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The Lateran councils were five ecumenical councils of the Roman Catholic church held during the 12th, 13th, and 16th centuries at the Lateran Palace in Rome.拉特兰议会五位的罗马天主教在罗马期间在拉特兰宫12日,13日和16世纪教会合一议会举行。The First Lateran Council (1123) was called by Pope Callistus II to ratify the Concordat of Worms (1122), which formally ended the lengthy Investiture Controversy.第一拉特兰会议(1123)被称为教皇卡利斯图斯二批准了蠕虫契约(1122),从而正式结束了漫长的天职争议。 The Second Lateran Council (1139) was convoked by Pope Innocent II to reaffirm the unity of the church after the schism (1130-38) of the antipope Anacletus II (d. 1138).第二次拉特兰会议(1139)是由教皇英诺森二世召集重申后的对立教皇Anacletus II(草1138)分裂(1130至1138年)教会的团结。It also condemned the teachings of Arnold of Brescia.它还谴责布雷西亚阿诺德的教诲。The Third Lateran Council (1179), convoked by Pope Alexander III, ended the schism (1159-77) of the antipope Callistus III and his predecessors.第三次拉特兰会议(1179),由教皇亚历山大三世召集,结束了对立教皇卡利斯图斯三和他的前任分裂(1159年至1177年)。 It also limited papal electors to members of the College of Cardinals.它也仅限于教皇的枢机主教团成员的选民。

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Although each of the first three Lateran councils decreed a number of reform measures, the Fourth Lateran Council (1215), convoked by Pope Innocent III, was the most important of the Lateran councils.虽然前三拉特兰议会各下旨了多项改革措施,第四次拉特兰会议(1215年),由教皇诺森三世召集,是最重要的拉特兰议会。 Attended by well over 1,000 churchmen from throughout Christendom, the council sanctioned a definition of the Eucharist in which the word transubstantiation was used officially for the first time.由超过一千名来自各地基督教牧师出席,议会批准了在其中陷于变体字是用于第一次正式圣体的定义。The council also attempted to organize a new crusade to the Holy Land and to encourage crusading efforts against the Albigenses and Waldenses.该委员会还试图组织一个新的十字军东征的圣地,并鼓励对Albigenses和瓦勒度派讨伐努力。Many precepts still binding on Roman Catholics (such as the Easter duty, or obligation, of annual confession and Holy Communion) were adopted at this council.还在罗马天主教徒(如复活节职责,义务或每年供述和圣餐)结合许多戒律在本会获得通过。In many respects the council marked a pinnacle in the power and prestige of the medieval papacy.在许多方面标志着该局在电力和中世纪罗马教廷的威望的顶峰。The Fifth Lateran Council (1512-17), convened by Pope Julius II and continued by Pope Leo X, was convoked for the purpose of reform, but the main causes of the Reformation were left untouched.第五拉特兰会议(1512年至1517年),由罗马教皇朱利叶斯二世召集和教皇利奥十继续,是为改革的目的召集,但对改革的主要原因是保持不变。 Its most significant decree was a condemnation of Conciliarism.其最重要的法令是一个Conciliarism谴责。

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Lateran Councils拉特兰议会

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The Lateran Councils were five ecumenical councils of the Roman Catholic church, held in the Lateran Palace, Rome.拉特兰议会五位合一议会的罗马天主教教堂,在拉特兰宫,罗马举行。


The first of these councils was held in 1123 during the pontificate of Callistus II; it was the first general council held in the West.这些议会的第一次是在1123年举行期间,卡利斯图斯二世教皇,它是第一个总理事会在西方举行。 Its most important decision was the confirmation of the Concordat of Worms (1122), which ended the controversy between ecclesiastical and secular authorities over investiture.其最重要的决定是对契约的蠕虫(1122),结束了宗教和世俗之间的天职当局对争议的确认。The council also adopted canons forbidding simony and the marriage of clergymen, and it annulled the ordinances of the antipope Gregory VIII (reigned 1118-1121).理事会还通过了禁止买卖圣职和大炮的神职人员结婚,并废止了对立教皇格雷戈里八(1118年至1121年在位)的条例。


The second council was held in 1139 under Pope Innocent II (r. 1130-1143).在第二届理事会在1139年举行下诺森二世(R. 1130年至1143年)。It was called to heal the schism caused by the antipope Anacletus II (r. 1130-1138) and decreed excommunication for his followers.它被称为愈合的对立教皇Anacletus II(河1130年至1138年),并下令对他的追随者逐出教会造成分裂。The council renewed the canons against clerical marriage and forbade dangerous tournaments.安理会延长对文书禁止结婚的大炮和危险的比赛。


The third council was held in 1179 under Pope Alexander III.第三局是在1179年举行下教皇亚历山大三世。It established the procedure for the election of a new pope by a conclave of cardinals, decreeing that a two-thirds vote of the conclave was necessary for election.它设立了一个新的教皇选举程序由枢机主教秘密会议,下令一个秘密会议的三分之二表决选举必要的。


The fourth council was held in 1215 under Pope Innocent III.第四届理事会举行的1215年教皇英诺森三世下。The most important of the Lateran councils, it was attended by two Eastern patriarchs, representatives of many secular princes, and more than 1200 bishops and abbots.其中最重要的拉特兰议会,出席会议的有两个东部始祖,许多世俗诸侯的代表和1200多名主教和方丈。Among its 70 decrees were a condemnation of two religious sects, the Cathari and the Waldenses; a confession of faith containing, for the first time, a definition of transubstantiation; an order forbidding the foundation of new monastic orders; a requirement that all members of the Western church confess and communicate at least once a year; and arrangements for the calling of a new Crusade.在其70法令,两个教派的卡塔利和瓦勒度派谴责;含有的信仰告白,第一次,一个陷于变体的定义;命令,禁止新的僧团的基础,规定所有成员西方教会的承认和沟通,至少每年一次,并为一个新的十字军东征要求安排。


The fifth council was called by Pope Julius II in 1512 and continued by Pope Leo X, terminating in 1517.第五局被称为教皇朱利叶斯二世于1512年,并继续由罗马教皇利奥十,在1​​517年终止。It forbade the printing of books without ecclesiastical authority and approved the concordat between Leo X and Francis I, king of France, which abrogated the liberties of the French church.它禁止未经教会权威的书籍印刷和批准了利奥X和弗朗索瓦一世,法国国王,其中废止了法国教会的自由契约。

First Lateran Council (1123)第一拉特兰会议(1123)

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The Council of 1123 is reckoned in the series of ecumenical councils.而1123年估计会是在合一议会系列。It had been convoked in December, 1122, immediately after the Concordat of Worms, which agreement between pope and emperor had caused general satisfaction in the Church.它被召集在十二月,1122,后立即蠕虫契约,教皇和皇帝之间的协议已经引起了教会普遍感到满意。It put a stop to the arbitrary conferring of ecclesiastical benefices by laymen, reestablished freedom of episcopal and abbatial elections, separated spiritual from temporal affairs, and ratified the principle that spiritual authority can emanate only from the Church; lastly it tacitly abolished the exorbitant claim of the emperors to interfere in papal elections.它制止了教会benefices任​​意赋予的外行,重新确立自由的主教和abbatial选举,脱离世俗事务的精神,并批准的原则精神权威可以发出只有从教会,最后它默认取消了高昂的索赔皇帝干涉教皇选举。 So deep was the emotion caused by this concordat, the first ever signed, that in many documents of the time, the year 1122 is mentioned as the beginning of a new era.因此,深被这个契约引起的情感,首次签署,在当时许多文件,1122年作为一个新时代的开始提到的。For its more solemn confirmation and in conformity with the earnest desire of the Archbishop of Mainz, Callistus II convoked a council to which all the archbishops and bishops of the West were invited.对于其更庄严的确认,并与美因茨大主教的热切愿望一致,卡利斯图斯二世召集的议会,而所有的大主教和主教的邀请西方。 Three hundred bishops and more than six hundred abbots assembled at Rome in March, 1123; Callistus II presided in person.三百主教和罗马组装三月,1123多个600方丈;卡利斯图斯二世亲自主持。Both originals ( instrumenta ) of the Concordat of Worms were read and ratified, and twenty-two disciplinary canons were promulgated, most of them reinforcements of previous conciliary decrees.对契约双方的蠕虫原件( 文书 )宣读和批准,22门炮颁布的纪律,其中最前conciliary增援法令。

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Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1910. Nihil Obstat,1910年10月1日。
Remy Lafort, Censor人头马lafort,检查员
Imprimatur.认可。John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York约翰M法利,大主教纽约

The First General Council of the Lateran, 1123第一届理事会的拉特兰,1123

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In the five hundred and fifty or so years between the first of the General Councils and that whose history has just been told, there has never been more than 130 years without a General Council being summoned.[1] But between this eighth of 869-70 and that we are now to consider, there stretches an interval almost twice as long--time enough for some revolution to have called a new world into being, and for this new world to have forgotten that the old had ever been; an interval slightly greater than that which separates Luther from Napoleon, or Elizabeth II from Queen Anne.在这两者之间的第一次总理事会和它的历史刚刚被告知五百五十左右岁,从未有过而不被召集的总理事会超过130年[1]但在这869第八 - 70,我们现在要考虑,有绵延的间隔几乎两倍的时间 - 时间有一些所谓新的世界应运而生,并为这个新的世界,忘记了曾经被老革命不够;间隔略大于这里面分离女王安妮路德从拿破仑,或伊丽莎白二世。

In that long space, 870--1123, revolution there had been, and the Catholic Church greatly affected thereby.在这漫长的空间,870 - 1123,革命出现了,和天主教会大大受影响。The General Council of 1123 is, in fact, a kind of victory celebration, proclaiming unmistakably that the Church has survived the revolution, has pulled itself clear of the all but fatal dangers inseparable from the long generations of social crisis.而1123年总理事会是在事实上,庆祝胜利的那种,明白无误地宣称,教会生存了革命,已经拉到自己的所有,但致命的危险,从长远的社会危机离不开几代清楚。 It is as part of the history of this age when "the Church was at the mercy of the lay lords,"[2] that the First General Council of the Lateran must be described, or we shall be left wondering what there was, in its achievement of a score of routine legal enactments, to cause its memory to survive where so much else has perished.它是作为这个时代的历史的一部分时,“教会在奠定领主慈悲是,”[2],第一​​总理事会在拉特兰必须予以说明,否则我们应在想什么有,在它的常规法律文书得分的成就,引起其内存的生存,有那么多其他人丧生。

First, the political system that historians call the empire of Charlemagne had crashed--it was all but over by 870--leaving Italy, France, and Germany a welter of petty states with the strongest man's will everywhere law.首先,政治制度,历史学家所说的查理曼帝国崩溃 - 这是所有,但在由870 - 留下最强的人的意志无处不在法意大利,法国,德国飞扬的小国。From the north there had then descended upon this Christendom in ruins the fierce pirate pagans of Scandinavia; from the east came the no less aggressive pagan Slavs and Magyars; to the south the Mohammedans were all- powerful and the Mediterranean sea a Saracen lake.从北部曾有那么降临这个废墟基督教的异教徒的斯堪的纳维亚海盗激烈,从东面传来了不那么激进的异教斯拉夫人和马扎尔人,到南部的伊斯兰教徒都强大和地中海海上撒拉逊湖。 The siege lasted through a good hundred years and more, that "century of iron" (888-987) when it really seemed as though the last remnants of civilised ways must be engulfed in these brutal and barbaric tides.通过持续的围困好百年多来,认为“铁世纪”(888-987),当它真的好像好像文明方式的最后残余,必须在这些残酷和野蛮的浪潮所吞没。 A great warrior king emerges in Germany, Otto I (936-72), around whom the resistance begins to make a permanent gain, and the anarchy subsides; and a generation later the same good fortune comes in the West with the appearance of Hugh Capet, king of the French from 987.一个伟大的战士王出现在德国,奥托一世(936-72),周围人的抵抗开始做一个永久的收益,补贴和无政府状态,以及一代后来这个福气在西方自带的外观休卡佩,法国国王从987。

In these afflicted generations nothing suffers so horribly as religion--the delicate, barely adolescent Christianity of the still semi-barbarous Carolingian times.在这些没有遭受如此折磨世代可怕的宗教 - 细腻,仍然半野蛮加洛林时代勉强青少年基督教。Here, too, the will of the local strong man--the chieftain of the local resistance in the long fight with invaders, and the most powerful of the local petty kinglets--is law.在这里,当地强人会 - 对在与侵​​略者长期斗争的局部阻力,和最强大的地方小戴菊头目 - 就是法律。The church system, above all the appointments to abbeys and sees, these potentates, half-hero, half- scoundrel, take to themselves.教会系统,以上所有任命修道院,并认为,这些当权者,半英雄,半歹徒,采取对自己负责。Pillage, murder, general brutality of living--the prelates appointed by such princes are too often indistinguishable from the baronage whence they are taken.抢劫,杀人,一般生活的残酷 - 在主教任命等诸侯往往是从贵族何处他们采取区别。

And, of all the sees of Christendom, it is Rome that provides the most spectacular of the horrors, where for a hundred years and more the savage barons of the surrounding countryside intermittently make themselves master, and elect, depose, restore, depose again, and murder the popes according to their own political plans.而且,所有的基督教认为,它是罗马,提供了最壮观的惨状,在一百年多的周边农村的野蛮贵族间歇性使自己的主人,选举,罢免,恢复,再免职,和谋杀根据自己的政治计划教皇。 And some of these popes are as wicked as their masters.而且,这些教皇有些像他们的主人邪恶。These are the classic "bad popes" indeed, and even stripped of the customary rhetorical decoration the story of what they did is truly terrible.这些都是典型的“坏教皇”确实,甚至习惯修辞装修剥夺了他们做了什么是真正可怕的故事。

But the tide of goodness that had gone so far out that it seemed to have gone forever turned at last.但是,善良的竟然出来了,它似乎已永远消失,最后变成潮流。The northmen were gradually converted, and the Magyars and the Slavs.而北方人逐渐转换,马扎尔人与斯拉夫人。The chaos of petty rulers began to give way to the better ordered rule of a dozen or so greater lords, dukes, and what not, vassals of the new kings of France and Germany--and the German king being, since Otto I, the emperor, the Roman Emperor, either in lawful claim or by the accomplished fact of papal acceptance and coronation, the better day had arrived for Italy too.统治者的小混乱开始让位给了十几大领主,公爵更好下令规则,什么不会,法国和德国的新国王诸候 - 和德国王幸福,因为奥托我,皇帝,罗马帝国皇帝,无论是在合法的索赔或由教皇加冕接受和既成事实,更好的日子也已抵达意大利。

It was through German kings who were the Roman Emperor that the Roman See was delivered from its tyrants; on two occasions very notably, in 963 and again in 1046.它是通过谁是罗马帝国皇帝,罗马看到的是从它的霸交付德国国王;两次非常值得注意的是,963并再次在1046年。But the good German who appointed good bishops and abbots wherever he really was master, and who now, 1046-56,[3] himself appointed a succession of good German popes--this good emperor was for the good popes the beginning of a new problem, and good men, at Rome too, were divided by it: the problem how the Church could profit by the unlooked-for phenomenon of emperors and kings who were good men and yet manage to be independent of them in the control of church life, especially in the vital business of the choice of its rulers, the bishops, and of its supreme ruler the pope.但好德谁任命的主教和方丈好地方,他真的是主人,谁现在,1046年至1056年,[3]亲自任命了一个良好的德国教皇继承 - 这好皇帝为好教皇是一个新的开始的问题,而优秀的男人,在罗马也被它分为:问题如何能教会利润由unlooked供皇帝和国王谁是好男人,但管理要在教会他们独立生活的控制的现象,特别是在其统治者,主教,其最高统治者,教皇和选择的重要业务。

The solution of that problem took years to work out.该问题的解决方案经过多年的工作了。It took still longer to win acceptance for it from the Catholic kings.还花了更长的时间才能赢得它接受来自天主教的国王。The ninth General Council, with which this chapter is concerned, has been described very truly as "the conclusion and the synthesis of what a whole half century of hard struggle had brought about."[4]第九总理事会,与本章节而言,已被描述为非常真实“的结束和一个什么样的艰苦奋斗的整体带来了约半世纪的合成。”[4]

The two most flagrant, universally visible evils that afflicted religious life as these new-style popes began their great task were simony and clerical immorality.两个最明显的,普遍可见邪恶的折磨,因为这些新式教皇的宗教生活开始了他们的伟大任务是买卖圣职及文书不道德。 The kings and princes were taking money (or lands or property) as the price of appointing a man to be bishop or abbot; the bishop or abbot was taking money, etc., from men who wished to be ordained, and from priests who wanted parishes, canonries, and so forth; the priests, in their turn, were only ministering for a price; such is simony, and church life, by the testimony of every writer, every reformer, every saint of these times, was saturated with the poison, and had been so for generations.在国王和王子服用钱(或土地或财产)作为一个男人被任命主教或住持价格;主教或住持正在采取货币等,从男人谁希望被祝圣,从牧师谁想要教区,canonries,等等;祭司,在轮到自己,只服侍一个价格;这样的买卖圣职,和教会生活的每一个作家,每一个改革者,每一个这些次圣的证词,是饱和的毒,并已使几代人。

Clerical immorality: it had been, from very early times indeed, the rule in the Latin church (though not in the East) that no married man could receive Holy Orders, and that no man in Holy Orders could marry, ie, no subdeacon, deacon, priest.文书不道德:它已经从很早时期,的确,在拉丁教会规则(虽然在东方没有),没有结婚的人可以得到神圣的订单,并没有在圣职的人可以结婚,即没有subdeacon,执事,牧师。 This ancient rule had suffered heavily in the transformation of social life from a system where cities dominated, with systematic education, easy supervision, and a good tradition of manners, to a rural economy--the life of the backwoods--where "civilisation" went little further than the individual man's ability to fend for himself.这个古老的规则遭受了严重的社会生活,从一个系统,城市为主转变,系统的教育,易于监督,对礼仪的优良传统,在农村经济 - 对粗野的生命 - 其中“文明”去人少比个人的能力照顾自己更进一步。With bishops more baron than Father-in-God, and priests as rude as the illiterate serfs to whom they ministered, such a refinement of ecclesiastical discipline as the mystic celibacy was exposed to altogether unheard-of losses.随着主教更男爵比父亲的神,和以他们所事奉的祭司文盲农奴粗鲁,这样一个神秘的独身生活的教会纪律改进是完全暴露在前所未有的损失。

From the time when the first "Barbarian" kings became Catholics, the sixth century Franks, semi-Catholics in all but their good intentions, church life suffered an increasing brutalisation.从当时的第一个“野蛮人”国王成为天主教徒,六世纪法兰克人,但在所有的好意半天主教徒,教会生活受到越来越残酷对待。 St. Gregory of Tours, who saw it all, has described it in pages that are a classic collection of horror stories.圣格雷戈里的旅行团,谁看到这一切,描述了在网页是一个恐怖故事的经典收藏。Gradually, through the seventh and eighth centuries, matters improved.渐渐地,通过第七和第八世纪的事项改善。The genius of Charlemagne offered, for a brief space, the illusion that the bad times had gone forever.查理曼的天才提供的,对于一个短暂的空间,认为不好的时候已经一去不复返了幻觉。With the breakup of his system, and the new most terrible invasion of all, the devils returned--but sevenfold.随着他的体系解体,新的最可怕的一切侵略,鬼子回来 - 但七倍。One of the devils was the bad-living priest.在鬼子之一是坏生活的牧师。And here we need to distinguish, as we look at the problem before the reforming pope or bishop.在这里,我们需要区分,因为我们看问题的改革前教皇或主教。

It was the law that the man in Holy Orders must not marry.这是法律,在圣职的人不能结婚。But if he did so--and if there was no impediment, say of kinship--the marriage was a real marriage.但如果他这样做了 - 如果没有任何障碍,说血缘关系 - 婚姻是一个真正的婚姻。He did wrong in marrying, for marriage was most strictly forbidden him.他错在结婚,婚姻是最严格禁止他。But he and the woman he married were man and wife.但他和他结婚的女人是男人和妻子。There was also the matter of the priest living with someone to whom he was not married.也有牧师的生活与别人的人,他没有结婚的事。And who was to say whether the pair living in the church house were of one kind or the other--clerical marriages being, inevitably, clandestine affairs, as often as not without a witness?而谁是说是否在教会内部对生活的一种或其他人 - 文书婚姻幸福,不可避免地,秘密事务,经常不是没有证人?The scandal to the faithful people was as bad in the one case as in the other--where scandal was given.到忠实的人的丑闻被视为坏在一个案件中的其他 - 在丑闻被赋予。

That the scandal was less, in these backwoods, than we might at first suppose seems to be suggested from the incredibly violent language which the reformers used with regard to these unfortunates, lurid and horrific to a degree; from the universality of the evil in every country of Christendom; and from the long campaign of a century and more, when so many good men needed to give so much of their lives to the restoration of the Church's normal ideal of clerical continency.这起丑闻​​是少,在这些粗野的,可能比我们起初似乎是想从难以置信的暴力语言,改革者对于这些不幸,耸人听闻的和可怕的在一定程度上使用的建议,从每一个邪恶的普遍性全国基督教,并从一个世纪长的运动多,所以在需要的时候给他们的生活更要教会的文书continency恢复正常的理想这么多的好男人。 That it was precisely this restoration of an ideal that moved them, their very exhortations show; but there was, too, a relation between clerical marriage and the appointments system--another main object of the reformers' zeal--which must be mentioned, that is to say, the tendency for the priest's son to become a priest, forming a clerical caste within the Church; and for the ordained son to take over his father's benefice, church property becoming a family endowment--never, of course, promising such a crop of evil as when the benefice was a see.这也正是这种​​理想感动他们恢复,他们的表现非常嘱托,但有,也文书之间的婚姻关系的委任制度 - 另一位改革者的积极性的主要对象 - 必须提到,也就是说,对于牧师的儿子倾向,成为一名牧师,形成了内堂文书种姓;及祝圣的儿子接替他的父亲的采邑,教会财产成为家庭养老 - 从来没有,当然,有前途这样的作物作为采邑时,看到的是邪恶的。And there were efforts in these tenth and eleventh centuries to make some of the greatest sees hereditary.而在这些有第十和第十一世纪的努力,使看到的最伟大的一些遗传性。

The third of the chronic evils which the reformers fought--lay investiture, as it was called--was not, at first, seen by all of them as a thing evil in itself, or even as the main reason why the other evils had been impossible to reform.对慢性罪恶的改革者打第三 - 奠定天职,因为它被称为 - 是不是,第一,他们都被视为邪恶的事情本身,甚至作为主要的原因有其他罪恶已不可能进行改革。"Investiture," the word, signifies pretty much what we who have been to college or who belong to a fraternal order of one kind or another mean by "initiation"--the becoming something one was not before; the acquirement of a new status, with its rights and duties, together with the ritual by which this is acquired, and which symbolises what is acquired.“天职”二字,标志着我们几乎已经上大学谁或谁属的一种兄弟般的命令或其他由“启动”的意思 - 是成为东西之一就是不前,一个新的状态取得,其权利和职责,这是由它收购,象征着什么,哪些是后天仪式在一起。The feudal lord proposes to make over his manor of Beauseigneur--land, buildings, village, mill, serfs, woods, streams, fish, game, hunting--to one Smith, or Le Marechal.封建领主在他的建议,使庄园的Beauseigneur - 土地,建筑物,村庄,工厂,农奴,树林,溪流,鱼,野味,狩猎 - 一个史密斯,或乐马雷夏尔。Smith agrees and, kneeling before his benefactor, becomes his "man," ie, swears to be faithful to him, to be at his side in all disputes, and to render the customary services of a vassal.史密斯表示同意,并,跪在他的恩人,成为他的“人”,即发誓要忠实于他,在他的一切争端方面,并呈现一个附庸的习惯服务。 The lord, in visible sign of the grant, then hands Smith maybe a piece of turf, or a stick.主,在给予明显的标志,然后双手史密斯也许是一块草坪,或一棒。Smith is now possessed of his fief--the manor aforesaid-- and has become a lord in his turn, by virtue of the ceremony of investiture.史密斯现在是拥有他的封地 - 庄园上述 - 并已成为在轮到他由主礼德的天职。Such pacts, their oaths and their investitures, were going on daily in hundreds of places throughout western Europe, for centuries before the grace of God raised up our ecclesiastical reformers and for centuries after they had passed away.这样的条约,宣誓和investitures,分别将在整个西欧地区的数百每天几个世纪以来,在上帝的恩典提出了我们的教会改革者和世纪后,他们已离开了人世。 Here was the basis of all social organisation-- the sworn relation of lord and vassal.这里是所有社会组织的基础 - 对领主和附庸宣誓就职的关系。

By the time our reformers were born, this was also, pretty universally, the relation of the ecclesiastical ruler to the temporal prince--to the state, we should like to say, except for the risk of a score of misunderstandings generated by the anachronistic term.到了我们的改革者出生的时候,这也相当普遍,对教会的统治者向颞王子的关系 - 对国家,我们想说,除了一个由不合时宜产生误解得分风险术语。New bishops and abbots, before any ceremony took place regarding them in church, knelt before their prince, made their oath, and were then invested--the prince putting on a finger of their right hand the episcopal ring, and into their left hand the episcopal crozier.新主教和方丈,在任何仪式就发生在他们的教堂,跪在他们的王子,提出自己的誓言,并再投资 - 王子在他们的右手无名指把主教,并在其左手主教克罗泽。Smith was now bishop, of Chartres, or of Mainz, or of Winchester.史密斯现在主教,沙特尔,或美因茨,或温彻斯特。And then he went into his cathedral where his metropolitan, or some other bishop, performed the sacred rite of consecration, the final step in the sacrament called Order.然后他把他的教堂,他的大都市,还是其他主教,执行神圣的仪式去奉献,在圣餐的最后一步调用的顺序。And the original, and permanently influential, reason for this royal investiture was the same reason as of all such--these prelates held, "of the king," vast lordships, and it was vital to the stability of the country that the king be assured of the competence and the loyalty of the prelates to whom they were granted.而这个原皇家天职,并永久影响力,原因是因为所有这些同样的原因 - 这些主教举行的“王”,庞大的枢密院,它是至关重要的国家的稳定,国王是保证的能力和对向他们授予主教的忠诚度。And it had come to be, by long practice, a matter of course that it was the king who actually chose, with finality, who should be bishop or abbot--and, by long abuse, how much the cleric should pay for the favour.它已经到了被长期实践,理所当然,这是王究竟是谁选择了具有终局性,谁应该主教或住持 - ,并通过长期虐待,多少神职人员应支付的青睐。Not all kings were bad men-- Henry III, the father of the emperor whom Gregory VII fought so hard, was an excellent man, an appointer of good bishops (and popes); so too was William the Conqueror, held almost in veneration apud Curiam Romanam if only for this, that he never in Normandy or in England sold an ecclesiastical appointment, in all his forty years of rule.并非所有的国王都坏男人 - 亨利三世,皇帝为之格雷戈里七奋力父亲是一个优秀的男人,一个好的主教委任人(和教皇),所以也被征服者威廉,几乎敬仰举行APUD Curiam Romanam如果仅仅是这一点,他从来没有在英格兰诺曼底或出售他所有的规则40年一个教会任命。In lay investiture, however, the stricter school of the reformers discerned the root of all the evils.在打好天职,然而,改革者更严格的学校辨别的所有罪恶的根源。They decreed its abolition, a root and branch extirpation.他们颁布法令废除死刑,根和枝摘除。The ninth General Council was the confirmation of their victory.第九总理事会是他们的胜利确认。

The great reform began at Rome itself, and the primary agent was the emperor Henry III (1039-56).伟大的改革开始在罗马本身,主要代理是皇帝亨利三世(1039年至1056年)。At the Council of Sutri (1046) he despatched all three rival "popes," and appointed one of his own good German bishops, Clement II.截至Sutri会(1046),他派出三个对手“教皇”,并任命他的一个自己的好德主教,克莱门特II。This pope soon died, and his successor also, and then in 1049 came the emperor's third nomination, Bruno, bishop of Toul, who took the name Leo IX, and became in his life, his outlook and methods, the pattern for all the good men that were to follow.这教皇不久去世,他也,然后在1049年的继任者来到皇帝的第三次提名,布鲁诺的TOUL,谁采取了名字利奥九主教,并在他的生命,他的观点和方法,成为了所有的良好格局男子被效仿。

The method was simplicity itself, the summoning in place after place of councils of the local bishops, presided over by a trusted ecclesiastic sent from Rome, clad with all the fullness of the pope's powers.该方法简单本身的召唤到位后,当地主教议会的地方,主持由罗马发出了值得信赖的传教士,与所有的教皇的权力丰满包了。 At these councils all that was wrong locally was investigated, the bishops were reminded of the kind of men they were supposed to be, indeed obliged to be by God's law, the old regulations about simony and clerical continency were renewed, incorrigible prelates were deposed, and a general revival of religious life inaugurated.在这些议会的所有错了地方的调查,主教们提醒的,他们被认为是男人样,实在有责任要由上帝的法律,有关买卖圣职及文书continency旧规例续约,屡教不改的主教被废黜,和一般的宗教生活的复​​兴揭牌。 And, most prominently, the appeal of the legate was constant to the reality that he spoke with the authority of him who was the successor of Blessed Peter, and must therefore be obeyed unquestioningly.而且,最突出,该特使呼吁不断的现实,他与他的权力谁是有福的彼得的继任者说话,因此必须服从深信不疑。 Unpalatable as the reminder must have been to the recalcitrant, unwelcome as the resurrection of this too long ignored fundamental fact of life may have been--and miserable the mere lip service rendered it--nowhere was it challenged.为提醒难吃必须已经到了顽抗,作为本过长忽视了生命的基本事实复活不受欢迎的可能已经 - 和悲惨的口惠而实呈现它 - 无处是它的挑战。With Leo IX it was the pope himself who thus "went on circuit," through Italy and in France and in Germany.随着利奥九这是教皇本人因此谁“接着电路”,通过意大利和法国和德国。And other popes were no less constantly "on the road" through the seventy years that followed, very notably Alexander II, Urban II, Pascal II, Honorius II, all of whom had been previously active for years in this conciliar movement as papal legates in one country or another.而其他教皇没有少不断地“在路上”,通过随后,很明显亚历山大二世,乌尔班二世,帕斯卡尔二世,挪二,所有这些人都被以前的活动多年的教皇使节在这conciliar的运动70年一个又一个国家。

This is indeed the true age of the councils--the church council in its traditional sense, viz., a gathering of the local bishops to plan a common action in furtherance of religious life; the tradition that went back, through the Eastern churches, so much older in organisation than the West, to the days of Constantine and even before then.这确实是两个市政局的真实年龄 - 在其传统意义上的,即教堂,当地主教聚会计划在宗教生活的共同行动促进局;的传统,又回到通过东部教会,这么大年纪比西方的组织,对康斯坦丁的日子,甚至在此之前。 That three generations of such constant, and successful, conciliar action should give rise sooner or later to a revival of the idea of a General Council, and then to the practice of summoning these fairly regularly, was very natural.这三个这样的常量,而成功的,conciliar的行动世代应引起迟早要一个一个总理事会思想的复兴,然后到了相当定期召集这些做法,是很自然的。 The break of 250 years between the eighth and the ninth of the General Councils is followed by a similar period in which there are no fewer than six General Councils. 250之间的第八和第九局的总年突破之后是一个类似的时期,其中有不少于6名总议会。

To restore the past in black and white--which is what all historical summaries must do--is to risk, at every step, not only serious misrepresentation, but also an unintelligible puzzle for the reader where, continually, the second chapter seems either to be about a different subject from the first, or to be based on the assumption that there never was a first.要恢复过去在黑与白 - 这是必须做的所有的历史总结 - 是风险,步步为营,不仅严重失实,而且还为读者难以理解的谜题里,不断地,第二章似乎不是要了解从第一个不同的主题,或将假设从来就没有第一个基于。 The story of the investiture controversy is extremely complicated, and the increasing attention given in the last fifty years to the vast polemical literature of the time, to the developing Canon Law treatises, and then to restudy the official documents and the correspondence in the light of the new knowledge, all this has led to a new representation of the story--to say nothing of the effect of the new type of scholar who is only interested in the event for its own sake.争论的天职故事非常复杂,越来越多的关注给予在过去五十年来广大文学论战的时候,向发展中国家佳能法律论文,然后再研究在光的正式文件和通信新的知识,这一切都导致了新的故事代表 - 说的是新型的学者是谁只有在为了自身利益无关的事件感兴趣的效果。

It has always been known that the Concordat of Worms of 1122, in which pope and emperor finally came to an agreement, was a compromise.一直以来,众所周知,1122蠕虫的契约,其中教皇和皇帝终于达成协议,是一个妥协。And those of us whose initiation into these mysteries antedates the arrival on the scene of the re-creating genius of Augustin Fliche, can recall the miserable figure poor Calixtus II was made to cut (for his "signing" the concordat), by the side of such stalwarts as Gregory VII and the Cardinal Humbert.而我们那些开始进入这些奥秘antedates上的奥古斯丁Fliche重新创造天才到达现场,能够回忆起悲惨的数字差Calixtus二是向削减(为他的“签名”的契约),由方作为格雷戈里第七和红衣主教等中坚亨伯特。 Nous avons change tout cela.改变臭氧avons兜售CELA。The reformers started out united in zeal, devoted, to the very last, to ends that were purely spiritual, men of prayer all the time.改革者开始了团结的热情投入,到最后,要结束这是纯粹的精神,所有的人祈祷的时间。But not all were equally clearheaded as to the theology they made use of, or the implication of the sacred party cries.但并不是所有的人同样清醒的神学作为他们利用了,还是党的神圣意义的呼喊。Not all had, in the requisite degree, what is called a political sense, the gift to do the right thing in the right way, to distinguish the essential from the rest, and to avoid stressing equally the essential and nonessential in their thesis.并非所有的有,在必要的程度,所谓的政治意义上说,礼物以正确的方式做正确的事情,以区别于其他的必要的,以避免同样的重要,强调他们的论文和不必要的。 The first pioneers of the ideas that finally triumphed at Worms were not always welcome to the chiefs of staff.的想法,终于在第一个蠕虫战胜开拓者并不总是欢迎参谋长。The war was on, and against bad men, and it was the cause of Christ against these, and after twenty years of suffering and loss it was no doubt hard to be asked to reconsider any part of one's case!在战争上,以及对坏男人,这是基督针对这些原因,经过二十多年的痛苦和损失无疑是难以被要求重新考虑任何一个人的案例的一部分!

The war against the princes' control of ecclesiastical appointments began in the principal see of all, at Rome itself.反对诸侯“控制的教会任命战争开始在主要看到所有在罗马本身。It was the emperor who had put an end to the bad popes, and now the Roman clergy themselves put an end to the emperor's hold on papal elections.这是谁已结束教皇的坏皇帝,现在自己的罗马教皇选举把神职人员结束了皇帝的举行。When Pope Victor II died, in 1057, their leaders did not wait for any news of what the German overlord proposed, but straightway, within four days, elected a pope, the cardinal who was abbot of Monte Cassino, Frederick of Lorraine, Stephen IX.当教皇维克多二世去世后,在1057年,他们的领导人没有等到任何德国霸主提出什么新闻,但立刻,四天之内,当选为教皇,枢机主教谁是住持的蒙特卡西诺,弗雷德里克洛林,斯蒂芬IX 。And when Stephen died, very suddenly, seven months later, the new pope, Nicholas II, again was not the mere nominee of the court.而当斯蒂芬死了,很突然,七个月后,新教皇,尼古拉二世,再次是不是该法院只是被提名人。This new pope was hardly installed before he settled, once and for all, the legitimate manner of choosing popes.这种新的教皇之前,他几乎没有安装解决,一劳永逸,选择教皇的合法方式。This was the law enacted in a council at the Lateran in 1050, which restricted the election to the cardinals.[4a] To them alone it belongs, henceforth, to elect the pope, and a majority of their votes is essential and sufficient.这是一个在拉特兰议会制定的法律在1050年,这制约了选举的枢机主教[4A]为他们单独它属于,今后,选举教宗,和他们的多数票是必要的,足够了。 The law makes no reference whatever to the emperor's approval or confirmation.法律没有皇帝的批准或确认参考什么的。

The first pope elected under the new system was Alexander II (1061), the second was Hildebrand, Gregory VII, in 1073.第一教皇在新制度下,当选为亚历山大二世(1061),第二次是希尔德布兰,格雷戈里七世在1073。It was he who, two years later, issued the challenge to the whole system of lay investiture, the act that started the long war whose end the General Council of 1123 celebrates.这是他谁,两年后,下发到打下天职,该行为开始了长期的战争的结束的1123年总理事会庆祝整个系统的挑战。 This challenge was the prohibition, in the Lateran Synod of 1075, to clergy of all ranks to accept an ecclesiastical appointment from the hands of a layman.这挑战是禁止,在1075年拉特兰宗教会议,向各级神职人员接受一个门外汉手中的教会任命。If a bishop, for the future, has accepted a bishopric from the prince, the archbishop is not to give him consecration.如果主教,对于未来,已经接受了王子主教,大主教不给他奉献。Gregory VII makes no distinction between the bishopric considered as a cure of souls and as a feudal status.格雷戈里七,不区分作为治愈的灵魂和封建地位考虑的主教区别。He has nothing to say of any claims the prince may make to share in the appointment because of the temporal possessions of the see.他已经没什么可说的任何索赔的王子可能作出分享因见颞财产的任命。These are church property, given to the bishopric for the sake of God's poor, something sacred therefore.这些都是教会财产,给予为神的穷人着想主教,神圣的东西,因此。The bishopric is considered as a unity, and since it is a sacred unity the state must not touch it in any way.该主教被视为统一,因为这是一个神圣的团结,国家不得以任何方式触动它。Free election of a good man by the lawful electors, confirmation of the election and sacramental consecration by the archbishop--this is required, and is all that is required.一个好人自由选举的合法选民,对选举产生,由大主教圣奉献确认 - 这是必需的,是所有需要。

The law does not provide penalties for offending princes.法律没有规定为犯罪诸侯处罚。It is really no more than a restatement of the primitive ideal, the ideal for all future development.这实在是没有比的原始理想,所有未来的发展更理想的重述。Nor did the pope send official notification of the law, as a kind of warning or threat, to the various kings.教皇也没有送法律的正式通知,作为一种警告或威胁,到各个国王。And in practice, his application of the law varied considerably, according as the abuses it was designed to check were more frequent or less, or non-existent.而在实践中,他对法律的适用差别很大,因为根据它的目的是要检查滥用更频繁或更少,或根本不存在。What the pope was fighting was simony, and the only way (in some places) to put an end to this was to end all connection of the prince and ecclesiastical appointments.教皇是什么战斗买卖圣职,唯一的方法(在某些地方),以杜绝这是结束所有的王子和教会任命的连接。William of Normandy, a wholehearted supporter of the reform, with Lanfranc, the model archbishop of the century, at Canterbury, Gregory VII left wholly untroubled.威廉的诺曼底,改革的一个满腔的支持者,与朗弗朗,在本世纪在坎特伯雷大主教的模式,格雷戈里第七左全平静。 Even for the German sees of the emperor, Henry IV,[5] a bad ruler, the pope did not take the aggressive line to which the root and branch declaration might have seemed the prelude.即使是德国的皇帝,亨利四世认为,[5]一个坏的统治者,教皇没有采取积极的这根线和分支机构的声明似乎是有可能的序幕。 It was with the great sees of northern Italy, that looked to Henry as patron, and especially Milan, that the trouble began.正是有了伟大认为意大利北部,即视为靠山亨利,尤其是米兰,那麻烦就开始了。

At Milan the bad men organised and fought back, supported by the emperor, and the good were extremely militant also.在米兰的坏男人组织和发动反击,由皇帝的支持,和良好的人也非常好战。Whence a long history of rioting and, in 1075, half the city burned down, and the cathedral with it.从那里的骚乱悠久的历史,并在1075年,有一半的城市烧毁,并与它的大教堂。The great events now follow rapidly: the emperor procuring the consecration of his nominee as archbishop (against the pope's express prohibition); the pope's severe reproof; the emperor's bishops, in synod, depose the pope[5a]; and the pope replies with a sentence deposing the emperor, an act without any precedent in history.伟大的事件现在遵循迅速:皇帝采购作为大主教奉献他的提名人(对教皇的明确禁止);教宗的严厉谴责;皇帝的主教,在主教会议,罢免教皇[5A],并与教皇的答复一句话罢免皇帝,一个没有任何历史先例的行为。 The extremes had at last collided.曾在去年的极端相撞。The emperor's bishops elected a new, carefully chosen, imperially minded "pope"--the lately deposed archbishop of Ravenna; the emperor came with an army to instal him in St. Peter's; and for years Gregory VII was besieged in Sant'Angelo.皇帝的主教当选为新的,慎重选择,御志同道合“教皇” - 最近被废黜的拉文纳大主教;皇帝带着一支军队,以安装在圣彼得的他,和多年格雷戈里七是在圣天使包围。The Normans rescued him, in the end, and twelve months later he died, an exile (May 25,1085), his soul and purpose unshaken.诺曼人救了他,在结束,12个月后他死了,流亡者(五月25,1085),他的灵魂和目的坚定不移的。For three years the Holy See remained effectively vacant.三年来教廷仍然有效空缺。

War, imprisonment, exile--we are seeing in operation, yet once again, the old tactics of the Catholic tyrant: Constantius against St. Athanasius, Constantine IV against St. Martin I, Justinian against Pope Vigilius, Leo III (had he been able) against Gregory II; no repudiation of the spiritual, but violence until the spiritual consent to be an instrument of the tyrant's government.战争,监禁,流放 - 我们看到在运作,但再一次,天主教暴君的老战术:康斯坦丘斯对圣athanasius,康斯坦丁对圣马丁我,查士丁尼四对教皇Vigilius,利奥三世(如果他能)对格雷戈里二,没有否定的精神,但精神暴力,直到同意接受一个暴君的政府文书。 And what the present tyrant, Henry IV, desires is a continuance of the bad system where he is absolute master of the Church, free to choose whom he will for bishops, and to fix their price, what time the revival of religion may take its chance.什么,现在暴君,亨利四世,欲望是一个坏的制度,他是教会的绝对把握连续性,自由选择的人,他会主教,并厘定其价格,什么时间对宗教的复兴可能取代其机会。

At the election of Gregory VII's first effective successor, Urban II, in 1088, the end of the war is thirty years away and more--years in which popes could make serious mistakes in what they said and what they did: the costly, mischievous vacillation of the far from clearheaded Pascal II (1099-1118), for example, who moved from one extreme position to its very opposite.在格雷戈里七世的第一个有效的继任者,市二选举,1088,战争的结束是三十年后多 - 年中,教皇可以使他们所说的和他们做了什么严重的错误:昂贵的,淘气的在远离动摇清醒帕斯卡II为例(1199至18年),谁从一个极端位置移动到它正好相反。 Meanwhile the trouble in France and in England had been ended by a logical, agreed solution where the true interests of both Church and State were protected, though the condemned investiture ceremony was given up.与此同时,法国和英国的麻烦已经结束的逻辑,在双方同意的解决办法教会与国家的真正利益得到保护,尽管谴责天职仪式放弃。It was from the French intelligence that the ultimate solution came for the conflict with Germany, from the theologico-legal genius of Ivo, bishop of Chartres, and the realist sense of the newly elected French pope, Guy, archbishop of Vienne, Calixtus II (1119-24), a one-time extremist, and the bitterest of all the critics of his predecessor Pascal II, when that pope (under pressure) made his fatal wholesale surrender.它是从法国情报,最终的解决方案来为与德国冲突从伊沃,主教沙特尔theologico合法的天才,而新当选的法国教皇,盖伊写实感,大主教维埃纳省,Calixtus II( 1119年至1124年),一次性极端主义,以及所有的前任帕斯卡II,当那教皇(下压力)做了他的致命批发投降激烈的批评。

Ivo of Chartres (1035-1115) and his pupils drew attention to the fact that simony is not heresy, and that no one had ever regarded the royal investiture as a sacrament.对沙特尔(1035年至1115年)和他的学生伊沃提请注意这一事实,即买卖圣职是不是异端,而且从来没有人视为圣皇家天职。 He stressed the reality of the distinction between the bishop's religious authority and powers and his temporal rights, duties, and properties; in all that belonged to the feudal side of the bishopric the king had rights, in what belonged to the spiritual side the king could have no right at all.他强调之间的主教的宗教权威和权力,他的时间的权利,义务和属性的区别现实;在所有属于封建侧主教的国王权利,什么属于精神方面的王可没有权利可言。 It was this way of looking at the embittered problem which had produced the pact of 1106 that had ended the conflict in England between Henry I and his archbishop St. Anselm.正是这种在老张的问题,已生产了1106协议是结束了在英格兰亨利一世和他之间的大主教圣安瑟伦冲突的方式来看待。

This new pope was a noble, from Burgundy, and kin to the emperor.[6] He had been archbishop of Vienne for thirty years and in all that time a leading reformer.这个新教皇是从勃艮第的高贵,和亲属,向皇帝[6]他已经30年,在所有时间领先改革者的维埃纳省大主教。He took up the great task where his short-lived predecessor, the strong-minded but conciliatory Gelasius II,[7] had left it, who had died at Cluny, on his way to a meeting with the French king.他采取的伟大任务,他的短命的前辈,有主见,但和解格拉西二,[7]已经离开它,谁曾在克吕尼死亡,途中与法国国王会晤。 The first appearance of Calixtus II as pope was at a great council of the bishops of the south of France at Toulouse.该Calixtus II作为教皇首次出现在了法国南部的图卢兹主教在大议会。A second council was summoned to meet at Reims in October, 1119.第二局被传唤,以应付在兰斯在十月,1119。Meanwhile, the pope and the king of France met, and the emperor called a meeting of the German princes at Mainz, at their request, to consider how best to end the long civil war, and make a lasting peace with the Church.同时,教皇和法国国王会晤,皇帝叫在美因茨的德国诸侯会议,在他们的要求,考虑如何最好地结束长期内战,并与教会的持久和平。 To this meeting came the messengers with the official news of the new pope's election, and the invitation to the German bishops to take part in the council at Reims.本次会议想出了新教皇的选举官员的消息,以及对德国主教的邀请,参加在兰斯在安理会的使者。The emperor and the princes decided to await the council before making any decisions.皇帝和诸侯决定等待,然后才作出决定的理事会。

The pope, encouraged by these unusual signs of grace, sent two French prelates to the emperor, who could explain to him how, in France, the king enjoyed full feudal rights over the bishops and abbots as vassals without any need of an investiture ceremony.教皇,由恩典鼓励这些不寻常的迹象,派出两名法国主教的皇帝,谁可以向他解释如何在法国,国王享有不受任何需要的天职仪式在主教和方丈完整的封建诸侯的权利。 The emperor replied that he asked no more than this.皇帝回答说,他问仅限于此。Whereupon the pope sent a delegation with greater powers, two of his cardinals.于是教皇派出一个代表团以更大的权力,他的枢机主教两个。An agreement was reached, formulae found, and a meeting arranged between pope and emperor at which both would sign.达成了一项协议,公式发现,与教皇和皇帝安排了会议,会上双方将签署。The emperor was now willing to say, explicitly, "For the love of God and St. Peter and of the lord pope Calixtus, I give up the whole system of investiture, so far as concerns the Church."皇帝现在愿意说,明确“为了上帝和圣彼得和主教皇Calixtus爱,我放弃了整个系统的天职,就涉及到教会。” And now came a hitch, owing to the pope's adding new conditions on the eve of the meeting, refusing to allow the emperor additional time to study these and, although the two men were actually on the ground, so to speak, refusing to meet him.现在来了一个顺利,由于教皇的增加对会议前夕新的条件,拒绝让皇帝额外的时间来研究这些,尽管两人是在地面上,其实可以这么说,拒绝和他见面。 More, the pope was so irritated that the emperor had failed to submit, that he renewed the excommunication.更多的,教皇是如此恼火,皇帝没有提交,他续签了逐出教会。

What there was, in all this, besides personal temperament is not known.有什么,在这一切除了个人气质,不得而知。But the incident occurred while the great council was in session at Reims, with Calixtus presiding, seventy-six bishops from France, Germany, England, and Spain.但事件发生时的巨大理事会会议在兰斯在与Calixtus主持,来自法国的76主教,德国,英国和西班牙。It was between sessions of the council that he blundered into the new rupture, and it is recorded that when he returned from the adventure he was too worn out to proceed with the council business and took to his bed.这是之间的理事会会议,他到新的破裂失蹄,这是记录,当他从冒险返回他很破旧继续与安理会业务和走上他的床。Maybe the thought possessed the pope that the grim and treacherous emperor was about to repeat the treatment meted out to Pascal II, eight years before, whom this emperor had carried off a prisoner, and forced to sign away his cause.也许以为拥有了教皇的严峻和险恶皇帝正要重复罪刑到帕斯卡尔二,八年前,他们曾进行过这皇帝的囚犯,并被迫签署离开他的事业的待遇。

It was only after another two years of war that the two parties came together again, when at a peace conference in Germany the princes asked the pope to free the emperor from the excommunication, and to summon a General Council, "where the Holy Spirit could solve those problems that were beyond the skill of men" (September 1121).只是在战争再过两年,双方再次走到了一起,当时在德国的和平会议的王子问教皇摆脱逐出教会的皇帝,召集总理事会“里的圣灵会解决这些问题超出了男人的技巧“(1121年9月)的。 The pope now sent to his imperial kinsman a kindly letter, the gist of which is the phrase, "Let each of us be content with his own office, and those who should show justice towards all mankind no longer strive ambitiously to pillage each other."教皇现在送到他的帝国亲属一位慈祥的信,其要旨是其中的一句,“让我们每个人与他自己的办公室的内容,和那些谁应该表现出对全人类的正义不再努力雄心勃勃地掠夺对方。 “

It was at Worms that the envoys of these high contracting parties met, and on September 23, 1122, they produced the two statements, papal and imperial, which, together, constitute the Concordat of Worms.正是在蠕虫,这些缔约国的使节见面,并于1122年9月23日,他们生产的两种说法,罗马教皇和帝国,其中一起,构成了蠕虫协约。 The war about investitures was over, after forty-seven years.关于investitures战争结束后,47年。

At Worms the emperor, "out of the love of God and of the holy Roman church," said explicitly, "I give up all investiture with ring and crozier and I promise that in all the sees of the realm and of the empire elections and consecrations shall be free. I restore to the holy Roman church the properties and temporal rights [regalia] of blessed Peter which have been taken away since the beginning of this quarrel, whether in my father's time or in my own. I guarantee true peace to the pope Calixtus, to the holy Roman church and to all those who took that side."在蠕虫的皇帝,“出了神的爱和神圣罗马教会”,明确表示,“我放弃了 带环和克罗泽所有天职,我的承诺,在所有的领域及看到帝国选举和奉献应是免费的,我恢复到罗马教会的性质和时间的权利[富豪]的祝福彼得已被带走,因为这个吵架的开始无论是在我父亲的时间或在我自己的, 我保证真正和平的教皇Calixtus,向罗马教会和所有那些谁把那面"

The pope, for his part, "I Calixtus, the bishop, servant of the servants of God grant to you Henry, my dear son, by the grace of God emperor of the Romans, Augustus, that the election of bishops and abbots of the German kingdoms shall take place in your presence, without simony and without force that the personage elected shall receive from you his regalia by the [touch of the] sceptre, and shall fulfil all those duties to which he is bound in your regard by the law. As to other parts of the empire, the bishop being consecrated, shall receive his regalia by the sceptre, within six months and that he shall fulfil all those duties [etc., as above] I guarantee true peace to you and to those who belonged to your party in this quarrel."教皇,他的一部分,“我Calixtus,由神的罗马人,​​奥古斯都皇帝的恩典的神的仆人授予主教,仆人亨利给你,我亲爱的儿子,说,主教和修道院院长的选举德国王国应在你面前的地方,没有买卖圣职,没有力量 该人士当选应接受你的权杖[抵]他的王权,并应满足所有那些在他是你的职责方面的约束由法律,至于帝国的其他地区,主教是神圣的,应接受他的王权的权杖 ,在六个月内,他将履行所有这些职责[等,如上] 我保证给你真正的和平和那些谁在这个属于你的党的争吵。“

The documents were duly signed, the cardinal bishop of Ostia--the pope's chief agent in all this--sang the mass, the emperor was given the kiss of peace and received Holy Communion.这些文件已正式签署,枢机主教的奥斯蒂亚 - 教宗在这一切的首席代理 - 演唱的质量,皇帝被赋予了和平亲吻,并收到圣餐。The usual ceremonies of humiliating public submission were, for once, dispensed with.侮辱公众提交通常的仪式,一次,在配发的。

The great act had its imperfections--a certain vagueness in important matters, the king's share in the election for example.伟大的行为有它的缺陷 - 在某些重要问题含糊不清,国王的选举中,例如份额。 There was room for new troubles to grow out of it.有空间生长的新的麻烦出来。But the great principle was safe that the king had not what he had claimed was his lawful right, the choice and appointment of his people's spiritual rulers and teachers.但是,伟大的原则是安全的,国王还没有什么,他声称是他的合法权利,选择和他的人民的精神统治者和教师的聘任。 As to the settlement itself, as a whole, we may agree with the leading authority, "It was the common sense solution."[8]至于结算本身,作为一个整体,我们可能会同意的领导权威,“这是常识的解决方案。”[8]

This General Council of 1123 was, beyond a doubt, the grandest spectacle Rome, and the whole West, had seen for hundreds of years.这个1123年总理事会是,毫无疑问,罗马最宏伟的场面,整个西方,有几百年看到。Bishops and abbots together were reckoned at something like a thousand, there was a host of lesser ecclesiastics, and the vast train of knights, soldiers, and other attendants of these ecclesiastical lords, as well as of the lay notabilities who attended.主教和方丈一起是在像千东西来计算,有一个较小的教士主机和骑士,士兵,这些教会领主其他服务员广大列车,以及作为奠定notabilities谁出席了会议。 So much we learn from the contemporary chroniclers.这么多我们从当代编年史。As to the proceedings of the council, what method was adopted for proposing new laws, for discussing them, for voting--of all this we know nothing at all, for the official proceedings disappeared long before the time when there was such a thing as posterity interested in the past.至于立法会的程序,是采用什么方法提出新的法律,他们讨论,投票 - 这一切,我们知道了什么​​都没有正式的法律程序,消失前的时间长,因为当时有这样的事情作为在过去感兴趣的后人。It is not even certain whether there were two or three public sessions.它甚至不能肯定是否有两个或三个公开会议。But the council opened on the third Sunday of Lent, March 18, 1123, in the Lateran Basilica, and the final session took place either on March 27 or April 6.但安理会开幕大斋期的第三个星期日,1123年3月18日,在拉特朗大殿,最后会议于3月27日或4月6日举行任。The emperor had been invited to send representatives, and one of the acts of the council was the ratification of the concordat.皇帝已被邀请派代表和理事会的行为之一是该契约的批准。The canons promulgated at the council, which cover all the social and religious problems of the day, are hardly of a nature to provoke discussion-- remedies, sternly stated in the shape of prohibitions, for the various moral ills of public and private life.在安理会的大炮,它覆盖所有的社会和宗教问题日颁布,是一个自然难以挑起讨论 - 补救措施,严厉禁止所述的形状为公共和私人生活中的各种道德弊病。If Calixtus II adopted the simple method of announcing these canons, and asking the assembly to assent, it would be no more than what a series of popes and their legates had been doing, in one country after another, at all the councils of the last seventy-five years.如果Calixtus II采用了公布这些大炮,并要求大会同意简单的方法,那将是没有什么比一个教皇和他们的使节了一系列做多了,一个又一个国家,在所有的最后议会75年。 There was nothing to surprise or provoke the bishops of that generation in thus following the practice that had been the means of so much improvement, in morals and in religious life.没有什么惊喜或挑起因此,继已被在道德和宗教生活的改善这么多的手段,实践那一代的主教。Calixtus II was no despot ordering submission to novelties now decreed, but the victorious leader of the episcopate, and the representative of other leaders now departed, thanks to whose intelligence and fortitude the episcopate everywhere had been liberated from the thrall of tyrants indeed, its dignity restored and its spiritual prestige renewed. Calixtus二无霸气订购提交到现在颁布的新事物,但对主教胜利的领导者,以及其他领导人的代表发言离去,这要归功于他们的智慧和毅力各地的主教已经从解放霸崇信的确,它的尊严恢复和其精神的威信续约。

The twenty-two canons listed as the legislation of the council of 1123 are a curiously mixed collection.而22作为议会立法上市的1123门炮,是一种奇怪的混合收集。They indiscriminately treat of general matters and local matters; there are permanent regulations mixed up with temporary, set out in no kind of order; and almost all of them are repetitions of canons enacted in the various papally directed councils of the previous thirty years.他们不加区别地对待一般事务和地方事务,有永久与临时规定混合起来,设置在没有秩序的;及几乎所有的人都在papally指示各前30年议会制定的大炮重复。 With regard to the long fight against the lay lords' control, simony is again condemned, bishops not lawfully elected are not to be consecrated, laymen are not to hold or control church property, parish priests the bishop alone can appoint, they are not to take parishes as a layman's gift, the ordinations performed by the antipopes (and their transfers of church property) are declared null.关于对奠定领主的控制长期斗争,买卖圣职再次谴责,不合法选出的主教没有被奉献,外行人是不持有或控制的教会财产,教区主教神父仅靠任命,才不至于作为一个外行的礼物教区,由antipopes(和教会财产的转移)执行的祝圣是宣布无效。 A special canon renews the indulgence given to all who assist the crusade, and renews the Church's protection, with the sanction of excommunication, of the absent crusader's property.特别佳能再次给所有谁协助讨伐的放纵,并重申了教会的保护,随着逐出教会制裁,对缺席的十字军的财产。There is a law to excommunicate coiners of false money, and also (a reflection of the chronic social disorder) the brigands who molest pilgrims.有一个法律破门假钱coiners,也(一种慢性社会秩序的反映)的强盗谁骚扰朝圣者。A general rule is made about the new practice called "The Truce of God"--a practice designed to lessen, for the ordinary man, the horrors of the never ceasing wars between the local lords.一个一般的规则是由约称为“上帝的休战”的新的实践 - 旨在减轻,对于一般人看来,当地领主之间的战争从未停止对恐怖的做法。 By Urban II's law made at the council of Clermont in 1095, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were the only days on which fighting was lawful, and this only between Trinity Sunday and Advent.通过在1095年理事会克莱蒙,周一,周二,周三的城市和第二定律是上几天的战斗是合法的,这之间的三位一体周日降临而已。 The rule of 1123 only deals with the bishop's duty to excommunicate those who violate the truce.而1123年与主教的职责只涉及规则被逐出教会的那些谁违反了停火协议。There are two canons about clerical marriage.有两个关于文书婚姻大炮。The first (canon 3) renews the ancient law that those in Holy Orders must not marry.第(佳能3)再次古代法律在圣令那些不能结婚。The second (canon 21) repeats this in so many words and adds that "marriages already contracted by such persons are to be broken, and the parties bound to penance."[9]第二个(佳能21)重复在这么多的字词,并补充说,“这些人已经通过承包marriages将被打破,势必苦修当事人。”[9]

This law--which may not be a law of the ninth General Council at all, but a regulation of one of Urban II's provincial councils that appears in the list of 1123 by some confusion--is often regarded as the first beginning of the new rule in these matters that makes the contracting of marriage impossible for clerics in holy orders.该法 - 这可能不会是第九届理事会在所有的法律,而是一个城市二世,在1123列表中出现的一些混乱省议会one调节 - 往往被视为新的第一个开始规则在这些事情上,使婚姻的神职人员在圣订单不可能承包。At the next General Council this will be more explicitly stated.总理事会在未来这将是更明确地说明。


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From: THE CHURCH IN CRISIS: A History of the General Councils: 325-1870来自:在危机教会:一个普通议会史:325-1870
Mgr.经理。Philip Hughes菲利普休斯

The Second General Council of the Lateran, 1139第二次总理事会的拉特兰,1139

Advanced Information先进的信息

The tenth General Council, the Second General Council of the Lateran, took place only fifteen years after that just described.第十届总理事会,第二次拉特兰总理事会,只花了十五年后刚刚描述的地方。 It was a council of much the same kind, in its procedure, in its legislation, and in the vast interest it aroused, and it should be seen as complementary to the council of 1123.这是一个非常同类理事会在其过程中,在其立法,并在广大的利益,引起的,它应作为补充到1123议会看到。As the reader may guess, it would never have been summoned but for a new crisis in church affairs.正如读者可能猜测,它绝不会被传唤但对于一个在教会事务新的危机。The crisis, this time, was a double papal election, at Rome, made by the cardinals, and an ensuing schism when for some years two rivals, each claiming to be the lawful pope, divided the Church.这场危机,这一次,是一个双罗马教皇选举中,在罗马,由枢机主教提出,以及随后的分裂,当了几年的两个对手,每一个自称是合法的教皇,分教会。

When Calixtus II died, in 1124, there was elected in his place, the Cardinal Lambert who had negotiated the great concordat, a veteran of the papal service and one of the last survivors of the band who had stood around Urban II in the grim years that followed the death of Gregory VII.当Calixtus二世去世后,在1124,有他的地方选举中,枢机兰伯特谁谈判了伟大的契约,是罗马教皇的服务退伍军人和对谁拥有约市第二站在了严峻的年乐队的最后幸存者之一随后的格雷戈里第七死亡。 He took the name Honorius II, and lived out all his pontificate in Rome-- the first pope to live continuously in Rome for nearly a hundred years.他把名字挪二,过上了他所有的罗马教皇 - 第一个在罗马教皇居住连续近百年。 It was by no means a peaceful city.这绝不是一个和平的城市。The old baronial feuds had revived during the years when it so rarely had a resident ruler.老男爵争斗已恢复在年中,很少有这么一个居民的统治者。Here was the source of the double election after the death of Honorius in 1130.这里是该挪后,在1130死亡双选源。 The Pierleoni brought about the election of one of that family--he took the name Anacletus II.该Pierleoni带来了一次选举的家庭 - 他采取了名字Anacletus II。The Frangipani faction elected Innocent II.无辜的弗兰吉帕尼派当选第二。That the better man of the two was Innocent seems certain.那两个人是无辜的,似乎更好一些。But which was the lawfully elected?但是,这是合法选举产生的?Neither had been elected precisely as the somewhat vague law of 1059 prescribed.无论是曾当选为1059正是有些模糊的法律规定。

Anacletus, however, the scion of a wealthy Roman clan, was master of Rome, and Innocent fled for support beyond the Alps. Anacletus,但是,一个富裕的罗马族后裔,是罗马的主人,和无辜的支持以外的阿尔卑斯山逃走。Thanks to Louis VI of France, and above all to the spiritual genius who towers above all the men of this age, St. Bernard, abbot of Clairvaux, he soon had the support of France and the empire, of England, and of the Spanish kingdoms also.以法国路易六世下,以上所有的精神天才谁首先是这个年龄段的男性塔,圣伯纳,对Clairvaux的方丈,他很快就在法国和英国的帝国的支持,和西班牙王国也。 But, except intermittently, Innocent was never master in Rome--the Norman king of Sicily being the staunch supporter of his rival--until 1138, when Anacletus died and his successor, yielding to the influence of St. Bernard, made his submission to Innocent.但是,除了间歇性,无辜从来没有掌握在罗马 - 西西里岛的诺曼国王被他的对手的坚定支持者 - 直到1138年,当Anacletus死亡,他的继任者,产生的圣伯纳德的影响,做了他提交给无辜的。Once again the spectacle of a wandering pope had been turned to the profit of the reform movement, and four great councils are associated with Innocent's presence, Clermont in 1130, Reims in 1131, Piacenza in 1132 and Pisa in 1135.再次流浪教皇的景象已经转向了改革运动的利润,以及四大议会与无辜的存在,在1130克莱蒙,兰斯在1131,在1132和比萨皮亚琴察在1135有关。

Rid of the burden of the schism, the pope now summoned the General Council of 1139, but in no such amiable spirit towards his late adversaries as Calixtus II had shown.在分裂的包袱,现在的教宗召见了1139总理事会,但没有这样对他已故的Calixtus II对手和蔼可亲的精神表明。 St. Bernard pleaded for them, but in vain.圣伯纳恳求他们,但不成功。Innocent showed himself a singularly un-Roman pope when he dealt harshly with the subjected foe.表明自己是无辜的奇异非罗马教皇时,他处理了受到敌人严厉。

There were more than five hundred bishops present at the council and, it is said, a thousand abbots--the mention of St. Bernard's role in the schism is a reminder that this is the century of the most remarkable sudden expansion of the monastic orders ever known, the Cistercian century.有超过500主教出席安理会,这是说,一千方丈 - 在圣伯纳德的分裂中的作用提的是提醒人们这是最显着的寺院订单突然扩张世纪迄今所知,在修道院的世纪。Again the acta of the council have perished.同样理事会学报丧生。We know that it was opened on April 4, 1139, in the Lateran Church, and that there were three sessions.我们知道,它被打开了1139年4月4日,在拉特兰教堂,并有三节。All that remains to us are the thirty canons enacted, and a chronicler's story of the pope's fiery reception of one of his recent opponents.所有这一切对我们来说仍然是第三门炮,制定,以及对教宗的他最近的对手之一火热接待编年史的故事。This bishop made his way to the papal throne, and laid down his mitre at the pope's feet, in token of submission.这使他的主教的方式向罗马教皇的宝座,奠定了在教皇的脚在他的尖角提交令牌。But the pope arose, and kicked the mitre down the church, calling out, "Away, henceforth you are no bishop of mine."但是,教皇出现,并踢了教会的尖角,喊,“离开,从此你没有我的主教。”

The canons of this council, or the list as we possess it rather, is the same kind of omnium gatherum as the list of 1123.本会,或列表,因为我们拥有它,而,该炮是Omnium公司gatherum作为1123年名单的同类。Of the thirty canons a half merely repeat the canons of that list, and a half of the remainder do little more than repeat verbatim the canons enacted by Innocent in the great provincial councils of 1130-35.在第三大炮半只是重复该名单的大炮,以及其余一半做只不过重复逐字由无辜颁布了1130至1135年大省议会的大炮了。

There are five new canons about clerical life.有五个关于文书生活的新大炮。With regard to the old trouble of clergy who marry, there is the highly important declaration that these unions are not true marriages.[1] The faithful people are forbidden to attend mass said by such married clergy, whose sons are not to be ordained unless they become monks or canons regular.关于神职人员谁娶老毛病,有非常重要的声明,这些工会并不是真正的婚姻[1]忠诚的人被禁止参加群众说,结婚等神职人员,他们的儿子没有被祝圣,除非他们经常成为僧侣或大炮。 All are warned that in the Church there are no such things as hereditary benefices.都警告说,在教会也有遗传性benefices没有这样的事情。Clerics who put forward claims of this sort will be severely punished for their impudence.牧师谁提出这类索赔将受到严厉惩罚的厚颜无耻。Clerical dress must be seemly, no riotous colours or the indecent fashions of the day.文书必须着装得体,没有缤纷的色彩或一天的不雅时尚。And the cleric is protected by a law which strikes with an ipso facto excommunication whoever maliciously assaults him--an excommunication which the pope alone can remove.[2]而教士受一项法律,与事实本身逐出教会谁恶意攻击他罢工 - 一个被逐出教会的教皇单独可以删除[2]

In what concerns the Catholic's relation with the world in which he lives-- the virtue of social justice in the large sense--the council has six laws to propose.在关心的天主教的关系与世界在他的生命 - 社会正义的大感德 - 安理会有六个法律建议。The ancient custom that the populace pillage the house of a deceased bishop is to cease.古老的习俗,掠夺民众的已故主教的房子停止。Usurers, ie, those who--in this day when money is a nonproductive piece of metal, useful only in exchange for goods- -charge a borrower interest for the convenience he has enjoyed, when he brings back the gold piece borrowed, are to be held (says the council) as they have always been held, as infamous and to be shunned by all.高利贷者,即那些谁 - 在这一天,当钱是非生产性的金属片,只有在交换有用的物品,负责为他所享有的,当他带回了一块金子方便借款人的借款利息,是举行(称理事会),因为他们一直认为,作为臭名昭著,并得到所有避之不及。 They are forbidden the sacraments, and if they die unrepentant are not to be given Christian burial.他们被禁止的圣礼,如果他们没有死死不悔改应给予基督教墓地。The "Truce of God" is now set out for the whole of Christendom in the detail of Urban II's law of 1095,[3] and the bishops are warned that slackness in excommunicating for breaches of the truce may cost them their place. “神的休战”现在设置为整出基督教在城市II的1095法的细节,[3]和主教警告说,对违反停战开除松懈可能花费他们自己的位置。There is a special prohibition against molesting merchants, country people engaged in agriculture and their stock, as well as the clergy.有一对骚扰商人,他们的股票在从事农业和全国人民,以及神职人员特别禁止。Another class of criminal (about whom there are three canons) is the incendiary.另一犯罪(约人有三大炮)类是燃烧弹。Those who repent of this crime are not to be absolved without heavy penance, ie, a year's service with the Crusade, in Spain or in the Holy Land.这些谁是这一罪行忏悔不是没有被沉重的忏悔,也就是一年的服务与十字军在西班牙还是在圣地,开脱。Tournaments are most stringently forbidden.比赛是最严格禁止的。Knights killed in these "detestable jousts" are not to be given Christian burial.在这些“可恨jousts”死亡骑士是不是得到基督教墓地。And the new military weapon of the catapult, that hurls immense masses of stone at the walls of besieged castles and cities, and over the walls, is condemned as a thing "detested by God."而新的军事武器的弹射器,即用力投掷在被围困的城堡的城墙和城市的巨大的石头群众,在墙壁,是谴责的事情“上帝憎恶。” It is never to be used against Christian men under penalty of excommunication.这是永远不会被用来对付基督教男子绝罚下的惩罚。

There are two canons that have to do with a Christian's belief.有两个大炮已经做了一个信仰基督教的信仰。In one of these (canon 22) bishops are commanded to instruct their people that the outward acts of penance are of no avail with out true inward repentance.在这些(佳能22)主教之一是指挥指示其人的外在行为的忏悔与出真不向内忏悔无济于事。Practices of this sort are the straight road to hell.这类做法是直接通往地狱之路。The second (canon 23) condemns a whole series of anti-Christian notions, the undercurrent that never ceased to affect medieval life.第二个(佳能23)谴责了反基督教的概念全系列,暗流从未停止影响中世纪的生活。Those who hold these ideas present the appearance of great zeal for true religion, says the council, but they reject the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, the baptism of infants, the priesthood, and marriage.这些谁持有这些想法目前,真正的宗教外观非常热情,说会,但他们拒绝了圣体圣事中,婴儿的洗礼,圣职,婚姻圣事。 Those who hold these heretical beliefs the state must coerce.这些谁持有这些邪教信仰的国家必须强制。Those who defend the heretics are excommunicated along with them.这些谁是逐出教会的异端辩护与他们一起。


1. 1。Huiusmodi namque copulationem, quam contra ecclesiasticam regulam constat esse contractam, matrimonium non esse censemus.Huiusmodi namque copulationem,华富禁忌ecclesiasticam regulam constat Esse品牌contractam,matrimonium非Esse品牌censemus。Qui etiam ab invicem separati pro tantis excessibus condignam poenitentiam agant (canon 7).归仁etiam AB invicem separati亲tantis excessibus condignam poenitentiam agant(佳能7)。 This is a repetition of a canon enacted at Pisa, 1135.这是一个比萨,1135颁布了佳能的重复。

2. 2。The earliest example of a papal reservation of a censure by statute.而一个由成文法谴责罗马教皇的保留最早的例子。

3. 3。See preceding page 196.见前面第196页。

From: THE CHURCH IN CRISIS: A History of the General Councils: 325-1870来自:在危机教会:一个普通议会史:325-1870
CHAPTER 10第10章
Mgr.经理。Philip Hughes菲利普休斯

Third Lateran Council - 1179 AD第三拉特兰会议 - 1179 AD

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By an agreement reached at Venice in 1177, the bitter conflict which had arisen about twenty years earlier between Pope Alexander III (1159-1181) and Emperor Frederick I (1152-1190) was brought to an end.通过在威尼斯达到1177的协议,苦冲突之间出现了教皇亚历山大三世(1159年至1181年)和皇帝腓特烈一世(1152年至1190年),大约二十年前被带到了尽头。 For when Pope Hadrian IV had died in 1159, the cardinals elected two popes together, namely Roland of Siena, who took the name of Alexander III, and Octavian of Rome who though he was nominated by fewer cardinals, nevertheless with the support of the emperor Frederick usurped the name of Pope Victor IV.因为当教皇哈德良四,曾在1159去世,教皇的枢机主教一起选出了两名,即罗兰锡耶纳,谁采取了亚历山大三世的名字,罗马和屋大维虽然他是谁提名少枢机主教,但随着皇帝的支持弗雷德里克篡夺了教皇维克多第四名。 The emperor, wishing to remove everything which stood in the way of his authority in Italy, declared war upon the Italian states and especially the Roman church which after its struggle for ecclesiastical liberty for so many years, was enjoying great authority.皇帝,希望消除一切这是他在意大利权威的方式站着,宣布经国家,特别是意大利的罗​​马天主教会后,为这么多年教会自由的斗争,是享有很大的权威性战争。 The emperor carried on the war for a long time.皇帝进行了长时间的战争。A serious schism had arisen out of this conflict, and after Victor IV two antipopes were nominated in opposition to Alexander III, namely Paschal III (1164-1168) and Callistus III (1168-1178).出现了严重的分裂出来的这种冲突,并经过维克多四two antipopes人反对亚历山大三世,即逾越节III(1164-1168)和卡利斯图斯III(1168年至1178年)提名。At last, when Alexander had gained the victory, he promised the emperor at Venice that he would summon a general council.最后,当亚历山大获得了胜利,他承诺在威尼斯的皇帝,他会召唤一个总理事会。

The particular object of this council was to put an end to the schism within the church and the quarrel between the emperor and the papacy . 本会特别的目的是把在教会和皇帝之间的争吵与教皇结束了分裂It was summoned by Pope Alexander in 1178, "so that according to the custom of the ancient fathers, the good should be sought and confirmed by many, and that with the cooperation of the grace of the holy Spirit, by the efforts of all, there should be carried out what was required for the correction of abuses and the establishment of what was pleasing to God".它是由教皇亚历山大在召见1178“,因此,根据古代父亲的习俗,好应寻求和许多证实,这与对圣灵的恩典合作,通过各方面的努力,应该进行什么是对的侵犯校正和什么是神所喜悦的“建立必需的。 The council was held at Rome in March 1179.该理事会在罗马举行1179年3月。About three hundred fathers assembled from the provinces of Europe and some from the Latin east, and a single legate from the Greek church.约300名来自欧洲和拉美东部,并从单一的特使希腊教会一些省份组装父亲。It began on 5 March , according to Archbishop William of Tyre, our chief authority.它开始于3月5日 ,根据大主教威廉的轮胎,我们的行政权力。The bishops first heard Rufinus, bishop of Assisi, who in a highly polished address praised the Roman pontiff and the Roman church, "that church to which alone belongs the decision and power to summon a general council, to lay down new canons and cancel the old; indeed, though the fathers had summoned a solemn council many times in the past, yet the obligation and reason to do this was never more expedient than at the present".主教们第一次听到Rufinus的阿西西,主教,谁在一个高度抛光处理赞扬了罗马教皇和罗马教会“,即教会,因为只有所属的决定,并有权传召总理事会,制订新的大炮和取消旧的,事实上,虽然父亲已经召见庄严委员会在过去很多次,但义务和理由不这样做,这是从来没有超过在现行的“权宜之计。

We do not have the same reasons for doubting the ecumenical nature of this council as we have for Lateran I and II.我们不怀疑有本会合一性质相同的理由,我们为拉特兰第一和第二的。For, the way in which the council was summoned and conducted by the pope, and the number of fathers who gathered from the whole Latin world and devoted their efforts to strengthening the unity of the church and condemning heretics, resemble rather the ancient councils than Lateran I and II and exemplify the typical council of the Middle Ages presided over by the Roman pontiff.因为,在该理事会召集,由教皇进行,而父亲的人数谁收集到整个拉丁美洲世界,致力于努力加强教会团结,并谴责异端,而不是像古老的议会方式拉特兰第一和第二和体现了典型的中世纪议会主持了由罗马教皇。 For this reason it is not surprising that chronicles of the period frequently refer to this council as Lateran I.由于这个原因,它是不足为奇的编年史频繁的时期称为拉特兰一,本会

Although we do not possess the acts of the council , we have evidence from chronicles and annals and especially from the canons which the fathers laid down in the final session on 19 March.虽然我们不具备该局的行为 ,我们从史册记载和大炮,特别是从它的父亲放下了最后一次会议19日在三月的证据。Accordingly, to avoid future schisms it was first laid down that nobody was to be regarded as Roman pontiff unless he had been elected by two thirds of the cardinals (canon 1) ; all appointments by antipopes were deemed invalid (canon 2), heretics called Cathars were excommunicated and likewise were the bands of mercenaries, or rather criminals, which were causing utter destruction in some parts of Europe; it was declared, and this seems an innovation, that arms should be taken up against them (canon 27) ; it was also decided not to pass judgment about the preaching of the Waldensians .因此,为了避免将来分裂它首先规定了,没有人是为罗马教皇认为,除非他已被两个红衣主教的三分之二(佳能1)选举产生;由antipopes所有的约会被视为无效(佳能2),称为异端卡特里派教徒被驱逐和同样是雇佣军,或者说罪犯,这是导致欧洲部分地区彻底毁灭的乐队,它被宣布,这似乎是一个创新,即应采取武器对他们(佳能27)最多,它会议还决定不将有关的韦尔说教的判断。 All this seems to have been directed to strengthening the unity of the church.这一切似乎已指示加强对教会的团结。In addition, Alexander III and the fathers, renewing the precedent of Lateran I and II, laid down several canons for the reform of the church and some concerning morals and civil affairs.此外,亚历山大三世的父亲,更新的拉特兰第一和第二的先例,奠定了教会的改革和一些有关道德和民政几个大炮。

The canons of this council played a notable part in the future government of the church.本会的大炮发挥了教会的未来政府的显着部分。They were frequently included in the collections of decretals compiled in the late 12th and early 13th century, and afterwards all were inserted into Pope Gregory IX's Decretals.他们经常包括在中后期12和13世纪初编decretals集合,事后都被纳入教皇格雷戈里九的Decretals插入。 Walter Holtzmann and other scholars considered that these decretal collections in fact arose from this Lateran council and its canons.沃尔特HOLTZMANN等学者认为,其实这些法令的藏品从这个拉特兰理事会及其炮出现了。 Certainly the canons, unlike those of Lateran I and II and many preceding councils, appear to have been worked out by an excellent legal mind so that it is probable they were composed under the authority of Alexander III himself, who was an expert lawyer.当然,大炮,不像拉特兰第一和第二,许多前议会的人,似乎已经制订了一个很好的法律疯了所以很可能他们都是在亚历山大三世自己,谁是权威专家律师组成。 The canons, except for those which refer to Lateran II or the council of Rheims in 1148 (see canons 2, 11, 20-22) or to Gratian's Decrees (see canons 1-4, 7, 11, 13-14, 17-18), are new and original.除对那些指在1148年拉特兰II或理事会的兰斯(见大炮2,11,20-22)或Gratian的法令(见大炮1-4,7,11,13-14,17门炮, - 18),是新的和原始的。

The tradition of the canons has not yet been adequately examined and remains very uncertain.而传统的大炮尚未得到充分研究和仍然非常不明朗。Many manuscript codices survive for this council (in contrast to Lateran I and II).许多手稿抄本生存,本会(与拉特兰I和II)。However, they do not seem to give us the version of the canons which was confirmed by ecclesiastical authority and which Archbishop William of Tyre, with the authority of the fathers, had himself drawn up.然而,他们似乎并没有给我们的这证实了教会的权威和大主教威​​廉的轮胎,与父亲的权威,有他自己制定了大炮的版本。 Frequently the canons are to be found in chronicles and decretal collections.常见的大炮要在记述和法令的藏品发现。They are included in four contemporary English chronicles: those of Abbot Benedict of Peterborough, Gervase of Canterbury, William of Newburgh, and Roger of Hoveden.它们包含四个当代英语编年史:彼得伯勒的住持,Gervase坎特伯雷,威廉的纽堡,和Hoveden罗杰笃人。 And in the following collections of decretals: the collection called the Appendix of the Lateran council, the collections of Bamberg, Berlin I, Canterbury I-II, Kassel, Cheltenham, Claudian, Cotton, Dertosa, Douai, Durham, Eberbach, Erlangen, Florian, Klosterneuberg, Leipzig, Oriel II, Paris I, Peterhouse, Rochester, Sangerman, and Tanner; and there are a considerable number of collections still to be examined.同时,在decretals以下集合:集合称为拉特兰议会附录,班贝格的集合,柏林我,坎特伯雷I - II,卡塞尔,切尔滕纳姆,克劳迪安,棉花,Dertosa,杜埃,达勒姆,Eberbach,埃尔兰根,弗洛里安,Klosterneuberg,莱比锡,奥丽尔二,巴黎我,Peterhouse,罗切斯特,Sangerman和坦纳,并有相当数量的藏品还有待研究。 The canons are also contained in the book called "Rommersdorfer Briefbuch", the Cartulary of Rievaulx, and the codices Florence Ricc.该炮也包含在一个名为“Rommersdorfer Briefbuch”中,Rievaulx Cartulary和抄本佛罗伦萨Ricc书。288 (Day-book), Innsbruck Univ. 288(日书),因斯布鲁克大学。90 (Gratian's Decrees), and (which seem to have been unnoticed hitherto) Vatican Regin. 90(Gratian的法令),和(这似乎已被忽视迄今)梵蒂冈REGIN。lat.纬度。596, 12th century (fos. 6V-8v), and 984, 12th century (fos. 2r-7v).596,12世纪(fos. 6V - 8V),和984,12世纪(fos. 2R - 7V)。We can say for certain that the canons of the council were spread abroad through the whole Latin church, and were of great weight in its concerns and transactions.我们可以肯定地说,安理会的大炮被传遍整个拉丁美洲教会国外,具有十分重要的体重在关注和交易。

The first printed edition was made by Cr2 (2, 1551, 836-843).首印版是由CR2(2,1551,836-843)。He edited, from a manuscript now lost or unknown, the whole collection known as the Appendix of the Lateran council, which is divided into fifty parts; all 27 canons of Lateran III are in the first part.他编辑从现在丢失或未知的手稿,整个集合作为拉特兰议会,这是部分划分为五十附录知道;的拉特兰三所有27门炮在第一部分。 This text was copied by Su (3, 1567, 626-633) and Bn (3, 1606, 1345-1350), though Su introduced some errors.该文本被复制苏(3,1567,626-633)及英国国民(3,1606,1345至50年),苏虽然出台了一些错误。 Bn who was the first to give the name "Appendix of the Lateran council" to the collection, added some variant readings and rubrics which he had found in the chronicle of Roger of Hoveden.亿谁是第一个给的名字“的拉特兰议会附录”的收集,增加了一些变读,而他曾在罗杰的Hoveden编年史发现评鉴指标。 The Roman editors (Rm 4, 1612, 27-33), using also the manuscript codex of Antonio Augustine of Tarragona, produced a more accurate text and more variant readings.罗马编辑(4室,1612,27-33),使用也是安东尼奥的塔拉戈纳奥古斯丁手稿抄本,产生了更准确的文字和更多变读。 Later editions, all of which we have exarnined, followed the Roman text, narnely:ER27 (1644) 439-463;LC10 (1671) 1507-1523;Hrd 6 (1714) 1673-1684; Cl 13 (1730) 416-432; Msi 22 (1778) 217-233.以后的版本中,所有这些我们都exarnined,其次是罗马文字,narnely:ER27(1644)439-463; LC10(1671)1507年至1523年,人力资源开发6(1714)1673年至1684年,CL 13(1730)416-432 ;微星22(1778)217-233。Boehmer, who published his edition in 1747, before Msi, is an exception.Boehmer,谁在1747年发表他的版本之前微星,是个例外。 He took the canons from the Kassel collection of decretals, where the order and some readings are different.他从收集的decretals卡塞尔,那里的秩序和一些读数不同的大炮。Finally Herold, in his unpublished Bonn dissertation of 1952, examined thoroughly the whole tradition and established the order of the canons; using 36 sources, he concluded there were 34 different traditions!最后赫罗尔德,在他未发表的论文,1952年波恩,彻底检查整个传统,确立了大炮秩序;使用36的来源,他的结论有34个不同的传统!

As things now stand, it is impossible to use all the known sources for our edition.现在的情况,它不可能用我们的版所有已知的来源。For, these sources reveal only a limited part of the whole tradition and, what is even more important, we do not yet understand the relations between the individual traditions.因为,这些来源只会显示了整个传统的有限的一部分,更重要的是什么,我们还不了解个体之间的传统关系。Even Herold has not examined these relations sufficiently. We have therefore preferred to publish the text of a single tradition, namely that of the Appendix of the Lateran council, using Cr2 and Rm as the best text of this tradition and including the variant readings listed in Rrn .即使赫罗尔德没有充分研究这些关系, 因此,我们倾向于发布一个单一的传统的文本,即在议会的拉特兰附录,用这种传统最好的文字CR2和Rm和包括变种列在读RRN。This "Appendix" is a good text, as even Herold's text (= H) shows.这个“附录”是一个很好的文本,因为即使赫罗尔德的案文(= H)显示。We have given Herold's variant readings in the critical apparatus, and we have noted in footnotes the order in which he places the 23 canons that he includes.我们已在关键设备赫罗尔德的变读,和我们在脚注指出,为了在他的地方,他的23门炮,包括。


1. 1。Although clear enough decrees have been handed down by our predecessors to avoid dissension in the choice of a sovereign pontiff, nevertheless in spite of these, because through wicked and reckless ambition the church has often suffered serious division, we too, in order to avoid this evil, on the advice of our brethren and with the approval of the sacred council, have decided that some addition must be made.虽然清楚法令已转交由我们的前辈下来,以避免在一个主权教宗的选择分歧,但在这些尽管如此,因为通过邪恶和鲁莽的野心,教会往往遭受严重分歧,我们也一样,为了避免这种情况恶,对我们兄弟的意见,并与议会批准的神圣,已经决定,除了一些必须作出。 Therefore we decree that if by chance, through some enemy sowing tares, there cannot be full agreement among the cardinals on a successor to the papacy, and though two thirds are in agreement a third party is unwilling to agree with them or presumes to appoint someone else for itself, that person shall be held as Roman pontiff who has been chosen and received by the two thirds .因此,我们的法令,如果一个偶然的机会,通过一些敌人播种稗子,不可能有间就到教皇的继任者的枢机主教完全一致,虽然三分之二是一致的第三方不愿意认同他们或推定任命某人本身一样, 该人须被罗马教皇举行谁已被选定,并由三分之二好评

But if anyone trusting to his nomination by the third party assumes the name of bishop, since he cannot take the reality, both he and those who receive him are to incur excommunication and be deprived of all sacred order, so that viaticum be denied them, except at the hour of death, and unless they repent, let them receive the lot of Dathan and Abiron, who were swallowed up alive by the earth.但是,如果有人信任的第三方,他提名担负着主教的名字,因为他不能采取现实,他和那些谁接受他要承担逐出教会,并成为所有神圣的秩序被剥夺,使viaticum被剥夺了他们,除了在死亡的时刻,除非他们悔改,让他们获得了大坍,Abiron,谁吞噬了大量的地球活着。 Further, if anyone is chosen to the apostolic office by less than two thirds, unless in the meantime he receives a larger support, let him in no way assume it, and let him be subject to the foresaid penalty if he is unwilling humbly to refrain.此外,如果任何人选择的使徒办公室不到三分之二,除非在此期间,他得到一个更大的支持,让他假设它没有办法,让他受到了前述处罚,如果他不肯虚心不要。 However, as a result of this decree, let no prejudice arise to the canons and other ecclesiastical constitutions according to which the decision of the greater and senior {1 } part should prevail, because any doubt that can arise in them can be settled by a higher authority; whereas in the Roman church there is a special constitution, since no recourse can be had to a superior.然而,由于这项法令的结果,让没有偏见产生的大炮和其他教会的宪法根据其中的更大,高级{1}部分决定应占上风,因为任何疑问,可出现在他们可以通过结算更高的权力;而在罗马教会有一个特殊的宪法,因为没办法,就可以了上级。

2. 2。Renewing the decision taken by our predecessor of happy memory, Innocent, we decree that the ordinances made by the heresiarchs Octavian {2 } and Guido {3 }, and also by John of Struma {4 } who followed them, and by those ordained by them, are void; and furthermore that if any have received ecclesiastical dignities or benefices through the foresaid schismatics, they are to be deprived of them.革新我们的前身快乐记忆,无辜的,我们的法令作出的决定,到heresiarchs 屋大维 {2} {3} Guido,也由约翰的甲状腺肿 {4}谁跟着他们,并为国家人民的祝圣条例他们,是无效的,并进一步说,如果收到任何通过前述schismatics教会尊严或benefices,他们将被他们剥夺。 Moreover alienations or seizures of ecclesiastical property, which have been made by these schismatics or by lay persons, are to lack all validity and are to return to the church without any burden to it.此外隔阂或教会财产,已经由这些schismatics或者非法律专业人士提出,癫痫发作是所有缺乏有效性,并返回它没有任何负担的教会。 If anyone presumes to act against this, let him know that he is excommunicated.如果有人假设,以行动反对这一点,让他知道他是逐出教会。 We decree that those who of their own accord have taken an oath to remain in schism are suspended from sacred orders and dignities.我们法令,那些谁是自己的协议已宣誓留在分裂是从神圣的订单和尊严暂停。

3. 3。Since in holy orders and ecclesiastical ministries both maturity of age, a serious character and knowledge of letters should be required, much more should these qualities be required in a bishop, who is appointed for the care of others and ought to show in himself how others should live in the house of the Lord.由于这两个神圣的订单和年龄的成熟教会部委,严重的性格和知识的信件应要求,更应要求这些品质在一个主教,谁负责照顾其他人应当在任命和自己展示别人怎样要住在耶和华的殿。 Therefore, lest what has been done with regard to certain persons through the needs of the time should be taken as a precedent for the future, we declare by the present decree that no one should be chosen bishop unless he has already reached the age of thirty, been born in lawful wedlock and also is shown to be worthy by his life and learning .因此,免得什么一直就通过当时的需要做某些人应该被看作是未来的先例,我们宣布由目前的法令, 任何人都不应选择主教,除非他已达到了三十岁,出生在合法婚姻,也被证明是由他的生活和学习价值When he has been elected and his election has been confirmed, and he has the administration of ecclesiastical property, after the time has passed for the consecration of bishops as laid down by the canons let the person to whom the benefices which he held belong, have the free disposition of them.当他已经当选,他的当选得到了证实,他已对教会财产的管理,经过时间的主教祝圣为所规定的大炮下通过让另一人的benefices他举行所属的有在他们自由处置。

Further, with regard to the inferior ministries , for instance that of dean or archdeacon, and others which have the care of souls annexed, let no one at all receive them, or even the rule of parish churches, unless he has already reached his twenty-fifth year of age, and can be approved for his learning and character .此外, 关于劣部委 ,例如院长或副主教,和其他人有灵魂所附的照顾,让任何人都收到他们,甚至在教区教堂规则,除非他已经达到他二十十五岁以下的,可以批准他的学习和品格When he has been nominated, if the archdeacon is not ordained deacon, and the deans (and the rest after due warning) are not ordained priests within the time fixed by the canons, let them be removed from that office and let it be conferred on another who is both able and willing to fulfill it properly; and let them not be allowed the evasion of recourse to an appeal, should they wish by an appeal to protect themselves against a transgression of the constitution.当他被提名,如果副主教不受戒执事,和院长(和适当警告后休息)不受戒的大炮内固定的时间牧师,让他们从该免职,让它被赋予另外两个是谁能够并愿意履行其正常;,让他们不能回避的追索权的上诉,如果他们希望通过上诉,以防止对宪法的僭越自己。

We order that this should be observed with regard to both past and future appointments, unless it is contrary to the canons.我们为了这应遵守关于过去和未来的约会,除非它是违背教规。Certainly if clerics appoint someone contrary to this rule, let them know that they are deprived of the power of election and are suspended from ecclesiastical benefices for three years.当然,如果神职人员任命有人违背了这一规则,让他们知道,他们被剥夺了选举权力,并从教会benefices三年缓刑。 For it is right that at least the strictness of ecclesiastical discipline should restrain those who are not recalled from evil by the fear of God.因为它是正确的,至少应该对教会的纪律严格约束那些谁不从恶回顾了对上帝的敬畏。But if any bishop has acted in anyone's interest contrary to this decree, or has consented to such actions, let him lose the power of conferring the foresaid offices, and let these appointments be made by the chapter, or by the metropolitan if the chapter cannot agree.但是,如果任何主教担任任何人的利益违背了这一法令,或已同意这样的行动,让他失去了授予前述办事处力量,并让这些任命是由章提出,或由大都市,如果章不能同意。

4. 4。Since the apostle decided that he ought to support himself and those accompanying him by his own hands, so that he might remove the opportunity of preaching from false apostles and might not be burdensome to those to whom he was preaching, it is recognized that it is a very serious matter and calls for correction that some of our brethren and fellow bishops are so burdensome to their subjects in the procurations demanded that sometimes, for this reason, subjects are forced to sell church ornaments and a short hour consumes the food of many days.自使徒决定,他应该支持自己和陪同他由他自己的双手,使他可以消除假使徒的说教机会和可能无法负担的那些人,他的说教,人们认识到它是一个非常严重的问题,整改要求,我们的同胞兄弟和一些主教是如此繁琐的要求,有时因为这个原因,他们的procurations科目,科目被迫出售教会首饰及短期每小时消耗了许多天的食物。 Therefore we decree that archbishops on their visitations of their dioceses are not to bring with them more than forty or fifty horses or other mounts, according to the differences of dioceses and ecclesiastical resources; cardinals should not exceed twenty or twenty-five, bishops are never to exceed twenty or thirty, archdeacons five or seven, and deans, as their delegates, should be satisfied with two horses.因此,我们的法令,对他们的探视他们的教区大主教是不能为公司带来超过四十或五十马或其它坐骑,根据教区和教会资源的差异;枢机主教不得超过25或25,主教从未超过二三十,archdeacons 5年或7,并作为他们的代表院长,应该满足于两匹马。

Nor should they set out with hunting dogs and birds, but they should proceed in such a way that they are seen to be seeking not their own but the things of Jesus Christ.也不应载有狩猎犬和鸟类,但它们应该以这样的方式进行,他们被看作是不求自己,而是耶稣基督的事。Let them not seek rich banquets but let them receive with thanksgiving what is duly and suitably provided {5 }.让他们不求富宴会,但让他们接受与感恩什么是及时,适当地提供{5}。We also forbid bishops to burden their subjects with taxes and impositions.我们还禁止主教负担与税收和强加他们的臣民。But we allow them, for the many needs which sometimes come upon them, if the cause be clear and reasonable, to ask for assistance moderated by charity.但是我们允许他们,对于很多需要有时临到他们,如果事业才能明确和合理的,要求通过慈善机构主持的援助。For since the apostle says children ought not to lay up for their parents, but parents for their children, it seems to be far removed from paternal affection if superiors are burdensome to their subjects, when like a shepherd they ought to cherish them in all their needs.对于自使徒说孩子不应该为他们的父母打好了,但父母对子女,似乎是远离父亲的感情删除,如果上级是累赘的科目,当像一个牧羊人,他们应该珍惜所有他们需要。 Archdeacons or deans should not presume to impose charges or taxes on priests or clerics. Archdeacons或院长不应假定以收取费用或牧师或神职人员税。Indeed, what has been said above by way of permission about the number of horses may be observed in those places where there are greater resources or revenues, but in poorer places we wish measure so to be observed that the visit of greater personages should not be a burden to the humbler , lest by such a grant those who were accustomed to use fewer horses should think that the widest powers have been granted to them.的确,有人说通过对马的数量超过许可方式可以观察到这些地方有更多的资源或收入,但在较贫穷的地方,我们希望这样的措施,以观察的更大的人士不应访问到卑微的负担 ,以免被授予这样的人谁是习惯于使用较少的马应认为最广泛的权力已授予他们。

5. 5。If a bishop ordains someone as deacon or priest without a definite title from which he may draw the necessities of life, let the bishop provide him with what he needs until he shall assign him the suitable wages of clerical service in some church, unless it happens that the person ordained is in such a position that he can find the support of life from his own or family inheritance.如果主教ordains没有明确的标题,他可能会吸引来自生活的必需品如执事或牧师的人,让主教提供他需要什么,直到他应指派他在一些教堂的文书服务,适合他的工资,除非它发生该人受戒就是在这样一个位置,他可以找到自己或家人继承了生命支持。

6. 6。A most reprehensible custom has become established in certain places whereby our brethren and fellow bishops and even archdeacons have passed sentence of excommunication or suspension, without any previous admonition on those who they think will lodge an appeal.一个最为残忍的习俗已成为我们的兄弟和同事,让主教,甚至archdeacons已通过逐出教会或暂停某些地方建立了一句,没有任何人谁,他们认为将提出上诉以前的告诫。 Others too, while they fear the sentence and canonical discipline of a superior, lodge an appeal without any real grounds and thus make use of a means ordained for the help of the innocent as a defence of their own wrongdoing.其他人也一样,而他们担心的判决和上级纪律规范,没有任何真正的理由提出上诉,从而使为作为一个属于自己的错误行为辩护无辜帮助受戒使用的一种手段。 Therefore to prevent prelates burdening their own subjects without reason, or subjects at their will being able to escape the correction of prelates under cover of an appeal, we lay down by this present decree that prelates should not pass sentence of suspension or excommunication without a previous canonical warning, unless the fault is such that by its nature it incurs the penalty of excommunication {6 } , and that subjects should not recklessly have recourse to an appeal, contrary to ecclesiastical discipline, before the introduction of their case .因此,要防止主教拖累无故自己的学科,或在自己的意志主体能够逃脱在上诉盖主教改正,我们奠定了目前这个法令下的主教不应通过没有以前的暂停或逐出教会句子规范的警告,除非该故障是这样的:它的性质,即被逐出教会{6}的惩罚不应该轻率诉诸上诉,违背教会的纪律之前,他们的情况介绍。

But if anyone believes that because of his own need he should make an appeal, let a proper limit be fixed for his making it, and if it happens that he fails to do so within this limit, let the bishop freely use his own authority.但是,如果有人认为,因为他自己的需要,他要上诉,让适当的限制是固定的为他做它,如果它发生,他未能做到在这一限度内的话,让主教自如地运用自己的权力。 If in any business someone makes an appeal, but fails to appear when the defendant has arrived, let him make a proper repayment of the defendant's expenses, if he is in a position to do so; in this way, at least by fear, a person may be deterred from lightly making an appeal to the injury of another.如果在任何业务的人作出了上诉,但没有出现当被告已经来临,让他做一个被告的费用适当的还款,如果他有能力这样做,在这种方式,至少在恐惧,人可不敢轻易作出上诉到另一个受伤。 But we wish that in religious houses especially this should be observed, namely that monks or other religious, when they are to be corrected for any fault, should not presume to appeal against the regular discipline of their superior or chapter, but they should humbly and devoutly submit to what is usefully enjoined them for their salvation.但是,我们希望在宗教房屋,特别是本应得到遵守,即僧侣或其他宗教,当他们要纠正任何过错,不应假定提出上诉反对其上级或章节定期纪律,但他们应该虚心和虔诚地向什么是有益责成他们拯救他们。

7. 7。Since in the body of the church everything should be treated with a spirit of charity, and what has been freely received should be freely given, it is utterly disgraceful that in certain churches trafficking is said to have a place, so that a charge is made for the enthroning of bishops, abbots or ecclesiastical persons, for the installation of priests in a church, for burials and funerals, for the blessing of weddings or for other sacraments, and that he who needs them cannot gain them unless he first makes an offering to the person who bestows them.由于教会的一切机构应被视为与慈善精神,收到了什么自由应该是自由给予,它是完全disgr​​aceful,在贩卖certain教堂,据说有一个地方,所以这是一项收费为主教,方丈或教会人士的墓葬和葬礼用于婚礼或其他圣礼的祝福,并认为,为在教堂牧师的安装,enthroning他谁需要他们无法获得它们,除非他第一次作出了提供的人,谁赋予他们。 Some think that this is permitted in the belief that long standing custom has given it the force of law.有些人认为这是在长期的习俗给它的法律效力的信仰不允许的。Such people, blinded by avarice, are not aware that the longer an unhappy soul is bound by crimes the graver they are.这样的人,由贪婪所蒙蔽,不知道,不再是一个不幸的灵魂,是由犯罪的刻刀就必然。

Therefore, so that this may not be done in the future, we severely forbid that anything be demanded for the enthronement of ecclesiastical persons or the institution of priests, for burying the dead as well as for blessing marriages or for any other sacrament .因此,使这一可能无法在未来的工作中, 我们严厉禁止该教会的负责人或机构的牧师为婚姻埋葬死者的祝福,以及或任何其他圣事,即位要求任何东西But if anyone presumes to act against this, let him know that he will have his lot with Giezi {7 }, whose action he imitates by his demand of a disgraceful present.但是,如果有人假设,以行动反对这一点,让他知道,他将与Giezi {7},他的动作由他的一个不光彩的模仿他目前的需求很多。Moreover we forbid bishops, abbots or other prelates to impose upon churches new dues, increase the old or presume to appropriate to their own use part of the revenues, but let them readily preserve for their subjects those liberties which superiors wish to be preserved for themselves.此外,我们禁止主教,方丈或其他主教强加于教会新的会费,增加旧的或推定适合其自用部分的收入,但让他们随时保持对他们的臣民的自由,这是上级要为自己保留。 If anyone acts otherwise, his action is to be held invalid.如果任何人的行为,否则,他的行动是举行无效。

8. Let no ecclesiastical ministries or even benefices or churches be assigned or promised to anyone before they are vacant , so that nobody may seem to wish for the death of his neighbour to whose position or benefice he believes himself to be the successor.8, 不要让教会部委甚至benefices或转让或向任何人承诺之前,空置教堂 ,所以似乎没有人会愿意为他的邻居或采邑的立场,他认为自己是继任者死亡。For since we find this forbidden even in the laws of the pagans themselves, it is utterly disgraceful and calls for the punishment of God's judgment if the hope of future succession should have any place in God's church when even pagans have taken care to condemn it.对于因为我们发现即使在异教徒自己的法律这个禁止的,它是完全可耻和对神的审判惩罚呼叫,如果未来继承的希望应该有任何神的教会发生时甚至异教徒都照顾到谴责。 But whenever ecclesiastical prebends or any offices happen to become vacant in a church, or are even now vacant, let them no longer remain unassigned and let them be conferred within six months on persons who are able to administer them worthily.但每当教会棒禄或办事处发生在教堂成为空置,或者即使是现在空置,让他们不再停留未分配,让他们在六个月内授予的人谁能够管理这些抱负。 If the bishop, when it concerns him, delays to make the appointment, let it be done by the chapter; but if the election belongs to the chapter and it does not make the appointment within the prescribed time, let the bishop proceed according to God's will, with the advice of religious men; or if by chance all fail to do so, let the metropolitan dispose of these matters without opposition from them and in accordance with God's will.如果主教,当它关注他,拖延作出任命,让它由章完成,但如果选属于篇章,它不会使在规定时间内任命,让主教继续按照神的将男人与宗教的意见;或偶然所有不这样做,让都市的这些问题不处理他们的反对,在与神的旨意进行。

9. 9。Since we ought both to plant holy religion and in every way to cherish it when planted, we shall never fulfil this better than if we take care to nourish what is right and to correct what stands in the way of the progress of truth by means of the authority entrusted to us {8 }.既然我们都应该种植神圣的宗教和在各方面都珍惜它种植时,我们决不会比这更好的履行,如果我们小心滋养什么是正确的,并纠正在真理的进步方式随时通过以下方式赋予我们的权力{8}。 Now we have learnt from the strongly worded complaints of our brethren and fellow bishops that the Templars and Hospitallers , and other professed religious, exceeding the privileges granted them by the apostolic see have often disregarded episcopal authority, causing scandal to the people of God and grave danger to souls.现在我们已经学会从我们的兄弟,而圣殿和Hospitallers,以及其他自称宗教,超出权限授予看到经常无视他们使徒主教的权力,造成丑闻的人神同主教和严重的措辞强硬的投诉危险的灵魂。 We are told that they receive churches from the hands of lay persons; that they admit those under excommunication and interdict to the sacraments of the church and to burial; that in their churches they appoint and remove priests without the knowledge of the bishop; that when the brothers go to seek alms, and it is granted that the churches should be open on their arrival once a year and the divine services should be celebrated in them, several of them from one or more houses often go to a place under interdict and abuse the privileges granted {9 } to them by holding divine service, and then presume to bury the dead in the said churches.我们被告知,他们收到来自非法律专业人士手中教堂;,他们承认在禁教和阻截那些教会的圣礼,并埋葬;,在他们的教会他们任免未经主教知识祭司,当兄弟去寻求施舍,这是理所当然地认为教会应该对他们的到来,一年开一次神圣的服务应该在他们庆祝,从一个或更多的房子,他们几个经常去一个地方下的阻截和虐待授予的权限{9}他们通过举办神服务,然后假定埋葬死者中说教堂。

On the occasion also of the brotherhoods which they establish in many places, they weaken the bishops' authority, for contrary to their decision and under cover of some privileges they seek to defend all who wish to approach and join their brotherhood.在一次也是兄弟会,他们建立在许多地方,他们削弱主教的权威,为违背其决定,并根据他们的一些特权寻求捍卫所有谁愿意接近和加入他们的兄弟盖。 In these matters, because the faults arise not so much with the knowledge or advice of the superiors as from the indiscretion of some of the subjects, we have decreed that abuses should be removed and doubtful points settled.在这些事情上,因为出现故障不能与知识或上级的意见,从对部分科目轻率了这么多,我们已经颁布法令,滥用应该被删除,疑点解决。 We absolutely forbid that these orders and all other religious should receive churches and tithes from the hands of lay persons, and we even order them to put away what they have recently received contrary to this decree.我们绝对禁止,这些命令和所有其他宗教应该接受来自非法律专业人士手中的教堂和什一税,我们甚至命令他们放下他们最近接到违反这项法令。 We declare that those who are excommunicated, or interdicted by name, must be avoided by them and all others according to the sentence of the bishop.我们声明,那些谁是逐出教会,或名称停职,必须由他们和所有其他人避免根据句子的主教。In churches which do not belong to them by full right, let them present to the bishops the priests to be instituted, so that while they are answerable to the bishops for the care of the people, they may give to their own members a proper account of temporal matters.在教会不属于通过充分的权利给他们,让他们呈现给祭司要实行主教,使他们一方面要向为人民关心的主教,他们可以给自己的成员进行了适当的帐户颞事宜。

Let them not presume to remove those priests who have been appointed without first consulting the bishops.让他们不要以为,以消除那些谁一直没有先咨询主教任命的牧师。If the Templars or Hospitallers come to a church which is under an interdict, let them be allowed to hold the services of the church only once a year and let them not bury there the bodies of the dead.如果圣殿或Hospitallers来到一个教堂的是根据一项禁令,让他们被允许持有教会的服务只有一年一次,让他们不要埋有死者的尸体。 With regard to the brotherhoods we declare as follows: if any do not give themselves entirely to the said brothers but decide to keep their possessions, they are in no way on this account exempt from the sentence of the bishops, but the bishops may exercise their power over them as over other parishioners whenever they are to be corrected for their faults. 关于我们的兄弟如下声明:如有不给自己完全交给了兄弟们说,但决定保留他们的财产,他们是没有办法在此帐户从主教句豁免,但可能会行使自己的主教通过对它们的权力时,他们要为自己的错误纠正其他教友。 What has been said about the said brothers, we declare shall be observed with regard to other religious who presume to claim for themselves the rights of bishops and dare to violate their canonical decisions and the tenor of our privileges.什么一直对兄弟说的说,我们应遵守声明与其他宗教方面的要求谁相信自己的主教的权利,敢于侵犯其规范的决策和我们的特权男高音。 If they do not observe this decree, let the churches in which they dare so to act be placed under an interdict, and let what they do be considered void.如果他们不遵守这项法令,让教会中,他们敢这样的行为是根据一项禁止放置,让他们做什么被视为无效。

10. Monks are not to be received in a monastery for money nor are they allowed money of their own.10, 和尚是不被接受为钱寺院也不允许他们对自己的钱。They are not to be stationed individually in towns or cities or parish churches, but they are to remain in larger communities or with some of their brethren, nor are they to await alone among people of the world the attack of their spiritual foes, since Solomon says, Woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up.他们不是被驻扎在城镇或城市或个别教区教堂,但他们仍然在较大的社区或一些与他们的兄弟,也不是等待世界各国人民之间的单独的敌人攻击自己的精神,因为所罗门说,他是谁祸单独当他跌倒,也没有其他解除他。 If anyone when demanded gives something for his reception, let him not proceed to sacred orders and let the one who has received him be punished by loss of his office.如果有人给他时,要求接待的东西,让他不要进行神圣的订单,让谁得到他被他的离职惩罚之一。If he has money in his possession, unless it has been granted him by the abbot for a specific purpose, let him be removed from the communion of the altar, and any one who is found at his death with money in his possession {10 } is not to receive burial among his brethren and mass is not to be offered for him.如果他在他身上的钱,除非它已被授予为特定目的方丈他,让他从神坛共融,任何是谁发现钱在他的死亡在他身上{10}一个删除不接受在他的弟兄们埋葬和群众是不是为他提供的。 We order that this is also to be observed with regard to other religious.我们为了这也是要与其他宗教方面的观察。Let the abbot who does not exercise care in such matters know that he will incur the loss of his office.让住持谁不行使等事项护理知道他会招致他的办公室的损失。Neither priories nor obediences are to be handed over to anyone for a sum of money; otherwise both giver and receiver are to be deprived of ministry in the church.无论priories也不obediences将被移交给了一笔钱的人,否则无论送礼者和接收者将被剥夺了在教会事工。 Priors, when they have been appointed to conventual churches, are not to be changed except for a clear and reasonable cause, for instance if they are wastrels or live immoral lives or have committed an offence for which they clearly should be removed, or if on account of the demands of higher office they should be transferred on the advice of their brethren.先验的,当他们被任命为conventual教堂,是不被除明确合理的原因发生变化,例如,如果他们是wastrels或住不道德的生活,或犯有对他们显然应该被删除的罪行,或如对更高的职位的要求,他们应该被转移账户上的弟兄们的意见。

11. Clerics in holy orders, who in open concubinage keep their mistresses in their houses, should either cast them out and live continently or be deprived of ecclesiastical office and benefice.在神圣的命令,谁在公开纳妾保持其情妇在自己的房子,11 牧师要么投出来,生活continently或采邑的教会办公室和剥夺。Let all who are found guilty of that unnatural vice for which the wrath of God came down upon the sons of disobedience and destroyed the five cities with fire, if they are clerics be expelled from the clergy or confined in monasteries to do penance; if they are laymen they are to incur excommunication and be completely separated from the society of the faithful.让所有被发现的是谁非自然副为其神的忿怒下来后,不服从的儿子,破坏火的五个城市,如果他们是神职人员被驱逐出寺院僧侣或做忏悔局限于有罪,如果他们是普通人,他们要承担被逐出教会和完全的忠实社会分开。 If any cleric without clear and necessary cause presumes to frequent convents of nuns, let the bishop keep him away; and if he does not stop, let him be ineligible for an ecclesiastical benefice.如果没有任何明确的和必要的事业教士假设以频繁修道院的修女,让主教让他走,如果他不停止,让他为教会采邑不合格。

12. Clerics in the subdiaconate and above and also those in minor orders , if they are supported by ecclesiastical revenues, should not presume to become advocates in legal matters before a secular judge, unless they happen to be defending their own case or that of their church, or acting on behalf of the helpless who cannot conduct their own cases.12, 在subdiaconate教士及以上,并在这些小订单 ,如果它们是由教会的收入支持,不应假定成为一个世俗的前法官的法律事项主张,除非他们碰巧是保卫自己的情况或他们的教堂,或在无奈谁也无法进行自己的情况下代表。 Let clerics not presume to take upon themselves the management of towns or even secular jurisdiction under princes or seculars so as to become their ministers of justice.让教士不要以为到时自己取的城镇管理,甚至在世俗诸侯或seculars管辖权,从而成为其司法部长。If anyone dares to act contrary to this decree, and so contrary to the teaching of the Apostle who says, No soldier of God gets entangled in secular affairs , and acts as a man of this world, let him be deprived of ecclesiastical ministry, on the grounds that neglecting his duty as a cleric he plunges into the waves of this world to please its princes.如果有人胆敢违背这一法令,因此违背了教学的使徒说谁,没有得到神的士兵在世俗事务的纠缠 ,而作为这个世界的人的行为,让他被剥夺的教会事工上,理由是忽视自己的职责作为一名神职人员,他到这个世界的波暴跌讨好的诸侯。We decree in the strictest terms that any religious who presumes to attempt any of the above-mentioned things should be punished.我们在严格的法令条款,任何宗教谁假设,试图对上述任何事情应该受到惩罚。

13. 13。Because some, setting no limit to their avarice, strive to obtain several ecclesiastical dignities and several parish churches contrary to the decrees of the holy canons, so that though they are scarcely able to fulfil one office sufficiently they claim the revenues of very many, we strictly forbid this for the future.因为一些设置没有限制他们的贪婪,力争取得若干教会尊严和几个教区教堂违背法令的神圣大炮,所以,虽然他们很少能够充分履行一个办公室,他们声称很多的收入,我们严禁对未来的这一点。 Therefore when it is necessary to entrust a church or ecclesiastical ministry to anyone, the person sought for this office should be of such a kind that he is able to reside in the place and exercise his care for it himself.因此,当有必要委托教堂或教会部的人,该办公室要求的人应该是这样一种他能居住的地方 ,并为它行使自己的照顾。If the contrary is done both he who receives it is to be deprived of it, because he has received it contrary to the sacred canons, and he who gave it is to lose his power of bestowing it.如果相反,他是谁做都接收它就是被它剥夺,因为他已收到它违背了神圣的大炮,他是谁给它失去他的赐予它的力量。

14. 14。Because the ambition of some has now gone to such lengths that they are said to hold not two or three but six or more churches, and since they cannot devote the proper care to two, we order, through our brethren and most dear fellow bishops, that this be corrected, and with regard to this pluralism, so contrary to the canons, and which gives rise to loose conduct and instability, and causes definite danger to the souls of those who are able to serve the churches worthily, it is our wish to relieve their want by ecclesiastical benefices.由于一些野心已经去了,他们说,持有而不是两个或三个,但六个或更多的教堂这样的长度,而且由于他们无法拨出适当的照顾到两个,我们的顺序,通过我们的兄弟和最亲爱的主教,这是纠正,并对此多元化,因此违背了教规,并产生了松动的行为和不稳定,造成一定的危险,那些谁能够为教会抱负的灵魂,它是我们的心愿以纾缓教会benefices他们想要的。 Further, since some of the laity have become so bold that disregarding the authority of bishops they appoint clerics to churches and even remove them when they wish, and distribute the property and other goods of the church for the most part according to their own wishes, and even dare to burden the churches themselves and their people with taxes and impositions, we decree that those who from now on are guilty of such conduct are to be punished by anathema.此外,由于一些俗人已经变得如此大胆的无视主教的权威,他们教会任命的神职人员,甚至删除他们时,他们的愿望,并分发了大部分的财产和其他货物的教会根据自己的意愿,甚至不敢负担教会他们自己和与税收和强加他们的人,我们的法令,那些从现在开始谁是有罪的这种行为是被诅咒的惩罚。

Priests or clerics who receive the charge of a church from the hands of lay persons {11 }, without the authority of their own bishop, are to be deprived of communion, and if they persist, they are to be deposed from the ecclesiastical ministry and order.牧师或神职人员谁接收来自非法律专业人士{11}手中的一所教堂负责而不对自己的主教的权威,将被剥夺的共融,如果他们坚持,他们将被废黜从教会事工和秩序。 We firmly decree that because some of the laity force ecclesiastics and even bishops to come before their courts, those who presume to do so in the future are to be separated from the communion of the faithful.我们坚决法令,因为俗人力教区主教,甚至一些来之前他们的法院,谁相信那些做在将来将被从忠实共融分离。 Further we forbid lay persons, who hold tithes to the danger of their souls, to transfer them in any way {12 } to other lay persons.再者,我们禁止非法律专业人士,谁持有什一税给他们的灵魂的危险,以任何方式转让{12}他们其他人打好。 If anyone receives them and does not hand them over to the church, let him be deprived of christian burial.任何人如收到他们并没有交给教会,让他被剥夺的基督教墓地。

15. 15。Although in duties of charity we are especially under obligation to those from whom we know we have received a gift, on the contrary certain clerics , after receiving many goods from their churches , have presumed to transfer these goods to other uses.虽然在我们的慈善工作,特别是对那些有义务从人,我们知道我们已收到一份礼物,相反某些神职人员收到他们的教会许多商品 ,都推定为转移这些货物作其他用途。We forbid this, knowing that it is also forbidden by ancient canons.我们禁止这样,知道它是由古代的大炮也被禁止。Therefore, as we wish to prevent damage to the churches, we order that such goods should remain under the control of the churches, whether the clerics die intestate or wish to bestow them upon others.因此,我们要防止损坏的教堂,我们为了这些物品应该继续由教会控制,无论是神职人员死亡遗嘱或希望别人赐给他们。Besides, since in certain places certain persons called deans are appointed for a fee and exercise episcopal jurisdiction for a sum of money, by the present decree we declare that those who in future presume to do this should be deprived of their office and the bishop shall lose the power of conferring this office.此外,由于在某些地方某些人称为院长的任期为费和一笔钱行使主教管辖现在的法令,我们宣布,那些谁在未来的假定要做到这一点应该被剥夺了他们的办公室和主教应失去了这个职位赋予的权力。

16. 16。Since in every church what is approved by the greater and senior {13 } part of the brethren should unhesitatingly be observed, it is a very serious and blameworthy matter that in certain churches a few persons, sometimes not so much for a good reason as for their own will, frequently prevent an election and do not allow the ecclesiastical appointment to go forward.由于每一个教会什么是大和高级{13}的弟兄们应该毫不犹豫地观察到部分认可,这是一个非常严重和难逃其责的问题作为一个很好的理由,在某些教会的几个人,有时没那么多自己的意志,防止频繁的选举,不要让教会任命前进。 Therefore we declare by the present decree that unless some reasonable objection is shown by the smaller and junior party, apart from an appeal, whatever is determined by the greater and senior {14 } part of the chapter should always prevail and should be put into effect.因此,我们宣布由目前的法令, 除非有合理的反对意见是由更小和初中党所示,除了上诉,无论是受大和高级{14}的部分章节决心要始终占上风,应该付诸实施。Nor let it stand in the way of our decree if someone perchance says that he is under oath to preserve the custom of his church.也让它在我们的政令方式的立场,如果有人或许说,他在宣誓是保存他的教会的习俗。For this is not to be called an oath but rather perjury, which is opposed to the advantage of the church and the decrees of the holy fathers.因为这是不被称为宣誓而是伪证,这是反对教会的优势和神圣的父亲法令。 If anyone presumes to maintain under oath such customs, which are neither supported by reason nor in accord with the sacred decrees, let him be denied the reception of the body of the Lord until he performs fit penance.如果有人假设维持在宣誓等习惯,这既不理性也不符合协议的神圣法令的支持,让他被剥夺了主的身体,直到他执行适合接待苦修。

17. 17。Since in certain places the founders of churches or their heirs abuse the power in which the church has supported them until now, and though there ought to be one superior in the church of God they nevertheless contrive to choose several without regard to subordination, and though there ought to be one rector in each church they nevertheless put forward several in order to protect their own interests; for these reasons we declare by the present decree that if the founders support several candidates, that one should be in charge of the church who is supported by greater merits and is chosen and approved by the consent of the greater number.由于在某些地方的教堂或他们的继承人的创始人滥用在其中教会一直支持到现在为止他们力量,虽然,就必须有一个在神的教会 ,他们不过发明选择不考虑从属几个优越 ,虽然有应该在每个教会他们仍然提出了一些以保护自己的利益之一校长;这些原因,我们从目前的法令宣布,如果创始人支持几个候选人,这应该是在教堂是谁负责支持更大的优点,选择和更多的同意批准。 If this cannot be done without scandal, let the bishop arrange in the manner that he sees best according to the will of God.如果不能这样做没有丑闻,让主教安排的方式,他认为最好根据神的旨意。He should also do this if the question of the right of patronage arises among several persons, and it has not been settled to whom it belongs within three {15 } months.他也应该这样做,如果对乘客权利的问题是几个人之间,并且一直没有得到解决,以它属于谁在三{15}个月。

18. 18。Since the church of God is bound to provide like a mother for those in want, with regard to both the things which concern the support of the body and those which lead to the progress of the soul, therefore, in order that the opportunity of learning to read and progress in study is not withdrawn from poor children who cannot be helped by the support of their parents, in every cathedral church a master is to be assigned some proper benefice so that he may teach the clerics of that church and the poor scholars. Thus the needs of the teacher are to be supplied and the way to knowledge opened for learners.由于神的教会必然要提供像一个在希望的母亲,关于它的东西都关注身体的支持,以及那些导致进步的灵魂,因此,为了使学生的学习机会阅读和进展的研究是没有撤出谁也不能由他们的父母的支持帮助贫困儿童, 在每一个大教堂主是要分配一些适当的采邑,使他可以教该教会神职人员和穷人学者因此对教师的需求是要提供知识和方法,为学习者打开。 In other churches and monasteries too, if anything in times past has been assigned in them for this purpose, it should be restored.在其他的教堂和修道院也一样,如果在过去任何时代已经在他们指定用于此目的,它应该恢复。Let no one demand any money for a licence to teach, or under cover of some custom seek anything from teachers, or forbid anyone to teach who is suitable and has sought a licence.不要让任何人的需求牌照教什么钱,或根据一些自定义封面寻求教师什么,或禁止任何人教谁是合适的,并已寻求许可。 Whoever presumes to act against this decree is to be deprived of ecclesiastical benefice.谁假定采取行动反对这项法令是要教会采邑的剥夺。Indeed, it seems only right that in the church of God a person should not have the fruit of his labour if through self-seeking he strives to prevent the progress of the churches by selling the licence to teach.事实上,似乎天经地义,在神的教会一个人不应该如果通过自我追求,他努力防止通过出售许可教的教堂进步,他的劳动成果。

19. 19。It is recognized as a very serious matter, as regards the sin of those who do it no less than the loss of those who suffer it, that in several parts of the world the governors and officials of cities, and others too who are seen to have power, often impose on churches so many burdens and oppress them with such heavy and frequent impositions, that under them the priesthood seems to be in a worse condition than it was under Pharaoh, who had no knowledge of the divine law.它被公认为是非常严重的事情,至于那些谁做不低于它的那些谁遭受的损失,这在世界一些地区的省长和城市,以及其他官员也看到谁是罪有权力,往往强加给教会这么多的负担和压迫等重型和频繁强加他们,根据他们的祭司似乎是在一个更坏的情况下比法老,谁没有了神圣的法律知识。 He indeed, though he reduced all others to slavery, left his priests and their possessions in their ancient freedom, and provided them with support from public funds.他的确,虽然他降低所有其他人奴役,留在他们古老的自由他的牧师和他们的财产,并提供公共资金支持。But these others impose burdens of nearly every kind upon the churches and afflict them with so many exactions that the lamentation of Jeremiah seems to apply to them, The prince of provinces has become a tributary.但这些别人强加给教会的几乎每一种负担和折磨有这么多的横征暴敛的耶利米哀歌似乎适用于他们的他们,王子的省份已成为一条支流。 For whenever they think that entrenchments or expeditions or anything else should be made, they wish that almost everything should be seized from the goods assigned to the use of churches, clerics and Christ's poor .对于每当他们认为壕沟或探险,或其他任何应,他们希望几乎一切都应该从分配给教会,神职人员和基督的穷人使用货物扣押。

They even so reduce the jurisdiction and authority of bishops and other prelates that these seem to retain no power over their own subjects.他们甚至因此减少了主教,而这些似乎保留了自己的学科没有其他主教管辖权力和权威But though we must in this matter grieve for the churches, we must grieve none the less for those who seem to have utterly cast aside the fear of God and respect for the ecclesiastical order.但是,尽管我们必须在这个教会事伤心,我们必须为那些谁没有悲伤似乎已经完全抛开了教会的命令对上帝的敬畏和尊重少。 Therefore we strictly forbid them under pain of anathema to attempt such acts in future, unless the bishop and clergy see the need or advantage to be so great that they believe that where the means of the laity are insufficient, aid should be given voluntarily by the churches to relieve common needs.因此,我们严格禁止的诅咒下,试图在未来的这种行为,除非主教和神职人员认为有需要或优势是如此之大,他们认为那里的俗人的手段是不够的痛他们,援助应给予自愿的教堂,以纾缓共同需要。 But if in future officials or others presume to continue such practices and after warning refuse to stop, let both them and their supporters know that they are excommunicated, and let them not be restored to the communion of the faithful unless they make due satisfaction.但是,如果假定在未来的官员或其他人继续这种做法,并警告后拒不停止,让他们和他们的支持者都知道他们是逐出教会,并让他们无法还原到的忠实的共融,除非他们做出应有的满意度。

20. 20。Following the footsteps of our predecessors of happy memory, popes Innocent and Eugenius, we forbid those abominable jousts and fairs, which are commonly called tournaments, in which knights come together by agreement and rashly engage in showing off their physical prowess and daring, and which often result in human deaths and danger to souls.继快乐的记忆前人的足迹,教皇英诺森和叶夫根尼,我们禁止这些可恶jousts和交易会,即我们俗称的比赛,其中骑士走到一起通过协议和草率从事炫耀自己的身体实力和大胆,这往往会造成人类死亡和危险的灵魂。 If any of them dies on these occasions, although forgiveness {16 } is not to be denied him when he requests it, he is to be deprived of a church burial.如果其中任何死在这些场合,虽然宽恕{16}是不能否认他时,他请求了,他是要剥夺一个教堂墓地。

21. 21。We decree that truces are to be inviolably observed by all from after sunset on Wednesday until sunrise on Monday, and from Advent until the octave of the Epiphany, and from Septuagesima until the octave of Easter.我们法令, 停火要inviolably观察周三从日出后到日落都在星期一,从临直到顿悟八度,并从Septuagesima直到复活节八度。 If anyone tries to break the truce, and he does not comply after the third warning, let his bishop pronounce sentence of excommunication and communicate his decision in writing to the neighbouring bishops.如果有人试图打破休战,他不符合之后的第三次警告,让他的主教逐出教会句子的发音和沟通,以书面向邻近的主教,他的决定。 Moreover, let no bishop receive into communion the excommunicated person, but rather let him confirm the sentence received in writing.此外,不要让任何主教共融收到驱逐的人,而是让他以书面确认收到的句子。If anyone presumes to infringe this, he will do so at the risk of his position.如果任何人侵犯这个假设,他将这样做在他的位置的风险。 Since a threefold cord is not quickly broken, we enjoin bishops, having regard only for God and the salvation of the people, and laying aside all timidity, to furnish each other with mutual counsel and help towards firmly maintaining peace, and not to omit this duty by reason of any affection or aversion.由于三重线不容易折断,我们责成主教,不必只为上帝和人民的拯救方面,并搁置所有胆怯,向其提供与律师相互相互帮助实现坚决维护和平,而不是省略此税的任何感情或反感的原因。 For if anyone is found to be lukewarm in the work of God, let him incur the loss of his dignity.因为如果任何人被发现是在神的工作不冷不热,让他招致了他的尊严的丧失。

22. 22。We renew our decree that priests, monks, clerics, lay brothers, merchants and peasants, in their coming and going and their work on the land, and the animals which carry seeds to the field, should enjoy proper security, and that nobody should impose on anyone new demands for tolls , without the approval of kings and princes, or renew those already imposed or in any way increase the old.我们重申我们的法令,牧师,僧侣,神职人员,奠定兄弟,商人和农民,在他们来来去去和他们的土地上工作,并进行种子的动物,到外地,应享有适当的安全,而且没有人应征收对任何人的通行费新的要求,未经批准的国王和王子,或更新已经开始征收或以任何方式增加老的人。 If anyone presumes to act against this decree and does not stop after warning, let him be deprived of christian society until he makes satisfaction.如果有人假设采取行动反对这项法令,并不会停止后警告,让他成为基督教社会剥夺,直到他做的满意度。

23. 23。Although the Apostles says that we should pay greater honour to our weaker members, certain ecclesiastics, seeking what is their own and not the things of Jesus Christ, do not allow lepers , who cannot dwell with the healthy or come to church with others, to have their own churches and cemeteries or to be helped by the ministry of their own priests.虽然使徒说,我们应该更多地履行我们的较弱的成员,一些神职人员,寻求什么是自己的,而不是耶稣基督的事,不要让麻风病人 ,谁也不会纠缠与健康或与其他人来教会,有自己的教堂和墓地或将自己的牧师部帮助。Since it is recognized that this is far from christian piety, we decree, in accordance with apostolic charity, that wherever so many are gathered together under a common way of life that they are able to establish a church for themselves with a cemetery and rejoice in their own priest, they should be allowed to have them without contradiction.既然是公认的,这是远从基督教的虔诚,我们的法令,在与使徒慈善机构的规定,即只要有那么多人聚集在一个共同的生活方式,他们能够建立一个公墓为自己教会和飘柔在了一起自己的牧师,就应该允许有没有矛盾的。 Let them take care, however, not to harm in any way the parochial rights of established churches.让他们照顾,然而,不伤害任何方式建立的教会的狭隘的权利。For we do not wish that what is granted them on the score of piety should result in harm to others.因为我们不希望,什么是授予对他们的虔诚得分应在伤害他人的结果。We also declare that they should not be compelled to pay tithes for their gardens or the pasture of animals.我们还宣布,他们不应被迫支付他们的花园或动物的牧场什一税。

24. 24。Cruel avarice has so seized the hearts of some that though they glory in the name of Christians they provide the Saracens with arms and wood for helmets, and become their equals or even their superiors in wickedness and supply them with arms and necessaries to attack Christians.有这么残忍贪婪的心抓住一些,虽然他们的辉煌在他们的基督徒提供武器和头盔木撒拉逊人,并成为他们等于甚至邪恶上级和生活必需品供应武器和攻击基督徒他们的名字。 There are even some who for gain act as captains or pilots in galleys or Saracen pirate vessels.甚至有一些谁的收益或作为船长在厨房或撒拉逊海盗船的飞行员的行为。Therefore we declare that such persons should be cut off from the communion of the church and be excommunicated for their wickedness, that catholic princes and civil magistrates should confiscate their possessions, and that if they are captured they should become the slaves of their captors.因此,我们声明,这些人应该被切断从教会共融,并为他们驱逐邪恶,即天主教王子和民事裁判应该没收他们的财产,而且如果他们抓获,他们应该成为他们的俘虏的奴隶。 We order that throughout the churches of maritime cities frequent and solemn excommunication should be pronounced against them.我们为了在整个海上城市频繁而庄严的教堂逐出教会应该对他们的宣判。Let those also be under excommunication who dare to rob Romans or other Christians who sail for trade or other honourable purposes.让那些还受到逐出教会罗马人谁也不敢抢劫或其他基督徒谁出海贸易或其他议员的目的。Let those also who in the vilest avarice presume to rob shipwrecked Christians, whom by the rule of faith they are bound to help, know that they are excommunicated unless they return the stolen property.让那些还谁在最卑鄙贪婪假定抢劫遇船难者的基督徒,他们的信仰规则就必然要帮助,知道他们逐出教会,除非他们归还失物。

25. 25。Nearly everywhere the crime of usury has become so firmly rooted that many, omitting other business, practise usury as if it were permitted, and in no way observe how it is forbidden in both the Old and New Testament.几乎在所有地区的高利贷犯罪已经变得如此深入人心,许多,省略其他业务,实践高利贷就好像它是允许的,而绝不是观察它是如何同时在旧约和新约禁止。 We therefore declare that notorious usurers should not be admitted to communion of the altar or receive christian burial if they die in this sin.因此,我们宣布, 臭名昭著的高利贷者不应被接纳为坛交流或接受基督教墓地,如果他们死在这罪。Whoever receives them or gives them christian burial should be compelled to give back what he has received, and let him remain suspended from the performance of his office until he has made satisfaction according to the judgment of his own bishop.谁收到他们或让他们基督教墓地应该被强迫给回他已收到,并让他留在他的办公室表现挂起,直到他满意了根据他自己的主教的判断。

26. Jews and Saracens are not to be allowed to have christian servants in their houses, either under pretence of nourishing their children or for service or any other reason.26。 犹太人和这部电影没有被允许在他们的房子基督教的滋补下任公务员子女的幌子或服务或任何其他原因。 Let those be excommunicated who presume to live with them.让那些被驱逐谁相信他们住在一起。We declare that the evidence of Christians is to be accepted against Jews in every case, since Jews employ their own witnesses against Christians, and that those who prefer Jews to Christians in this matter are to lie under anathema, since Jews ought to be subject to Christians and to be supported by them on grounds of humanity alone.我们声明,对基督徒的证据被接受针对犹太人在任何情况下,由于雇用犹太人对基督徒自己的证人,而那些谁愿意在这个问题上的犹太人基督徒都在说谎,因为犹太人的诅咒,应该受到基督徒和由他们支持人类的理由孤单。 If any by the inspiration of God are converted to the christian faith, they are in no way to be excluded from their possessions, since the condition of converts ought to be better than before their conversion.如果由神启示的任何转换为​​基督教信仰,他们在没有从他们的财产排除方法,因为转换的条件应该比以前更好的转换。 If this is not done, we enjoin on the princes and rulers of these places, under penalty of excommunication, the duty to restore fully to these converts the share of their inheritance and goods.如果不这样做,我们责成有关王子和这些地方的统治者,绝罚罚下,有义务全面恢复这些转换的继承和商品的份额。

27. 27。As St. Leo says, though the discipline of the church should be satisfied with the judgment of the priest and should not cause the shedding of blood, yet it is helped by the laws of catholic princes so that people often seek a salutary remedy when they fear that a corporal punishment will overtake them.正如圣利奥说,尽管教会的纪律应该满足于牧师的判断,而不应造成流血,但它是由天主教诸侯的法律帮助,使人们往往寻求有益的补救时,害怕一个体罚会追上他们。 For this reason, since in Gascony and the regions of Albi and Toulouse and in other places the loathsome heresy of those whom some call the Cathars , others the Patarenes , others the Publicani , and others by different names, has grown so strong that they no longer practise their wickedness in secret, as others do, but proclaim their error publicly and draw the simple and weak to join them, we declare that they and their defenders and those who receive them are under anathema, and we forbid under pain of anathema that anyone should keep or support them in their houses or lands or should trade with them.出于这个原因,因为在加斯科尼和阿尔比和图卢兹地区和其他地方的那些人一些调用卡特里派教徒 ,别人Patarenes,别人Publicani,并通过不同的名字别人讨厌的异端,已经变得如此强烈,他们没有再实践自己的秘密邪恶,因为别人做的,但公开宣称自己的错误并绘制简单和薄弱加入他们的行列,我们宣布,他们和他们的捍卫者和那些谁接待他们的诅咒下,我们禁止在痛苦的诅咒任何人都应该保留或支持他们的房屋或土地,或应与他们的贸易。 If anyone dies in this sin, then neither under cover of our privileges granted to anyone, nor for any other reason, is mass to be offered for them or are they to receive burial among Christians.如果有人在这罪死了,然后既不是根据我们的权限授予任何人支付,也没有为任何其他原因,是群众要为他们提供或接受他们之间的基督徒墓地。

With regard to the Brabanters, Aragonese, Navarrese, Basques, Coterelli and Triaverdini {17 }, who practise such cruelty upon Christians that they respect neither churches nor monasteries, and spare neither widows, orphans, old or young nor any age or sex, but like pagans destroy and lay everything waste, we likewise decree that those who hire, keep or support them, in the districts where they rage around, should be denounced publicly on Sundays and other solemn days in the churches, that they should be subject in every way to the same sentence and penalty as the above-mentioned heretics and that they should not be received into the communion of the church, unless they abjure their pernicious society and heresy.关于Brabanters,阿拉贡,纳瓦拉,巴斯克人,Coterelli和Triaverdini {17},谁在实践基督徒,他们既不尊重也不修道院教堂,和备件既不寡妇,孤儿,老,少,也没有年龄或性别等的残酷性,但像异教徒摧毁奠定一切浪费,我们同样的法令,那些谁聘用,保持或支持他们在周围,他们的愤怒,应该受到谴责,星期日及其他庄严天公开在教堂地区,他们应该在每一个主题方法相同的句子和上面提到的异端,他们不应该接收到教会的共融,除非他们郑重放弃其流毒社会和异端的惩罚。 As long as such people persist in their wickedness, let all who are bound to them by any pact know that they are free from all obligations of loyalty, homage or any obedience.只要坚持这样的人在他们的罪恶,让所有谁是遵守任何协议给他们知道,他们是从忠诚,尊敬服从的所有义务或任何自由。 On these {18 } and on all the faithful we enjoin, for the remission of sins, that they oppose this scourge with all their might and by arms protect the christian people against them.在这些{18}和我们责成所有信徒,为缓解的罪孽,他们反对一切可能他们的武器保护这一祸害人民对他们的基督教Their goods are to be confiscated and princes free to subject them to slavery .他们的货物将被没收,诸侯自由受他们奴役

Those who in true sorrow for their sins die in such a conflict should not doubt that they will receive forgiveness for their sins and the fruit of an eternal reward.这些谁真正在为他们的罪死在悲哀这样的冲突不应该怀疑,他们将获得宽恕他们的罪孽和一个永恒的奖励成果。We too trusting in the mercy of God and the authority of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, grant to faithful Christians who take up arms against them, and who on the advice of bishops or other prelates seek to drive them out, a remission for two years of penance imposed on them, or, if their service shall be longer, we entrust it to the discretion of the bishops, to whom this task has been committed, to grant greater indulgence, according to their judgment, in proportion to the degree of their toil.我们也相信在上帝的怜悯和祝福使徒彼得和保罗,授予权力,忠实的基督徒谁对他们拿起武器,和谁在主教的主教或其他建议寻求把他们赶出,一两减免多年的忏悔强加给他们,或者,如果他们的服务应越长,我们赋予它的自由裁量权的主教,向谁一直致力于这项工作,给予更大的放纵,根据自己的判断,按比例的程度他们的辛劳。 We command that those who refuse to obey the exhortation of the bishops in this matter should not be allowed to receive the body and blood of the Lord.我们的命令,那些拒绝服从谁在这件事情的主教告诫不应该被允许接受身体和主的血。

Meanwhile we receive under the protection of the church, as we do those who visit the Lord's sepulchre, those who fired by their faith have taken upon themselves the task of driving out these heretics, and we decree that they should remain undisturbed from all disquiet both in their property and persons.与此同时,我们收到下教会的保护,我们做那些谁访问主的坟墓,那些谁被他们的信仰发射已在他们自己采取了驱逐这些异端的任务,我们的法令,他们应该保持所有的不安都不受干扰在他们的财产和人员。 If any of you presumes to molest them, he shall incur the sentence of excommunication from the bishop of the place, and let the sentence be observed by all until what has been taken away has been restored and suitable satisfaction has been made for the loss inflicted.如果你对任何假定骚扰他们,他应受到从地方主教的绝罚句子,让句子被所有观察到了什么被带走已经恢复和适当的满意度已经造成的损失作出。 Bishops and priests who do not resist such wrongs are to be punished by loss of their office until they gain the pardon of the apostolic see.主教和神父谁不抵制这种不法行为,将由他们离职的处罚,直到他们获得赦免的使徒见。


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    Introduction and translation taken from Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils , ed.介绍和翻译取自法令的基督教议会 ,版。Norman P. Tanner.诺曼P.坦纳。

    Fourth Lateran Council - 1215 AD第四次拉特兰会议 - 1215 AD

    Advanced Information先进的信息


    1. Confession of Faith信仰告白
    2. On the error of abbot Joachim在错误的住持约阿希姆
    3. On Heretics在异端
    4. On the pride of the Greeks towards the Latins对希腊人对拉丁人的骄傲
    5. The dignity of the patriarchal sees而看到的宗法尊严
    6. On yearly provincial councils在每年的省议会
    7. The correction of offences and the reform of morals该犯罪矫正和道德改革
    8. On inquests在研讯
    9. On different rites within the same faith在同一信仰不同仪式
    10. On appointing preachers关于任命传教士
    11. On schoolmasters for the poor在为穷人校长
    12. On general chapters of monks在僧侣一般章节
    13. A prohibition against new religious orders一项针对新的宗教命令禁止
    14. Clerical incontinence文书失禁
    15. Clerical gluttony and drunkeness文书暴食和drunkeness
    16. Decorum in the dress and behaviour of clerics在着装和礼仪的神职人员的行为
    17. Dissolute prelates荒淫主教
    18. Clerics to dissociate from shedding-blood牧师游离于脱落血
    19. That profane objects may not be stored in churches这亵渎的对象可能不会被储存在教堂
    20. Chrism and the Eucharist to be kept under lock and keyChrism和被锁和钥匙存放在圣体
    21. On yearly confession to one's own priest, yearly communion, the confessional seal在每年表白自己的牧师,每年共融,密封的自白
    22. Physicians of the body to advise patients to call physicians of the soul身体的医生建议患者打电话给医生的灵魂
    23. Churches are to be without a prelate for no more than 3 months要教会没有主教无超过3个月
    24. Democratic election of pastors民主选举的牧师
    25. Invalid elections选举无效
    26. Nominees for prelatures to be carefully screened为prelatures代理人要仔细甄别
    27. Candidates for the priesthood to be carefully trained and scrutinized为圣职的候选人进行认真培训和审核
    28. Who asks to resign must resign谁要求辞职必须辞职
    29. Multiple benefices require papal dispensation多benefices要求教皇豁免
    30. Penalties for bestowing ecclesiatical benefices on the unworthy处罚赐予的不肖ecclesiatical benefices
    31. Canons' sons cannot be canons where their fathers are卡农的儿子不能在他们的父亲是大炮
    32. Parish priests to have adequate incomes教区司铎,有足够的收入
    33. Renumeration for visitations to be reasonable对于探视的薪酬是合理的
    34. Prelates forbidden to procure ecclesiastical services at a profit禁止采购主教在教会服务的利润
    35. On appeal procedures在上诉程序
    36. On interlocutory sentences在中间的句子
    37. On Summons by Apostolic Letter在使徒信经传票
    38. Written records of trials to be kept审判的书面记录,以保持
    39. On knowingly receiving stolen goods在明知接收赃物
    40. True owner is the true possessor even if not possessing the object for a year真正的主人是真正的拥有者即使不具备的一年对象
    41. No one is to knowingly prescribe an object to the wrong party没有人是故意开错方向对象
    42. Clerics and laity are not to usurp each others rights神职人员和俗人是不是要取代对方的权利
    43. Clerics cannot be forced to take oaths of fealty to those from whom they hold no temporalities牧师不能被迫采取的忠诚宣誓,从他们所持有那些无时间性
    44. Only clerics may dispose of church property只有神职人员可以教会财产处置
    45. Penalties for patrons who steal church goods or physically harm their clerics谁偷教堂为顾客商品或身体伤害他们的神职人员的罚则
    46. Taxes cannot be levied on the Church, but the Church can volunteer contributions for the common good税不能征收的教会,但教会可以自愿为公益捐款
    47. On unjust excommunication在不公正的禁教
    48. Challenging an ecclesiastical judge具有挑战性的一个教会法官
    49. Penalties for excommunication out of avarice为禁教的处罚出贪婪
    50. Prohibition of marriage is now perpetually restricted to the fourth degree禁止结婚现在永远限制在第四度
    51. Clandestine marriages forbidden禁止秘密结婚
    52. On rejecting evidence from hearsay at a matrimonial suit在拒绝从传闻在婚姻诉讼证据
    53. On those who give their fields to others to be cultivated so as to avoid tithes在这些谁给他们的田地给别人耕种,以避免什一税
    54. Tithes should be paid before taxes什一税应支付税前
    55. Tithes are to be paid on lands acquired, notwithstanding privileges什一税的支付收购土地上,尽管特权,
    56. A parish priest shall not lose a tithe on account of some people making a pact教区神职人员不得失去对一些人的帐户作出协议十分之一
    57. Interpreting the words of privileges解释的权限的话
    58. On the same in favour of bishops在相同的主教青睐
    59. Religious cannot give surety without permission of his abbot and convent宗教不能给他的方丈无担保的权限和修道院
    60. Abbots not to encroach on episcopal office方丈不染指主教办公室
    61. Religious may not receive tithes from lay hands宗教可能不会收到来自扪什一税
    62. Regarding saint's relics关于圣人的遗物
    63. On simony在买卖圣职
    64. Simony with regards to monks and nuns西摩尼与问候僧侣和尼姑
    65. Simony and extortion西摩尼和勒索
    66. Simony and avarice in clerics西摩尼和贪婪的教士
    67. Jews and excessive Usury犹太人和过度高利贷
    68. Jews appearing in public犹太人在公众中出现
    69. Jews not to hold public offices犹太人不担任公职
    70. Jewish converts may not retain their old rite犹太人的转换可能不保留旧仪式
    71. Crusade to recover the holy Land远征恢复圣地


    During the pontificate of Innocent III (1198-1216) there appears to have occurred much growth in the reform of the church and in its freedom from subservience to the empire as well as in the primacy of the bishop of Rome and in the summoning of ecclesiastical business to the Roman curia.期间, 英诺森三世 (1198年至1216年),教皇似乎都发生在教会的改革,并在其自由太大的增长,从屈从于帝国以及在罗马主教的首要地位和在教会的召唤业务向罗马教廷。 Innocent himself, turning his whole mind to the things of God, strove to build up the christian community.无辜的自己,把他的整个心灵神的事,努力建立基督教社区。Spiritual things, and therefore the church, were to have first place in this endeavour; so that human affairs were to be dependent upon, and to draw their justification from, such considerations.精神性的东西,因此,教会,要在这项工作首位,因此,人类的大事,必须依赖于和借鉴,这样的考虑他们的理由。

    The council may therefore be regarded as a great summary of the pontiff's work and also as his greatest initiative.安理会可能因此被视为教宗的工作带来极大的总结,也可以作为他最大的主动权。He was not able, however, to bring it to completion since he died shortly afterwards (1216) .他不能,但是,把它完成,因为他去世后不久(1216)。Christian disasters in the holy Land probably provided the occasion for Innocent to call the council.在基督教圣地提供灾害可能对无辜致电议会的场合。Thus the pontiff ordered a new crusade to be proclaimed.因此,教皇下令将宣布新的十字军东征。But he also used the crusade as an instrument of ecclesiastical administration, combined with reform of the church, namely in a fierce war against heretics which he thought would restore ecclesiastical society.但他也被用来作为一种行政手段相结合教会与教会的改革,反对异端,他认为将恢复教会社会激烈的战争即讨伐。

    The council was summoned on 19 April 1213 to meet in November 1215.本会于1213年4月19日召见,以满足1215年11月。All the bishops and abbots of the church as well as priors and even (which was new) chapters of churches and of religious orders -- namely Cistercians, Premonstratensians, Hospitallers and Templars -- and the kings and civil authorities throughout Europe were invited.所有的主教和教会以及先验方丈,甚至(这是新的)的教堂和宗教订单章 - 即熙,Premonstratensians,Hospitallers和圣殿 - 与国王和整个欧洲民用当局邀请。The bishops were explicitly asked to propose topics for discussion at the council, something which does not seem to have happened at the preceding Lateran councils.主教们提出了明确要求在安理会讨论的话题,一些本不似乎已经在前面的拉特兰议会发生的事情。This was done by the legates who had been dispatched throughout Europe to preach the crusade.这样做的谁已遍及欧洲派出宣讲讨伐使节。In each province only one or two bishops were allowed to remain at home; all the rest were ordered to be present.在每个省只有一两个主教被允许留在家里,所有其余被勒令存在。The purposes of the council were clearly set forth by Innocent himself : "to eradicate vices and to plant virtues, to correct faults and to reform morals, to remove heresies and to strengthen faith, to settle discords and to establish peace, to get rid of oppression and to foster liberty, to induce princes and christian people to come to the aid and succour of the holy Land. " .理事会的目的是明确提出自己的无辜:“铲除邪恶和工厂美德,纠正错误,改革道德,消除异端邪说,加强信心,解决龃龉,建立和平,摆脱压迫和促进自由,诱使王子和基督教的人前来援助和救助的圣地 “。It seems that when Innocent summoned the council he wished to observe the customs of the early ecumenical councils, and indeed this fourth Lateran council was regarded as an ecumenical council by all learned and religious men of the age.看来,当无辜的召唤,他希望安理会观察早期合一议会习俗,实际上这是第四次拉特兰会议认为作为一个大公会议通过的年龄都学会和宗教的人。

    When the council began in the Lateran basilica in November 1215 there were present 404 bishops from throughout the western church, and from the Latin eastern church a large number of abbots, canons and representatives of the secular power.当安理会在拉特兰教堂在1215年11月开始有404人出席,从整个西方教会的主教,以及从拉美东部教堂的住持,大炮和大量世俗权力的代表。 No Greeks were present, even those invited, except the patriarch of the Maronites and a legate of the patriarch of Alexandria.希腊人没有人出席,甚至那些邀请,除马龙派教徒的族长和族长的特使亚历山大。The bond with the Greek church was indeed neglected, and matters became more serious through the actions of Latin bishops living in the east or through the decrees of the council.与希腊教会债券确实忽视,问题成为通过生活在东部的拉丁主教的行动或通过议会法令更为严重。

    The council began on 11 November with the pontiff's sermon.该委员会11月11日开始与教宗的讲道。He was especially looking for a religious outcome to the council.他特别找了宗教的结果向安理会。Soon, however secular matters and power politics came to the fore.很快,然而世俗事务和强权政治来到脱颖而出。At the second session (on 20 November) the struggle for the empire between Frederick II and Otto IV was brought before the council and gave rise to a bitter and contentious debate.在第二次会议(11月20日)为腓特烈二世和奥托之间的第四帝国的斗争被提交安理会,并引起了激烈的辩论和争议。This affected the nature of the council in a way that had not been foreseen and revealed a certain ineffectiveness in Innocent's plans for governing the church.这影响了该局在一个没有被预见,并透露在为治理教会无辜的计划一定无效方式的性质。Finally, the third session (on 30 November) was devoted to reading and approving the constitutions, which were proposed by the pontiff himself.最后,第三次会议(11月3​​0日)是专门用于阅读和批准的宪法,它是由教皇本人提出的。The last decree dealt with preparations for a crusade -- "Jesus Christ's business" -- and fixed 1 June 1217 for its start, though this was prevented by the pontiff's death.最后法令处理了讨伐的准备 - “耶稣基督的业务” - 与固定1217年6月1日为开始,虽然这是由教皇去世预防。

    The seventy constitutions would seem to give proof of the council's excellent results.第七宪法似乎给安理会的优异成绩证明。The work of Innocent appears clearly in them even though they were probably not directly composed by him.无辜的工作出现在他们清楚,即使他们可能不是直接由他组成。He regarded them as universal laws and as a summary of the jurisdiction of his pontificate.他认为普遍规律,并作为他的教皇管辖总结他们。Few links with earlier councils survive, those with the third Lateran council being the only relevant ones of which we know.与早期的议会几个环节生存,与第三拉特兰议会是唯一的,我们知道有关的人。


    The constitutions were first edited by Cr 2 (1538) CLXv-CLXXIIv, the text of which was used in Cr 2 (1551) 946-967, Su 3 (1567) 735-756, and Bn 3/2 (1606) 1450-1465.首次编辑的宪法由CR 2(1538)CLXv - CLXXIIv,其在CR 2(1551)946-967,苏3(1567)735-756使用的文本,和Bn 3 / 2(1606)1450 - 1465。Roman editors produced a more accurate edition (Rm 4 [1612] 43-63) , collating the common text "with manuscript codices from the Vatican".罗马编辑制作了一个更准确的版本(4室[1612] 43-63),整理“从梵蒂冈的手稿抄本”的共同文字。Rm was followed by Bn 3/2 (1618) 682-696 and ER 28 (1644) 154-225.其次是室十亿3 / 2(1618)682-696和ER 28(1644)154-225。LC 11/1 (1671) 142-233 provided a text "in Greek and Latin from a Mazarin codex" (=M) with various readings from a d'Achery codex (=A) .立法会11 / 1(1671)142-233提供“从马萨林抄本在希腊和拉丁 ”(= M)与从D' Achery法典(= A)各种读数一文。The Greek translation, however, which LC had thought to be contemporary, does not provide a complete text and was taken from a later codex.希腊翻译,不过,这已被认为是LC当代,没有提供完整的文本,是从后来抄本措施。 LC was followed by Hrd 7 (1714) 15-78, Cl 13 (1730) 927-1018, and Msi 22 (1778) 981-1068. LC其次是人力资源开发7(1714)15-78,氯13(1730)927-1018,和MSI 22(1778)981-1068。There are many surviving manuscripts of the constitutions, as has been shown by Garcia, who is preparing a critical edition.有许多幸存的宪法手稿,如已被加西亚,谁准备的关键版所示。That is to say, twenty manuscripts containing the constitutions and twelve others containing the constitutions together with commentaries; and probably there are others which are not yet known.这就是说,二十手稿包含12人的宪法和含有评论的宪法在一起,并有可能是别人还不知道。The constitutions were taken into Compilatio IV, except 42 and [71], and into Decretalia of Gregory IX, except 42, 49 and [71]. The present edition follows the Roman edition, but all the variant readings that have so far been brought to light by scholars have been cited with {n} referring to the endnotes.该宪法被带到Compilatio四,除42和[71],并进入格雷戈里九Decretalia,除42,49和[71], 目前的版本如下罗马版,但所有的变体,迄今带来的读数轻学者被引用与{N}指的是尾注。


    1. Confession of Faith1。 供认的信仰

    We firmly believe and simply confess that there is only one true God, eternal and immeasurable, almighty, unchangeable, incomprehensible and ineffable, Father, Son and holy Spirit, three persons but one absolutely simple essence, substance or nature {1} .我们坚信,只是承认只有一个真神,永恒的和无法估量的,万能的,不可改变的,不可理解的和不可言喻的,圣父,圣子和圣灵,三个人只有一个绝对简单的本质,物质或性质{1}。 The Father is from none, the Son from the Father alone, and the holy Spirit from both equally, eternally without beginning or end; the Father generating, the Son being born, and the holy Spirit proceeding; consubstantial and coequal, co-omnipotent and coeternal; one principle of all things, creator of all things invisible and visible, spiritual and corporeal; who by his almighty power at the beginning of time created from nothing both spiritual and corporeal creatures, that is to say angelic and earthly, and then created human beings composed as it were of both spirit and body in common.父是从没有,从单纯的儿子的父亲,并从两者同样,永远没有开始或结束圣灵;父生成,出生的儿子,和圣灵出发,同质和同等,共同无所不能, coeternal;一个原则万物,万物的创造者和有形无形的,精神和肉体,谁在他从精神和肉体都没有生物,也就是说天使和地上的创建时开始全能的电源,然后创建人类组成的,因为它无论精神和身体都在共同的。 The devil and other demons were created by God naturally good, but they became evil by their own doing.魔鬼和其他恶魔被上帝创造的自然好,但他们成为他们自己做的恶。Man, however, sinned at the prompting of the devil.人,但是,犯了罪在魔鬼提示。

    This holy Trinity, which is undivided according to its common essence but distinct according to the properties of its persons, gave the teaching of salvation to the human race through Moses and the holy prophets and his other servants, according to the most appropriate disposition of the times.这个神圣的三位一体,这是不可分割的根据其共同的本质,但要根据其不同的人的属性,给拯救教学,通过摩西和神圣的先知和他的其他人员人类,按最适当的处置倍。 Finally the only-begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, who became incarnate by the action of the whole Trinity in common and was conceived from the ever virgin Mary through the cooperation of the holy Spirit, having become true man, composed of a rational soul and human flesh, one person in two natures, showed more clearly the way of life.最后,神的独生子,耶稣基督,谁成为由整个三位一体的共同行动的化身,是从不断童女马利亚设想通过圣灵合作,已成为真正的男人,一个理性的灵魂组成和人肉,一个在两个性质的人,表现出更清楚的生活方式。 Although he is immortal and unable to suffer according to his divinity, he was made capable of suffering and dying according to his humanity.虽然他是不朽的,无法忍受根据他的神,他是由痛苦和死亡的根据他的人性的能力。 Indeed, having suffered and died on the wood of the cross for the salvation of the human race, he descended to the underworld, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven.事实上,遭受和对为拯救人类交叉木死了,他下到地狱,从死者和登高升入天堂。He descended in the soul, rose in the flesh, and ascended in both.他的后裔的灵魂,在肉体上升,并在这两个登高。He will come at the end of time to judge the living and the dead, to render to every person according to his works, both to the reprobate and to the elect.他会在年底的时候,审判活人与死人,呈现给每个人根据他的作品,既给恶棍和选民。All of them will rise with their own bodies, which they now wear, so as to receive according to their deserts, whether these be good or bad; for the latter perpetual punishment with the devil, for the former eternal glory with Christ.他们都将上升,自己的身体,而他们​​现在穿的,这样才能收到根据自己的沙漠,无论是好还是坏,后者永久惩罚与魔鬼为前与基督永恒的荣耀。

    There is indeed one universal church of the faithful, outside of which nobody at all is saved, in which Jesus Christ is both priest and sacrifice.确实是有一个普遍的教会的信徒,置身其中没有人在所有被保存,其中耶稣基督既是牧师和牺牲。His body and blood are truly contained in the sacrament of the altar under the forms of bread and wine, the bread and wine having been changed in substance, by God's power, into his body and blood, so that in order to achieve this mystery of unity we receive from God what he received from us.他的身体和血液是真正的下的面包和酒的形式坛圣餐中的面包和酒已被改变的物质,是上帝的力量,把他的身体和血液,因此,为了达到这个谜团结,我们收到来自上帝他从我们收到的。 Nobody can effect this sacrament except a priest who has been properly ordained according to the church's keys, which Jesus Christ himself gave to the apostles and their successors.没有人可以影响除外谁已妥善受戒根据教会的神父钥匙,这耶稣基督赐给使徒和他们的继承人这个圣餐。But the sacrament of baptism is consecrated in water at the invocation of the undivided Trinity -- namely Father, Son and holy Spirit -- and brings salvation to both children and adults when it is correctly carried out by anyone in the form laid down by the church.但洗礼圣事是神圣的水在不可分割的三位一体的调用 - 即圣父,圣子和圣灵 - 和两个孩子带来了救恩,当它是正确的形式所进行的任何人出所订下的成年人教堂。If someone falls into sin after having received baptism, he or she can always be restored through true penitence.如果有人把罪属于收到洗礼后,他或她可以随时恢复通过真正忏悔。For not only virgins and the continent but also married persons find favour with God by right faith and good actions and deserve to attain to eternal blessedness.不仅处女和大陆也发现已婚者与神青睐的权利的信念和良好的行为,应该得到实现,以永恒的幸福。

    2. On the error of abbot Joachim2, 在错误的住持约阿希姆

    We therefore condemn and reprove that small book or treatise which abbot Joachim published against master Peter Lombard concerning the unity or essence of the Trinity, in which he calls Peter Lombard a heretic and a madman because he said in his Sentences, "For there is a certain supreme reality which is the Father and the Son and the holy Spirit, and it neither begets nor is begotten nor does it proceed".因此,我们谴责和数落,小书或论文的住持约阿希姆对大师彼得隆巴德发表关于统一或三位一体,在他称之为彼得伦巴第一个邪教组织的本质和一个疯子,因为他在他的句子说:“对于有某些至上的现实,是父亲和儿子和圣灵,并没有由此引发也不是独生子,也不进行“。 He asserts from this that Peter Lombard ascribes to God not so much a Trinity as a quaternity, that is to say three persons and a common essence as if this were a fourth person.他断言,彼得隆巴德归咎上帝与其说是为四位一体,即三人和一个共同的本质三位一体,仿佛这是一个第四个人从本。Abbot Joachim clearly protests that there does not exist any reality which is the Father and the Son and the holy Spirit-neither an essence nor a substance nor a nature -- although he concedes that the Father and the Son and the holy Spirit are one essence, one substance and one nature.住持约阿希姆清楚抗议,不存在任何现实,是父亲和儿子和圣灵,既不是本质,也不是物质,也不是本质 - 尽管他承认,父亲和儿子和圣灵是一个本质,一种物质和一个性质。

    He professes, however, that such a unity is not true and proper but rather collective and analogous, in the way that many persons are said to be one people and many faithful one church, according to that saying : Of the multitude of believers there was one heart and one mind, and Whoever adheres to God is one spirit with him; again He who plants and he who waters are one, and all of us are one body in Christ; and again in the book of Kings, My people and your people are one.他自称,然而,这种团结是不正确的和适当的,而是集体的和类似的,许多人说成是一个人,很多忠实的一个教会的方式,根据那说:在这众多的信徒有同心同德,万众一心,谁坚持到神之一,他的精神,他又植物和他谁是谁的水域之一,我们都是一个基督的身体,并在国王的书了,我和你的人人是一体的。 In support of this opinion he especially uses the saying which Christ uttered in the gospel concerning the faithful : I wish, Father, that they may be one in us, just as we are one, so that they may be made perfect in one.在这种舆论的支持,他说,特别是使用在有关基督福音的忠实一声:我想,父亲,他们可能会在我们的,就像我们是一体的,让他们可以在一个完美的。

    For, he says, Christ's faithful are not one in the sense of a single reality which is common to all.因为,他说,基督信徒们不是在一个单一的现实,是所有意义之一。They are one only in this sense, that they form one church through the unity of the catholic faith, and finally one kingdom through a union of indissoluble charity.他们是一个只有在这个意义上说,他们形成一个不可分割的慈善机构,通过一个教会工会通过对天主教信仰的统一,终于有王国。 Thus we read in the canonical letter of John : For there are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father and the Word and the holy Spirit, and these three are one; and he immediately adds, And the three that bear witness on earth are the spirit, water and blood, and the three are one, according to some manuscripts.因此,我们在读信的约翰规范:对于有三个见证在天上的父亲和Word和圣灵,这三者是一个;,他马上补充说,而地球上的三个证人都承担的精神,水和血,三都之一,根据一些手稿。

    We, however, with the approval of this sacred and universal council, believe and confess with Peter Lombard that there exists a certain supreme reality, incomprehensible and ineffable, which truly is the Father and the Son and the holy Spirit, the three persons together and each one of them separately.不过,我们与这个神圣的和普遍的议会批准,相信与彼得隆巴德承认,存在一定的至高无上的现实,不可理解和不可言喻的,这确实是父亲和儿子和圣灵,三个人在一起,他们每个人分开。 Therefore in God there is only a Trinity, not a quaternity, since each of the three persons is that reality -- that is to say substance, essence or divine nature-which alone is the principle of all things, besides which no other principle can be found.因此,在上帝只有一个三位一体的,不是四位一体的,因为每个人的三个是现实 - 这就是说物质,本质或神性,这仅仅是万物的原则,除了它没有其他的原则,被发现。This reality neither begets nor is begotten nor proceeds; the Father begets, the Son is begotten and the holy Spirit proceeds.这既不现实,也不是独生,也不由此引发的收益;由此引发的父亲,儿子是独生子及圣灵的收益。Thus there is a distinction of persons but a unity of nature.因此有一个人的区别不过是自然的统一。Although therefore the Father is one person, the Son another person and the holy Spirit another person, they are not different realities, but rather that which is the Father is the Son and the holy Spirit, altogether the same; thus according to the orthodox and catholic faith they are believed to be consubstantial.因此,虽然父亲是一个人,另一人的儿子和圣灵另一个人,他们不是不同的现实,而是说这是父亲是儿子和圣灵,完全一样,因此根据正统和信仰天主教,他们被认为是同质。

    For the Father, in begetting the Son from eternity, gave him his substance, as he himself testifies : What the Father gave me is greater than all.对于父亲,在begetting从永恒的儿子,给了他物质,正如他自己证明:什么是父亲给我的是不是都大。It cannot be said that the Father gave him part of his substance and kept part for himself since the Father's substance is indivisible, inasmuch as it is altogether simple.这不能说是他的父亲给了他物质的一部分,为自己保留的部分,因为父亲的物质是不可分割的,因为它是完全简单。Nor can it be said that the Father transferred his substance to the Son, in the act of begetting, as if he gave it to the Son in such a way that he did not retain it for himself; for otherwise he would have ceased to be substance.也不能说是父亲转让其物质给儿子,在begetting行为,因为如果他给在这样一种方式,他没有为自己保留它给儿子,否则他将不再是物质。 It is therefore clear that in being begotten the Son received the Father's substance without it being diminished in any way, and thus the Father and the Son have the same substance.由此可见,在独生儿子被接到没有它被以任何方式削弱了父亲的物质,因而父亲和儿子有同样的物质。Thus the Father and the Son and also the holy Spirit proceeding from both are the same reality.因此,父亲和儿子,也是圣灵同时从现实出发是相同的。

    When, therefore, the Truth prays to the Father for those faithful to him, saying I wish that they may be one in us just as we are one, this word one means for the faithful a union of love in grace, and for the divine persons a unity of identity in nature, as the Truth says elsewhere, You must be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect {2} , as if he were to say more plainly, You must be perfect in the perfection of grace, just as your Father is perfect in the perfection that is his by nature, each in his own way.因此,当真相祈祷那些忠于他的父亲,说我想他们可能会在自己人,就像我们是一体的,这一个词意味着忠实的爱在恩典联盟,并为神人的身份性的统一,为真理说其他地方,你必须为你们的天父完全是完美的{2},因为如果他再多说白了,你必须在宽​​限期完美的完美,就像你父亲是在完美的是他的本质,在他自己的方式完美。 For between creator and creature there can be noted no similarity so great that a greater dissimilarity cannot be seen between them.对于创作者和生物之间有相似性,可以说没有那么大,更大的差异性,不能看到他们之间。If anyone therefore ventures to defend or approve the opinion or doctrine of the aforesaid Joachim on this matter, let him be refuted by all as a heretic.如果有人因此企业保卫或批准对此事的意见或上述约阿希姆主义,让他被作为一个邪教组织所有的驳斥。By this, however, we do not intend anything to the detriment of the monastery of Fiore, which Joachim founded, because there both the instruction is according to rule and the observance is healthy; especially since Joachim ordered all his writings to be handed over to us, to be approved or corrected according to the judgment of the apostolic see.受此影响,但是,我们不打算对任何东西的菲奥雷修道院,约阿希姆founded不利,因为有两个指令是根据规则和遵守是健康的,尤其是因为他的著作约阿希姆下令所有被移交给我们要按照批准或纠正的使徒见的判断。 He dictated a letter, which he signed with his own hand, in which he firmly confesses that he holds the faith held by the Roman church, which is by God's plan the mother and mistress of all the faithful.他口授了一封信,这是他用自己的手签,其中他坚定地交代他认为由罗马教会,它是由神的计划是母亲和情妇的所有信徒举行的信念。

    We also reject and condemn that most perverse doctrine of the impious Amalric, whose mind the father of lies blinded to such an extent that his teaching is to be regarded as mad more than as heretical.我们也反对和谴责,该不虔诚Amalric,其父亲心中的谎言蒙蔽到这样的程度,他的教学是被视为狂算是多为异端邪说最有害的学说。

    3. On Heretics3。异端

    We excommunicate and anathematize every heresy raising itself up against this holy, orthodox and catholic faith which we have expounded above.我们被逐出教会和异端诅咒每提高对这个神圣的,东正教和天主教的信仰,我们已经阐述了上述本身了。We condemn all heretics, whatever names they may go under.我们谴责一切异端,任何名义,他们可能会倒闭。They have different faces indeed but their tails are tied together inasmuch as they are alike in their pride.他们确实有不同的面孔,但它们的尾巴绑在一起,因为它们都是以自豪的一致好评。Let those condemned be handed over to the secular authorities present, or to their bailiffs, for due punishment.让那些谴责交由世俗当局的存在,或者他们的法警对应有的惩罚。Clerics are first to be degraded from their orders.牧师首先必须从他们的订单下降。The goods of the condemned are to be confiscated, if they are lay persons, and if clerics they are to be applied to the churches from which they received their stipends.该谴责的货物将被没收,如果他们非法律专业人士,如果神职人员,他们是被应用到教堂,从他们获得了他们的津贴。 Those who are only found suspect of heresy are to be struck with the sword of anathema, unless they prove their innocence by an appropriate purgation, having regard to the reasons for suspicion and the character of the person.只有那些谁发现了犯罪嫌疑人是异端被剔除与剑的诅咒,除非他们证明自己的清白由一个适当的下法,考虑到为怀疑和对人的性格的原因。 Let such persons be avoided by all until they have made adequate satisfaction.让这些人被避免,直到他们都做了充分的满足。 If they persist in the excommunication for a year, they are to be condemned as heretics.如果他们逐出教会在坚持了一年,他们将被视为异端的谴责。

    Let secular authorities, whatever offices they may be discharging, be advised and urged and if necessary be compelled by ecclesiastical censure, if they wish to be reputed and held to be faithful, to take publicly an oath for the defence of the faith to the effect that they will seek, in so far as they can, to expel from the lands subject to their jurisdiction all heretics designated by the church in good faith.让世俗当局,不管他们可能是放电办事处,被告知并敦促并在必要时由教会谴责被迫,如果他们希望被认定为驰名和忠实,采取公开为捍卫信仰的宣誓,大意他们将寻求在到目前为止,因为他们可以从土地上驱逐受其管辖的真诚教会指定的所有异端。 Thus whenever anyone is promoted to spiritual or temporal authority, he shall be obliged to confirm this article with an oath.因此,每当有人被提升到精神或时间的权威,他应有义务确认宣誓这篇文章。If however a temporal lord, required and instructed by the church, neglects to cleanse his territory of this heretical filth, he shall be bound with the bond of excommunication by the metropolitan and other bishops of the province.然而,如果一个时间领主,需要和教会的指示,忽略了他对这个邪教清洗污物的领土,他应受到约束与逐出教会由全省城市和其他主教债券。 If he refuses to give satisfaction within a year, this shall be reported to the supreme pontiff so that he may then declare his vassals absolved from their fealty to him and make the land available for occupation by Catholics so that these may, after they have expelled the heretics, possess it unopposed and preserve it in the purity of the faith -- saving the right of the suzerain provided that he makes no difficulty in the matter and puts no impediment in the way.如果他拒绝给在一年内的满意度,这应当报最高教皇让他可以从他们的忠诚,然后宣布免除他的附庸,并给他的土地,供教徒入伙,使这些可能,之后便被驱逐异端,它具有不受反对和保留的信仰纯洁了 - 节省了规定,他没有在这个问题上的困难并提出的方式没有障碍的宗主国的权利。The same law is to be observed no less as regards those who do not have a suzerain.该法律是必须遵守不低于至于那些谁没有一个宗主。

    Catholics who take the cross and gird themselves up for the expulsion of heretics shall enjoy the same indulgence, and be strengthened by the same holy privilege, as is granted to those who go to the aid of the holy Land.天主教徒谁走十字架和网格为异教徒驱逐自暴自弃应享有同样的放纵,并加强了同神圣特权,授予那些谁去的圣地援助。Moreover, we determine to subject to excommunication believers who receive, defend or support heretics.此外,我们确定要受到逐出教会的信徒谁接收,维护或支持异教徒。We strictly ordain that if any such person, after he has been designated as excommunicated, refuses to render satisfaction within a year, then by the law itself he shall be branded as infamous and not be admitted to public offices or councils or to elect others to the same or to give testimony.我们严格注定,如果任何人,此前他已被指定为逐出教会,拒绝提供满意的一年内,由法律本身应当被视为臭名昭著的,不被录取公职或议会或选举他人品牌的话相同或作证。 He shall be intestable, that is he shall not have the freedom to make a will nor shall succeed to an inheritance.他应intestable,就是他不得有自由订立遗嘱也不得继承遗产。Moreover nobody shall be compelled to answer to him on any business whatever, but he may be compelled to answer to them.此外,任何人不得被强迫回答任何企业无论给他,但他可能被迫回答他们。If he is a judge sentences pronounced by him shall have no force and cases may not be brought before him; if an advocate, he may not be allowed to defend anyone; if a notary, documents drawn up by him shall be worthless and condemned along with their condemned author; and in similar matters we order the same to be observed.如果他是法官宣判他将没有力量和案件可能不会在他面前提出,如果一个倡导者,他可能不会允许任何人辩护,如果公证员,由他​​制定了文件应毫无价值和谴责沿作者与他们的谴责,并在类似问题上,我们才能被观察到的相同。

    If however he is a cleric, let him be deposed from every office and benefice, so that the greater the fault the greater be the punishment.然而,如果他是一个牧师,让他从每一个办公室和采邑废黜,使故障越大越被处罚。If any refuse to avoid such persons after they have been pointed out by the church, let them be punished with the sentence of excommunication until they make suitable satisfaction.如果任何垃圾,以避免这些人后,都指出了教会,让他们与句禁教他们作出适当的处罚,直至满意。Clerics should not, of course, give the sacraments of the church to such pestilent people nor give them a christian burial nor accept alms or offerings from them; if they do, let them be deprived of their office and not restored to it without a special indult of the apostolic see.牧师不应该的,当然,给教会的圣礼等pestilent人也不给他们一个基督教墓地,也不接受施舍,或从他们的产品,如果他们这样做,让他们被剥夺了他们的办公室,而不是恢复它没有特别的在使徒indult看到的。 Similarly with regulars, let them be punished with losing their privileges in the diocese in which they presume to commit such excesses.同样的常客,让他们与失去的教区中,他们假定实施这种暴行的特权受到惩罚。

    "There are some who holding to the form of religion but denying its power (as the Apostle says) , claim for themselves the authority to preach, whereas the same Apostle says, How shall they preach unless they are sent? Let therefore all those who have been forbidden or not sent to preach, and yet dare publicly or privately to usurp the office of preaching without having received the authority of the apostolic see or the catholic bishop of the place", be bound with the bond of excommunication and, unless they repent very quickly, be punished by another suitable penalty. “有些谁持有的宗教形式,但否认其权力(如使徒说),为自己主张的权威宣讲,而同样的使徒说,如何将他们宣讲,除非它们被发送?因此,让所有那些谁已被禁止或不发送鼓吹,可是不敢公开或私下篡夺,而无需得到了使徒看到或地方的天主教主教“权威的说教办公室,与债券的逐出教会的约束,除非他们悔改很快,被其他合适的刑罚处罚。 We add further that each archbishop or bishop, either in person or through his archdeacon or through suitable honest persons, should visit twice or at least once in the year any parish of his in which heretics are said to live.我们进一步增加,每个大主教或主教,亲自或通过他的副主教,或通过适当的诚实的人,应该在今年两次访问至少一次或任何他的教区中,异端是说住。 There he should compel three or more men of good repute, or even if it seems expedient the whole neighbourhood, to swear that if anyone knows of heretics there or of any persons who hold secret conventicles or who differ in their life and habits from the normal way of living of the faithful, then he will take care to point them out to the bishop.在那里,他应该迫使三个或更多的良好声誉的男人,或者即使它似乎权宜之计整个街区,发誓,如果有任何人知道的异端或任何人谁​​或谁举行秘密conventicles在他们的生活和习惯不同于正常忠实的生活方式,那么他会照顾点出来的主教。

    The bishop himself should summon the accused to his presence, and they should be punished canonically if they are unable to clear themselves of the charge or if after compurgation they relapse into their former errors of faith.主教本人应传唤被告向他的存在,他们应该受到惩罚标准地,如果他们不能清除费用或复发后compurgation他们把他们以前的错误信仰自己。 If however any of them with damnable obstinacy refuse to honour an oath and so will not take it, let them by this very fact be regarded as heretics.然而,如果其中任何该死的固执拒绝履行宣誓,所以不会把它,让这个张女士被视为异端,认为他们。We therefore will and command and, in virtue of obedience, strictly command that bishops see carefully to the effective execution of these things throughout their dioceses, if they wish to avoid canonical penalties.因此,我们将和指挥,在服从美德,严格命令主教仔细看这些东西在他们的教区的有效执行,如果他们希望避免典型的处罚。 If any bishop is negligent or remiss in cleansing his diocese of the ferment of heresy, then when this shows itself by unmistakeable signs he shall be deposed from his office as bishop and there shall be put in his place a suitable person who both wishes and is able to overthrow the evil of heresy.如果有任何疏忽或主教是在清洗他的异端发酵教区疏忽,那么当这显示了无疑的标志,他本身应被废黜从他的办公室作为主教,有他的地方,应在一个合适的人谁是双方的意愿付诸表决,并能够推翻邪恶的异端。

    4. On the pride of the Greeks towards the Latins4, 在希腊人的骄傲对拉丁

    Although we would wish to cherish and honour the Greeks who in our days are returning to the obedience of the apostolic see, by preserving their customs and rites as much as we can in the Lord, nevertheless we neither want nor ought to defer to them in matters which bring danger to souls and detract from the church's honour.虽然我们希望珍惜和荣誉的希腊人谁在我们的日子正在返回服从使徒看到尽可能多的保留他们的习俗和仪式,我们可以在主,但我们既不希望,​​也不应推迟到他们事项带来危险的灵魂和有损于教会的荣誉。 For, after the Greek church together with certain associates and supporters withdrew from the obedience of the apostolic see, the Greeks began to detest the Latins so much that, among other wicked things which they committed out of contempt for them, when Latin priests celebrated on their altars they would not offer sacrifice on them until they had washed them, as if the altars had been defiled thereby.因为,在希腊教会与若干联营公司和支持者从使徒见服从一起退出,希腊人开始厌恶拉丁人这么多,除其他机构承诺出蔑视他们,当拉丁教士庆祝缺德事他们的祭坛,他们将不提供对他们的牺牲,直到他们冲他们,仿佛从而玷污了神坛。 The Greeks even had the temerity to rebaptize those baptized by the Latins; and some, as we are told, still do not fear to do this.希腊人甚至有冒然rebaptize由拉丁人受洗的,有的,因为我们被告知,还不担心这样做。Wishing therefore to remove such a great scandal from God's church, we strictly order, on the advice of this sacred council, that henceforth they do not presume to do such things but rather conform themselves like obedient sons to the holy Roman church, their mother, so that there may be one flock and one shepherd.许愿因此删除上帝的教会这么大的丑闻,我们严格秩序,在这个神圣的会议的意见,从今以后,他们不相信做这样的事情,而是顺应喜欢听话的儿子自己的神圣罗​​马教会,他们的母亲,因此,有可能是一个羊群,一个牧人。 If anyone however does dare to do such a thing, let him be struck with the sword of excommunication and be deprived of every ecclesiastical office and benefice.但是如果没有人敢于做这样的事情,让他与剑的袭击和被逐出教会的每一个教会办公室和采邑剥夺。

    5. The dignity of the patriarchal sees5,看到的宗法尊严

    Renewing the ancient privileges of the patriarchal sees, we decree, with the approval of this sacred universal synod, that after the Roman church, which through the Lord's disposition has a primacy of ordinary power over all other churches inasmuch as it is the mother and mistress of all Christ's faithful, the church of Constantinople shall have the first place, the church of Alexandria the second place, the church of Antioch the third place, and the church of Jerusalem the fourth place, each maintaining its own rank.革新的宗法看到,我们的法令与这个神圣的普遍主教会议,之后的罗马教会,它通过主的处置有一个普通电源的所有其他教会的首要地位,因为它是母亲和情妇批准,古代特权所有基督信徒,教会的君士坦丁堡应放在首位,亚历山大教会的第二位,在安提阿教会的第三位,和耶路撒冷教会的第四位,每个维护自己的排名。 Thus after their pontiffs have received from the Roman pontiff the pallium, which is the sign of the fullness of the pontifical office, and have taken an oath of fidelity and obedience to him they may lawfully confer the pallium on their own suffragans, receiving from them for themselves canonical profession and for the Roman church the promise of obedience.因此,在他们教宗收到罗马教皇的大脑皮层,这是罗马教皇的办公室丰满的迹象,并已采取了忠诚和服从的誓言,他们可以合法地对他赋予自己的suffragans大脑皮层,从他们身上获得为自己的规范行业和罗马教会服从的承诺。 They may have a standard of the Lord's cross carried before them anywhere except in the city of Rome or wherever there is present the supreme pontiff or his legate wearing the insignia of the apostolic dignity.他们可能有一个主的十字架前,他们的标准进行,除了在罗马的城市或地方有目前最高教皇或他的特使佩戴徽章的使徒尊严的任何地方。 In all the provinces subject to their jurisdiction let appeal be made to them, when it is necessary, except for appeals made to the apostolic see, to which all must humbly defer.在所有的省份受其管辖的呼吁作出让他们,必要时,除向使徒看,这是所有必须虚心推迟上诉。

    6. On yearly provincial councils6, 在每年的省议会

    As is known to have been ordained of old by the holy fathers, metropolitans should not fail to hold provincial councils each year with their suffragans in which they consider diligently and in the fear of God the correction of excesses and the reform of morals, especially among the clergy.众所周知一直由父亲老祝圣,大城市不应该失败,将与他们的suffragans中,他们认真考虑,并在神的过激行为和道德改革校正恐惧每年省议会,特别是神职人员。 Let them recite the canonical rules, especially those which have been laid down by this general council, so as to secure their observance, inflicting on transgressors the punishment due.让他们背诵的规范规则,尤其是那些已经奠定了这个总理事会,以确保他们遵守,对违规造成的处罚到期。In order that this may be done more effectively, let them appoint for each diocese suitable persons, that is to say prudent and honest persons, who will simply and summarily, without any jurisdiction, throughout the whole year, carefully investigate what needs correction or reform and will then faithfully report these matters to the metropolitan and suffragans and others at the next council, so that they may proceed with careful deliberation against these and other matters according to what is profitable and decent.为了使这可能是更有效地完成,让他们为每个教区委任合适的人选,即审慎和诚实的人,谁简单,草率,没有任何司法管辖区,贯穿全年,认真调查什么需要修正或改革然后会忠实地报告这些事项向大城市和suffragans等人在下届立法会,让他们可与审慎考虑对这些问题和其他事项进行根据什么是盈利和体面。 Let them see to the observance of the things that they decree, publishing them in episcopal synods which are to be held annually in each diocese.让他们看到的东西,他们遵守法令,出版中,要举行每年在每个教区主教主教会议的。Whoever neglects to carry out this salutary statute is to be suspended from his benefices and from the execution of his office, until his superior decides to release him.谁忽略了开展这项有益的法规将被暂停其benefices并从他的办公室执行,直到他的上级决定将他释放。

    7. The correction of offences and the reform of morals 7,犯罪矫正和道德改革

    By this inviolable constitution we decree that prelates of churches should prudently and diligently attend to the correction of their subjects' offences especially of clerics, and to the reform of morals.通过这种不可侵犯的宪法法令,我们的教会主教应谨慎,认真参加的,尤其是神职人员的受试者的犯罪矫正,以及对道德改革。 Otherwise the blood of such persons will be required at their hands.否则,这些人的血液会被要求在他们的手中。In order that they may be able to exercise freely this office of correction and reform, we decree that no custom or appeal can impede the execution of their decisions, unless they go beyond the form which is to be observed in such matters.为了使他们能够自由地行使这种纠正和改革办公室,我们的法令,没有自定义或上诉可以阻碍他们的决定的执行,除非他们超越了形式,是要在这些问题去观察。 The offences of canons of a cathedral church, however, which have customarily been corrected by the chapter, are to be corrected by the chapter in those churches which until now have had this custom, at the instance and on the orders of the bishop and within a suitable time-limit which the bishop will decide.一个大教堂的教规的罪行,但是,它们习惯得到纠正的篇章,要纠正在这些教堂直到现在有这样的习俗章在实例和对主教的命令内,一个合适的时间限制的主教决定。 If this is not done, then the bishop, mindful of God and putting an end to all opposition, is to go ahead with correcting the persons by ecclesiastical censure according as the care of souls requires, and he shall not omit to correct their other faults according as the good of souls requires, with due order however being observed in all things {3} .如果不这样做,那么,主教,考虑到神将停止一切反对到底是去与纠正由教会谴责的人的灵魂根据保健需要进取,他不得省略,以纠正他们的其他故障作为灵魂善于根据需要,适当不过是为了在所有的事情{3}观察。 For the rest, if the canons stop celebrating divine services without manifest and reasonable cause, especially if this is in contempt of the bishop, then the bishop himself may celebrate in the cathedral church if he wishes, and on complaint from him, the metropolitan, as our delegate in the matter, may, when he has learned the truth, punish the persons concerned in such fashion that for fear of punishment they shall not venture such action in the future.对于剩下的,如果没有大炮停止庆祝清单和合理的神圣事业服务,特别是如果这种蔑视的主教,则可能会庆祝自己的主教在大教堂如果他愿意,并从他身上,都会投诉,作为我们在这个问题上,可能会委托,当他得知真相,惩罚这样的时尚关注,对惩罚的恐惧,他们不得经营企业,今后这类行动的人。 Let prelates of churches therefore carefully see that they do not turn this salutary statute into a form of financial gain or other exaction, but rather let them carry it out assiduously and faithfully, if they wish to avoid canonical punishment, since in these matters the apostolic see, directed by the Lord, will be very vigilant.让教会主教因此仔细看,他们不变成了经济利益或其他乱摊派形成这种有益的法规,而是让他们抓落实认真,忠实地,如果他们希望避免典型的惩罚,因为在这些事项的使徒看到,由主指示,会很警惕。

    8. On inquests8。勘验

    "How and in what way a prelate ought to proceed to inquire into and punish the offences of his subjects may be clearly ascertained from the authorities of the new and old Testament, from which subsequent sanctions in canon law derive", as we said distinctly some time ago and now confirm with the approval of this holy council. “如何以及以何种方式主教应该进行调查和惩处的罪行他的臣民可以清楚地从新旧约,从中获得教会法的制裁后,当局确定”,我们说清楚一些前段时间,现在确认了这个神圣的议会的批准。

    "For we read in the gospel that the steward who was denounced to his lord for wasting his goods heard him say: What is this that I hear about you? “对于我们在福音读到,谁是谴责浪费他的货物,以他的主管家听到他说:这是什么,我对你听见了吗?

    Give an account of your stewardship, for you can no longer be my steward.举一个你的指导帐户,可以不再是我的管家。And in Genesis the Lord says : I will go down and see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry which has come to me.而在创世纪的主说:我会下去,看看他们是否做了完全按照它已经到了我的强烈不满。

    From these authorities it is clearly shown that not only when a subject has committed some excess but also when a prelate has done so, and the matter reaches the ears of the superior through an outcry or rumour which has come not from the malevolent and slanderous but from prudent and honest persons, and has come not only once but frequently (as the outcry suggests and the rumour proves) , then the superior ought diligently to seek out the truth before senior persons of the church.从这些部门是清楚地表明,并非只有当一个问题已犯了一些多余的,而且当一个主教已经这样做了,事情达到通过喊叫或传闻已和来自恶意诽谤不是上级的耳朵,但从谨慎和诚实的人,并已经不仅一次,而是经常(如哗然建议和谣言证明),那么上级应该努力寻求前教会的资深人士的真相。

    If the seriousness of the matter demands, then the fault of the offender should be subjected to canonical punishment.如果事情的严重性要求,那么罪犯故障应受到规范的惩罚。However, the superior should carry out the duty of his office not as if he were the accuser and the judge but rather with the rumour providing the accusation and the outcry making the denunciation.然而,上级要开展他的办公室不作为的责任,如果他是原告和而是与谣言提供指控和谴责哗然使法官。

    While this should be observed in the case of subjects, all the more carefully should it be observed in the case of prelates, who are set as a mark for the arrow.虽然这应该是在观察受试者的情况下,更应该仔细观察它的主教,谁是作为箭头标志设置情况。

    Prelates cannot please everyone since they are bound by their office not only to convince but also to rebuke and sometimes even to suspend and to bind.主教不能取悦所有人,因为他们要遵守他们的办公室不仅要说服还要训斥,有时甚至暂停和约束。Thus they frequently incur the hatred of many people and risk ambushes.因此,他们经常招致了很多人的仇恨和风险伏击。

    Therefore the holy fathers have wisely decreed that accusations against prelates should not be admitted readily, without careful provision being taken to shut the door not only to false but also to malicious accusations, lest with the columns being shaken the building itself collapses.因此,神圣的父亲明智地下令,对主教的指控不应该承认不容易被带到关上了大门,不仅虚假,而且恶意的指责,以免与被动摇列倒塌建筑物本身,细心的规定。

    They thus wished to ensure that prelates are not accused unjustly, and yet that at the same time they take care not to sin in an arrogant manner, finding a suitable medicine for each disease : namely, a criminal accusation which entails loss of status, that is to say degradation, shall in no wise be allowed unless it is preceded by a charge in lawful form.因此,他们希望确保主教不指责不公正,然而,在同一时间,他们需要注意不要在嚣张地罪,找到一个合适的药物的每一种疾病,即:刑事指控,即是指亏损状态,这也就是说退化,应被允许在任何明智的,除非它是由一个合法的形式收取之前。 But when someone is so notorious for his offences that an outcry goes up which can no longer be ignored without scandal or be tolerated without danger, then without the slightest hesitation let action be taken to inquire into and punish his offences, not out of hate but rather out of charity.但是,当有人为他的罪行使臭名昭著的一片哗然上升,可以不再被忽视没有丑闻或无危险的耐受性,那么没有丝毫的犹豫让我们采取行动,调查和惩罚不是出于仇恨他的罪行,但而出来的慈善机构。 If the offence is grave, even though not involving his degradation, let him be removed from all administration, in accordance with the saying of the gospel that the steward is to be removed from his stewardship if he cannot give a proper account of it".如果罪行严重,即使不涉及他的退化,让他从所有当局取消,在与福音说,管家是从他的领导删除,如果他不能给它的一个适当考虑“的规定。

    The person about whom the inquiry is being made ought to be present, unless he absents himself out of contumacy.关于人的调查正在取得人应当到场,除非他本人缺席的contumacy出来。The articles of the inquiry should be shown to him so that he may be able to defend himself.在调查的文章应显示给他,使他可以为自己辩护。The names of witnesses as well as their depositions are to be made known to him so that both what has been said and by whom will be apparent; and legitimate exceptions and responses are to be admitted, lest the suppression of names leads to the bold bringing false charges and the exclusion of exceptions leads to false depositions being made.证人证言以及他们的名字将被知会他这样既说了些什么,由谁来将明显;和合法的例外和响应将被录取,以免抑制的名字引出了大胆引进诬告和异常导致被排斥作出虚假供词。

    A prelate should therefore act the more diligently in correcting the offences of his subjects in proportion as he would be worthy of condemnation were he to leave them uncorrected.一个行为的主教应该更加努力在纠正他的臣民比例的罪行,他将是值得谴责的是他要离开他们裸。Notorious cases aside, he may proceed against them in three ways : namely, by accusation, denunciation and inquest.除了臭名昭著的案子,他可以对他们进行有三种方式:即通过指责,谴责和勘验。Let careful precaution nevertheless be taken in all cases lest serious loss is incurred for the sake of a small gain.让我们小心防范但在所有情况下采取的,以免造成严重损失是为小利而发生的。Thus, just as a charge in lawful form ought to precede the accusation, so a charitable warning ought to precede the denunciation, and the publication of the charge ought to precede the inquest, with the principle always being observed that the form of the sentence shall accord with the rules of legal procedure.因此,正如在合法的形式收取应先于指责,所以慈善警告应该先于谴责,并公布了收费应先与原则勘验,总是被观察到的句子形式应符合法律的议事规则。 We do not think, however, that this order needs to be observed in all respects as regards regulars, who can be more easily and freely removed from their offices by their own superiors, when the case requires it.我们不认为,不过,这需要在命令方面的常客,谁就能更容易,更自由地从他们的办公室拆除自己的上司,当它需要各方面的情况观察。

    9. On different rites within the same faith9, 在同一信仰不同仪式

    Since in many places peoples of different languages live within the same city or diocese, having one faith but different rites and customs, we therefore strictly order bishops of such cities and dioceses to provide suitable men who will do the following in the various rites and languages : celebrate the divine services for them, administer the church's sacraments, and instruct them by word and example.由于在许多地方不同的语言人民生活在同一城市或教区,有一个信念,但不同的礼仪和习俗,因此我们严格的这样的城市和教区主教以提供合适的男人谁做的各种礼仪和语言以下:庆祝他们的神圣的服务,管理教会的圣礼,并指导他们通过文字和榜样。 We altogether forbid one and the same city or diocese to have more than one bishop, as if it were a body with several heads like a monster.我们完全禁止同一个城市或教区有一个以上的主教,就好像它是一个像一个怪物几头身。But if for the aforesaid reasons urgent necessity demands it, the bishop of the place may appoint, after careful deliberation, a catholic bishop who is appropriate for the nations in question and who will be his vicar in the aforesaid matters and will be obedient and subject to him in all things.但是如果因为它的迫切需要要求上述原因,可能会任命主教的地方,经过认真审议,一位天主教主教谁是有问题的国家适当的,谁是他的副主教在上述事宜,服从和主题他在所有的事情。 If any such person behaves otherwise, let him know that he has been struck by the sword of excommunication and if he does not return to his senses let him be deposed from every ministry in the church, with the secular arm being called in if necessary to quell such great insolence.如果上述任何人的行为,否则,让他知道,他已经取得了的剑和禁教,如果他不回他的感觉让他从教堂中的每一个部废黜,与正在如有必要,称为世俗arm平息这么大的傲慢。

    10. On appointing preachers10, 关于任命传教士

    Among the various things that are conducive to the salvation of the christian people, the nourishment of God's word is recognized to be especially necessary, since just as the body is fed with material food so the soul is fed with spiritual food, according to the words, man lives not by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.其中有利于基督教的人得救各种事情,上帝的话语营养确认要特别必要的,因为正如身体是物质的食物喂这样的灵魂与精神食粮喂养,按字,人不是单靠面包而生活的每一个字从神口里。 It often happens that bishops by themselves are not sufficient to minister the word of God to the people, especially in large and scattered dioceses, whether this is because of their many occupations or bodily infirmities or because of incursions of the enemy or for other reasons-let us not say for lack of knowledge, which in bishops is to be altogether condemned and is not to be tolerated in the future.它经常发生,通过自己的主教不足以部长上帝的话来,特别是在大型和分散教区的人,这是否是因为他们的许多职业或身体软弱或因敌人入侵或其他原因,让我们不要为知识,这是要完全主教谴责,更不是为了在未来的耐受性缺乏发言权。 We therefore decree by this general constitution that bishops are to appoint suitable men to carry out with profit this duty of sacred preaching, men who are powerful in word and deed and who will visit with care the peoples entrusted to them in place of the bishops, since these by themselves are unable to do it, and will build them up by word and example.因此,我们通过这个一般宪法法令,任命主教是合适的男子随身携带的利润这一神圣职责的说教,男性谁是强大的言行,谁照顾访问将与人民赋予的主教在他们的地方,因为本身这些都无法做到这一点,并建立文字和例子他们。 The bishops shall suitably furnish them with what is necessary, when they are in need of it, lest for want of necessities they are forced to abandon what they have begun.主教们应适当地提供他们需要的是什么,当他们在它需要的,以免对生活必需品要他们被迫放弃他们已经开始。We therefore order that there be appointed in both cathedral and other conventual churches suitable men whom the bishops can have as coadjutors and cooperators not only in the office of preaching but also in hearing confessions and enjoining penances and in other matters which are conducive to the salvation of souls.因此,我们才能有在这两个教堂和其他conventual教会任命的主教合适的男人谁可以作为coadjutors和合作者不仅在办公室的说教,而且在听证会上供述,责令penances并在其中,有利于拯救其他事项灵魂。 If anyone neglects to do this, let him be subject to severe punishment.如果有人忽略做到这一点,让他受到严厉的惩罚。

    11. On schoolmasters for the poor11, 在校长的穷人

    Zeal for learning and the opportunity to make progress is denied to some through lack of means.学习和进步的机会,也使热情被拒绝通过某种手段缺乏。The Lateran council therefore dutifully decreed that "in each cathedral church there should be provided a suitable benefice for a master who shall instruct without charge the clerics of the cathedral church and other poor scholars, thus at once satisfying the teacher's needs and opening up the way of knowledge to learners".拉特兰议会因此尽职尽责地下旨,“在每一个大教堂应该提供了一个主谁责令免费的大教堂和其他贫困学者的神职人员适合采邑,从而在一次满足教师的需求和开放的方式知识的学习者“。 This decree, however, is very little observed in many churches.这个法令,但是,很少在许多教会观察。We therefore confirm it and add that not only in every cathedral church but also in other churches with sufficient resources, a suitable master elected by the chapter or by the greater and sounder part of it, shall be appointed by the prelate to teach grammar and other branches of study, as far as is possible, to the clerics of those and other churches.因此,我们确认,并补充说,不仅在每一个大教堂,但也有足够的资源,适当掌握的章节,或由它选举产生更大和更健全的部分其他教会,须由委任主教教语法等研究分支,尽量是可能的,对这些和其他教会的神职人员。 The metropolitan church shall have a theologian to teach scripture to priests and others and especially to instruct them in matters which are recognized as pertaining to the cure of souls.大都会教堂应有神学教经文,以牧师和别人,特别是指导,而所涉及到的灵魂治愈他们认识到问题。The income of one prebend shall be assigned by the chapter to each master, and as much shall be assigned by the metropolitan to the theologian.在一个牧师薪俸收入应分配给每个章节的掌握,尽可能多须由大都市分配给神学家。The incumbent does not by this become a canon but he receives the income of one as long as he continues to teach.现任不会成为这是一个经典,但他只要收到了一份收入,他继续任教。If the metropolitan church finds providing for two masters a burden, let it provide for the theologian in the aforesaid way but get adequate provision made for the grammarian in another church of the city or diocese.如果大都会教堂找到了两位大师的负担提供,让它为在神学家,但上述方式获得足够的拨款,在另一个城市或教区教堂文法做。

    12. On general chapters of monks12, 关于僧侣一般章节

    In every kingdom or province let there be held every three years, saving the right of diocesan bishops, a general chapter of those abbots, and priors who do not have abbots over them, who have not been accustomed to hold one.在每一个王国或省让有每三年举行一次,节约了教区主教,对这些住持一般的篇章,先验谁没有对他们方丈,谁没有习惯于保持一个正确的。 All should attend, unless they have a canonical impediment, at one of the monasteries which is suitable for the purpose; with this limitation, that none of them brings with him more than six mounts and eight persons.都应该参加,除非他们有一个规范的障碍,在寺院是适合作此用途之一,有此限制,这其中没有与他带来了半年多的坐骑和八人。 Let them invite in charity, at the start of this innovation, two neighbouring Cistercian abbots to give them appropriate advice and help, since from long practice the Cistercians are well informed about holding such chapters.让他们邀请慈善机构,在这个创新,两个相邻的西多方丈开始给他们适当的咨询和帮助,因为从长期实践中熙充分了解控股等章节通知。 The two abbots shall then coopt without opposition two suitable persons from among them.这两个方丈届时coopt不反对其中的两个合适的人。The four of them shall then preside over the whole chapter, in such a way however that none of them assumes the leadership; so that they can if necessary be changed after careful deliberation.在他们四人应再主持全篇,然而在这样一种方式,他们没有承担领导,使他们能够在必要是经过慎重考虑改变。 This kind of chapter shall be held continuously over a certain number of days, according to Cistercian custom.这一章的一种,依法追究连续超过一定的天数,按照修道院的习俗。They shall treat carefully of the reform of the order and the observance of the rule.他们应认真对待的秩序和规则的遵守的改革。What has been decided, with the approval of the four presiding, is to be observed inviolably by all without any excuse or contradiction or appeal.什么已经决定与四个主持批准,是要观察所有inviolably没有任何借口或矛盾或上诉。They shall also decide where the next chapter is to be held.他们也应决定在下一章将被举行。Those attending shall lead a common life and divide out proportionately all the common expenses.出席者将率领一个共同的生活和按比例划分出所有的共同费用。If they cannot all live in the same house, let them at least live in groups in various houses.如果他们不能都住在同一个房子,至少让他们生活在不同的房屋群体。

    Let religious and circumspect persons be appointed at the chapter who will make it their business to visit on our behalf all the abbeys of the kingdom or province, of both monks and nuns, according to the manner prescribed for them.让宗教和周到的人被任命为章谁将会使他们的业务代表我们访问所有的王国或省修道院的僧侣和尼姑同时,根据他们所订明的方式。 Let them correct and reform what seems to need correction and reform.让他们正确和改革什么似乎需要纠正和改革。Thus if they know of the superior of a place who should certainly be removed from office, let them denounce the person to the bishop concerned so that he may see to his or her removal.因此,如果他们是一个谁应该肯定被免职的地方上级知道,让他们向主教谴责有关人士,以便他能看到他或她的去除。If the bishop will not do this, let the visitors themselves refer the matter to the apostolic see for examination.如果主教是不会这样做的,让游客自己将此事向使徒看到检查。We wish and command canons regular to observe this according to their order.我们希望和命令大炮定期观察这个根据自己的订单。 If there emerges out of this innovation any difficulty that cannot be resolved by the aforesaid persons, let it be referred, without offence being given, to the judgment of the apostolic see; but let the other matters, about which after careful deliberation they were in agreement, be observed without breach.如果出现这种创新出任何可以不受上述人士resolved困难,让它转介,无犯罪正在考虑,给使徒看判断,但让其他事项,对此经过深思熟虑,他们在协议,必须遵守不违反。

    Diocesan bishops, moreover, should take care to reform the monasteries under their jurisdiction, so that when the aforesaid visitors arrive they will find in them more to commend than to correct.教区主教,而且,应该注意改革在其管辖的寺院,所以,当他们到达上述游客会发现他们更多的赞扬,而不是正确的。Let them be very careful lest the said monasteries are weighed down by them with unjust burdens, for just as we wish the rights of superiors to be upheld so we do not wish to support wrongs done to subjects.让他们很小心,以免上述寺院是衡量他们打倒不公正的负担,正如我们希望对上级要坚持,所以我们不想做主题支持的是非曲直的权利。 Furthermore, we strictly command both diocesan bishops and those who preside at chapters to restrain by ecclesiastical censure, without appeal, advocates, patrons, lords' deputies, governors, officials, magnates, knights, and any other people, from daring to cause harm to monasteries in respect of their persons and their goods.此外,我们都严格命令不得上诉教区主教和那些谁在章节由教会主持克制谴责,倡导者,食客,领主“代表,省长,官员,富豪,骑士,以及任何其他的人,从大胆造成伤害寺院在他们的人员和货物的尊重。 Let them not fail to compel such persons, if by chance they do cause harm, to make satisfaction, so that almighty God may be served more freely and more peacefully.让他们不要失败,迫使这些人,如果有机会他们造成损害,使满意,让全能的神,可能有利于更自由,更和平。

    13. A prohibition against new religious orders13, 一个新的宗教命令禁止对

    Lest too great a variety of religious orders leads to grave confusion in God's church, we strictly forbid anyone henceforth to found a new religious order.为了避免过大的各种宗教的订单导致在上帝的教会严重混乱,我们今后要严格禁止任何人发现了一个新的宗教秩序。Whoever wants to become a religious should enter one of the already approved orders.谁想成为一个宗教应该进入本已批准订单之一。Likewise, whoever wishes to found a new religious house should take the rule and institutes from already approved religious orders.同样,任何人要找到一个新的宗教房子应该采取规则和已批准的宗教机构的订单。We forbid, moreover, anyone to attempt to have a place as a monk in more than one monastery or an abbot to preside over more than one monastery.我们禁止,此外,任何试图在多​​个寺院的住持或主持多个寺院作为一个和尚的地方。

    14. Clerical incontinence14。 文书失禁

    In order that the morals and conduct of clerics may be reformed for the better, let all of them strive to live in a continent and chaste way, especially those in holy orders.为了使道德和神职人员进行可能是更好的改革,让他们都努力生活在大陆和纯洁的方式,尤其是在那些神圣的订单。Let them beware of every vice involving lust, especially that on account of which the wrath of God came down from heaven upon the sons of disobedience, so that they may be worthy to minister in the sight of almighty God with a pure heart and an unsullied body.让他们提防每副涉及情欲,特别是在考虑其中,神的忿怒从天上降下来后,不服从的子孙,让他们可在全能神面前值得部长与纯净的心和一个污点身体。 Lest the ease of receiving pardon prove an incentive to sin, we decree that those who are caught giving way to the vice of incontinence are to be punished according to canonical sanctions, in proportion to the seriousness of their sins.以免易于接受赦免罪的动机证明,我们的法令,那些谁被发现让位给副尿失禁要按照规范的处罚制裁的比例其罪恶的严重性。We order such sanctions to be effectively and strictly observed, in order that those whom the fear of God does not hold back from evil may at least be restrained from sin by temporal punishment.我们以这种制裁是有效和严格遵守,为了使这些人对上帝的敬畏不成立,从邪恶的背面可能至少由颞处罚罪克制。 Therefore anyone who has been suspended for this reason and presumes to celebrate divine services, shall not only be deprived of his ecclesiastical benefices but shall also, on account of his twofold fault, be deposed in perpetuity.因此,任何人谁已经暂停这个原因,假定庆祝神圣的服务,不得只被剥夺,但也应教会benefices,对他的双重故障的帐户,永久废黜。 Prelates who dare to support such persons in their wickedness, especially if they do it for money or for some other temporal advantage, are to be subject to like punishment.主教谁还敢来支持他们的邪恶这些人,尤其是如果他们是为了金钱或其他好处的时间了,是要受到这样的惩罚。Those clerics who have not renounced the marriage bond, following the custom of their region, shall be punished even more severely if they fall into sin, since for them it is possible to make lawful use of matrimony.这些神职人员谁没有放弃婚姻关系,继其地区的习俗,将被处以更加严厉,如果他们进入罪恶下降,因为对于他们来说,这有可能使婚姻合法的使用。

    15. Clerical gluttony and drunkeness15。 文书暴食和drunkeness

    All clerics should carefully abstain from gluttony and drunkenness.所有神职人员应仔细放弃暴食和醉酒。They should temper the wine to themselves and themselves to the wine.他们应该对自己脾气的酒和他们自己的葡萄酒。Let no one be urged to drink, since drunkenness obscures the intellect and stirs up lust.让任何人都被要求喝,因为醉酒掩盖了理智和挑起情欲。Accordingly we decree that that abuse is to be entirely abolished whereby in some places drinkers bind themselves to drink equal amounts, and that man is most praised who makes the most people drunk and himself drains the deepest cups.因此,我们认为滥用法令,将被完全取消,即在一些地方饮酒约束自己喝等量,那人是最推崇谁使大多数人喝醉了,自己最深的水渠杯。 If anyone shows himself worthy of blame in these matters, let him be suspended from his benefice or office, unless after being warned by his superior he makes suitable satisfaction.如果任何人显示自己在这些方面值得责备,让他暂停他的采邑或办公室,除非后,被他的上司警告他做适当的满意度。 We forbid all clerics to hunt or to fowl, so let them not presume to have dogs or birds for fowling {4} .我们禁止所有家禽,以狩猎或神职人员,所以让他们不相信有{4}为打鸟狗或鸟。

    16. Decorum in the dress and behaviour of clerics16, 在着装和礼仪的神职人员的行为

    Clerics should not practice callings or business of a secular nature, especially those that are dishonourable.牧师不应该实践的世俗性的召唤或业务,尤其是那些不光彩的。They should not watch mimes, entertainers and actors.他们不应该看默剧,演艺人员和演员。Let them avoid taverns altogether, unless by chance they are obliged by necessity on a journey.让他们完全避免酒馆,除非他们是由一个偶然的机会在旅途必需品责任。They should not play at games of chance or of dice, nor be present at such games.他们不应该玩的机会或骰子游戏,也不得在此类游戏中。 They should have a suitable crown and tonsure, and let them diligently apply themselves to the divine services and other good pursuits.他们应该有一个合适的冠和剃度,并让他们认真地投入到神圣的申请服务等良好的追求。Their outer garments should be closed and neither too short nor too long.他们的外衣应被关闭,既不太短也不太长。Let them not indulge in red or green cloths, long sleeves or shoes with embroidery or pointed toes, or in bridles, saddles, breast-plates and spurs that are gilded or have other superfluous ornamentation.让他们不要沉迷于红色或绿色衣服,长袖或刺绣或尖锐的脚趾的鞋子,或在bridles,马鞍,母乳板和马刺是镀金或有其他多余的装饰。 Let them not wear cloaks with sleeves at divine services in a church, nor even elsewhere, if they are priests or parsons, unless a justifiable fear requires a change of dress.让他们在神圣的服务不穿带袖斗篷在教堂,甚至也没有在其他地方,如果他们是祭司或帕森斯,除非有充分理由担心需要的着装变化。 They are not to wear buckles or belts ornamented with gold or silver, or even rings except for those whose dignity it befits to have them.他们不穿,除了那些有尊严它应景他们扣或金或银的装饰带,甚至环。All bishops should wear outer garments of linen in public and in church, unless they have been monks, in which case they should wear the monastic habit; and let them not wear their cloaks loose in public but rather fastened together behind the neck or across the chest.所有主教应戴在公开场合和教堂外的亚麻服装,除非他们已经僧侣,在这种情况下,应该佩戴寺院的习惯;,让他们不要在公开场合穿着,而是拴在一起,或在脖子后面穿过松散的斗篷胸部。

    17. Dissolute prelates17。 荒淫主教

    We regretfully relate that not only certain lesser clerics but also some prelates of churches pass almost half the night in unnecessary feasting and forbidden conversation, not to mention other things, and leaving what is left of the night for sleep, they are barely roused at the dawn chorus of the birds and pass away the entire morning in a continuous state of stupor.我们遗憾地,不仅涉及某些较小的神职人员,但也有一些教会主教传递不必要的灯红酒绿和禁止交谈几乎半个晚上,更不要说其他的事情,留下的是什么晚上睡觉左,他们几乎没有激起的黎明合唱的鸟类,并通过远在连续的昏迷状态,整个上午。 There are others who celebrate mass barely four times a year and, what is worse, do not bother to attend; if they happen to be present when it is being celebrated, they flee the silence of the choir and pay attention to conversations of the laity outside and so while they attend to talk that is unnecessary for them, they do not give an attentive ear to the things of God.此外,还有其他谁勉强四次大规模庆祝一年,什么是坏,也懒得去参加,如果他们正好是目前正在庆祝时,他们逃离的合唱团沉默,注意谈话的俗人外面,因此,尽管他们顾不上说话就是对他们不必要的,他们不给一位细心听神的事。 We altogether forbid these and similar things on pain of suspension.我们完全禁止对悬挂疼痛这些和类似的事情。We strictly command such persons, in virtue of obedience, to celebrate the divine office, day and night alike, as far as God allows them, with both zeal and devotion.我们严格命令这些人,在服从美德,为庆祝神圣的办公室,白天和晚上一样,尽量使他们与神既热情和奉献精神。

    18. Clerics to dissociate from shedding-blood18。 神职人员脱离脱落血

    No cleric may decree or pronounce a sentence involving the shedding of blood, or carry out a punishment involving the same, or be present when such punishment is carried out.没有牧师可以判令或发音句子涉及流血,或进行处罚,涉及相同,或者是当这种惩罚是目前进行的。If anyone, however, under cover of this statute, dares to inflict injury on churches or ecclesiastical persons, let him be restrained by ecclesiastical censure.如果任何人,然而,根据本章程盖,敢于在教堂或教会造成人员受伤,让他被教会谴责克制。A cleric may not write or dictate letters which require punishments involving the shedding of blood, in the courts of princes this responsibility should be entrusted to laymen and not to clerics.牧师可以不写或处罚决定书,要求涉及的流血,在诸侯法院这个责任应该交给外行,而不是神职人员。Moreover no cleric may be put in command of mercenaries or crossbowmen or suchlike men of blood; nor may a subdeacon, deacon or priest practise the art of surgery, which involves cauterizing and making incisions; nor may anyone confer a rite of blessing or consecration on a purgation by ordeal of boiling or cold water or of the red-hot iron, saving nevertheless the previously promulgated prohibitions regarding single combats and duels.此外没有神职人员可能放在雇佣军或弩手或血液诸如此类的男子命令,也不五月subdeacon,执事或神父艺术实践的手术,它涉及烧灼,使切口,也不得赋予任何人的祝福或奉献仪式上由沸腾或冷水或烧红的铁磨难下法,但节省颁布禁令之前就单个作战和决斗。

    19. That profane objects may not be stored in churches19, 这亵渎的对象可能无法在教堂保存

    We are unwilling to tolerate the fact that certain clerics deposit in churches their own and even others' furniture, so that the churches look like lay houses rather than basilicas of God, regardless of the fact that the Lord would not allow a vessel to be carried through the temple.我们不愿容忍的事实,某些神职人员在教堂自己的存款,甚至别人的家具,使教会看起来像躺在房子,而不是神的大教堂,不管事实,即上帝不会允许船只进行通过寺庙。 There are others who not only leave their churches uncared for but also leave the service vessels and ministers' vestments and altar cloths and even corporals so dirty that they at times horrify some people.此外,还有其他谁离开uncared不仅为他们的教会,但也留下了服务的船只和部长“法衣和坛布连下士这么脏,他们有时渗了一些人。 Because zeal for God's house consumes us, we strictly forbid objects of this kind to be allowed into churches, unless they have to be taken in on account of enemy incursions or sudden fires or other urgent necessities, and then in such a way that when the emergency is over the objects are taken back to where they came from.因为对于神的家热情消耗我们,我们严格禁止的这是到教堂允许物体,除非他们将要采取的敌人入侵或突发火灾或其他紧急必需品的帐户,然后以这样的方式,当紧急状态结束的对象带回他们来自何处。 We also order the aforesaid churches, vessels, corporals and vestments to be kept neat and clean.我们还以上述教堂,船舶,下士,并保持整洁法衣。For it seems too absurd to take no notice of squalor in sacred things when it is unbecoming even in profane things.它似乎太荒谬了参加神圣的东西没有肮脏通知,当它是有失体面的事情,即使在亵渎。

    20. Chrism and the Eucharist to be kept under lock and key 20。Chrism和被锁和钥匙存放在圣体

    We decree that the chrism and the eucharist are to be kept locked away in a safe place in all churches, so that no audacious hand can reach them to do anything horrible or impious.我们法令的chrism和圣体要保持锁定在一个安全的地方,远离所有的教会,所以没有大胆的手可以达到他们做任何事情可怕或不虔诚。 If he who is responsible for their safe-keeping leaves them around carelessly, let him be suspended from office for three months; if anything unspeakable happens on account of his carelessness, let him be subject to graver punishment.如果他是谁的保管责任使他们周围不小心,让他从办公室暂停3个月;如果有什么不可告人的帐户上,他不小心发生,让他受到更严重的惩罚。

    21. On yearly confession to one's own priest, yearly communion, the confessional seal21, 在每年表白自己的牧师,每年共融,密封的自白

    All the faithful of either sex, after they have reached the age of discernment, should individually confess all their sins in a faithful manner to their own priest at least once a year, and let them take care to do what they can to perform the penance imposed on them.所有忠实的任何性别,之后便达到了法眼的年龄,应该单独在忠实地承认所有的罪自己的牧师,至少每年一次,让他们小心做他们可以执行的忏悔强加给他们。 Let them reverently receive the sacrament of the eucharist at least at Easter unless they think, for a good reason and on the advice of their own priest, that they should abstain from receiving it for a time.让他们虔诚地接受至少在复活节圣体圣事,除非他们认为一个很好的理由和自己的牧师,他们应避免接受一段时间它的意见。Otherwise they shall be barred from entering a church during their lifetime and they shall be denied a christian burial at death.否则,他们将被禁止进入一所教堂在其一生中,他们应当被拒绝在死亡基督教墓地。Let this salutary decree be frequently published in churches, so that nobody may find the pretence of an excuse in the blindness of ignorance.让这个有益的法令是经常在教会出版,所以没有人会找到一个借口的盲目无知的幌子。 If any persons wish, for good reasons, to confess their sins to another priest let them first ask and obtain the permission of their own priest; for otherwise the other priest will not have the power to absolve or to bind them.如果任何人的愿望,有充分理由,承认他们的罪,以另外一个牧师让他们先问,并获得自己的牧师的许可;否则其他牧师将无权免除或约束他们。 The priest shall be discerning and prudent, so that like a skilled doctor he may pour wine and oil over the wounds of the injured one.祭司要明察秋毫,谨慎,让他像一个熟练的医生可能伏案的伤害一人的伤口酒和油。Let him carefully inquire about the circumstances of both the sinner and the sin, so that he may prudently discern what sort of advice he ought to give and what remedy to apply, using various means to heal the sick person.让他仔细询问双方的罪人和罪的情况下,让他可以谨慎地辨别什么样的意见,他应该给什么补偿申请,使用各种手段来医治病人。 Let him take the utmost care, however, not to betray the sinner at all by word or sign or in any other way.让他走悉心照顾,然而,在不出卖文字或符号的全部或任何其他方式的罪人。If the priest needs wise advice, let him seek it cautiously without any mention of the person concerned.如果牧师需要明智的建议,让他不寻求任何有关的人提到它谨慎。For if anyone presumes to reveal a sin disclosed to him in confession, we decree that he is not only to be deposed from his priestly office but also to be confined to a strict monastery to do perpetual penance.因为如果任何人都假设揭示披露他在忏悔罪过,我们的法令,他不仅可以从他的祭司办公室废黜,但也只限于严格的寺院做永久的忏悔。

    22. Physicians of the body to advise patients to call physicians of the soul 身体 22。 医生建议患者打电话给医生的灵魂

    As sickness of the body may sometimes be the result of sin -- as the Lord said to the sick man whom he had cured, Go and sin no more, lest something worse befall you -- so we by this present decree order and strictly command physicians of the body, when they are called to the sick, to warn and persuade them first of all to call in physicians of the soul so that after their spiritual health has been seen to they may respond better to medicine for their bodies, for when the cause ceases so does the effect.由于身体的疾病有时可能是罪的结果 - 作为主说的病夫他有治愈,围棋和罪恶没有更多的,以免坏的东西降临你 - 所以我们通过这本法令秩序和严格的命令身体的医生,当他们打电话给病人,以警告和说服他们首先要调用的灵魂,使他们的精神健康状况后,人们看到他们的医生可以更好地应对医学对自己的身体,为当这样做的原因终止的效果。 This among other things has occasioned this decree, namely that some people on their sickbed, when they are advised by physicians to arrange for the health of their souls, fall into despair and so the more readily incur the danger of death.除其他外这所引致这项法令,即有些人在他们的病床上,当他们被医生告知,安排他们的灵魂健康,陷入绝望,所以秋季更容易招致死亡的危险。 If any physician transgresses this our constitution, after it has been published by the local prelates, he shall be barred from entering a church until he has made suitable satisfaction for a transgression of this kind.如果任何医师transgresses这是我们的宪法,在它被当地主教发表,他应被禁止进入教堂,直到他作出了这种越轨合适满意。 Moreover, since the soul is much more precious than the body, we forbid any physician, under pain of anathema, to prescribe anything for the bodily health of a sick person that may endanger his soul.此外,由于灵魂比身体更宝贵,我们禁止任何医师,痛下诅咒,订明为一个有病的人,可能危及他的灵魂的身体健康什么。

    23. Churches are to be without a prelate for no more than 3 months23, 要教会没有主教无超过3个月

    Lest a rapacious wolf attack the Lord's flock for want of a shepherd, or lest a widowed church suffer grave injury to its good, we decree, desiring to counteract the danger to souls in this matter and to provide protection for the churches, that a cathedral church or a church of the regular clergy is not to remain without a prelate for more than three months.为了避免贪婪的狼攻击主对想要一个牧羊人,或以免寡教会的羊群遭受严重损伤其良好的,我们的法令,渴望抵消危险的灵魂在这个问题上,并为教会的保护,一个大教堂教会或教会神职人员经常不无主教仍超过三个月。 If the election has not been held within this time, provided there is no just impediment, then those who ought to have made the election are to lose the power to elect for that time and it is to devolve upon the person who is recognized as the immediate superior.如果选举未能在此时间内举行,但条件是无义的障碍,那么那些谁应该作出的选举是失去权力,选出的时间,它是下放后,谁是公认的人顶头上司。 The person upon whom the power has devolved, mindful of the Lord, shall not delay beyond three months in canonically providing the widowed church, with the advice of his chapter and of other prudent men, with a suitable person from the same church, or from another if a worthy candidate cannot be found in the former, if he wishes to avoid canonical penalty.一经他们的权力下放的人,主铭记,不得延误超过三个月,标准地提供丧偶教堂,与他的章节和其他审慎男人的意见,与来自同一个教堂合适的人,或从另外,如果一个有价值的候选人无法找到前,如果他希望避免典型的刑罚。

    24. Democratic election of pastors24。 民主选举的牧师

    On account of the various forms of elections which some try to invent, there arise many difficulties and great dangers for the bereaved churches.关于选举的一些尝试,发明了各种形式的帐户,出现许多困难和失去亲人的教堂巨大危害。We therefore decree that at the holding of an election, when all are present who ought to, want to and conveniently can take part, three trustworthy persons shall be chosen from the college who will diligently find out, in confidence and individually, the opinions of everybody.因此,我们的法令,在选举时都存在谁应该,拿着要方便可以参加,三个值得信赖的人应选择从大学将努力找出谁在信心,个别的意见每一个人。 After they have committed the result to writing, they shall together quickly announce it.当他们犯了写作的结果,他们将共同很快公告。There shall be no further appeal, so that after a scrutiny that person shall be elected upon whom all or the greater or sounder part of the chapter agree.不得有进一步上诉,使该人须经过审查后,选出其中全部或更大或更健全的章节部分同意。Or else the power of electing shall be committed to some suitable persons who, acting on behalf of everybody, shall provide the bereaved church with a pastor.否则选举权力,应致力于一些合适的人谁,对大家都包办代替,应提供死者的教会牧师。Otherwise the election made shall not be valid, unless perchance it was made by all together as if by divine inspiration and without flaw.否则,选举也不得有效,除非或许它是由以神的启示,没有缺陷,仿佛一起。 Those who attempt to make an election contrary to the aforesaid forms shall be deprived of the power of electing on that occasion.那些谁企图使选举违反上述形式不得被剥夺的那次选举的权力。We absolutely forbid anyone to appoint a proxy in the matter of an election, unless he is absent from the place where he ought to receive the summons and is detained from coming by a lawful impediment.我们绝对禁止任何人委任的选举事项的代理,除非他是从地方,他应该收到传票,是由一个合法的障碍来拘留缺席。 He shall take an oath about this, if necessary, and then he may commit his representation to one of the college, if he so wishes.他应采取这个誓言,如果有必要,那么他可能犯了代表性的高校之一,如果他愿意的话。We also condemn clandestine elections and order that as soon as an election has taken place it should be solemnly published.我们也谴责秘密选举,以便尽快为选举已经发生,应该郑重公布。

    25. Invalid elections25。 选举无效

    Whoever presumes to consent to his being elected through abuse of the secular power, against canonical freedom, both forfeits the benefit of being elected and becomes ineligible, and he cannot be elected to any dignity without a dispensation.谁假定同意将他的当选通过对典型的世俗权力滥用自由,既丧失了当选受益,成为不合格的,他不能当选没有任何豁免的尊严。 Those who venture to take part in elections of this kind, which we declare to be invalid by the law itself, shall be suspended from their offices and benefices for three years and during that time shall be deprived of the power to elect.这些who企业采取的这种选举,我们宣布要由法律本身无效,应当从他们的办公室和三年benefices在此期间暂停部分不得被剥夺的权力,选举。

    26. Nominees for prelatures to be carefully screened26, 为prelatures代理人要仔细甄别

    There is nothing more harmful to God's church than for unworthy prelates to be entrusted with the government of souls.没有什么比因噎废食更有害主教神的教会与政府委托的灵魂。Wishing therefore to provide the necessary remedy for this disease, we decree by this irrevocable constitution that when anyone has been entrusted with the government of souls, then he who holds the right to confirm him should diligently examine both the process of the election and the character of the person elected, so that when everything is in order he may confirm him.因此,希望这种疾病提供必要的补救措施,我们通过这个法令,不可撤销的宪法,当有人被政府赋予的灵魂,那么他谁拥有的权利,他要认真检查确认双方在选举的过程和字符当选的人,这样,当一切正常,他可以证实他。 For, if confirmation was granted in advance when everything was not in order, then not only would the person improperly promoted have to be rejected but also the author of the improper promotion would have to be punished.因为,如果确认是在事先获得当一切是为了没有,那么不仅会不适当地促进了人都被拒绝,但也有不当促销的作者都必须受到惩罚。 We decree that the latter shall be punished in the following way : if his negligence has been proved, especially if he has approved a man of insufficient learning or dishonest life or unlawful age, he shall not only lose the power of confirming the person's first successor but shall also, lest by any chance he escapes punishment, be suspended from receiving the fruits of his own benefice until it is right for him to be granted a pardon.我们法令,后者应在以下的惩罚:如果他的疏忽已经证明,尤其是如果他已批准的不足学习或不诚实的生命或非法岁男子,他将不仅失去了确认人的第一继任者权力但也应,以免被任何机会,他逃脱处罚,暂停接受对他自己的采邑的成果,直到它适合他获得赦免。 If he is convicted of having erred intentionally in the matter, then he is to be subject to graver punishment.如果他是在这个问题上有失误故意罪名成立,那么他将受到更严重的惩罚。

    Bishops too, if they wish to avoid canonical punishment, should take care to promote to holy orders and to ecclesiastical dignities men who will be able to discharge worthily the office entrusted to them.主教团也一样,如果他们希望避免典型的处罚,应注意促进对神圣的订单,并教会尊严男人谁就能排出不愧办公室委托给他们。 Those who are immediately subject to the Roman pontiff shall, to obtain confirmation of their office, present themselves personally to him, if this can conveniently be done, or send suitable persons through whom a careful inquiry can be made about the process of the election and the persons elected.这些谁是立即受到了罗马教皇应获得他们的办公室证实,现在亲自到他,如果这样可以方便地进行,或通过发送人仔细询问,可对选举过程,并提出合适的人的人当选。 In this way, on the strength of the pontiff's informed judgment, they may finally enter into the fullness of their office, when there is no impediment in canon law.这样,对教宗的知情判断的实力,他们可能最终进入他们的办公室丰满的时候,有没有教会法的障碍。For a time, however, those who are in very distant parts, namely outside Italy, if they were elected peaceably, may by dispensation, on account of the needs and benefit of the churches, administer in things spiritual and temporal, but in such a way that they alienate nothing whatever of the church's goods.一时间,然而,那些谁在非常遥远的地方就是意大利之外,如果他们当选是和平地,可借豁免,对需要和教会利益考虑,管理事物的精神和时间,但在这样的没有什么方式,他们疏远了教会的货物什么的。 They may receive the customary consecration or blessing.他们可能会收到习惯奉献或祝福。

    27. Candidates for the priesthood to be carefully trained and scrutinized27, 为神职人员的候选人进行认真培训和审核

    To guide souls is a supreme art.要引导灵魂是至高无上的艺术。We therefore strictly order bishops carefully to prepare those who are to be promoted to the priesthood and to instruct them, either by themselves or through other suitable persons, in the divine services and the sacraments of the church, so that they may be able to celebrate them correctly.因此,我们严格以主教精心准备那些谁是被晋升为神父,并指示他们,无论是自己或通过其他合适的人,在神圣的服务和教会的圣事,使他们能够庆祝正确。 But if they presume henceforth to ordain the ignorant and unformed, which can indeed easily be detected, we decree that both the ordainers and those ordained are to be subject to severe punishment.但如果他们假定今后祝圣的无知和未成形的,这的确可以很容易地发现,我们的法令,无论是ordainers和那些注定要受到严厉的惩罚。 For it is preferable, especially in the ordination of priests, to have a few good ministers than many bad ones, for if a blind man leads another blind man, both will fall into the pit.它是可取的,尤其是在牧师的协调,有一个比许多坏的少有的好部长,因为如果一个盲人引出另一个瞎子,都将陷入坑内。

    28. Who asks to resign must resign28, 谁要求辞职必须辞职

    Certain persons insistently ask for permission to resign and obtain it, but then do not resign.某些人执意要求辞职并获得批准,但当时不辞职。Since in such a request to resign they would seem to have in mind either the good of the churches over which they preside or their own well-being, neither of which do we wish to be impeded either by the arguments of any people seeking their own interests or even by a certain fickleness, we therefore decree that such persons are to be compelled to resign.由于这样的要求辞职,他们似乎心目中要么是教会了他们主持或自己的幸福,而我们都不希望被任何阻碍寻求自己的人的论据是好利益,甚至通过一定的浮躁,因此,我们的法令,这些人将被迫辞职。

    29. Multiple benefices require papal dispensation29 多个benefices要求教皇豁免

    With much foresight it was forbidden in the Lateran council for anyone to receive several ecclesiastical dignities and several parish churches, contrary to the regulations of the sacred canons, on pain of both the recipient losing what he had received and the conferrer being deprived of the power to confer.随着许多有远见它被禁止在任何人拉特兰会议收到几个教会尊严和几个教区教堂,违背了神圣的大炮上的规定既失去什么,他收到收件人和被剥夺的权力conferrer疼痛,授予。 On account of the presumption and covetousness of certain persons, however, none or little fruit is resulting from this statute.论推定和某些人贪婪的帐户,但是,没有或很少的水果是造成这一法规。We therefore, desiring to remedy the situation more clearly and expressly, ordain by this present decree that whoever receives any benefice with the cure of souls attached, if he was already in possession of such a benefice, shall be deprived by the law itself of the benefice held first, and if perchance he tries to retain this he shall also be deprived of the second benefice.因此,我们,渴望纠正这种情况更清楚,并明确表示,祝圣了目前这个法令,凡接收到的任何附加的灵魂治愈采邑,如果他在这样一个已经拥有采邑,不得被剥夺由法律本身采邑举行的第一次,或许,如果他试图保留这一点,他也应在第二采邑剥夺。 Moreover, the person who has the right to confer the first benefice may freely bestow it, after the recipient has obtained a second benefice, on someone who seems to deserve it.此外,人谁有权授予第一个采邑可以自由赋予它后,收件人已取得的人谁似乎应得的第二个采邑。If he delays in conferring it beyond three months, however, then not only is the collation to devolve upon another person, according to the statute of the Lateran council, but also he shall be compelled to assign to the use of the church belonging to the benefice as much of his own income as is established as having been received from the benefice while it was vacant.如果他在三个月后赋予它的延迟,但是,那不仅是整理下放后,另一人根据拉特兰理事会章程,也是他应被强制分配给教会的使用属于采邑作为自己的收入多的是为已收到的采邑,而这是空置成立。 We decree that the same is to be observed with regard to parsonages adding that nobody shall presume to hold several dignities or parsonages in the same church even if they do not have the cure of souls.我们法令,同样是要与有关parsonages补充说,没有人发现须推定为在同一个教堂举行几个尊严或parsonages即使没有治愈的灵魂。 As for exalted and lettered persons, however, who should be honoured with greater benefices, it is possible for them to be dispensed by the apostolic see, when reason demands it.至于尊贵和写字的人,但是,谁应该有更大的benefices荣幸,有可能被免除他们的使徒看到,当理由要求它。

    30. Penalties for bestowing ecclesiatical benefices on the unworthy 为赐予的不肖ecclesiatical benefices 30。 罚则

    It is very serious and absurd that prelates of churches, when they can promote suitable men to ecclesiastical benefices, are not afraid to choose unworthy men who lack both learning and honesty of behaviour and who follow the urgings of the flesh rather than the judgment of reason.这是非常严重的和荒谬的教会主教,当他们能促进教会benefices合适的男人,不怕选择谁既缺乏学习​​和行为诚实,谁遵循肉urgings而非理性的判断男人不配。 Nobody of a sound mind is ignorant of how much damage to churches arises from this.一个心智健全的多少没有人破坏的教堂从这个产生一无所知。Wishing therefore to remedy this ill, we order that they pass over unworthy persons and appoint suitable persons who are willing and able to offer a pleasing service to God and to the churches, and that careful inquiry be made about this each year at the provincial council.许愿因此,解决这个病,我们为了不值得的人,他们在通过并任命谁愿意和能够提供的服务,取悦上帝和教会合适的人才,并仔细询问作出这个在每年的省议会。 Therefore he who has been found guilty after a first and second correction is to be suspended from conferring benefices by the provincial council, and a prudent and honest person is to be appointed at the same council to make up for the suspended person's failure in this matter.因此,他谁被发现后第一次和第二次修正有罪是从赋予benefices暂停的省议会,并谨慎和诚实的人是在同一议会任命为悬浮人未能在这一问题。 The same is to be observed with regard to chapters who offend in these matters.同样是要与有关章节得罪谁在这些问题上观察到。 The offence of a metropolitan, however, shall be left by the council to be reported to the judgment of the superior.一个大都市的罪行,但是,应留下要报经上级裁决理事会。In order that this salutary provision may have fuller effect, a sentence of suspension of this kind may not be relaxed at all without the authority of the Roman pontiff or of the appropriate patriarch, so that in this too the four patriarchal sees shall be specially honoured.为了使这项有益的规定可能有更充分的效果,这种悬挂的句子可能不能松懈都没有罗马教皇或适当族长的权威,使这四个宗法看到过,应特别荣幸。

    31. Canons' sons cannot be canons where their fathers are31。 大炮“儿子不能在他们的父亲是大炮

    In order to abolish a very bad practice that has grown up in many churches, we strictly forbid the sons of canons, especially if they are illegitimate, to become canons in the secular churches in which their fathers hold office.为了取消一个非常坏的做法,在许多教会已经成长起来,我们严格禁止的大炮的儿子,特别是如果他们是非法的,成为他们的父亲在其中任职世俗教会大炮。 If the contrary is attempted, we declare it to be invalid.如果相反的尝试,我们宣布其无效。Those who attempt to make such persons canons are to be suspended from their benefices.那些谁企图使大炮这些人是从他们的benefices暂停。

    32. Parish priests to have adequate incomes32。 教区司铎,有足够的收入

    There has grown up in certain parts a vicious custom which should be eradicated, namely that patrons of parish churches and certain other people claim the incomes from the churches wholly for themselves and leave to the priests, for the appointed services, such a small portion that they cannot live fittingly on it.目前已经成长起来,在某些部位的恶性习俗应该被根除,即在教区教堂和其他一些人从教会顾客要求为自己的全部收入和许可的祭司,为指定服务,这样的小部分他们就无法生存恰当就可以了。 For in some regions, as we have learnt for certain, parish priests receive for their sustenance only a quarter of a quarter, that is to say a sixteenth, of the tithes.在一些地区,因为我们已经学会了一些,教区神职人员接受他们的寄托只有一个季度一个季度,也就是说的什一税十六。Whence it comes about in these regions that almost no parish priest can be found who is even moderately learned.它来自何处,这些地区约教区神父,几乎没有谁是可以找到更温和的教训。As the mouth of the ox should not be muzzled when it is treading out the grain, and he who serves at the altar should live from it, we therefore decree that, notwithstanding any custom of a bishop or a patron or anyone else, a sufficient portion is to be assigned to the priest.作为牛嘴不应该戴上口套,当它被践踏出来的粮食,和他谁在祭坛服务应该从它居住,因此,我们的法令,尽管任何一个主教定制或赞助人或任何其他人,足够一部分是要分配给祭司。 He who has a parish church is to serve it not through a vicar but in person, in the due form which the care of that church requires, unless by chance the parish church is annexed to a prebend or a dignity.他谁拥有教区教堂是为它不是通过副主教但在人,在适当形式在该教会服务需要,除非偶然的教区教堂附到一个牧师薪俸或尊严。 In that case we allow that he who has such a prebend or dignity should make it his business, since he must serve in the greater church, to have a suitable and permanent vicar canonically instituted in the parish church; and the latter is to have, as has been said, a fitting portion from the revenues of the church.在这种情况下,我们允许他有这样的牧师薪俸谁或尊严应该让他的生意,因为他必须服务于更大的教堂,有一个合适的标准地和永久的副主教在教区教堂设立;而后者有,正如人们所说的,从教堂的装修部分的收入。 Otherwise let him know that by the authority of this decree he is deprived of the parish church, which is freely to be conferred on someone else who is willing and able to do what has been said.否则,让他知道,这个他是教区教堂,这是自由地在别人谁愿意和能够做什么已经说法令赋予的权力被剥夺。We utterly forbid anyone to dare deceitfully to confer a pension on another person, as it were as a benefice, from the revenues of a church which has to maintain its own priest.我们完全禁止任何人敢诡诈授予在另一个人的退休金,因为它是作为采邑从一个教堂的要保持自身的牧师的收入。

    33. Renumeration for visitations to be reasonable33 的薪酬是合理的探视

    Procurations which are due, by reason of a visitation, to bishops, archdeacons or any other persons, as well as to legates or nuncios of the apostolic see, should by no means be exacted, without a clear and necessary reason, unless the visitations were carried out in person, and then let them observe the moderation in transport and retinue laid down in the Lateran council. Procurations这是因为,通过一个探视的理由,主教,archdeacons或任何其他人士,以及使节或使徒看,nuncios决不是苛求,没有一个明确的和必要的理由,除非探视被进行人出来,然后让他们观察,运输及随从适度拉特兰议会中规定下来。 We add the following moderation with regard to legates and nuncios of the apostolic see : that when it is necessary for them to stay in any place, and in order that the said place may not be burdened too much on their behalf, they may receive moderate procurations from other churches and persons that have not yet been burdened with procurations of their own, on condition that the number of procurations does-not exceed the number of days in the stay; and when any of the churches or persons have not sufficient means of their own, two or more of them may be combined into one.我们加入关于使节和使徒见nuncios以下管理:当有必要对他们留在任何地方,以使该说的地方可能无法负担他们的代表太多,他们可能会收到温和从其他教会和尚未被背负着自己的procurations条件是数量的procurations不,不超过在逗留天数,人员procurations,而当人的教堂或任何有没有足够的手段自己的两个或多个可合并成一个。 Those who exercise the office of visitation, moreover, shall not seek their own interests but rather those of Jesus Christ, by devoting themselves to preaching and exhortation, to correction and reformation, so that they may bring back fruit which does not perish.那些谁行使探视权的办公室,而且,不得谋求自身利益,而是耶稣基督的人,通过献身说教和规劝,以矫正和改造,使它们可携带的水果不灭亡。 He who dares to do the contrary shall both restore what he has received and pay a like amount in compensation to the church which he has thus burdened.他谁不敢做,相反应当同时恢复他已收到并支付了赔偿,他也因此背负教会像量。

    34. Prelates forbidden to procure ecclesiastical services at a profit34。 主教禁止采购获利教会服务

    Many prelates, in order to meet the cost of a procuration or some service to a legate or some other person, extort from their subjects more than they pay out, and in trying to extract a profit from their losses they look for booty rather than help in their subjects.许多主教,为了满足一个拉客或部分服务以特使或其他人的成本,勒索他们的科目多,他们交出来,并试图从他们的损失提取利润看他们的战利品,而不是帮助在他们的科目。 We forbid this to happen in the future.我们禁止这种情况发生的未来。If by chance anyone does attempt it, he shall restore what he has extorted and be compelled to give the same amount to the poor.如果碰巧有人尝试这样做,他应恢复他的勒索和被迫提供相同数额给穷人。The superior to whom a complaint about this has been submitted shall suffer canonical punishment if he is negligent in executing this statute.该向谁有关此投诉已提交上级规范应受到惩罚,如果他是在执行这一法规的疏忽。

    35. On appeal procedures35, 在上诉程序

    In order that due honour may be given to judges and consideration be shown to litigants in the matter of trouble and expenses, we decree that when somebody sues an adversary before the competent judge, he shall not appeal to a superior judge before judgment has been given, without a reasonable cause; but rather let him proceed with his suit before the lower judge, without it being possible for him to obstruct by saying that he sent a messenger to a superior judge or even procured letters from him before they were assigned to the delegated judge.为了荣誉,由于可能给法官和考虑将显示在麻烦和费用,我们的法令,如果有人起诉之前,主管法官对手,他不得上诉上级法官判决之前已发出此事诉讼人,没有一个合理的原因;而是让他继续他的下级法官之前没有它正适合他可能阻挠,说他派使者到上级法官,甚至从他那里采购的信件,然后才分配到,委派法官。 When, however, he thinks that he has reasonable cause for appealing and has stated the probable grounds of the appeal before the same judge, such namely that if they were proved they would be reckoned legitimate, the superior judge shall examine the appeal.但是,当他认为他有吸引力的合理原因,并表示在相同的判断,这样即如果他们证明他们不可忽视合法的,上级法官应审查上诉理由上诉的可能。 If the latter thinks the appeal is unreasonable, he shall send the appellant back to the lower judge and sentence him to pay the costs of the other party; otherwise he shall go ahead, saving however the canons about major cases being referred to the apostolic see.如果是后者认为上诉是不合理的,他须将上诉人回到较低判断和判他支付对方的费用,否则他将继续进行,但是节省约大案要案的大炮被称为使徒见。

    36. On interlocutory sentences36, 在中间的句子

    Since the effect ceases when the cause ceases, we decree that if an ordinary judge or a judge delegate has pronounced a comminatory or an interlocutory sentence which would prejudice one of the litigants if its execution was ordered, and then acting on good advice refrains from putting it into effect, he shall proceed freely in hearing the case, notwithstanding any appeal made against such a comminatory or interlocutory sentence, provided he is not open to suspicion for some other legitimate reason.由于效果的原因时停止停止,我们的法令,如果一个普通的法官或法官委派的宣告comminatory或中间一句是会损害当事人之一如果它的执行的命令,然后在很好的意见refrains行事的投入它生效的,应当在听证会进行自由的情况下,尽管在这样的comminatory或中间判决提出上诉,只要他不是一些其他正当理由怀疑开放。 This is so that the process is not held up for frivolous reasons.这是为了让这个过程是不举行轻浮理由。

    37. On Summons by Apostolic Letter37。 传票上的使徒信

    Some people, abusing the favour of the apostolic see, try to obtain letters from it summoning people to distant judges, so that the defendant, wearied by the labour and expense of the action, is forced to give in or to buy off the importunate bringer of the action.有些人,滥用了使徒的青睐看到,试图获取它召唤人们从遥远的法官的信件,使被告人,由劳动和操作费用厌倦,是被迫放弃或收买的缠扰不休的使者的动作。 A trial should not open the way to injustices that are forbidden by respect for the law.试用不应公开的方式是通过对法律的尊重禁止不公平现象。We therefore decree that nobody may be summoned by apostolic letters to a trial that is more than two days' journey outside his diocese, unless the letters were procured with the agreement of both parties or expressly mention this constitution.因此,我们的法令,任何人不得传唤使徒信,审判是超过两天的旅程他的教区之外的更多信息,除非信件采购与双方的协议或章程中明确提到这一点。 There are other people who, turning to a new kind of trade, in order to revive complaints that are dormant or to introduce new questions, make up suits for which they procure letters from the apostolic see without authorization from their superiors.还有谁,转向一种新的贸易,以振兴投诉,处于休眠状态或引进新的问题,补服为他们采购从使徒信看到未经上级批准的其他人。 They then offer the letters for sale either to the defendant, in return for his not being vexed with trouble and expense on account of them, or to the plaintiff, in order that by means of them he may wear out his adversary with undue distress.然后,他们将出售或提供给被告的信件中,他没有烦恼的麻烦和费用,对他们的帐户,或向原告,以便由他们意味着他可能与过度磨损困扰他的对手的回报。 Lawsuits should be limited rather than encouraged.诉讼应限制而不是鼓励。We therefore decree by this general constitution that if anyone henceforth presumes to seek apostolic letters on any matter without a special mandate from his superior, then the letters are invalid and he is to be punished as a forger, unless by chance persons are involved for whom a mandate should not in law be demanded.因此,我们通过这个一般宪法法令,如果有人假设今后寻求没有从他的上级特别授权就任何事宜使徒信,信则是无效的,他是作为一个伪造者受到惩罚,除非偶然人士参与对他们来说,任务不应该在法律上被要求。

    38. Written records of trials to be kept38。 书面记录,以保持试验

    An innocent litigant can never prove the truth of his denial of a false assertion made by an unjust judge, since a denial by the nature of things does not constitute a direct proof.一个无辜的当事人不能证明他由一个不公正的法官作出虚假声明否认真相,因为被拒绝的事物的本质并不构成直接的证据。We therefore decree, lest falsehood prejudice truth or wickedness prevail over justice, that in both ordinary and extraordinary trials the judge shall always employ either a public official, if he can find one, or two suitable men to write down faithfully all the judicial acts -- that is to say the citations, adjournments, objections and exceptions, petitions and replies, interrogations, confessions, depositions of witnesses, productions of documents, interlocutions {5} , appeals, renunciations, final decisions and the other things that ought to be written down in the correct order -- stating the places, times and persons.因此,我们的法令,以免妨碍真理或谬误邪恶了伸张正义,在这两个普通的和特殊的审判法官应始终采用任何公职人员,如果他能找到一个,两个合适的人忠实地写下所有的司法行为 - - 这是说的引文,休庭,反对和异常,请愿和回复,盘问口供,证人证言,文件制作,interlocutions {5},申诉,renunciations,最后决定和所应该写其他东西倒在正确的顺序 - 说明的地方,时间和人员。

    Everything thus written down shall be given to the parties in question, but the originals shall remain with the scribes, so that if a dispute arises over how the judge conducted the case, the truth can be established from the originals.因此,一切都写下来,应给予有关当事人,但原件应保持与文士,因此,如果发生纠纷,法官在如何进行的情况下,真理可以从原稿成立。 With this measure being applied, such deference will be paid to honest and prudent judges that justice for the innocent will not be harmed by imprudent and wicked judges.随着这一措施被应用,如将支付尊重诚实和审慎的法官,对无辜者不会受到正义和邪恶的法官轻率的伤害。A judge who neglects to observe this constitution shall, if some difficulty arises from his negligence, be punished as he deserves by a superior judge; nor shall presumption be made in favour of his handling of the case except insofar as it accords with the legal documents.法官谁忽视遵守这部宪法应在一定的难度,从他的疏忽出现,受到惩罚,因为他由上级法官值得,也不应推定作出不在此限在他的办案的青睐,因为它与法律文件协​​议。

    39. On knowingly receiving stolen goods39, 在明知接收赃物

    It often happens, when a person has been unjustly robbed and the object has been transferred by the robber to a third party, that he is not helped by an action of restitution against the new possessor because he has lost the advantage of possession, and he loses in effect the right of ownership on account of the difficulty of proving his case.它经常发生,当一个人被冤枉抢劫的对象已经转移的强盗给第三方,他不是由一个对新的行动,帮助恢复原状养着,因为他已经失去了占有优势,他实际上失去了对他的案件的证明难度帐户所有权。 We therefore decree, notwithstanding the force of civil law, that if anyone henceforth knowingly receives such a thing, then the one robbed shall be favoured by his being awarded restitution against the one in possession.因此,我们的法令,尽管民法,从今以后,如果有人故意收到这样的事情,那么人抢应由他被授予对占有one归还青睐的力量。 For the latter as it were succeeds the robber in his vice, inasmuch as there is not much difference, especially as regards danger to the soul, between unjustly hanging on to another's property and seizing it.对于后者,因为它是成功在他的副强盗,生死时刻,因为没有太大的区别,特别是关于危险的灵魂之间的不公正挂到他人的财产,并抓住它。

    40. True owner is the true possessor even if not possessing the object for a year 40, 真正的货主是真正的拥有者即使不具备的一年对象

    It sometimes happens that when possession of something is awarded to the plaintiff in a suit, on account of the contumacy of the other party, yet because of force or fraud over the thing he is unable to obtain custody of it within a year, or having gained it he loses it.有时,当拥有的东西,是颁发给在诉讼原告,对对方的contumacy帐户,但由于武力或以上的事情,他是无法在一年内获得的保管欺诈,或有它获得了他失去它。 Thus the defendant profits from his own wickedness, because in the opinion of many the plaintiff does not qualify as the true possessor at the end of a year.因此,从他自己的邪恶被告的利润,因为在许多人的原告认为没有资格成为真正的拥有在一年结束。Lest therefore a contumacious party is in a better position than an obedient one, we decree, in the name of canonical equity, that in the aforesaid case the plaintiff shall be established as the true possessor after the year has elapsed.为了避免因此顽皮党在一个比一个听话的一个更好的立场是,我们的法令,在规范股票的名称,即在上述情况下,原告应是真正的拥有者建立后,一年过去了。 Furthermore, we issue a general prohibition against promising to abide by the decision of a layman in spiritual matters, since it is not fitting for a layman to arbitrate in such matters.此外,我们对前途的问题上恪守一个门外汉决定在属灵的事情一般禁止,因为它不是一个门外汉到仲裁等事项装修。

    41. No one is to knowingly prescribe an object to the wrong party41, 没有人是故意开错方向对象

    Since whatever does not proceed from faith is sin, and since in general any constitution or custom which cannot be observed without mortal sin is to be disregarded, we therefore define by this synodal judgment that no prescription, whether canonical or civil, is valid without good faith.由于任何不从信仰出发的罪,因为一般任何宪法或习俗不能没有弥天大罪观察是被忽视,因此,我们定义这个主教会议的判断,没有处方,无论是规范还是民间,是没有良好有效信心。 It is therefore necessary that the person who prescribes should at no stage be aware that the object belongs to someone else.因此,有必要规定谁该人在任何阶段应注意的对象属于别人。

    42. Clerics and laity are not to usurp each others rights42。 神职人员和俗人是不是要取代对方的权利

    Just as we desire lay people not to usurp the rights of clerics, so we ought to wish clerics not to lay claim to the rights of the laity.正如我们希望人们不要躺在篡夺的教士的权利,所以我们希望神职人员不应该打好声称的俗人的权利。We therefore forbid every cleric henceforth to extend his jurisdiction, under pretext of ecclesiastical freedom, to the prejudice of secular justice.因此,我们每一个牧师今后禁止延长他的管辖范围,根据教会的自由为借口,向世俗偏见正义。Rather, let him be satisfied with the written constitutions and customs hitherto approved, so that the things of Caesar may be rendered unto Caesar, and the things of God may be rendered unto God by a right distribution.相反,让他得到满意的成文宪法和海关迄今批准,使凯撒的事情可能会呈现所不欲,凯撒,和神的事情可能会向神呈现由分配权。

    43. Clerics cannot be forced to take oaths of fealty to those from whom they hold no temporalities43。 牧师不能被迫采取的忠诚宣誓,从他们所持有那些无时间性

    Certain laymen try to encroach too far upon divine right when they force ecclesiastics who do not hold any temporalities from them to take oaths of fealty to them.某些外行试图侵犯的神圣权利太远时,他们强迫神职人员谁不抱任何时间性从他们采取的忠诚宣誓他们。Since a servant stands or falls with his Lord, according to the Apostle, we therefore forbid, on the authority of this sacred council, that such clerics be forced to take an oath of this kind to secular persons.由于公务员代表或下降与他的主,根据使徒,因此,我们禁止,在这个神圣的安理会的权威,这些神职人员被迫采取这种宣誓世俗的人。

    44. Only clerics may dispose of church property44, 只有神职人员可以处分的教会财产

    Lay people, however devout, have no power to dispose of church property.莱人,但虔诚的,无权处分教会财产。Their lot is to obey, not to be in command.他们很多是服从,而不是在命令。We therefore grieve that charity is growing cold in some of them so that they are not afraid to attack through their ordinances, or rather their fabrications, the immunity of ecclesiastical freedom, which has in the past been protected with many privileges not only by holy fathers but also by secular princes.因此,我们悲痛的慈善是生长在其中的有些冷,使他们不怕攻击通过的条例,或者说他们胡编乱造,教会自由的免疫力,这在过去一直与许多特权保护,不仅神圣的父亲但也受世俗诸侯。 They do this not only by alienating fiefs and other possessions of the church and by usurping jurisdictions but also by illegally laying hands on mortuaries and other things which are seen to belong to spiritual justice.他们不仅疏远封地和教会的其他财产,盗用司法管辖区,但也通过非法铺设在太平间看到的,哪些是属于精神的正义其他事情的手中。 We wish to ensure the immunity of churches in these matters and to provide against such great injuries.我们希望确保教会在这些问题上的免疫力,并提供对如此巨大的伤害。We therefore decree, with the approval of this sacred council, that ordinances of this kind and claims to fiefs or other goods of the church, made by way of a decree of the lay power, without the proper consent of ecclesiastical persons, are invalid since they can be said to be not laws but rather acts of destitution or destruction and usurpations of jurisdiction.因此,我们的法令与本神圣的议会批准,认为这种和封地或教会其他货物索赔条例,由一个业外人士权力法令的方式没有正确的教会人士的同意,是无效的,因为他们可以说是不是法律而是贫困或破坏和管辖权强取豪夺的行为。 Those who dare to do these things are to be restrained by ecclesiastical censure.那些谁也不敢做这些事情都是由教会谴责克制。

    45. Penalties for patrons who steal church goods or physically harm their clerics 谁偷教堂为顾客商品或身体 45。 处罚损害他们的神职人员

    Patrons of churches, lords' deputies and advocates have displayed such arrogance in some provinces that they not only introduce difficulties and evil designs when vacant churches ought to be provided with suitable pastors, but they also presume to dispose of the possessions and other goods of the church as they like and, what is dreadful to relate, they are not afraid to set about killing prelates.教会,领主“代表和倡导者的观众都显示在某些省份这样的嚣张气焰,他们不仅引进困难和邪恶的设计时,空置教会应该提供适当的牧师,但他们也相信处置的财产和其他商品教堂,因为他们喜欢,有什么可怕的进行联络,他们不害怕着手杀害主教。 What was devised for protection should not be twisted into a means of repression.什么是保护设计不应该扭成镇压手段。We therefore expressly forbid patrons, advocates and lords' deputies henceforth to appropriate more in the aforesaid matters than is permitted in law.因此,我们明确禁止顾客,主张和领主“代表在今后适当的比是在法律允许的上述事宜的。If they dare to do the contrary, let them be curbed with the most severe canonical penalties.如果他们敢这样做,相反,让他们用最严厉的处罚遏制规范。We decree, moreover, with the approval of this sacred council, that if patrons or advocates or feudatories or lords' deputies or other persons with benefices venture with unspeakable daring to kill or to mutilate, personally or through others, the rector of any church or other cleric of that church, then the patron shall lose completely his right of patronage, the advocate his advocation, the feudatory his fief, the lord's deputy his deputyship and the beneficed person his benefice.我们的法令,而且随着这个神圣的议会批准,如果顾客或鼓吹或feudatories或领主“代表或benefices与难言的大胆杀死或致残,亲自或通过他人,任何教堂神父或企业其他人员该教会牧师等,则完全失去靠山应他的赞助,提倡崇尚他的,他的封地采邑,主副他deputyship和beneficed人他的采邑的权利。 And lest the punishment be remembered for less time than the crime, nothing of the aforesaid shall descend to their heirs, and their posterity to the fourth generation shall in nowise be admitted into a college of clerics or to hold the honour of any prelacy in a religious house, except when out of mercy they are dispensed to do so.而且,以免被处罚不到犯罪时间记住,上述的任何规定不得下降到他们的继承人,他们的后人到第四代应在nowise成高校录取的神职人员或持有在任何prelacy荣誉宗教的房子,除非出于怜悯他们配发的这样做。

    46. Taxes cannot be levied on the Church, but the Church can volunteer contributions for the common good46。 税无法征收的教会,但教会可以自愿为公益捐款

    The Lateran council, wishing to provide for the immunity of the church against officials and governors of cities and other persons who seek to oppress churches and churchmen with tallages and taxes and other exactions, forbade such presumption under pain of anathema.拉特兰议会,希望提供的对官员和城市,谁寻求压迫教会和tallages和税收等苛捐杂税州长教会牧师等人的免疫力,禁止痛下诅咒这样的假设。 It ordered transgressors and their supporters to be excommunicated until they made adequate satisfaction.它下令违规者和他们的支持者被逐出教会,直到他们做了充分的满足。If at some time, however, a bishop together with his clergy foresee so great a need or advantage that they consider, without any compulsion, that subsidies should be given by the churches, for the common good or the common need, when the resources of the laity are not sufficient, then the above-mentioned laymen may receive them humbly and devoutly and with thanks.如果在一段时间,但是,与他的僧侣主教一起预见如此巨大的需要或利益,他们认为,没有任何强迫,即补贴应由教会给予的共同利益或共同的需要,当资源俗人是不够的,那么上述外行可能会收到他们虚心和虔诚和感谢。 On account of the imprudence of some, however, the Roman pontiff, whose business it is to provide for the common good, should be consulted beforehand.在一些轻率的帐户,但是,罗马教皇,其业务是为共同利益,应事先咨询。 We add, moreover, since the malice of some against God's church has not abated, that the ordinances and sentences promulgated by such excommunicated persons, or on their orders, are to be deemed null and void and shall never be valid.我们添加,而且,由于对上帝的教会一些恶意并未减轻,该条例和句子等人逐出教会,或在其颁布的命令,将被视为无效,并应永远有效。 Since fraud and deceit should not protect anyone, let nobody be deceived by false error to endure an anathema during his term of government as though he is not obliged to make satisfaction afterwards.由于欺诈和欺骗不应该保护的人,让任何人被假象蒙蔽忍受的错误在他的政府期内各个诅咒,仿佛他是没有义务作出满意之后。 For we decree that both he who has refused to make satisfaction and his successor, if he does not make satisfaction within a month, is to remain bound by ecclesiastical censure until he makes suitable satisfaction, since he who succeeds to a post also succeeds to its responsibilities.因为我们的法令,同时他谁也不肯作出满意度和他的继任者,如果他不作出满意的一个月内,是保持教会的谴责,直到他作出适当的约束满意,因为他谁是成功的发布也成功为其责任。

    47. On unjust excommunication47, 在不公正的禁教

    With the approval of this sacred council, we forbid anyone to promulgate a sentence of excommunication on anyone, unless an adequate warning has been given beforehand in the presence of suitable persons, who can if necessary testify to the warning.随着这一神圣的议会批准,我们禁止任何人在任何人的颁布禁教一句,除非得到足够的警告,在合适的人,谁可以作证,如果有必要事先警告的存在。 If anyone dares to do the contrary, even if the sentence of excommunication is just, let him know that he is forbidden to enter a church for one month and he is to be punished with another penalty if this seems expedient.如果有人胆敢这样做,相反,即使只是句禁教,让他知道,他是被禁止进入为期一个月的教会,他要与其他刑罚处罚,如果这似乎是权宜之计。 Let him carefully avoid proceeding to excommunicate anyone without manifest and reasonable cause.让他仔细地进行,以避免被逐出教会的表现,合理的原因没有任何人。If he does so proceed and, on being humbly requested, does not take care to revoke the process without imposing punishment, then the injured person may lodge a complaint of unjust excommunication with a superior judge.如果他继续这样做,并要求在被虚心,不小心撤销不附加刑的过程,那么受伤的人可向与上级法官不公正逐出教会的投诉。The latter shall then send the person back to the judge who excommunicated him, if this can be done without the danger of a delay, with orders that he is to be absolved within a suitable period of time.后者应然后发送人回谁驱逐了他的判断,如果能够没有一个完成的订单延迟的危险,他要在一个合适的时间内免除。If the danger of delay cannot be avoided, the task of absolving him shall be carried out by the superior judge, either in person or through someone else, as seems expedient, after he has obtained adequate guarantees.如果延误的危险无法避免,他的赦免应进行由上级法官亲自或通过他人,任务就好像权宜之计,此前他已获得足够的保障。

    Whenever it is established that the judge pronounced an unjust excommunication, he shall be condemned to make compensation for damages to the one excommunicated, and be nonetheless punished in another way at the discretion of the superior judge if the nature of the fault calls for it, since it is not a trivial fault to inflict so great a punishment on an innocent person -- unless by chance he erred for reasons that are credible -- especially if the person is of praiseworthy repute.每当它是建立法官宣判不公正逐出教会,他应予以谴责,以弥补到一个驱逐赔偿损失,并予以处罚仍然在上级法官自由裁量权以另一种方式,如果该故障的性质为它调用,因为它不是一个简单的过错造成的无辜的人如此巨大的惩罚 - 除非他犯错的机会,其原因是可信的 - 特别是如果该人是值得称道的声誉。But if nothing reasonable is proved against the sentence of excommunication by the one making the complaint, then the complainant shall be condemned in punishment, for the unreasonable trouble caused by his complaint, to make compensation or in some other way according to the discretion of the superior judge, unless by chance his error was based on something that is credible and so excuses him; and he shall moreover be compelled upon a pledge to make satisfaction in the matter for which he was justly excommunicated, or else he shall be subject again to the former sentence which is to be inviolably observed until full satisfaction has been made.但是,如果没有合理的,是违背了禁教一句证明由作出投诉之一,那么申诉人应谴责的处罚,由他的投诉引起的不合理问题,作出赔偿或以其他方式根据的自由裁量权优越的判断,除非他的错误是偶然的基础上的东西是可信的,所以他的借口,并应当而且必须在他的承诺,使其在为他被逐出教会的问题得到公正的满意度,否则他将被迫再次受到前一句是要inviolably,直到完全满意观察了进展。

    If the judge, however, recognizes his error and is prepared to revoke the sentence, but the person on whom it was passed appeals, for fear that the judge might revoke it without making satisfaction, then the appeal shall not be admitted unless the error is such that it may deserve to be questioned.如果法官,然而,认识到自己的错误,并准备撤销的判决,而是人对人是通过了担心法官可能撤销其上诉而不满意,那么上诉不得接纳,除非误差这样,它可能值得质疑。 Then the judge, after he has given sufficient security that he will appear in court before the person to whom the appeal had been made or one delegated by him, shall absolve the excommunicated person and thus shall not be subject to the prescribed punishment.那么法官,此前他已经有足够的安全,他将在法庭出庭向谁上诉已提出或由他委派一人,应免除excommunicated人,因此不应受到规定的处罚。 Let the judge altogether beware, if he wishes to avoid strict canonical punishment, lest out of a perverse intention to harm someone he pretends to have made an error.让法官完全提防,如果他想避免严格规范的处罚,以免出了一种反常的意图伤害他的人假装作出了错误。

    48. Challenging an ecclesiastical judge48, 挑战一个教会法官

    Since a special prohibition has been made against anyone presuming to promulgate a sentence of excommunication against someone without adequate warning being given beforehand, we therefore wish to provide against the person warned being able, by means of a fraudulent objection or appeal, to escape examination by the one issuing the warning.由于特殊的禁令已经颁布对假定对某人没有被给予足够的事先警告的人逐出教会作出判决,因此,我们希望提供针对该人发出警告能,通过欺诈手段反对或上诉,以逃避检查的一个发出警告。 We therefore decree that if the person alleges he holds the judge suspect, let him bring before the same judge an action of just suspicion; and he himself in agreement with his adversary (or with the judge, if he happens not to have an adversary) shall together choose arbiters or, if by chance they are unable to reach agreement together, he shall choose one arbiter and the other another, to take cognisance of the action of suspicion.因此,我们的法令,如果持有人声称他的判断犯罪嫌疑人,让他在同法官带来的只是怀疑的行动,以及他与他的对手在自己的协议(或与法官,如果他不发生有一个对手)应共同选择仲裁人,或者,如果通过的机会,他们无法达成一致起来,他将选择一个仲裁者和其他另外,采取行动的怀疑认定。 If these cannot agree on a judgment they shall call in a third person so that what two of them decide upon shall have binding force.如果这些不能达成一致的判决,他们呼吁应在第三个什么样的人,让他们两个决定后应具有约束力。 Let them know that they are bound to carry this out faithfully, in accordance with the command strictly enjoined by us in virtue of obedience and under the attestation of the divine judgment.让他们知道,他们必然要忠实地履行了这一点与我们责成严格的服从美德下,在神圣的判断按照认证的命令。If the action of suspicion is not proved in law before them within a suitable time, the judge shall exercise his jurisdiction; if the action is proved, then with the consent of the objector the challenged judge shall commit the matter to a suitable person or shall refer it to a superior judge so that he may conduct the matter as it should be conducted.如果怀疑是不是在行动前,他们在一个合适的时间规律证明,法官应行使其管辖权;如果行动证明,然后与反对者的质疑法官应同意将此事提交一个合适的人或应转交上级法官,使他可以进行的事情,因为它应该进行。

    As for the person who has been warned but then hastens to make an appeal, if his offence is made manifest in law by the evidence of the case or by his own confession or in some other way, then provocation of this kind is not to be tolerated, since the remedy of an appeal was not established to defend wickedness but to protect innocence.至于谁被警告,但随后赶忙提出上诉,如果他的罪行是由案件的证据,或由他自己的供述或以其他方式在法律上表现的人,那么这种挑衅行为是不被容忍,因为上诉补救办法是不成立的捍卫邪恶而是为了保护无辜的。 If there is some doubt about his offence, then the appellant shall, lest he impedes the judge's action by the subterfuge of a frivolous appeal, set before the same judge the credible reason for his appeal, such namely that if it was proved it would be considered legitimate.如果有一些关于他的进攻无疑,那么上诉人应,以免他妨碍法官由一个无聊的上诉借口以前相同的判断设置,动作为他上诉的可信理由,这样即,如果证实这将是认为合法。 Then if he has an adversary, let him proceed with his appeal within the time laid down by the same judge according to the distances, times and nature of the business involved.然后,如果他有一个对手,让他与他的上诉所规定的范围内进行同样的判断下按距离,时间和所涉及的业务性质的时间。 If he does not prosecute his appeal, the judge himself shall proceed notwithstanding the appeal.如果他不起诉他的上诉,法官本人应着手尽管上诉。If the adversary does not appear when the judge is proceeding in virtue of his office, then once the reason for the appeal has been verified before the superior judge the latter shall exercise his jurisdiction.如果对手没有出现时,法官在​​他的办公室进行的美德,一旦在上诉理由中得到了验证,然后在上级法官后者行使其管辖权。 If the appellant fails to get the reason for his appeal verified, he shall be sent back to the judge from whom it has been established that he appealed maliciously.如果上诉人没有得到证实,他的上诉理由,他将被送回他们从已经证明他呼吁恶意判断。We do not wish the above two constitutions to be extended to regulars, who have their own special observances.我们不希望上述两个宪法将扩大到常客,谁都有自己特殊的纪念活动。'

    49. Penalties for excommunication out of avarice为绝罚 49。 处罚出贪婪

    We absolutely forbid, under threat of the divine judgment, anyone to dare to bind anyone with the bond of excommunication, or to absolve anyone so bound, out of avarice.我们绝对禁止在神圣的判断威胁,任何人敢于绑定的人逐出教会债券,或免除这样势必出贪婪,任何人。We forbid this especially in those regions where by custom an excommunicated person is punished by a money penalty when he is absolved.我们禁止,特别是在那些由自定义an逐出教会的人是由金钱刑罚处罚时,他是这个地区的赦免。 We decree that when it has been established that a sentence of excommunication was unjust, the excommunicator shall be compelled by ecclesiastical censure to restore the money thus extorted, and shall pay as much again to his victim for the injury unless he was deceived by an understandable error.我们法令,当它已被确定的禁教一句是不公正的,应当由该excommunicator教会谴责恢复被迫从而勒索金钱,并应支付的钱再次以他的伤害受害者,除非他是由一个可以理解的欺骗错误。 If perchance he is unable to pay, he shall be punished in some other way.或许如果他无力支付,他应受到惩罚的其他方式。

    50. Prohibition of marriage is now perpetually restricted to the fourth degree50。 禁止结婚现在永远限制在第四度

    It should not be judged reprehensible if human decrees are sometimes changed according to changing circumstances, especially when urgent necessity or evident advantage demands it, since God himself changed in the new Testament some of the things which he had commanded in the old Testament.它不应该判断应该受到谴责,如果人类改变政令有时根据情况变化,特别是当迫切需要或明显的优势,要求它,因为神自己在新约中改变了,他曾在旧约指挥的一些事情。 Since the prohibitions against contracting marriage in the second and third degree of affinity, and against uniting the offspring of a second marriage with the kindred of the first husband, often lead to difficulty and sometimes endanger souls, we therefore, in order that when the prohibition ceases the effect may also cease, revoke with the approval of this sacred council the constitutions published on this subject and we decree, by this present constitution, that henceforth contracting parties connected in these ways may freely be joined together.由于对承包的亲和力第二和第三度结婚的禁令,以及对团结与第一个丈夫骨肉的第二次婚姻的后代,往往会引起困难,有时甚至危及灵魂,因此,我们,为了当禁止停止的效果也可能停止,撤销了这个神圣的议会发表关于这一问题的,我们的宪法法令批准这一现行宪法,即今后在这些承包方式连接各方可以自由地连接在一起。 Moreover the prohibition against marriage shall not in future go beyond the fourth degree of consanguinity and of affinity, since the prohibition cannot now generally be observed to further degrees without grave harm.此外对婚姻禁令不打算在未来超越了血缘和亲和力第四度,因为现在一般规定可以不被发现没有严重危害,进一步度。The number four agrees well with the prohibition concerning bodily union about which the Apostle says, that the husband does not rule over his body, but the wife does; and the wife does not rule over her body, but the husband does; for there are four humours in the body, which is composed of the four elements.而排名第四的同意以及与有关身体工会禁止哪些使徒说,认为丈夫不排除在他的身上,但妻子不和的妻子不排除在她的身体,但丈夫没有;为有four体液在体内,这是四个要素组成。 Although the prohibition of marriage is now restricted to the fourth degree, we wish the prohibition to be perpetual, notwithstanding earlier decrees on this subject issued either by others or by us.虽然现在是禁止结婚的第四度限制,我们希望将永久禁止,尽管先前发出的其他有关法令或我们不是这个问题。If any persons dare to marry contrary to this prohibition, they shall not be protected by length of years, since the passage of time does not diminish sin but increases it, and the longer that faults hold the unfortunate soul in bondage the graver they are.如果任何人敢娶违反这一禁令,他们不应受多年的长度,因为时间的流逝并没有减少犯罪,但会增加它,并且持有时间越长,断裂的不幸灵魂束缚他们的刻刀。

    51. Clandestine marriages forbidden51。 禁止秘密结婚

    Since the prohibition against marriage in the three remotest degrees has been revoked, we wish it to be strictly observed in the other degrees.由于对婚姻的三个边远程度的禁令被撤销,我们希望它是严格遵守的其他学位。Following in the footsteps of our predecessors, we altogether forbid clandestine marriages and we forbid any priest to presume to be present at such a marriage.继前人的足迹,我们完全禁止秘密结婚,我们禁止任何牧师推定要在这样的婚姻存在。Extending the special custom of certain regions to other regions generally, we decree that when marriages are to be contracted they shall be publicly announced in the churches by priests, with a suitable time being fixed beforehand within which whoever wishes and is able to may adduce a lawful impediment.扩大某些地区特别定制的其他地区普遍,我们法令,当婚姻要承包他们应公开由教会牧师宣布与被事先固定在其中谁的意愿,并能适当时候,可能会援引a合法的障碍。 The priests themselves shall also investigate whether there is any impediment.祭司本身也应调查是否有任何障碍。When there appears a credible reason why the marriage should not be contracted, the contract shall be expressly forbidden until there has been established from clear documents what ought to be done in the matter.当出现了一个可信的原因,婚姻不应该签约,合同应明确禁止,直到出现了从什么应该在这个问题上做了明确的文件建立。 If any persons presume to enter into clandestine marriages of this kind, or forbidden marriages within a prohibited degree, even if done in ignorance, the offspring of the union shall be deemed illegitimate and shall have no help from their parents' ignorance, since the parents in contracting the marriage could be considered as not devoid of knowledge, or even as affecters of ignorance.如果任何人推定为这种秘密结婚,结婚或禁止在禁止进入的程度,即使在做无知,对工会的后代将被视为非法并没有从他们的父母的无知帮助,因为家长在承包的婚姻可以被视为没有知识的缺乏,甚至作为无知affecters。

    Likewise the offspring shall be deemed illegitimate if both parents know of a legitimate impediment and yet dare to contract a marriage in the presence of the church, contrary to every prohibition.同样,后代应被视为不合法的,如果父母双方都知道一个合法的障碍,但敢于合同在教堂结婚的存在,相反每一个禁令。 Moreover the parish priest who refuses to forbid such unions, or even any member of the regular clergy who dares to attend them, shall be suspended from office for three years and shall be punished even more severely if the nature of the fault requires it.此外,该教区神父谁拒绝禁止这种婚姻,甚至任何谁胆敢参加他们,应暂停办公三年,并应受到惩罚更加严厉,如果该故障的性质要求它定期神职人员。 Those who presume to be united in this way, even if it is within a permitted degree, are to be given a suitable penance.谁相信那些被美国以这种方式,即使在允许的程度,要给予适当的忏悔。Anybody who maliciously proposes an impediment, to prevent a legitimate marriage, will not escape the church's vengeance.如果谁恶意提出了障碍,以防止合法的婚姻,不会逃避教会的报复。

    52. On rejecting evidence from hearsay at a matrimonial suit52, 在拒绝从传闻在婚姻诉讼证据

    It was at one time decided out of a certain necessity, but contrary to the normal practice, that hearsay evidence should be valid in reckoning the degrees of consanguinity and affinity, because on account of the shortness of human life witnesses would not be able to testify from first-hand knowledge in a reckoning as far as the seventh degree.这是一次有一定的必然性决定的,但违背了正常的做法,即传闻证据应当在清算的血缘和亲和力的程度有效,因为在人类生活证人急促的帐户将不能作证从第一手知识在清算尽量第七度。 However, because we have learned from many examples and definite proofs that many dangers to lawful marriages have arisen from this, we have decided that in future witnesses from hearsay shall not be accepted in this matter, since the prohibition does not now exceed the fourth degree, unless there are persons of weight who are trustworthy and who learnt from their elders, before the case was begun, the things that they testify : not indeed from one such person since one would not suffice even if he or she were alive, but from two at least, and not from persons who are of bad repute and suspect but from those who are trustworthy and above every objection, since it would appear rather absurd to admit in evidence those whose actions would be rejected.但是,由于我们从很多例子,而且对合法婚姻的许多危险从这次出现一定的证据后,我们决定,在未来的传闻证人不应在这个问题上接受了,因为现在禁止不超过四度,除非有份量的人谁是值得信赖的,从他们的长辈谁据悉,该案开始之前,他们作证的事情:没有这样的人确实从一个人会是不够的,因为即使他或她还活着,但是从至少,而不是从人谁坏的声誉和疑犯,而是从那些谁是值得信赖及以上的每一个反对,因为它似乎相当荒谬的承认,在证据那些将被拒绝行动两种。

    Nor should there be admitted in evidence one person who has learnt what he testifies from several, or persons of bad repute who have learnt what they testify from persons of good repute, as though they were more than one and suitable witnesses, since even according to the normal practice of courts the assertion of one witness does not suffice, even if he is a person resplendent with authority, and since legal actions are forbidden to persons of bad repute.也不应被接纳为证据有一个人谁已经学到了什么,他从几个,或不良声誉的人谁也学到了他们作证,从声誉良好的人证明,他们仿佛是超过一个合适的证人,因为即使按照该法院的一名证人的说法通常的做法是不够的,即使他是一个有权力的人灿烂,自法律行为是被禁止的不良声誉的人。 The witnesses shall affirm on oath that in bearing witness in the case they are not acting from hatred or fear or love or for advantage; they shall designate the persons by their exact names or by pointing out or by sufficient description, and shall distinguish by a clear reckoning every degree of relationship on either side; and they shall include in their oath the statement that it was from their ancestors that they received what they are testifying and that they believe it to be true.证人应在宣誓确认,在轴承中的案件的证人,他们不是从仇恨或恐惧或爱或优势作用,他们应指定其确切名称或指出或充分的描述者,并应区分由明确推算每两边关系的程度,以及他们应在誓言的说法,这包括从他们的祖先是,他们收到他们的作证,他们相信这是事实。 They shall still not suffice unless they declare on oath that they have known that the persons who stand in at least one of the aforesaid degrees of relationship, regard each other as blood-relations.他们将仍然是不够的,除非他们宣布宣誓,他们已经知道,谁的人至少在上述的关系度,有的摊位,认为血液相互关系。 For it is preferable to leave alone some people who have been united contrary to human decrees than to separate, contrary to the Lord's decrees, persons who have been joined together legitimately.它是最好先不谈一些谁违背了人类团结的人,而不是单独的法令,违背了上帝的法令,谁已经联手合法者。

    53. On those who give their fields to others to be cultivated so as to avoid tithes53, 在那些谁给他们的田地给别人耕种,以避免什一税

    In some regions there are intermingled certain peoples who by custom, in accordance with their own rites, do not pay tithes, even though they are counted as christians.在一些地区也有一定的混合人民谁的习俗,在自己的礼仪规定,不交什一税,即使它们是作为基督徒计算。Some landlords assign their lands to them so that these lords may obtain greater revenues, by cheating the churches of the tithes.有些业主转让其土地给他们,让这些领主可能获得更大的收益,通过作弊的什一税的教堂。Wishing therefore to provide for the security of churches in these matters, we decree that when lords make over their lands to such persons in this way for cultivation, the lords must pay the tithes to the churches in full and without objection, and if necessary they shall be compelled to do so by ecclesiastical censure.许愿因此,为教会在这些问题上的安全,我们的法令,当领主对其土地进行耕种,在此方式等人,领主必须支付什一税,在充分和无异议的教堂,并在必要时,他们不得被迫做教会的责难等。 Such tithes are indeed to be paid of necessity, inasmuch as they are owed in virtue of divine law or of approved local custom.这样的什一税确实要付出的必要,因为它们是在神圣的法律或核准凭借当地习俗拖欠。

    54. Tithes should be paid before taxes54。 什一税应支付税前

    It is not within human power that the seed should answer to the sower since, according to the saying of the Apostle, Neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but rather he who gives the growth, namely God, who himself brings forth much fruit from the dead seed.它不属于人类的力量,种子的播种者应该回答,因为,根据使徒说,无论是谁,他也不是他谁水域的植物是什么,而是他谁给的增长,即上帝,谁自己带出许多水果从死亡的种子。 Now, some people from excess of greed strive to cheat over tithes, deducting from crops and first-fruits the rents and dues, which meanwhile escape the payment of tithes.现在,从一些人的贪婪过度努力骗了什一税,从作物和第一水果的租金和会费,而同时逃避支付什一税扣除。Since the Lord has reserved tithes unto himself as a sign of his universal lordship, by a certain special title as it were, we decree, wishing to prevent injury to churches and danger to souls, that in virtue of this general lordship the payment of tithes shall precede the exaction of dues and rents, or at least those who receive untithed rents and dues shall be forced by ecclesiastical censure, seeing that a thing carries with it its burden, to tithe them for the churches to which by right they are due.由于主已所不欲,保留自己什一税作为他的普遍贵族身份标志由某些特殊的称号,因为它是,我们的法令,希望防止伤害教堂和危险的灵魂,在这个一般贵族身份的什一税支付美德应先于费和租金乱摊派,或至少那些谁收到untithed租金和会费应迫于教会的谴责,看到的东西,附有其负担,为教会什一税的权利,他们是因为由它们。

    55. Tithes are to be paid on lands acquired, notwithstanding privileges55。 什一税的支付收购土地上,尽管特权,

    Recently abbots of the Cistercian order, assembled in a general chapter, wisely decreed at our instance that the brethren of the order shall not in future buy possessions from which tithes are due to churches, unless by chance it is for founding new monasteries; and that if such possessions were given to them by the pious devotion of the faithful, or were bought for founding new monasteries, they would assign them for cultivation to other people, who would pay the tithes to the churches, lest the churches be further burdened on account of the Cistercians' privileges.最近的修道院秩序方丈,在一般章组装,明智地下令在我们的实例,该命令的弟兄们在未来的购买,不得从该财产是由于教会什一税,除非新的机会,它的成立是寺庙,并认为如果这样的财产都给了他们的虔诚的信徒奉献,或者是为成立新的寺院买的,他们将分配给其他人耕种,谁支付什一税,以教会他们,免得教会背负上进一步考虑在熙“的特权。 We therefore decree that on lands assigned to others and on future acquisitions, even if they cultivate them with their own hands or at their own expense, they shall pay tithes to the churches which previously received the tithes from the lands, unless they decide to compound in another way with the churches.因此,我们的法令,在分配给他人的土地和对未来的收购,即使他们用自己的双手培养他们或自费的,应当支付什一税的教堂,以前获得的土地的什一税,除非他们决定复合在另一个教会道路。 Since we consider this decree to be acceptable and right, we wish it to be extended to other regulars who enjoy similar privileges, and we order prelates of churches to be readier and more effectual in affording them full justice with regard to those who wrong them and to take pains to maintain their privileges more carefully and completely.因为我们认为这项法令是可以接受的和正确的,我们希望它扩展到谁享有特权的其他类似的常客,并教会我们为了主教将在他们提供对于那些谁错了他们充分的正义readier,更行之有效和要着力维护特权更仔细,完整。

    56. A parish priest shall not lose a tithe on account of some people making a pact 56, 一个教区牧师不得失去对一些人的帐户协议作出十分之一

    Many regulars, as we have learnt, and sometimes secular clerics, when letting houses or granting fiefs, add a pact, to the prejudice of the parish churches, to the effect that the tenants and vassals shall pay tithes to them and shall choose to be buried in their ground.许多常客,据了解,有时候世俗的神职人员,在出租房屋或给予封地,添加了一项协议,到教区教堂的偏见,其大意是住户和诸候应支付什一税给他们,并应选择被埋在他们的地上。 We utterly reject pacts of this kind, since they are rooted in avarice, and we declare that whatever is received through them shall be returned to the parish churches.我们完全拒绝这种条约,因为它们是植根于贪婪,和我们声明,无论是通过他们收到应退还的教区教堂。

    57. Interpreting the words of privileges57。 解释的权限的话

    In order that privileges which the Roman church has granted to certain religious may remain unimpaired, we have decided that certain things in them must be clarified lest through their not being well understood they lead to abuse, on account of which they could deservedly be revoked.为了使其中的罗马教会授予某些宗教特权的可能仍然受到损害,我们决定,在他们的某些东西必须加以澄清,以免通过他们没有很好地理解它们导致滥用帐户,他们可以当之无愧地被撤销。 For, a person deserves to lose a privilege if he abuses the power entrusted to him.因为,一个人值得失去的特权,如果他滥用权力委托给他。The apostolic see has rightly granted an indult to certain regulars to the effect that ecclesiastical burial should not be refused to deceased members of their fraternity if the churches to which they belong happen to be under an interdict as regards divine services, unless the persons were excommunicated or interdicted by name, and that they may carry off for burial to their own churches their confraters whom prelates of churches will not allow to be buried in their own churches, unless the confraters have been excommunicated or interdicted by name.使徒看到正确地授予indult一定的常客埋葬的是教会不应该拒绝他们的博爱死者教会的成员,如果他们属于发生在根据一项禁令被视为神圣的服务方面,除非该人被逐出教会的影响按名称或停职,而他们可能携带自己的教堂埋葬了他们的confraters谁教会主教将不允许被埋葬在自己的教堂,除非confraters被驱逐或名称停职。

    However, we understand this to refer to confraters who have changed their secular dress and have been consecrated to the order while still alive, or who in their lifetime have given their property to them while retaining for themselves as long as they live the usufruct of it.不过,我们明白这是指谁改变了他们的世俗礼服,并已奉献的秩序,并同时仍然活着,或在其一生中谁给了他们,而他们的财产为自己保留confraters只要他们住的是使用权。 Only such persons may be buried at the non-interdicted churches of these regulars and of others in which they have chosen to be buried.只有这样的人可能被掩埋在这些常客和他人的非停职中,他们选择了被掩埋的教堂。For if it were understood of any persons joining their fraternity for the annual payment of two or three pennies, ecclesiastical discipline would be loosened and brought into contempt.因为如果它是任何加入他们的两个或三个便士每年支付友爱的人了解,教会的纪律会松动并带来蔑视。Even the latter may, however, obtain a certain remission granted to them by the apostolic see.即使是后者的可能,但是,获得一定的缓解授予使徒见他们。It has also been granted to such regulars that if any of their brethren, whom they have sent to establish fraternities or to receive taxes, comes to a city or a castle or a village which is under an interdict as regards divine services, then churches may be opened once in the year at their "joyous entry" so that the divine services may be celebrated there, after excommunicated persons have been excluded.它也被授予这样的常客,如果他们的弟兄们,他们所设立派出兄弟或接受任何税费,涉及到一个城市或城堡或村庄,根据一项禁令是为神服务方面,则可能churches一旦被打开,在一年的“欢乐的条目”,让神圣的服务可能有庆祝,后驱逐的人都被排除在外。

    We wish this to be understood as meaning that in a given city, castle or town one church only shall be opened for the brethren of a particular order, as mentioned above, once in the year.我们希望这是因为这意味着在给定的城市,城堡或城镇的一个教会,只应是开放的特定顺序的弟兄们,上述曾经在这一年里,理解。 For although it was said in the plural that churches may be opened at their "joyous entry", this on a true understanding refers not to each individual church of a given place but rather to the churches of the aforesaid places taken together.因为虽然它在,教会可能会在他们的“欢乐的条目”,这开了一个真实的了解复数说不是指每一个给定的位置individual教会而是合计上述地方的教堂。 Otherwise if they visited all the churches of a given place in this way, the sentence of interdict would be brought into too much contempt.否则,如果他们访问了所有的以这种方式给地方教会,在阻截一句带入太多的蔑视。Those who dare to usurp anything for themselves contrary to the above declarations shall be subjected to severe punishment.这些谁还敢为自己篡夺违反上述声明的任何应受到严厉的处罚。

    58. On the same in favour of bishops58。 同在主教青睐

    We wish to extend to bishops, in favour of the episcopal office, the indult which has already been given to certain religious.我们希望扩展到主教赞成主教办公室,它已经被赋予某些宗教indult。 We therefore grant that when a country is under a general interdict, the bishops may sometimes celebrate the divine services, behind closed doors and in a lowered voice, without the ringing of bells, after excommunicated and interdicted persons have been excluded, unless this has been expressly forbidden to them.因此,我们给予,当一个国家根据一般禁令是,主教们有时会庆祝神圣的服务,闭门造车,在压低声音,如果没有钟声响起后,驱逐和停职人被排除在外,除非已经被明确禁止他们。 We grant this, however, to those bishops who have not given any cause for the interdict, lest they use guile or fraud of any sort and so turn a good thing into a damaging loss.我们授予此,然而,对那些谁没有给任何的禁令引起主教,以免他们使用诡计或任何形式的欺诈等损害的损失变成好事。

    59. Religious cannot give surety without permission of his abbot and convent59, 宗教不能给他的方丈无担保的权限和修道院

    We wish and order to be extended to all religious what has already been forbidden by the apostolic see to some of them : namely that no religious, without the permission of his abbot and the majority of his chapter, may stand surety for someone or accept a loan from another beyond a sum fixed by the common opinion.我们希望和秩序将扩大到所有已经取得的使徒看到其中一些被禁止的宗教:即没有宗教没有他的住持和他的大部分章节许可,可能代表有人担保或接受贷款超出了共同意见固定一笔另一个。 Otherwise the convent shall not be held responsible in any way for his actions, unless perchance the matter has clearly redounded to the benefit of his house.否则,修道院,不得担任任何方式为自己的行为负责,除非或许此事已明确redounded到他家的好处。Anyone who presumes to act contrary to this statute shall be severely disciplined.任何人谁假定采取行动违反本规约应受到严厉处分。

    60. Abbots not to encroach on episcopal office60。 方丈没有染指主教办公室

    From the complaints which have reached us from bishops in various parts of the world, we have come to know of serious and great excesses of certain abbots who, not content with the boundaries of their own authority, stretch out their hands to things belonging to the episcopal dignity : hearing matrimonial cases, enjoining public penances, even granting letters of indulgences and like presumptions.从已达成的在世界各地的主教我们的投诉,我们来了解一些住持谁,不符合自己的权威内容的界限,伸出自己的双手和伟大的东西,属于严重的过激行为主教的尊严:婚姻案件审理,责令公开penances,甚至给予宽容和喜欢推定信件。 It sometimes happens from this that episcopal authority is cheapened in the eyes of many.有时,这是主教的权力在很多人眼里cheapened来源于此。Wishing therefore to provide for both the dignity of bishops and the well-being of abbots in these matters, we strictly forbid by this present decree any abbot to reach out for such things, if he wishes to avoid danger for himself, unless by chance any of them can defend himself by a special concession or some other legitimate reason in respect of such things.因此,希望提供的尊严的主教和福祉,在这些事情上方丈,我们严格按目前这个法令禁止任何方丈将达到这样的事情了,如果他想避免自己的危险,除非任何偶然他们可以通过一个特殊的保卫特许或其他一些这样的事情在尊重自己的合法理由。

    61. Religious may not receive tithes from lay hands61, 宗教可能不会收到来自扪什一税

    It was forbidden at the Lateran council, as is known, for any regulars to dare to receive churches or tithes from lay hands without the bishop's consent, or in any way to admit to the divine services those under excommunication or those interdicted by name.它被禁止在拉特兰会议,众所周知,对于任何常客敢于接受奠定没有主教的同意双手,或以任何方式承认那些在神圣的服务逐出教会或名称停职的教堂或什一税。 We now forbid it even more strongly and will take care to see that offenders are punished with condign penalties.我们现在禁止它更强烈,会照顾地看到,罪犯与condign罚款处罚。We decree, nevertheless that in churches which do not belong to them by full right the regulars shall, in accordance with the statutes of that council, present to the bishop the priests who are to be instituted, for examination by him about the care of the people; but as for the priests' ability in temporal matters, the regulars shall furnish the proof unto themselves.我们的法令,但在教会不属于完全有权通过他们的常客应当与该理事会章程,按照目前的主教祭司谁提起要为他检查有关的护理,人,但作为祭司“在时间方面的能力,常客应当提供证明自己所不欲。 Let them not dare to remove those who have been instituted without consulting the bishop.让他们不敢删除那些谁一直没有咨询主教提起。We add, indeed, that they should take care to present those who are either noted for their way of life or recommended by prelates on probable grounds.我们添加,事实上,他们应该注意那些目前谁要么注意到他们的生活方式或由可能的主教推荐理由。

    62. Regarding saint's relics62, 关于圣人的遗物

    The christian religion is frequently disparaged because certain people put saints' relics up for sale and display them indiscriminately.基督教是经常被贬为因为某些人把圣人“文物挂牌出售,并显示它们不加区别地。In order that it may not be disparaged in the future, we ordain by this present decree that henceforth ancient relics shall not be displayed outside a reliquary or be put up for sale.为了它可能无法在未来的贬低,我们注定了目前这个法令,今后古文物,不得展示外舍利或挂牌出售。As for newly discovered relics, let no one presume to venerate them publicly unless they have previously been approved by the authority of the Roman pontiff.至于新发现的文物,让没有人相信供奉他们公开,除非他们以前一直由罗马教皇的权威认可。Prelates, moreover, should not in future allow those who come to their churches, in order to venerate, to be deceived by lying stories or false documents, as has commonly happened in many places on account of the desire for profit.主教,而且,不应该让那些在将来谁来到他们的教堂,以供奉,被欺骗说谎的故事或伪造的证件,正如常用于对利润的渴望帐户很多地方发生。 We also forbid the recognition of alms-collectors, some of whom deceive other people by proposing various errors in their preaching, unless they show authentic letters from the apostolic see or from the diocesan bishop.我们还禁止施舍,收藏家的认可,其中一些人欺骗,提出在他们的说教各种错误,除非他们显示从使徒看到或从教区主教真实信件其他人。 Even then they shall not be permitted to put before the people anything beyond what is contained in the letters.即使这样,他们被允许不得超越前放什么在信件中的任何人。

    We have thought it good to show the form of letter which the apostolic see generally grants to alms-collectors, in order that diocesan bishops may follow it in their own letters.我们认为这很好的展现了信形式使徒见一般授予施舍收藏家,以便教区主教可能按照自己的信它。It is this : "Since, as the Apostle says, we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ to receive according to what we have done in the body, whether it be good or bad, it behooves us to prepare for the day of the final harvest with works of mercy and to sow on earth, with a view to eternity, that which, with God returning it with multiplied fruit, we ought to collect in heaven; keeping a firm hope and confidence, since he who sows sparingly reaps sparingly, and he who sows bountifully shall reap bountifully unto eternal life. Since the resources of a hospital may not suffice for the support of the brethren and the needy who flock to it, we admonish and exhort all of you in the Lord, and enjoin upon you for the remission of your sins, to give pious alms and grateful charitable assistance to them, from the goods that God has bestowed upon you; so that their need may be cared for through your help, and you may reach eternal happiness through these and other good things which you may have done under God's inspiration. "它是这样的:“因为正如使徒说,我们都要站在基督的审判台前接受根据我们在体内完成,无论是好是坏,我们有必要准备的一天保持坚定的希望和信心,因为他谁母猪谨慎收获;与怜悯工程和母猪在地球上,以永恒的观点,这里面,与神同乘返回水果的话,我们应该收集在天上最终收获谨慎,他谁母猪bountifully应获得永生bountifully所不欲,由于医院的资源可能不足以为有需要的弟兄们和谁涌向它的支持,我们告诫和敦促在主大家,并责成请为你的罪得赦,给予虔诚的施舍和慈善援助,以感谢他们,从上帝赐予的商品后,你你,所以,他们可能需要通过您的帮助关心,你可以通过这些达到永恒的幸福和其他良好,你可能已经在神的启示做的事情。“

    Let those who are sent to seek alms be modest and discreet, and let them not stay in taverns or other unsuitable places or incur useless or excessive expenses, being careful above all not to wear the garb of false religion.让那些谁被送到寻求施舍谦虚和谨慎,让他们不要停留在小酒馆或其他不适当的地方或招致无用或过度开支,首先是注意不要穿假宗教的外衣。 Moreover, because the keys of the church are brought into contempt and satisfaction through penance loses its force through indiscriminate and excessive indulgences, which certain prelates of churches do not fear to grant, we therefore decree that when a basilica is dedicated, the indulgence shall not be for more than one year, whether it is dedicated by one bishop or by more than one, and for the anniversary of the dedication the remission of penances imposed is not to exceed forty days.此外,由于教堂的钥匙分为蔑视和满意度带来的损失通过苦修通过滥用和过度放纵它的力量,这对某些教会主教不要害怕给予,因此,我们的法令,当一个教堂是专用的,不得在放纵可于超过一年,无论是由一个专门的主教或多个,并为奉献周年施加penances减刑不得超过四十天。 We order that the letters of indulgence, which are granted for various reasons at different times, are to fix this number of days, since the Roman pontiff himself, who possesses the plenitude of power, is accustomed to observe this moderation in such things.为了使我们的放纵字母,这是由于各种原因在不同时期授予,是解决这个问题的天数,因为罗马教皇本人,谁拥有权力的丰富性,习惯于遵守这样的事情本放缓。

    63. On simony63, 在买卖圣职

    As we have certainly learnt, shameful and wicked exactions and extortions are levied in many places and by many persons, who are like the sellers of doves in the temple, for the consecration of bishops, the blessing of abbots and the ordination of clerics.正如我们当然了解到,可耻而邪恶的苛捐杂税和敲诈勒索征收在许多地方和许多人,谁喜欢在寺庙鸽派的卖家,对于主教奉献,在方丈的祝福和对神职人员协调。 There is fixed how much is to be paid for this or that and for yet another thing.有固定的多少是为这样或那样的事情又和支付。 Some even strive to defend this disgrace and wickedness on the grounds of long-established custom, thereby heaping up for themselves still further damnation.有些人甚至努力捍卫这一耻辱和长期形成的习俗为由邪恶,从而为自己堆积了进一步的诅咒。Wishing therefore to abolish so great an abuse, we altogether reject such a custom which should rather be termed a corruption.因此,取消许愿滥用如此之大,我们完全拒绝这样的应该而被称为腐败的习俗。We firmly decree that nobody shall dare to demand or extort anything under any pretext for the conferring of such things or for their having been conferred.我们坚决法令,任何人不得要求或勒索敢于以任何借口为这类事情或赋予其已被授予任何东西。Otherwise both he who receives and he who gives such an absolutely condemned payment shall be condemned with Gehazi and Simon.否则,无论他和谁接收谁给他这样的绝对谴责支付应与基哈西和西蒙谴责。

    64. Simony with regards to monks and nuns64。 西摩尼与问候僧侣和尼姑

    The disease of simony has infected many nuns to such an extent that they admit scarcely any as sisters without a payment, wishing to cover this vice with the pretext of poverty.对买卖圣职病有很多修女感染到这样的程度,他们承认没有支付很少的姐妹有的话,希望报道与贫困的借口副。We utterly forbid this to happen in the future.我们完全禁止这种情况发生的未来。We decree that whoever commits such wickedness in the future, both the one admitting and the one admitted, whether she be a subject or in authority, shall be expelled from her convent without hope of reinstatement, and be cast into a house of stricter observance to do perpetual penance.我们法令,无论谁犯今后这种邪恶,都承认和一个人承认,她是否是一个主题或在机关,应当开除她的修道院没有恢复的希望,并成为一个严​​格遵守,房投做永久的忏悔。 As regards those who were admitted in this way before this synodal statute, we have decided to provide that they be moved from the convents which they wrongly entered, and be placed in other houses of the same order.至于那些谁是这样承认在此之前主教会议章程,我们决定提供他们迁移至修道院,他们错误地进入,并在同一顺序的其他房屋安置。 If perchance they are too numerous to be conveniently placed elsewhere, they may be admitted afresh to the same convent, by dispensation, after the prioress and lesser officials have been changed, lest they roam around in the world to the danger of their souls.如果或许他们是不胜枚举方便地放置在其他地方,他们可能会重新接纳到相同的修道院,由配药后prioress和较小的官员已被更改,以免他们在世界各地漫游到他们的灵魂的危险。 We order the same to be observed with regard to monks and other religious.我们为了要与有关僧侣和其他宗教一样观察。Indeed, lest such persons be able to excuse themselves on the grounds of simplicity or ignorance, we order diocesan bishops to have this decree published throughout their dioceses every year.事实上,以免这些人能够对简单的借口或理由自己的无知,我们为了教区主教有此法令在其整个教区每年出版。

    65. Simony and extortion65。 西摩尼和勒索

    We have heard that certain bishops, on the death of rectors of churches, put these churches under an interdict and do not allow anyone to be instituted to them until they have been paid a certain sum of money.我们听到某些主教,在教会校长死亡,根据一项禁止把这些教会,不容许任何人以提起他们,直到他们已经支付了一笔钱。Moreover, when a knight or a cleric enters a religious house or chooses to be buried with religious, the bishops raise difficulties and obstacles until they receive something in the way of a present, even when the person has left nothing to the religious house.此外,当一个骑士或者牧师进入一个宗教房子或选​​择与宗教埋葬,主教们提出的困难和障碍,直到他们收到的礼物方式的东西,即使人已离开无关的宗教房子。 Since we should abstain not only from evil itself but also from every appearance of evil, as the Apostle says, we altogether forbid exactions of this kind.因为我们应该放弃,不仅从邪恶本身,而且也从每邪恶的外观,使徒说,我们完全禁止这种横征暴敛。Any offender shall restore double the amount exacted, and this is to be faithfully used for the benefit of the places harmed by the exactions.任何罪犯应当恢复付出双倍的金额,这是要忠实地为受损害的横征暴敛的地方使用效益。

    66. Simony and avarice in clerics66。 西摩尼和贪婪的教士

    It has frequently been reported to the apostolic see that certain clerics demand and extort payments for funeral rites for the dead, the blessing of those marrying, and the like; and if it happens that their greed is not satisfied, they deceitfully set up false impediments.它经常被报告给使徒看,需求一定的神职人员和勒索的葬礼为死者,对结婚的祝福,以及类似支付;如果它发生,他们的贪欲是不满意,他们诡诈设立虚假的障碍。 On the other hand some lay people, stirred by a ferment of heretical wickedness, strive to infringe a praiseworthy custom of holy church, introduced by the pious devotion of the faithful, under the pretext of canonical scruples.另一方面一些信徒,由邪教的邪恶发酵搅拌,努力侵犯了圣教值得称道的风俗,介绍了虔诚的信徒奉献的规范下,顾忌借口。 We therefore both forbid wicked exactions to be made in these matters and order pious customs to be observed, ordaining that the church's sacraments are to be given freely but also that those who maliciously try to change a praiseworthy custom are to be restrained, when the truth is known, by the bishop of the place.因此,我们既禁止恶人要在这些问题,并以观察虔诚的习俗,祝圣教会的圣礼将被给予自由,而且,那些谁恶意尝试改变一个值得称道的习俗都受到抑制横征暴敛,当真相是已知的,由地方主教。

    67. Jews and excessive Usury67。 犹太人和过度高利贷

    The more the christian religion is restrained from usurious practices, so much the more does the perfidy of the Jews grow in these matters, so that within a short time they are exhausting the resources of Christians.越是基督教是从抑制高利贷行为,更没有那么多的犹太人在这些问题上背信弃义成长,使他们在很短的时间是基督徒的资源耗尽。 Wishing therefore to see that Christians are not savagely oppressed by Jews in this matter, we ordain by this synodal decree that if Jews in future, on any pretext, extort oppressive and excessive interest from Christians, then they are to be removed from contact with Christians until they have made adequate satisfaction for the immoderate burden. Wishing因此,没有看到基督徒在这件事情野蛮的犹太人被压迫,我们祝圣主教会议由本法令,如果在未来的犹太人,以任何名义,从基督徒的压迫和勒索过多的兴趣,那么他们将被删除从接触与基督教徒直到他们已经为无节制的负担足够满意。 Christians too, if need be, shall be compelled by ecclesiastical censure, without the possibility of an appeal, to abstain from commerce with them.基督徒也一样,如果需要的话,应迫于教会的责难,没有上诉的可能性,从商业弃权他们。We enjoin upon princes not to be hostile to Christians on this account, but rather to be zealous in restraining Jews from so great oppression.我们责成经诸侯不敌视此帐户的基督徒,而是要在制止如此之大的压迫犹太人的热忱。We decree, under the same penalty, that Jews shall be compelled to make satisfaction to churches for tithes and offerings due to the churches, which the churches were accustomed to receive from Christians for houses and other possessions, before they passed by whatever title to the Jews, so that the churches may thus be preserved from loss.我们根据同样的刑罚法令,犹太人应被迫作出满意为什一税和产品由于教堂,该教堂被习惯于接受的房屋和其他财产的基督徒教会,才以任何所有权传递给犹太人,使教会可能因此而丢失保存。

    68. Jews appearing in public68。 犹太人在公众中出现

    A difference of dress distinguishes Jews or Saracens from Christians in some provinces, but in others a certain confusion has developed so that they are indistinguishable.一个打扮差异区别于一些省份犹太人或基督徒这部电影,但在其他已开发有一定的混乱,使他们难以区分。 Whence it sometimes happens that by mistake Christians join with Jewish or Saracen women, and Jews or Saracens with christian women.自何处它有时会发生误认为与犹太人或基督徒加入撒拉逊妇女,犹太人与基督徒妇女或撒拉逊人。In order that the offence of such a damnable mixing may not spread further, under the excuse of a mistake of this kind, we decree that such persons of either sex, in every christian province and at all times, are to be distinguished in public from other people by the character of their dress -- seeing moreover that this was enjoined upon them by Moses himself, as we read.为了使这样一个该死的混合可能不会进一步扩散的罪行下,这种错误的借口,我们的法令,这些人不论男女在每一个基督徒省,在任何时候,要在公共区别于其他人由他们的着装人物 - 看到而且,这是受命于他们自己的摩西,我们读。They shall not appear in public at all on the days of lamentation and on passion Sunday; because some of them on such days, as we have heard, do not blush to parade in very ornate dress and are not afraid to mock Christians who are presenting a memorial of the most sacred passion and are displaying signs of grief.他们将不会出现在公众的所有天的哀悼和激情星期日;因为其中一些在这些日子,我们所听到的,不脸红的很华丽的礼服游行,不怕谁是基督徒提出模拟一个最神圣的激情和纪念馆展示的悲痛的迹象。 What we most strictly forbid however, is that they dare in any way to break out in derision of the Redeemer.我们最严格禁止然而,就是在任何方面打破了救世主敢嘲笑了。We order secular princes to restrain with condign punishment those who do so presume, lest they dare to blaspheme in any way him who was crucified for us, since we ought not to ignore insults against him who blotted out our wrongdoings.我们以世俗诸侯克制与condign惩罚那些谁如此推定,以免他们敢于亵渎以任何方式谁是他为我们钉在十字架上,因为我们不应该忽视对他的侮辱谁抹杀了我们的错误行为。

    69. Jews not to hold public offices69。 犹太人不担任公职

    It would be too absurd for a blasphemer of Christ to exercise power over Christians.这未免太亵渎了基督信徒行使权力是荒谬的。We therefore renew in this canon, on account of the boldness of the offenders, what the council of Toledo providently decreed in this matter : we forbid Jews to be appointed to public offices, since under cover of them they are very hostile to Christians.因此,我们再次在这个佳能,对违规者,什么样的托莱多理事会providently在这个问题上颁布大胆帐户:我们禁止犹太人被任命担任公职,因为根据他们盖他们非常仇视基督徒。 If, however, anyone does commit such an office to them let him, after an admonition, be curbed by the provincial council, which we order to be held annually, by means of an appropriate sanction.但是,如果任何人都不会犯这样的办公室,他们让他,训诫后,由省级议会遏制,我们以每年举行由一个适当的制裁手段。 Any official so appointed shall be denied commerce with Christians in business and in other matters until he has converted to the use of poor Christians, in accordance with the directions of the diocesan bishop, whatever he has obtained from Christians by reason of his office so acquired, and he shall surrender with shame the office which he irreverently assumed.如此获委任的任何官员不得被剥夺,在商业和其他商业事务的基督徒,直到他已经转换为穷人基督徒使用,与教区主教的指示进行,无论他从基督徒获得如此收购了他的办公室的原因,他应交出与耻辱的办公室,他不逊承担。 We extend the same thing to pagans.同样的事情,我们扩展到异教徒。

    70. Jewish converts may not retain their old rite70。 犹太人皈依不得保留其旧仪式

    Certain people who have come voluntarily to the waters of sacred baptism, as we learnt, do not wholly cast off the old person in order to put on the new more perfectly.某些谁也前来自愿的神圣洗礼的水域,我们得到的教训人,不完全摆脱旧的人,以在新的投入更加完美。For, in keeping remnants of their former rite, they upset the decorum of the christian religion by such a mixing.因为,在保持了其原有的仪式残留物,破坏了这种混合的基督教宗教礼仪。Since it is written, cursed is he who enters the land by two paths, and a garment that is woven from linen and wool together should not be put on, we therefore decree that such people shall be wholly prevented by the prelates of churches from observing their old rite, so that those who freely offered themselves to the christian religion may be kept to its observance by a salutary and necessary coercion.既然是写,大骂他是谁进的两条路径的土地,一个是由亚麻和羊毛一起编织服装不应该,所以我们把这些法令的人应完全由教会的主教无法观察他们的老礼,使那些谁自由地提供自己的基督教会保持一个有益的和必要的强制其遵守。 For it is a lesser evil not to know the Lord's way than to go back on it after having known it.因为这是不幸中之大幸不知道主的方式,而不是去回来后知道。

    71. Crusade to recover the holy Land71。 远征恢复圣地

    It is our ardent desire to liberate the holy Land from infidel hands.这是我们的殷切期盼中解放出来,从异教徒手中神圣的土地。We therefore declare, with the approval of this sacred council and on the advice of prudent men who are fully aware of the circumstances of time and place, that crusaders are to make themselves ready so that all who have arranged to go by sea shall assemble in the kingdom of Sicily on 1 June after next : some as necessary and fitting at Brindisi and others at Messina and places neighbouring it on either side, where we too have arranged to be in person at that time, God willing, so that with our advice and help the christian army may be in good order to set out with divine and apostolic blessing.因此,我们宣布与这神圣的议会批准,对谁都是充分的时间和地点的情况下知道审慎男人的意见,认为十字军是为了让自己做好准备,使所有已安排谁去海上应装配在6月1日之后下一个西西里王国:一些必要的和装修布林迪西和其他邻国在墨西拿和地方两边吧,我们也已安排在当时的人,真主保佑,使之与我们的意见并帮助基督教军队可能会在良好的秩序是神圣的设置和使徒的祝福了。 Those who have decided to go by land should also take care to be ready by the same date.这些谁已决定由陆路前往还应注意要在同一日期之前做好准备。They shall notify us meanwhile so that we may grant them a suitable legate a latere for advice and help.同时,他们应通知我们,以便我们可以给予他们适当的特使对建议和帮助latere。Priests and other clerics who will be in the christian army, both those under authority and prelates, shall diligently devote themselves to prayer and exhortation, teaching the crusaders by word and example to have the fear and love of God always before their eyes, so that they say or do nothing that might offend the divine majesty.牧师和其他神职人员谁就会在基督教的军队,无论是在权力和主教的人,应努力潜心祈祷和规劝,通过语言教学和榜样的十字军有恐惧和上帝的爱总是在他们眼前,让他们说或做任何可能冒犯神圣的威严。 If they ever fall into sin, let them quickly rise up again through true penitence.如果他们曾经陷入罪恶,让他们迅速崛起再次通过真正的忏悔。

    Let them be humble in heart and in body, keeping to moderation both in food and in dress, avoiding altogether dissensions and rivalries, and putting aside entirely any bitterness or envy, so that thus armed with spiritual and material weapons they may the more fearlessly fight against the enemies of the faith, relying not on their own power but rather trusting in the strength of God.让他们在心脏和身体谦虚,要保持适度无论是在食品和衣服,完全避免纠纷和对立,并完全撇开任何苦味或羡慕,从而使与精神和物质的武器,他们可能更无畏的斗争武装对信仰的敌人,而不是他们自己的力量,而是在神的力量信任依赖。 We grant to these clerics that they may receive the fruits of their benefices in full for three years, as if they were resident in the churches, and if necessary they may leave them in pledge for the same time.我们授予这些神职人员,他们可能会收到全面的benefices的成果为三年,如果他们在教会居民,并在必要时他们可能会留在同一时间的承诺的。

    To prevent this holy proposal being impeded or delayed, we strictly order all prelates of churches, each in his own locality, diligently to warn and induce those who have abandoned the cross to resume it, and them and others who have taken up the cross, and those who may still do so, to carry out their vows to the Lord.为了防止这种神圣的建议受到阻碍或延误,我们严格以所有主教的教堂,在自己的每一个地方,坚持不懈地警告和诱导那些谁已经放弃了跨恢复它,他们和谁占用了他人的交叉,和那些谁可能仍然这样做,开展他们的誓言,向上帝祷告。 And if necessary they shall compel them to do this without any backsliding, by sentences of excommunication against their persons and of interdict on their lands, excepting only those persons who find themselves faced with an impediment of such a kind that their vow deservedly ought to be commuted or deferred in accordance with the directives of the apostolic see.如有必要,他们将强迫他们这样做没有任何倒退这一点,通过对他们逐出教会服刑人员和他们的土地上禁止,除只有那些人谁发现自己有一个这样的一种障碍,他们面临的誓言应该是当之无愧改判或与使徒见的指示进行推迟。

    In order that nothing connected with this business of Jesus Christ be omitted, we will and order patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, abbots and others who have the care of souls to preach the cross zealously to those entrusted to them.为了使这一耶稣基督的业务连接没有被忽略,我们将和秩序的始祖,大主教,主教,方丈和其他人谁也照顾的灵魂传过热忱那些托付给他们。 Let them beseech kings, dukes, princes, margraves, counts, barons and other magnates, as well as the communities of cities, vills and towns -- in the name of the Father, Son and holy Spirit, the one, only, true and eternal God -- that those who do not go in person to the aid of the holy Land should contribute, according to their means, an appropriate number of fighting men together with their necessary expenses for three years, for the remission of their sins in accordance with what has already been explained in general letters and will be explained below for still greater assurance.让他们恳求国王,公爵,阿哥,margraves,计数,贵族和其他巨头,以及城市,vills和城镇社区 - 在父,子,圣灵的名,一,只,真实,永恒的上帝 - 那些谁不亲自去的圣地援助应有助于,根据自己的手段,一个战斗的三年其必要的开支适当数量的男子一起,为他们的罪孽按照缓解用什么已经解释一般信件,并会解释下面还有更大的保证。 We wish to share in this remission not only those who contribute ships of their own but also those who are zealous enough to build them for this purpose.我们希望在此分享,不仅缓解那些谁贡献自己的船只,而且那些谁是热心的,足以为此目的建立的。To those who refuse, if there happen to be any who are so ungrateful to our lord God, we firmly declare in the name of the apostle that they should know that they will have to answer to us for this on the last day of final judgment before the fearful judge.对那些拒绝谁,如果有发生任何谁是如此忘恩负义,以我们的主神,我们坚定地宣布在使徒的名字,他们应该知道,他们将不得不回答这个给我们上的最后判决的最后一天在可怕的判断。

    Let them consider beforehand, however with what conscience and with what security it was that they were able to confess before the only-begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ, to whom the Father gave all things into his hands, if in this business, which is as it were peculiarly his, they refuse to serve him who was crucified for sinners, by whose beneficence they are sustained and indeed by whose blood they have been redeemed.让他们事先考虑,但用什么用什么良心和安全有人认为他们能够在上帝的独生子,耶稣基督,负有责任的父亲给了他手中所有的事情承认,如果在这个业务,这是因为它是独有的,他们拒绝为他钉在十字架上为罪人谁是由他们的善行,甚至由他们的血液被赎回持续。

    Lest we appear to be laying on men's shoulders heavy and unbearable burdens which we are not willing to lighten, like those who say yes but do nothing behold we, from what we have been able to save over and above necessities and moderate expenses, grant and give thirty thousand pounds to this work, besides the shipping which we are giving to the crusaders of Rome and neighbouring districts.为了避免我们似乎偏重于男性的肩膀像那些谁说是沉重而难以承受的负担,我们都不愿意减仓,却又无可奈何谁知从我们已经能够节省超过以上生活必需品和适度费用,给予我们和给30000磅这项工作,除了航运,我们都给人以罗马和邻近地区的十字军。 We will assign for this purpose, moreover, three thousand marks of silver, which we have left over from the alms of certain of the faithful, the rest having been faithfully distributed for the needs and benefit of the aforesaid Land by the hands of the abbot patriarch of Jerusalem, of happy memory, and of the masters of the Temple and of the Hospital.我们将为此分配,而且,3000银,这是我们留下的忠实一定的施舍过马克,其余已被忠实地分布的需要和利益的上述土地由方丈手中族长耶路撒冷的快乐记忆,以及对寺庙和医院的主人。 We wish, however, that other prelates of churches and all clerics may participate and share both in the merit and in the reward.我们希望,然而,所有神职人员的教堂和其他主教,都可以参加的优点和奖励份额。We therefore decree, with the general approval of the council, that all clerics, both those under authority and prelates, shall give a twentieth of their ecclesiastical revenues for three years to the aid of the holy Land, by means of the persons appointed by the apostolic see for this purpose; the only exceptions being certain religious who are rightly to be exempted from this taxation and likewise those persons who have taken or will take the cross and so will go in person.因此,我们的法令,与该理事会秘书长批准,所有神职人员两种情况下都权威和主教的人,应给予三年的教会收入第二十到圣地的援助,由受委托的人的手段使徒看到此目的,被某些宗教谁是正确的,以从该税收和那些谁也已采取或将采取交叉等人将亲自辖唯一的例外。 We and our brothers, cardinals of the holy Roman church, shall pay a full tenth.我们和我们的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,应支付全部的十分之一。

    Let all know, moreover, that they are obliged to observe this faithfully under pain of excommunication, so that those who knowingly deceive in this matter shall incur the sentence of excommunication.让我们都知道,而且,他们有责任忠实地遵守这个痛绝罚下,使那些故意欺骗谁在这个问题上应承担的禁教句子。 Because it is right that those who persevere in the service of the heavenly ruler should in all justice enjoy special privilege, and because the day of departure is somewhat more than a year ahead, crusaders shall therefore be.因为它是对那些谁在天上的统治者服务,坚持应在所有正义享有特权,而且由于出发当天是略低于提前一年多,十字军因此须。exempt from taxes or levies and other burdens.从税或征费及其他负担豁免。We take their persons and goods under the protection of St Peter and ourself once they have taken up the cross.我们注意到在圣彼得和ourself保护的人员和货物一旦他们走上了十字架。We ordain that they are to be protected by archbishops, bishops and all prelates of the church, and that protectors of their own are to be specially appointed for this purpose, so that their goods are to remain intact and undisturbed until they are known for certain to be dead or to have returned.我们注定他们是由大主教,主教和教会所有主教的保护,对自己的保护要特别为此任命,使自己的商品要保持完整,不受打扰,直到他们对某些已知是死的,或已经返回。 If anyone dares to act contrary to this, let him be curbed by ecclesiastical censure.如果有人胆敢违背这一点,让他被教会谴责遏制。

    If any of those setting out are bound by oath to pay interest, we ordain that their creditors shall be compelled by the same punishment to release them from their oath and to desist from exacting the interest; if any of the creditors does force them to pay the interest, we command that he be forced by similar punishment to restore it.如果这些设置任何由宣誓支付利息的约束,我们注定其债权人应当由相同的处罚被迫释放他们从他们的誓言,并停止从严格的利息,如果债权人的任何确实迫使他们支付的兴趣,我们的命令,他被以类似的惩罚被迫将其还原。 We order that Jews be compelled by the secular power to remit interest, and that until they do so all intercourse shall be denied them by all Christ's faithful under pain of excommunication.我们为了让犹太人被迫由世俗权力汇出的兴趣,他们这样做,直到所有的性交应拒绝所有基督信徒的痛苦下,他们逐出教会。 Secular princes shall provide a suitable deferral for those who cannot now pay their debts to Jews, so that after they have undertaken the journey and until there is certain knowledge of their death or of their return, they shall not incur the inconvenience of paying interest.世俗诸侯应提供为那些谁现在不能支付其债务,犹太人适当延期,让后他们所承担的旅程,直到有他们的死亡或他们返回一定的知识,他们不得招致支付利息的不便。 The Jews shall be compelled to add to the capital, after they have deducted their necessary expenses, the revenues which they are meanwhile receiving from property held by them on security.犹太人不得被迫加入到首都,之后便扣除其必要的开支,收入,他们都从他们同时举行安全收受财物。For, such a benefit seems to entail not much loss, inasmuch as it postpones the repayment but does not cancel the debt.因为,这样的好处,似乎没有带来太大损失,因为它推迟偿还,但不会取消债务。Prelates of churches who are negligent in showing justice to crusaders and their families should know that they will be severely punished.教堂谁是显示正义十字军和他们的家人疏忽主教应该知道,他们将受到严厉处罚。

    Furthermore, since corsairs and pirates greatly impede help for the holy Land, by capturing and plundering those who are travelling to and from it, we bind with the bond of excommunication everyone who helps or supports them.此外,由于海盗船和海盗极大地阻碍了圣地的帮助下,通过捕捉和掠夺那些谁是往返的话,我们与禁教大家谁帮助或支持它们的债券约束。 We forbid anyone, under threat of anathema, knowingly to communicate with them by contracting to buy or to sell; and we order rulers of cities and their territories to restrain and curb such persons from this iniquity.我们禁止任何人,下诅咒的威胁,故意与他们沟通,通过承包购买或出售,而我们的城市和其领土的统治者为了约束和制止这些人从这种罪孽。 Otherwise, since to be unwilling to disquiet evildoers is none other than to encourage them, and since he who fails to oppose a manifest crime is not without a touch of secret complicity, it is our wish and command that prelates of churches exercise ecclesiastical severity against their persons and lands.否则,因为对不愿意不安坏人无非是鼓励他们,因为他不反对谁舱单犯罪不是没有秘密共谋触摸​​,这是我们的愿望和命令,教会主教教会的严重程度对锻炼他们的人员和土地。 We excommunicate and anathematize, moreover, those false and impious Christians who, in opposition to Christ and the christian people, convey arms to the Saracens and iron and timber for their galleys.我们被逐出教会和诅咒,而且,这些虚假和不虔诚的基督徒谁,反对基督和基督教的人,传达武器和铁的撒拉逊和他们的厨房木材。

    We decree that those who sell them galleys or ships, and those who act as pilots in pirate Saracen ships, or give them any advice or help by way of machines or anything else, to the detriment of the holy Land, are to be punished with deprivation of their possessions and are to become the slaves of those who capture them.我们法令,那些谁卖给他们厨房或船舶,和那些谁充当飞行员海盗船撒拉逊,或给他们任何意见或机器或其他任何方式协助,到圣地损害,将被处以他们的财产被剥夺,并成为这些谁捕捉他们的奴隶。 We order this sentence to be renewed on Sundays and feast-days in all maritime towns; and the bosom of the church is not to be opened to such persons unless they send in aid of the holy Land the whole of the damnable wealth which they received and the same amount of their own, so that they are punished in proportion to their offence.这是我们为了在星期日和所有海洋城镇盛宴 - 天延长刑期,以及教会的怀抱是不开放给这些人,除非他们在圣地援助发送的该死的财富,他们收到全和自己一样的金额,让他们受到惩罚的比例他们的进攻。 If perchance they do not pay, they are to be punished in other ways in order that through their punishment others may be deterred from venturing upon similar rash actions.或许如果他们不交,他们将被处罚,以其他方式,通过他们的处罚后,其他人可能会从类似的轻率冒险却步。In addition, we prohibit and on pain of anathema forbid all Christians, for four years, to send or take their ships across to the lands of the Saracens who dwell in the east, so that by this a greater supply of shipping may be made ready for those wanting to cross over to help the holy Land, and so that the aforesaid Saracens may be deprived of the not inconsiderable help which they have been accustomed to receiving from this.此外,我们禁止和痛苦的诅咒禁止四年所有的基督徒,发送或采取跨到了撒拉逊谁住在东部的土地他们的船只,从而使本船有较大的供应量可能会准备就绪对于那些想跨越帮助圣地,因此,上述这部电影可能是不可小视的帮助,他们已经习惯了从这个接收剥夺。

    Although tournaments have been forbidden in a general way on pain of a fixed penalty at various councils, we strictly forbid them to be held for three years, under pain of excommunication, because the business of the crusade is much hindered by them at this present time.虽然比赛已经在一间在各议会定额罚款通则痛的方式禁止,严格禁止他们为三年举行,根据逐出教会的痛苦,因为讨伐业务备受阻碍他们在目前这个时间。 Because it is of the utmost necessity for the carrying out of this business that rulers of the christian people keep peace with each other, we therefore ordain, on the advice of this holy general synod, that peace be generally kept in the whole christian world for at least four years, so that those in conflict shall be brought by the prelates of churches to conclude a definitive peace or to observe inviolably a firm truce.由于它的运载指出,这项业务的基督教人民与统治者保持彼此的和平最大的必要性,因此,我们注定在这个神圣的一般主教会议的意见,认为和平是一般保持在整个基督教世界的至少四年,因此,在这些冲突必须通过教会的主教提出缔结一项最终和平或观察inviolably坚定的停火协议。 Those who refuse to comply shall be most strictly compelled to do so by an excommunication against their persons and an interdict on their lands, unless their wrongdoing is so great that they ought not to enjoy peace.这些谁拒绝遵守最严格被迫应当由做对他们个人和他们的土地上逐出教会制止的话,除非他们的不当行为是如此之大,他们不应该享有和平。 If it happens that they make light of the church's censure, they may deservedly fear that the secular power will be invoked by ecclesiastical authority against them as disturbers of the business of him who was crucified.如果碰巧他们利用教会的谴责下,他们可以当之无愧地担心会被世俗权力对他们的教会权威援引作为对他的企业谁被钉在十字架干扰源。

    We therefore, trusting in the mercy of almighty God and in the authority of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, do grant, by the power of binding and loosing that God has conferred upon us, albeit unworthy, unto all those who undertake this work in person and at their own expense, full pardon for their sins about which they are heartily contrite and have spoken in confession, and we promise them an increase of eternal life at the recompensing of the just; also to those who do not go there in person but send suitable men at their own expense, according to their means and status, and likewise to those who go in person but at others' expense, we grant full pardon for their sins.因此,我们,在全能的上帝的怜悯和祝福的使徒彼得和保罗的权威信任,不批,由具有约束力,失去上帝赋予我们虽然不配,电力,祂所有谁负责这项工作,人,自费,为全面赦免他们的罪孽关于它们尽情地痛悔,并已供认说,他们和我们承诺的永恒的生命在刚刚recompensing增加;也对那些谁不进去的人有但发送自费适合男性,根据自己的经济能力和地位,同样要在人,而是那些谁在别人的牺牲去,我们给予他们的罪过全部赦免。 We wish and grant to share in this remission, according to the quality of their help and the intensity of their devotion, all who shall contribute suitably from their goods to the aid of the said Land or who give useful advice and help.我们希望并授予分享这一缓解,根据他们的帮助的质量和他们的奉献精神的力度,凡应适当地从他们的贡献货物的援助表示土地或谁给有用的建议和帮助。 Finally, this general synod imparts the benefit of its blessings to all who piously set out on this common enterprise in order that it may contribute worthily to their salvation.最后,总议会赋予其祝福所有谁获益虔诚地载,以便企业在这个共同的抱负,这可能有助于他们得救。

    1. three persons 三人 nature omitted in Cr.自然省略了比赛。
    2. as if 仿佛 perfect omitted in Cr.完美的比赛省略。
    3. and he things omitted in AM事情省略AM
    4. We forbid 我们禁止 fowling omitted in Cr M.打鸟的铬M.省略
    5. confessions 口供 interlocutions omitted in Cr. interlocutions省略了比赛。

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    Introduction and translation taken from Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils , ed.介绍和翻译取自法令的基督教议会 ,版。Norman P. Tanner诺曼P.坦纳

    Fifth Lateran Council 1512-17 AD公元1512年至1517年第五次拉特兰会议

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    This council wassummoned by pope Julius II by the bull Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae, issued at Rome on 18 July 1511, after several schismatic cardinals, officially supported by Louis XII, king of France, had assembled a quasi-council at Pisa.本会传唤教皇朱利叶斯二世的牛市Sacrosanctae Romanae,该书在罗马发表的1511年7月18日,经过多次分裂正式路易十二,法国国王支持的枢机主教,已组建了一个半局在比萨。Twice postponed, the council held its first session in full solemnity at Rome in the Lateran residence on 10 May 1512, at which session an elaborate address on the evils of the church was made by Giles of Viterbo, general of the order of Augustinian hermits.两次推迟,该局在罗马举行第一届会议充分严肃在对1512年5月10日拉特兰居住,在这届会议上对教会的罪恶详细地址是由贾尔斯的维泰博,一般制成的奥古斯丁隐士秩序。

    There were twelve sessions.有十二节。The first five of them, held during Julius II's pontificate, dealt primarily with the condemnation and rejection of the quasi-council of Pisa, and with the revoking and annulment of the French "Pragmatic Sanction".他们的第一个五年,在朱利叶斯二世教皇举行,主要涉及的谴责和准理事会比萨拒绝,并与撤销以及法国“务实制裁”废标。 After the election of pope Leo X in March 1513, the council had three objectives: first, achieving a general peace between christian rulers; second, church reform; and third, the defence of the faith and the rooting out of heresy.之后,教皇利奥十1513年3月的选举中,议会有三个目标:第一,实现了基督教统治者之间的全面和平;第二,教会改革,三是国防的信念和生根异端出来。 The seven sessions after Leo's election gave approval to a number of constitutions, among which are to be noted the condemnation of the teaching of the philosopher Pomponazzi (session 8), and the approval of the agreement completed outside the council between pope Leo X and king Francis I of France (session 11).在狮子座的选举七个会议给予批准了宪法数,其中要注意到的哲学家蓬波纳齐(会话8)教学的谴责,并在境外之间的教皇利奥X和王局完成协议的批准法兰西斯一世(会话11)法国。

    All the decrees of this council, at which the pope presided in person, are in the form of bulls.所有的法令本会,会上,教宗亲自主持,在公牛队形式。At the beginning of them are added the words "with the approval of the sacred council", and at the end "in public session solemnly held in the Lateran basilica".在他们开始的加了一句话“与神圣议会批准”,并在“在庄严的拉特兰教堂举行的公开会议”结束。The fathers confirmed all the decrees by their votes.所有的父亲证实他们的票法令。If anyone wished to reject a proposal, he made his dissenting opinion known verbally, or briefly in writing.如果有人想拒绝的建议,他做了他的反对意见口头或书面形式简要闻名。The result was that the matters proposed, after various debates, were sometimes altered.其结果是,该事项的建议,经过多方的辩论,有时改变。

    The decisions on the reform of the curia produced almost no effect because of the timidity and inadequacy of the recommendations, especially since the papacy showed slight inclination to carry the matter through.对教廷改革的决定产生是因为胆怯和建议的不足几乎没有影响,特别是因为教皇显示轻微的倾斜,通过开展此事。On the other hand, the council totally suppressed the Pisan schism.另一方面,安理会完全压制披散分裂。It is clear that bishops were never present in great numbers at the council, and that prelates who lived outside Italy were notably absent to such an extent that there has been frequent dispute about whether the council was ecumenical.很显然,主教从未在议会中存在很大的数字,而意大利主教谁住人外没有显着,以至于出现了关于是否会是合一纠纷频繁程度。

    The decrees and other acts of the council were first published in Rome shortly after the council ended, namely on 31 July 1521 by cardinal Antonio del Monte, acting on the orders of pope Leo X. The title of this edition is: SA.该法令和安理会其他行为人在罗马首次发表后不久,该局结束后,即由枢机主教安东尼奥31日蒙特1521年7月,在教皇利奥十,该版本的命令行事的标题是:SA。 Lateranense concilium novissimum sub Iulio II et Leone X celebratum (= Lc).Lateranense concilium novissimum分Iulio II等利昂celebratum(= LC)。It was subsequently used in various conciliar collections from Cr2 3 (1551) 3-192 to Msi 32 (1802) 649-1002.它随后被用于从CR2 3(1551)3-192至MSI 32(1802)649-1002各种conciliar的集合。We have followed this edition of 1521 and have taken the headings of the constitutions from the summary which precedes it.我们遵循这样的1521版,并已采取从它前面的概述,对宪法的标题。

    SESSION 1 held on 10 May 1512会议于1日举行的1512年5月10日

    [The bull convoking the council, Sacrosancta Romanae Ecclesiae, and the bulls postponing it, Inscrutabilis and Romanus pontifex, are read out1{Msi 32, 681-690}. [公牛convoking理事会Sacrosancta Romanae,该书和公牛推迟它,Inscrutabilis和罗马努斯教皇,读OUT1 {微星32,681-690}。Masses are ordered to be celebrated, and prayers to be offered, to beg God's assistance; various arrangements are to be observed in the council and decrees are set out; advocates, procurators, notaries, guards and vote-scrutineers are chosen; assigners of places, and the location of places in their due order, are established.]人民群众是下令庆祝活动,祈祷发售,乞求上帝的帮助,各种安排,将在安理会指出,法令载;主张,检察官,公证员,警卫和表决,监票人的选择;地方assigners ,以及在其应有秩序地位置,都成立。]

    SESSION 2 held on 17 May 1512会议2月17日1512年5月

    [The quasi-council of Pisa is condemned, and everything done at it is declared null and void.[本准理事会比萨是谴责,一切都在做它宣告无效。The Lateran council and whatever has been rightly done at it are confirmed]拉特兰议会和任何已经正确地完成在它被证实]

    Julius, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.朱利叶斯,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。We intend, with the help of the most High, to proceed with the holding of this sacred Lateran council which has now begun for the praise of God, the peace of the whole church, the union of the faithful the overthrow of heresies and schisms, the reform of morals, and the campaign against the dangerous enemies of the faith, so that the mouths of all schismatics and enemies of peace, those howling dogs, may be silenced and Christians may be able to keep themselves unstained from such pernicious and poisonous contagion.我们打​​算用最高级的帮助下,进行这一神圣的拉特兰会议召开现已为神的赞美,整个教堂和平,忠实的异端邪说和分裂推翻工会开始,道德的改革,对信仰的危险敌人的运动,使所有schismatics和和平的敌人的嘴,狗的嚎叫,可能是沉默和基督徒或许能够使自己保持未染色从这种恶性传染病和有毒。

    Accordingly, in this second session lawfully assembled in the holy Spirit, after mature deliberation held by us with our venerable brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman church, by the advice and unanimous consent of the same brothers from sure knowledge and by the fullness of apostolic power, we confirm approve and renew, with the approval of the sacred council, the rejections condemnations, revocations, quashings, invalidations and annulments of the summoning, convoking and public utterances of that schismatical assembly, the vaunted quasi-council of Pisa, with its aim of rending and hampering the union of the aforesaid church, and of the citations, warnings, decrees, pardons, sentences, acts, legacies, creations, obediences, withdrawals, enjoined censures and applications issuing from it, and of the transfer of the said quasi-council to the cities of Milan or Vercellae or any other place, and of each and all of the acts and decisions of the said quasi-council, that have been expressed in our various letters completed and issued in due order, especially those issued under the dates of 18 July in the eighth year of our pontificate, and of 3 December and 13 April in the ninth year of our pontificate.因此,在本次会议合法聚集在圣灵后,我们举行了我们可敬的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教成熟的审议,通过咨询和知识的同时,从确保兄弟一致同意,由丰满使徒的力量,我们确认批准和续签的神圣理事会核准,拒绝谴责,撤销,quashings,无效和召唤,convoking和该分裂的大会,自诩准公共话语理事会比萨离婚是非法的,与其目的的认定和妨碍上述教会联盟和引文,警告,法令,赦免,句子,行为,遗产,创作,obediences,取款,责成谴责和应用,从它发行,以及转移说准局,米兰或Vercellae或任何其他地方的城市,和每个的行为和决定都表示准会,已在我们的各种字母表示完成,并在适当的命令发出,特别是那些7月18日印发的日期在我们的教皇第八个年头,和12月3日和4月13日在第九年的教皇。

    Likewise we confirm, approve and renew with the approval of the sacred council, the letters themselves along with their decrees, declarations, prohibitions, commands, exhortations, warnings, applications of ecclesiastical interdicts, and other sentences, censures and penalties, whether by canonical sanctions or by our own act, especially those in the letter summoning this sacred universal council, and each and all of the other clauses contained in the said letters, the meanings of which we wish to be considered as expressed as if they were inserted herein word for word, even though, as being definite and valid, they require no other confirmation or approval for a more extensive guarantee and demonstration of the truth.同样,我们确认,批准和更新与神圣理事会,字母本身以及他们的法令,声明,禁止,命令,劝告,警告,教会interdicts的应用程序和其它句子,谴责和处罚,审批是否规范制裁或者说我们自己的行为,特别是那些在召唤这个神圣的普遍议会的信,每一个和在其他条款中的所有字母,其中的意义,我们希望被视为表示,如果他们被插入本字一句话,即使,作为是明确和有效的,他们不需要其他确认或进行更广泛的保障和对真理的论证审批。 We wish, decree and ordain that they be observed without alteration, and we make good each and all of the defects in them, should there be any.我们希望,法令和祝圣他们在不改变观察,我们做好每一个和所有在他们的缺陷,如果有任何。

    We condemn and reject the aforesaid quasi-council and its transfer, and each and every thing done by it, and also those taking part in it or giving support, approval or consent, directly or indirectly, to whatever extent and in whatever manner, from the day of the summoning of the quasi-council until the present day, whether the things have already been done or are to be done in the future, even if they are or have been such that special, specific, definite and separate mention should be made about them, since we consider their meaning and characteristics as clearly expressed.我们谴责并拒绝上述准会及其转移,每一个由它做的事情,以及那些参与部分或给予支持,批准或同意,直接或间接向任何程度上以及以何种方式,从对召唤的准议会直到今天,事情是否已经做了或将要做的将来,即使他们正在或已经这样特殊的,具体的,明确的和单独值得一提的是天使他们,因为我们认为它们的含义和明确表达的特点。 We condemn and reject it like other counterfeit councils which diverge from the truth and whose acts have been condemned and rejected by the law and sacred canons.我们谴责并拒绝像其他假冒议会的偏离事实,其已谴责和法律的行为和神圣的大炮拒绝它。We proclaim these things to be null, void and empty, as indeed they are, to be or to have been of no force or Importance; and, so far as is necessary, we declare them void, invalid and null, and we wish them to be considered as void, invalid and null.我们宣布这些东西是空的,无效而空,因为确实是这样,是或有任何力量或重要性已和,就很有必要,我们宣布他们无效,无效的和空的,我们希望他们应被视为无效,无效和空。

    We decree and declare, with the approval of this same sacred council, that this sacred ecumenical council, justly, reasonably, and for true and lawful purposes duly and rightly summoned, has begun to be celebrated, and that each and every thing which has been and shall be done and executed in it, will be just, reasonable, settled and valid, and that it possesses and holds the same strength, power, authority and stability which other general councils approved by the sacred canons, especially the Lateran council, possess and hold.我们的法令,并宣布,与此相同的神圣理事会的批准,这个神圣的基督教会,公正,合理,合法和真实,及时,正确地传唤的目的,已经开始庆祝,而每事已并须完成,在它执行时,将公正,合理,解决和有效的,而且它拥有和持有相同的力量,权力,权威和稳定的其他一般由议会批准的神圣大炮,特别是拉特兰议会,拥有按住。

    Moreover, in the arrangement of the seasons, as the summer heats approach, in order to take account of the convenience and health of the prelates, and so that those may be awaited who live beyond the mountains and across the sea and who have hitherto been unable to come to this sacred council, and for other just and reasonable causes known to and approved by the said sacred council, we are summoning the third session of this same council to take place on 3 November next, with the said council likewise giving approval.此外,在季节安排,随着夏季heats方法,以便采取的便利和主教健康帐户,使那些可能会超越期待谁住在山区和大海,谁迄今一直被无法来到这个神圣的议会,以及其他已知的公正,合理并经议会批准的原因说,神圣的,我们召唤与此相同的理事会第三届会议于11月3日采取下一个地方,说议会同样给予批准。 And to each and every prelate and to others present at the same council, we grant and concede the freedom and permission to withdraw from the Roman curia and to stay wherever they wish, so long as they are present at the aforesaid Lateran council on the said 3 November, any clearly legitimate hindrance having been removed, subject to the infliction of the penalties indicated in the letter summoning the council and in canonical punishments against those failing to attend to councils, the said sacred council also approving.而每一位主教和他人在同安理会目前,我们授予和承认的自由和权限退出了罗马教廷,并希望留在任何地方,只要他们在上述拉特兰会议上表示,目前11月3日,任何明确合法的障碍已被消除,受的刑罚施加在召集议会的信,并且对未能出席议会的规范,以惩罚表示,上述神圣理事会还批准。 Let nobody therefore .因此,让任何人。..If anyone however .如果有人然而。. .2{2 At this session, on account of the arrival of the bishop of Gurk, representative of the most serene emperor, a postponement of the third session was made until 3 November.}0.2 {2在这次会议上,对对Gurk主教抵达帐户,最宁静的皇帝代表,第三届会议推迟至11月3日作出。}

    SESSION 3 held on 3 December 1512会议3日在1512年12月3日

    [Each and all of the measures sponsored by the schismatic cardinals are rejected] [每个和由分裂枢机主教主办的所有措施都将被拒绝]

    Julius, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.朱利叶斯,主教,仆人的神的仆人,与神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。To the praise and glory of him whose works are perfect, we are continuing the sacred council of the Lateran, lawfully assembled by favour of the holy Spirit, in this third session.为了对他的赞誉和荣耀的作品是完美的,我们将继续在这第三次会议上的拉特兰神圣的议会,依法由圣灵青睐组装。We had summoned this session on another occasion, during the second session, for the third day of the following November.我们曾在另一场合召集这次会议,第二届会议期间,对下列十一月第三天。Later, by the advice and unanimous agreement of our venerable brothers, cardinals of the holy Roman church, for reasons then stated and for other lawful causes, we postponed it and summoned it to be held today, with the same sacred council giving approval to both the postponement and the summons for the said reasons which were known to it.后来,通过我们的意见和可敬的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,一致协议则表示对其他合法原因和理由,我们推迟,并传唤到今天举行,具有相同的神圣使双方议会批准推迟和上述这些原因,它被称为传票。 This was after the happy and favourable adherence to, and union with, this most holy Lateran council on the part of our most dear son in Christ, Maximilian, ever revered emperor-elect of the Romans这是在愉快的和有利的坚持,和着,这个最神圣的拉特兰对我们最亲爱的儿子在基督部分理事会,马西米兰联盟,永远崇敬的罗马人皇帝选

    We condemn, reject and detest, with the approval of this same sacred council, each and every thing done by those sons of damnation, Bernard Carvajal, Guillaume Briconnet, Rene de Prie, and Frederick of San Severino, formerly cardinals, and their supporters, adherents, accomplices and disciples -- who are schismatics and heretics and have worked madly to their own and others' ruin, aiming to split asunder the unity of holy mother church at the quasi-council held at Pisa, Milan, Lyons and elsewhere -- whatever the things were in number and kind that have been enacted, carried out, done, written, published or ordained up to the present day, including the imposition of taxes carried out by them throughout the kingdom of France, or shall be done in the future.我们谴责,拒绝和厌恶,与此相同的神圣理事会,每一个物件的那些诅咒儿子,伯纳德瓦哈尔,纪尧姆Briconnet,刘若英去PRIE做,冯圣塞韦里诺,以前枢机主教,和他们的支持者的批准,信徒,从犯和弟子 - 谁是schismatics和异端并为之疯狂地给自己和他人的废墟,旨在分裂四分五裂的圣母教堂在准安理会的团结在比萨,米兰,里昂和其他地方举行 - 任何事物在数量和种类已经颁布,实施,完成后,书面,出版或受戒到今天,包括由它们贯穿了法国王国征税,或应在完成未来。Even though they are indeed null, useless and void and have already been condemned and rejected by us with the approval of the aforesaid sacred council, we nevertheless retain this present condemnation and rejection for the sake of greater precaution.尽管他们确实是空的,无用和无效,已被我们谴责和拒绝与上述神圣的议会批准,但我们仍然保留目前这个谴责为预防起见,更大的排斥反应。 We wish the meaning and characteristics of the things done, or to be done, to be considered as expressed herein word for word and not just by general clauses.我们希望的意义和所完成的,或将要完成,将作为本词表达了词审议并通过通则不只是事物的特征。We decree and declare them to be and to have been null, without purpose and void, of no force, efficacy, effect or importance.我们的法令,并宣布他们将与已空,无目的和无效的任何力量,效能,效果或重要性。

    We renew our letter dated 13 August 1512, at St Peter's, Rome, in the ninth year of our pontificate, by which, on the advice of the Dominicans, on account of the support, favours, sustenance and help notoriously provided to schismatics and heretics in the promotion of the said condemned and rejected quasicouncil of Pisa, by the king of France and not a few other prelates, officials, nobles and barons of the kingdom of France, we placed under ecclesiastical interdict the kingdom of France and particularly Lyons, excepting the duchy of Brittany, and we forbade the customary fairs of Lyons to be held in that city and we transferred them to the city of Geneva.我们重申我们的信1512年8月13日,在圣彼得,罗马,在我们的教宗,其中,对多米尼加的意见,第九年的支助帐户,恩惠,寄托和帮助出了名的提供schismatics和异端在表示谴责,并拒绝了比萨quasicouncil,由法国国王,而不是其他一些高级教士,官员,贵族和法国王国贵族的推广,我们把教会阻截下,特别是法国里昂王国,除在布列塔尼公国,我们禁止里昂要在该城市举行的展览会,我们习惯把他们转移到日内瓦的城市。 We also renew the decrees, declarations, prohibitions and every clause contained in the letter, the said sacred council likewise having full information about them and giving its approval.我们还重申了法令,声明,禁止在信中每一个条款,说神圣的议会也有关于他们的全部信息,并给予批准。As stated, we subject the aforesaid kingdom and its cities, lands, towns and any other territories to this interdict, and we transfer the fairs from Lyons to the said city of Geneva.如上所述,我们受上述王国,它的城市,土地,城镇和本阻截任何其他地区,我们转移到展览会从里昂表示,日内瓦市。

    In order that this sacred Lateran council may be brought to a fruitful and beneficial conclusion, and that the many other serious matters due for treatment and discussion in the council may proceed to the praise of almighty God and the exaltation of the universal church, we declare, with the full approval of the said sacred council, that the fourth session of the continuing celebration of the council shall be held on the tenth day of the present month of December.为了使这一神圣拉特兰议会可能被带到一个富有成果的和有益的结论,而许多其他治疗和在安理会讨论,由于严重的问题可能进行的全能上帝的赞美和对普世教会的提高,我们声明,与充分肯定表示神圣理事会,认为安理会应继续庆祝第四次会议上对目前每月初十日举行。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而

    SESSION 4 held on 10 December 1512第4次会议于1512年12月10日举行

    [The Pragmatic is revoked and the acts of the quasi-council of Pisa regarding the same are annulled1{Before this constitution, in the same session, there was also read out: A warning against the Pragmatic and its supporters} [本务实是撤销和准理事会关于比萨的行为都一样annulled1 {在此之前的宪法,在同一会议上,与会者还读出:A对语用及其支持者警告}

    Julius, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.朱利叶斯,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。Giving close attention by paternal and earnest consideration to the safety of the flock entrusted to us from above, to the reform of morals and the defence of the church's liberty, and to the peace and development of the catholic faith, we approve and renew, with the approval of this holy council, for the praise and glory of almighty God and the undivided Trinity, the letter recently issued by us, of which the same council is aware, by which we made a general reform of the Roman curia's officials and of their imposts.给予由父系和认真考虑密切关注的羊群委托从上面给我们的安全,对道德和对教会的自由国防改革,并以和平与天主教信仰的发展,我们批准和更新,以在这个神圣的理事会批准,对赞美和全能的上帝和不可分割的三位一体,最近发行的我们,即同一安理会知道,其中我们做了罗马教廷的官员一般的改革和他们的信荣耀imposts。 We ordered the letter to be made public by certain persons, who were afterwards designated, for the benefit of the faithful, and in accordance with our wishes.我们下令信作出某些人,谁是后来的指定,为忠实的利益,并按照我们的意愿进行公开。We now order it to be made public in detail by the said designated persons together with other prelates from various nations who are present in the aforesaid council and are to be appointed.现在,我们责令其作出详细公开了该指定人员与谁在上述议会存在,并且被任命其他国家主教的各种合作。Everything that can pervert human judgment is to cease, as is right and fitting.人类的一切,可以判断是色狼停止,因为是正确的,恰当不过了。We order, moreover, that the declarations are to be referred to us in other sessions of this sacred council and are to be approved by the same council, in order that they may be duly carried out.我们的顺序,此外,该声明应提到这个神圣的理事会其他会议给我们,并获得批准由同一个委员会,以便使他们得到适当的进行。

    Moreover, for considerable periods of time there has been great disparagement of the apostolic see and of the head, the liberty and the authority of the holy Roman universal church, as well as a limitation of the sacred canons, by a number of prelates of the French nation and by noble laymen and others supporting them, especially under pretext of a certain sanction which they call the Pragmatic{2 This Pragmatic Sanction had been promulgated by king Charles VII of France at Bourges on 7 July 1438, with the aim of removing abuses in the church, see DThC 12/2 (1935) 2780-2786, DDrC 7 (1958) 109-113, and NCE 11 (1967) 662-663}.此外,在相当长的时期出现了使徒看到头部,自由和神圣罗马普世教会的权威,以及限制的神圣和伟大的蔑视大炮,由数量的主教法兰西民族和高尚的普通人和支持尤其是在一定的制裁,他们称之为务实{2这种务实的制裁已颁布的国王查理七世在法国布尔日在1438年7月7日与消除弊端的目的,他们的借口,其他在教堂,看到DThC 12 / 2(1935)2780年至2786年,DDRC 7(1958)109-113,和NCE 11(1967)662-663}。We do not wish to endure further a thing so pernicious and offensive to God, a clear cheapening of and damage to the said church.我们不希望再忍受如此恶劣的事情和冒犯上帝,明确掉价的,破坏上述教堂。For it is only in those regions that the sanction, carried out by those lacking all lawful power for that end and without the authority of popes or legitimate general councils, has been introduced and observed by way of an abuse.因为只有在那些制裁,缺乏对所进行的一切合法为此当权者和不合法的教皇或一般议会的权力了,已经出台和滥用方式的观察区域。 It must be rightly, along with its contents, be declared null and void and be repealed.必须正确地,伴随着它的内容,被宣布无效的,应予废除。Louis XI, king of France, of distinguished memory, repealed this sanction, as is clearly contained in his letters patent already made.路易十一,法国国王,杰出的内存,废止这一制裁,因为显然他的信中已取得专利。

    Therefore, with the approval of the same council, we commit to the meetings of our venerable brothers, cardinals of the aforesaid church, and of other prelates, which are to be held in the upper room of the Lateran, insofar as this is necessary, the business of the declaration and abrogation which we are to make, as well as the report that is to be made to us and the same sacred council concerning the matters discussed in the first and other sessions, insofar as this can conveniently be done.因此,在相同的议会批准,我们承诺我们的可敬的兄弟,上述教会枢机主教,主教和其他,这是举行在拉特兰上面的房间,就因为这是必要的会议,宣言和废除,我们要作,以及该报告是我们必须作出同样的神圣和理事会关于在第一次和其他会议讨论的事项,在这可以很方便地做过生意。 We determine and decree that the prelates of France, chapters of churches and monasteries, and laymen favouring them, of whatever rank they may be, even royal, who approve or falsely use the said sanction, together with each and every other person thinking, either individually or in a group, that this sanction is to his advantage, be warned and cited, within a definite adequate term to be established, by a public edict -- which is to be fixed on the doors of the churches of Milan, Asti and Pavia, since a safe approach to France is not available -- that they are to appear before us and the aforesaid council and declare the reasons why the said sanction and its corrupting effect and misuse in matters concerning the authority, dignity and unity of the Roman church and the apostolic see, and the violation of sacred canons and of ecclesiastical freedom, ought not to be declared and judged null and void and be abrogated, and why those so warned and cited should not be restrained and held as if they had been warned and cited in person.我们决定和法令,法国主教,教堂和寺院,并有利于外行章节的任何职级,他们可能是,即使王室,谁批准或冒用上述制裁,与每一个其他人共同思考它们,要么个人或一个群体,这个制裁是他的优势,予以警告,并列举在确定适当的术语,就可以成立由公共法令 - 这是是对米兰,阿斯蒂教堂的门固定和帕维亚,因为法国是安全的方法不可用 - 他们是摆在我们面前出现与上述议会,并宣布上述制裁的原因和它的腐蚀作用,在有关权威,尊严和统一问题的罗马滥用教会和使徒看的,神圣的教会大炮和自由的侵犯,不应该被宣布无效和判断,并废止了,为什么那些所谓警告,引不应该克制和举行,如果他们被警告并列举了在人。

    Moreover, with regard to each and all provisions and collations of ecclesiastical benefices, confirmations of elections and petitions, grants of concessions, mandates and indults, of whatever kind, concerning both favours and matters of justice or both together, of whatever sense they may be -- which things we wish to be regarded as clearly stated in the present letter -- which were made by the synagogue or quasi-council of Pisa and its schismatic adherents, lacking all authority and merit, though they are indeed null and void, yet, for greater caution, we decree, with the approval of the said sacred council, that they are null and of no effect, force or importance; and that each individual, of whatever rank, status, grade, nobility, order or condition, to whom they were granted, or to whose convenience, advantage or honour they pertain, are to give up their fruits, incomes and profits, or to arrange for this to be done, and they are bound to restore both these things and their benefices and to give up the other aforesaid concessions, and that unless they have really and completely given up the benefices themselves and the other things granted to them, within two months from the date of this present letter, they are automatically deprived of the other ecclesiastical benefices which they hold by lawful title.此外,对于每一个和所有规定和教会benefices,确认选举和请愿,优惠,任务和indults补​​助,任何种类都主张和有关司法事项或两者合计,,归类任何意义,他们可能会 - 这事情,我们希望被视为本函中明确表示 - 这是由犹太教堂或准理事会比萨及其追随者分裂,缺乏权威和价值,但他们确实是无效的,但为更加谨慎,我们的法令与审批,神圣的议会说,他们是空的没有影响,力或重要性,以及每一个人,无论其职级,地位,等级,贵族,命令或条件,以他们所授出,或谁的便利,好处或荣誉属于他们,要放弃自己的水果,收入和利润,或安排这是做的,他们必然要恢复这两个事物及其benefices和放弃其他上述让步,除非他们真的彻底放弃了自己的benefices并授予他们在两年内从目前这个函之日起六个月,其他的事情,他们都自动成为其他教会benefices剥夺他们持有合法的称号。

    Moreover, we apply whatever has been or shall be obtained in the way of fruits, rents and profits of this kind, and money-taxes imposed by the said quasi-council, to the campaign which is to be conducted against the infidels.此外,我们应用whatever已经或应在水果,租金和利润这种方式获得的,由征收货币税说准会,这个活动是要对异教徒进行。

    In order that the declaration of reform, and of the nullity of the said sanction, as well as other business may be carried out in due season, and so that the prelates who are still to come to this sacred council (we have received news that some have already set out on their journey to attend) may be able to arrive without inconvenience, we declare, with the approval of the council, that the fifth session shall be held on 16 February, which will be Wednesday after the first Sunday of the coming Lent.为了使改革的声明,对上述制裁无效,以及其他的业务可能会在适当的季节进行的,所以谁的主教仍然来到这个神圣的议会(我们已经收到消息,有的已载于他们的旅途参加)也许能到达无不便,我们声明,在理事会批准,即第五次会议应于2月16日,这将是周三举行后的第一个星期日未来的大斋期。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however 如果有人然而

    SESSION 5 held on 16 February 1513第5次会议于1513年2月16日举行

    [Bull renewing and confirming the Constitution against not committing the evil of simony when electing the Roman pontiff][公牛续约,并确认不承诺对邪恶的买卖圣职时,罗马教皇选举的宪法]

    Julius, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.朱利叶斯,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。The supreme maker of things, the creator of heaven and earth, has willed by his ineffable providence that the Roman pontiff preside over the christian people in the chair of pastoral supremacy, so that he may govern the holy, Roman, universal church in sincerity of heart and deeds and may strive after the progress of all the faithful.事物的最高制造商,天地的创造者,他的意志已经不可言喻的普罗维登斯,罗马教皇主持的田园至上主持基督教的人,让他可以支配的圣洁,罗马,普世教会中的诚意心和行动可能会努力后,所有信徒的进展。 We therefore regard it as suitable and salutary that, in the election of the said pontiff, in order that the faithful may look upon him as a mirror of purity and honesty, all stain and every trace of simony shall be absent, that men shall be raised up for this burdensome office who, having embarked in the appropriate manner and order in a due, right and canonical way, may undertake the steering of the barque of Peter and may be, once established in so lofty a dignity, a support for right and good people and a terror for evil people; that by their example, the rest of the faithful may receive instruction on good behaviour and be directed in the way of salvation, that the things which have been determined and established by us for this, in accordance with the magnitude and seriousness of the case, may be approved and renewed by the sacred general council; and that the things so approved and renewed may be communicated, so that the more frequently they are upheld by the said authority, the more strongly they shall endure and the more resolutely they shall be observed and defended against the manifold attacks of the devil.因此,我们把它作为合适和有益的,在说教皇的选举秩序,忠实可应他看作为一个纯洁和诚实的镜子,所有的染色和每一个买卖圣职的痕迹,应缺席,男性应调高这谁负担办公室,拥有以适当的方式和在正当,正确和规范的方式走上了订单,可承担的彼得三桅帆船转向和可能,一旦建立了这样崇高的尊严,一个适当的支持和良好的人,一个邪恶的人的恐怖;,通过他们的榜样,忠实的休息可能会收到良好的行为指令,并且在救赎的方式定向,即已经确定并建立了我们这一点,在事随着规模和根据情节轻重,可批准和神圣的总理事会重申,并认为这样的事情可能重新批准和传达,从而使他们更频繁地坚持说是由权威,他们更强烈应忍受和更坚决,他们将观察和对魔鬼的多方面攻击辩护。

    Formerly, indeed, for great and urgent reasons, as a result of important and mature discussion and deliberation with men of great learning and authority, including cardinals of the Roman church, excellent and very experienced persons, a document on the following lines was issued by us.以前,的确,为伟大而紧迫的理由,作为一个重要的和成熟的大讨论和学习性和权威性,包括罗马教会枢机主教,优秀,非常有经验的人,对下面的人行文件审议结果发表我们。

    Inserted constitution插入宪法

    Julius, bishop, servant of the servants of God, for an everlasting record.朱利叶斯,主教,仆人的神的仆人一个永恒的记录。From a consideration that the detestable crime of simony is forbidden by both divine and human law, particularly in spiritual matters, and that it is especially heinous and destructive for the whole church in the election of the Roman pontiff, the vicar of our lord Jesus Christ, we therefore, placed by God in charge of the government of the same universal church, despite being of little merit, desire, so far as we are able with God's help, to take effective measures for the future with regard to the aforesaid things, as we are bound to, in accordance with the necessity of such an important matter and the greatness of the danger.从可恨的是,买卖圣职罪是被禁止的都神和人的法律,特别是在精神方面,而且它尤其令人发指的是,为在罗马教皇选举全教会,我们的主耶稣基督的副主教破坏性考虑因此,我们,放置上帝在同一普世教会的政府收费,尽管小的优点是,欲望,所以据我们与神的帮助下,能够采取有关上述事情对未来的有效措施,因为我们必然要同这样一个重要的问题的必要性和伟大的危险进行。 With the advice and unanimous consent of our brothers, cardinals of the holy Roman church, by means of this our constitution which will have permanent validity, we establish, ordain, decree and define, by apostolic authority and the fulness of our power, that if it happens (which may God avert in his mercy and goodness towards all), after God has released us or our successors from the government of the universal church, that by the efforts of the enemy of the human race and following the urge of ambition or greed, the election of the Roman pontiff is made or effected by the person who is elected, or by one or several members of the college of cardinals, giving their votes in a manner that in any way involves simony being committed的建议和通过宪法的手段,这是我们将永久有效的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,一致同意,我们建立,注定,法令和定义使徒的权威和力量充满了我们,如果它发生(可能避免上帝在他的怜悯和对所有善良),神后释放出的政府的普遍教会我们或我们的接班人,是由人类的敌人,之后的野心呼吁的努力,或贪婪,罗马教皇选举作出或由谁当选,或由一个或几个成员的枢机主教团,在投票的方式让他们以任何方式涉及买卖圣职的人正在致力于影响

    -- by the gift, promise or receipt of money, goods of any sort, castles, offices, benefices, promises or obligations -- by the person elected or by one or several other persons, in any manner or form whatsoever, even if the election resulted in a majority of two-thirds or in the unanimous choice of all the cardinals, or even in a spontaneous agreement on the part of all, without a scrutiny being made, then not only is this election or choice itself null, and does not bestow on the person elected or chosen in this fashion any right of either spiritual or temporal administration, but also there can be alleged and presented, against the person elected or chosen in this manner, by any one of the cardinals who has taken part in the election, the charge of simony, as a true and unquestionable heresy, so that the one elected is not regarded by anyone as the Roman pontiff.- 由礼物,承诺或金钱后,任何一种商品,城堡,办公室,benefices,承诺或义务 - 由一个或几个或其他人以任何方式或任何形式,当选的人,即使选举产生了三分之二多数或所有的枢机主教,甚至在对所有协议的一部分自发一致的选择没有被做了推敲,那么不仅是本次选举或选择自己空,不不赐给选举或选择以这种方式无论是精神或任何时间管理权的人,也不可能有所谓的,并提出对选举或选择以这种方式通过任何谁已部分枢机主教之一,人,这次选举中,负责对买卖圣职,作为一个真正的和不容置疑的异端邪说,所以,一个不被任何人当选视为罗马教皇。

    A further consequence is that the person elected in this manner is automatically deprived, without the need of any other declaration, of his cardinal's rank and of all other honours whatsoever as well as of cathedral churches, even metropolitan and patriarchical ones, monasteries, dignities and all other benefices and pensions of whatever kind which he was then holding by title or in commendam or otherwise; and that the elected person is to be regarded as, and is in fact, not a follower of the apostles but an apostate and, like Simon, a magicianl and a heresiarch, and perpetually debarred from each and all of the above-mentioned things.另一种后果是,以这种方式选出的人会自动被剥夺,没有任何其他声明需要他的大是大非的职级及其他所有荣誉,任何以及大教堂教堂,甚至大城市和patriarchical的,修道院,尊严和所有其他benefices和任何一种,他当时的标题或在commendam或以其他方式持有养老金,并认为当选人将被视为,而事实上是,没有一个追随者的使徒而是一个叛教者,像西蒙一个magicianl和heresiarch,并永久被禁每个与上述事情。 A simoniacal election of this kind is never at any time to be made valid by a subsequent enthronement or the passage of time, or even by the act of adoration or obedience of all the cardinals.这种simoniacal的选举从来没有在任何要由以后的坐床或时间的推移,甚至由崇拜或所有的枢机主教服从行为的有效时间。

    It shall be lawful for each and all of the cardinals, even those who consented to the simoniacal election or promotion, even after the enthronement and adoration or obedience, as well as for all the clergy and the Roman people, together with those serving as prefects, castellans, captains and other officials at the Castel Sant' Angelo in Rome and any other strongholds of the Roman church, notwithstanding any submission or oath or pledge given, to withdraw without penalty and at any time from obedience and loyalty to the person so elected even if he has been enthroned (while they themselves, notwithstanding this, remain fully committed to the faith of the Roman church and to obedience towards a future Roman pontiff entering office in accordance with the canons) and to avoid him as a magician, a heathen, a publican and a heresiarch.它应为每个和所有合法的枢机主教,甚至那些谁同意的simoniacal选举或晋升,甚至在坐床和崇拜或服从,以及所有的神职人员和罗马人,连同那些为省长服务,castellans,船长和其他官员在桑特堡“安杰洛在罗马和罗马教会的任何其他据点即使有任何提交或宣誓或质押给定的,不受处罚,并撤销在任何时间,从服从和忠诚度,如此当选的人即使他已经登基(而他们自己,尽管这样,仍然全力迈向未来的罗马进入办公室的门炮,根据教皇的罗马教会的信仰和服从),并避免由于魔术师,一个异教徒他一个税吏和heresiarch。 To discomfort him still further, if he uses the pretext of the election to interfere in the government of the universal church, the cardinals who wish to oppose the aforesaid election can ask for the help of the secular arm against him.为了进一步不适他,如果他使用了选举干涉教会政府的普遍借口,主教谁愿意反对上述选举可以要求对他的世俗手臂的帮助。

    Those who break off obedience to him are not to be subject to any penalties and censures for the said separation, as though they were tearing the Lord's garment .这些谁断绝服从他不应该受到任何惩罚和谴责说的分离,他们仿佛是撕裂主的服装。However, the cardinals who elected him by simoniacal means are to be dealt with without further declaration as deprived of their orders as well as of their titles and honour as cardinals and of any patriarchal, archiepiscopal, episcopal or other prelacies, dignities and benefices which at that time they held by title or in commendam, or in which or to which they now have some claim, unless they totally and effectively abandon him and unite themselves without pretence or trickery to the other cardinals who did not consent to this simony, within eight days after they receive the request from the other cardinals, in person if this shall be possible or otherwise by a public announcement.不过,枢机主教谁当选simoniacal意味着他要处理的声明没有进一步作为他们的订单,以及剥夺他们的职称和荣誉为枢机主教和任何家长,大监督,主教或其他prelacies,尊严和benefices这在当时他们持有的标题或在commendam,或在其中或他们现在有一些说法,除非他们完全和有效地抛弃他,团结没有借口或弄虚作假的谁不同意这种买卖圣职其他枢机主教自己在八,几天后,他们收到来自其他人的枢机主教的要求,如果这应由公众公布或以其他方式可能。 Then, if they have joined themselves in full union with the said other cardinals, they shall immediately stand reintegrated, restored, rehabilitated and re-established in their former state, honours and dignities, even of the cardinalate, and in the churches and benefices which they had charge of or held, and shall stand absolved from the stain of simony and from any ecclesiastical censures and penalties.然后,如果他们都加入了全联盟与自己说,其他枢机主教,他们应立即站重新融入社会,恢复,重建和重新建立在他们以前的状态,荣誉和尊严甚至对cardinalate,并在教堂和benefices,这他们负责或持有,并应站在从买卖圣职污渍和任何教会谴责和处罚开脱。

    Intermediaries, brokers and bankers, whether clerical or lay, of whatever rank, quality or order they may have been, even patriarchal or archiepiscopal or episcopal, or enjoying other secular, worldly or ecclesiastical status, including spokesmen or envoys of any kings and princes, who had part in this simoniacal election, are by that very fact deprived of all their churches, benefices, prelacies and fiefs, and any other honours and possessions.中介机构,经纪人和银行家,无论是文员或躺着,不论何种级别,质量或命令他们可能已经,甚至家长或大监督或主教,或享受其他世俗,世俗或宗教地位,包括代言人或任何国王和王子使节,谁曾在此simoniacal选举的一部分,是由所有的教堂,benefices,prelacies和封地,以及任何其他荣誉和财产被剥夺的张女士。 They are debarred from anything of that kind and from making or benefiting from a will, and their property, like that of those condemned for treason, is immediately confiscated and allotted to the treasury of the apostolic see.他们是被禁的那种从任何东西,从制作或从遗嘱中获益,他们的财产一样,谴责那些以叛国罪,立即没收并分配给了使徒见国库。 if the aforesaid criminals are ecclesiastics or otherwise subjects of the Roman church.如果上述罪犯或教区的罗马教会,否则科目。If they are not subjects of the Roman church, their goods and fiefs in regions under secular control are immediately allotted to the treasury of the secular ruler in whose territory the property is located; in such a way, however, that if within three months from the day on which it was known that they had committed simony, or had part in it, the rulers have not in fact allotted the said goods to their own treasury, then the goods are from that date considered as allotted to the treasury of the Roman church, and are immediately so considered without the need for any further pronouncement to the same effect.如果他们不属于罗马教会的主体,他们的商品和世俗的控制下地区的封地被立即分配到世俗统治者在其境内的财产所在地国库;以这样一种方式,但是,如果三个月内它是在知道他们犯买卖圣职,或已在部分一天,统治者其实并没有配发说自己的国库商品,然后将货物从视为分配给罗马国库的日期教堂,并立即让认为不需要进行任何进一步的宣判,以同样的效果需要。

    Also not binding and invalid, and ineffectual for taking action, are promises and pledges or solemn engagements made at any time for that purpose, even if prior to the election in question and even if made in any way through persons other than the cardinals, with some strange solemnity and form, including those made under oath or conditionally or dependent upon the outcome, or in the form of agreed bonds under whatever inducement, whether it be a deposit, loan, exchange, acknowledged receipt, gift, pledge, sale, exchange or any other kind of contract, even in the fuller form of the apostolic camera.也没有约束力的,无效的,无效和采取行动,是承诺,承诺或任何与此目的时作出的庄严的约定,即使之前有问题的选举,即使以任何方式通过人以外的其他枢机主教,与一些奇怪的严肃性和形式,包括宣誓所作出的或有条件或后的结果而定,或在任何诱因下,无论是存款,贷款,汇兑,确认收到,赠与,抵押,出售,交换同意债券形式或任何其他类型的合同,即使是在使徒相机更全面的形式。 Nobody can be bound or under pressure by the strength of these in a court of justice or elsewhere, and all may lawfully withdraw from them without penalty or any fear or stigma of perjury.没有人可以约束或在压力下通过司法或其他地方的法院对这些实力,以及所有可以合法地从他们退出而不受处罚或任何恐惧或作伪证的烙印。

    Moreover, cardinals who have been involved in such a simoniacal election, and have abandoned the person thus elected, may join with the other cardinals, even those who consented to the simoniacal election but later joined with the cardinals who did not commit the said simony, if the latter are willing to join with them.此外,谁参与了这种simoniacal选举,并因此放弃了枢机主教当选人,可联同其他枢机主教,甚至那些谁同意的simoniacal选举,但后来与主教谁没有犯上述买卖圣职加入,如果是后者愿意加入他们。 If these cardinals are not willing, they may freely and canonically proceed without them in another place to the election of another pope without waiting for another formal declaration to the effect that the election was simoniacal, though there always remains in force our same current constitution.如果这些枢机主教都不愿意,他们可以自由地和标准地进行另到另一个教皇选举中没有他们的地方,而不必等待其他正式声明,大意是选举simoniacal,虽然仍是我们的力量总是在相同的现行宪法。 They may announce and call together a general council in a suitable place as they shall judge expedient, notwithstanding constitutions and apostolic orders, especially that of pope Alexander III, of happy memory, which begins Licet de evitanda discordia, and those of other Roman pontiffs, our predecessors, including those issued in general councils, and any other things to the contrary that Impose restraint.他们可能会宣布和召集总理事会在一个合适的地方,因为他们要审判的权宜之计,尽管宪法和使徒的订单,尤其是教皇亚历山大三世,快乐的记忆,这开始Licet DE evitanda的不一致,和其他罗马教宗的人,我们的前辈,包括一般的议会发出的,而与此相反的限制强加任何其他东西。

    Finally, each and every one of the cardinals of the holy Roman church in office at the time, and their sacred college, are under pain of immediate excommunication, which they automatically incur and from which they cannot be absolved except by the canonically elected Roman pontiff, except when in immediate danger of death, not to dare, during a vacancy in the apostolic see, to contravene the aforesaid, or to legislate, dispose or ordain or to act or attempt anything in any way, under whatever alleged pretext or excuse, contrary to the aforesaid things or to any one of them.最后,每一个神圣罗马教会当时的办公室,他们的神圣学院枢机主教之一,正在立即逐出教会,他们会自动产生,并从他们无法开脱的标准地elected罗马教皇除痛,除非在死亡的直接危险,不要不敢期间在使徒见空缺,违反上述,或立法,出售或出家或行为或任何企图以任何方式以任何借口或理由据称,违反上述事情,或任何其中之一。 From this moment we decree it to be invalid and worthless if there should happen to be, by anyone knowingly or unknowingly, even by us, an attack on these or any one of the foregoing regulations.从这一刻开始,我们的法令它是无效的,毫无价值,如果碰巧是应该有,任何人有意或无意,甚至我们,对这些攻击或任何上述规定之一。 So that the meaning of this our present constitution, decree, statute, regulation and limitation may be brought to the notice of everyone, it is our will that our present letter be affixed to the doors of the basilica of the prince of the apostles and of the chancellery and in a corner of the Campo dei Fiori, and that no other formality for the publication of this letter be required or expected, but the aforesaid public display suffices for its solemn publication and perpetual force.因此,这次我们的现行宪法,法令,法规,规章和限制的含义可能是提请大家注意,这是我们的意志,我们的信贴到了王子的使徒教堂的大门和在一个角落的坎普DEI菲奥里大臣和,并且没有为这一要求或其他形式出版的信预计,但上述公布其庄严的出版和永久的力量足以显示。 Let nobody therefore .因此,让任何人。..If anyone however .如果有人然而。. Given at Rome at St Peter's on 14 January 1505/6, in the third year of our pontificate.在罗马的圣彼得鉴于对1505年1月14日/ 6我们教皇的第三年。

    [. [。. .] As we ponder how heavy is the burden and how damaging the loss to the vicars of Christ on earth that counterfeit elections would be, and how great the hurt they could bring to the christian religion, especially in these very difficult times when the whole christian religion is being disturbed in a variety of ways, we wish to set obstacles to the tricks and traps of Satan and to human presumption and ambition, so far as it is permitted to us, so that the aforesaid letter shall be better observed the more clearly it is established that it has been approved and renewed by the mature and healthy discussion of the said sacred council, by which it has been decreed and ordained, though it does not need any other approval for its permanence and validity. 。]当我们思考如何沉重的负担,以及如何破坏地球上的损失,以基督的教区牧师假冒选举会,并有多么大的伤害,他们可能带来的基督教,尤其是在这些非常困难的时候,整个基督教正以各种方式干扰,我们希望设置障碍,技巧和撒旦的陷阱和人类推定和野心,到目前为止,因为它允许我们,所以,上述信件应更好地观察到更多的显然成立,它已被批准,并再次由上述神圣的理事会,其中已经颁布和受戒成熟和健康的讨论,虽然它并不需要任何其他的持久性和有效性的批准。 For a more ample safeguard, and to remove all excuse for guile and malice on the part of evil thinkers and those striving to overthrow so sound a constitution, with a view to the letter being observed with greater determination and being more difficult to remove, to the extent that it is defended by the approval of so many of the fathers, we therefore, with the approval of this Lateran council and with the authority and fullness of power stated above, confirm and renew the said letter together with every statute, regulation, decree, definition, penalty, restraint, and all the other and individual clauses contained in it;为了更充分的保障,并取消对邪恶的思想家的一部分的所有诡计和借口,恶意的努力推翻因此,完善宪法,以正以更大的决心和更难以清除被观察到的信,以期认为它是由这么多的父亲,因此,我们,在此拉特兰议会批准,并与权威和权力丰满上述批准辩护程度,确认和更新的信件连同每法规,规章,法令的定义,处罚,约束,和所有其他与个人,其内所载条款;

    we order it to be maintained and observed without change or breach and to preserve the authority of an unchanging firmness; and we decree and declare that cardinals, mediators, spokesmen, envoys and others listed in the said letter are and shall be bound to the observance of the said letter and of each and every point expressed in it, under pain of the censures and penalties and other things contained in it, in accordance with its meaning and form; notwithstanding apostolic constitutions and ordinances, as well as all those things which we wished not to prevent in the said letter, and other things of any kind to the contrary.为了它,我们要保持和无改变或违反观察和保持一个不变的坚定权威,我们的法令,并宣布枢机主教,调解员,代言人,特使和在上述信中所列其他人,并应结合这一纪念活动该信说,在它的每一点都表示,根据谴责和处罚,并包含在它与它的意义和形式的规定,其他的事情疼痛;尽管使徒宪法和法令,以及所有这些事情,我们希望不是为了防止在信中说,和任何与此相反的一种其他的事情。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however .如果有人然而。. .{1 At this session other measures against the Pragmatic Sanction were also recorded, especially Julius II's constitution Inter alia (Msi 32, 772-773).} {1在本届​​会议上对务实的制裁等措施也被记录下来,尤其是朱利叶斯二世的宪法除其他外(MSI 32,772-773)。}

    SESSION 6 held on 27 April 1513会议6月27日举行1513年4月

    [Safeconduct for those who wish and ought to come to the council, for their coming, residence, exchange of views and return journey] [Safeconduct为那些希望和谁应该来为他们的未来的议会,居所,交换意见和返程,]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。By the supreme ordinance of the omnipotent who governs the things of heaven and of earth by his providence, we preside over his holy and universal church, though we are unworthy.到了无所不能的普罗维登斯谁管他天上和地上的东西至高无上的条例,我们主持了圣洁和普世教会,虽然我们不值得。 Instructed by the saving and most holy teaching of the doctor of the gentiles, we direct our chief attention, among the many anxieties from which we unceasingly suffer distress, towards those things in particular by means of which unending unity and unsullied charity may abide in the church; the flock committed to us may go forward along the right courses towards the way of salvation, and the name of Christians and the sign of the most sacred cross, in which the faithful have been saved, may be more widely spread, after the infidels have been expelled with the help of God's right hand.由医生的外邦人节约和最神圣的教学指示,我们指导我们的主要注意力,跻身从中我们不断受到困扰许多忧虑,特别是对那些东西,通过它无休止的团结和污点慈善会遵守在教堂;承诺给我们的羊群可以前进沿走向救恩之道合适的课程,以及基督徒和最神圣的十字名,其中已保存的信徒,可以得到更广泛的传播后,异教徒被驱逐与上帝的右手帮助。

    Indeed, after the holding of five sessions of the sacred general Lateran council, pope Julius II of happy memory, our predecessor, by the advice and agreement of our venerable brothers the cardinals of the holy Roman church, of whose number we then were, in a praiseworthy and lawful manner and for sound reasons, guided by the holy Spirit, summoned the sixth session of the council to take place on the eleventh day of this month.事实上,经过五次会议的神圣一般拉特兰会议,教皇朱利叶斯二世愉快记忆,我们的前身,由古老的意见和我们的兄弟协议举行神圣罗马教堂,其数目,我们再分别在枢机主教值得赞扬的,合法的方式和健全的原因,由圣灵引导下,召集理事会第六届会议就本月第十一天的地方。 But after he had been taken from our midst, we postponed the sixth session until today, with the advice and consent of our said brothers, for reasons which were then expressed and for other reasons influencing the attitude of us and of our said brothers.但之后他已经从我们身边时,我们推迟到今天的第六届会议的建议和我们说,兄弟的同意,然后对其中表达和影响着我们和我们的态度等原因说,兄弟的原因。 But since there had always been an inner determination within us, while we were of lesser rank, to see the general council being celebrated (as a principal means of cultivating the Lord's field), now that we have been raised to the highest point of the apostolate, considering that a duty which results from the office of pastoral care enjoined on us has coincided with our honourable and beneficial wish, we have undertaken this matter with a more earnest desire and complete readiness of mind.但因为一直是一个在我们内心的决心,而我们是较小的排名,看总理事会正在庆祝(作为培养主的领域的主要手段),现在我们已经提升到最高点使徒,考虑到责任而从对我们责成已经与我们的光荣和有益的愿望相吻合牧灵办公室的结果,我们采取一个更真诚愿望和思想准备完成这件事情。

    Consequently, with the approval of the same sacred Lateran council we approve the postponement which we made and the council itself, until the aims for which it was summoned have been completed, in particular that a general and settled peace may be arranged between christian princes and rulers after the violence of wars has been stilled and armed conflict set aside.因此,与同一神圣拉特兰会批准我们同意推迟,我们提出和安理会本身,直到它被传唤的目标已经完成,特别是一般和解决和平与基督教之间可能诸侯安排经过战争的暴力统治者已经平息和武装冲突备用。 We intend to apply and direct all our efforts to this peace, with untiring care and leaving nothing untried for so salutary a good.我们打​​算申请,并指示所有努力,这种和平与不懈的关怀和离开没有这么好的有益尝试过。We declare that it is and shall be our unchangeable attitude and intention that, after those things which affect the praise of God and the exaltation of the aforesaid church and the harmony of Christ's faithful have been achieved, the holy and necessary campaign against the enemies of the catholic faith may be carried out and may achieve (with the favour of the most High) a triumphant outcome.我们声明,它是和应是我们不变的态度和意向,经过这些事情影响了神的赞美和对上述教会和基督信徒的和谐提高已经实现,反对敌人的神圣和必要的运动信仰天主教会进行,并可能实现(与最高级的青睐)的胜利成果。

    In order, however, that those who ought to attend so very useful a council may not be held back in any way from coming, we hereby grant and concede, with the approval of the said sacred council, to each and every one of those summoned to the council by the said Julius, our predecessor, or who ought to take part, by right or custom, in the meetings of general councils, especially those of the French nation, and to those schismatics and others who are coming to the said Lateran council by common or special right, on account of a declaration or apostolic letter of our predecessors or of the apostolic see (except, of course, those under prohibition), and to the attendants and associates of those who come, of whatever status, rank, condition or nobility they may be, ecclesiastical or secular, for themselves and all their belongings, a free,为了然而,那些谁应该参加这样非常有用的一个议会不得担任任何方式回来的到来,我们特此授予和承认与批准,说神圣的理事会,每一个传唤其中之一以由朱利叶斯议会说,我们的前身,或者谁应该参加,由右或自定义,在一般的议会,特别是法兰西民族的会议,以及那些schismatics和其他人谁是未来的说拉特兰理事会由普通或特殊权利,对申报或前人使徒信或帐户的使徒见(除,当然,在禁止的),并把这些服务员和谁联系来的任何身份,职级, ,条件或贵族,他们可能会,教会或世俗的,为自己和他们所有的财产,自由,

    guaranteed and fully comprehensive safeconduct, for coming by land or sea through the states, territories and places that are subject to the said Roman church, to this Lateran council in Rome, and of residing in the city and freely exchanging views, and of leaving it as often as they wish, with complete, unrestricted and total security and with a true and unchallengeable papal guarantee, notwithstanding any impositions of ecclesiastical or secular censures and penalties which may have been promulgated in general against them, for whatever reasons, by law or by the aforesaid see, under any forms of words or clauses, and which they may in general have incurred.保证充分全面safeconduct,为未来的土地或通过国家,地区和地方,都受到了罗马教会海说,这在罗马拉特兰会议和居住在城市,自由交换意见,并留下它经常按照自己的意愿,完整,不受限制的和总的安全与真实而不容挑战的保证,尽管教皇的教会或世俗的谴责,并可能已对他们的处罚一般颁布任何强加于人,无论出于何种原因,法律或上述看到,在文字或条款的任何形式,他们可能已经发生一般。 By our letters we shall encourage, warn, and request each and every christian king, prince and ruler that, out of reverence for almighty God and the apostolic see, they are not to molest or cause to be molested directly or indirectly, in any way in their persons or goods, those on their way to this sacred Lateran council, but they are to allow them to come in freedom, security and peace.通过我们的信件,我们应鼓励,警告,并要求每一位基督教国王,王子和统治者认为,出于对全能的上帝和使徒见的崇敬,他们不是来骚扰或安排调戏直接或间接以任何方式,在他们的人或货物,那些在他们的途中对这个神圣的拉特兰局,但他们是让他们来在自由,安全与和平。

    In addition, for the carrying out of the celebration of this council, we declare that the seventh session shall be held on 23 May next.此外,为贯彻本会的庆祝活动时,我们宣布了第七届会议将于明年5月23日。Let nobody therefore .因此,让任何人。..If anyone however如果有人然而

    SESSION 7 held on 17 June 1513会议7月17日举行1513年6月

    The constitution Meditatio cordis nostri1 {Msi 32, 815-818}, postponing the eighth session to 16 November, is read out and approved.]宪法Meditatio科迪斯nostri1 {微星32,815-818},第八届会议推迟到11月16日,被读出并获得通过。]

    SESSION 8 held on 19 December 1513会议8月19日1513年12月

    [Condemnation of every proposition contrary to the truth of the enlightened christian faith][每一个命题违背了开明的基督教信仰的真理谴责]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。The burden of apostolic government ever drives us on so that, for the weaknesses of souls requiring to be healed, of which the almighty Creator from on high has willed us to have the care, and for those ills in particular which are now seen to be pressing most urgently on the faithful, we may exercise, like the Samaritan in the gospel, the task of healing with oil and wine, lest that rebuke of Jeremiah may be cast at us: Is there no balm in Gilead, is there no physician there?而使徒政府负担过驱动器上,这样,我们的要求被治愈,其中从高全能的造物主意志我们有照顾,和灵魂的弱点,尤其是对于那些现在看作是顽疾按最迫切的忠实,我们可以行使喜欢在撒玛利亚福音,治愈的油和酒,以免该耶利米谴责可能会在我们演员的任务:有没有在基列香油,有没有医生有? Consequently, since in our days (which we endure with sorrow) the sower of cockle, the ancient enemy of the human race, has dared to scatter and multiply in the Lord's field some extremely pernicious errors, which have always been rejected by the faithful, especially on the nature of the rational soul, with the claim that it is mortal, or only one among all human beings, and since some, playing the philosopher without due care, assert that this proposition is true at least according to philosophy, it is our desire to apply suitable remedies against this infection and, with the approval of the sacred council, we condemn and reject all those who insist that the intellectual soul is mortal, or that it is only one among all human beings, and those who suggest doubts on this topic.因此,因为在我们的日子(我们的悲伤忍受)的拾贝,对人类古老的敌人,撒种敢撒在主场繁殖一些极其有害的错误,这一直被忠实的拒绝,特别是对理性的灵魂本质与声称它是致命的,或仅在所有人类之一,因为一些,打不小心的哲学家,断言,这个命题是真的,至少根据哲学,它是我们希望对这种感染应用适当的补救措施,并与议会批准的神圣,我们谴责并拒绝所有那些谁坚持认为,智力的灵魂是致命的,或者说是在所有人类只有一个,和那些谁提出质疑关于这一主题。

    For the soul not only truly exists of itself and essentially as the form of the human body, as is said in the canon of our predecessor of happy memory, pope Clement V, promulgated in the general council of Vienne, but it is also immortal; and further, for the enormous number of bodies into which it is infused individually, it can and ought to be and is multiplied.对于灵魂,不仅确实存在本身和本质作为人体形式,是在我们的快乐记忆,教皇克莱门特V,一般在维埃纳省议会颁布的前身佳能说,但它也是不朽的;进一步,对于它注入到其中个别机构数量巨大,它可以而且应该是成倍增加。 This is clearly established from the gospel when the Lord says, They cannot kill the soul; and in another place, Whoever hates his life in this world, will keep it for eternal life and when he promises eternal rewards and eternal punishments to those who will be judged according to the merits of their life; otherwise, the incarnation and other mysteries of Christ would be of no benefit to us, nor would resurrection be something to look forward to, and the saints and the just would be (as the Apostle says) the most miserable of all people.这显然​​是建立了从福音时,主说,他们不能杀灵魂的,而在另一个地方,谁不喜欢在这个世界上他的生命,将保持​​永恒的生命,并当他的承诺永恒的奖励和永恒惩罚那些将判断根据他们的生活的优点,否则,基督的化身和其他奥秘将是对我们没有好处,也不会复活是一些期待,和圣人和刚刚会(视使徒说)最全体人民苦不堪言。

    And since truth cannot contradict truth, we define that every statement contrary to the enlightened truth of the faith is totally false and we strictly forbid teaching otherwise to be permitted.而且,由于真理不能违背的真理,我们定义每个声明违背了真理的信仰是完全错误的开明,我们严禁教师以其他方式允许。 We decree that all those who cling to erroneous statements of this kind, thus sowing heresies which are wholly condemned, should be avoided in every way and punished as detestable and odious heretics and infidels who are undermining the catholic faith.我们法令,所有那些谁坚持这种错误言论,从而播种是全谴责异端邪说,应避免以各种方式和可恨可憎的异端和异教徒和谁是破坏了天主教信仰的惩罚。 Moreover we strictly enjoin on each and every philosopher who teaches publicly in the universities or elsewhere, that when they explain or address to their audience the principles or conclusions of philosophers, where these are known to deviate from the true faith -- as in the assertion of the soul's mortality or of there being only one soul or of the eternity of the world and other topics of this kind -- they are obliged to devote their every effort to clarify for their listeners the truth of the christian religion, to teach it by convincing arguments, so far as this is possible, and to apply themselves to the full extent of their energies to refuting and disposing of the philosophers' opposing arguments, since all the solutions are available.此外,我们严格责成对每一位哲学家谁任教于大学或其他地方公开,当他们解释或地址,他们的观众的哲学家原则或结论,而这些被称为偏离了真正的信仰 - 在断言灵魂的死亡或出现的只有一个灵魂或世界和其他的这种永恒的主题 - 他们有责任贡献自己的一切努力,以澄清他们的听众对基督教的真理,教给它的令人信服的论据,就这是可能的,并应用自己的精力完全程度,批驳和哲学家“反对论据处理,因为所有的解决方案可供选择。

    But it does not suffice occasionally to clip the roots of the brambles, if the ground is not dug deeply so as to check them beginning again to multiply, and if there are not removed their seeds and root causes from which they grow so easily.不过,这并不足够偶尔夹在荆棘的根,如果地面不深掘,以检查他们开始再次繁殖,如果没有删除他们的种子和根源,从它们长得这么容易。 That is why, since the prolonged study of human philosophy -- which God has made empty and foolish, as the Apostle says, when that study lacks the flavouring of divine wisdom and the light of revealed truth -- sometimes leads to error rather than to the discovery of the truth, we ordain and rule by this salutary constitution, in order to suppress all occasions of falling into error with respect to the matters referred to above, that from this time onwards none of those in sacred orders, whether religious or seculars or others so committed, when they follow courses in universities or other public institutions, may devote themselves to the study of philosophy or poetry for longer than five years after the study of grammar and dialectic, without their giving some time to the study of theology or pontifical law.这就是为什么,因为长期研究人类哲学 - 神已空的和愚蠢的,正如使徒说,在这项研究中缺乏对神的智慧和揭示真理之光调味品 - 有时会导致错误,而不是真理的发现,我们祝圣而治之本salutary宪法,以抑制下降到错误就上述事项的各种场合,也就是从这个时候起,它们没有在神圣的订单,无论是宗教或seculars或其他人这样承诺,当他们跟随在大学或其他公共机构的课程,可能会更长投入超过五年自己的哲学或诗歌研究后,语法和辩证的研究中,没有他们给予一定的时间到神学研究或宗座法律。 Once these five years are past, if someone wishes to sweat over such studies, he may do so only if at the same time, or in some other way, he actively devotes himself to theology or the sacred canons; so that the Lord's priests may find the means, in these holy and useful occupations, for cleansing and healing the infected sources of philosophy and poetry.一旦这五年是过去,如果有人愿意流汗了这样的研究,他可以这样做只有在同一时间,或以其他方式,他积极致力于自己的神学或神圣的大炮,使主的祭司可能找到办法,在这些神圣的和有益的职业,为清洁和治疗哲学和诗歌的感染源。

    We command, in virtue of holy obedience, that these canons are to be published each year, at the beginning of the course, by the local ordinaries and rectors of universities where institutes of general studies flourish.我们的命令,在圣洁的服从美德,这些大炮要每年出版,在课程开始由地方普通高校和研究机构在蓬勃发展的一般校长。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而

    [On arranging peace between christian princes and on bringing back the Bohemians who reject the faith][在安排诸侯之间的和平与基督教带回的波希米亚人谁拒绝信仰]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。We are continuing the sacred Lateran council for the praise of the almighty and undivided Trinity and for the glory of him whose place we represent on earth, who develops peace and harmony in his high heavens, and who, on his departure from this world, left peace as a lawful inheritance to his disciples.我们将继续为全能的和不可分割的三位一体的赞美和对他荣耀的地方,我们在地球上,谁开发谁在他的高天和平与和谐,谁代表了神圣的拉特兰会议,他从这个世界出发,左和平作为合法继承他的弟子。 For, in the previous seventh session, the council was confronting, among other matters, the threatening and very obvious danger from the infidels and the spilling of christian blood, which even then was being poured out because of our blatant faults.因为,在前面的第七届会议上,安理会对抗,除其他事项,从异教徒威胁和危险,很明显的基督教血液,即使在当时被淋,因为我们的公然故障出溢出。 The quarrels between christian kings and princes and peoples must also be removed.基督教国王和王子之间和人民的争吵也必须拆除。and we were being compelled to seek with all our strength for peace between them.我们正在被迫寻求与所有我们之间的和平力量。 This was the reason for having to arrange one of the more important meetings of the said council: so that peace should follow and be maintained as unbroken and leading to its due fulfilment, especially in these times when the power of the infidels is recognised to have grown to a remarkable extent.这是因安排的上述比较重要的会议,其中一个原因会:让和平应该遵循,并作为完整,并导致其应有的履行,特别是在这些时候,异教徒权力是公认的有次,保持成长为一个了不起的程度。 Therefore, with the approval of the same council, we have arranged and decided to send to the aforesaid kings, princes and rulers alert legates and envoys of peace, who are outstanding in learning, experience and goodness, with a view to negotiating and arranging peace.因此,在相同的议会批准,我们已安排,并决定将发送到上述国王,王子和统治者警报使节以及和平使者,谁是学习,经验和善良优秀,以和平谈判和安排意见。

    And, in order that these men may lay aside their arms, we have called upon their spokesmen who are present at the council, insofar as we were able to do with God's help, to devote all their energy and strength, out of reverence for the apostolic see and the union of the faithful, to giving notice of these matters to their kings, princes and rulers.而且,为了使这些人可能会放下他们的武器,我们要求他们的代言人,谁是在安理会目前,只要我们能够与神的帮助下,付出全部精力和体力出崇敬,为使徒见和的忠实联盟,让这些事项通知他们的国王,王子和统治者。 These are invited, in our name, to negotiate and listen with good will and honour to the apostolic legates themselves, and to act in favour of our just and holy desires which are to be set before them by these messengers.这些邀请,以我们的名义,进行谈判和良好的意志和荣誉听取宗徒使节自己,并采取行动,我们的公正和神圣的愿望是要在他们面前设置这些使者的青睐。

    We were persuading ourself that they will do this, in order that our legates may be able to take up the task of the embassy as quickly as possible and manfully complete the undertaking, and so that, by the favour of the Father of lights (from whom comes every best gift) peace can be negotiated and arranged and, once this has been settled, the holy and necessary expedition against the frenzy of the infidels, panting to have their fill of christian blood, can take place and be brought to a favourable conclusion for the safety and peace of the whole of Christianity.我们说服ourself他们会为了这一点,我们的使节可能能够拿起尽快使馆的任务和manfully完成的事业,所以,到灯的父亲的青睐,(从他们来自每一个最好的礼物)的和平谈判和安排,一旦这已被解决,反对异教徒的狂热神圣的和必要的考察,气喘吁吁地有自己的基督教血液填充,才能进行,并带来了有利结论为安全和基督教的整个和平。 After this we were hoping from the depths of our heart, because of our pastoral office, for peace and union within the whole christian people and in particular among the same kings, rulers and princes from whose discord it was feared that prolonged and serious damage could daily affect the christian state.在此之后,我们都希望从我们的心底深处,因为我们的田园办公室,和平和在整个基督教人民,特别是同工会之间的国王,统治者和王子从它的不和谐有人担心,长期和严重的损害可能每天影响的基督教国家。 A hope began to rise that the christian state would be cared for in a useful and salutary way by this peace and unity, because of the authority of these men.一个希望开始兴起的基督教国家会照顾一个有用的和有益的方式通过这一和平和团结,因为这些人的权威。We dispatched our messengers and letters to the aforesaid kings, princes and rulers -- at that time in disunion with each other -- for them to be exhorted, requested and warned.我们派出的使者和信,上述国王,王子和统治者 - 当时在与对方不愈的时间 - 他们被告诫,要求和警告。We omitted nothing (so far as lay in our power) to arrange and produce by our every effort that, once discord and disagreement of any kind had been removed, they would wish eventually to return, in complete agreement, grace and love, to universal peace, harmony and union.我们忽略什么(就在于我们的权力)安排和生产我们的一切努力,一旦不和任何形式的分歧已被拆掉,他们希望最终返回完全一致,恩典和爱,普遍和平,和谐和工会。 In this way, further losses would not be inflicted on Christians from the hands of the savage ruler of the Turks or from other infidels, but there would be a rallying of forces to crush the terrible fury and the boastful endeavours of those peoples.这样,进一步的损失不会造成对从土耳其人的野蛮或其他异教徒的统治者手中的基督徒,但将是一个团结的力量,粉碎了可怕的愤怒,这些人民的牛皮吹得努力。

    In that situation, as we strive with all thought, care, effort and zeal for everything to be brought to the desired end, and with confidence in the gift of God, we have decreed that legates with a special mission from us -- who will be cardinals of the holy Roman church and who are soon to be named by us, on the advice of our brothers, in our secret consistory -- shall be appointed and sent with authority and with the necessary and appropriate faculties, as messengers of peace, for the arranging, negotiating and settling of this universal peace among Christians, for the embarking upon an expedition against the infidels, with the approval of this sacred council, and for inducing the said kings, out of generosity of soul befitting their rank and out of devotion towards the catholic faith, to move with ready and eager minds towards the holy tasks of both peace and the expedition, for the total and perfect protection, defence and safety of the entire christian state.在这种情况下,我们努力与所有的思想,关心,一切努力和热情被带到所需的结束,并与神的恩赐的信心,我们有下旨了由我们特殊的使命使节 - 谁将会是神圣罗马教会,谁是即将被命名为我们,对我们兄弟的意见,在我们的秘密consistory枢机主教 - 任期与权威和必要的和适当的学院派作为和平的使者,为安排,谈判和解决这个基督徒普遍和平,为在一项打击异教徒远征着手与这个神圣的议会批准,并诱导国王说,出于对灵魂符合其职级和出于慷慨奉献对天主教的信仰,与作好准备,思想走向了和平和探险的圣地,总任务和完善的保护,国防和整个基督教国家的安全。

    In addition, since very great offence is given to God from the prolonged and manifold heresy of the Bohemians, and scandal is caused to the christian people, the charge of bringing back these people to the light and harmony of the true faith has been wholly entrusted by us for the immediate future to our dear son, Thomas of Esztergom, cardinal-priest of the title of St Martin in the Hills, as legate of ourself and the apostolic see to Hungary and Bohemia.此外,由于很大的罪行,给上帝从长期的,多方面的波希米亚人异端,和丑闻是造成基督教的人,带回了这些人的光与真正的信仰和谐收费已全部委托我们在不远的将来为特使的ourself和使徒看到匈牙利和波希米亚我们亲爱​​的儿子,托马斯埃斯泰尔戈姆,对圣马丁山上的标题红衣主教牧师。 We exhort these people in the Lord not to neglect to dispatch some of their spokesmen, with an adequate mandate, either to us and this sacred Lateran council or to the same Thomas, cardinal-legate, who will be nearer to them.我们敦促在主这些人不要忽视他们的代言人派遣一些,拥有足够的授权,或者给我们,这个神圣的拉特兰会议或同一托马斯,红衣主教特使,谁就会更接近他们。 The purpose will be to exchange views with regard to an appropriate remedy by which they may recognise the errors to which they have long been in thrall and may be led back, with God's guidance, to the true practice of religion and into the bosom of holy mother church.其目的将是交流有关适当的补救,他们可能会承认错误,他们一直在崇信,并可能导致回神的指导下,对宗教的真正实践和进入神圣怀抱意见母亲教会。 With the approval of the sacred council, by the tenor of the present letter, we grant and bestow on them, by the faith of a pontiff, a public guarantee and a free safe-conduct as to their coming, going, remaining for as long as the negotiation of the aforesaid matters shall last, and afterwards for departing and returning to their own territories; and we shall consent to their wishes so far as we can under God.随着神圣的议会批准后,由本函男高音,我们对他们给予和赠送,由一个教皇,公共保障和免费安全通行,以他们的未来的信念,打算,进行了长达其余作为上述事宜的谈判应最后,事后的出发和返回自己的领土;,我们会同意他们的意愿,以神到目前为止,我们可以。

    So that this sacred Lateran council may be brought to the completion of the fruitful benefit desired, since many other serious subjects remain to be discussed and debated for the praise of God and the triumph of his church, we declare with the approval of the sacred council, that the ninth session of the continuing celebration of this sacred Lateran council shall be held on 5 April 1514, in the first year of our pontificate, which will be Wednesday after Passion Sunday.所以,这个神圣的拉特兰会议可能带来的预期效益的丰硕完成,因为许多其他严重科目仍有待讨论,并为神的赞美和他的教会辩论的胜利,我们宣布与神圣的议会批准,认为在这个神圣的拉特兰会议继续庆祝第九届会议将于1514年4月5日在我们的教宗,这将是激情周日周三后的第一年。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而

    [Bull on reform][改革公牛]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。Placed by the gift of divine grace at the supreme point of the apostolic hierarchy, we thought nothing was more in keeping with our official duty than to survey, with zeal and care, everything which could pertain to the protection, soundness and extension of the catholic flock entrusted to us.由神的恩典在使徒层次最高点礼物摆,我们认为没有什么是更符合我们的调查,而不是公务紧跟热情和关怀,一切都可能涉及到的保护,健全和天主教的延伸,羊群托付给我们。 To this purpose we have applied all the force of our activity and the strength of our mind and talent.为了达到这个目的,我们已申请我们所有的活动力和我们的思想和人才实力。Our predecessor of happy memory, pope Julius II, since he was concerned about the well-being of the faithful and anxious to protect it, had summoned the ecumenical Lateran council for many other reasons indeed, but also because a constant complaint was being pressed concerning the officials of the Roman curia.我们的前任的快乐记忆,教皇朱利叶斯二世,因为他对幸福的忠实和焦虑来保护它,已经召见了基督教拉特兰确实很多其他原因会,但也因为不断投诉被按下有关问题罗马教廷的官员。 For these reasons there were appointed a number of committees composed of his venerable brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman church, of whose number we were then, and also of prelates, to investigate carefully into these complaints.由于这些原因有任命了他的令人尊敬的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,谁的数量我们当时,和主教也组成调查这些投诉认真委员会。 In order that those attached to the curia and others approaching it for favours would not in the meantime be tormented by the excessive burden of expenses and that, at the same time, the ill-repute by which the said officials were deeply disturbed might be appeased by a speedy remedy, he issued a bull of reform by which they were bound anew, under a heavy penalty, to keep the legal terms of their offices.为了使附着在教廷和其他人接近它的好处的,将不会在此期间被折磨的开支负担过重,而且,在同一时间,不良声誉,其中上述官员深感不安可能是安抚通过迅速补救,他发出了改革公牛由他们被重新绑定,在重罚,以保持其办事处的法律条款。 Because death intervened, he was unable to legislate in particular about the excesses or to complete the council.因为死亡干预,他无法在立法对过度或完成特定的议会。

    We, as the successor of the concern no less than of the office, right at the beginning of our pontificate, did not delay to resume the synod, to promote peace between christian princes and no less, since it is our intention to complete a universal reform, to strengthen by new aids what was first provided by our predecessor concerning the curial offices, and to follow this through with the expanded committees.我们,作为关注并不比办公室少继任权在我们教皇开始,没有拖延恢复宗教会议,以促进基督教诸侯也不能少的和平,因为这是我们有意完成通用改革,以加强我们的第一次是什么关于curial办事处的前身提供了新的辅助手段,并遵循通过与扩大委员会的。 For no more pressing anxiety weighs on us than that the thorns and brambles be pulled up from the Lord's field, and if there is anything hindering its cultivation, it is to be removed root and branch.对于没有更迫切的焦虑重量上比我们的荆棘和荆棘被拉从主的领域时,如果有任何妨碍其栽培,它是要删除的根和枝。Therefore, after a careful report had been received from the committees, with notice of what was being side-tracked by which persons, we restored to the norm whatever had deviated either from a sound and praiseworthy custom or from a long-standing institution.因此,经过仔细的报告已收到委员会,与什么是被哪些人,我们已经恢复到任何偏离健全和值得称道的习惯或从一个长期存在的机构或者规范扯到通知。

    We gathered these together into one bull of reform published on this matter with the approval of the sacred council;{This bull Pastoralis officii was published on 13 Dec. 1513, but it was never submitted to a vote of the fathers} and we appointed to execute it those who would insist on the decisions being kept.我们收集这些连成一片的改革就此事发表与议会批准的神圣公牛; {这个牛市Pastoralis officii发表于1513年12月13日,但它从来没有提交给投票}的父亲,我们委任执行它会坚持那些谁被保留的决定。With the approval of this sacred council, we order this to be observed without alteration and without deceit by the officials themselves as well as by others, according as it affects each, under penalty of immediate excommunication from which they can only be absolved by the Roman pontiff (except in immediate danger of death), in such a way that, in addition to this and other penalties stated in detail in the bull, those acting against it are automatically suspended for six months from the office in which they committed the fault.随着这一神圣的议会批准,这是我们为了不改变,没有自己的官员,以及由他人欺骗观察,根据它的影响,每年下立即逐出教会的惩罚,从他们只能免除由罗马教皇(除在死亡的直接危险),在这样一个,除了详细说明这一点,在牛市其他处罚,那些反对六代会自动从办公室中,他们所犯的过错个月暂停的方式。 And if they have failed for a second time in the same office, they are deprived for ever because they have contaminated the office itself.如果他们有一个在同一间办公室第二次失败,他们永远被剥夺,因为他们有自己的办公室污染。After they have been brought back to good conduct by means of our constitution, and the general damage has been checked and removed, we shall proceed to the remaining stages of the reform.当他们被带回良好行为由我国宪法的手段,而一般的损害已经得到遏制和清除,我们将继续改革的余下阶段。

    If the Almighty in his mercy allows us to settle peace among the christian leaders, we shall press on not only to destroy completely the bad seeds, but also to expand the territories of Christ, and, supported by these achievements, we shall go forward, with God favouring his own purposes, to the most holy expedition against the infidels, the desire for which is deeply fixed in our heart .如果在他的慈爱全能使我们能够解决的基督教领袖之间的和平,我们不仅应当按完全摧毁坏种,而且还扩大基督的领土,并在这些成就的支持,我们将继续前进,与神有利于自己的目的,反对异教徒最圣洁的远征,为其欲望深深固定在我们的心里。

    Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而

    SESSION 9 held on 5 May 1514会议9日在1514年5月5日

    [The pope urges christian rulers to make peace among themselves so that an expedition against the enemies of the christian faith may be possible] [教皇敦促基督徒的统治者,使它们之间的和平,使一个对基督教信仰的敌人是可能的远征]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。After we had been called by divine dispensation to the care and rule of the universal church, even though we are unworthy of so great a responsibility, we began from the highest point of the apostolate, as from the top of Mount Sion, to turn our immediate gaze and direct our mind to the things that seem to be of primary importance for the salvation, peace and extension of the church itself.当我们被称为神的福音的关怀和普世教会的规则,尽管我们是如此巨大的责任因噎废食,我们开始从使徒最高点,从锡安山的顶部,打开我们的我们的目光立即和直接的心灵的东西,似乎是为拯救,和平和教会本身的扩展至关重要。 When we focused all our care, thought and zeal in this direction, like an experienced and watchful shepherd, we found nothing more serious or dangerous to the christian state and more opposed to our holy desire than the fierce madness of armed conflicts.当我们集中在这个方向我们所有的护理,思想和热情,像一个经验丰富的警觉牧羊人,我们没有发现任何更严重的或危险的基督教国家,更不是我们比武装冲突激烈疯狂神圣的愿望。 For, as a result of them, Italy has been almost wiped out by internecine slaughter, cities and territories have been disfigured, partly overturned and partly levelled, provinces and kingdoms have been stricken, and people cease not to act with madness and to welter in christian blood.因为,作为其中的结果,意大利几乎已经被消灭了自相残杀的屠宰,城市和地区已被毁容,部分推翻,部分拉平,省和王国已经受灾,人们停止不与疯狂的行为,并在飞扬基督教血。 Hence we have judged that nothing should be given more importance, consideration and attention than the quelling of these wars and the re-ordering of ecclesiastical discipline in accordance with resources and circumstances, so that with God appeased by a change of life, after quarrels have been set aside, we may be able to bring together and gather into one the Lord's flock entrusted to our care, and to encourage and arouse this flock more readily, in a union of peace and harmony, as by a very strong binding force, against the common enemies of the christian faith who are now threatening it .因此,我们的判断是什么,应给予更多的重视,考虑和关注超过了这些战争平息和重新排序的教会纪律,与资源和环境的规定,使之与神的生活变化平息后,有争吵被搁置,我们也许能够汇集和聚集成一个主的羊群托付给我们的关怀,鼓励和调动这一群更容易在和平与和谐工会,作为一个非常强大的约束力,对基督教信仰谁是它现在威胁的共同敌人。

    This our intensedesire for this campaign against the evil and implacable enemies of the cross of Christ is indeed so implanted in our heart that we determined to continue and follow up the sacred Lateran council -- which was summoned and begun by our predecessor of happy memory, Julius II, and interrupted by his death -- for that special reason, as is clear from all the different sessions held by us in the same council.这在这方面我们对基督的十字架和不共戴天的敌人的罪恶活动的强烈愿望的确是这样植入在我们的心里,我们决心继续跟进的神圣拉特兰会议 - 这是我们的召唤和快乐的记忆体的前身开始,朱利叶斯二世,并打断了他的死亡 - 用于特殊原因,因为是由我们举办的同一议会的所有不同的会话清楚。 Thus, with the christian princes or their spokesmen assembled at the same council, and prelates from different parts of the world coming to it, once peace between these christian princes had been settled and (as is right) the noxious brambles of heresies had been first uprooted from the Lord's field, then the things necessary for the campaign against the same enemies, and what concerns the glory and triumph of the orthodox faith, and various other matters, could be happily decided upon by the timely advice and agreement of all.因此,随着基督教的诸侯,或在同一议会组装他们的代言人,和来自世界不同的来了,一旦这些基督教诸侯之间的和平已经解决,(这是正确的)的异端邪说的有毒荆棘部分主教已先从主的领域连根拔起,然后的事情为针对同一敌人运动必要的,关心的是正统的光荣和胜利的信心,以及其他各种事项,可以愉快地决定及时咨询和所有协议后。

    Although many distinguished men, outstanding in every branch of learning, came from different parts of Europe to this council, which had been solemnly summoned and duly proclaimed, many also, legitimately hindered, sent their instructions in official form.虽然许多杰出的男子,在每一个分支的学习优秀,从不同地区的欧洲本会,已被庄严地召见,并正式宣布来了,也有不少,合法的阻碍,形成自己发送的官方说明。 However, because of the difficulties from wars and circumstances as a result of which many territories have been blocked by hostile arms for a long time, the resources and large numbers which we desired could not be assembled.但是,由于战争和作为其中许多地区已被封锁敌对武器很长一段时间导致的困难情况下,大量的资源和我们预期无法组装。 Moreover, that we have not as yet sent the specially appointed legates to kings and princes to promote union and peace between the same rulers -- something that perhaps seems necessary to many and that we too think is especially opportune -- cannot be attributed to us.此外,我们还没有尚未发出的特聘使节对国王和王子,推动工会之间的同统治者的和平 - 这或许是必要的,似乎很多,而且我们也觉得特别时机 - 不能归咎于我们。The reason, of course, why we refrained from doing so is this: nearly all the princes made it known by letters and messages to us, that the sending of legates was not at all necessary or expedient.当然原因,为什么我们这样做克制的是:几乎所有的诸侯使已知的信件和邮件给我们,认为派遣使节都没有必要或权宜。

    Nevertheless, we sent men of discretion and proved loyalty, endowed with the rank of bishop, as our envoys to those very princes who were undertaking serious armed activity among themselves and, as far as could be guessed, rather bitter wars.尽管如此,我们派出男女自由裁量权证明忠诚,与我们的主教列为特使,那些谁是彼此的承诺严重的武装活动,并尽可能可以猜到了,而痛苦的战争很诸侯,赋。 It has come about, especially by the action of these envoys, that truces have been agreed between some of the princes and the rest are thought to be on the point of giving their consent.它来得特别是这些使者行动,即停火已商定一些王子和其余被认为是在给他们的同意点。Therefore we shall not put off sending the special legates, as we decided in the last session, whenever this is necessary and profitable for the setting up of a stable and lasting peace among them, and as we previously proposed.因此我们将不会把关闭发送特殊使节,我们决定在最后一次会议,每当这是必要的,为其中的一个稳定和持久的和平环境up有利可图,因为我们以前提出的。 In the meantime, we shall not cease to act and reflect on what is relevant to the situation, with the spokesmen of the same princes who are negotiating with us, and to press on and exhort them and their princes to this action by means of our envoys and letters.与此同时,我们不会停止行动和反省一下相关的情况与谁谈判都是与我们同王子的代言人,并按下并通过我们的手段敦促他们和他们的王子这个动作使节和信件。

    Oh that the almighty and merciful God would assist from on high our plans for peace and our constant thoughts, would regard the faithful people with more benevolent and favourable eyes and, for the sake of common safety and peace and for the suppression of the haughty madness of the wicked enemies of the christian name, would give a propitious hearing to their devout prayers !哦说,全能和仁慈的上帝会帮助我们从高和平与我们不断思考的计划,将有更多关于仁,有利眼睛的忠实人,并为共同安全与和平着想,为傲慢的疯狂镇压对基督教的邪恶敌人的名字,会给出一个有利于他们的虔诚祈祷听证会! By our apostolic authority, we enjoin on each and every primate, patriarch and archbishop, on chapters of cathedral and collegiate churches, both secular and those belonging to any of the religious orders, on colleges and convents, on leaders of peoples, deans, rectors of churches and others who have charge of souls, and on preachers, alms-collectors and those who expound the word of God to the people, and we order in virtue of holy obedience, that within the celebration of masses, during the time that the word of God is being set before the people or outside that time, and in prayers which they will say in chapter or as convents, or at some other time in any kind of gathering, they are to keep the following special collects for the peace of Christians and for the confounding of the infidels respectively: O God, from whom holy desires, and, O God, in whose hands are all power and authority over kingdoms, look to the help of Christians.根据我们的使徒权威,我们责成对每一个灵长类动物,族长和大主教,在大教堂和合议教堂,世俗和那些属于任何的宗教命令,在高校和修道院的人民领袖,章节,院长,校长教堂和其他主管谁拥有灵魂,和传教士,施舍收藏家和那些谁阐述上帝的话的人,我们在圣凭借服从命令,范围内的群众庆祝活动在时间,即神的话被设置或外摆在人们面前的时候,在祈祷,他们会说在本章或修道院,或在一些聚会中的任何一种其他时间,他们要保持和平以下特殊收集基督徒和异教徒的混杂的分别为:神阿,从他们神圣的愿望,神啊,在谁的手里都多王国的权力和权威,看向基督徒的帮助。

    And they are no less to enjoin on members of their dioceses and on any other persons of either sex, whether ecclesiastical or secular, over whom they have authority by reason of a prelature or any other ecclesiastical position of authority, and to encourage in the Lord those to whom God's word is proposed on their own or another's responsibility, that they should pour forth in private devout prayers to God himself and to his most glorious mother, in the Lord's prayer and the Hail Mary, for the peace of Christians (as mentioned above) and for the complete destruction of the infidels.而且他们没少上责成其教区成员和任何性别的任何其他人,无论是宗教或世俗的,超过他们所拥有的一个自治社团或任何其他教会的权威地位理性的权威,并鼓励在主那些人,神的话,建议对自己或他人的责任,他们应该滔滔不绝私人虔诚祈祷上帝自己和他最辉煌的母亲,在主的祈祷和冰雹玛丽的基督徒和平,(提到以上),并为异教徒彻底销毁。

    Further, whoever of those mentioned above think that, by influence or favour with secular princes of any rank, distinction or dignity, or with their advisers, associates, attendants or officials, or with the magistrates, rectors and lieutenants of cities, towns, universities or any secular institutions, or with other persons of either sex, ecclesiastical or secular, they can take steps towards a universal or particular peace between princes, rulers and christian peoples, and towards the campaign against the infidels, let them use strong encouragement and lead them on to this peace and the campaign.此外,上面提到的那些谁认为,通过影响或与任何等级,区分或尊严,或与他们的顾问,联营,服务员或官员,或裁判官,校长和城市,城镇,大学副手世俗诸侯青睐或任何世俗的机构,或与任何性别,宗教或世俗的其他人,他们可以采取诸侯之间,统治者与人民的普遍或特定基督教和平的步骤,对反对异教徒的运动,让他们用强大的鼓励和引导他们对这一和平和运动。 By the tender mercy of our God and the merit of the passion of his only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ, we exhort all of them with all possible emotion of our heart, and we counsel them by the authority of the pastoral office which we exercise, to lay aside private and public enmities and to turn to embracing the endeavour for peace and deciding on the aforesaid campaign.到了我们的上帝和他的独生子耶稣基督激情的优点投标怜悯,我们敦促我们的心与所有可能的情感的全部,我们律师所的办公室,我们的田园他们行使权力,放下私人和公共敌意和转向拥抱和平的努力,并决定在上述活动。

    We strictly forbid each and every prelate, prince or individual, whether ecclesiastical or secular, of whatever state, rank, dignity, pre-eminence or condition they may be, under threat of the divine judgment, to presume to introduce in any way, directly or indirectly, openly or secretly, any obstacle to the said peace which is to be negotiated by us or by our agents, whether legates or envoys of the apostolic see endowed (as said before) with the episcopal rank, for the defence of the christian state of the faithful.我们严格禁止的每一个主教,王子或个人,无论是宗教或世俗的,不论何种状态,等级,尊严,一统或条件,他们可能是,根据神圣的判断威胁,推定引入以任何方式,直接或间接,公开或秘密地,任何对和平的表示,是由我们或我们的代理人协商,障碍是否使节或特使的使徒见赋有主教排名(如前面所说),为基督教辩护国家的忠诚。 Those who, in working towards this peace, think that there is involved something of a private or a public nature that is of importance to their princes, cities or states, the care for whom or which pertains to them because of some office or public function should, as far as it will be possible in the Lord, with due moderation and calm take control of the matter inasmuch as it involves support and goodwill towards the coming peace.那些谁,在实现这一和平而努力,认为有涉及一些私人或公共性质的重要性,他们的王子,城市或州,或为他们照顾他们,因为涉及到一些办公室或公共功能应尽可能将有可能在主适当节制,并冷静考虑此事生死时刻控制,因为它涉及的支持和对未来和平的善意。

    Indeed, those who wish to rouse the faithful by Christ's spiritual gifts, when these are duly contrite and absolved, and to pour out devout prayers for obtaining peace and for deciding on the expedition, so that the said peace and the campaign against the said enemies of the christian faith may be brought about and be secured from God himself, will devote worthwhile and well-considered efforts as often as they do this.事实上,那些谁希望唤起信徒基督的精神礼物,当这些都充分悔悟和赦免,并倾吐获得和平和的远征决定虔诚的祈祷,让说,和平与反对运动说敌人基督教信仰的可能,并带来了自己从神保护,将投入有意义和经过深思熟虑的努力,因为他们经常这样做。 These prayers, offered with devotion, should take place in masses, sermons and other divine services, in collegial, conventual and other public or communal prayers, and among princes, advisers, officials, governors and other persons named above who seem to have some influence in making or arranging the peace and in deciding (as said before) on the campaign against the enemies of the unconquered cross.这些祈祷,提供与奉献,应在广大人民群众,布道和其他神圣的服务到位,合议,conventual和其他公共或公共祈祷,并跻身诸侯,顾问,政府官员,州长及以上谁其他人的名字似乎有一定影响在作出或安排的和平与决定的活动(如前说)对了unconquered交叉的敌人。

    Trusting in the mercy of God and the authority of his blessed apostles Peter and Paul, we grant remission of one hundred days of imposed penances to those who, individually and in private, offer prayers to obtain the foregoing from God; seven times each day if they do it so often or, if fewer, as often as they shall do it; until the universal peace -- which is receiving our constant attention -between princes and peoples at present in armed dispute has been established, and the campaign against the infidels has been decreed with our approval.在神的怜悯和他的祝福使徒彼得和保罗的权威信任,我们授予百天施加penances缓解那些谁,单独或私人,提供从神祈祷获得上述;七次每一天,如果他们愿意这样做往往或者,如果少,因为他们经常会做;直到世界和平 - 这是我们时刻注意接收,诸侯之间的争端,并在目前的人民武装已经建立,对异教徒的运动已颁布的与我们的批准。We lay an obligation on our venerable brothers, primates, patriarchs, archbishops and bishops, to whom the present letter or copies of it, accurately printed either in Rome or elsewhere, shall come under official seals, to have it published with all possible speed in their provinces and dioceses, and to give firm instructions for its due execution.我们注重我们的老弟兄,灵长类动物,始祖,大主教和主教,有义务向谁信或它的副本,准确印在罗马或其他地方,应受到公章,将它与所有可能的速度出版他们的省,教区,并给予其应有的执行公司的指令。

    In the meantime, with the approval of the sacred council, we have decreed, as we proposed and desired with all our heart, the ecclesiastical reform of our curia and of our venerable brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman church, and of others dwelling in Rome, and many other necessary things, which will be contained in our other letters due for publication in this same session.与此同时,随着神圣的议会批准,我们已经颁布,为我们提出并与所有我们的心,我们教廷和我们可敬的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,和他人住宅所需的教会改革在罗马,以及许多其他必要的事情,这将在我们在同一个会议上公布,由于其他字母中。 It was Julius, our predecessor, who summoned to this council all those who were accustomed to attend councils.这是朱利叶斯,我们的前辈,谁传唤到本会所有那些谁是习惯于出席议会。He gave them a comprehensive safe-conduct so that they could make the journey and arrive safely and unharmed.他给了他们一个全面的安全通行,使他们可以使旅程,抵达安全,安然无恙。However, many prelates who ought to have come have so far not arrived, perhaps because of the obstacles already stated.然而,谁应该有来有许多主教至今没有到,也许是因为已经指出的障碍。In our desire to go ahead with the more serious business due in the next session, we appeal to in the Lord, and we ask and counsel by the tender mercy of the same, prelates, kings, dukes, marquises, counts and others who usually come or send someone to a general council, but who have not yet provided spokesmen or legitimate instructions, to decide with all possible speed either to come in person or to send chosen and competent envoys, with valid instructions, to this sacred Lateran council which is so beneficial to the christian state.我们渴望去与更严重的企业在未来会议上适当超前,我们呼吁在主,我们要求并经相同,主教,国王,公爵,晋侯,计数和其他投标怜悯律师通常谁来或派人来一个总理事会,但谁也尚未提供代言人或合法的指示,决定与所有可能的速度不是来亲自或派特使选择和使用有效的主管指示,这是神圣的拉特兰会议这样有利于基督教国家。

    With regard to those venerable brethren, patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, abbots and prelates - especially those bound under oath to visit the place of the apostles Peter and Paul at certain fixed times, and to attend in person general councils which have been summoned, including those under that obligation at the time of their promotion -- whose obstinacy as being non-attenders at various sessions became a matter of frequent accusation by the sponsor of the same council, there is to be found in solemn form both a petition for proceedings against them and a statement of the censures and penalties incurred.对于这些可敬的弟兄们,先祖,大主教,主教,方丈和主教 - 特别是在宣誓的约束访问的使徒彼得和保罗在某些固定的时间地点,并亲自出席已召见一般议会人士,包括下,在他们的促销时间义务人 - 他的固执作为是在各次会议的非就诊者成为经常指责由同一议会赞助商问题上,我们要在庄严的形式都找到了一份请愿书反对诉讼他们和所产生的谴责和处罚的声明。 This is notwithstanding any privileges, concessions and indults that were granted confirmed or renewed by us or our said predecessors in favour of them and their churches, monasteries and benefices.尽管这是任何特权,让步,被授予在他们和他们的教堂,修道院和benefices赞成重新确认或由我们或我们的前辈indults说。 These we annul and invalidate through our certain knowledge and fullness of power, considering them to be fully stated here.这些废止和失效,我们通过我们的一些知识和权力丰满,考虑他们在这里得到充分的说明。We impose in virtue of holy obedience, and we strictly command under the penalties of excommunication and perjury and others derived from law or custom, and in particular from the letter which summoned and proclaimed the said Lateran council and was promulgated by our predecessor, Julius himself that they must attend in person the said Lateran council and remain in Rome until it has reached its conclusion and been terminated by our authority, unless they are prevented by some legitimate excuse.我们施加圣服从美德,我们严格按照禁教和伪证罪和其他法律或习俗衍生的处罚命令,从召唤的信中,宣布上述拉特兰会议,由我们的前身颁布特别是,朱利叶斯自己他们必须亲自出席上述拉特兰会议和在罗马停留,直到它已达到其结论,并得到我们的授权终止,除非它们是由一些合法的借口阻止。 And if (as we said) they have somehow been prevented, they are to send their suitably qualified representatives with a full mandate on the matters that will have to be treated, dealt with and advised upon.如果(我们说的),他们在一定程度上将被阻止,他们要送一份有关事宜,将有充分的任务来对待,处理,并建议在他们的合格代表。

    In order to remove completely all excuse and leave no pretext of any impediment to anyone who is obliged to attend, in addition to the public guarantee which was clearly granted at the summoning of this council to all coming to it we give, concede and grant, acting on the advice and power mentioned above with the same council's approval, to each and all who have been accustomed to be present at the meetings of general councils and are coming to the present Lateran council, as well as to members of their personal staff, of whatever status rank, order and condition or nobility they may be, ecclesiastical and secular, a free, safe and secure safe-conduct and, by apostolic authority in the meaning of the present letter, full protection in all its aspects, for themselves and for all their possessions of any kind as they pass through cities, territories and places, by sea and land, which are subject to the said Roman church, for the journey to the Lateran council in Rome, for remaining in the city of freedom, for exchanging views according to their opinions, for departing therefrom as often as they may wish and also after four months from the conclusion and dispersal of the said council; and we promise to give readily other safe-conducts and guarantees to those desiring to have them.为了完全消除所有的借口,不留任何的人谁有义务参加障碍借口,除了向公众保证这显然是在本会召唤授予所有来它,我们付出,承认和授予,作用于咨询和功率mentioned与同一议会的批准above,给每所有谁已经习惯了将在一般议会出席会议,来了到现在拉特兰会议,以及对他们个人的工作人员,不论何种身份等级,社会秩序和条件或为自己的贵族,他们可能会,教会和世俗,自由,安全和可靠的安全,行为和使徒的权威,在本信,在各方面充分的保护,意义和他们所有的任何财产,因为他们穿过城市,地区和地方,通过海,陆,这是受罗马教会说,为给在罗马拉特兰会议旅程中剩余的自由城市,为交换意见,根据他们的意见,对由此出发,他们经常会想,后四名的结论,并表示安理会的扩散个月还,而我们答应给轻易其他安全,行为和保证,那些渴望拥有它们。 Each and all of these visitors we shall deal with and welcome with kindness and charity.每个游客都和我们这些处理,并欢迎与仁慈和慈善事业。

    Under the threat of the divine majesty and of our displeasure, and of the penalties against those impeding the holding of councils, particularly the said Lateran council, which are contained and set down in law or in the letter of the aforesaid summons of our predecessor, we are instructing each and all secular princes, of whatever exalted rank they may be, including imperial, royal, queenly, ducal or any other, the governors of cities, and citizens governing or ruling their states, to grant to the prelates and others coming to the said Lateran council a free permission and licence, a safe-conduct for coming and returning, and a free and unharmed transit through the dominions, lands and property of theirs through which the said persons must pass together with their equipment, possessions and horses; all exceptions and excuses being completely set aside and without force.在神圣威严的威胁,我们的不满,和对阻碍议会,特别是说拉特兰会议,其中包含和设置在法律上或对我们的前身上述传票下持有这些字母的刑罚,我们指示每个和所有世俗的诸侯,他们的任何崇高的排名而定,包括帝王,皇室,女王,公爵的或任何其他城市的州长和公民治理或统治的国家,以授予主教等人来以上述拉特兰议会自由许可和执照,为未来和恢复安全通行,并通过了领土,土地和财产的自由,他们安然无恙过境该人士表示,必须通过与他们的设备,财产和马;所有异常和借口被完全抛开,没有力量。

    In addition we order and command, under pain of our displeasure and of other penalties which can be inflicted at our will, each and all of our people who bear arms, both infantry and cavalry, their commanders and captains, the castellans of our fortresses, the legates, governors, rulers, lieutenants, authorities, officials and vassals of the cities and territories that are subject to the said Roman church, and any others of whatever rank, status, condition or distinction they may be, to give permission, and to be responsible for the giving of permission, to those coming to the Lateran council, to pass through in freedom, safety and security, to stay, and to return, so that such a holy, praiseworthy and very necessary council may not be frustrated for any reason or pretext, and that those coming to it may be able to live in peace and calm and without restraint and to say and develop under the same conditions the things which concern the honour of almighty God and the standing of the whole church.此外,我们才能和指挥下,我们的痛苦和不满,可在我们的意志施加其他处罚,每个人都和我们谁携带武器,无论是步兵和骑兵,他们的指挥官和船长,我们的堡垒castellans,的使节,州长,统治者,尉官,机关,官员和城市和地区都受到了附庸说罗马教会和任何职级,地位,条件或区别它们可能是,给予许可,任何其他人为给被许可,对那些来的拉特兰会议,都可以通过自由,安全和保安,留下来,并返回,所以,这种神圣的,值得赞扬和十分必要的议会可能不会对任何受挫负责理由或借口,而那些来这也许能够生活在和平,冷静,克制,并没有说下的东西关注的全能的上帝和整个教会站在履行同等条件下发展起来的。

    This we enjoin notwithstanding any constitutions, apostolic ordinances, imperial laws or municipal statutes and customs (even those reinforced by oath and apostolic confirmation or by any other authority) which could modify in any respect or impede in any way the said safe-conduct and guarantee, even if the constitutions etc. were of such a kind that an individual, precise, clear and distinct form of speech, or some other clearly stated expression, should be employed regarding them, and not just general clauses which only imply the matter, for we consider the significance of all the above things to be clearly stated by the present letter, as if they had been included word for word.这是我们责成尽管任何宪法,使徒条例,帝国的法律法规和海关,市(即使是那些通过宣誓和使徒确认或由任何其他权威钢筋),它可以在任何方面修改或以任何方式妨碍上述安全通行和保障即使宪法等都是这样的,个人,精确,清晰,鲜明的讲话,明确提出或一些其他表现形式,对于他们应采用实物,而不是仅仅只意味着问题的一般条款,为我们考虑了所有要明确地说明了目前的信,因为如果他们被列入逐字逐句上面的事的意义。 Let nobody therefore .因此,让任何人。..If anyone however .如果有人然而。. .

    [Bull on reform of the curia][关于教廷改革公牛]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。It is eminently fitting for the Roman pontiff to carry out the duty of a provident shepherd, in order to care for and keep safe the Lord's flock entrusted to him by God, since, by the will of the supreme ordinance by which the things of heaven and of earth are arranged by ineffable providence, he acts on the lofty throne of St Peter as vicar on earth of Christ, the only-begotten Son of God.这是突出的为罗马教皇开展了公积金牧羊人duty装修,以关心和保持安全的主的羊群赋予上帝给他,因为,由最高法令将其中天上的事和地球是不可言喻的天意的安排下,他的行为对圣为副主教在地球上的基督,是神​​的独生子彼得崇高的宝座。 When we notice, out of solicitude for our said pastoral office, that church discipline and the pattern of a sound and upright life are worsening, disappearing and going further astray from the right path throughout almost all the ranks of Christ's faithful, with a disregard for law and with exemption from punishment, as a result of the troubles of the times and the malice of human beings, it must be feared that, unless checked by a well-guided improvement, there will be a daily falling into a variety of faults under the security of sin and soon, with the appearance of public scandals, a complete breakdown.当我们看到了对我们的关怀,表示牧区办公室,即教会纪律,建立健全和正直的生活模式正在恶化,消失,会从正确的道路进一步误入歧途各地几乎所有的基督信徒队伍与一个漠视,法律和免除刑罚,作为时代和人类的烦恼恶意的结果,它必须是担心,除非良好的引导改善检查,会有成各种故障下每天falling罪,很快安全,与公共丑闻的出现,一个完整的故障。

    We desire, then, as far as it is permitted to us from on high, to check the evils from becoming too strong, to restore a great many things to their earlier observance of the sacred canons, to create with God's help an improvement in keeping with the established practice of the holy fathers, and to give -- with the approval of the sacred Lateran council initiated for that reason, among others, by our predecessor of happy memory, pope Julius II, and continued by us -healthy guidance to all these matters.我们的愿望,那么,就因为它是不允许从高给我们,检查变得过强的弊病,恢复的内容很多自己的神圣大炮前面的遵守,创造与上帝的帮助下,在精益求精随着神圣的父亲一贯的做法,并给予 - 与神圣拉特兰启动了这个原因,其中包括我们的前任的快乐记忆,教皇朱利叶斯二世,理事会批准,由美国健康指导继续向所有这些事项。

    In order to make a start, we take up the points which for the present seem more appropriate and which, having often been neglected during particular generations, have brought great loss to the christian religion and produced very great scandals in the church of God.为了使一个开始,我们采取了点,这对于目前似乎更为恰当,其中,有经常被忽视的过程中特别是几代人,都带来了巨大损失,基督教和生产的神的教会很大的丑闻。 We have therefore decided to begin with preferment to ecclesiastical dignities.因此,我们决定开始与升迁到教会尊严。Our predecessor of devout memory, pope Alexander III, also in a Lateran council, decreed that age, a serious character and knowledge of letters are to be carefully examined in the preferment of individuals to bishoprics and abbacies.我们的前身是虔诚的内存,教皇亚历山大三世,也是在拉特兰会议,颁布法令,年龄,严重的性格和知识的信件要小心在向主教和abbacies个人升迁审查。 Moreover, nothing impedes the church of God more than when unworthy prelates are accepted for the government of churches.此外,没有任何阻碍了神时多不配主教是为教会政府接受教会。

    Therefore, in the preferment of prelates, the Roman pontiffs must give much attention to the matter, especially because they will have to give an account to God at the last judgment about those given preferment by them to churches and monasteries.因此,在升任主教,罗马教宗必须非常重视此事,特别是因为他们将不得不放弃在有关给予他们升迁到教堂和修道院的最后审判的帐户上帝。 Consequently, we rule and establish that henceforward, in accordance with the constitution of the aforesaid Alexander III, for vacant churches and monasteries of patriarchal, metropolitan and cathedral status, the person provided is to be of mature age, learning and serious character, as said above, and the provision is not to be made at someone's urging, by means of recommendation, direction or enforcement, or in any other way, unless it has seemed right to act differently on the grounds of advantage to the churches, prudence, nobility, uprightness, experience, lengthy contact with the curia (together with adequate learning), or service to the apostolic see.因此,我们统治,建立与上述宪法规定的亚历山大三世从今以后,为空置教堂和重男轻女,大城市和寺庙教堂的地位,人是要​​提供成熟的年龄,学习和严重的性格,因为说以上,并且规定不得是在别人的催促下,通过建议,指示或强制执行的手段,或以任何其他方式,除非它似乎有权采取行动的优势,理由不同的教堂,谨慎,贵族,正直,经验,与教廷长时间接触(连同充分的学习),或者服务的使徒见。 We wish the same to be observed regarding the persons elected and chosen in elections and choices that have customarily been admitted by the apostolic see.我们希望同样要遵守有关选举和选举,已经习惯被使徒见承认的选择选择的人。But if the question arises of providing for churches and monasteries of this kind with persons of less than thirty years of age, there can be no dispensation for them to be in charge of churches before their twenty-seventh year of age or of monasteries before their twenty-second year.但如果问题的教堂和本少于三十岁的人提供一种寺院出现,就不可能有免除他们在教堂前主管的第二十七届年龄或寺庙前一年的第二十二届一年。

    Indeed, so that suitable persons may be advanced with greater exactness and care, we rule that the cardinal to whom the reporting on an election, appointment or provision to a church or monastery has been entrusted, ought, before he gives an account in the sacred consistory (as the custom is) of his carrying out of such an examination or report assigned to him, to make his report known to one of the older cardinals of each grade, personally in the actual consistory, or, if there was no consistory on the day appointed for him to give his account, then by means of his secretary or some other member of his personal staff, and the three older cardinals in question are bound to communicate the report as soon as possible to the other cardinals of their grade.事实上,让合适的人可能有更大的准确性和护理先进的,我们的规则是给谁的大是大非上选举,任命或提供给教堂或修道院报告已委托,应当之前,他给在神圣的帐户consistory(如自定义的),他进行这样的检查或分配给他的报告,使他的报告已知的各年级的老枢机主教之一,亲自在实际consistory,或者,如果没有就consistory当天任命他给他的帐户,然后由他的秘书或他的一些个人的工作人员的其他成员,和三个老问题必然要尽快传达到他们的其他枢机主教级枢机主教的报告方式。 The said cardinal making the report shall personally examine the business of the election, administration, appointment or promotion in summary and extra-judicial fashion.上述基数使得报告应亲自审阅了选举,管理,任用或在总结和司法外的时装推广业务。If any have spoken against it, he is obliged to call, after the objectors have been summoned, competent, responsible and trustworthy witnesses and, if it should be necessary or appropriate, others by virtue of office.如果有任何反对的发言,他有义务通话后,反对者被传唤,能干,负责,值得信赖的证人,如果它应该是必要或适当的,其他人通过办公室的美德。

    He is bound to bring with him to the consistory, on the day the report has to be made, the stages and decisions of the report together with the statements of the witnesses, and he shall not give his report in any form until the person to be promoted, if he is at the curia, shall have first visited the majority of the cardinals in order that they may be able to learn at first hand, insofar as it is relevant to his character, what they shall soon learn from the report of their colleague.他是必然要与他带给consistory,当天的报告要提出,阶段和报告的决定连同证人的证词,他不给,直到他的人以任何形式报告晋升,如果他在教廷是,应首先参观顺序的枢机主教多数,他们可能可以学到第一手,因为它是他的性格有关,他们应尽快借鉴的报告他们的同事。 Moreover, the person promoted is obliged, by longstanding practice and laudable custom, to visit as soon as possible the same cardinals who are then in the curia.此外,人是有责任推动,通过长期的实践和值得称道的习俗,以尽快访问的谁是当时的教廷枢机主教相同。This practice and praiseworthy custom, indeed, we renew and command to be kept without change.这种做法,值得赞扬的习惯,的确,我们再次和命令时不改变保管。

    Since it is right to maintain episcopal dignity unharmed, and for it to be protected from indiscriminate exposure to the attacks of wicked persons and to the false charges of accusers, we decree that no bishop or abbot may be deprived of his rank when anyone urges a charge or presses demands (unless the opportunity for a legitimate defence is afforded to him), even if the charges have been widely known and, after the parties have been attentively heard, the case has been fully proved; nor may any prelate be transferred against his will, except for other just and efficacious reasons and causes, in accordance with the terms and decree of the council of Constance.既然是权利,维护主教的尊严不受侵害,并为它是从乱置身于邪恶的人的攻击和对原告的不实指控的保障,我们的法令,没有主教或住持可能是他的排名时被剥夺任何人敦促a收费或按要求(除非有正当辩护的机会是给予他),即使收费已广为人知,经过双方已认真听取,案件已充分证明,也不得对任何主教被转移他的意志,除了其他的公正和有效的理由和原因与条款及安理会的康斯坦茨法令的规定。

    Also, as a result of commendams for monasteries, the monasteries themselves (as experience, a practical mistress, has quite often taught) are seriously damaged in spiritual and temporal matters because their buildings fall into decay, partly through the negligence of the commendatories and partly through greed or lack of interest, divine worship is gradually reduced, and matter for contempt is generally offered especially to secular persons, not without a lessening of the standing of the apostolic see, from which commendams of this kind originate.此外,由于对寺庙commendams因此,寺院本身(如经验,实际的情妇,有相当经常教导)是严重破坏的精神和时间上的问题,因为他们的建筑进入衰退下降,部分通过commendatories疏忽和部分通过贪婪或缺乏兴趣,神圣的崇拜是逐渐降低,无论是一般的蔑视,尤其是提供给世俗人,没有一个是使徒见,从中这种commendams起源站立不减少。 In order that sounder measures may be taken to secure these monasteries from damage, we will and decree that when vacancies occur through the death of the abbot in charge, they cannot be given in commendam to anyone by any agreement unless it seems right to us to decide otherwise, in accordance with the actual circumstances and with the advice of our brothers, so as to protect the authority of the apostolic see and to oppose the evil designs of those attacking it .为了使健全的措施可以采取,以确保不受损坏这些寺庙,我们将和法令,空缺时通过的有关负责住持死亡发生,他们不能给予在commendam任何协议,任何人,除非它似乎有权我们另有决定,符合实际情况,并与我们的兄弟的意见的规定,以保障使徒看,反对它的攻击者的不轨的权威。

    But let such monasteries be provided with competent persons, in keeping with the above-mentioned constitution, so that suitable abbots will have charge of them (as is fitting).但是,让这样的寺庙与合资格人士在与上述宪法保持一致,提供的,所以有合适的方丈将有他们负责(这是件)。 Such monasteries may be given in commendam, when the original commendam no longer exists on account of the resignation or death of the commendatory, only to cardinals and to qualified and well-deserving persons; and in such a way that the commendatories of the monasteries, whatever their dignity, honour and high rank may be, even if they enjoy the status and dignity of a cardinal, are obliged, if they have meals in private, apart from the common table, to assign a quarter of their board for the renewal of the fabric, or for the purchase or repair of furnishings, clothings and adornment, or for the maintenance or sustenance of the poor, as the greater need demands or suggests .这些寺院可能获得在commendam,当原始commendam不再对辞职或死亡的褒义词帐户存在,只有红衣主教和合格和良好的值得的人,以及在这样一种方式,对寺院的commendatories,无论他们的尊严,荣誉和高排名而定,即使他们享有的地位和尊严的大是大非,有责任,如果他们在私人用餐,除了常见的表,指定为重建了他们的董事会季面料,或购买或家具,服装和装饰维修,或维修或寄托的穷人更需要要求或建议。

    If, however, they share board completely, a third part of all the resources of the said monastery committed to the commendatory must be assigned, after all other imposts have been deducted, to the above-mentioned burdens and to the sustenance of the monks.但是,如果它们共享板完全,所有的致力于褒义词说,寺院的第三部分资源必须分配,毕竟其他imposts已扣除,上面提到的负担和对僧人的寄托。 Moreover, letters which are drawn up regarding such commendams to monasteries ought to contain a clause specifically stating this.此外,这是制定了有关到寺院等commendams信应该包含一个条款,明确说明这一点。If they are drawn up in some other form, they are of no worth or value .如果他们绘制了一些其他形式,它们是没有价值或价值。

    Since it is fitting for such churches to be provided for without any loss of revenues, in such a way that both the honour of those in charge and the need of the churches and buildings are considered, we decree and rule that pensions may never be reserved from the incomes of these churches except on account of a resignation or for some other reason which has been considered credible and honourable in our secret consistory.由于它是恰当的加以规定没有任何收入损失在这样的荣誉,无论是在负责人以及教堂和建筑被认为是需要的方式,如教堂,我们的法令和规则,养老金可能永远不会被保留从除对辞职帐户或其他原因而一直被认为是可信的和我们的秘密consistory光荣这些教堂的收入。

    We also rule that henceforth parochial churches, major and principal dignities and other ecclesiastical benefices whose rents, revenues and produce by ordinary reckoning do not amount to an annual value of two hundred golden ducats of the treasury, and also hospitals, leperhouses and hostels of any importance which have been set up for the use and provisioning of the poor, shall not be given in commendam to cardinals of the holy Roman church, or conferred on them by any other title, unless they have become vacant by the death of a member of their household.我们还规定,今后教区教堂,重大和主要尊严和其他的租金,收入和生产普通清算教会benefices并不等于一个200的国库黄金达克特年产值,还医院,leperhouses和任何旅馆重要性已设立的使用和穷人提供,不得在commendam赋予的神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,或赋予任何其他标​​题,除非他们已经成为了一个空缺的成员死亡他们的家庭。 In the latter case they can be given in commendam to cardinals, but these are bound to dispose of them within six months for the benefit of such persons as are suitable and in good relations with them.在后一种情况下,他们可以得到在commendam以枢机主教,但这些都是必然六个月内出售他们为这种人的利益为适合,并与他们的良好关系。 We do not wish, however, to prejudge the cardinals further with respect to benefices to which they may have a reserve claim .我们不希望,然而,就benefices预先判断其可能有保留进一步索赔的枢机主教。

    We also ordain that members of churches, monasteries or military orders may not be detached or separated from their head -- which is absurd -- without legitimate and reasonable cause.我们也注定是教堂,寺庙或军令成员可能无法分离或从他们的头部分离 - 没有正当和合理的原因 - 这是荒谬的。Perpetual unions, apart from cases permitted by law or on some reasonable grounds, are not permitted at all.永久工会,除由法律或一些合理的理由允许的情况下,是不允许的。Dispensations for more than two incompatible benefices are not to be granted, except for great and pressing reasons or to qualified persons according to the form of common law .以上两个不兼容的benefices特许是不被批准,除了伟大和紧迫的理由或合资格人士根据普通法的形式。We set a limit of two years on persons of whatever rank who obtain more than four parish churches and their perpetual vicarages, or major and principal dignities, even if by way of union or commendam for life.我们设置的人在两年期限的任何排名谁获得超过四个教区教堂和永久vicarages,校长或者主要和尊严,即使由工会或commendam方式生活。 They are bound to release the rest, only four being retained in the meantime.他们必然要释放休息,只有四个被保留在其间。 Such benefices, due for release, can be resigned into the hands of the ordinaries so that they may be provided with persons nominated by them; notwithstanding any reservations, even those of a general nature or resulting from the quality of the persons resigning.这种benefices,即将公布,可以辞职到了普通的手中,使他们可以与他们所提名的人提供;尽管任何保留,即使是那些一般性质的或从辞职人员的素质造成的。 Once the period of two years is past, all the benefices that have not been disposed of may be reckoned as vacant and may freely be applied for as vacant.一旦两年已经过去,所有尚未处置benefices可算作空置,可以自由地作为空置应用。Those who hold on to them incur the penalties of the constitution Execrabilis of our memorable predecessor, pope John XXII.这些谁在给他们举行招致宪法的处罚我们难忘的前任,教皇约翰二十二Execrabilis。We also rule that special reservations of any benefice are in no way to be granted at the urging of anyone .我们还规定,任何采邑特别保留在没​​有在任何人的要求授予途中。

    On cardinals在枢机主教

    Since the cardinals of the holy Roman church take precedence in honour and dignity over all the other members of the church after the sovereign pontiff, it is proper and right that they be distinguished beyond all others by the purity of their life and the excellence of their virtues.由于神圣罗马教会的枢机主教参加了所有的荣誉和对教皇的主权后,教会其他成员的尊严之上,它是适当和正确的,他们是超越所有其他区别在于他们的生命的纯度和其卓越美德。 On that account, we not only exhort and advise them but also decree and order that henceforth each of the cardinals following the teaching of the Apostle, so live a sober, chaste and godly life that he shines out before people as one who abstains not merely from evil but from every appearance of evil .在这个帐户,我们不仅告诫和提醒他们,但也法令和秩序,从今以后,每年的枢机主教的使徒教学,使住清醒的,纯洁和虔诚的生活,他才让人眼前一亮了作为一个谁弃权不只是从邪恶而是从每一个邪恶的外观。 In the first place, let him honour God by his works .首先,让他由他的作品荣耀神。Let all of them be vigilant, constant at the divine office and the celebration of masses, and maintain their chapels in a worthy place, as they were wont to do .让他们都保持警觉,在神圣的办公室和群众庆祝不变,并保持在一个地方值得他们的教堂,因为他们习惯这样做。

    Their house and establishment, table and furniture, should not attract blame by display or splendour or superfluous equipment or in any other way, so as to avoid any fostering of sin or excess, but, as is right, let them deserve to be called mirrors of moderation and frugality.他们的房子和建立,表和家具,不应该吸引显示或辉煌或多余的设备或以任何其他方式指责,以避免任何罪或过剩培养,但作为是正确的,让他们值得被称为镜节制和节俭。 Therefore, let them find satisfaction in what contributes to priestly modesty; let them act with kindness and respect both in public and in private, towards prelates and other distinguished persons who come to the Roman curia; and let them undertake with grace and generosity the business committed to them by ourself and our successors .因此,让他们找到什么有助于祭司谦虚满意;让他们的行为与善意和尊重在公共和私人对主教和其他谁前来罗马教廷的杰出人士,以及让他们承担优雅和慷慨的企业他们承诺通过ourself和我们的接班人。

    Moreover, let them not employ bishops or prelates in demeaning tasks in their houses, so that those who have been appointed to give direction to others and who have been clad in a sacred character, will not lower themselves to menial chores and generally bring about a lack of respect for the pastoral office .此外,让他们不要采用在贬低他们的房子在主教或主教的任务,使那些谁被任命为发出指令,要求别人,谁一直在一个神圣的角色穿着,不会降低自己卑微琐事,一般带来不尊重牧区办公室。 Consequently, let them treat with honour as brothers, and as befits their state of life, those whom they have or will have in their houses.因此,让他们如兄弟对待荣誉,并作为他们的生活状态应景,那些他们已经或将要在自己的住宅。Since the cardinals assist the Roman pontiff, the common father of all Christians, it is very improper for them to be patrons of or special pleaders for individuals.由于罗马教皇的枢机主教协助,所有的基督徒共同的父亲,这是非常不当他们是顾客或个人特殊pleaders。 We have therefore decided, lest they adopt partiality of any kind, that they are not to set up as promoters or defenders of princes or communities or of any other persons against anyone, except to the extent that justice and equity demands and the dignity and rank of such people requires.因此,我们决定,以免他们采取任何形式的,他们是不成立的发起人或诸侯或社区或对任何人的任何其他人士,惟维护者,偏袒,正义和公平的要求和人的尊严和排名这类人的需要。 Rather, separated from all private interest, let them be available and engage with all diligence in calming and settling any disputes.相反,所有私人利益分开,让他们可与所有勤奋从事平息和解决任何争端。Let them promote with due piety the maintenance of the just business of princes and all other persons, especially the poor and religious, and let them offer help in accordance with their resources and their official responsibility to those who are oppressed and unjustly burdened .让他们适当地促进虔诚的诸侯只是企业和所有其他人,特别是穷人和宗教,并让他们提供帮助与他们的资源和他们的官方责任者谁是被压迫和不公正负担的规定。维护

    They are to visit at least once a year -- in person if they have been present in the curia, and by a suitable deputy if they have been absent -- the places of their titular basilica.他们参观至少每年一次 - 在人,如果他们已在教廷存在,并且有适当的代表,如果他们一直缺席 - 他们的名义教堂的地方。They are, with due care, to keep themselves informed about the clergy and people of the churches subject to their basilica; they are to keep under review the divine worship and the properties of the said churches; above all, let them examine with care the lives of the clergy and their parishioners, and with a father's affection encourage one and all to live an upright and honourable life .他们是,以应有的谨慎,保持自己对神职人员和教会受到他们的教堂人士处获悉,他们正在继续审查神圣的崇拜和教会说的属性,首先,让他们检查与护理他们的神职人员和教区居民的生活,并与父亲的感情之一,并鼓励所有住一个堂堂正正的和光荣的一生。 For the development of divine worship and the salvation of his own soul, each cardinal should give to his basilica during his lifetime, or bequeath at the time of his death, a sufficient amount for the suitable sustenance there of one priest; or, if the basilica needs repairs or some other form of aid, let him leave or donate as much as he may in conscience decide.对于神的崇拜和他自己的灵魂得救的发展,应该给每一个大是大非他生前教堂,或遗留在他的死亡时间,合适的寄托一个牧师有足够的金额,或者,如果教堂需要维修或一些其他形式的援助,让他离开或捐赠多达他的良心可能决定。 It is entirely unfitting to pass over persons related to them by blood or by marriage, especially if they are deserving and need help.这是完全unfitting通过对相关血缘或姻亲他们的人,特别是如果他们是值得和需要帮助。To come to their assistance is just and praiseworthy.来他们的援助是公正和值得赞许的。But we do not consider that it is appropriate to heap on them a great number of benefices or church revenues, with the result that an uncontrolled generosity in these matters may bring wrong to others and may cause scandal.但我们并不认为这是适当的堆在他们的benefices或教会大量收入,其结果是,在这些事情不受控制的慷慨可能会带来错误的人,并可能导致丑闻。 Consequently we have determined that they are not to squander thoughtlessly the goods of the churches, but are to apply them in works of devotion and piety, for which great and rich returns have been assigned and ordained by the holy fathers .因此,我们已经确定,他们是不会浪费不假思索的教堂的商品,但适用于奉献和父母,这伟大和丰厚的回报已分配和神圣的父亲祝作品。

    It is also our wish that they take care, without making any excuse, of the churches entrusted to them in commendam, whether these be cathedrals, abbeys, priories, or any other eeclesiastical benefices that they take measures, with all personal effect, to see that the cathedrals are duly served by the appointment of worthy and competent vicars or suffragans, according to what has been customary, with an appropriate and adequate salary; and that they provide for the other churches and monasteries held by them in commendam with the right number of clerics or chaplains, whether religious or monks, for the adequate and praiseworthy service of God.我们也希望他们照顾,未做任何借口,对在commendam教会托付给他们,无论是教堂,修道院,priories,或任何其他eeclesiastical benefices他们采取措施,与所有的个人作用,看该教堂是妥为送达由值得主管教区牧师或suffragans任命,按照什么已经习惯,用适当的和足够的薪水,并认为他们对其他教会,并举行他们在commendam与寺院提供正确的号码教士或牧师,无论是宗教或僧侣,为神的充足和值得称道的服务。 Let them also maintain in proper condition the buildings, properties and rights of any kind, and repair what has crumbled, in accordance with the duty of good prelates and commendatories .让他们在适当的条件下也保持建筑物,性质和任何形式的权利,并修复了什么崩溃,与良好的主教和commendatories责任的规定。 We also judge that the said cardinals are to use great discretion and careful foresight with regard to the number of their personal attendants and horses lest by having a greater number than their resources, situation and dignity permit, they can be accused of the vice of over-display and extravagance.我们还判断,上述红衣主教是使用关于其个人侍从和马匹数量,以免由有比他们的资源,情况和尊严允许更大数量很大的随意性和精心先见之明,他们可以指责的多副显示器和铺张浪费。 Let them not be accounted greedy and squalid on the grounds that they enjoy great and plentiful revenues and yet offer sustenance to very few; for the house of a cardinal ought to be an open lodging, a harbour and refuge for upright and learned persons, especially men, for nobles who are now poor and for honourable persons.让他们不占,理由是他们享受伟大而丰富的收入,但很少提供寄托贪婪和肮脏的;为基数的房子应该是一个开放的住宿,海港和正直的人的避难所和教训,特别是男人,谁是现在的贵族穷人和光荣的人。 Hence let them be prudent about the manner and quantity of what has to be kept, and carefully check the character of their personal attendants, lest they themselves incur from the vices of others the shameful stain of dishonour and provide real opportunities for contradictions and false accusations .因此,让他们了解什么样的方式和要保持审慎的数量,并仔细检查他们的个人服务员的性格,以免他们自己从别人的可耻污点的耻辱的罪恶产生,并为矛盾和诬告的真正机会。

    Since very special provision must be made that our deeds be approved not only before God, whom we ought to please in the first place, but also before peoplel so that we can offer to others an example to be imitated, we ordain that every cardinal show himself an excellent ruler and overseer of his house and personal staff, with regard to both what is open for all to see and what lies hidden within .由于非常特殊的规定,我们必须作出批准事迹不仅在上帝面前,我们应该请人摆在首位,而且在peoplel,使我们可以提供给其他人对被模仿的例子,我们每一位枢机主教祝圣秀自己是一个优秀的统治者和监督员的他的房子和个人的工作人员就这两个是什么,是对所有打开看看,什么谎言隐藏在。 Therefore let each of them have the priests and deacons clad in respectable garments, and make careful provision that no one in his household who holds a benefice of any type, or is in holy orders, wears multi-coloured clothes or a garment that has little connection with ecclesiastical status.因此,让他们每个人都尊敬的神父和执事穿衣服,和周密的规定,没有在他的户一谁拥有任何类型的采邑,或在神圣的订单时,多穿浅色衣服或一件服装的关系不大连接与教会的地位。 Those in the priesthood, therefore, ought to wear clothes of colours which are not forbidden to clerics by law and are of at least ankle length.在圣职的人,因此,应该穿颜色不属于法律禁止神职人员及脚踝的长度至少是衣服。 Those who hold high office in cathedrals, canons of the said cathedrals those holding the chief posts in colleges, and chaplains of cardinals when celebrating masses, are obliged to wear a head-covering in public.这些谁在教堂举行高的办公室,说的大炮大教堂持高校行政岗位,牧师的枢机主教在庆祝人民群众,都必须在公开场合穿着头回补。 Shield-bearers are permitted garments somewhat shorter than ankle-length.盾携带者允许成衣略高于脚踝的长度更短。Grooms, because they are generally moving about and perform a somewhat burdensome service, can use shorter and more suitable garments, even if they happen to be clerics, so long as they are not ordained priests; but in such a way that they do not cast aside decency and they so conduct themselves that their behaviour is in keeping with their position in the church .马夫,因为他们一般都动一下,并执行有点繁琐的服务,可以使用更短,更合适的服装,即使它们碰巧是神职人员,只要他们不是神父祝圣,但在这样一种方式,他们不投抛开礼仪和他们这样的行为本身,他们的行为与他们在教会的立场是一致的。 Other clerics are to do everything with due proportion and restraint.其他神职人员是做适当的比例和克制一切。Both clerics holding benefices and those in holy orders are not to pay special attention to their hair and beards, nor to possess mules or horses with trappings and ornaments of velvet or silk, but for articles of this kind let them use ordinary cloth or leather .这两个神职人员举行benefices和神圣的订单这些都不是要特别注意自己的头发和胡须,也不具备与服饰和天鹅绒或丝质饰骡子或马,但对于这类文章让他们使用普通的布或皮革。

    If anyone of the aforesaid staff acts otherwise, or wears such forbidden garments after three months from the announcement of the present regulations, despite being given a legitimate warning, he incurs excommunication.如果上述人员的行为,否则任何人,或穿后三从本条例公布禁止服装等几个月,尽管被赋予了合法的警告,即被逐出教会。 If he has not corrected himself within a further three months, he is understood to be suspended from receiving the fruits of the benefices which he holds.如果他没有在纠正自己再延长三个月,他被理解为从收到的benefices他持有的成果暂停。And if he remains fixed in this obstinacy for another six months, after a similar legal warning, he is to be deprived of all the benefices which he holds, and he is to be considered as so deprived.如果他保持固定在这个半年固执类似的法律警告后,他要的所有benefices他持有被剥夺,他将被视为如此剥夺。 The benefices thus made vacant may be freely sought from the apostolic see.从而使空置的benefices可以自由寻求使徒见。 We wish each and every one of these arrangements to apply to the households of ourself and any future Roman pontiffs, and likewise to all other beneficed clerics or persons in holy orders, even those in the curia .我们希望每一个这些安排适用于任何未来的ourself和罗马教宗的家庭,同样地到所有其他beneficed神职人员或个人神圣的订单,甚至在教廷的人。 There is one single exception: the said attendants of ourself and future Roman pontiffs may wear red garments, in keeping with what is proper and usual for the papal dignity .有一个单一的例外:说ourself和未来的罗马教宗的服务员可以穿在什么是正确的和一贯的罗马教皇的尊严,保持红色服装。

    Since the care of the most important business is the special concern of cardinals, it is for them to use their ability to know which regions have been infected by heresies, errors and superstitions opposed to the true orthodox faith; where the ecclesiastical discipline of the Lord's commandments is lacking; and which kings and princes or peoples are being troubled, or fear to be troubled, by wars.由于最重要的业务护理是枢机主教特别关注,这是他们利用自己的能力,知道哪些地区被歪理邪说,错误和反对真正的正统信仰迷信感染;其中主的教会的纪律戒律是缺乏;并国王和王储或人民正在困扰,或害怕被战争所困扰。 Cardinals shall apply themselves to obtain information on these and similar matters and make a report to us or the current Roman pontiff so that, by earnest effort, opportune and saving remedies for such evils and afflictions can be thought out.红雀适用于自己获得关于这些和类似的问题交换信息和作出报告,我们或电流罗马教皇,这样,通过认真努力,因为这种罪恶和痛苦的时机和补救措施,可以节省深思熟虑。 Since by frequent, almost daily, experience it is known that many evils quite often occur to provinces and cities on account of the absence of their own officially appointed legates, and various scandals are springing up which are not without disadvantages to the apostolic see, we decree and ordain that cardinals who are in charge of provinces or cities, under the title of legates, may not administer them through lieutenants or officials, but they are obliged to be present in person for the greater part of the time, and to rule and govern them with all vigilance.由于频繁,几乎每天,经验据了解,许多罪恶经常发生到省和对自己的帐户没有正式任命使节城市,各种丑闻如雨后春笋般冒出的也不是没有缺点的使徒看,我们枢机主教祝圣的法令和谁是省或市主管下的使节称号,不得通过管理助手或官员,但他们有责任在对的时间,大部份人出席,并以规则和他们管辖的所有警惕。 Those who now hold the title of legate, or will hold it for a time, are obliged to go to their provinces -- within three months from the date of the present proclamation if the provinces are in Italy, and within five months if they are outside Italy -- and to reside there for the greater part of the time, unless, by a command from us or our successors, they are held back in the Roman curia for some business of greater moment or are sent to other places as needs demand.这些谁现在持有的特使标题,或将保持一段时间吧,有责任去他们的省份 - 三年内从目前的宣布,如果在意大利的省份,并在五个月内,如果他们都之日起三个月意大利以外 - 和居住那里的大部分时间,除非由我们或我们的继任者的命令,他们早在罗马举行教廷对一些大企业或时刻被发送到其他地方需求的需要。In the latter cases, let them have in the said provinces and cities vice-legates, auditors, lieutenants and the other usual officials with due arrangements and salaries.在后一种情况下,让他们在上述省份,并适当安排和工资城市副使节,审计师,中尉和其他一般的官员。Anyone who does not observe each and all of the above regulations is to be deprived of all the emoluments of his post as legate.谁不遵守每上述法规都将被全部作为特使的职务酬金剥夺。These regulations were formulated and established long ago with this object: that the ready presence of the legates would be beneficial to the peoples; not that, being free from toils and cares, under cover of being the legate, they would fix their attention only on profit .这些法规是制定并建立与此对象早就指出,该legates准备进驻将有利于人民,不说,作为从toils和无忧无虑的,在被覆盖的特使,他们会解决他们的注意力只利润。

    Since the duty of a cardinal is primarily concerned with regular assistance to the Roman pontiff and the business matters of the apostolic see, we have decided that all cardinals shall reside at the Roman curia, and those who are absent are to return within six months if they are in Italy, or within a year from the day of promulgation of this present constitution if they are outside Italy.由于基数主要职责是定期援助,罗马教皇和使徒看到业务事宜,我们已决定,所有枢机主教将住在罗马教廷,和那些谁是缺席的是,如果在半年内恢复他们是从现行宪法颁布这个日子,如果他们是在意大利意大利以外,或在一年之内。 If they do not they are to lose the fruits of their benefices and the emoluments of all their offices; and they lose completely, as long as they arc absent, all privileges granted in general and in particular to cardinals.如果他们不失去他们的benefices和他们的所有办事处的薪酬的成果,而他们完全丧失,只要他们弧缺席,一般,特别是枢机主教授予的所有权限。 Those cardinals are excepted, however, who happen to be absent by reason of a duty imposed by the apostolic see, or of a command or permission from the Roman pontiff, or from reasonable fear or any other motive which justifiably excuses, or for health reasons .这些枢机主教是例外,但是,谁恰巧是由使徒所看到的,或命令或从罗马教皇的许可,或从合理的恐惧或任何其他动机所规定的职责的原因而缺席名正言顺的借口,或因健康原因。 Moreover, the privileges, indults and immunities granted to the said cardinals and contained or declared in our bull under the date of our coronation1{Bull Licat Romani pontificis,9 April 1513; see Regesta Leonis X no.此外,权限,indults和豁免权授予枢机主教说,并载或根据我们coronation1 {公牛Licat罗姆pontificis,1513年4月9日日在我们的牛市宣布,见Regesta莱奥尼斯X不。14} remain in full force. 14}仍完全有效。We have also decided that the funeral expenses of cardinals, when all costs are included, ought not to exceed the total of 1,500 florins, unless the previous arrangement of the executors -- after just grounds and reasons have been set out -- has reckoned that more should be spent.我们还决定,枢机主教的葬礼费用,当所有的费用都包括在内,不应该超过1500弗罗林总,除非执行者以往的安排 - 经过短短的理由和原因已载 - 已估计,更应该花的。The funeral rites and formal mourning are to be on the first and ninth days; within the octave, however, masses may be celebrated as usual .葬礼仪式和正式的哀悼要在第一和第九天,在八度,但是,群众可以像往常一样庆祝。

    Out of reverence towards the apostolic see, for the advantage and honour of the pontiff and the cardinals, in order that the possibility of scandals which could come to light may be removed and a greater freedom of votes in the holy senate may exist, and that, as is right, it may be lawful for each cardinal to say freely and without penalty whatever he feels before God and his own conscience, we lay down that no cardinal may reveal in writing or by word or in any other way, under pain of being a perjurer and disobedient, the votes that were given in the consistory, or whatever was done or said there which could result in hatred or scandal or prejudice with regard to anyone, or whenever silence on any point beyond the foregoing has been specially and clearly enjoined by ourself or the Roman pontiff of the time.出于对使徒见,为优势和教皇和红衣主教的荣誉,为了使可能的丑闻被曝光的可能性,可能会删除以及在圣参议院投票可能存在更大的自由,而崇敬作为是正确的,它可能是每一个自由合法的枢机主教说,没有任何处罚,他在神面前和他自己的良心的感觉,我们放下,没有大是大非可能揭示以书面或字或以其他任何方式下疼痛,作为一个作伪证者和不听话,认为是在给定的consistory票,或做什么或说有可能在仇恨或丑闻或损害结果就任何人,或当任何超出上述问题保持沉默,并明确了专门责成由ourself或当时的罗马教皇。 If anyone acts to the contrary he incurs, as well as the punishments stated, immediate excommunication from which, except in immediate danger of death, he can only be absolved by ourself or the Roman pontiff of the time, and with a declaration of the reason .如果任何人的行为,相反,他即被,以及处罚规定,立即逐出教会从中,除在死亡的直接危险,他只能通过ourself免除或罗马教皇的时间,并与申报的原因。

    Reforms of the curia and of other things改革的教廷和其他东西

    Since every generation inclines to evil from its youth, and for it to grow accustomed from tender years towards good is the result of work and purpose we rule and order that those in charge of schools, and those who teach young children and youths, ought not only to instruct them in grammar, rhetoric and similar subjects but also to teach those matters which concern religion, such as God's commandments, the articles of the faith, sacred hymns and psalms, and the lives of the saints.由于每一代的青年倾斜,从恶,它将会由对习惯是好嫩年的工作和目的的结果,我们的规则和秩序,在学校负责,如果谁教幼儿和青少年,不应该仅指示在语法,修辞和类似的科目他们也教这些问题的关注宗教如神的诫命,信仰的文章,神圣赞美诗和圣歌,和圣人的生活。 On feast days they should limit themselves to teaching what has reference to religion and good habits, and they are obliged to instruct, encourage and compel their pupils in these matters insofar as they can.在节日,他们应该限制自己的教学参考什么宗教和良好的习惯,他们有责任指导,鼓励和迫使他们的学生在这些问题上,只要它们能。 Thus, let them attend churches not only for masses, but also to listen to vespers and the divine offices, and let them encourage the hearing of instructions and sermons .因此,让他们参加,不仅为广大人民群众的教堂,但也听晚祷和神圣的办公室,让他们鼓励的指令和说教听证会。Let them not teach anything to their pupils that is contrary to good morals or may lead to a lack of reverence .让他们不要教他们的学生什么是违反善良风俗或可能导致缺乏崇敬。

    To wipe out the curse of blasphemy, which has increased beyond measure towards a supreme contempt for the divine name and for the saints, we rule and ordain that whoever curses God openly and publicly and, by insulting and offensive language, has expressly blasphemed our lord Jesus Christ or the glorious virgin Mary, his mother, if he has held a public office or jurisdiction, he is to lose three months' emoluments of his said office for the first and second offence, and if he has committed the fault a third time, he is automatically deprived of his post.要消灭的亵渎,这已经超越措施增加对一个神圣的名字最高的蔑视和圣人的诅咒,我们的规则和祝圣,凡咒诅神的公开和公开,并通过侮辱和攻击性的语言,已明确亵渎我们的主耶稣基督或光荣圣母玛利亚,他的母亲,如果他曾担任公职或司法管辖区,他失去了他说的第一次和第二次犯罪办公室三个月的酬金,如果他犯了第三次故障,他会自动剥夺了他的职位。 If he is a cleric or a priest, he is to be punished further as follows for being found guilty of such a fault: for the first time he blasphemed, he is to lose the fruits of whatever benefices he held for one year; for the second time he offended and was convicted, he is to be deprived of his benefice if he held only one, and if he held several then he is to be compelled to lose the one that his ordinary decides upon; if he is charged and convicted for a third time, he is automatically deprived of all the benefices and dignities that he holds, he is rendered incapable of holding them any longer, and they can be freely asked for and allotted to others.如果他是一个牧师或神父,他是为进一步受到惩罚被发现犯这样的错误如下:第一次,他亵渎,他失去任何benefices他一年举行的成果;为他第二次冒犯,被定罪,他将被剥夺他的采邑,如果他认为只有一个,如果他担任过多个然后他被强迫他失去了一个普通的决定后,如果他被控和定罪第三次,他是自动的所有benefices和尊严被剥夺,他认为,他是持有他们提供再无能,他们可以自由地要求和分配给他人。 A lay person who blasphemes, if he is a noble, is to be fined a penalty of twenty-five ducats; for the second offence the fine is fifty ducats, which are to be applied to the fabric of the basilica of the prince of the apostles in Rome; for other offences he is to be punished as set out below; for a third fault, however, he is to lose his noble status.外行的人谁亵渎,如果他是一个高尚的,是要罚款的25达克特罚款;第二罪行的罚款为五十达克特,这些都是可以应用到对王子的教堂布在罗马的使徒;其他罪行,他将被处罚如下所列,故障的三分之一,但是,他失去了崇高的地位。 If he is of no rank and a plebian, he is to be cast into prison.如果他没有排名和plebian,他将被关进监狱演员。If he has been caught committing blasphemy in public more than twice, he is to be compelled to stand for a whole day in front of the entrance of the principal church, wearing a hood signifying his infamy; but if he has fallen several times into the same fault, he is to be condemned to permanent imprisonment or to the galleys, at the decision of the appointed judge.如果他已经陷入犯公共亵渎的两倍多,他是被强迫站了整整一天的主要教堂门前,戴罩标志着他的骂名,但如果他落入几次同样的故障,他将被判处监禁或永久的厨房在任命法官的决定。 In the forum of conscience, however, nobody guilty of blasphemy can be absolved without a heavy penance imposed by the decision of a strict confessor .在良心的论坛,但是,没有人可以亵渎罪而被免除了严格的忏悔决策施加了沉重的忏悔。We wish those who blaspheme against the other saints to be punished somewhat more lightly, at the decision of a judge who will take account of individuals .我们希望那些谁反对将处罚稍微轻的法官谁将会采取个人账户的决定,其他圣人亵渎。

    We also decree that secular judges who have not taken action against such convicted blasphemers and have not imposed rightful penalties on them, insofar as they are able to, are to be subjected to the same penalties as if they had been involved in the said crime.我们也法令,世俗谁没有采取对等行动,并已被定罪blasphemers不是强加给他们应有的惩罚,只要他们能够向法官,都受到同样的刑罚,如果他们一直在说,参与犯罪。 But those who have exercised care and severity in their examinations and punishments, will gain for each occasion an indulgence of ten years and may keep a third of the fine imposed.但是,这些谁已行使其检查和处罚护理和严重程度,将获得每一次的10年放纵,并可能保持一个优良的三分之一罚款。 Any persons who have heard the blasphemer are obliged to rebuke him sharply in words, if it should happen that this can be done without danger to themselves, and they are obliged to report the same or bring it to the knowledge of an ecclesiastical or secular judge within three days.任何谁听到了渎神者有义务大幅责备他的话,是否应该发生,这可以在不危害自己做的,他们有责任报告相同或把它带到一个教会或世俗的判断知识三天之内。 But if several persons have at the same time heard the said blasphemer committing the fault, each one is obliged to make an accusation against him, unless perhaps they all agree that one will perform the task for all .但如果几个人在同一时间听到说渎神犯的错,每一个有责任作出对他的指控,除非也许他们都同意,一个将执行的所有任务。We urge and counsel in the Lord all the said persons, in virtue of holy obedience, that they command and ensure, for the reverence and honour of the divine name, that all the foregoing are kept and very exactly carried out in their lordships and lands.我们敦促和律师在主所有的人说,在圣服从美德,他们的命令和保证,为崇敬和神圣的名字荣誉,所有上述的妥善保管和在他们的枢密院和土地进行了非常准确。 Thus they will have from God himself an abundant reward for such a good and pious deed, and they too will obtain from the apostolic see an indulgence of ten years, and a third of the fine by which the blasphemer is punished, as often as they have taken the trouble to have such a crime punished .因此,他们将有来自神自己为这样一个良好的和虔诚的契税abundant奖励,他们也将获得从使徒看到一个十年的放纵,以及对其中渎神者将被处以罚款的三分之一,因为他们经常不厌其烦能有这样的罪行受到惩罚。 It is likewise our will that this indulgence and the remaining third of the fine imposed be granted and assigned to the person reporting the name of the blasphemer.这同样是我们的意志,这种放纵和罚款,其余三分之一被授予和分配的人报告的渎神者的名字。Moreover, other penalties set down in the sacred canons against such blasphemers remain in force .此外,设置在打击这类blasphemers神圣的大炮了其他处罚继续有效。

    In order that clerics, especially, may live in continence and chastity according to canonical legislation, we rule that offenders be severely punished as the canons lay down.为了使神职人员,尤其是可能住在可控和贞节根据规范的立法,我们的规则,违例者受到严厉的惩罚的大炮放下。If anyone, lay or cleric, has been found guilty of a charge on account of which the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience, let him be punished by the penalties respectively imposed by the sacred canons or by civil law.如果任何人,或躺在神职人员,已发现的一个帐户费用其中,神的忿怒在悖逆之子来犯,让他被分别由神圣的大炮或民事法律规定的刑罚处罚。 Those involved in concubinage, whether they be lay or cleric, are to be punished by the penalties of the same canons.这些参与纳妾,无论是躺在或神职人员,都是由同一门炮的刑罚处罚。Concubinage is not to be allowed by the tolerance of superiors, or as an evil custom of a great number of sinners, which should rather be called a corruption, or under any other excuse; but let those involved be punished severely in accordance with the judgment of the law .纳妾是不被容许的上级宽容,或作为一个大量的罪人,而应该被称为腐败,或根据任何其他借口恶习俗,但让那些涉及处罚的判决按照严重法律。

    Moreover, for the good and peaceful government of cities and all places subject to the Roman church, we renew the constitutions published some time ago by Giles, the well-remembered bishop of Sabina, and we enjoin and command that they be kept without alteration .此外,在城市和各地受到罗马教会好,和平的政府,我们再次公布贾尔斯,对柏良好的主教记得前一段时间的宪法,我们责成和命令,他们在不改变保管。

    So that the stain and disease of abominable simony may be driven out for ever not only from the Roman curia but also from all christian rule, we renew the constitutions issued by our predecessors, also in sacred councils, against simoniacs of this kind, and we prescribe that they be observed unaltered.从而使染色和恶劣买卖圣职疾病可能是永远的,不仅带动了从罗马教廷也从所有的基督教统治,我们重申我们的前辈们发出的宪法,也是在神圣的议会,对这种simoniacs,我们规定他们必须遵守不变。 We wish the penalties they contain to be regarded as clearly stated and included herein, and the offenders to be punished by our authority .我们希望它们所包含的处罚被视为明确规定,包括本,以及罪犯受到惩罚的权力。

    We rule and order that anyone who holds a benefice with or without the care of souls, if he has not recited the divine office after six months from the date of his obtaining the benefice, and any legitimate impediment has come to an end may not receive the revenues of his benefices, on account of his omission and the length of time, but he is bound to spend them, as being unjustly received, on the fabric of the benefices or on alms to the poor.我们的规则和秩序,任何人谁拥有或没有灵魂护理成为采邑,如果他没有念半年后从他取得采邑日期,以及任何合法阻碍个月的神圣办公室已走到了尽头可能不会收到他benefices收入,对他的不作为和时间长短的帐户,但他必然要花费他们,被不公正地收到对benefices织物或向穷人施舍。 If he obstinately remains in such negligence beyond the said period, after a legitimate warning has been given, let him be deprived of the benefice, since it is for the sake of the office that the benefice is granted.如果他硬是在上述期间以外的疏忽仍然存在,经过合法的警告已发出,让他被剥夺了采邑,因为它为的采邑授予办公室着想。 He is to be understood as neglecting the office, so that he can be deprived of his benefice, if he fails to recite it at least twice during fifteen days .他是可以理解为忽略了办公室,让他可以剥夺他的采邑,如果他未能在15天背诵它至少两次。However, in addition to what has just been said, he will be obliged to offer to God an explanation for the said omission.不过,除了刚刚说什么,他将不得不为上帝提供上述遗漏的解释。The penalty on those holding several benefices may be repeated as often as they are proved to act contrary to these obligations .对那些持有几个benefices刑罚可重复的次数,因为他们被证实违背这些义务。

    The full disposal and administration of the revenues of cathedral and metropolitan churches, monasteries and any other ecclesiastical benefices belong exclusively to us and the Roman pontiff of the time, and to those who legally and canonically hold churches, monasteries and benefices of this kind.完整的处置和城市的大教堂和教堂,寺院和任何其他教会benefices的收入管理只属于我们和罗马教皇的时候,和那些谁在法律和标准地举行教堂,寺庙和这种benefices。 Secular princes ought in no way to interpose themselves in the said churches, monasteries and benefices, since all divine law also forbids it.世俗诸侯应该在没有办法干预在上述教堂,修道院和benefices自己,因为所有的神圣的法律也禁止它。For these reasons we rule and command that the fruits and revenues of churches, monasteries and benefices ought not to be sequestrated, held or detained in any way by any secular rulers, even if they be the emperor, kings, queens, republics or other powers, or by their officials, or by judges, even ecclesiastical ones, or by any other persons public or private, acting at the command of the said emperor, kings, queens princes, republics or powers.基于这些原因,我们的规则和命令的水果和教堂,寺院和benefices收入不应该​​被扣押,持有或以任何方式扣留任何世俗的统治者,即使是皇帝,国王,王后,共和国或其他权力通过他们的官员,或由法官,甚至教会的,或由任何其他人的公众或私人的,在该命令的作用或者说皇帝,国王,王后王子,共和国或权力。 Those who hold such churches, monasteries and benefices ought not to be impeded -- under the pretext of the restoration of the fabric (unless permission is expressly given by the Roman pontiff of the time) or of alms-giving or under any other guise or pretence -- so that they cannot freely and without restriction, as before, dispose of the fruits and revenues.这些谁持有这些教堂,修道院和benefices不应该阻碍 - 下织物的恢复借口(除非明确许可,由罗马教皇的时间给出)或施舍或任何其他名义或借口 - 使他们不能自由地和不受任何限制,像以前,处置的成果和收益。

    If there have been sequestrations, seizures or retentions, then restoration of the fruits and revenues must be made totally, freely, and without exception or delay, to the prelates to whom they pertain by right and by law.如果有被隔离症,癫痫发作或保证金,然后是水果和收入必须完全恢复,自由,没有例外或延误,给主教向他们的权利和依法属于。 If they have been scattered and can nowhere be found, it is our will, supported by the penalty of excommunication or ecclesiastical interdict to be automatically incurred by the lands and domain of the ruler, that, after a just estimate has been made about them, the said prelates receive satisfaction through those who carried out the said sequestrations, applications or dispersals or who gave orders for them to be carried out; and further, that their goods and the goods of those subject to them, wherever these may be found, may be seized and held if, after being warned, they refuse to obey.如果他们被分散,可无处可寻,这是我们的意志,由逐出教会或教会禁止将自动由土地和域的统治者,,经过公正的估计一直对他们作出处罚所产生的支持下,上述主教获得通过这些谁进行了上述隔离症,应用程序或dispersals或谁吩咐他们进行的满意度,进一步,他们的货物和那些对他们的问题,只要这些货物可能会发现,可能待检,并举行后,如果被警告,他们拒绝服从。 Those who act in a contrary manner do so under pain of both the penalties mentioned above and those of deprivation of the fiefs and privileges which they have obtained for a time from us and from the Roman or other churches, and of those issued against violators and oppressors of ecclesiastical liberties, including those in extraordinary and other constitutions, even if they are unknown and perhaps not now in actual use.这些谁在相反的方式行事下这样做既上述罚款和对他们的封地,并有从我们和罗马教会的时间或其他获得特权被剥夺的痛苦,以及对违法者发出的对教会的自由,包括在特殊和其他宪法的,压迫者即使是未知的,也许不是现在的实际使用。 We renew all these penalties as stated and included herein, we decree and declare that they have perpetual force- and we will and order that sentence, judgment and interpretation are to be given according to them by all judges, even cardinals of the holy Roman church, with all power of judging and declaring otherwise being removed and taken away from them .我们重申,所有这些刑罚规定,包括在此,我们的法令,并宣布他们已经永久力,我们将和秩序的那句话,判断和解释是根据他们给予所有法官,甚至神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,所有的判断和申报,否则被删除,并带走他们的权力。

    Since no power over ecclesiastical persons is granted to lay people by either divine or human law, we renew the constitution of pope Boniface VIII, our predecessor of happy memory, which begins Felicis, and that of pope Clement V which begins Si quis suadente, and also any other apostolic ordinance, however issued, in favour of ecclesiastical freedom and against its violators .由于没有人对教会权力授予打下无论神或人的法律人,我们重申对教宗波尼法爵八,我们的快乐记忆,它的前身开始Felicis宪法,教皇克莱门特V的开始四quis suadente这一点,也是任何其他使徒的条例,但发出的,在教会的自由,赞成和反对的违反者。Moreover, the penalties against those who dare to do such things, contained in the bull In coena Domini3, are to remain in force.此外,对那些谁也不敢做这种事情,在牛市中coena Domini3所载的刑罚仍然有效。It has similarly been forbidden in the Lateran and general councils, under penalty of excommunication, for kings, princes, dukes, counts, barons, republics and any other authorities exercising control over kingdoms, provinces, cities and territories, to impose and exact money contributions, tithes and other similar imposts on or from clerics, prelates and any other persons of the church, or even to receive them from those who freely offer them and give their consent.它也同样被禁止在拉特兰和一般委员会,根据逐出教会的惩罚,为国王,王子,公爵,计数,贵族,共和国和行使对王国,省,市和地区控制的任何其他机关,实施和精确的钱贡献,或什一税和神职人员,主教和教会的任何其他人,甚至那些谁得到自由,给他们提供他们同意他们的其他类似imposts。 Those who openly or covertly provide help, favour or advice in the aforesaid matters automatically incur the penalty of immediate excommunication; and states, communities and universities which are at fault in any way on this point are by this very fact to be subject to ecclesiastical interdict.

    Prelates also, who have given consent to the foregoing without the clear permission of the Roman pontiff, automatically incur the penalty of excommunication and removal from office. For these reasons we decree and ordain that henceforth those who attempt such things, even if (as mentioned) they are qualified, in addition to the aforesaid penalties which we renew and wish them to incur by the very fact of their contravention, are to be regarded as incapable of all legal acts and as intestable .

    Sorcery, by means of enchantments, divinations, superstitions and the invoking of demons, is prohibited by both civil laws and the sanctions of the sacred canons.巫术,通过结界,占卜,迷信和恶魔调用手段,是禁止的民事法律的神圣大炮的制裁。We rule, decree and ordain that clerics who are found guilty of these things are to be branded with disgrace at the judgment of superiors.我们的规则,法令和祝圣,谁被发现有罪的教士这些东西要在上级与判断耻辱品牌。If they do not desist, they are to be demoted, forced into a monastery for a period of time that is to be fixed by the will of the superior, and deprived of their benefices and ecclesiastical offices.如果他们不停止,他们将被降级,变成了修道院被迫的时间是固定由上级意志,他们的benefices和教会办事处剥夺时期。 Lay men and women, however, are to be subject to excommunication and the other penalties of both civil and canon law.莱男人和女人,但是,要受到逐出教会和民事和教会法的其他处罚。All false Christians and those with evil sentiments towards the faith, of whatever race or nation they may be, as well as heretics and those stained with some taint of heresy, or Judaizers, are to be totally excluded from the company of Christ's faithful and expelled from any position, especially from the Roman curia, and punished with an appropriate penalty.全是假基督徒和对信仰的邪恶情绪的人,对任何种族或民族,他们可能会,以及异教徒和那些具有某种异端污点,或Judaizers染色,将被完全排除在基督信徒公司开除从任何位置,尤其是来自罗马教廷,并判处适当的刑罚。 For these reasons we rule that proceedings are to be taken against them, with careful enquiry everywhere and particularly in the said curia, by means of judges appointed by us, and that those accused and rightly convicted of these offences are to be punished with fitting penalties; and we wish that those who have relapsed are to be dealt with without any hope of pardon or forgiveness .基于这些原因,我们的规则程序要对他们采取与仔细询问各地,特别是在说教廷,由我们任命的法官的手段,而那些被指控和定罪正确,这些都是与装修刑罚处罚,而我们希望那些谁拥有复发是处理没有任何赦免或宽恕与希望。

    Since these constitutions and ordinances which we are now establishing concern life, morals and ecclesiastical discipline, it is fitting that our own and other officials, both those in the Roman curia and those everywhere else, should be models of and bound to them, and it is our will and decision that they be held to their observance by an inviolable bond.由于这些宪法和法令,我们正在建立concern生命,道德和教会的纪律,这是恰当的我们自己和其他官员,无论是在罗马教廷和那些其他地方,应该是模型和约束他们,这是我们的意志和决策,他们举行了不可侵犯的保证金,以他们的尊重。 Lest these constitutions seem at any point to detract from other censures and penalties imposed by ancient laws and constitutions against those acting otherwise, even though they have been thought out and issued as a development, we further declare that nothing whatever has been taken away from common law or from other decrees of Roman pontiffs by these regulations and ordinances.为了避免这些章程在任何时候,似乎有损于其他谴责和古代法律和宪法规定行事,否则反对,尽管他们已经考虑和作为开发发行的处罚,我们进一步宣布,无论从已采取共同的距离无关法或其他法令的这些法规和条例的罗马教宗。 Indeed, if any parts of them have lost their force through the evil corruption of times, places and people, or through abuse, or for any other unapprovable reason, we here and now renew and confirm them and order them to be observed without alteration .事实上,如果其中的任何部分都失去了对时间,地点和人,或者通过滥用,或任何其他unapprovable原因邪恶腐败的力量,我们现在在这里重申和确认他们,命令他们在不改变观察。 We decree and declare that these our well-pondered constitutions are to be of binding force from two months after publication, and we strictly forbid anyone to presume to make glosses or commentaries or interpretations on them without special permission from us or the apostolic see.我们的法令,并宣布这些精心思索我们的宪法是从两个月的约束力出版后,我们严格禁止任何人相信,使我们或未经特别许可的使徒见掩盖或评论,或对他们的解释。 Anyone who rashly dares to oppose this, incurs the penalty of immediate excommunication by this very act .任何人谁贸然敢反对,即被立即逐出教会由这个行为的惩罚。Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而.

    SESSION 10 held on 4 May 1515会议10月4日举行1515年5月

    [On the reform of credit organisations (Montes pietatis)][根据信贷组织改革(蒙特斯pietatis)]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。We ought to give first place in our pastoral office, among our many anxious cares, to ensuring that what is healthy, praiseworthy, in keeping with the christian faith, and in harmony with good customs may be not only clarified in our time but also made known to future generations, and that what could offer matter for scandal be totally cut down, wholly uprooted and nowhere permitted to spread, while at the same time permitting those seeds to be planted in the Lord's field and in the vineyard of the Lord of hosts which can spiritually feed the minds of the faithful, once the cockle has been uprooted and the wild olive cut down.我们应该给我们农牧办公室首先,在我们的许多焦急关心,确保什么是健康的,值得称道的,与基督教信仰保持一致,并与善良风俗的和谐可能不仅澄清了我们的时间,但也取得了众所周知,未来的几代人,而且什么可以提供丑闻问题完全砍掉,全部连根拔起,无处允许传播,而在同一时间允许这些种子将在主的领域和万军之耶和华的葡萄园种植可精神上饲料的忠实的头脑,一旦拾贝已被连根拔起和野生橄榄砍伐。 Indeed, we have learnt that among some of our dear sons who were masters in theology and doctors of civil and canon law, there has recently broken out again a particular controversy, not without scandal and disquiet for ordinary people, with regard to the relief of the poor by means of loans made to them by public authorities.事实上,我们已经了解到,我们之间谁在神学和教会法的民事和医生的主人亲爱的儿子一些,但最近又爆发了一个特定的争议,不是没有丑闻和普通民众的不安,关于救济通过贷款方式向他们差的公共机关。 They are popularly called credit organisations and have been set up in many cities of Italy by the magistrates of the cities and by other Christians, to assist by this kind of loan the lack of resources among the poor lest they be swallowed up by the greed of usurers They have been praised and encouraged by holy men, preachers of God's word, and approved and confirmed also by a number of our predecessors as popes, to the effect that the said credit organisations are not out of harmony with christian dogma, even though there is controversy and different opinions regarding the question .他们俗称信贷组织,并已设置在意大利许多城市设立由城市的法官和其他基督徒,在本贷款的穷人之间的资源缺乏一种协助,以免他们被贪婪吞噬了起来高利贷者他们一直推崇和圣人,神的话语传教士鼓励,并批准和证实了作为教皇前人数量,大意是说,信贷组织脱离了基督教教条和谐不还,即使有争论和不同意见,有关问题。

    Some of these masters and doctors say that the credit organisations are unlawful.这些大师和医生有人说,信贷组织是违法的。After a fixed period of time has passed, they say, those attached to these organisations demand from the poor to whom they make a loan so much per pound in addition to the capital sum.经过一段固定的时期已经过去,他们说,这些组织的重视穷人的需求向他们作除了资本总和的每磅这么多贷款。For this reason they cannot avoid the crime of usury or injustice, that is to say a clearly defined evil, since our Lord, according to Luke the evangelist, has bound us by a clear command that we ought not to expect any addition to the capital sum when we grant a loan.为此,他们无法避免高利贷或不公正,即有明确定义的邪恶,因为我们的上帝,犯罪,根据卢克的传播者,有约束,明确指挥我们,我们不应该指望任何资本除了综上所述,当我们给予贷款。 For, that is the real meaning of usury: when, from its use, a thing which produces nothing is applied to the acquiring of gain and profit without any work, any expense or any risk.因为,那是高利贷的真正意义:当从它的使用,其产生的东西没有被应用到获取收益和利润没有任何工作,任何费用或任何风险。 The same masters and doctors add that in these credit organisations neither commutative nor distributive justice is observed, even though contracts of this kind, if they are to be duly approved, ought not to go beyond the bounds of justice.同样的硕士和博士补充说,在这些信贷机构交换或分配正义没有观察到,即使这种合同,如果他们被正式批准,不应该超越司法的界限。 They endeavour to prove this on the grounds that the expenses of the maintenance of these organisations, which ought to be paid by many persons (as they say), are extracted only from the poor to whom a loan is made; and at the same time certain other persons are given more than their necessary and moderate expenses (as they seem to imply), not without an appearance of evil and an encouragement to wrongdoing .他们努力证明上说,这些组织的维护费用,应该由(他们说)很多人付出,只提取从穷人贷款是向谁提出这个理由,并在同一时间其他一些人给出了比他们的必要和适度的费用增加(因为他们似乎暗示),不无邪恶的外观和对不道德行为的鼓励。

    But many other masters and doctors say the opposite and, both in writing and in speech, unite in speaking in many of the schools in Italy in defence of so great a benefit and one so necessary to the state, on the grounds that nothing is being sought nor hoped for from the loan as such.但许多其他大师和医生说,相反,无论在写作和演讲,在团结在如此大的利益辩护的学校在意大利和一所以需要许多国家来说,其理由是没有什么是幸福,要求,也没有从这些贷款作为希望。 Nevertheless, they argue, for the compensation of the organisations -- that is, to defray the expenses of those employed and of all the things necessarily pertaining to the upkeep of the said organisations -- they may lawfully ask and receive, in addition to the capital, a moderate and necessary sum from those deriving benefit from the loan, provided that no profit is made therefrom.不过,他们认为,对于组织的补偿 - 即,支付的就业者和所有的东西必然涉及到的保养费用表示组织 - 他们可以合法要求和接收除,资本,从这些贷款中获取的利益,从温和的和必要的总和,但没有利润由此制成。This is in virtue of the rule of law that the person who experiences benefit ought also to meet the charge, especially when there is added the support of the apostolic authority.这是在法治的美德的人谁也应该受益的经验,以满足充电,特别是当有添加的使徒权威的支持。They point out that this opinion was approved by our predecessors of happy memory, the Roman pontiffs Paul II, Sixtus IV, Innocent VIII, Alexander VI and Julius II, as well as by saints and persons devoted to God and held in high esteem for their holiness, and has been preached in sermons about the gospel truth .他们指出,这种观点是由我们的前辈们快乐记忆批准,罗马教宗保禄二世,Sixtus IV,无辜八,亚历山大六世和朱利叶斯二世,以及由圣人和致力于上帝和推崇者为他们的圣洁,并一直在鼓吹对福音真理的说教。

    We wish to make suitable arrangements on this question (in accord with what we have received from on high).我们想在这个问题上适当的安排(与我们所收到的来自高层协议)。We commend the zeal for justice displayed by the former group, which desires to prevent the opening up of the chasm of usury, as well as the love of piety and truth shown by the latter group, which wishes to aid the poor, and indeed the earnestness of both sides.我们对正义的热情赞扬由前组,欲望,防止高利贷的鸿沟开放,以及虔诚和后一组,凡希望扶贫显示真理的热爱显示,以至语重心长的两侧。 Since, therefore, this whole question appears to concern the peace and tranquility of the whole christian state, we declare and define, with the approval of the sacred council, that the above-mentioned credit organisations, established by states and hitherto approved and confirmed by the authority of the apostolic see, do not introduce any kind of evil or provide any incentive to sin if they receive, in addition to the capital, a moderate sum for their expenses and by way of compensation, provided it is intended exclusively to defray the expenses of those employed and of other things pertaining (as mentioned) to the upkeep of the organisations, and provided that no profit is made therefrom.因为,所以,这整个问题似乎关注的和平与安宁,整个基督教国家,我们声明和定义的神圣议会的批准,上述提到的信贷组织,各国和批准,并证实了迄今成立在使徒见的权威,不引入任何邪恶的实物或提供除资本罪任何动机,如果他们接受,为他们的费用和赔偿方式温和的总和,它的目的是提供专门支付就业者和其他有关费用的事(如前所述),以维持该组织,并规定没有利润由此制成。

    They ought not, indeed, to be condemned in any way.他们不应该,事实上,以任何方式谴责。Rather, such a type of lending is meritorious and should be praised and approved.相反,这样的贷款类型有功,应该赞扬和认可。It certainly should not be considered as usurious; it is lawful to preach the piety and mercy of such organisations to the people, including the indulgences granted for this purpose by the holy apostolic see; and in the future, with the approval of the apostolic see, other similar credit organisations can be established.这当然不应该被视为高利贷,它是合法的宣讲孝道和这些组织的仁慈的人,包括为此授予圣使徒见的宽容,以及在未来,随着使徒见批准其他类似信贷组织可以成立的。 It would, however, be much more perfect and more holy if such credit organisations were completely gratuitous: that is, if those establishing them provided definite sums with which would be paid, if not the total expenses, then at least half the wages of those employed by the organisations, with the result that the debt of the poor would be lightened thereby.这将,但是,更加完善和更神圣的,如果这种信贷组织完全免费:那就是,如果那些建立他们提供一定金额的这将是支付,如果不是总开支的话,至少一半的工资,这些受雇于该组织,以致穷人的债务将减轻由此造成的。 We therefore decree that Christ's faithful ought to be prompted, by a grant of substantial indulgences, to give aid to the poor by providing the sums of which we have spoken, m order to meet the costs of the organisations .因此,我们的法令,基督信徒应该提示,通过大量的宽容给予,给予,提供了我们所讲的款项,米,以满足各组织的成本援助穷人。

    It is our will that all religious as well as ecclesiastical and secular persons who henceforth dare to preach or argue otherwise by word or in writing, contrary to the sense of the present declaration and sanction, incur the punishment of immediate excommunication, notwithstanding any kind of privilege, things said above, constitutions and orders of the apostolic see, and anything else to the contrary .这是我们将所有宗教以及宗教和世俗人士今后谁还敢鼓吹或主张通过文字或书面方式,否则,违背了本宣言和制裁感,招致立即逐出教会的惩罚,尽管任何类型的,特权,事情上面说,宪法和使徒的订单看,和其他任何与此相反。

    [Bull against exempt persons, in which are included some points regarding ecclesiastical liberty and episcopal dignity][对获豁免人士通报,其中包括一些点就教会主教自由和尊严]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。Presiding over the government of the universal church (the Lord so disposing), we readily aim to secure the advantages of subjects, in conformity with the obligation of our pastoral office.在普遍教会(主如此处理)政府主持,我们的目标是确保随时与我们的田园办公室义务不符的学科优势。In order to preserve the church's freedom, to remove scandals, to establish harmony, and to foster peace between prelates of churches and those subject to them, we apply the effort of apostolic care in proportion as experience shows that disagreement between such groups will be harmful.为了维护教会的自由,以消除丑闻,建立和谐,以促进之间的教堂和那些他们受到主教的和平,我们运用比例的使徒护理工作的经验表明,在这些团体的分歧将是有害的。 Thus we are glad to regulate the indults and privileges granted to the same subjects by both our predecessors and the apostolic see, at the expense of the prelates concerned, in such a way scandals do not arise from them, or material be provided to anyone for fostering ill-will, or ecclesiastical persons be somehow drawn away from the benefit of obedience as well as from perseverance in the divine service .因此,我们高兴地调节indults并授予两个前人和使徒看到相同科目的特权,在主教有关费用以这样一种方式丑闻并非来自他们,或材料提供给任何人,促进虐待会,或教会的人以某种方式来自服从效益,以及从在神圣的服务毅力了。

    Recently, indeed, a trustworthy report has reached our ears that canons of patriarchal, metropolitan, cathedral and collegiate churches and other secular clerics are making too many claims, on account of which they give rise to considerable ill-report concerning themselves, have an injurious effect on others from their claims of exemption and freedom obtained from the apostolic see, evade the corrections and regulations of the ordinaries, and shun their courts and judgments.近日,的确,一个值得信赖的报告已达到我们的耳朵,宗法,城市,大教堂和大学的教堂和其他世俗教士大炮正账上的,他们会产生相当大的不良报告关于自己太多的要求,有损害从豁免和自由的使徒看到他们的要求得到他人的影响,逃避的普通更正和法规,并顺其法院和判断。 Some of them, in the hope of gaining freedom from punishment for their deviations by the privilege of exemption, do not fear to commit offences which they would certainly have never committed if they did not believe that they were protected by their exemption.其中一些,在争取各界对他们的偏差处罚的豁免特权自由的希望,不要害怕承诺,他们一定会从来没有承诺,如果他们不相信他们是被他们的豁免保护的罪行。 The result is that, on account of the brashness of those trusting that they will obtain freedom from punishment for their offences, because of the privilege of exemption, they commit outrages on many occasions as a result of which the church is very much maligned and serious scandals arise, especially when those responsible for correcting and punishing them fail to do so.其结果是,对那些因豁免特权信任,他们将获得自由刑为他们的罪行,brashness帐户,他们承诺,结果其中的教堂是非常严重的诽谤和多次暴行丑闻出现,尤其是当那些负责纠正和惩罚他们没有这样做。 In our wish to provide the necessary remedy lest, on the above pretext, their faults remain unpunished, we rule, with the approval of the sacred council, that henceforth those to whom the correction and punishment of exempt persons has been committed by the apostolic see, are to attend carefully to these duties and diligently to carry out the obligations of the office entrusted to them.我们希望提供以免,上述借口必要的补救措施,他们的错误受到惩罚,我们的规则,与神圣的议会批准,从今以后那些人的矫正和免除处罚的人已被使徒见犯,要认真参加这些职责,认真开展办公室委托给他们的义务。 As soon as it is legally clear to them that exempt persons have been at fault, they are to punish them in such a way that they are restrained from their acts of arrogance by fear of a penalty and so that others, frightened by their example, will rightly shrink from committing similar faults .只要它在法律上明确告诉他们,豁免任何人有过失,但他们是在这样的惩罚,他们限制从傲慢的行为受惩罚的恐惧,并通过他们的榜样,让其他人,害怕他们的方式,将正确地收缩犯类似错误。

    If they are neglectful in this matter, the diocesan and other local ordinaries are to warn such persons, who have the responsibility for correcting those who are exempt, that they should punish such exempt persons who have committed faults and are guilty and should censure them within a suitable time, which is to be determined by the judgment of those giving the warning.如果他们在这个问题上疏忽,教区和其他地方普通是警告这些人,谁对谁纠正那些被免除责任,他们应该惩罚谁犯了这样的错误,是犯罪,应该谴责他们在获豁免人士一个合适的时间,这是由给予警告那些判决确定。 The warning is to be given in person (if the resources and standing of the person giving it make this possible), or otherwise, if there should be no clearly recognised judge in the region of the exempt persons, they are to warn those whom they consider to be responsible for the above by means of a public edict, which is to be fixed to the doors of the cathedrals or other churches where such judges of exempt persons may happen to reside, or if there are no judges of the exempt persons there, then where the exempt persons have committed the faults.该警告是要亲自给定(如资源和赋予其人站在做到这一点),否则,如果有应在该获豁免人士地区没有清楚地认识到法官,他们警告那些他们考虑到为上述负责通过公共法令,这是被固定在教堂或其他地方的教堂获豁免人士如法官可能会发生在居住,或门意味着,如果有对获豁免人士有没有法官又在哪里获豁免人士所犯的错误。 If those who have received the warning are negligent in this matter, and do not trouble or have refused to carry it out, then, so that they may be penalised for their fault, they are to be deprived of hearing the inquiry for that time and are henceforth not to be involved in any way in such inquiries.如果这些谁已收到警告是在这个问题上疏忽了,不麻烦或拒绝执行它,然后,让他们可以为自己的过错受到惩罚,他们将被听证的,当时被剥夺和查询从今以后不参与任何有关查询方式。 Then the diocesan and other local ordinaries can proceed, on our authority, either to an inquiry or by means of an accusation, excluding the use of torture, against such offending and criminous persons and may personally examine the witnesses.然后,教区和其他地方普通可以继续,我们的权力,既可以查询或通过指控的手段,不包括使用酷刑对这类违法犯罪和criminous人,并有可能亲自讯问证人。

    They shall see that the process itself -- regarding which, by reason of the solemnity of the law, we forbid anything to be alleged or said except on account of an omitted citation (provided the offence has been correctly proved elsewhere) -- is held, closed and sealed by them and quickly despatched to the apostolic see, either by themselves or by another messenger, so as to be carefully examined by the apostolic see, either by the Roman pontiff or by someone else to whom he shall commit the matter; at the expense of the offending exempt persons, including the expenses incurred in the process itself, which expenses the ordinaries can compel the persons who have been investigated and charged to pay.他们应看到,这个过程本身 - 关于其中,由法律的严肃性原因,我们禁止任何东西能够被指控或除外的一个省略引用(前提是正确的罪行已经证明其他地方)的帐户说 - 是举行,关闭和密封,并迅速派出由他们的使徒看,无论是由自己或由另一使者,以认真的研究无论是使徒见罗马教皇或由别人的人,他应承诺事项;在违规的获豁免人士,包括在这个过程本身,这是普通的开支可以迫使谁进行了调查,并记入个人支付的开支费用。 And those found worthy of blame, either to the extent of being condemned or on account of there being sufficient evidence to justify recourse to torture so that the truth might be extracted, are to be returned to the diocesans or ordinaries so that these may lawfully proceed further, on our authority, in the inquiry or the accusation and may terminate the case according to what is just .而这些发现值得指责,无论是对正在或正对有充分证据证明诉诸酷刑,使真相可能被提取,要返回到diocesans或普通,以便这些帐户可以合法进行谴责的程度进一步,我们的权力,在调查或指控,并可能终止的情况下根据什么是正义的。

    Notaries of the apostolic see, whose office is known to have been instituted by pope Clement I of happy memory at the beginnings of the primitive church, for the purpose of investigating and recording the acts of saints, and who have been elevated to the office of protonotary and wear an official garment and a rochet, together with other officials who are attached to us and to the said see, when they are actually engaged in their duties, are exempt from all jurisdiction of ordinaries in both civil and criminal matters.在使徒看,其办公已知有被教皇克莱门特在教堂的原始记忆我幸福的开始,制定了调查和记录圣人的行为目的,谁公证人已经提升到了办公室protonotary和穿正式服装和罗歇,加上谁是连接到我们的其他官员,并说看到的,当他们实际上是在从事自己的职责,从所有的普通民事和刑事案件管辖豁免。 Other notaries, however, not wearing the dress of the protonotariate, unless they have adopted it within three months after the publication of this present document, both themselves and others due to be elevated to the office in the future who do not regularly wear the official dress and a rochet, as well as other officials, our own and those of the said see, when not actually engaged in their duties, are to be subject to the jurisdiction of the said diocesans and ordinaries in both criminal and civil cases which involve sums not exceeding twenty-five golden ducats of the treasury.其他公证员,但是,不穿衣服的protonotariate,除非他们采取在三个月后,目前这个文件刊物,自己和其他人由于被提升到在未来的办公室谁不经常穿的正式裙及罗歇,以及其他官员,我们自己和那些说看到的,当没有实际在从事其职责,要受上述diocesans和普通的刑事和民事案件的司法管辖权涉及的款项不超过国库25金达克特。

    But in civil cases involving sums exceeding such an amount, they are to enjoy full exemption and to be totally excluded from the jurisdiction of the said diocesans and ordinaries.但在涉及款项超过这样的数量民事案件,他们享有充分的豁免,并完全从上述diocesans和普通管辖。We also judge it worthy and appropriate that among the personal staff of cardinals of the holy Roman church, only those shall enjoy the privilege of exemption who belong to the household staff and are regular sharers of its board, or have been sent by the same cardinals to carry out their personal business, or perhaps are absent for a time from the Roman curia to refresh themselves.我们还和适当的判断是值得的是,在对罗马教会枢机主教个人的工作人员,只有那些享有豁免特权谁属于家庭人员,并且是其董事会定期共享者,或已被送往同一枢机主教开展个人业务,或者是来自罗马教廷的时间来刷新自己的缺席。 But for others, even when they are registered as belonging to the personal staff, the privilege of staff membership in no way entitles them to be outside the control of their diocesans and ordinaries .但对于其他人,即使他们是属于个人的工作人员登记,工作人员丝毫没有特权的成员有权它们超出其diocesans和普通控制。

    By the constitution published at the council of Vienne which begins Attendentes, there was given to the aforesaid diocesans full faculties to visit once a year the convents of nuns, in their dioceses, that are immediately subject to the apostolic see.通过在维埃纳省议会的开始Attendentes公布的宪法,有给上述diocesans全系访问一年一次的修道院的修女,在他们的教区,都立即受到使徒见。 We renew this constitution and we prescribe and command that it be strictly kept, notwithstanding any exemptions and privileges.我们重申,我们这部宪法规定和命令,它是严格把握,尽管任何豁免和特权。By the foregoing, moreover, the same diocesans and ordinaries are not to be prejudiced by cases in which jurisdiction over exempt persons has been granted by law.通过上述情况,而且,同样的diocesans和普通是不被豁免的人士中,超过管辖权已被法律赋予的案件受到损害。Rather, we define that henceforth exemptions granted for a time without reasonable cause, and without any citation of those involved, are of no force or value .相反,我们定义,从今以后没有给予合理的原因时,并没有任何有关人士引用豁免,没有武力或价值。

    Since order in the church is confused if the jurisdiction of each person is not preserved, we rule and ordain, in an effort to support the jurisdiction of ordinaries (so far as we can with God's favour), to impose more quickly an end to lawsuits, and to restrict the immoderate expenses of litigants, that individual cases, spiritual, civil and mixed, involving in any way an ecclesiastical forum and concerned with benefices -- provided that the actual benefices have not been under a general reservation and the incomes, rents and produce of the individual benefices do not surpass in value, by common reckoning, twenty-four golden ducats of the treasury -- shall in the first instance be examined and settled outside the Roman curia and before the local ordinaries.由于教会秩序混乱,如果每个人的管辖权是不保留,我们的规则和祝圣,努力支持普通管辖权(到目前为止,我们可以与上帝的青睐),施以更迅速对诉讼结束,并限制当事人的无节制开支,个别情况下,精神,民事和混合,以任何方式涉及一个教会论坛和benefices关注 - 前提是实际benefices没有保留,并根据一般的收入,租金已并产生个人benefices不超过价值,以共同清算,国库24金达克特 - 应在第一时间进行检查外,罗马教廷和之前的当地普通结算。Thus, nobody may appeal prior to a definitive sentence, nor may an appeal (if made) be in any way admitted, except from an interlocutory judgment which may have the force of a definitive sentence, or by way of a complaint which in no way concerns the main business.因此,任何人不得提出上诉的最终判决之前,不得上诉(如作出)以任何方式承认,除了从非正审的判决可能有一个明确的判决生效,或由投诉方式,也绝不涉及的主要业务。

    For, redress cannot be obtained from a definitive sentence by means of an appeal, unless one of the litigants does not dare to go to law before the ordinary because of a genuine fear of his adversary's power, or for some other acceptable and honourable reason which must be at least partially proved otherwise than by his personal oath.因为,纠正,不能获得一个确定刑期上诉的手段,除非当事人一个不不敢去之前,普通法律,因为他的对手的力量真正的恐惧,或某些其他可以​​接受的,光荣的理由,必须至少部分地证明并非由他个人的誓言。 In these exceptional cases, the appeal can be begun, investigated and concluded in the Roman curia, even in the first instance .在这种特殊情况下,上诉可以开始,调查和在罗马教廷的结论,甚至在第一个实例。In other cases, the appeals and the commissions of these and other such suits, and whatever follows from them, shall henceforth be of no force or value.在其他情况下,上诉,这些和其他类似诉讼的佣金,不管他们遵循,今后应是任何力量或价值。The judges and conservators appointed by the apostolic see, if they are not graduates in either civil or canon law, are obliged, on being asked by the parties concerned or by one of them, to take an assessor who is not under suspicion with the parties and to judge the case according to his report .法官和使徒任命保护者看到,如果他们不在的民事或教会法的毕业生,有责任,就由有关各方或其中一人问,要采取评估谁是没有根据的怀疑与各方和判断的情况下根据他的报告。

    We have learnt, by many and frequent reports, that very many churches and the bishops presiding over them, on both sides of the Alps, are being troubled and disturbed in their jurisdictions, rights and lordships by esquires, princes and nobles.我们学到了许多和频繁的报告,即很多教会和主教对他们主持,在阿尔卑斯山的两侧,正在困扰并在其管辖范围,权利和esquires,诸侯和贵族枢密院不安。 These, under colour of a right of patronage which they pretend to hold in ecclesiastical benefices, without the support of any apostolic privileges, or of collations or letters from the ordinaries, or even of any pretence of a title, presume to confer benefices not only on clerics but also on layfolk; to punish at their own whim priests and clerics who are at fault; to remove, purloin and usurp in an arbitrary way, either directly or by ordering others, the tithes of everything on which they are obliged by law to pay, as well as tithes belonging to cathedrals, and other things which pertain to diocesan law and jurisdiction and are the exclusive concern of bishops; to forbid such tithes and any fruits to be taken out of their cities, lands and territories; to seize and unjustly hold fiefs, possessions and lands; to induce and compel, by threats, terror and other indirect means, the granting to them of fiefs and goods of churches and the conferring of ecclesiastical benefices on persons nominated by them; and not only to permit but even expressly to command very many other losses, damages and injuries to be inflicted on the aforesaid clerics and churches and their prelates .这些,在一个乘客的权利,他们假装在教会benefices举行,没有任何特权使徒支持,或排序规则,或从普通信件,甚至任何一个标题幌子颜色,相信不仅赋予benefices上也对layfolk神职人员;惩罚在自己的突发奇想神父和神职人员是谁的错,删除,窃和篡夺以任意方式,直接或通过命令他人,对他们的一切法律责任由什一税付,以及什一税属于教堂,以及其他东西属于法律和司法管辖权和教区的主教是独家关注;禁止此类什一税和将要采取的任何他们的城市,土地和领土出成果;抓住和不公正举行封地,财产和土地;在诱导和迫使以威胁,恐怖等间接手段,给予他们的封地和教堂货物和教会benefices赋予他们所提名的人,而不是只允许但即使明确指挥很多其他损失,损害赔偿,并在上述神职人员和教会和他们的主教造成的伤害。

    We take thought, then, that no power has been granted to lay people over clerics and ecclesiastics, or over property belonging to the church, and that it is right and just that laws should be made against those who refuse to observe this .我们需要思考的话,没有权力被授予奠定了教士和教士的人,或对财产属于教会,这是正确和公正的,法律应当对那些谁拒绝遵守本作。 We also consider how much such actions detract, with disastrous results which must be condemned, not only from the honour of ourself and the apostolic see but also from the peaceful and prosperous condition of churchmen.我们还考虑了多少这样的行为无损,与必须受到谴责,不仅从ourself荣誉和使徒看到,但也从牧师和平和繁荣的条件,造成灾难性的后果。 We desire too, to restrain from thoughtless acts of rashness, not so much by new penalties as by a renewed fear of existing ones that should be applied, those whom the rewards of virtues do not induce to observe laws.我们也希望,以制止鲁莽轻率的行为,而不是由这么多的新罚则由现有的再度担心,应该得到应用,那些人的美德的报酬不诱导遵守法律。

    We therefore renew each and all of the constitutions hitherto issued regarding the payment of tithes; against violators and seizers of churches; against fire-raisers and pillagers of fields; against those seizing and holding cardinals of the holy Roman church, our venerable brother bishops and other persons of the church, both secular and regular, and unlawfully taking over in any way their jurisdiction and rights, or disturbing or molesting them in the exercise of their jurisdiction, or presumptuously forcing them to confer ecclesiastical benefices on persons named by them, or to dispose of them in some other way at their arbitrary choice, or to grant or otherwise sell fiefs and goods of the church in perpetual tenure, against making regulations in conflict with ecclesiastical liberty; against providing help, advice and support for the above practices.因此,我们每一个更新和宪法迄今所有已发行关于什一税支付;对违法者和教会seizers;对消防饲养员和字段掠夺者;对夺取和保持神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,主教和我们古老的兄弟其他人的教会,世俗和正规,非法接管其管辖范围内以任何方式和权利,或干扰或骚扰在其管辖范围内行使这些权利,或者擅自迫使他们赋予了他们的名字命名的人教会benefices,或处置他们在一些其他的方式在他们任意选择,或给予或以其他方式出售封地和永久使用权,在教堂的商品,对决策与自由的冲突教会法规;对提供帮助,建议和对上述做法的支持。

    Since these acts are not merely opposed to law but are also in the highest degree insulting and contrary to ecclesiastical liberty, we therefore, in order that we may be able to give an honest account to God of the office entrusted to us, earnestly urge in the Lord, by fatherly sentiments and counsels, the emperor, kings, princes, dukes, marquises, counts, barons, and others of whatever other nobility, pre-eminence, sovereignty, power, excellence or dignity they may be, and we command them by virtue of holy obedience, to observe the foregoing constitutions and to make them inviolably observed by their subjects, notwithstanding any customs whatever to the contrary, if they wish to avoid the divine displeasure and the fitting reaction of the apostolic see.由于这些行为不只是反对法律,但在最大程度侮辱,违反教会也自由,因此,我们,为了使我们也许能够给一个诚实的交代之处赋予我们的上帝,恳请在主,以慈父般的情操和律师,皇帝,国王,王子,公爵,晋侯,计数,贵族等人的任何其他贵族,一统,主权,权力,卓越或尊严,他们可能会和我们命令他们由圣服从,遵守上述宪法,并使其inviolably其科目观察,尽管任何海关任何与此相反的,如果他们希望避免神圣的不满和使徒装修反应看美德。 We decree that appointments made in the above-mentioned way to the said benefices are null and void, and those making use of them are rendered incapable of obtaining other ecclesiastical benefices until they have been dispensed in the matter by the apostolic see .我们的法令,在上述方法制成的说benefices任​​命是无效的,和那些使他们使用的渲染获得其他教会benefices能力,直到他们已经在这个问题上配发的使徒见。

    We have also been carefully reflecting that, after Christ's ascension into heaven, the apostles assigned bishops to each city and diocese, and the holy Roman church became established throughout the world by inviting these same bishops to a role of responsibility, and by gradually sharing the burdens by means of patriarchs, primates, archbishops and bishops; and that it has also been laid down by the sacred canons that provincial councils and episcopal synods ought to be established by such persons for the correction of morals, the settlement and limiting of controversies, and the observance of God's commandments, in order that corruptions may be corrected and those neglecting to do these things may be subjected to canonical penalties.我们也经过了精心反映后,基督升天进入天堂,使徒分配主教每个城市和教区和神圣罗马教会成为在世界各地建立了邀请这些相同的主教的责任的作用,并逐步共享负担由始祖,灵长类动物,大主教和主教手段,它也被规定由省级议会和主教的主教会议应该由这些人建立了道德校正,结算和争议限制神圣的大炮,和上帝的戒律遵守,以便使损坏可能会得到纠正和那些忽略了做这些事情可能会受到处罚的规范。 In our desire that these canons be faithfully observed, since it is right for us to be interested in what concerns the christian state, we place a strict obligation on the said patriarchs, primates, archbishops and bishops, in order that they may be able to render to God a worthy account of the office entrusted to them, that they order the canons, councils and synods to be observed inviolably, notwithstanding any privilege whatsoever.在我们的愿望,这些大炮是忠实地遵守,因为它是我们的权利在基督教国家关心的兴趣,我们的地方,以便对上述始祖,灵长类动物,大主教和主教严格的义务,使他们能够呈现神的办公室委托给他们值得考虑,他们的顺序大炮,议会和主教应遵守inviolably即使有任何特权,任何责任。 Besides, we order that henceforth a provincial council is to be held every three years, and we decree that even exempt persons are to attend them, notwithstanding any privelege or custom to the contrary.此外,我们为了使今后的省级议会将由每三年举行一次,而我们的法令,即使获豁免人士都参加他们即使有任何特权或习惯相反。 Those who are negligent in these matters are to know that they will incur penalties contained in the same canons .这些谁在这些问题疏忽是知道他们会招致同样的大炮中的惩罚。

    In order that respect for the papal dignity might be preserved, it was determined by the constitution issued at the council of Vienne, which begins In plerisque that no persons, especially no religious, may be provided to cathedral churches which are deprived of temporal goods, without which spiritual things cannot exist for long, and which lack both clergy and christian people.为使对教皇的尊严的尊重可能被保留,它是由在维埃纳省议会,这在plerisque开始发行,任何人,尤其是没有宗教,教堂可以提供给这些货物的时间被剥夺教会的宪法,没有这种精神的东西都不能长期存在,哪些既缺乏神职人员和基督教的人。 We renew this constitution, and we will and command that it must be observed inviolably unless we shall judge otherwise for some just reason to be approved in our secret consistory .我们重申,这部宪法,我们将和命令,它必须遵守inviolably除非我们判断一些刚刚有理由对我们的秘密consistory批准,否则。

    We decree that anything attempted against the foregoing, or any part thereof, is null and void, notwithstanding any constitution or privilege to the contrary .我们法令,对上述或任何部分的任何企图,都是无效的,尽管宪法或任何特权,相反,。Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而.

    [On printing books][开印刷书籍]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。Among the anxieties resting on our shoulders we come back with constant thought to how we can bring back to the path of truth those going astray, and gain them for God (by his grace working in us) .其中对我们肩上的忧虑,我们拿出不断回想起我们如何能带回真理的那些误入歧途的路径,并获得他们的神(他的恩典在我们的工作)。 This is what we truly seek after with eagerness; to this we unremittingly direct our mind's desires; and over this we watch with anxious earnestness .这是我们真正的追求与渴望后,到这一点,我们坚持不懈地指导我们的心灵的欲望;超过这一点,我们与焦虑语重心长地观看。

    It is certainly possible to obtain without difficulty some learning by reading books.这当然是可以毫无困难地获得通过阅读一些书籍学习。The skill of book-printing has been invented, or rather improved and perfected, with God's assistance, particularly in our time.阅读的印刷技术已经被发明,或者更确切地说,改进和完善,与神的援助,特别是在我们的时代。Without doubt it has brought many benefits to men and women since, at small expense, it is possible to possess a great number of books.毫无疑问,它带来了男女很多好处,因为在小的开支,有可能拥有大量的书籍。These permit minds to devote themselves very readily to scholarly studies.这些许可证的头脑很容易潜心于学术研究。Thus there can easily result, particularly among Catholics, men competent in all kinds of languages; and we desire to see in the Roman church, in good supply, men of this type who are capable of instructing even unbelievers in the holy commandments, and of gathering them for their salvation into the body of the faithful by the teaching of the christian faith .因此,有极易造成,特别是天主教徒,男人在各种语言能力,而我们希望看到在罗马教会在良好的供应,这种类型的男人谁是指示在神圣的戒律,即使不信道的能力,和他们收集到的由基督教信仰的教友们的身体拯救他们。 Complaints from many persons, however, have reached our ears and those of the apostolic see.从许多人的投诉,但是,已达到我们的耳朵和使徒看到这些。In fact, some printers have the boldness to print and sell to the public, in different parts of the world, books -- some translated into Latin from Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and Chaldean as well as some issued directly in Latin or a vernacular language -- containing errors opposed to the faith as well as pernicious views contrary to the christian religion and to the reputation of prominent persons of rank.事实上,一些有胆识的打印机打印并出售给公众的不同部位的世界,书籍, - 一些翻译成拉丁文,从希腊语,希伯来语,阿拉伯语和迦勒底以及一些拉美发行或白话语言直接 - 包含错误的反对信仰以及有害相反意见的宗教和基​​督教的职级知名人士的声誉。The readers are not edified.读者不熏陶。Indeed, they lapse into very great errors not only in the realm of faith but also in that of life and morals .事实上,他们陷入不仅在信仰的领域,而且在生活和​​道德是非常大的错误。This has often given rise to various scandals, as experience has taught, and there is daily the fear that even greater scandals are developing .这常常引起各种丑闻,经验传授,并有每天担心更大的丑闻正在开发。

    That is why, to prevent what has been a healthy discovery for the glory of God, the advance of the faith, and the propagation of good skills, from being misused for the opposite purposes and becoming an obstacle to the salvation of Christians, we have judged that our care must be exercised over the printing of books, precisely so that thorns do not grow up with the good seed or poisons become mixed with medicines.正因为如此,防止什么一直是神的荣耀,信仰的推进,以及良好的技能传播健康发现,被用于相反的目的滥用,成为一个障碍,以基督徒的救恩,我们判断我们必须谨慎行使了图书的印刷,正是这样不长刺的好种子或成为与药物混合毒药了。 It is our desire to provide a suitable remedy for this danger, with the approval of this sacred council, so that the business of book-printing may go ahead with greater satisfaction the more that there is employed in the future, with greater zeal and prudence, a more attentive supervision.这是我们的愿望提供一个合适的补救这种危险,在这个神圣的议会批准,从而使图书印刷企业可能会以更大的满意度领先的更是出现在未来的就业有更大的热情和谨慎, ,更周到的监督。We therefore establish and ordain that henceforth, for all future time, no one may dare to print or have printed any book or other writing of whatever kind in Rome or in any other cities and dioceses, without the book or writings having first been closely examined, at Rome by our vicar and the master of the sacred palace, in other cities and dioceses by the bishop or some other person who knows about the printing of books and writings of this kind and who has been delegated to this office by the bishop in question, and also by the inquisitor of heresy for the city or diocese where the said printing is to take place, and unless the books or writings have been approved by a warrant signed in their own hand, which must be given, under pain of excommunication, freely and without delay .因此,我们建立和祝圣,今后,所有未来的时候,没有人会敢打印或印刷任何书籍或任何种类在罗马或在任何其他城市和教区没有书或著作,在首先被仔细审查其他书面在罗马我们的教区牧师和神圣的宫殿掌握在其他城市和由主教或其他人谁有关的书籍和著作的这种印刷,谁知道教区,已委派主教这个办事处的问题,也为所在城市或教区说印刷是采取地方,除非书籍或著作已在自己的手签的手令,必须赋予疼痛的禁教,批准砂锅的异端在自由和不受延误。

    In addition to the printed books being seized and publicly burnt, payment of a hundred ducats to the fabric of the basilica of the prince of the apostles in Rome, without hope of relief, and suspension for a whole year from the possibility of engaging in printing, there is to be imposed upon anyone presuming to act otherwise the sentence of excommunication.另外从从事印刷的印刷书籍的可能性被查获并公开烧毁,百达克特到了在罗马王子的使徒教堂布金,没有救济的希望,并中止了整整一年,还有就是要根据假设采取行动,否则任何人施加的禁教句子。 Finally, if the offender's contumacy increases, he is to be punished with all the sanctions of the law, by his bishop or by our vicar, in such a way that others will have no incentive to try to follow his example.最后,如​​果罪犯的contumacy增加,他将被处以所有的法律制裁,他的主教或教区牧师我们以这样一种方式,其他人便没有动力去尝试以他为榜样。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而.

    [On setting a date for those acknowledging the Pragmatic Sanction] [开创下了承认务实的制裁这些日期]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。Among other matters to be carried through in this sacred council, we especially desire to make known and proclaim what must be decided and announced concerning the sanction called the Pragmatic, which was issued by a number of leaders of the French nation, both clerics and laymen as well as nobles and others supporting them.其中要进行这一神圣理事会通过的其他事项,我们特别希望让人们了解并宣布什么必须决定并宣布有关制裁称为务实,这是由法国国家领导人,神职人员和普通人都发号以及贵族等人支持他们。 This is in accordance with the wishes of our predecessor pope Julius II, of happy memory, who summoned this council.这与我们的前任教皇朱利叶斯二世的愿望,幸福的记忆,谁召见此会。The prelates and other clergy and the aforesaid laity have been summoned on several occasions to appear before both our said predecessor, Julius, and ourself; and their obstinacy has quite often been alleged or been the subject of accusations in the said council.的主教和其他神职人员和上述俗人已多次传唤出庭我们两个说的前身,朱利叶斯,和ourself,他们的固执已经常被指控或已在主体的指责说,议会。 It was subsequently alleged on behalf of the prelates, clerics and laymen, including nobles, and their said supporters, who were legitimately summoned (as just stated) for this purpose, that there was no route which would allow them to travel in safety to the said council.它随后被指控对主教,神职人员及平信徒,包括贵族和他们的支持者说,谁是合法传唤为此目的(如刚才所说的)代表,有没有路由这将使他们能够安全前往说理事会。 In order that they may not be able to make this excuse, we have taken measures for a comprehensive safe-conduct to be granted and conveyed to them by the Genoans, through whose territory they can travel in safety to the Roman curia, so that they may be able to bring forward the views which they may wish to present in defence of this Pragmatic Sanction .为了使他们未必能够使这个借口,我们已经采取了全面的安全通行,以获得并转达给他们的Genoans通过其领土,他们可以在旅游安全,罗马教廷,措施,使他们也许能够提出的意见,他们可能希望在目前的这种务实的制裁辩护。

    To prevent them being able to bring up some further point against what has been set out and to claim a legitimate ignorance, and in order that their obstinacy may be overcome, we once again, with the approval of the sacred council, give notice and warning, regarding a final and definitive dead-line, to the clergy and laity, including nobles, prelates and their supporters, and to colleges of clerics and of seculars, that they must lawfully assemble (putting aside every excuse and delaying action) before I October next.为了防止他们能够提出反对什么已设置了一些进一步的问题和提出合法的无知,为了自己的固执可以克服,我们再次与神圣的议会批准,通知和警告,关于最后的和决定性的死线,神职人员和俗人,包括贵族,主教和他们的支持者,以及对神职人员和seculars学院,他们必须依法十月之前,我组装(放下一切借口,拖延行动)下。 We are extending the dead-line, for the aforesaid reasons and in order to remove all excuses, to the said I October, by way of a final postponement; and we grant and assign this anew.我们正在扩大的死线,为上述原因,以消除一切借口,说我到十月,由最终推迟的方式,而我们授予和重新分配本。Once the dead-line has passed, however, proceedings will go forward at the next session to other matters and to the conclusion of the said business, even by means of a definitive sentence, notwithstanding their obstinacy and refusal to appear.一旦截止日期已过,不过,诉讼将在下次会议上提出的其他事项和对上述业务的结论,甚至通过了一项最终判决意味着,尽管他们的固执和拒绝出庭。 This next eleventh session we summon for these and many other useful matters.这下我们第十一届会议召集这些和许多其他有用的事情。 with the approval of the sacred council, for 14 December after the next feast day of St Lucy.随着神圣的理事会,12月14日之后的下一个宗教节日圣露西批准。Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however 如果有人然而.

    SESSION 11 held on 19 December 1516会议于11日举行的1516年12月19日

    [On how to preach][关于如何讲道]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。Under the protection of the supreme majesty by whose ineffable providence things in heaven and on earth are guided, as we carry out the office of watchman over the Lord's flock committed to us, insofar as this is granted to our weakness, we reflect within ourselves in great depth that, among many other important matters, the office of preaching is also our concern.根据该所的不可言说普罗维登斯的东西在天上,地上最高威严的保护,引导,我们开展了承诺给我们的主的羊群的看守员办公室,就因为这是给予我们的弱点,我们体现在自己的大深度,在许多其他重要事项,办公室的说教也是我们关注的问题。 Preaching is of the first importance, very necessary and of great effect and utility in the church, so long as it is being exercised rightly, from genuine charity towards God and our neighbour, and according to the precepts and examples of the holy fathers, who contributed a great deal to the church by publicly professing such things at the time of the establishment and propagation of the faith .讲道是最早的重要性,非常必要和具有重大影响,在教会实用,只要它被正确地行使,从对上帝和我们的邻国真正的慈善机构,并根据戒律和神圣的父亲的例子,谁造成了很大的教堂,公开自称在建立和信仰的传播时间这样的事情。 For, our redeemer first did and taught, and by his command and example, the college of twelve apostles -- the heavens alike proclaiming the glory of the true God through all the earth -- led back from darkness the whole human race, which was held by the old bondage under the yoke of sin, and guided it to the light of eternal salvation.因为,首先做我们的救赎和训练,对他的命令和榜样,在十二使徒高校 - 天都宣告真正的上帝的所有地球的荣耀 - LED从黑暗回全人类,这是持有的枷锁下的罪恶旧的束缚,并引导它的永恒救赎的光。The apostles and then their successors propagated far and wide and rooted deeply the word itself through all the earth and unto the ends of the world.使徒们,然后他们的继承人和传播无远弗深深植根于这个词本身通过所有地球和你们世界的结束。Therefore those who are now carrying this burden ought to remember and frequently reflect that they in turn, with respect to this office of preaching, are entering into and maintaining that succession of the author and founder of this office, Jesus Christ our most holy redeemer, of Peter and Paul, and of the other apostles and disciples of the Lord .因此,那些谁是现在进行这方面的负担应该记住并经常反映,他们反过来,对于这种说教的办公室,正在进入和维护的作者和本办公室,耶稣基督是我们最神圣的救赎创始人继承,彼得和保罗,和其他使徒和主的门徒。

    We have learnt from trustworthy sources that some preachers in our times (we record this with sorrow) do not attend to the fact that they are carrying out the office of those we have named, of the holy doctors of the church and of others professing sacred theology, who, ever standing by Christians and confronting false prophets striving to overturn the faith, have shown that the church militant remains unimpaired by her very nature; and that they ought to adopt only what the people who flock to their sermons will find useful, by means of reflection and practical application, for rooting out vices, praising virtues and saving the souls of the faithful.我们从可靠的来源,一些在我们这个时代的传道人(我们的记录与悲伤这个)不参加这样的事实,他们开展了教会的圣医生和其他那些我们有一个名为办公室,自称神圣神学,谁,永远站在基督徒和面临的努力推翻信仰假先知,表明教会武装仍然由她的性质受到损害,并认为他们应该采取什么人谁只涌向他们的布道会找到有用的,通过反思和实际应用铲除邪恶,歌颂美德和保存的忠实的灵魂的手段。 Reliable report has it, rather, that they are preaching many and various things contrary to the teachings and examples which we have mentioned, sometimes with scandal to the people.它可靠的报告,而是他们的说教很多,各种事情违背教义的,我们刚才提到的例子,与丑闻的人有时会。This fact influences our attitude very deeply when we reflect within ourself that these preachers, unmindful of their duty, are striving in their sermons not for the benefit of the hearers but rather for their own self-display.这实际上影响了我们的态度非常深刻,当我们在ourself反映,这些传教士,他们的职责不顾,在他们的努力没有说教为听众受益,而是为自己的自我展示。 They flatter the idle ears of some people who seem to have already reached a state that would make true the words of the Apostle writing to Timothy: For, a time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching but, having itching ears, they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander into myths .他们奉承一些人谁似乎已经达到了状态,会使真正的使徒的话写信给提摩太闲置的耳朵:对,一时间快到时,人们不会忍受健全教学,但有发痒的耳朵,他们将积累自己的教师,以适应自己的喜好,转离听真话,漫步到神话。

    These preachers make no attempt whatever to lead back the deceived and empty minds of such people to the path of right and truth.这些传教士作任何企图导致任何回这些人的欺骗和空思想的正确和真理的道路。Indeed, they involve them in even greater errors.事实上,他们参与他们更大的错误。Without any reverence for the testimony of canon law, indeed contrary to canonical censures, twisting the sense of scripture in many places, often giving it rash and false interpretations, they preach what is false; they threaten, describe and assert to be present, totally unsupported by legitimate proofs and merely following their own private interpretation, various terrors, menaces and many other evils, which they say are about to arrive and are already growing; they very often introduce to their congregations certain futile and worthless ideas and other matters of this nature; and, what is more appalling, they dare to claim that they possess this information from the light of eternity and by the guidance and grace of the holy Spirit .没有任何证据的教会法,确实违反规范的责难,扭曲圣经的意义在许多地方,经常给它皮疹和虚假解释的崇敬,他们鼓吹什么是假的,他们威胁,描述和断言到场,完全不支持的合法证明,只是按照自己私人的解释,各种恐怖,恫吓和其他许多罪恶,他们认为这是即将到来,并已经成长,他们往往会众介绍他们的一些徒劳和毫无价值的思想和这个其他事项性质,以及,更令人震惊,他们不敢宣称他们拥有从永恒的光,由指导和圣灵的恩典此信息。

    When these preachers spread this medley of fraud and error, backed by the false testimony of alleged miracles, the congregations whom they ought to be carefully instructing in the gospel message, and retaining and preserving in the true faith, are withdrawn by their sermons from the teaching and commands of the universal church.当这些传教士传播这种欺诈和错误混合泳,由所谓的奇迹虚假证词的支持下,在众人,他们应该认真指导,在福音的信息,并留住真正的信仰和维护,都是由他们的布道退出教学和普世教会的命令。 When they turn aside from the official sacred teachings, which they ought particularly to follow, they separate and move far from salvation those who listen to them.当他们把从官方的神圣教义,他们应该特别遵循一边,他们分别和移动拯救那些谁听他们远。For, as a result of these and similar activities, the less educated people, as being more exposed to deceit, are very easily led into manifold errors, as they wander from the path of salvation and from obedience to the Roman church.因为,由于这些和类似的活动的结果,教育程度较低的人,作为是更容易受到欺骗,都非常容易导致错误进气歧管,因为他们从得救的道路,从服从漫步到罗马教会。 Gregory, therefore, who was outstanding in this task, moved by the warmth of his charity, gave a strong exhortation and warning to preachers that, when about to speak, they approach the people with prudence and caution lest, caught up in the enthusiasm of their oratory, they entangle the hearts of their hearers with verbal errors as if with nooses, and while perhaps they wish to appear wise, in their delusion they foolishly tear asunder the sinews of the hoped-for virtue.格雷戈里,因此,谁是在这项任务出色,由他的慈善的温暖感动,给予了强烈的规劝和警告,传教士,当正要说话,他们的做法审慎和谨慎的人,以免,陷入了热情起来他们的演讲,他们用口头纠缠错误的听众的心仿佛nooses,虽然也许他们希望出现明智的,在他们的妄想,他们愚蠢地撕裂四分五裂的希望的美德的筋。 For, the meaning of words is often lost when the hearts of the audience are bruised by too urgent and careless forms of speech .因为,字义,往往丢失了观众的心是由语音形式过于紧迫,不小心碰伤。

    Indeed, in no other way do these preachers cause greater harm and scandal to the less educated than when they preach on what should be left unspoken or when they introduce error by teaching what is false and useless.事实上,在没有其他办法做这些传教士造成更大的伤害,比教育程度较低和丑闻时,他们就应该留下什么潜或引入教学时,什么是虚假和无用的错误宣讲。 Since such things are known to be totally opposed to this holy and divinely instituted religion, as being novelties and foreign to it, it is surely just for them to be examined seriously and carefully, lest they cause scandal for the christian people and ruin for the souls of their authors and of others.因为这样的事情是已知的完全反对这种神圣和神圣宗教作为被提起的新奇和陌生的它,它肯定是只为他们认真仔细地进行检查,以免引起基督教人民丑闻毁了其作者的灵魂和他人。 We therefore desire, in accord with the word of the prophet, Who makes harmony dwell in the house, to restore that uniformity which has lost esteem, and to preserve such as remains, insofar as we can with God's help, in the holy church of God, which by divine providence we preside over and which is indeed one, preaches and worships one God and firmly and sincerely professes one faith.因此,我们希望,在与先知的话,谁做和谐住在家里,可还原已失去自尊的均匀性,并保存,如仍然存在,只要我们能够在上帝的帮助协议,在圣教会上帝,这是由我们主持神圣的普罗维登斯和这的确是一个,宣扬和崇拜一个上帝,坚定地,真诚地自称一个信念。

    We wish that those who preach the word of God to the people be such that God's church suffers no scandal from their preaching.我们希望那些谁宣讲神的话语的人是这样,上帝的教会遭受丑闻没有从他们的说教。If they are amenable to correction, let them abstain in future from these matters into which they have recently ventured.如果他们服从纠正,让他们在未来放弃这些为他们最近冒险的问题。For it is clear that, in addition to the points which we have mentioned, a number of them are no longer preaching the way of the Lord in virtue and are not expounding the gospel, as is their duty, but rather invented miracles, new and false prophecies and other frivolities hardly distinguishable from old wives' tales.它是明确表示,除了我们所提到的几点,其中一些已不再说教的方式,在主美德,不阐述了福音,因为是他们的责任,而是发明了奇迹,新的和假预言和其他frivolities难以从“老妻子的故事区别。 Such things give rise to great scandal since no account is taken of devotion and authority and of its condemnations and rejections.这样的事情会引起很大的丑闻,因为没有户口,是奉献和权威性,其采取的谴责和拒绝。There are those who make attempts to impress and win support by bawling everywhere, not sparing even those who are honoured with pontifical rank and other prelates of the church, to whom they should rather be showing honour and reverence.还有那些谁使试图打动和赢得bawling无处不在的支持,即使是那些谁也不放过与宗座职级及其他主教的教堂,向他们而应呈现出的荣誉和尊敬荣幸。 They attack their persons and their state of life, boldly and without discrimination, and commit other acts of this kind.他们攻击他们的人以及他们的生活状态,大胆地和不加歧视,并提交此类的其他行为。Our aim is that so dangerous and contagious an evil and so mortal a disease may be thoroughly wiped out and that its consequences may be so completely swept away that not even its memory remains .我们的目标是如此危险和传染性疾病可能是一个A彻底消灭了,其后果可能是这样完全一扫而空,甚至没有它的内存仍然是邪恶的,所以凡人。

    We decree and ordain, with the approval of the sacred council, that nobody -whether a secular cleric or a member of any of the mendicant orders or someone with the right to preach by law or custom or privilege or otherwise -- may be admitted to carry out this office unless he has first been examined with due care by his superior, which is a responsibility that we lay on the superior's conscience, and unless he is found to be fit and suitable for the task by his upright behaviour, age, doctrine, honesty, prudence and exemplary life.我们法令和祝圣的神圣议会,没有人 - 无论是世俗教士或命令的任何成员或乞讨的权利,宣讲法律或习俗或特权或其他人的批准 - 可入住开展这个职位,除非他先被以应有的谨慎审查了他的上司,这是一种责任,我们趴在上级的良心,除非他发现他的正直的行为,年龄,理论要为任务的合适和适当的,诚实,谨慎和模范的生活。 Wherever he goes to preach, he must provide a guarantee to the bishop and other local ordinaries concerning his examination and competence, by means of the original or other letters from the person who examined and approved him.无论他去讲道,他必须提供担保的主教和其他有关的地方,从普通的人谁审查和批准了他信的原件或其他手段和能力的考试。We command all who undertake this task of preaching, or will later undertake it, to preach and expound the gospel truth and holy scripture in accordance with the exposition, interpretation and commentaries that the church or long use has approved and has accepted for teaching until now, and will accept in the future, without any addition contrary to its true meaning or in conflict with it.我们命令所有谁负责这项任务的说教,或稍后进行它,宣讲和阐述,并与福音真理的论述,解释和教会或长期使用已批准并到现在为止已经接受的教学按照圣经的评论,并接受在未来,除了没有任何违背其真实意思或与它冲突。

    They are always to insist on the meanings which are in harmony with the words of sacred scripture and with the interpretations, properly and wisely understood, of the doctors mentioned above.他们始终坚持的含义是在和谐与神圣经文的话,并与诠释,适当和明智地理解,上述医生。 They are in no way to presume to preach or declare a fixed time for future evils, the coming of antichrist or the precise day of judgment; for Truth says, it is not for us to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority.他们是没有办法相信鼓吹或宣布为未来的邪恶固定时间,敌基督或判断精确一天到来,为真理说,这是我们不知道次或由他的父亲有固定的季节自己的权威。 Let it be known that those who have hitherto dared to declare such things are liars, and that because of them not a little authority has been taken away from those who preach the truth .让人们知道,那些至今谁也不敢宣布这样的事情是骗子,那是因为他们没有一点权力已采取从那些谁传的真理了。

    We are placing a restriction on each and all of the said clerics, secular and regular and others, of whatever status, rank or order, who undertake this task.我们正在对每一个与上述所有限制教士,世俗和经常和他人,不论身份,职级或命令,谁承担这个任务。In their public sermons they are not to keep on predicting some future events as based on the sacred writings, nor presume to declare that they know them from the holy Spirit or from divine revelation, nor that strange and empty predictions are matters which must be firmly asserted or held in some other way.在他们的公开布道才不至于继续预测未来的事件,一些神圣的著作的基础上,也不相信,宣布他们知道,从圣灵或神的启示他们,也不奇怪,空预测事项,必须予以坚决断言或以其他方式举行。 Rather, at the command of the divine word, let them expound and proclaim the gospel to every creature, rejecting vices and commending virtues.相反,在神圣的字命令,让他们阐述和宣讲福音给万民听,拒绝罪恶并赞扬美德。 Fostering everywhere the peace and mutual love so much commended by our Redeemer, let them not rend the seamless garment of Christ and let them refrain from any scandalous detraction of bishops, prelates and other superiors and of their state of life.促进世界各地的和平与我们的救赎主互爱这么多的赞扬,让他们不要撕裂基督的无缝服装,让任何主教,主教和其他上级和他们的生活状态丑闻诽谤他们不要。 Yet these they rebuke and hurt before people generally, including the laity, not only heedlessly and extravagantly but also by open and plain reproof, with the names of the evildoers sometimes being stated by them .然而,这些责备他们之前人们普遍,不仅包括于不顾和大手大脚,但也受到责备俗人开放和平原,与有时被他们所说的坏人的名字,伤害。

    Finally, we decree that the constitution of pope Clement of happy memory beginning Religiosi, which we renew and approve by this present decree, must be observed by preachers without alteration, so that, preaching in these terms for the people's advantage and winning them for the Lord, they may deserve to gain interest on the talent received from him and to win his grace and glory.最后,我们的法令说,教皇的快乐记忆开始Religiosi,我们更新和目前这个法令批准,必须由传教士观察没有改变,这样的说教在这些方面为人民的利益,赢得了他们,克莱门特宪法主,他们可能值得获得对人才收到他的兴趣,并赢得他的恩典和荣耀。 But if the Lord reveals to certain of them, by some inspiration, some future events in the church of God, as he promises by the prophet Amos and as the apostle Paul, the chief of preachers, says, Do not quench the Spirit, do not despise prophesying, we have no wish for them to be counted with the other group of story-tellers and liars or to be otherwise hindered.但是,如果主发现某些他们一些启发,在神的教会一些未来事件,因为他的先知阿摩司和使徒保罗的传道长,承诺说,不要淬火的精神,做不鄙视预言,我们无意为他们算的故事,出纳员和骗子其他小组或以其他方式阻碍。 For, as Ambrose bears witness, the grace of the Spirit himself is being extinguished if fervour in those beginning to speak is quietened by contradiction.因为,作为刘汉铨见证,圣灵的恩典自己被扑灭,如果在那些开始说话热情是由矛盾平息。In that case, a wrong is certainly done to the holy Spirit.在这种情况下,错误肯定是做了圣灵。

    The matter is important inasmuch as credence must not be easily given to every spirit and, as the Apostle states, the spirits have to be tested to see whether they come from God.这个问题是很重要的生死时刻的信任不能轻易给每一个精神,正如使徒状态,精神要进行测试,看他们是否来自上帝。It is therefore our will that as from now, by common law, alleged inspirations of this kind, before they are published, or preached to the people, are to be understood as reserved for examination by the apostolic see.因此,我们的意志,从现在,根据普通法,这种所谓的灵感,才发表,或鼓吹的人,都被理解为考试保留的使徒见。If it is impossible to do this without danger of delay, or some pressing need suggests other action, then, keeping the same arrangement, notice is to be given to the local ordinary so that, after he has summoned three or four knowledgeable and serious men and carefully examined the matter with them, they may grant permission if this seems to them to be appropriate.如果它是不可能做到无延误的危险这一点,或者提出一些迫切需要采取其他行动,那么,保持同样的安排,通知应给予当地普通,这样,当他召见三四个知识和严重的男子并仔细研究了此事,他们,他们可能会授予权限,如果这在他们看来是适当的。 We lay the responsibility for this decision on their consciences .我们奠定了这对他们的良心决定的责任。

    If any persons dare to carry through anything contrary to any of the above, it is our will that, in addition to the punishments set down against such persons by law, they incur the penalty of excommunication from which, except at the imminent approach of death, they can be absolved only by the Roman pontiff .如果任何人胆敢贯彻任何违背上述任何,这是我们的意志,除由法律设定对这些人下来的惩罚,他们承担的绝罚点球从中,除了在即将死亡的方法,它们可以免除只能由罗马教皇。 In order that others may not be urged on by their example to try similar acts, we decree that the office of preaching is forbidden to such persons for ever; notwithstanding constitutions, ordinances, privileges, indults and apostolic letters for religious orders and the aforesaid persons, including those mentioned in Mare magnum, even if perchance they have been approved, renewed or even granted anew by us, none of which in this matter do we wish to support at any point in their favour.为了让其他人可能不会敦促他们为榜样在尝试类似的行为,我们的法令,该办公室的说教永远是禁止这些人,尽管宪法,条例,特权,indults和使徒信宗教的订单和上述人员,包括母马万能提到的,即使或许他们已经获得批准,重新恢复甚至授予我们,没有一个在这个问题上我们希望支持任何有利于自己的点。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人 If anyone however如果有人然而.

    [Bull containing agreements between the pope and the most christian king of France, on the Pragmatic][公牛之间包含教皇和法国最基督教国王协议,在务实]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。In accord with the dispensation of the divine mercy by which kings reign and princes rule, established as we are despite our lack of merit in the lofty watch-tower of the apostolate and set over nations and kingdoms, we ponder how permanent force and effect may be given to the things which have been granted, carried out, established, ordained, decreed and done by our praiseworthy and prudent arrangement, in union with our venerable brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman church, for the wholesome and peaceful government of kingdoms and for the peace and justice of peoples, especially with regard to rulers who are well-deserving of the catholic faith, the christian state and the apostolic see.在与神的怜悯,其中国王统治,诸侯统治,确立了我们,尽管我们缺乏的崇高价值的使徒和超过国家和王国设置监视塔的豁免协议,我们思考如何永久的法律效力可能考虑到已获得的东西,开展,建立,受戒,颁布和通过我们的值得称道的,谨慎的安排,与我们古老的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教联盟的健康与和平的王国政府,并为和平与正义的人民,特别是关于统治者谁是天主教信仰精心值得,基督教国家和使徒见。 Nevertheless, we sometimes add the force of our renewed approval to such things, with the approval of the sacred council, so that these things may persist with greater steadiness in an undamaged state the more often they are strengthened by our authority as well as by the protection of a general council.不过,我们有时加了我们这样的事情再次批准力量雄厚,拥有神圣的议会批准,从而使这些东西可能坚持在一个完好的状态更加平稳,更多的时候他们是由我们的权力以及通过强化保护总理事会。 We readily supply effective care for the preservation of such things in order that the kings and peoples of the kingdoms in question, full of gladness in the Lord because of such concessions, privileges, statutes and regulations, may rest together in the sweetness of peace, quiet and delight and may persevere more fervently in their accustomed devotion to the same see .我们随时供应,为了使这些东西保存有效的护理的国王和王国中的问题,全在主的喜乐,因为这样的优惠,特权,法规和规章,人民可以在和平休息甜头在一起,宁静和喜悦,并可能坚持自己的习惯奉献同样看到更多的热切。

    Recently, in order that the church, our spouse, might be kept in a holy union and use might be made by Christ's faithful of the sacred canons issued by Roman pontiffs and general councils, we ordained and decreed, with the unanimous advice and consent of our said brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman church certain constitutions that had been treated with our dearly beloved son in Christ, Francis, the most christian king of France, while we were at Bologna with our curia, and which were to take the place of the Pragmatic Sanction and the things contained in it for the sake of peace and harmony in the kingdom of France and for the general and public advantage of the kingdom.最近,为了使教会,我们的配偶,可能是在一个神圣的工会保管和使用可能是由基督的由罗马教宗和一般议会发出的神圣大炮忠实制成,我们注定和颁布,具有一致的意见并征得其同意我们说,兄弟,神圣罗马教会一直与我们的心疼爱子基督,弗朗西斯,法国大部分基督教国王对待某些宪法的枢机主教,当我们在博洛尼亚与我们教廷,并分别采取的地方务实的制裁和它包含的和平与法国的国酒,和谐的王国一般和公众利益的事情。 These constitutions were carefully examined by our said brothers, agreed upon with the said king on their advice, and accepted by a legitimate procurator of the king.这些章程进行了仔细检查我们的兄弟说,在与他们的意见表示同意王,由王合法检察官接受。Their contents are contained rather fully in our letter which follows, Primitiva illa ecclesia .其内容都包含在我们的信件,而完全遵循,Primitiva illa教会。..{Msi 32, 948-963, Raccolta di concordati su materie ecclesiastiche tra la Santa Sede e le autorita civili, edited by A. Mercati.{微星32,948-963,Raccolta迪concordati苏materie ecclesiastiche TRA洛杉矶圣塞Ë乐autorita civili,由A. Mercati编辑。I Rome.我罗马。1954.1954年。233-25}233-25}

    The letter has been published chiefly in order that continuing charity and unbroken peace may abide in the mystical body, the church, and that any dissenting members may be re-grafted into the body in a convenient way.该信已主要以慈善事业,从未间断,继续遵守和平可能在神秘的身体,教会,任何反对的成员可能会变成一种方便的方式在身体重新嫁接。 The letter will be better observed according as it is more clearly established that it has been approved and renewed by us, after mature and healthy consideration, with the approval of the said Lateran council.信中会更好,因为它是根据观察更清楚地确定它已批准和更新我们,成熟和健康的考虑后,与审批,说拉特兰议会。Although there is no need of another approval for the validity and reality of the same letter, however, to provide an ampler surety so that observance may be firmer and abolition more difficult, greater strength will be given to it by the approval of so many fathers.虽然没有其他的有效性和批准的同一封信现实需要,但是,提供担保,以便遵守ampler可能会更坚定和取消比较困难,更大的力量将给予它是由这么多的父亲批准。

    Therefore, with the approval of the sacred Lateran council, by apostolic authority and fullness of power, we approve and renew, and order to be observed and maintained in their totality and without change, the said letter together with each and every statute, ordinance, decree, explanation, agreement, compact, promise, wish, penalty, restraint and clause contained in it; especially the clause by which it was our will that if the said king of France does not approve and ratify the aforesaid letter, and each and every thing contained in it, within six months from the date of this present letter, and does not arrange for the contents to be read, published, sworn to and registered, like all other royal constitutions in his kingdom and in all other places and lordships of the said kingdom, for all future time without limit, by all the prelates and other ecclesiastical persons and courts of parlements, and if he does not convey to us, within the said six months, letters patent or authentic written documents concerning each and all of the aforesaid matters about the acceptance, reading, publication, oath and registration referred to, or does not deliver them to our nuncio attached to the king, in order to be passed on by him to us, and does not subsequently arrange for the letter to be read each year and effectively observed without alteration exactly as other binding constitutions and ordinances of the king of France have to be observed, then the letter itself and whatever follows from it are null and void and of no force or value .因此,神圣的拉特兰理事会批准,由使徒的权威和权力的丰满,我们批准和更新,并应遵守秩序并在其总体保持和无改变,说的每一个法令,条例的信一起,法令,解释,协议,结构紧凑,承诺,希望,罚款,限制及条款中所载,特别是其中的条款是我们的意志,如果说法国国王不同意和批准上述字母,每个其中包含的东西,六个月内由本信之日起三个月,并且不为内容的安排要读,出版,宣誓和注册像所有其他王室在他的王国宪法和其他所有地方和枢密院的,上述王国,所有未来的时间没有限制,所有的主教和其他教会人士和parlements法庭,如果他不向我们传达内,说,6个月,英皇制诰或地道的书面文件和所有有关各对验收,阅读,出版,宣誓和注册上述事项的简称,或不提供给我们的教廷大使附着在国王,为了要传递给我们上了他,并没有随后安排到信每年读,有效地改变观察没有严格按照宪法和其他具有约束力的法国国王都必须遵守的条例,然后按字母本身,无论从它下面都是无效的和没有力量或价值。

    We decree and declare that the enduring effect only continues in the event of the said ratification and approval, and not otherwise or in any other way, and that all who are included in the said letter, regarding the observance of the actual letter and of each and every thing set down in it, are bound and obliged by the censures and penalties and other things contained in it, in accordance with the meaning and form of the same letter.我们法令,并宣布,持久的效果只有在事件的继续说,批准和批准,而不是其他方式或以任何其他方式,所有谁在信中说,包括,关于信的实际遵守和各并以下来每一件事情,也必然由谴责和惩罚,并在其中包含其他东西的含义和相同的信函的形式规定,采取强制性措施。 This is notwithstanding apostolic constitutions and ordinances, all those things which we did not wish to oppose in the and any other things of any kind to the contrary.尽管这是使徒宪法和法令,所有这些事情,我们不想反对任何与此相反的实物和任何其他东西。Let nobody If anyone however但是如果没有人让任何人.

    [On the abrogation of the Pragmatic Sanction][关于制裁的务实废除]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。The eternal Father, who will never abandon his flock up to the close of the age, so loved obedience, as the Apostle testifies, that to make expiation for the sin of disobedience of the first parent, he humbled himself and became obedient unto death.永恒的父亲,谁不会放弃他的羊群到年龄接近,所以喜欢服从,作为使徒证明,这弥补了第一个父抗命罪的罪过,就自己卑微,成为至死听话。 Moreover, when he was about to depart from the world to the Father, he established Peter and his successors as his own representatives on the firmness of a rock.此外,当他正要从世界离开的父亲,他成立了一个岩石上坚定了自己的代表彼得和他的继任者。It is necessary to obey them as the book of the Kings testifies, so that whoever does not obey, incurs death .要服从作为国王的书,证明他们,所以说,谁不服从,招致死亡。As we read in another place, the person who abandons the teaching of the Roman pontiff cannot be within the church; for, on the authority of Augustine and Gregory, obedience alone is the mother and protector of all virtues, it alone possessing the reward of faith.正如我们在另一个地方读,人谁放弃了罗马教皇的教学不能教会内的,因为,对奥古斯丁和格雷戈里的权威,服从单是母亲和所有美德的保护者,它独自拥有的奖励信心。 Therefore, on the teaching of the same Peter, we ought to be careful that what has been introduced in due season and for sound reasons by our predecessors the Roman pontiffs, especially in sacred councils, for the defence of obedience of this kind, of ecclesiastical authority and freedom, and of the apostolic see, should be duly discharged by our effort, devotion and diligence and be brought to the desired conclusion.因此,在相同的彼得教学中,我们应该小心,什么已经出台在适当的季节和充分的理由我们的前人的罗马教宗,特别是在神圣的议会,对于这种服从保卫教会,权力和自由,以及使徒看,应适当履行我们的努力,奉献和勤奋,并带来了所需的结论。 The souls of the simple, of whom we shall have to render an account to God, are to be freed from the deceits and snares of the prince of darkness.的简单,其中我们将不得不作出交代,以神,灵魂是从欺骗伎俩和黑暗王子圈套中解脱出来。

    Indeed, our predecessor of happy memory, pope Julius II, summoned the sacred Lateran council for lawful reasons which were then made clear, on the advice and with the consent of his venerable brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman church, among whom we were then numbered.事实上,我们的前任的快乐记忆,教皇朱利叶斯二世,其中合法传唤,然后明确的意见和与他的令人尊敬的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,同意书,其中的原因我们是神圣的拉特兰会议然后编号。 Together with the same sacred Lateran council, he pondered on the fact that the corruption of the kingdom of France at Bourges, which they call the Pragmatic Sanction, had been strong in the past and was still vigorous, resulting in very great danger and scandal to souls, and a loss and cheapening of respect for the apostolic see.加上同样神圣的拉特兰会议,他思索的是在布尔腐败的法国,英国,他们称之为语用制裁,已经强大,在过去,仍然旺盛,在很大的危险和丑闻造成的事实灵魂和掉价损失和尊重的使徒见。 He therefore entrusted discussion of the Pragmatic Sanction to specifically named cardinals and to the prelates of a certain congregation .因此,他委托了务实的讨论具体的制裁,并命名为枢机主教某众的主教。

    Although the aforesaid sanction should clearly be subject to nullity on many counts, and was supporting and preserving open schism, and therefore it could have been declared to be essentially of no effect, null and invalid, without the need for any preceding formal citation, yet, from a great sense of caution, our same predecessor Julius, by a public edict -- which was to be fixed to the church doors of Milan, Asti and Pavia, since there was then no safe access to France -gave warning and summoned the prelates of France, the chapters of churches and monasteries, the parlements and the layfolk supporting them and making use of the said sanction, and each and all of the rest who were thinking that there was some advantage for them in the foregoing individually or collectively, to appear before him and the said council within a fixed period, which was then clearly stated, and to declare the reasons why the aforesaid sanction, and its corruptive and abusive effect in matters touching on the authority of the Roman church and the sacred canons, and on the violation of ecclesiastical liberty should not be declared null and invalid.尽管上述制裁显然应该受到许多计数无效,并支持和维护公开分裂,因此它可能已被宣布为无效,空的,无效的本质,而不需要任何前正式引用,但,从谨慎的伟大意义,我们同样的前身朱利叶斯,由公共诏书 - 这是可固定在米兰,帕维亚阿斯蒂和教堂的门,因为当时没有安全访问法国给了警告,并召见法国主教,教堂和修道院,在parlements和layfolk支持他们,使上述制裁的使用章节,每个和其他谁是思想,有一定的优势,他们在上述单独或集体所有,出现在他面前,而上述议会内的固定期限,这是当时明确提出,并宣布上述制裁的原因,它的腐败和滥用影响的事务上的接触罗马教会的权威和神圣的大炮,在教会和自由的侵犯不应该宣布为无效。 During the lifetime of the said Julius our predecessor, various obstacles made it impossible to implement the summons or to discuss fully the business of the abrogation, as had been his intention .在朱利叶斯的一生说:我们的前身,各种障碍,使无法执行的传票或充分的讨论废除业务,曾经是他的意图。

    After his death, however, the summons, in full lawful form, was again brought forward by the promoter of the sacred council, the procurator fiscal.他去世后,然而,传票,在充分合法的形式,再次提出了安理会的神圣子,检察财政。Those summoned and not presenting themselves were accused of obstinacy and the request was made for matters to be taken further.这些召唤​​,而不是提出自己被指控的固执和要求是为将要采取进一步的事项作出。At the time we, who have been brought to the highest peak of the apostolate by the favour of the divine mercy after duly considering the whole situation, gave no response to the request, for definite reasons.当时我们谁已经提请最高的使徒由神恩后正式考虑全局的青睐高峰期,没有意见的要求,为明确的原因。 Later, when a variety of impediments were being alleged by the said persons who had been warned and summoned, as to why they had been unable to present themselves at the appointed time (as stated above), we postponed, several times at several sessions, with the approval of the sacred council the date fixed by the said summons and warning to later dates, which have now long gone past, so that all occasion for just excuse and complaint might be taken away from them .后来,当各种各样的障碍正在被说谁已警告,传唤,为什么他们一直无法提出在指定的时间(如上所述)自己,人被指控,我们推迟了,在几次会议多次,与神圣的议会批准由固定的日期,并警告说,传票以后的日期,而现在已经长了过去,让所有的只是借口和投诉之际可能采取从他们离开。

    Although all obstacles have been removed and all dead-lines have passed nevertheless the aforesaid persons, despite being warned and summoned, have not appeared before us and the said council, nor taken any steps to appear, in order to bring forward a reason why the said sanction should not be declared null.尽管所有的障碍已被消除,尽管被警告并召集所有死线已通过但上述人士,都没有出现在我们面前,而上述议会,也没有采取任何步骤出现,以提出一个理由,为什么说制裁不应该宣布无效。 There is therefore no longer room for any excuse.因此,没有任何借口的余地。They can justly be regarded as obstinate; as indeed, by the demands of justice, we reckoned them to be.他们可以理直气壮地被视为顽固,如确实,通过正义的要求,我们估计的那样。We are therefore thinking seriously about this Pragmatic Sanction, or rather corruption, as has been stated, which was issued at the time of the schism by those who did not have the necessary power, and which is not at all in accord with the rest of the christian state or with God's holy church.因此,我们十分关注这种务实思想的制裁,或者说腐败,已经指出,这是在分裂时发出的那些谁没有必要的权力,这是不符合所有的休息基督教的国家或与神的圣洁的教会。 It was revoked, made void and abolished by the most christian king of France, Louis XI, of distinguished memory.它被撤销,作废,由法国最基督教国王路易十一杰出内存,废止。It damages and lessens the authority, liberty and dignity of the apostolic see.它破坏和减少了权力,自由和尊严的使徒见。

    It completely removes the power of the Roman pontiff to provide both cardinals of the holy Roman church, who work earnestly on behalf of the universal church, and learned men, with churches, monasteries and other benefices, in accordance with the demands of their status, even though such persons are numerous in the curia and it is by their counsel that the authority and power of the apostolic see, the Roman pontiff and the whole church is kept safe and its affairs guided and promoted into a prosperous state.它完全消除了罗马教皇提供的罗马教会,谁的工作对普世教会枢机主教代表都认真力量,有学问的人,与教堂,修道院和其他benefices符合要求按照他们的地位,尽管这些人是在教廷很多,它是由他们的律师,就是权威和权力的使徒看,罗马教皇和整个教会是保持安全和事务的指导和推动成为一个繁荣的状态。 Thus it offers excuses to church prelates of the aforesaid faction for breaking and violating the sacred nerve of obedience to ecclesiastical discipline and for setting up opposition against us and the apostolic see, their mother, and it opens the way for them to attempt such things.因此,它提供了借口,为打破和违反服从神圣的神经教会的纪律和建立对我们的反对派和使徒看,他们的母亲上述派教会主教,并为他们开辟了道路,尝试这样的事情。 Clearly it is subject to nullity and is to be supported by no prop except of a temporary nature, or rather, of a kind of tolerance.显然,它受无效,并要由无托支持除临时性质的一种宽容,或者说。

    Our predecessors as Roman pontiffs, for all their high hopes expressed in their own days, may have seemed to have tolerated this corruption and abuse, not being able to confront it completely either because of the evil nature of the times or because they were providing for it in some other way.罗马教宗为我们的前辈,在自己的天数表示他们所有的寄予厚望,可有这似乎已经容忍腐败和滥用,不能够面对它,因为时代的邪恶本质,或者因为他们完全不是为它在一些其他的方式。 We remember, however, that almost seventy years have passed since the publication of this sanction of Bourges, and that no council has been lawfully held within this time except the present Lateran council.我们记得,但是,几乎70年已经过去了这种布尔制裁出版,安理会一直没有依法在这段时间内举行,除了目前的拉特兰会议。 Since we have been placed in this council by the Lord's disposition, we therefore judge and resolve, with Augustine as our witness, that we cannot refrain or desist from the eradication and total annulment of the same vile sanction if we are to avoid disgrace to ourself and to the many fathers assembled in the present council as well as to avoid danger to our own soul and those of the above-mentioned persons using it .既然我们已经在本会放置主的性情,因此,我们判断和解决,与奥古斯丁作为我们的见证,我们不能避免或消除和同卑鄙的制裁总废标停止,如果我们要避免耻辱ourself并在目前的议会,以及组装,以避免危险,我们自己的灵魂和上述那些使用它的人很多父亲。

    Just as pope Leo I, our predecessor of holy memory, whose footsteps we readily follow insofar as we can, gave orders and brought to pass that the measures which had been rashly carried out at the second synod of Ephesus, contrary to justice and the catholic faith, were later revoked at the council of Chalcedon, for the sake of the constancy of the same faith, so we too judge that we cannot, or ought not to, withdraw from or abandon the revocation of so evil a sanction and its contents if we are to preserve our own honour, and that of the church, with a safe conscience.正如教皇利奥我,​​我们的神圣记忆体的前身,它的脚步,我们很容易遵循只要我们可以吩咐并提请传递装置已被贸然进行第二次在以弗所主教会议的各项措施,违背正义和天主教信仰,后来被撤销在Chalcedon委员会,为同一信念坚贞的缘故,所以我们也判断,我们不能,或不应该,退出或放弃这么邪恶处分,其内容是否撤销我们要保持一个安全的良知,自己的荣誉,以及教会。 The fact that the sanction and its contents were published at the council of Basel and, at the instance of the same council, were received and recognised by the meeting at Bourges, ought not to influence us since all those happenings after the transfer of the same council of Basel took place -- the transfer being made by pope Eugenius IV, our predecessor of happy memory -- have remained the deeds of the quasi-council, or rather the conventicle, of Basel.认为制裁和其内容公布在巴塞尔议会,并在同议会的实例,共收到并经布​​尔会议公认的事实,不应该影响,因为所有这些之后,我们在相同的传输发生的事情巴塞尔议会发生了 - 被教皇叶夫根尼,我们的快乐记忆的前身四所取得的转移 - 仍然是准议会的事迹,或者说conventicle巴塞尔。

    For, especially after that transfer, it did not deserve to be called a council any more and therefore its acts could not have any force.因为,尤其是之后的转让,它没有值得被称为议会任何更多,因此其行为不能有任何的力量。For it is clearly established that only the contemporary Roman pontiff, as holding authority over all councils, has the full right and power to summon, transfer and dissolve councils.它是明确规定,只有当代罗马教皇,作为控股超过任何议会的权威,有充分的权利,并有权传召,转让和解散议会。This we know not only from the witness of holy scripture, the statements of holy fathers and our predecessors as Roman pontiffs, and the decisions of the sacred canons, but also from the declarations of the same councils.我们知道这不仅从圣经,圣洁的父亲和罗马教宗前人的报表以及神圣的大炮证人的决定,但也从同一个议会的声明。Some of this evidence we have decided to repeat, and some to pass over in silence as being sufficiently well known .一些这方面的证据,我们决定重复,有的要通过保持沉默作为是充分众所周知的。

    Thus we read that the synod of Alexandria, at which Athanasius was present, wrote to Felix, bishop of Rome, that the council of Nicaea had decided that councils ought not to be celebrated without the authority of the Roman pontiff .因此,我们读到了亚历山大的主教,在该亚他那修也在场,写信给菲利克斯,主教罗马,认为尼西亚理事会决定,议会不应该未经罗马教皇的权威庆祝。 Pope Leo I transferred the second council of Ephesus to Chalcedon.教皇利奥我转移了第二届理事会的以弗所到迦克墩。Pope Martin V authorised his presidents at the council of Siena to transfer the council with no mention being made of the council's consent.教皇马丁五世授权总统在他的锡耶纳理事会转让与被安理会的同意,没有提到安理会。The greatest respect was shown to our predecessors as Roman pontiffs: to Celestine by the first synod of Ephesus; to the said Leo by the synod of Chalcedon; to Agatho by the sixth synod; to Hadrian by the seventh synod; and to Nicholas and Hadrian by the eighth synod, of Constantinople.最大的尊重被证明为罗马教宗我们的前辈:由第一次的以弗所主教圣境;在上述狮子座由迦克墩主教;由第六主教Agatho;由第七主教到哈德良和尼古拉和哈德良由第八主教,君士坦丁堡。 These councils submitted with reverence and humility to the instructions and commands of the same pontiffs which had been composed and issued by them in the sacred councils.这些议会提交的崇敬和谦逊的指示和同教宗已被合成,他们在神圣的议会发出的命令。Moreover, pope Damasus and the other bishops assembled at Rome, writing to the bishops at Illyricum about the council at Rimini, pointed out that the number of bishops assembled at Rimini counted for nothing since it was known that the Roman pontiff, whose decrees were to be preferred before all others, had not given his consent to their meeting.此外,教皇达玛斯和聚集在罗马,写约在里米尼议会伊利里库姆的主教其他主​​教,指出,在里米尼组装主教人数计算在内,因为它没有被了解,罗马教皇,他的法令,以在所有其他是首选,没有考虑到他同意他们的会议。

    It appears that pope Leo I said the same when writing to all the bishops of Sicily.看来,教皇利奥我说了同样的写作时所有的西西里主教。It was customary for the fathers of the ancient councils humbly to ask for and obtain a warrant and approbation from the Roman pontiff in order to corroborate the matters dealt with in their councils .这是对古议会的父亲习惯虚心要求,并得到罗马教皇的手令和认可,以证实其处理与议会的事宜。This is clear from the synods and their acts held at Nicaea, Ephesus, Chalcedon, the sixth synod at Constantinople, the seventh at Nicaea, the Roman synod under Symmachus and the synods in Haimar's book.这是从主教会议和尼西亚,以弗所,迦克墩,在君士坦丁堡,在尼西亚第七,根据Symmachus罗马主教和Haimar的书第六次主教会议的主教举行了明确的行为。 We would certainly be without these recent troubles if the fathers at Bourges and Basel had followed this laudable custom, which it is known that the fathers at Constance also finally adopted .我们肯定会麻烦,如果没有这些最近在布尔日和巴塞尔的父亲已按照这一值得称赞的习俗,它是已知的,在康斯坦茨的父亲也终于通过了。

    We desire this matter to be brought to its proper conclusion.我们希望此事提请其正确的结论。 We are proceeding on the strength of the many citations issued by us and our said predecessor Julius, and of the other things mentioned above which are so notorious that they cannot be hidden by any excuses or evasions, as well as in virtue of our pastoral office.我们正就由我们和我们说发行的许多引文实力前身朱利叶斯,以及其他上面提到的东西是如此臭名昭著的,他们不能被任何借口或逃避,以及在我们的田园职位而隐藏。

    We are supplying for each and every defect, both of law and of fact, if perchance any happen to exist in the above.我们提供的每一个缺陷,无论是法律和事实,或许如果存在任何发生在上面。We judge and declare, from our certain knowledge and from the fullness of apostolic power, with the approval of the same sacred council, by the contents of the present document, that the aforesaid Pragmatic Sanction or corruption, and its approbations however issued, and each and every decree, chapter, statute, constitution or ordinance that is included, or even inserted, in any way in the same and has been published by others, as well as the customs, expressions and uses, or rather abuses, in any way resulting from it and observed until the present, have been and are of no force or value.我们判断,并宣布,从我们一定的知识和力量的使徒丰满,具有相同的神圣理事会批准,由本文件的内容,认为上述务实的制裁或腐败,但其approbations发行,每和每一个法令,章,法规,章程或条例,包括在内,甚至插在任何以同样的方式,并已出版人,以及海关,表情和使用,或者滥用而导致的任何方式,从它,并观察到现在,已经和没有力量或价值。 In addition, for a more extensive safeguard, we revoke, make void, abrogate, quash, annul and condemn that same sanction or corruption of Bourges and its approval, whether expressed or tacit, as said above, as well as each and every thing of whatever nature included or even inserted in it, and we judge, declare and will them to be considered as of no effect, revoked, made void, abrogated, quashed, annulled and condemned.此外,为更广泛的保障,我们撤销,使无效,废止,撤销,废止和谴责制裁或相同的布尔和批准腐败,不论是明示或默许,如上面所说的,以及每一个事物的任何性质包括甚至在它插入,我们判断,宣布他们将被视为无效,撤销,作废,废止,撤销,废止和谴责。

    Moreover, since subjection to the Roman pontiff is necessary for salvation for all Christ's faithful, as we are taught by the testimony of both sacred scripture and the holy fathers, and as is declared by the constitution of pope Boniface VIII of happy memory, also our predecessor, which begins Unam sanctam, we therefore, with the approval of the present sacred council, for the salvation of the souls of the same faithful, for the supreme authority of the Roman pontiff and of this holy see, and for the unity and power of the church, his spouse, renew and give our approval to that constitution, but without prejudice to the declaration of pope Clement V of holy memory, which begins Meruit .此外,由于遭受了罗马教皇,是为所有基督信徒得救必要的,因为我们被教导的两个神圣的经文和神圣的父亲的证词,并作为是由教皇波尼法爵八世的幸福记忆宪法宣告,也是我们的前身,它始于墨西哥国立自治大学sanctam,我们因此看到本神圣的议会,对于同一忠实的灵魂得救的罗马教皇至高无上的权威,而这种神圣的批准,并为团结和力量教会的,其配偶,更新,给我们批准该宪法,但不妨碍教皇克莱门特五世圣洁的内存,开始Meruit声明。

    In virtue of holy obedience and under the penalties and censures to be declared below, we forbid each and all of Christ's faithful, both laity and secular clergy, and regulars of whatever order including mendicants, and other persons without restriction, of no matter what status, rank or condition they may be, including cardinals of the holy Roman church, patriarchs, primates, archbishops, bishops, and any others distinguished by ecclesiastical or worldly or any other honour, and each and all other prelates, clerics, chapters, secular convents, regulars of the aforesaid orders, including abbots and priors of monasteries, dukes, counts, princes, barons, parlements, royal officials, judges, advocates, notaries and scribes, both ecclesiastical and secular, and any other regular or secular ecclesiastics in any high office, as said above, who are now or shall be living in the said kingdom of France and the Dauphine and wherever the said Pragmatic has been in force directly or indirectly, silently or openly, to presume to make use of the aforesaid Pragmatic Sanction, or rather corruption, in any way or for any reason, by keeping silence or by clear speech, directly or indirectly, or by any other excuse or clever evasion, in any judicial or extrajudicial acts, or even to appeal to it or make judgments on its terms,在圣洁的服从美德,根据处罚,并宣布以下责难,我们禁止不加限制每个基督信徒,无论是俗人和世俗的神职人员和所有,和正规的任何命令,包括乞丐,和其他人士,不管什么样的地位,他们的职级或条件而定,包括神圣罗马教会,始祖,灵​​长类动物,大主教,主教,以及教会或世俗或任何其他荣誉杰出的任何其他枢机主教,每个和所有其他主教,神职人员,章节,世俗修道院,常客上述命令,包括方丈和先验的寺院,公爵,计数,诸侯,贵族,parlements,皇家官员,法官,律师,公证员和文士,都教会和世俗的,在任何高定期或任何其他世俗的神职人员办公室,上面说的,谁是现在还是应当说,英国在法国和第九何地,上述务实已实施直接或间接地,静静地或公开,推定作出上述务实的制裁使用的生活,或者说腐败,以任何方式或以任何理由,通过保持沉默,或明确的讲话,直接或间接,或以任何其他借口或巧妙规避,在任何司法或司法外的行为,甚至呼吁作出判断,或对其条款,

    or to quash, by themselves or through another or others, any judicial or extra-judicial acts on the grounds of the general meaning of the said sanction or of parts of it, and they may not permit or order these things to be done by means of others.或撤销由自己或通过他人,他人,对一般意义的任何理由的司法或司法外行为表示制裁或它的一部分,他们可能不允许或以这些东西是由方式进行他人。 They are not to keep the aforesaid Pragmatic Sanction, or sections or decrees contained in it, in their own houses or in other public or private places.他们不是保持上述务实的制裁,或部分或法令中所载,在自己的房屋或其他公共或私人地方。Indeed, they are to destroy it, or have it destroyed, in archives, including royal and capitular ones, and in the above-mentioned places within six months from the date of this present letter .事实上,他们是消灭它,或者它摧毁了档案,包括王室和牧师的,并在六个月内,上述由本信日期的地方。

    The penalties to be incurred, automatically and without the need for any further declaration, for each and all of the aforesaid persons, if they act to the contrary (though may they not!), are immediate major excommunication, the incapacity for all and singular legal acts of any kind, being branded as infamous, and the penalties expressed in the law of treason; in addition for the aforesaid ecclesiastical and religious persons, the loss of all patriarchal, metropolitan and other cathedral churches, of all monasteries, priories and convents, and of all secular dignities and ecclesiastical benefices, as well as the inability to hold them in the future; and in addition for secular persons, the loss of any fiefs held for any reason from the Roman or some other church, and the inability to hold them in the future.招致的惩罚,自动而不需要任何进一步的声明,对每上述人士所有,如果他们的行为与此相反的(虽然他们可能没有!),主要是立即逐出教会,所有和奇异丧失工作能力任何形式的法律行为,被人骂为臭名昭著,和刑罚的法律叛国表示,在上述教会和宗教人士,所有重男轻女,大城市和其他大教堂教堂损失所有寺院,priories和修道院,除了和所有世俗的尊严和教会benefices,以及无法在日后举行,并在世俗的人,对任何从罗马教会或其他原因而举行的封地损失,以及无法除持有的未来。 They cannot be absolved from these penalties by any faculty or by clauses contained in privileges regarding the hearing of confessions, no matter by what persons or verbal formulae they may have been granted.它们不能免除这些惩罚任何在有关院系或由什么人或口头上的公式,他们可能已被授予口供听证会上,无论特权所载条款。 Except when at the point of death, they can only be absolved by the Roman pontiff acting canonically or by someone else having a faculty from him specifically for that purpose .除非在死亡点,它们只能由罗马教皇行事标准地或由别人从他身上有一名教师专门为此目的开脱。

    By the knowledge, power and statements mentioned above we expressly and specifically repeal anything to the contrary.由知识,能力和陈述上述我们明确,具体废除任何与此相反。This is notwithstanding anything mentioned above as well as constitutions, ordinances, decrees and statutes, however they may have been published and granted, and frequently renewed, repeated, confirmed and approved, as enduring in their force, by apostolic or any other authority, even conciliar authority and even by our certain knowledge and fullness of apostolic power, the tenor of all of which we regard as sufficiently expressed and included, for the purposes of the above, as if they had been inserted herein word for word; notwithstanding if the apostolic see has granted to any communities and universities, and any individual persons mentioned above, even if they are the aforesaid cardinals, patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, marquises and dukes, or any others, whether individually or communally, that they cannot be interdicted, suspended, excommunicated, deprived or incapacitated by apostolic letters which do not make full and express mention, word for word, of the indult in question; and notwithstanding any other general or special privileges, indulgences and apostolic letters, of whatever tenor they may be, by means of which, because they are not expressed or included in whole in the present letter, the effect of the above might be impeded or deferred in any way, since special mention of their contents is to be regarded as included, word for word, in this our letter.尽管这是任何上述以及宪法,条例,法令和法规,但它们可能已经出版和批准,并经常更新,重复,确认和批准,在其持久力的使徒或任何其他权力,甚至conciliar的权威,甚至我们的一些知识和丰满的使徒的力量,所有这些我们认为这充分表达和包括,上述的目的,如果他们被插入的字本字男高音,尽管如果使徒看到已授予任何社区和大学,以及上述任何个人,即使是上述枢机主教,长老,大主教,主教,晋侯和公爵,或任何其他人,无论是单独或公用的,他们不能被停职,暂停,驱逐,剥夺或使徒信不充分和明确提到,逐字逐句的问题indult,无行为能力的;以及尽管任何其他一般或特别优惠,宽容和使徒信,无论男高音,他们可能是,由其中,因为他们不表达或在本信全包括在内,上述效应可能阻碍或延迟以任何方式,因为其内容特别提到,意味着将被视为包括,一个字一个字,在这个我们的信。 Let nobody therefore 因此,让任何人.If anyone however 如果有人然而.

    [On religious and their privileges][宗教及其权限]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。We consider and diligently ponder the hardworking and anxious zeal, and the unending labours for the glory of the divine name, for the triumph of the catholic faith and the preservation of the church's unity, and for the training and salvation of the souls of the faithful, which are carried on by bishops and their superiors, who have been placed by the apostolic see at the head of their churches in different parts of the world, as well as by the friars of the different orders, especially the mendicant orders, who are engaged without respite or rest.我们认为,认真思考的勤劳和焦虑的热情,为神圣的名字荣耀无休止的劳作,为天主教信仰和教会的团结保存胜利,并为培训和忠实的灵魂得救,这是由主教和他们的上司,谁已被使徒看到在他们的教会负责人在世界不同地区,以及由不同的订单修士,特别是乞讨的订单,谁是放在从事或休息没有喘息的机会。 So great is the satisfaction that has reached our heart, as a result of their fruitful labours in the Lord's vineyard and their opportune and praiseworthy actions, that we are devoting every effort to encourage the things which we know to contribute to the preservation of peace and quiet among them.如此之大的是,已经达到了我们的心满意,作为一个在主的葡萄园和他们的机遇和值得赞扬的行动及其成果的劳动成果,我们正致力于尽一切努力鼓励的事情,我们知道要有助于维护和平与它们之间的安静。 We are conscious that the bishops have become partners in our anxiety .我们意识到,我们的主教已经成为焦虑的合作伙伴。Ambrose bears witness that their distinction and greatness have no possible equal.刘汉铨见证,他们的区别和伟大有没有可能平等。We also know that religious have done much in the field of the Lord for the defence and advance of the christian religion and that they have produced and are daily producing abundant fruit.我们也知道,宗教已经做了主的领域为国防和基督教的宗教,他们事先已经产生,而且每天产生丰富的水果多。Consequently all of the faithful are aware that the good works of these bishops and religious have enabled the true faith to make progress and to spread everywhere throughout the world .因此所有的信徒都知道,这些主教和宗教的优秀作品,使真正的信仰,使进展情况,并传遍世界各地。

    These men have likewise not hesitated on innumerable occasions, with much dedication and competence, to destroy the schisms in God's church, to bring unity to that church and to undergo innumerable pains so that the same church might gain the quiet of peace.这些人也同样不惜在无数场合,与许多献身精神和能力,以破坏神的教会的分裂,带来团结,教会及进行无数的痛苦,使相同的教堂可能获得和平的宁静。 Therefore it is just that we direct our efforts so to unite them to one another by the bond of peace and by a fraternal unity and charity that, linked in unity of doctrine and actions, they may foster more abundant fruits in God's church.因此,仅仅是我们指导我们的努力,使他们团结到一个由和平债券和兄弟般的团结和慈善,在统一的原则和行动联系起来,可以促进他们在神的教会更加丰硕的果实另一个。 The exercise of spiritual rights, which concern the glory of God and the salvation of the souls of Christ's faithful, has been entrusted to bishops and their superiors in their respective dioceses, since they have been chosen to be sharers of our burden, as we have already said, and since dioceses with defined boundaries have been assigned to each of the bishops.的精神权利,关注的上帝和基督信徒的灵魂得救的荣耀,工作已经委托给主教和在各自教区他们的上司,因为他们被选中成为我们的负担共享者,我们有已经说了,因为有明确的界限已分配给教区的主教每个。 We truly desire, then, that these spiritual rights be exercised by the bishops, and that the right of freely exercising them be truly, as far as possible, kept intact for them.我们真正的愿望,那么,这些精神权利行使的主教,并认为他们是真正的自由运动,尽可能的权利,为他们保持完好。

    If our predecessors as Roman pontiffs and the apostolic see have granted any such spiritual rights to the said mendicant friars to the harm of the bishops we consider that such concessions made to religious ought in future to be limited, so that the friars themselves will be supported in all charity by the said bishops rather than be troubled and disturbed.如果以罗马教宗和使徒看到我们的前辈给予任何精神权利的乞丐说修士的主教我们认为在未来的宗教应该这样的让步是有限的伤害,使自己的修士将支持在所有的慈善机构表示,主教,而不是被困扰和不安。 For, regulars and seculars, prelates and subjects, exempt and non-exempt, belong to the one universal church, outside of which no one at all is saved, and they all have one Lord and one faith.因为,常客和seculars,主教和科目,豁免和非豁免,同属一个普遍的教堂,外面没有人在所有被保存的,他们都有一个主,一信。 That is why it is fitting that, belonging to the one same body, they also have the one same will; and just as the brethren are united by the bond of mutual charity, so it is not fitting that they arouse among themselves injustice and hurt, since the Saviour says, My commandment is that you love one another as I have loved you .这就是为什么它是恰当的,属于同一个身体,他们也有相同的意志和公正的兄弟是由慈善机构债券的相互团结,所以它是不恰当的,他们彼此之间引起不公平和伤害,因为救主说,我的命令是,你们彼此相爱,因为我爱你们。

    We wish to preserve charity and mutual goodwill among bishops, their superiors, prelates and friars, as well as to promote divine worship and the peace and tranquillity of the universal church.我们希望保留其中主教,他们的上司,高级教士和修士慈善和相互善意,以及推动神崇拜的和平与安宁的普世教会。We know this can be done only if each preserves as far as possible his own jurisdiction.我们知道这是可以做到只有当每个尽可能保留自己的管辖范围。We have therefore decided and decreed, with the approval of the sacred council, that the said bishops, their superiors and other prelates may visit the parish churches which legitimately belong to the same friars by reason of their residences, with regard to what concerns the care of the parishioners and the preservation and administration of the sacraments, without however the exceptional trouble and expense of official visitors.因此,我们决定和颁布,在神圣的议会的批准,即主教说,他们的上级和其他教区主教前往该教堂是由合法属于自己的住宅的原因相同修士,就关心的护理的教友以及保护和管理的圣礼但是没有的特殊问题和官方访客代价。 They may punish those responsible for the churches and failing in this matter: if they are religious, then in accordance with the rules of their order within the precincts of the religious house, if they are secular priests or friars who hold benefices of this kind, then they may freely punish them as being subject to their jurisdiction.他们可能会惩罚那些对教会和在这个问题上失败负责人:如果他们的宗教,然后在房子内的宗教的专用区的秩序规则的规定,如果他们是世俗的神父或修士谁持有这种benefices,然后,他们可以自由地为受惩罚其管辖他们。 Both prelates and secular priests who are not excommunicated may celebrate masses out of devotion in the churches of the said religious houses, if they wish to do so, and the friars themselves ought to welcome them.这两个主教,谁不驱逐世俗教士会庆祝在教会奉献出来说宗教群众的房子,如果他们想这样做,自己的修士应该欢迎他们。Friars who are invited by the same prelates to take part in solemn processions ought to agree, provided the suburban friary in question is not more than a mile away from the city .谁是相同的主教邀请参加隆重的游行应该同意的一部分,提供天主教方济会修道院的问题郊区不超过一英里远的城市。

    The friars' superiors are bound to specify and present in person to the same prelates the friars whom they have chosen to hear for a time the confessions of the prelate's subjects, if the prelates ask for them to be specified and presented to them; if not, then to their vicars; with the condition that they are not bound to go to prelates who are more than two days' journey away.在修士“上司也必然指定和亲身出席同一主教的人,他们都选择听一段时间修士的主教的科目的供述,如果主教要求他们指定,并向他们,如果不,然后他们的教区牧师,与他们不一定要到主教谁是超过两天的路程条件。 The friars in question may be examined by the same bishops and prelates, at least regarding the sufficiency of their learning and their other skills relative to this sacrament.发现有问题的修士可以检查由同一主教和主教,至少对于他们的学习和他们相对于这个圣餐其他技能自给自足。If they are accepted, or if the refusal is unjust, then, in accordance with the constitution Omnis utriusque sexus, let them be considered as accepted at least as regards confession, and they can even hear the confessions of strangers.如果他们被接受,或者拒绝,是不公正的,那么,与宪法Omnis utriusque sexus的规定,让他们被视为至少就供认接受,他们甚至可以听到陌生人的供词。They have no power, however, to absolve layfolk and secular clergy from manimposed penalties.他们没有权力,但是,免除manimposed处罚layfolk和世俗的神职人员。They may not administer the eucharist and extreme unction and the church's other sacraments to those whose confessions they have heard, including the sick and the dying, who say that their own priest has refused to give the sacraments to them, unless the refusal was made without a just reason and this is proved by the testimony of neighbours or by an investigation carried out before a pubic notary.他们可能无法管理的圣体和极端unction和教会的其他圣礼到那些他们所听到的,包括生病和死亡的,谁认为自己的牧师拒绝给圣事对他们来说,口供除非拒绝作出不一个公正的理由,这是由邻居的证词或证明进行调查前耻骨公证。

    They have no authority to administer these sacraments to persons requesting their ministrations except during a period of actual service to them.他们没有权力来管理这些圣礼的人的请求,除非是在实际服务期内他们的ministrations。Temporary agreements and contracts between friars and prelates or curates are valid unless they are rejected by the next general or provincial chapter and the rejection is duly communicated by the chapter.临时协议和修士和主教或curates合同是有效的,除非他们拒绝了下届或省级章,并拒绝是适当的章节沟通。Friars may not enter parishes bearing a cross in order to carry out the funerals of those who have chosen to be buried at the churches of their houses or institutions, unless the parish priest, having received due notice and a request, does not refuse, and in that case without prejudice to himself and the ordinary; or unless there is an ancient custom on this point with the friars, which is currently in force and is mutually agreed upon.修士不得进入教区bearing交叉,以开展那些谁选择了在他们的住宅或机构的教堂的葬礼埋葬,除非教区神父,在收到适当的通知和要求,不拒绝,在这不妨碍他和普通的案件,或除非有一个关于这一点的修士,这是目前有效,是双方商定古老的习俗。 Those who wish to be buried in the habit of the said friars, but who live in their own houses and not in enclosure, are free to choose a burial place for themselves in their last wills .那些希望成为谁在说修士的习惯埋葬,但谁住在自己的房屋和外壳没有,可以自由选择在其最后遗嘱为自己的墓地。

    Friars due to be promoted to orders are to be examined by the ordinaries on grammar and their competence.修士由于被晋升为订单都是由语法和其职权普通检查。Provided they answer adequately, they ought to be readily admitted by the ordinaries.只要他们的回答充分,他们应该是容易被普通承认。They may not, however, be ordained in their churches or houses or other places by anyone except the diocesan bishop or his deputy (the latter is to be asked with due reverence), unless the bishop refuses on insufficient grounds or is absent from his diocese.他们可能不是,但是,被祝圣的教堂或由房屋或其他地方,除了教区主教或他的副手(后者是要适当崇敬问)任何人,除非在主教拒绝理由不足或者是从他的教区缺席。 They should not ask for the consecration of a church or an altar, or the blessing of a cemetery, from another bishop; and they may not arrange for the first stone of a church being built for them to be laid by a strange bishop, unless the ordinary refuses without any just reason after he has been asked two or three times with due reverence and urgency.他们不应该要求一个教会或一个祭坛,或墓地从另一个主教的祝福,奉献,以及他们可能不会被安排为他们铺设兴建一个奇怪的主教教堂第一块石头,除非普通的拒绝后,他已要求适当的崇敬和紧迫性两三次就没有任何理由。 Friars may not bless a bride and bridegroom without the consent of those in charge of the parish.天主教方济会不会保佑没有在教区负责人同意,新娘和新郎。In order to render to the mother church the honour due to her, friars and secular clerics may not ring the bells of their churches on Holy Saturday before those of the cathedral or mother church have been rung, even if they are supported on this point by a privilege of the apostolic see.为使教会的母亲因她的荣誉,修士和世俗教士可能不顺的圣周六的教堂的钟声大教堂前,或母亲教会那些已经响起,即使他们在这一点上支持一个使徒的特权看到的。 Those acting otherwise incur a penalty of one hundred ducats.这些行动,否则产生的百达克特处罚。

    They are to publish and observe in the churches of their own houses the censures which are imposed promulgated and solemnly published by the ordinaries in the mother churches of cities as well as in the collegiate and parish churches of castles and towns, when they are asked to do this by the same ordinaries.他们发布和观察他们的颁布和实施是在城市的母亲教会以及在城堡和城镇,大学和教区教堂的普通郑重发表谴责自己的房子时,他们的教堂被要求为此,同普通的。 To provide more fruitfully for the salvation of the souls of Christ's faithful of both sexes, they are obliged to advise and encourage those whose confessions they have heard for a time, no matter of what standing or status they may be, that they are bound in conscience to pay tithes, or a portion of their goods or produce, in those places where such tithes or dues are customarily paid; and they are obliged to refuse absolution to those who will not pay them.为了提供对基督的男女信徒灵魂得救更富有成效,他们有责任提醒和鼓励那些他们有一段时间听说供述,没有什么地位或状态,他们可能是问题,他们一定在良心支付什一税,或他们的货物部分或生产,在那些如什一税或费的支付习惯的地方,而他们有责任拒绝赦免那些谁也不会支付他们。 They are bound, moreover, to include this in their public preaching and exhortations to the people when they are asked to do so .他们的约束,而且,这包括在他们的公开说教和规劝的,当他们被要求这样做的人。

    The conservators assigned for a time to the same friars by the apostolic see ought to be outstanding in learning and good reputation and of established ecclesiastical rank.对于同一修士时间分配的使徒的保护者看到应该在学习和良好的信誉和建立教会排名突出。They cannot oblige to appear before them anyone living more than two days' journey away, notwithstanding any privileges granted to the conservators at other times.他们不能强迫任何人出现在他们面前居住超过两天的路程,尽管在其他时间授予的保护者任何特权。Excommunicated persons wishing to enter a mendicant order cannot be absolved when the interests of a third party are involved, unless satisfaction has previously been made.逐出教会的人希望进入一个乞丐顺序不能免除时,第三者的利益都参与其中,除非先前已作出满意。Procurators, business agents and workers in the service of the said friars are subject to sentences of excommunication which have been promulgated, if they have given cause for them or have offered help, favour or advice to the guilty.检察官,业务代理和服务的工人说修士都受到逐出教会已颁布的句子,如果他们给了他们事业或提供帮助,支持或意见,有罪。 Brothers and sisters of the third order, and those known as the cloaked ones, the girdled ones and the devotees, and others no matter how named, living in their own homes, can choose whatever place of burial they wish.兄弟姐妹的三阶,并作为隐形的,在girdled的和奉献,和其他人无论怎样命名,在自己家中那些已知生命物质,可以选择任何地方埋葬他们的愿望。

    They are bound, however, to receive the eucharist at Easter as well as extreme unction and the other sacraments of the church, with the exception of the sacrament of penance, from their own priest .他们的约束,但是,领取复活节圣餐以及临终和教会的其他圣礼,随着的忏悔圣事例外,从自己的牧师。They are obliged to undertake the tasks incumbent upon the laity, and they can be brought before lay judges in a secular court.他们有责任承担的任务后,俗人有责任,他们可以带到躺在一个世俗法庭的法官。To avoid the cheapening of ecclesiastical censures, and sentences of interdict being regarded as of little importance, members of the said third orders are in no way to be admitted to hear divine services in the churches of their orders during a period of interdict, if they have given grounds for the interdict or encouraged or supported those grounds, or if they have in any way offered help, counsel or favour to the guilty .为了避免教会指责,与被认为意义不大,作为句子的阻截掉价,三分之一的成员表示,在没有订单被接纳听到他们的订单在教会的神圣停职期间服务的方式,如果他们已发出的禁令理由或鼓励或支持的理由,或在任何方面都给予了帮助,律师或赞成,有罪。 But those living in an official group, or dwelling with the enclosed, and women who are leading a life of virginity, celibacy or chaste widowhood under an expressed vow and with a habit, ought to enjoy the privileges of the order of which they are tertiaries .但这些在正式组,或与封闭,和女性谁是领先的贞操,或根据表示独身誓言和纯洁的守寡生活习惯居住生活,应该享受的顺序它们tertiaries的特权。

    We wish and decree that each and all of the above norms are to be extended to and observed by, all other religious of other orders.我们希望和法令,每上述规范都将扩大到和所有其他订单的其他宗教观察。In matters not mentioned above, the rights of the said bishops and friars and other religious are to be maintained.在没有上述问题,该说的权利主教和修道士和其他宗教是要维持。We do not wish to prejudice these rights in any way by the above statements, or to introduce anything new.我们不想以任何方式损害上述表述这些权利,或引进新事物。This is notwithstanding apostolic constitutions and ordinances; statutes and customs of the said orders which have been strengthened by oath, apostolic confirmation or any other form of reinforcement; and privileges, indults and apostolic letters which have been granted to the same orders and are contrary to what has been set down above or to any part of it, even what was included in Mare magnum.尽管这是使徒宪法和法令,法规和上述已加强了誓言,使徒确认或任何其他形式的增援命令海关和特权,indults并已授予同一订单使徒信和违反定下了什么上方或任何部分,甚至什么是母马万能包括在内。 If there is required a mention or other statement that is special, specific, clear, distinctive, word for word, and not by general clauses, regarding these things and their meaning, or if some other carefully chosen form should be used, in order that they might be abrogated, then we consider their meaning to be sufficiently expressed and included in this present letter, we expressly and specially abrogate anything to the contrary, and we decree as null and void anything that is knowingly or unknowingly attempted to the contrary in these matters by any person acting on any authority .如果有必要一提或其他声明,是特殊的,具体,明确,个性鲜明,逐字逐句,而不是一般条款,对这些东西和自己的意思,或者是一些经过精心挑选应采用其他形式,为了使他们可能会废止,那么我们认为它们的意义是充分表达了在这本函内,我们特别明确和废除任何与此相反,我们作为无效什么是有意或无意地试图在这些违反法令上的任何事项的任何授权行事的人。

    We warn the friars, in virtue of holy obedience, to revere bishops with fitting honour and due respect, out of the reverence owed to us and the apostolic see, since they act as deputies in place of the holy apostles.我们警告修士,在圣洁的服从美德,与装修的荣誉和应有的尊重尊敬的主教,走出欠我们和使徒看到的崇敬,因为他们为代表的行为在圣使徒的地方。 As for bishops, we urge and appeal by the tender mercy of our God that, while attending to the friars with well-disposed affection, treating them with kindness and encouraging them, they present themselves to them as in no sense difficult or hard or peevish, but rather as easy, mild, well-disposed and liberal in loving generosity, and that in all the above-mentioned matters they welcome them with ready kindness as co-workers in the Lord's vineyard and as sharers in their labours, and that they guard and defend their rights with all charity, so that both bishops and friars, whose works as burning lamps set on a hilltop ought to provide light to all Christ's faithful, may move forward from strength to strength for the glory of God, the triumph of the catholic faith and the salvation of peoples, and in consequence deserve to obtain from the Lord, the most generous recompenser of all good deeds, the reward of eternal life.至于主教,我们敦促和呼吁,对我们的上帝投标怜悯,虽然参加的修士与精心处理感情,待人友善他们,鼓励他们,他们目前在没有意义的困难或难以对他们自己或暴躁,而是简单,温和,精心处理和爱心慷慨自由,而且在所有上述提到的问题,他们欢迎的同事准备仁慈在主的葡萄园,并在他们的劳动共享者他们,他们警卫和保卫所有慈善机构的权利,这样既主教和修士,其工程,燃烧在山顶set灯应该提供光所有基督的信徒,可能向前为神的荣耀不断壮大,的凯旋信仰天主教和人民得救,并在后果理应获得主,所有的善行最慷慨recompenser,永生的奖励。 Let nobody therefore .因此,让任何人。..If anyone however .如果有人然而。. .

    SESSION 12 held on 16 March 1517会议于12日举行的1517年3月16日

    [Against those attacking the houses of cardinals][对这些攻击的枢机主教的房子]

    Leo, bishop, servant of the servants of God, with the approval of the sacred council, for an everlasting record.狮子座,主教,仆人的神的仆人,随着神圣的议会批准一个永恒的记录。Certain audacious persons disdain to show the appropriate deference to the cardinals of the holy Roman church, who are the chief pillars of the catholic church.有些大胆的人不屑,以显示适当的尊重的神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,谁是天主教教会的主要支柱。They do not fear to lay violent hands, with impious boldness, on their possessions and properties.他们不害怕下毒手,在他们的勇气与不虔诚的财产和财产。Their uncontrolled desire warns and induces us to strengthen, increase and extend -- in accordance with the character of the times and with what we perceive in the Lord to be soundly in keeping with so distinguished an office in God's church -- those measures which, by wise planning, were established by our predecessors for the safe-guarding of the high office of the said cardinals, in order that the boldness of these people may be restrained before it extends even further.他们无法控制的欲望警告并诱导我们加强,增加和扩大 - 与时代特征,并依照我们在主认为要在这么杰出的一间办公室,在上帝的教会保持稳健 - 那些措施,通过明智的规划,分别设立了办公室的高安全,守卫说为枢机主教,即这些人的气魄可能受到抑制,甚至进一步扩大之前,我们的前辈。Indeed, there has recently grown up in Rome a damnable abuse and lack of restraint in wrongdoing.事实上,最近有生长在罗马一个该死的虐待和缺乏约束的不法行为。

    Thus, while there is a vacancy in the apostolic see, and the election of a future Roman pontiff is actually being discussed by the cardinals in conclave, if some rumour leaks out, even if false, that one of the cardinals has been elected as pontiff, the mob attacks his house with arms and contends by force with his servant-guards, while he is still in the conclave, over the despoiling of his house .因此,虽然是在使徒见空缺,以及未来的罗马教皇的选举实际上是正在讨论的秘密会议的枢机主教,如果一些谣言泄漏出来,即使假的,那人的枢机主教被教皇当选,与武器的暴徒袭击他的房子和力量争辩与他的仆人,守卫,而他仍然在秘密会议在他家的掠夺。 If an entry is forced by breaking down the doors or digging under the wall, the mob rushes in to plunder all the goods that are there, unless a defence is made by armed guards.如果一个条目是由打破门或墙下挖强迫,暴徒冲进来掠夺的所有商品都在那里,除非防守是由武装警卫作出。Sometimes there are some who are so audacious and headstrong that they do not fear even on other occasions to attack the houses of cardinals in a hostile fashion and with arms, under the guise of general brawling, and to strike and wound while they are there, as a result of which there is considerable loss to the honour of the cardinalate, by which the most holy church militant is fully adorned as by a purple garment, contempt for the cardinals is aroused, and occasion is given for murders and other scandals .有时候,有些人是如此大胆和任性,他们不惧怕甚至在其他场合攻击敌对的方式和武器的枢机主教的房屋,在一般的争吵幌子,罢工和伤口,而他们在那里,因此,其中有相当大的损失,对cardinalate的荣誉,其中最激进的圣教装饰完全由紫色服装作为,为枢机主教的蔑视,是引起,和场合是谋杀和其他丑闻给定。

    We wish to suppress audacious tendencies of this kind by fitting punishments .我们希望通过拟合处罚抑制这种大胆的倾向。We therefore renew by this letter, with the approval of the sacred council and by our apostolic authority, the published constitutions of our predecessors as Roman pontiffs, Honorius III and Boniface VIII of happy memory, against those pursuing any cardinal of the said church in a hostile manner, those assisting such persons by their presence, counsel or support, or knowingly harbouring or defending them, and those attacking their houses or dwellings, as said above, and their descendants and property.因此,我们再次与此信的神圣理事会批准,由我们的使徒权威,我们的前人公布宪法为罗马教宗,挪三和博尼的快乐记忆第八反对任何追求的大是大非的人,说教会在敌对的方式,帮助那些受他们的存在,律师或支持,或明知而窝藏或为他们辩护,而那些攻击他们的房屋或住宅,如上面说的这些人,和他们的后代和财产。 We decree that these constitutions must be observed everywhere without alteration for all future times.我们这些法令必须遵守宪法没有改变未来所有的时间随处可见。