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Providence is the universal sovereign reign of God.普罗维登斯是普遍的神的主权统治。It is God's preserving and governing all His creatures, and all their actions (Job 9:5,6; 28:25; Ps. 104:10-25; 145:15; 147:9; Matt. 4:4; 6:26-28; Luke 12:6,7; Acts 17:25-28). General providence includes the government of the entire Universe, especially the affairs of men. Special providence is God's particular care over the life and activity of the Believer (Rom. 8:28).这是上帝的保护和管理他的一切生物,和他们所有的操作(作业9:5,6; 28:25;诗篇104:10-25; 145:15; 147:9;马特4:4; 6。: 26日至28日;路加福音12:6,7;徒17:25-28) 一般普罗维登斯特别静宜是上帝的特别照顾,在生活和活动的信徒(包括整个宇宙的政府,尤其是男性的事务。罗马书8:28)。

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Providence of God普罗维登斯的上帝

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"Providence" is one of the words which do not occur in the Bible but which nevertheless represent truly a biblical doctrine. “普罗维登斯”是不发生在“圣经”,但,但代表真正的圣经教义的话之一。There is no Hebrew equivalent for "providence," and the Greek word translated thus, pronoia, is used only of human foresight (Acts 24:2; Rom. 13:14; for the verb pronoeo, see Rom. 12:17; II Cor. 8:21; I Tim. 5:8).有希伯来相当于没有“静宜”,和希腊字,因此翻译,pronoia,只用于人类的远见(徒24:2;罗马书13点14;为动词pron​​oeo,见罗12点17分;二心病8时21分;提前5:8)。 Rather, the Bible uses ad hoc words like "he giveth food to all flesh" (Ps. 136:25), or "he sendeth forth springs into the valleys" (Ps. 104:10), expressing in concrete situations God's mighty acts toward his children.相反,“圣经”使用专案分的话,“他所赐的食物所有肉”(诗136:25),或“他提出sendeth进入山谷的泉水”(诗104:10),在具体情况下表达神的强大的行为对他的孩子。

We must resist the temptation to think about providence generally and independently of Christ.普罗维登斯认为一般和基督的独立,我们必须抵制诱惑。It would be possible to draw on certain Psalms and the Sermon the Mount, for example, to make up a doctrine of God's relationship to his creation that had nothing to do with Jesus Christ.这将有可能借鉴某些诗篇和布道的山,例如,弥补了上帝的关系,他创造了与耶稣基督无关的学说。But since it is in Christ that this relationship is established, an attempt to understand it apart from him would be a misinterpretation from the start.但因为它的是,这种关系是建立在基督,从他试图了解它除了会从一开始就误解。In Jesus Christ, God has set up the relationship between himself and his creatures, promising to carry through his purpose in creation to its triumphal conclusion.耶稣基督,上帝已经成立了自己和他的动物之间的关系,承诺将通过他的目的进行创造凯旋结论。The primal relationship with Adam, renewed with Noah (Gen. 8:21-22), is no less in Christo than in the covenant with Abraham or Moses.不低于“公约”中的亚伯拉罕或摩西在克里斯托重新亚当与挪亚(创8:21-22),原始的关系。The Mediator who is the incarnate Word establishes this relationship, and in him God becomes the God of men and they become his people.调解员是谁的化身字,建立这种关系,并在他的神,成为神的男人,他们成为他的人。(The Mediator must also be regarded as setting up the relationship between God and his creatures other than man.) As their God, he will take up the responsibility for their earthly existence.(调解员还必须设立上帝和他的动物比人之间的关系。)作为他们的神,他会占用他们的尘世存在的责任。

The doctrine of providence may be viewed from three different aspects.静宜的学说可以被视为从三个不同的方面。

In sum, the doctrine of providence tells us that the world and our lives are not ruled by chance or by fate but by God, who lays bare his purposes of providence in the incarnation of his Son.总之,静宜的教义告诉我们,世界和我们的生活是不是偶然或命运,而是由上帝袒露了他的普罗维登斯的目的,在他的儿子的化身,谁规定的裁定。

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Bibliography 参考书目
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Providence literally means foresight, but is generally used to denote God's preserving and governing all things by means of second causes (Ps. 18:35; 63:8; Acts 17:28; Col. 1:17; Heb. 1:3).普罗维登斯的字面意思是先见之明,但一般是用来表示第二个原因是指神的保护和管理所有的事情(诗篇18时35分; 63:8;使徒行传17:28;上校1点17分;。希伯来1时03分) 。God's providence extends to the natural world (Ps. 104:14; 135:5-7; Acts 14:17), the brute creation (Ps. 104:21-29; Matt. 6:26; 10:29), and the affairs of men (1 Chr. 16: 31; Ps. 47:7; Prov. 21:1; Job 12:23; Dan.2:21; 4:25), and of individuals (1 Sam. 2:6; Ps. 18:30; Luke 1:53; James 4: 13-15).上帝的普罗维登斯延伸到世界自然(诗篇104:14; 135:5-7;使徒行传14:17),蛮力创造(诗篇104:21-29;。马特6点26分,10点29分),男性(。诗篇47:7;箴21时01分;作业12点23 Dan.2 31:1 CHR 16 21; 4时25分)的事务,和个人(1萨姆2时06分。 PS 18:30,路加福音1时53,詹姆斯4:13-15)。

It extends also to the free actions of men (Ex. 12:36; 1 Sam. 24:9-15; Ps. 33:14, 15; Prov. 16:1; 19:21; 20:24; 21:1), and things sinful (2 Sam. 16:10; 24:1; Rom. 11:32; Acts 4:27, 28), as well as to their good actions (Phil. 2:13; 4:13; 2 Cor. 12:9, 10; Eph. 2:10; Gal. 5: 22-25).这也延伸到了自由行动的男性(例如:12时36分; 1山姆24:9-15。诗篇33:14,15;。箴16:1; 19点21分,20时24; 21:1 )和东西,罪孽深重(撒下16:10; 24:1;罗马书11时32分,4时27分,28行为),以及他们良好的行动(腓立比书2时13分; 4:13; 2哥林多前书12时09分,10;弗2时10加仑5:22-25)。As regards sinful actions of men, they are represented as occurring by God's permission (Gen. 45:5; 50:20. Comp. 1 Sam. 6:6; Ex. 7:13; 14:17; Acts 2:3; 3:18; 4:27, 28), and as controlled (Ps. 76:10) and overruled for good (Gen. 50:20; Acts 3:13).至于男性的罪恶的行动,他们都表示为神的许可(创45:5发生。,50:20比赛1萨姆6时06分,前7时13分; 14点17分;使徒2时03分; 3时18分; 4点27分,28)和控制(诗篇76:10)和好(创50:20驳回;徒3:13)。

God does not cause or approve of sin, but only limits, restrains, overrules it for good. The mode of God's providential government is altogether unexplained. 上帝不会导致或批准罪,但唯一的限制,约束,推翻它为好。上帝的天赐政府的模式是完全不明原因。We only know that it is a fact that God does govern all his creatures and all their actions; that this government is universal (Ps. 103:17-19), particular (Matt. 10:29-31), efficacious (Ps. 33:11; Job 23:13), embraces events apparently contingent (Prov. 16:9, 33; 19: 21; 21:1), is consistent with his own perfection (2 Tim. 2:13), and to his own glory (Rom. 9:17; 11:36).我们只知道,这是一个事实,上帝不治理他的所有生物和一切行动,这个政府是普遍的(诗篇103:17-19),特别是(太10:29-31),有效(诗篇33:11;约伯记23:13),拥抱事件显然队伍(箴16:9,33; 19:21; 21:1),用他自己的完美(2添2:13)是一致的,以及他自己的荣耀(罗马书9:17; 11:36)。

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