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An epistle is a letter addressed to a specific person or persons but intended for a general audience. The most famous examples of ancient epistles are those in books of the New Testament. 一个书信是写给某个人或某些人,但对于普通观众预期的一封信。古代书信最有名的例子是在新约书的人。Modern examples, modeled on Greek and Roman epistles, are the poetic epistles of Alexander Pope and Voltaire.现代的例子,在希腊和罗马的书信为蓝本,是波普和伏尔泰的诗意书信。


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Epistles, the apostolic letters.书信中,使徒信。The New Testament contains twenty-one in all.新约包含所有21。They are divided into two classes.他们分为两班。

  1. Paul's Epistles, fourteen in number, including Hebrews. 保罗的书信,在数量上十四,包括希伯来人。These are not arranged in the New Testament in the order of time as to their composition, but rather according to the rank of the cities or places to which they were sent.这些都不是安排在在新约中的时间顺序,以自己的成分,而是根据城市或地区,他们被送往排名。Who arranged them after this manner is unknown.谁安排他们在这种方式是未知的。Paul's letters were, as a rule, dictated to an amanuensis, a fact which accounts for some of their peculiarities.保罗的信件,作为一项规则,口授给amanuensis,这一事实对他们的特殊性,有些帐户。He authenticated them, however, by adding a few words in his own hand at the close.他验证他们,然而,加入在接近他自己的手说几句话。(See Epistle to the Galatians) The epistles to Timothy and Titus are styled the Pastoral Epistles. (见书信向加拉太)向提摩太和提多书信都是田园风格的书信。

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  2. The Catholic or General Epistles, so called because they are not addressed to any particular church or city or individual, but to Christians in general, or to Christians in several countries. 天主教或一般书信,所谓的,因为他们不给任何特定的教会或城市或个人,但对一般的基督徒,或在几个国家的基督徒。Of these, three are written by John, two by Peter, and one each by James and Jude.其中,三是写由约翰,彼得两个,一个由詹姆斯和裘德每个。

It is an interesting and instructive fact that a large portion of the New Testament is taken up with epistles.这是一个有趣和有益的一个事实,即新约大部分是采取书信了。The doctrines of Christianity are thus not set forth in any formal treatise, but mainly in a collection of letters.基督教的教义,因此没有提出任何正式的论文,但主要是在一个字母集合。"Christianity was the first great missionary religion. It was the first to break the bonds of race and aim at embracing all mankind. But this necessarily involved a change in the mode in which it was presented. The prophet of the Old Testament, if he had anything to communicate, either appeared in person or sent messengers to speak for him by word of mouth. The narrow limits of Palestine made direct personal communication easy. But the case was different when the Christian Church came to consist of a number of scattered parts, stretching from Mesopotamia in the east to Rome or even Spain in the far west. It was only natural that the apostle by whom the greater number of these communities had been founded should seek to communicate with them by letter." “基督教传教士的第一个伟大的宗教,它是第一个打破拥抱全人类的种族和目的的债券,但这必然涉及一名在它提交模式转变,旧约的先知,如果他有什么沟通,亲自或派人为他说话的口耳相传出现了。巴勒斯坦狭窄限制了个人直接沟通容易,但不同的案件时,基督教会来到由一个分散的部件数量,伸入东美索不达米亚到罗马,甚至远在西班牙西部,这是理所当然的由谁来对这些社区已经建立更多使徒应设法与他们沟通的信。“

(Easton Illustrated Dictionary)(伊斯顿说明字典)

Catholic Epistles天主教教会

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The Catholic epistles are the epistles of James, Peter, John, and Jude; so called because they are addressed to Christians in general, and not to any church or person in particular.天主教书信是詹姆斯,彼得,约翰,和裘德的书信;所谓的,因为它们是针对基督徒一般,而不是任何教会或特定的人。

(Easton Illustrated Dictionary)(伊斯顿说明字典)

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