, or Epistola Dogmatica).之间存在着一个普遍的共识只是主教批准尼西亚传统,君士坦丁堡解释随着亚历山大的西里尔字母来涅斯和安提阿和教皇利奥的信弗拉维安(所谓的秘典,或Epistola Dogmatica)约翰。Had majority opinion prevailed there would have existed no need for further defining the faith.假如多数人的意见占了上风就不会有存在没有需要进一步明确的信念。Nevertheless, the imperial commissioners deemed it necessary, in the interest of unity, to define the faith as it related to the person of Christ.然而,帝国委员认为有必要,在统一的利益,界定的信念,因为它关系到基督的人。

The council proceeded in three steps to its work of unification.安理会随后的三个步骤,统一的工作。First, it reaffirmed the Nicene tradition; second, it accepted as orthodox the letters of Cyril and Leo; and third, it provided a definition of the faith.首先,它重申了尼西亚传统,二是接受正统的西里尔字母和狮子座;第三,它提供了信仰的定义。

There existed two overarching concerns, maintenance of the unity of Christ's person and establishment of the two natures of Christ.目前存在两种首要的关注,对基督的人与基督的两种本性建立统一的维护。Use was made of letters of both Cyril and Leo along with a letter of Flavian.利用了两个西里尔字母和狮子座一起的弗拉维安信。 The first draft of the definition, which is not extant, was deemed deficient in not clearly allowing for two natures.该定义的第一稿,这是不是现存的,被视为不足,没有明确允许的两个性质。With much effort the council passed a definition which both negated the one-nature incarnational theory of Eutyches and affirmed the two-nature declaration as orthodox.有了很大的努力,安理会通过了一项既否定一个性质Eutyches incarnational理论和肯定作为正统的双性声明的定义。Mary was declared to be the "God-bearer" (Theotokos) of God the Son, who at the incarnation became "truly man."玛丽被宣布为“上帝旗手”(东正)神的儿子,谁在化身成为“真正的男人。”Thus Christ was declared as to his deity "consubstantial with the Father," and as to his humanity "consubstantial with us in manhood."因此,基督被宣布为他的神“与父同质”,并以他的人性化“与我们同质的男子气概。”

The council then dealt with the unity of the two natures and concluded that the deity and humanity of Christ exist "without confusion, without change, without division, without separation."安理会随后处理了这两个性质的统一,认为神和基督的人性存在“没有混乱,而不会改变,无师无分离。”Thus the two natures coalesced in one person (prosopon) and one substance (hypostasis).因此,两个性质联合起来在一个人身上(成虫)和一个物质(原质)。

Thus the Chalcedonian Creed safeguarded both the divine and human natures of Christ existing in one person in unchangeable union.因此,Chalcedonian信条保障双方的基督神和人的本性在一个不变的工会的人存在。Since salvation was uppermost in the minds of the framers of this definitive creed, they knew that only a Christ who was truly God and man could save men.自从得救是本最终信条的制定者的头脑中至上,他们知道,只有基督谁是真正的上帝和人可以拯救男人。

Although the Chalcedonian Creed became, and continues to be, the standard for Christological orthodoxy, it did not prevent continuing opposition from those seeking to coalesce the two natures into one, such as the monophysite and monothelite heresies in the succeeding two centuries.虽然Chalcedonian信条成为了,并且继续是正统的基督标准,它并不能阻止继续寻求凝聚成一个,如在随后的两个世纪的基督一性和monothelite异端邪说,这两个性质的反对。

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Bibliography 参考书目
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Council of Chalcedon - 451 AD安理会的迦克墩 - 451 AD

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  1. The letter of Pope Leo, to Flavian, bishop of Constantinople, about Eutyches教皇利奥的信件,以弗拉维安,君士坦丁堡主教,约Eutyches
  2. Definition of the faith定义的信念
  3. CANONS 大炮


It was the emperor Marcian who, after the "robber" council of Ephesus (449), commanded this council to meet. Pope Leo I was opposed to it.这是皇帝马尔奇安谁后,“强盗”的以弗所议会(449),指挥本会满足。 教皇利奥我是反对的。His view was that all the bishops should repent of their ways and individually sign his earlier dogmatic letter to Flavian , patriarch of Constantinople, and so avoid a new round of argument and debate.他的观点是,所有的主教应该忏悔自己的方式和单独签署他的早期教条信弗拉维安 ,君士坦丁堡宗主教,所以避免了新一轮的争论和辩论。Moreover, the provinces of the West were being laid waste by Attila's invasions.此外,西方的省份是被解雇的阿提拉的入侵浪费。 But before the pope's view became known, the emperor Marcian had, by an edict of 17 May 451, convoked the council for 1 September 451.但在此之前,教宗的观点出名,皇帝马尔奇安已经由5月17日451诏书,9月1日召集了451局。 Although the pope was displeased, he sent legates: Paschasinus bishop of Lilybaeum, Bishop Lucentius, the priests Boniface and Basil, and Bishop Julian of Cos. No doubt Leo thought that the council would cause people to leave the church and go into schism.虽然教皇的不满,他派使节:Paschasinus Lilybaeum主教,主教Lucentius,祭司博尼法斯和罗勒,和主教Cos。公司朱利奥认为,毫无疑问,安理会将引起人们离开教堂,进入分裂。 So he wanted it to be postponed for a time, and he implored the emperor that the faith handed down from ancient times should not become the subject of debate.因此,他希望它成为一时间推迟了,他恳求皇帝的信仰古代流传下来不应成为争论的主题。The only business should be the restoration of the exiled bishops to their former positions.唯一的企业应是流亡的主教恢复到原来的位置。

The council was convoked at Nicaea but later transferred to Chalcedon, so as to be close to Constantinople and the emperor. 本会召集在尼西亚但后来转移到迦克墩,这样才能接近君士坦丁堡和皇帝。It began on 8 October 451 .开始于10月8日451。The legates Paschasinus, Bishop Lucentius and the priest Boniface presided, while Julian of Cos sat among the bishops.该legates Paschasinus,主教和牧师Lucentius博尼法斯主持,而余弦朱利安之间的主教坐在上面。 By their side were the imperial commissars and those serving on the Senate, whose responsibility was simply to keep order in the council's deliberations.通过他们的身边是帝国政委和那些在参议院,其职责只是保持在安理会审议秩序服务。

The lists we have of those present are unsatisfactory.这份名单,我们在场的人都并不理想。According to Leo there were 600 bishops at the council, whereas according to a letter to him there were 500.据狮子座有600理事会主教,而根据他的信有500人。

The " Definition of the faith " was passed at the council's fifth session, and was solemnly promulgated at the sixth session in the presence of the emperor and the imperial authorities.而“ 信仰的定义 “是通过在安理会的十五届会议,并庄严地在中的皇帝和帝国当局颁布的第六届会议的存在。The formula accepted in the decree is: Christ is one in two natures.在法令接受的公式是:基督是两个性质之一。This is in agreement with Leo's letter to Flavian of Constantinople, and Leo's letter is expressly mentioned in the Definition of the faith .这与狮子座的信君士坦丁堡弗拉维安协议, 狮子座的信中明确提到的信仰的定义

The council also issued 27 disciplinary canons (it is unclear at which session).该委员会还发布27学科大炮 (这是在该会议上还不清楚)。

What is usually called canon 28 (on the honour to be accorded the see of Constantinople) is in fact a resolution passed by the council at the 16th session.什么是通常被称为佳能28 (上荣幸地被赋予了看君士坦丁堡)是由在第16届会议通过一项决议的事实。It was rejected by the Roman legates.拒绝了罗马使节。

In the ancient Greek collections, canons 29 and 30 are also attributed to the council:在古希腊的集合,大炮29和30也归因于本会:

  • canon 29 is an extract from the minutes of the 19th session; and佳能29是从19届会议的纪要节录;和
  • canon 30 is an extract from the minutes of the 4th session.佳能30是从第4次会议纪要的摘录。

    Because of canon 28, which the Roman legates had opposed, the emperor Marcian and Anatolius, patriarch of Constantinople, sought approval for the council from the pope.由于佳能28,罗马使节曾经反对,皇帝马尔奇安和Anatolius,君士坦丁堡宗主教,寻求从教皇议会的批准。This is clear from a letter of Anatolius which tries to defend the canon, and especially from a letter of Marcian which explicitly requests confirmation.这是清楚的Anatolius信它试图捍卫经典,特别是从马尔奇安一封信,信中明确要求确认。Because heretics were misinterpreting his withholding approval, the pope ratified the doctrinal decrees on 21 March 453 , but rejected canon 28 since it ran counter to the canons of Nicaea and to the privileges of particular churches.因为异端被曲解他的代扣批准后,教皇批准了理论453 3月21日法令拒绝了佳能28,因为它违背了尼西亚的大炮和特定教会的特权。

    The imperial promulgation was made by Emperor Marcian in 4 edicts of February 452.帝国是由皇帝颁布马尔奇安在4月452法令。

    Apart from Pope Leo's letter to Flavian, which is in Latin, the English translation is from the Greek text, since this is the more authoritative version.除了教皇利奥的信弗拉维安,这是在拉丁美洲,英文翻译是从希腊文,因为这是比较权威的版本。

    The letter of Pope Leo to Flavian, bishop of Constantinople, about Eutyches在教皇利奥信弗拉维安,君士坦丁堡主教,约Eutyches

    Surprised as we were at the late arrival of your charity's letter, we read it and examined the account of what the bishops had done.惊讶,因为我们在您的慈善机构的一封信迟到了,我们读它,并检查了什么样的主教做了帐户。We now see what scandal against the integrity of the faith had reared its head among you.我们现在看到对信仰的完整性丑闻饲养在你们中间发挥得淋漓尽致。What had previously been kept secret now became clearly revealed to us. Eutyches, who was considered a man of honour because he had the title of priest, is shown to be very rash and extremely ignorant.什么以前一直秘而不宣现在成了清楚地揭示给我们。Eutyches,谁被认为是一种荣誉的人,因为他有祭司称号,被证明是非常草率,非常无知。 What the prophet said can be applied to him: He did not want to understand and do good: he plotted evil in his bed.先知说什么可以适用于他:他没有想明白,做好:他策划在他的床上邪恶。What can be worse than to have an irreligious mind and to pay no heed to those who are wiser and more learned?有什么可以逊于有一个非宗教的头脑和付出没有理会那些谁是更明智,更学到了什么?The people who fall into this folly are those in whom knowledge of the truth is blocked by a kind of dimness.谁的人进入这种愚蠢秋天是那些在他们对真理的认识是由暗淡一种受阻。They do not refer to他们没有提及

    but to themselves.但对自己负责。 By not being pupils of the truth, they turn out to be masters of error.如果不被真理的学生,他们变成是错误的主人。A man who has not the most elementary understanding even of the creed itself can have learnt nothing from the sacred texts of the New and Old Testaments.一个人谁没有了自己的信条,甚至最基本的了解,可以从所学的新的和旧旧约的经文什么。This old man has not yet taken to heart what is pronounced by every baptismal candidate the world over!这老头还没有采取的是什么心每洗礼候选人宣布在世界各地!

    He had no idea how he ought to think about the incarnation of the Word of God; and he had no desire to acquire the light of understanding by working through the length and breadth of the holy scriptures.怎么也没有想到他应该思考神的话语的化身 ,他并不想获得通过的长度和广度工作的神圣经文的理解光。So at least he should have listened carefully and accepted the common and undivided creed by which the whole body of the faithful confess that they believe in因此,至少也应该认真听取和接受的共同的和不可分割的信条 ,其中的忠实全身承认,他们认为

    1. God the Father almighty and in父神全能和
    2. Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord,他的独生子耶稣基督,我们的主,
    3. who was born of the holy Spirit and the virgin Mary.谁是天生的圣灵和圣母玛利亚。
    These three statements wreck the tricks of nearly every heretic.这三个声明沉船的几乎每一个邪教的招数。When God is believed to be both almighty and Father, the Son is clearly proved to be co-eternal with him, in no way different from the Father, since he was born God from God, almighty from the Almighty, co-eternal from the Eternal, not later in time, not lower in power, not unlike in glory, not distinct in being.当上帝被认为是既全能的父,子显然被证明是与他合作,永恒的,丝毫没有从父亲不同,因为他出生的上帝,全能的上帝的全能,从共同的永恒永恒,在时间不晚,不降低功率,而不是在不同的荣耀,而不是在被不同的。 The same eternal, only-begotten of the eternal begetter was born of the holy Spirit and the virgin Mary.同样永恒的,永恒的begetter的独生子出生的圣灵和圣母玛利亚。His birth in time in no way subtracts from or adds to that divine and eternal birth of his: but its whole purpose is to restore humanity, who had been deceived, so that it might defeat death and, by its power, destroy the devil who held the power of death .他在出生时没有办法减去或增加,他的神圣和永恒的诞生:但它的整个目的是恢复人性,谁被骗,所以它可能战胜了死亡,并通过它的力量,摧毁魔鬼谁举行了死亡的力量Overcoming the originator of sin and death would be beyond us, had not he whom sin could not defile, nor could death hold down, taken up our nature and made it his own.克服罪恶和死亡的鼻祖将超越我们,没有谁的罪,他不能玷污,也不能死按住,占用了我们的本性,并使它自己。He was conceived from the holy Spirit inside the womb of the virgin mother.他设想由内而外的处女母亲子宫里的圣灵。Her virginity was as untouched in giving him birth as it was in conceiving him.她的童贞被视为不变的,因为它给了他出生在构思他。

    But if it was beyond Eutyches to derive sound understanding from this, the purest source of the christian faith , because the brightness of manifest truth had been darkened by his own peculiar blindness, then he should have subjected himself to the teaching of the gospels.但如果它超越Eutyches是来自这个声音理解, 基督教信仰最纯净的来源 ,因为舱单真理亮度已经由他自己独特的盲目性黑暗,那么他应该受到自己的福音书教学。When Matthew says, The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham, Eutyches should have looked up the further development in the apostolic preaching.当马修说,在耶稣基督,大卫,亚伯拉罕的儿子的儿子代的书,Eutyches应该有抬头的使徒讲道的进一步发展When he read in the letter to the Romans, Paul, the servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle, set apart for God's gospel, which he had formerly promised through his prophets in the holy writings which refer to his Son, who was made for him of David's seed according to the flesh, he should have paid deep and devout attention to the prophetic texts.当他在向罗马人,保罗信中写道,基督耶稣的仆人,被称为是一个使徒,为神的福音外,这是他以前通过他的先知答应在其中提到他的儿子神圣的著作中,谁是由大卫的后裔为他按肉体,他应支付深虔诚注意预言文本。 And when he discovered God making the promise to Abraham that in your seed shall all nations be blessed, he should have followed the apostle, in order to eliminate any doubt about the identity of this seed, when he says, The promises were spoken to Abraham and his seed .而当他发现上帝对亚伯拉罕的承诺使你的后裔应在所有国家受到祝福,他应该遵循的使徒,以消除任何有关此种子身份有怀疑时,他说,许诺给亚伯拉罕说和他的后裔。 He does not say "to his seeds"--as if referring to a multiplicity--but to a single one, "and to thy seed " which is Christ.他不说“他的种子” - 好像指的是多重性 - 而是一个能“,并你的后裔”,这是基督。His inward ear should also have heard Isaiah preaching Behold, a virgin will receive in the womb and will bear a son , and they will call his name Emmanuel, which is translated "God is with us".他向内耳朵也应该有听到以赛亚说教看哪,处女会在子宫内收到,并会承担一个儿子 ,他们会呼唤他的名字灵光,这是翻译成“神与我们同在”。With faith he should have read the same prophet's words, A child is born to us, a son is given to us.有了信心,他应该读同样的先知的话,一个孩子出生给我们,有一子赐给我们。His power is on his shoulders.他的权力在他的肩上。They will call his name "Angel of great counsel, mighty God, prince of peace, father of the world to come".他们将他的名字叫“天使的大律师,全能的神,和平王子,世界上的父亲来。”Then he would not deceive people by saying that the Word was made flesh in the sense that he emerged from the virgin's womb having a human form but not having the reality of his mother's body.然后,他不会欺骗说,字是在这个意义上说,他从处女的子宫里有一个人的形式出现的肉体,但没有对他母亲的身体现实的人。

    Or was it perhaps that he thought that our lord Jesus Christ did not have our nature because the angel who was sent to the blessed Mary said, The holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most High will overshadow you, and so that which will be born holy out of you will be called Son of God, as if it was because the conception by the virgin was worked by God that the flesh of the one conceived did not share the nature of her who conceived it?或者是它也许他认为我们的主耶稣基督没有我们的天性,因为谁被送往玛丽的祝福天使说,圣灵要临到你身上和最高级的能力要荫庇你,使这将诞生出你神圣的必称为神的儿子,仿佛那是因为处女的概念是由神所工作,该一体设想不同意她的性质谁构思呢? But uniquely wondrous and wondrously unique as that act of generation was, it is not to be understood as though the proper character of its kind was taken away by the sheer novelty of its creation.但令人惊奇和独特奇妙的那一代人独特的行为,它是不被理解为虽然其性质是一种适当采取其创作纯粹新奇了。It was the holy Spirit that made the virgin pregnant, but the reality of the body derived from body.这是圣灵所作的处女怀孕,但是从身体产生的身体现实As Wisdom built a house for herself, the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us: that is, in that flesh which he derived from human kind and which he animated with the spirit of a rational life.至于智慧为自己建房子,道成了肉身住在我们中间和:那就是,因为肉,他来自人类的,而他与一个理性生活的精神所激励。

    So the proper character of both natures was maintained and came together in a single person .因此无论性质和正确的字符维持在一个人来到一起Lowliness was taken up by majesty, weakness by strength, mortality by eternity. To pay off the debt of our state , invulnerable nature was united to a nature that could suffer; so that in a way that corresponded to the remedies we needed, one and the same mediator between God and humanity the man Christ Jesus, could both on the one hand die and on the other be incapable of death. 。谦卑,就由威严,靠实力虚弱,由永恒死亡率还清了我们国家的债务 ,无懈可击的性质是团结的性质,可能遭受,所以,在对应的方式,我们需要的补救办法,一个和上帝与人类相同的调解员的基督耶稣,既可以一方面死亡,死亡的其他能力。 Thus was true God born in the undiminished and perfect nature of a true man, complete in what is his and complete in what is ours.因此,是真神,在一个真正的男人和完美的本性不减,在什么是他的,在什么完全是我们的完成。By "ours" we mean what the Creator established in us from the beginning and what he took upon himself to restore.通过“我们的”我们的意思是什么造物主建立在我们从一开始就和他在自己身上了恢复。There was in the Saviour no trace of the things which the Deceiver brought upon us, and to which deceived humanity gave admittance. His subjection to human weaknesses in common with us did not mean that he shared our sins .有没有在救主的事情后,我们带来了欺诈者,以及人类的欺骗了准入跟踪, 他的顺服与我们人类共同的弱点并不意味着他赞同我们的罪He took on the form of a servant without the defilement of sin, thereby enhancing the human and not diminishing the divine.他承担了一个没有罪的污秽奴仆的形像,从而提高人类的,而不是削弱了神圣的。For that self-emptying whereby the Invisible rendered himself visible, and the Creator and Lord of all things chose to join the ranks of mortals, spelled no failure of power: it was an act of merciful favour.对于自排空,让无形的渲染自己可见,造物主和万物的主选择加入凡人行列,拼写不停电:这是一个仁慈的青睐行为。So the one who retained the form of God when he made humanity, was made man in the form of a servant.因此,一个谁保留了形神当他做了人类,是在一个仆人形式的人。Each nature kept its proper character without loss; and just as the form of God does not take away the form of a servant, so the form of a servant does not detract from the form of God.每个自然保持不亏损其应有的特色;和公正的形神并没有剥夺了奴仆的形式,所以仆人的形式并不影响神的形式。

    It was the devil's boast that humanity had been deceived by his trickery and so had lost the gifts God had given it; and that it had been stripped of the endowment of immortality and so was subject to the harsh sentence of death.这是魔鬼的吹嘘,人类一直欺骗他的诡计,所以已经失去了上帝给了它礼物 ,并认为它已剥离了不朽的禀赋等于是受到重判死刑。He also boasted that, sunk as he was in evil, he himself derived some consolation from having a partner in crime; and that God had been forced by the principle of justice to alter his verdict on humanity, which he had created in such an honourable state.他还夸口说,他在邪恶沉没时,他自己有一个来自犯罪的合作伙伴一些安慰,并认为上帝已经由公正的原则判决被迫改变他对人类,这是他在这样一个光荣的创建状态。 All this called for the realisation of a secret plan whereby the unalterable God, whose will is indistinguishable from his goodness, might bring the original realisation of his kindness towards us to completion by means of a more hidden mystery, and whereby humanity, which had been led into a state of sin by the craftiness of the devil, might be prevented from perishing contrary to the purpose of God.这一切都要求一个秘密计划,据此, 不可改变的神,他的意志是从他的善良没有区别,可能会带来的一个更暗藏玄机指他的好意对我们原来的实现来完成的实现,即人类,这已成由国家主导的魔鬼狡猾罪,可能被阻止灭亡违背了神的目的。

    So without leaving his Father's glory behind, the Son of God comes down from his heavenly throne and enters the depths of our world, born in an unprecedented order by an unprecedented kind of birth.所以没有留下他的父亲的荣耀背后,是神的儿子从他的天上下来的宝座,并进入了我们的世界深处,出现了前所未有的出生顺序由出生前所未有的一种。 In an unprecedented order, because one who is invisible at his own level was made visible at ours.在一个前所未有的秩序,因为一个是谁在他自己的水平是在我们看不见的是可见的。The ungraspable willed to be grasped.该ungraspable意志来加以把握。Whilst remaining pre-existent, he begins to exist in time.虽然剩下的预先存在,他开始存在的时间。The Lord of the universe veiled his measureless majesty and took on a servant's form.宇宙的主隐晦他的无量的威严和仆人的形式发生。The God who knew no suffering did not despise becoming a suffering man, and, deathless as he is, to be subject to the laws of death.谁知道在神没有痛苦没有成为一个痛苦的人鄙视,而且,因为他是不死的,要受死刑的法律。By an unprecedented kind of birth, because it was inviolable virginity which supplied the material flesh without experiencing sexual desire .由出生前所未有的一种,因为它是不可侵犯的童贞的供应没有遇到性欲的物质肉体。What was taken from the mother of the Lord was the nature without the guilt. And the fact that the birth was miraculous does not imply that in the lord Jesus Christ, born from the virgin's womb, the nature is different from ours.什么是从主的母亲采取的是没有罪恶感的性质而事实是奇迹的诞生并不意味着,在主耶稣基督从处女的子宫出生,自然是与我们不同。 The same one is true God and true man.同样一个是真正的上帝和真正的男人。

    There is nothing unreal about this oneness, since both the lowliness of the man and the grandeur of the divinity are in mutual relation.这没有什么统一性不真实的,因为无论是人与神的伟大谦卑的相互关系的。As God is not changed by showing mercy, neither is humanity devoured by the dignity received.由于神是不改变显示怜悯,也不是由吞噬人类的尊严得到。The activity of each form is what is proper to it in communion with the other: that is, the Word performs what belongs to the Word, and the flesh accomplishes what belongs to the flesh.每个活动的形式是什么,是在恰当的共融它与其他:即Word执行什么属于Word和肉体完成什么属于肉。One of these performs brilliant miracles the other sustains acts of violence. As the Word does not lose its glory which is equal to that of the Father, so neither does the flesh leave the nature of its kind behind.其中一个辉煌的奇迹执行其他维持的暴力行为由于Word不会失去光彩这等于对父亲说,这样的肉也没有离开同类性质落后。 We must say this again and again: one and the same is truly Son of God and truly son of man .我们必须说,这一次又一次的: 同一个是真正的上帝的儿子,真正的人的儿子God, by the fact that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God; man, by the fact that the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.神的事实,在太初有道,道与神同在,道就是神,人的,是道成了肉身住在我们中间的事实。God, by the fact that all things were made through him, and nothing was made without him, man, by the fact that he was made of a woman, made under the law .神,由所有的东西都通过他,没有他什么也没有了, 的,他是由一个女人, 根据法律规定作出的事实事实。The birth of flesh reveals human nature; birth from a virgin is a proof of divine power.而肉的诞生揭示人性,从处女的诞生,是一种神力的证明。A lowly cradle manifests the infancy of the child; angels' voices announce the greatness of the most High.一个卑微的摇篮体现了孩子的婴儿期,天使的声音宣布最高级的伟大。Herod evilly strives to kill one who was like a human being at the earliest stage the Magi rejoice to adore on bended knee one who is the Lord of all.希律邪恶努力干掉一个谁喜欢在最早阶段的贤士欣喜地崇拜弯曲膝盖上一个谁是所有人类是上帝。And when he came to be baptised by his precursor John, the Father's voice spoke thunder from heaven, to ensure that he did not go unnoticed because the divinity was concealed by the veil of flesh: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.而当他来到被他的前体约翰受洗,父亲的声音说话从天上打雷,以确保他没有被忽视,因为神是由肉面纱隐蔽:这是我的爱子,我所,高兴。 Accordingly, the same one whom the devil craftily tempts as a man, the angels dutifully wait on as God.因此,同样一个人的魔鬼巧妙地作为一个男人诱惑,天使尽职尽责地等待为上帝。Hunger, thirst, weariness, sleep are patently human.饥饿,口渴,疲劳,睡眠是人类明显。But to satisfy five thousand people with five loaves; to dispense living water to the Samaritan woman, a drink of which will stop her being thirsty ever again; to walk on the surface of the sea with feet that do not sink; to rebuke the storm and level the mounting waves; there can be no doubt these are divine.但要满足五饼5000人;免除活水来撒玛利亚女人,喝这将阻止她以后再口渴;在对海面行走脚不下沉;训斥风暴和水平安装海浪;不可能有疑问,这些都是神圣的。

    So, if I may pass over many instances, it does not belong to the same nature to weep out of deep-felt pity for a dead friend, and to call him back to life again at the word of command, once the mound had been removed from the four-dayold grave; or to hang on the cross and, with day changed into night, to make the elements tremble; or to be pierced by nails and to open the gates of paradise for the believing thief.所以,如果我可以通过在许多情况下,它不属于同一性质的哭泣深感到可惜的朋友死了,并叫他回到生活在命令字再次,一旦被土堆删除从四dayold严重,或挂在十字架上,并与改到晚上一天,使元素发抖,或将钉子刺穿,并开辟了相信小偷的天堂之门。 Likewise, it does not belong to the same nature to say I and the Father are one, and to say The Father is greater than I. For although there is in the Lord Jesus Christ a single person who is of God and of man, the insults shared by both have their source in one thing, and the glory that is shared in another.同样,它不属于同一性质,说我与父原为一,并说父亲是比我更大,虽然有在主耶稣基督一个人谁是神和人的是,双方共同在一件事情侮辱其来源,而在另一个共享荣耀。 For it is from us that he gets a humanity which is less than the Father; it is from the Father that he gets a divinity which is equal to the Father.因为它是从我们,他得到一个人类,比父亲少,它从父,他得到一个神,相等于父。

    So it is on account of this oneness of the person, which must be understood in both natures, that we both read that the son of man came down from heaven, when the Son of God took flesh from the virgin from whom he was born, and again that the Son of God is said to have been crucified and buried, since he suffered these things not in the divinity itself whereby the Only-begotten is co-eternal and consubstantial with the Father, but in the weakness of the human nature.因此,对这种人,必须了解在这两个性质,我们都读到了人的儿子从天上降下,当上帝的儿子从处女了从他出生的人肉合一的帐户,并再次指出,神的儿子据说已经钉在十字架上,埋,因为他遭受了神本身即是唯一出师不利是共同永恒的,与父同质这些东西,而是在人性的弱点。 That is why in the creed, too, we all confess that the only-begotten Son of God was crucified and was buried, following what the apostle said, If they had known, they would never have crucified the Lord of majesty.这就是为什么在信条,我们也都承认,上帝的独生子被钉在十字架上,被埋葬之后,使徒说什么,如果他们早知道,他们绝不会钉在十字架上的上帝的威严。 And when our Lord and Saviour himself was questioning his disciples and instructing their faith, he says, Who do people say 1, the son of man, am?而当我们的主救主本人质疑他的弟子和指导他们的信仰,他说,谁做的人说1,男子的儿子,是谁?And when they had displayed a variety of other people's opinions, he says, Who do you say I am ?而当他们展示了其他人的各种意见,他说,谁让你说我是谁?--in other words, I who am the son of man and whom you behold in the form of a servant and in real flesh: Who do you say I am?- 换句话说,我是谁的人的儿子,你看哪人在一个仆人的形式,实时肉:谁让你说我?Whereupon the blessed Peter, inspired by God and making a confession that would benefit all future peoples, says, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.于是彼得的祝福,灵感来自上帝和作出供认,将有利于所有人民的未来,说,你是基督,是永生神的儿子。He thoroughly deserved to be declared "blessed" by the Lord.他彻底当之无愧地被宣布“祝福”的主。He derived the stability of both his goodness and his name from the original Rock, for when the Father revealed it to him, he confessed that the same one is both the Son of God and also the Christ. Accepting one of these truths without the other was no help to salvation; and to have believed that the Lord Jesus Christ was either only God and not man, or solely man and not God, was equally dangerous.他得出的两个他的善良和他的名字原来岩石的稳定性,因为当父亲透露给他,他承认,同一个既是神的儿子,也是基督。 接受没有其他的这些真理one没有帮助拯救,以及有相信主耶稣基督是不是只有上帝,而不是人,或仅仅人,而不是神,同样是危险的。

    After the Lord's resurrection--which was certainly the resurrection of a real body, since the one brought back to life is none other than the one who had been crucified and had died--the whole point of the forty-day delay was to make our faith completely sound and to cleanse it of all darkness.之后,主的复活-这肯定是一个真正的身体复活,因为一个起死回生的无非是一个谁已经钉在十字架上,并已死亡等-的第四天的延迟整点是使我们的信仰完全健全,去除一切黑暗的。 Hence he talked to his disciples and lived and ate with them, and let himself be touched attentively and carefully by those who were in the grip of doubt; he would go in among his disciples when the doors were locked, and impart the holy Spirit by breathing on them, and open up the secrets of the holy scriptures after enlightening their understanding; again, he would point out the wound in his side, the holes made by the nails, and all the signs of the suffering he had just recently undergone, saying, Look at my hands and feet--it is I. Feel and see, because a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.因此,他谈到他的弟子和生活,并与他们吃,让自己被感动的是谁在怀疑握了认真,仔细,他会走在他的弟子时,门被锁上了,神圣的精神传授他们的呼吸,打开后启发他们认识圣经的秘密;再次,他想指出,在他身边的伤口,洞中所作的钉子,和所有他所经历的痛苦只是最近的迹象,说,看我的手和脚 - 这是一感觉和看到的,因为精神没有肉和骨头当你看到我。All this was so that it would be recognised that the proper character of the divine and of the human nature went on existing inseparable in him; and so that we would realise that the Word is not the same thing as the flesh, but in such a way that we would confess belief in the one Son of God as being both Word and flesh.这一切是如此,这将是认识到,神和人的本质在正确的字符在现有离不开他了,等等,我们会意识到这个词是不一样的肉一样的东西,但在这样的这样,我们将被承认为Word和肉体在神的一个儿子的信念。

    This Eutyches must be judged to be extremely destitute of this mystery of the faith.这Eutyches必须判断是极其这种信仰的神秘贫困。Neither the humility of the mortal life nor the glory of the resurrection has made him recognise our nature in the only-begotten of God.无论是谦逊的凡人生活,也不是复活的荣耀,使他认识到,在神的独生子我们的本性。Nor has even the statement of the blessed apostle and evangelist John put fear into him: Every spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ came in the flesh is from God, and every spirit which puts Jesus asunder is not from God, and this is Antichrist. But what does putting Jesus as under consist in if not in separating his human nature from him, and in voiding, through the most barefaced fictions, the one mystery by which we have been saved?甚至也没有使徒的祝福和传播者声明约翰投入他的恐惧每精神,交代耶稣基督在肉身是从神来,每一个四分五裂的精神,使得耶稣是不是从神来,这就是敌基督 ,但是什么把耶稣根据如不包括在他脱离他的人性,在排尿,通过最露骨小说,一个神秘的,我们已经得救了吗?Once in the dark about the nature of Christ's body, it follows that the same blindness leads him into raving folly about his suffering too.一旦在对基督的身体自然暗,它遵循相同的盲目性导致的热烈讨论到他的痛苦太愚蠢了。 If he does not think that the Lord's cross was unreal and if he has no doubt that the suffering undergone for the world's salvation was real, then let him acknowledge the flesh of the one whose death he believes in. And let him not deny that a man whom he knows to have been subject to suffering had our kind of body, for to deny the reality of the flesh is also to deny the bodily suffering.如果他不认为主的十字架是虚幻的,如果他已经毫无疑问,对于世界的救恩经历了痛苦是真实的,然后让他承认,在一个他的死,他认为英寸而让肉他不否认,谁知道他的人已经受到了我们的痛苦样的身体,为否定现实的肉也否认了身体的痛苦。 So if he accepts the christian faith and does not turn a deaf ear to the preaching of the gospel, let him consider what nature it was that hung, pierced with nails, on the wood of the cross.因此,如果他接受了基督教信仰和不转充耳不闻的传福音,让他考虑它是什么性质的红,用钉子刺穿十字架上的木材。With the side of the crucified one laid open by the soldier's spear, let him identify the source from which blood and water flowed, to bathe the church of God with both font and cup.随着下岗的士兵的长矛钉在十字架上打开一个侧面,让他从中找出源头流出的血液和水,洗澡用的字体和杯子都在神的教会。

    Let him heed what the blessed apostle Peter preaches, that sanctification by the Spirit is effected by the sprinkling of Christ's blood; and let him not skip over the same apostle's words, knowing that you have been redeemed from the empty way of life you inherited from your fathers, not with corruptible gold and silver but by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, as of a lamb without stain or spot.让他听什么祝福使徒彼得讲道,通过圣灵的成圣是基督的鲜血洒影响;,让他不要跳过同一使徒的话,知道你已经从生活空方式继承自赎回你的父亲,而不是与腐朽的黄金和白银,而是耶稣基督的宝血,作为一个没有污点的羔羊或点。 Nor should he withstand the testimony of blessed John the apostle: and the blood of Jesus, the Son of God, purifies us from every sin; and again, This is the victory which conquers the world, our faith.他也不应该承受的祝福约翰使徒的见证:和耶稣的血,是神的儿子,净化我们从每一个罪,并再次,这是胜利的征服了世界,我们的信心。 Who is there who conquers the world save one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God ?谁是谁征服世界有救一个谁相信耶稣是神的儿子?It is he, Jesus Christ who has come through water and blood, not in water only, but in water and blood.这是他,耶稣基督谁已通过水和血来不溶于水而已,但在水和血。And because the Spirit is truth, it is the Spirit who testifies.而且因为圣灵就是真理,它是圣灵谁作证。For there are three who give testimony--Spirit and water and blood.对于有三个谁作证 - 精神与水和血。And the three are one.而这三个是一体的。In other words, the Spirit of sanctification and the blood of redemption and the water of baptism.换句话说,在成圣和赎回和血的洗礼水精神。These three are one and remain indivisible.这三个是一体,并保持不可分割的。None of them is separable from its link with the others.他们中没有一个是从与他人的联系分开。The reason is that it is by this faith that the catholic church lives and grows , by believing that neither the humanity is without true divinity nor the divinity without true humanity.究其原因是, 它是由这种信仰是天主教教会的生活和成长 ,由相信,无论是人类,也没有真正的神性没有真正的人类的神性。

    When you cross-examined Eutyches and he replied, "I confess that our Lord was of two natures before the union, but I confess one nature after the union", I am amazed that such an absurd and corrupt declaration of faith was not very severely censured by the judges; and that an extremely foolish statement was disregarded, as if nothing whatever offensive had been heard.当你盘问Eutyches,他回答说:“我承认,我们的主的前两联盟性质的,但我承认后,工会一个自然”,我很惊讶,这种信仰的荒谬和腐败的声明不是很严重由法官谴责,并认为一个非常愚蠢的说法是忽视,因为如果没有任何进攻已经听到。 It is just as wicked to say that the only-begotten Son of God was of two natures before the incarnation as it is abominable to claim that there was a single nature in him after the Word was made flesh.它就像邪恶地说,神的独生子之前的两个性质的化身,因为它是可恶声称他有一个在单一性质后,道成了肉身。Eutyches must not suppose that what he said was either correct or tolerable just because no clear statement of yours refuted it.Eutyches一定不要以为他说的是不是正确或容忍只是因为你没有明确的说法反驳它。So we remind you, dearest brother, of your charity's responsibility to see to it that if through God's merciful inspiration the case is ever settled, the rash and ignorant fellow is also purged of what is blighting his mind.因此,我们提醒您,亲爱的兄弟, 慈善机构的责任,看到它,如果通过上帝的仁慈的灵感案件不断解决,皮疹和无知的同胞,也是他心目中是什么blighting清除。 As the minutes have made clear, he made a good start at abandoning his opinion when, under pressure from your statement, he professed to say what he had not previously said, and to find satisfaction in the faith to which he had previously been a stranger.由于会议纪要已明确表示,他在放弃他的意见时,从你的陈述的压力下,他宣称说他以前不说,一个良好的开端,并寻找在向他以前是一个陌生人的信念satisfaction 。

    But when he had refused to be party to the anathematising of his wicked doctrine, your fraternity would have realised that he was persisting in his false belief and that he deserved a verdict of condemnation.但是,当他拒绝被党给他的邪恶学说anathematising,你的兄弟会意识到他是在他的错误信念,他当之无愧的谴责判决坚持。 If he is honestly and suitably sorry about this, and acknowledges even at this late stage how rightly episcopal authority was set in motion, or if, to make full amends, he condemns every wrong thought he had by word of mouth and by his actual signature, then no amount of mercy towards one who has reformed is excessive.如果他是诚实和适当的遗憾这一点,并承认在最后阶段如何正确地成立主教的权力在运动,或者,甚至要做好充分的修订,他谴责的口碑和他的实际签名都错以为他,然后没有怜悯对一个谁也改革数额是否过高。 Our Lord, the true and good shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep, and who came not to destroy but to save the souls of men and women, wants us to be imitators of his goodness, so that whilst justice represses sinners, mercy does not reject the converted.我们的主,真正的好牧人谁奠定了他的羊他的生命,谁破坏,但来到这里不是为了拯救男人和女人的灵魂,希望我们成为他的善良的模仿者,所以,虽然罪人压制正义,仁慈不拒绝的转换。 The defence of the true faith is never so productive as when false opinion is condemned even by its adherents.而真正的信仰从来没有这样的防守时甚至虚假的意见是由它的信徒谴责生产力。

    In place of ourself, we have arranged for our brothers, Bishop Julius and the priest Renatus of the church of St Clement, and also my son, the deacon Hilary, to ensure a good and faithful conclusion to the whole case.在ourself的地方,我们安排了我们的兄弟,朱利叶斯主教和圣克莱门特教堂的牧师Renatus,也是我的儿子,执事希拉里,保证了良好的和忠实的结论,整个案件。 To their company we have added our notary Dulcitius, of proven loyalty to us.为了自己的公司,我们增加了我们的公证Dulcitius,行之有效的忠诚给我们。We trust that with God's help he who has fallen into error might condemn the wickedness of his own mind and find salvation.我们相信在上帝的帮助下,他谁也下降到错误,他可能会谴责自己的想法,找到拯救邪恶的。

    God keep you safe, dearest brother.上帝让你安全,最亲爱的兄弟。

    Definition of the faith定义的信念

    The sacred and great and universal synod by God's grace and by decree of your most religious and Christ-loving emperors Valentinian Augustus and Marcian Augustus assembled in Chalcedon, metropolis of the province of Bithynia, in the shrine of the saintly and triumphant martyr Euphemia, issues the following decrees .由上帝的恩典和你最宗教和基督热爱皇帝瓦伦蒂安奥古斯都和马尔奇安奥古斯法令的神圣和伟大的和普遍的主教聚集在迦克墩,对庇推尼省的大都市,在圣洁和胜利烈士Euphemia,问题神社下面的法令

    In establishing his disciples in the knowledge of the faith, our lord and saviour Christ said: "My peace I give you, my peace I leave to you"', so that no one should disagree with his neighbour regarding religious doctrines but that the proclamation of the truth would be uniformly presented.在建立在信仰的知识他的弟子,我们的救主基督说:“我将我的平安给你,我将我的平安留给你”“,使任何人都不应不同意他对宗教教义的邻居 ,但该公告真相将统一颁发。But the evil one never stops trying to smother the seeds of religion with his own tares and is for ever inventing some novelty or other against the truth; so the Master, exercising his usual care for the human race, roused this religious and most faithful emperor to zealous action, and summoned to himself the leaders of the priesthood from everywhere, so that through the working of the grace of Christ, the master of all of us, every injurious falsehood might be staved off from the sheep of Christ and they might be fattened on fresh growths of the truth.但恶者从来没有停止尝试用自己的稗子扼杀宗教的种子,永远发明一些新奇或反对真理另一种是,所以法师,行使他对人类的常规护理,这激起了宗教和最忠实的皇帝以热心行动,并传唤到自己的来自世界各地的圣职的领导人,因此,通过对基督,是我们所有主恩典的工作,每一个可能是有害的谎言压扁从基督的羊,他们可能会关闭养肥的真相新鲜的生长。

    This is in fact what we have done.这其实是我们所做的工作。We have driven off erroneous doctrines by our collective resolution and we have renewed the unerring creed of the fathers.我们赶走了我们的集体主义的错误的决议,我们延长了父亲无误的信条。We have proclaimed to all the creed of the 318; and we have made our own those fathers who accepted this agreed statement of religion -- the 150 who later met in great Constantinople and themselves set their seal to the same creed.我们已经宣布所有的318个信条,而我们取得了我们自己的父亲谁接受了这一宗教的议定声明 - 150谁后来会见了很大的君士坦丁堡和自己设置的密封同样的信条。

    Therefore, whilst we also stand by因此,虽然我们还站在

    we decree that我们的法令, This wise and saving creed, the gift of divine grace, was sufficient for a perfect understanding and establishment of religion .这种明智和保存信条,神圣的恩赐,是一个完美的理解和宗教建立足够了For its teaching about the Father and the Son and the holy Spirit is complete, and it sets out the Lord's becoming human to those who faithfully accept it.对于其对父亲和儿子和圣灵教学是完成的,它规定了主的人成为忠实的那些谁接受它。

    But there are those who are trying to ruin the proclamation of the truth, and through their private heresies they have spawned novel formulas:但也有一些谁试图破坏真理宣讲,并通过其私人歪理邪说他们产生了新的公式:

    Therefore this sacred and great and universal synod , now in session, in its desire to exclude all their tricks against the truth, and teaching what has been unshakeable in the proclamation from the beginning,因此, 这一神圣和伟大的和普遍的主教 ,现在在会议期间,在所有的愿望,排除他们的招数对真理,什么教学已经在宣布雷打不动从一开始,

    And because of those who are attempting to corrupt the mystery of the economy and are shamelessly and foolishly asserting that he who was born of the holy virgin Mary was a mere man, it has accepted而由于这些谁试图破坏经济的奥秘,是无耻和愚蠢断言谁是他的圣母玛利亚出生是一个单纯的人,它已接受

  • the synodical letters of the blessed Cyril, [already accepted by the Council of Ephesus]的祝福西里尔字母的synodical,[已经接受了安理会的以弗所]
    pastor of the church in Alexandria, to Nestorius and to the Orientals, as being well-suited to refuting Nestorius's mad folly and to providing an interpretation for those who in their religious zeal might desire understanding of the saving creed.牧师在亚历山大教会,涅斯和东方人,作为是非常适合驳斥涅斯的疯狂愚蠢,并提供一个为那些谁在他们的宗教热情就可能希望了解的节能信条解释。

    To these it has suitably added, against false believers and for the establishment of orthodox doctrines对于这些有适当增加,对假信徒,为正统学说的建立

  • the letter of the primate of greatest and older Rome,对罗马的伟大和老年人灵长类动物的信,
    the most blessed and most saintly Archbishop Leo, written to the sainted Archbishop Flavian to put down Eutyches's evil-mindedness, because it is in agreement with great Peter's confession and represents a support we have in common.最幸福,最圣洁的大主教狮子座,书面向德高望重的主教弗拉维安放下Eutyches的邪恶意识,因为它是在以极大的彼得的供述协议,并表示支持,我们的共同点。

    It is opposed to those who attempt to tear apart the mystery of the economy into a duality of sons; and它是相对于那些谁试图撕开成儿子的二重性经济之谜,以及

    So, following the saintly fathers , we all with one voice teach the confession of one and the same Son, our Lord Jesus Christ: the same perfect in divinity and perfect in humanity, the same truly God and truly man, of a rational soul and a body; consubstantial with the Father as regards his divinity, and the same consubstantial with us as regards his humanity; like us in all respects except for sin; begotten before the ages from the Father as regards his divinity, and in the last days the same for us and for our salvation from Mary, the virgin God-bearer as regards his humanity; one and the same Christ, Son, Lord, only-begotten, acknowledged in two natures which undergo no confusion, no change, no division, no separation; at no point was the difference between the natures taken away through the union, but rather the property of both natures is preserved and comes together into a single person and a single subsistent being; he is not parted or divided into two persons, but is one and the same only-begotten Son, God, Word, Lord Jesus Christ, just as the prophets taught from the beginning about him, and as the Lord Jesus Christ himself instructed us, and as the creed of the fathers handed it down to us.因此圣洁的父亲 ,我们都教以一个声音在一个忏悔和相同的儿子,我们的主耶稣基督:在神一样完美和人性的完美,同样真正的上帝,真正的人的理性灵魂,一个机构;与父同质至于他的神性,并与我们同同质至于他的人性,像我们的罪,除了在各方面;独生子才从父亲的年龄是关于他的神性,并在最后几天的对我们和我们一样从玛丽救恩,神的处女旗手至于他的人性,是同一个基督,圣子,主,只有出师不利,承认这两个性质不发生混乱,没有变化,没有分工,没有分离;在任何时候采取的是通过工会之间距离的性质区别,而是两者本质属性是保存和来自成一个人,一个单存的正合,他是不会分手或划分成两个人,但是同一个独生子,神字,主耶稣基督,正如先知教导的关于他的开始,并作为主耶稣基督教导我们,和作为父亲的信条交给下来我们。

    Since we have formulated these things with all possible accuracy and attention, the sacred and universal synod decreed that no one is permitted to produce, or even to write down or compose, any other creed or to think or teach otherwise .既然我们制定一切可能的准确度和关注这些东西,神圣的和普遍的主教下令, 任何人不得生产,甚至写下或撰写,其他任何信仰或思考或以其他方式教As for those who dare either to compose another creed or even to promulgate or teach or hand down another creed for those who wish to convert to a recognition of the truth from Hellenism or from Judaism, or from any kind of heresy at all: if they be bishops or clerics, the bishops are to be deposed from the episcopacy and the clerics from the clergy; if they be monks or layfolk, they are to be anathematised.至于那些谁也不敢或撰写另一信条,甚至颁布或教或另一手向下为那些谁希望转换为从希腊或犹太教,或任何种类的异端都承认真理的信条:如果他们是主教或神职人员,主教们是从主教和神职人员的神职人员被废黜,如果他们是僧侣或layfolk,他们将被anathematised。



    We have deemed it right that the canons hitherto issued by the saintly fathers at each and every synod should remain in force.我们认为是正确的大炮迄今通过在每一个主教发出的圣洁的父亲应继续有效。


    If any bishop performs an ordination for money and puts the unsaleable grace on sale, and ordains for money a bishop, a chorepiscopus, a presbyter or a deacon or some other of those numbered among the clergy; or appoints a manager, a legal officer or a warden for money, or any other ecclesiastic at all for personal sordid gain; led him who has attempted this and been convicted stand to lose his personal rank; and let the person ordained profit nothing from the ordination or appointment he has bought; but let him be removed from the dignity or responsibility which he got for money.如果任何一个主教进行协调并提出钱出售的不能销售的宽限期,并为钱ordains主教,一个chorepiscopus,一个长老或执事或某种编号的神职人员之间的除外;或委任经理人,法律人员或对金钱的典狱长,或任何其他传教士个人肮脏的收益可言;谁曾试图使他这一点,被定罪的立场,失去他的个人排名,并让该人受戒利润从统筹或任命他买了什么,但让他被免职或责任的尊严,他的钱了。 And if anyone appears to have acted even as a go-between in such disgraceful and unlawful dealings, let him too, if he is a cleric, be demoted from his personal rank, and if he is a lay person or a monk, let him be anathematised.若有人似乎已经充当了这种可耻和非法交易穿针引线,甚至,让他也一样,如果他是一个牧师,被降职从他个人的排名,如果他是一个世俗的人或出家,让他被anathematised。


    It has come to the notice of the sacred synod that some of those enrolled in the clergy are, for sordid gain, acting as hired managers of other people's property, and are involving themselves in worldly business, neglecting the service of God, frequenting the houses of worldly persons and taking over the handling of property out of avarice.它已经到了神圣的主教说,在神职人员参加的一些,对肮脏的增益,作为他人财物聘请经理作用的通知,并涉及世俗的经营困境,而忽略了上帝服务,出入的房子世间人及以上的财产出贪婪处理服用。 So the sacred and great synod has decreed that in future no one, whether a bishop, a cleric or a monk, should either manage property or involve himself as an administrator of worldly business, unless he is legally and unavoidably summoned to take care of minors, or the local bishop appoints him to attend, out of fear of the Lord, to ecclesiastical business or to orphans and unprovided widows and persons in special need of ecclesiastical support.因此,神圣和伟大的主教已颁布法令,今后任何人,不论是主教,牧师或和尚,要么管理财产或涉及作为一个世俗的业务管理员自己,除非他是合法传唤,并不可避免地要对未成年人的关怀或本地主教任命他出席,出敬畏耶和华,要教会企业或孤儿和有特殊需要的教会支持未拨备寡妇和人。 If in future anyone attempts to transgress these decrees, he must be subject to ecclesiastical penalties.如果在未来任何人企图违背这些法令,他必须受到教会的处罚。


    Those who truly and sincerely live the monastic life should be accorded appropriate recognition.这些谁真正,真诚地过着修道生活,应给予适当的表扬。But since there are some who don the monastic habit and meddle with the churches and in civil matters, and circulate indiscriminately in the cities and even are involved in founding monasteries for themselves, it has been decided that no one is to build or found a monastery or oratory anywhere against the will of the local bishop; and that monks of each city and region are to be subject to the bishop, are to foster peace and quiet, and attend solely to fasting and prayer, staying set apart in their places.但由于有一些谁不要与教堂和修道院在民事案件的习惯和干预,并分发胡乱的城市,甚至是在建立自己的寺院参与,它已决定,没有一个是建立或发现了一个修道院或演讲的任何地方对地方主教的意志和每个城市和地区的僧侣是受主教,是促进和平与宁静,并出席完全禁食和祈祷,在他们下榻的地方设置外。 They are not to abandon their own monasteries and interfere, or take part, in ecclesiastical or secular business unless they are perhaps assigned to do so by the local bishop because of some urgent necessity.他们没有放弃自己的寺院和干扰,或参加教会或世俗业务的一部分,除非他们也许因为分配的一些迫切需要当地主教这样做。 No slave is to be taken into the monasteries to become a monk against the will of his own master.没有奴隶是要采取进寺院,成为反对自己的主人将和尚。We have decreed that anyone who transgresses this decision of ours is to be excommunicated, lest God's name be blasphemed.我们已经下令,任何人谁transgresses我们这个决定是要驱逐,免得神的名字被亵渎。However, it is for the local bishop to exercise the care and attention that the monasteries need.但是,它是锻炼的关心和注意,寺院需要为当地的主教。


    In the matter of bishops or clerics who move from city to city, it has been decided that the canons issued by the holy fathers concerning them should retain their proper force.在主教或神职人员谁从城市转移到城市的问题,它已决定通过与他们有关的大炮应保留其应有的力量的神圣父亲发出。


    No one, whether presbyter or deacon or anyone at all who belongs to the ecclesiastical order, is to be ordained without title, unless the one ordained is specially assigned to a city or village church or to a martyr's shrine or a monastery.任何人,无论是长老或执事或所有谁属于教会秩序的人,是注定要无标题,除非一个受戒是专门分配给一个城市或乡村教堂或到烈士的神社或寺院。 The sacred synod has decreed that the ordination of those ordained without title is null, and that they cannot operate anywhere, because of the presumption of the one who ordained them.神圣的主教已颁布法令,对那些无标题受戒协调为空,并且他们不能操作任何地方,因为对谁受戒其中之一推定。


    We decree that those who have once joined the ranks of the clergy or have become monks are not to depart on military service or for secular office.我们法令,那些谁曾经加入了神职人员的行列或已经成为僧侣不离开军事服务或世俗的办公室。Those who dare do this, and do not repent and return to what, in God, they previously chose, are to be anathematised.那些谁也不敢这样做,不思悔改,回到什么,在上帝,他们以前选择,要anathematised。


    Clerics in charge of almshouses and monasteries and martyrs' shrines are, in accordance with the tradition of the holy fathers, to remain under the jurisdiction of the bishop in each city.在救济院和修道院和烈士神社负责教士,在与圣洁的父亲按照传统,保持下,在每个城市的主教管辖。They are not to be self-willed and rebellious towards their own bishop.他们不被刚愎自用和对自己的主教的逆反心理。Those who dare to break a rule of this kind in any way whatever, and are not obedient to their own bishop, are, if they are clerics, to be subject to the canonical penalties; and if they are monks or layfolk they are to be made excommunicate.那些敢于打破谁以任何方式任何一个这种规则,不服从自己的主教,是,如果他们神职人员,要受到处罚的规范;如果他们是僧侣或layfolk他们要取得破门。


    If any cleric has a case to bring against a cleric, let him not leave his own bishop and take himself off to the secular courts, but let him first air the problem before his own bishop, or at least, with the permission of the bishop himself, before those whom both parties are willing to see act as arbiters of their lawsuit.如果任何神职人员有案起诉一名神职人员,让他不要离开自己的主教,并采取只身到世俗法庭,但让他先空气之前,他自己的主教的问题,或者至少,与主教的许可他自己,在那些人双方都愿意看到,作为其诉讼行为的仲裁者。 If anyone acts in a contrary fashion, let him be subject to canonical penalties.如果有人在相反的时尚行为,让他受到规范的处罚。 If a cleric has a case to bring either against his own or against another bishop, let him bring the case to the synod of the province.如果一个牧师有一个案件起诉自己或对另一主教任,让他把案件向全省宗教会议。If a bishop or a cleric is in dispute with the metropolitan of the same province, let him engage either the exarch of the diocese or the see of imperial Constantinople, and let him bring his case before him.如果主教或神职人员在与同省城市纠纷,让他从事要么主教的教区或看到帝国君士坦丁堡,并让他把他的案件在他面前。

    10 10

    A cleric is not allowed to be appointed to churches in two cities at the same time: to the one where he was originally ordained, and to another more important one to which he has betaken himself out of desire to increase a baseless reputation.牧师是不允许被任命为两个城市在同一时间教会:对,他本来是受戒之一,另一个更重要的一个,他已经betaken的欲望,增加了毫无根据自己的声誉了。 Those who do this are to be sent back to their own church in which they were ordained at the beginning, and only there are they to serve.这些谁这样做是被送回他们自己的教会中,他们在开始受戒,只有有他们的服务对象。But if some have already been transferred from one church to another, they are not to take part in any of the affairs of their former church, or of the martyrs' shrines or almshouses or hospices that come under it.但是,如果有些已经被转移到另一个,从一个教会,他们没有参与对他们的前教会事务的任何部分,或烈士神社或救济院或收容所,根据它来了。 The sacred synod has decreed that those who, subsequent to this decree of this great and universal synod, dare to do anything that is now forbidden are to lose their personal rank.神圣的主教已颁布法令,那些谁,后来这本伟大的和普遍的主教法令,敢于做任何事情,现在禁止是失去自己的个人排名。

    11 11

    We have decreed that, subject to examination, all paupers and needy persons are to travel with ecclesiastical letters or letters of peace only, and not of commendation, since it befits only reputable persons to be provided with letters of commendation.我们已经下旨,须经考试,所有贫民和有需要的人士前往与教会字母或只,而不是赞扬和平的信件,因为它应景信誉良好的人要与提供的嘉奖信。

    12 12

    It has come to our notice that, contrary to the ecclesiastical regulations, some have made approaches to the civil authorities and have divided one province into two by official mandate, with the result that there are two metropolitans in the same province.它已经来到我们注意到,违背了教会的规定,有的向民政部门的办法,并分为两个一经正式授权省,结果有两个在同一省大都市。 The sacred synod therefore decrees that in future no bishop should dare do such a thing, since he who attempts it stands to lose his proper station.因此,神圣的主教法令,今后没有主教要敢于做这样的事情,因为他试图按理说谁失去了正确的站。Such places as have already been honoured by imperial writ with the title of metropolis must treat it simply as honorary, and that goes also for the bishop who is in charge of the church there, without prejudice of course to the proper rights of the real metropolis.这些地方作为已经被授予帝国的大都市标题令状必须把它仅仅作为荣誉,而且也为进入主教谁在教堂有收费当然不偏见,对真正的大都市的正当权益。

    13 13

    Foreign clerics and readers without letters of commendation from their own bishop are absolutely forbidden to serve in another city.外国神职人员,没有从自己的主教嘉奖信的读者是绝对禁止的服务在另一个城市。

    14 14

    Since in certain provinces readers and cantors have been allowed to marry, the sacred synod decrees that none of them is permitted to marry a wife of heterodox views.由于一些省份的读者和领唱者被允许结婚,神圣的主教法令,其中没有一个是允许结婚的非正统观点的妻子。If those thus married have already had children, and if they have already had the children baptised among heretics, they are to bring them into the communion of the catholic church.因此,如果那些已经结婚有了孩子,如果他们已经有异端洗礼中的孩子,他们带入的天主教教会共融的。If they have not been baptised, they may no longer have them baptised among heretics; nor indeed marry them to a heretic or a Jew or a Greek, unless of course the person who is to be married to the orthodox party promises to convert to the orthodox faith.如果他们没有被洗礼,他们可能不再让他们之间的异端洗礼,也确嫁给他们一个邪教组织或一个犹太人或希腊人,当然,除非该人谁是待嫁的正统党的承诺转换为正统信仰。 If anyone transgresses this decree of the sacred synod, let him be subject to canonical penalty.如果有人transgresses这个神圣的主教法令,让他受到规范的处罚。

    15 15

    No woman under forty years of age is to be ordained a deacon, and then only after close scrutiny.未满四十岁的女人是被祝圣执事,然后才仔细研究。If after receiving ordination and spending some time in the ministry she despises God's grace and gets married, such a person is to be anathematised along with her spouse.如果在收到协调和开支部一段时间,她蔑视神的恩典和结婚,这样的人是要与她的配偶anathematised。

    16 16

    It is not permitted for a virgin who has dedicated herself to the Lord God, or similarly for a monk, to contract marriage.这是不允许谁一直致力于为自己的主神,或类似的和尚,合同婚姻处女。 If it is discovered that they have done so, let them be made excommunicate.如果发现他们这样做,让他们作出破门。However, we have decreed that the local bishop should have discretion to deal humanely with them.但是,我们颁布法令,当地主教应酌情处理他们人道待遇。

    17 17

    Rural or country parishes belonging to a church are to stay firmly tied to the bishops who have possession of them, and especially if they have continually and peacefully administered them over a thirty-year period.农村或国家教区属于一个教会要保持牢牢拴在主教谁拥有它们的占有,特别是如果他们不断与和平管理过一个30年期间。 If, however, within the thirty years any dispute about them has arisen, or should arise, those who are claiming to be wronged are permitted to bring the case before the provincial synod.但是,如果三十年内任何关于他们的争议出现了,还是应该出现,谁是那些自称是冤枉的,允许携带省主教会议前的情况。If there are any who are wronged by their own metropolitan, let their case be judged either by the exarch of the diocese or by the see of Constantinople, as has already been said.如果有任何谁是自己的大都市委屈,让他们的情况要么由教区主教或见君士坦丁堡,因为已经说过判断。If any city has been newly erected, or is erected hereafter, by imperial decree, let the arrangement of ecclesiastical parishes conform to the civil and public regulations.如果任何一个城市已新建,或架设此后由圣旨,让我们的教会教区安排符合规定的公民权利和公众。

    18 18

    The crime of conspiracy or secret association is entirely prohibited even by the laws of the land; so all the more properly is this forbidden in the church of God.该协会的阴谋或秘密罪是完全禁止甚至土地的法律,因此更恰当这是在神的教会禁止。So if any clerics or monks are found to be either forming a conspiracy or a secret society or hatching plots against bishops or fellow clergy, let them lose their personal rank completely.因此,如果任何教士或僧侣被发现或形成一个阴谋或秘密会社或反对主教或神职人员孵化地块同胞,让他们完全失去了自己的个人排名。

    19 19

    We have heard that in the provinces the synods of bishops prescribed by canon law are not taking place, and that as a result many ecclesiastical matters that need putting right are being neglected.我们听到,在各省由教会法规定的主教主教会议没有发生,而因此需要把许多教会事务的权利正在被忽视。So the sacred synod decrees that in accordance with the canons of the fathers, the bishops in each province are to foregather twice a year at a place approved by the bishop of the metropolis and put any matters arising to rights.因此,神圣的主教法令,在与父亲的教规规定,每个省的主教是foregather每年两次在由都市主教批准的地方,把产生的任何事项的权利。 Bishops failing to attend who enjoy good health and are free from all unavoidable and necessary engagements, but stay at home in their own cities, are to be fraternally rebuked.主教未能出席谁享有良好的健康,并从所有不可避免的和必要的约定免费的,但在家里留在自己的城市,要兄弟般地斥责。

    20 20

    As we have already decreed, clerics who are serving a church are not permitted to join a church in another city, but are to be content with the one in which they were originally authorised to minister, apart from those who have been displaced from their own country and been forced to move to another church.正如我们已经下令,教士服谁是教会不允许参加在另一个城市的教会,但要与他们在最初授权部长一个内容,除了那些谁已经从自己的流离失所国家和被迫迁移到另一所教堂。 If subsequent to this decision any bishop receives a cleric who belongs to another bishop, it is decreed that both the received and the receiver are to be excommunicate until such time as the cleric who has moved returns to his own church.如果这一决定后收到的任何主教神职人员谁属于另一个主教,这是命令,无论是接收和接收器都将被逐出教会,直至该谁已搬到回到他自己的教会神职人员的时间。

    21 21

    Clerics or layfolk who bring allegations against bishops or clerics are not to be admitted to make their charges without more ado and before any examination, but their reputation must first be investigated.牧师或layfolk谁起诉指控主教或神职人员不被接纳,使更多的ADO和之前没有任何检验收费,但他们的声誉,必须先进行调查。

    22 22

    It is not permitted for clerics, following the death of their own bishop, to seize the things that belong to him, as has been forbidden even by earlier canons.这是不允许神职人员,继自己的主教逝世,抓住的东西,属于他的,因为已经由早期大炮甚至禁止。Those who do this risk losing their personal rank.这些谁这样做可能失去他们的个人排名。

    23 23

    It has come to the notice of the sacred synod that certain clerics and monks who have no employment from their own bishop and have sometimes even been excommunicated by him, are frequenting imperial Constantinople and spending long periods there causing disturbances, upsetting the ecclesiastical establishment and ruining people's homes.它已经到了神圣的主教会议注意到,一些教士和僧侣谁从他们自己的主教没有就业,有时甚至被他逐出教会,是出入帝国君士坦丁堡和消费长期存在造成干扰,破坏教会的建立和破坏人们的家中。 So the sacred synod decrees that such people are first to be warned by the public attorney of the most holy Constantinopolitan church to get out of the imperial city; and if they shamelessly persist in the same kinds of behaviour, they are to be expelled by the same public attorney even against their will, and are to betake themselves to their own places.因此,神圣的主教法令,这样的人首先要由最圣洁的Constantinopolitan教会公共律师获得皇城出警告,如果他们无耻地坚持同种的行为,他们都是由被驱逐同样的公共律师甚至违背自己的意愿,并要奔往自己给自己的地方。

    24 24

    Monasteries once consecrated in accordance with the will of the bishop are to remain monasteries in perpetuity, and the effects which belong to them are reserved to the monastery, and they must not be turned into secular hostelries.一次在与主教将按照神圣寺院永远留在寺院,并影响该属于他们保留的寺院,他们绝不能成为世俗hostelries打开。 Those who allow this to happen are to be subject to the canonical penalties.这些谁允许这种事情发生是受规范的处罚。

    25 25

    According to our information, certain metropolitans are neglecting the flocks entrusted to them and are delaying the ordination of bishops, so the sacred synod has decided that the ordination of bishops should take place within three months, unless the period of delay has been caused to be extended by some unavoidable necessity.据了解,一些大城市都忽略了羊群托付给他们,并延缓主教协调,使神圣的主教会议已决定,应采取协调的主教在三个月内举行,除非延迟期已造成可延长一些不可避免的必然性。 If a metropolitan fails to do this, he is to be subject to ecclesiastical penalties.如果一个城市没有做到这一点,他是要受到教会的处罚。The income of the widowed church is to be kept safe by the administrator of the said church.丧偶的教会收入要保持由上述教堂管理员安全。

    26 26

    According to our information, in some churches the bishops handle church business without administrators; so it has been decided that every church which has a bishop is also to have an administrator, drawn from its own clergy, to administer ecclesiastical matters according to the mind of the bishop concerned so that the church's administration may not go unaudited, and that consequently the church's property is not dispersed and the episcopate not exposed to serious criticism.据了解,在一些教堂的主教教堂的业务处理没有管理员,所以它已决定每一个教会拥有主教也有一个管理员,从自己的神职人员得出,管理教会事务根据心主教关注,使教会的政府可能不会去未经审核,并因此教会的财产不分散,主教不会受到严重批评。 If he does not comply with this, he is to be subject to the divine canons.如果他不遵守这一点,他是受神的大炮。

    27 27

    The sacred synod decrees that those who carry off girls under pretext of cohabitation, or who are accomplices or co-operate with those who carry them off, are to lose their personal rank if they are clerics, and are to be anathematised if they are monks or layfolk.神圣的主教法令,那些扛过谁下的女孩同居的借口,或者谁是同党或合作,与那些谁携带它们关​​闭,都失去他们的个人排名,如果他们是神职人员,并要anathematised如果是沙弥或layfolk。

    28 [in fact a resolution passed by the council at the 16th session but rejected by the Pope]28 [其实通过了一项决议,在第16届会议,而是由教皇拒绝 ]

    Following in every way the decrees of the holy fathers and recognising the canon which has recently been read out--the canon of the 150 most devout bishops who assembled in the time of the great Theodosius of pious memory, then emperor, in imperial Constantinople, new Rome -- we issue the same decree and resolution concerning the prerogatives of the most holy church of the same Constantinople, new Rome.经过多方的圣教父法令,承认它最近被读出佳能 - 150的最虔诚的主教是谁在虔诚的内存大狄奥多西,然后皇帝在帝国君士坦丁堡,时间组装佳能,新罗马 - 我们发出相同的法令和​​决议关于同一君士坦丁堡,新罗马最神圣的教堂的特权。The fathers rightly accorded prerogatives to the see of older Rome, since that is an imperial city; and moved by the same purpose the 150 most devout bishops apportioned equal prerogatives to the most holy see of new Rome, reasonably judging that the city which is honoured by the imperial power and senate and enjoying privileges equalling older imperial Rome, should also be elevated to her level in ecclesiastical affairs and take second place after her.父亲给予的特权,以正确地看到老年人的罗马,因为这是一个帝国的城市,和同样的目的提出的150最虔诚的主教分配平等特权的最新罗马教廷,合理判断认为这是荣幸的城市由皇权和参议院和享有特权相当于旧罗马帝国,也应该提升到她在教会事务的水平,并采取在她的第二位。 The metropolitans of the dioceses of Pontus, Asia and Thrace, but only these, as well as the bishops of these dioceses who work among non-Greeks, are to be ordained by the aforesaid most holy see of the most holy church in Constantinople.对庞,亚洲和色雷斯教区大都市,但只有这些,以及这些教区谁在非希腊人工作的主教,是由上述最教廷在君士坦丁堡最圣教受戒。 That is, each metropolitan of the aforesaid dioceses along with the bishops of the province ordain the bishops of the province, as has been declared in the divine canons; but the metropolitans of the aforesaid dioceses, as has been said, are to be ordained by the archbishop of Constantinople, once agreement has been reached by vote in the usual way and has been reported to him.也就是说,每随着全省主教祝圣的大都市上述教区主教的省,由于一直在神圣的大炮宣布,但上述教区的大都市,正如人们所说的,将被祝圣在君士坦丁堡大主教,一旦协议已经达成,在通常的方式进行表决,并一直向他报告。

    29 [an extract from the minutes of the 19th session]29 [从19届会议的纪要摘录]

    The most eminent and illustrious officials asked: What does the sacred synod advise in the case of the bishops ordained by the most reverend Bishop Photius and removed by the most reverend Bishop Eustathius and consigned to be priests after losing the episcopacy?最知名和杰出的官员问:什么是神圣的主教建议在祝圣主教Photius最可敬的和最可敬的主教欧斯塔修斯主教的情况下取出和委托后,失去了主教是祭司? The most reverend Bishops Paschasinus and Lucentius and the priest Bonifatius, representatives of the apostolic see of Rome, replied: It is sacrilege to reduce a bishop to the rank of priest.最可敬的主教Paschasinus和Lucentius和牧师Bonifatius,使徒的罗马看到,代表们回答说:这是亵渎减少主教的教士等级。 But if whatever cause there is for removing those persons from the exercise of episcopacy is just, they ought not to occupy the position even of a priest.但是,如果有任何原因去除从主教行使这些人是是正义的,他们不应该占据的位置,甚至一个牧师。And if they have been removed from office and are without fault, they shall be restored to the episcopal dignity.如果他们有被免职和无过错的,应当恢复到主教尊严。The most reverend archbishop of Constantinople, Anatolius, replied: If those who are said to have descended from the episcopal dignity to the rank of priest have been condemned on what are reasonable grounds, they are clearly not worthy to hold even the office of a priest.最可敬的君士坦丁堡大主教,Anatolius,回答说:如果说谁是对那些已经从主教尊严的祭司职级的后裔一直在谴责什么合理的理由,他们显然是不值得持有甚至一个牧师办公室。 But if they have been demoted to the lower rank without reasonable cause, then as long as they are seen to be innocent, they have every right to resume the dignity and priesthood of the episcopacy .但是,如果他们没有合理的原因被降级到较低的级别,那么只要他们被认为是无辜的,他们有权恢复尊严和主教圣职。

    30 [an extract from the minutes of the 4th session]30 [从第四届会议的纪要摘录]

    The most eminent and illustrious officials and the exalted assembly declared: Since the most reverend bishops of Egypt have up to now put off subscribing to the letter of the most holy Archbishop Leo, not because they are in opposition to the catholic faith, but because they claim that it is customary in the Egyptian diocese not to do such things in contravention of the will and ordinance of their archbishop, and because they consider they should be given until the ordination of the future bishop of the great city of Alexandria, we think it reasonable and humane that, retaining their present rank in the imperial city, they should be granted a moratorium until such time as an archbishop of the great city of Alexandria is ordained.最知名和杰出的官员和崇高的大会宣布:由于埃及最可敬的主教们到现在推迟订阅最神圣的主教利奥信,不是因为他们在反对天主教的信仰是,而是因为他们口口声声说是在埃及教区习惯没有做的意愿和他们的大主教违反条例这样的事情,因为他们认为他们应该直到伟大的亚历山大城主教统筹考虑未来,我们认为这合理和人性化的,保留其在皇城官,他们应该给予直至作为伟大的亚历山大城大主教暂停是受戒。 Most reverend Bishop Paschasinus, representative of the apostolic see, said: If your authority demands it, and you order that some measure of kindness be shown them, let them give guarantees that they will not leave this city before Alexandria receives its bishop.最可敬的主教Paschasinus,看到的使徒代表说:如果你的权威要求它,你为了使一些善良的措施显示他们,让他们作出保证,他们不会离开这个城市之前接收其亚历山大主教。 The most eminent and illustrious officials and the exalted assembly replied: Let the resolution of the most holy Bishop Paschasinus be upheld.最知名和杰出的官员和崇高的装配回答:让最神圣的主教Paschasinus决议,维持原判。So let the most reverend bishops of the Egyptians maintain their present rank and, either providing guarantees if they can, or pledging themselves on solemn oath, let them await the ordination of the future bishop of the great city of Alexandria.因此,让我们最可敬的埃及人主教保持其目前的排名,并提供担保或者如果可以的话,或承诺在庄严宣誓自己,让他们等待了伟大的亚历山大城主教未来的协调。

    Introduction and translation taken from Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils , ed.介绍和翻译取自法令的基督教议会 ,版。Norman P. Tanner诺曼P.坦纳

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