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The Council of Vienne was the 15th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church.理事会的维埃纳省的罗马天主教会第15届大公会议。The synod comprised three sessions that were held in the historic city of Vienne in southeastern France during 1311 and 1312.主教组成三个维埃纳省在法国东南部的历史名城,在1311和1312期间举行的会议。The council was presided over by Clement V, the first pope based in the city of Avignon.安理会是由克莱门特V时,第一任教皇在阿维尼翁市主持。The council was called to promote a crusade to the Holy Land, to effect needed reform within the church, and, at the insistence of Philip IV of France, to abolish the Order of Knights Templar.,安理会呼吁促进一个十字军东征的圣地,影响教会内的必要的改革,并且,在法国的菲利普四坚持,取消圣殿骑士勋章。 (The Knights Templar were a wealthy and powerful military religious organization found throughout Christendom and whose property Philip coveted.)(圣殿骑士团是一个富裕和强大的军事的宗教组织,整个基督教和其财产菲利普垂涎。)

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Much of the agenda and many of the documents issued by the Council of Vienne have not survived.大部分议程和维埃纳会发出的文件,很多都没有存活。It is known that Clement ordered the suppression of the Templar and the confiscation of their property.据了解,克莱门特下令镇压圣殿,并没收其财产。He further agreed to transfer church tithes to Philip upon the French king's promise to organize a crusade.他还同意转让后,法国国王的承诺,组织十字军东征,教会什一税菲利普。Philip reneged on the commitment, however, and for six years used the money for his personal political ends.然而,菲利普背弃承诺,六年的钱用于他个人的政治目的。The Council of Vienne also passed ordinances dealing with the course of the Inquisition and reform of the clergy.安理会的维埃纳省还通过与神职人员的宗教裁判所和改革过程中有关的条例。It repudiated the teachings of Peter John Olivi, a Spiritual Franciscan, about the incarnation, the human soul, and baptism.它推翻了彼得约翰Olivi酒店,方济的精神教义,有关的化身,人类的灵魂,和洗礼。It also condemned the heretical doctrines that arose out of the mysticism of the Beghards and Beguines, religious communities of men and women in northern Europe.它还谴责出现Beghards和Beguines,男性和女性在欧洲北部的宗教社区的神秘主义的异端学说。

Council of Vienne 1311-1312 AD的维埃纳省议会1311年至1312年公元

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The general council of Vienne was summoned by pope Clement V with the bull Regnans in caelis, which he had written on 12 August 1308 at Poitiers (the Roman pontiff had remained in France from the year of his election, thus beginning the period of the church's history known as the Avignon captivity). “的维埃纳省一般会被传唤教皇克莱门特V的在caelis牛市Regnans,他12日在普瓦捷年8月第1308(罗马教皇曾保持在法国从他当选的一年,从而开始了教会的时期作为著名的阿维尼翁圈养的历史)​​。 The pope was subject to forceful pressure from the European states, particularly from France.教皇是受到来自欧洲国家的有力压力,特别是来自法国的。Philip IV of France, the king who had opposed Boniface VIII so bitterly, had so much power over Clement V that he seems to have been able to change the whole state of ecclesiastical affairs at will.法国的菲利普IV,王曾反对波尼法爵八愁苦,有这么多,他似乎已经能够将改变整个国家宗教事务超过克莱门特V电源。The council of Vienne is seen as an outstanding example of this political pressure, although the pope energetically defended the liberty of the church as far as circumstances allowed and he himself had the power.维埃纳省议会被看作是这种政治压力的一个突出的例子,虽然教皇大力捍卫教会的自由尽可能的情况下允许他自己的权力。The council had been summoned for 1 October 1310 at Vienne.安理会已被传唤为1310年10月1维埃纳省。This city did not belong to the kingdom of France, though Philip IV in 1310 had occupied nearby Lyons by force.这个城市不属于法国的国度,虽然菲利普在1310第四以武力占领了附近的里昂。There were no general summonses and only 231 ecclesiastics were invited; the others however could employ a procurator .有没有一般的传票,只有231教士被邀请,但是其他人可以聘请一名检察官。

The complaint against the Templars seems to have been the first and greatest concern of the council.理事会第一和最关心的问题似乎已经对圣殿的投诉。Thus the bull convoking the council was written at the same time as Clement V summoned the Templar order to a canonical enquiry.因此牛市convoking理事会写在同一时间,克莱门特V召见的圣堂,以规范的调查。Through the whole of Europe cases were heard concerning the order and individual Templars.通过整个欧洲的情况下听取了关于秩序和个人的圣殿。This work had not been completed by 1310 and so the pope deferred the opening of the council to 1 October 1311.这项工作还没有完成由1310教皇会开幕推迟到1311年10月1。Events had moved, however, in such a way that the Templars' condemnation and Philip's victory seemed very probable.感动,但是,在这样一种方式,谴责圣殿“和菲利普的胜利似乎很可能发生的事件。This placed the authority and freedom of the council under severe constraint.这放在会严重制约下的权力和自由。

The council began at Vienne on the 16 October 1311 in the presence of 20 cardinals, 4 patriarchs, about 100 archbishops and bishops, and a number of abbots and priors.理事会开始在维埃纳省于1311年10月16的20枢机主教,4始祖的存在,约100大主教和主教,方丈和先验。From the sermon given in the first session by Clement V, three questions were seen as of greatest importance: the case of the Templars, the business of the holy Land, and the reform of the church.从第一届会议在克莱门特V作出的说教,视为最重要的三个问题:圣殿的情况下,企业的圣地,和教会的改革。Clement-himself gave an account of the allegations which had been made against the Templar order.克莱门特,自己给了一个帐户已对圣堂秩序提出的指控。The work of the council was carried on outside the full assembly, that is to say, through a consistory of cardinals together with the pope, and through a committee which was elected by the council fathers from their own body and which seems to have acted in place of the whole council, the full assembly merely confirmed the decrees and bulls, promulgating them in the second and third sessions.理事会的工作进行了完整的组件外,也就是说,通过consistory枢机主教与教宗一起,并通过一个被选为理事会父亲从自己的身体和委员会似乎已经采取行动全体委员会的地方,只是确认完整的程序集的法令和公牛队,他们在第二次和第三次会议颁布。 A commission of cardinals was appointed in order to probe the grievances and advice put forward by the bishops and other fathers on the subject of church reform.一个委员会的枢机主教被任命为以探针的不满和意见提出的主教和其他父亲教会改革的主题。

The council fathers gave long and careful consideration to the case of the Templars.理事会父亲给了长和慎重考虑的圣殿。It is likely that they preferred the order to be allowed to defend itself against the accusations than to condemn it too easily and without sure proof.它是可能的,他们宁愿为了要抵御的指责,谴责它太容易了,并没有确定的证据。However, "all the difficult questions which were considered in the council seemed to be left doubtful or unsettled, or else to be treated".然而,“这是在安理会审议的所有困难的问题似乎要留下疑点或连同未交收,否则被视为”。 So when the case was still unresolved in January 1312, the fathers devoted themselves to the business of the holy Land and to decrees which seemed timely for the reform of ecclesiastical morals.所以当的情况下仍然在第1312年1月解决,父亲投身到企业的圣地和法令,及时似乎教会的道德改革。Regarding the former, the delegates of the king of Aragon thought the city of Granada should first be attacked and occupied in order that the enemy might be enfeebled by a threat to each flank.关于前者,​​阿拉贡国王的代表认为格拉纳达市,应首先攻击,并在敌人可能会威胁到每一个侧面衰弱占领。Other fathers and ambassadors favoured an expedition to the east only.其他的父亲和大使的青睐地区唯一的远征。As far as we know, however, after an agreement by kings and princes that a crusade to the holy Land was opportune and necessary, and the imposition of a tithe on all ecclesiasticalprovinces, no decision was taken.然而,据我们所知,国王和王子,到圣地的十字军东征是适时的和必要的,而一个对所有ecclesiasticalprovinces的什一税的征收协议后,没有决定采取的。

Meanwhile in March 1312 Philip IV held a general assembly of his kingdom in Lyons, his object being to disturb and steamroller the minds of the council fathers and of the pope himself.菲利普IV同时在第1312年3月在里昂举行的一个大会,他的王国,他的干扰和压路机理事会父亲和教宗本人心目中的对象。 Secret bargains had been made between Clement V and the envoys of Philip IV from 17 to 29 February 1312; the council fathers were not consulted.秘密讨价还价已经取得了克莱门特V和菲利普IV的特使17日至2月29日第1312之间;没有谘询理事会父亲。 By this bargaining Philip obtained the condemnation of the Templars.通过这种讨价还价,菲利普获得圣殿的谴责。It is most likely he used the threat that he would bring a public action against Boniface VIII.这是最有可能的,他使用的威胁,他将带来一个公共行动对波尼法爵八的。The king of France made for Vienne on 20 March, and after two days Clement V delivered to the commission of cardinals for approval the bull by which the order of Templars was suppressed (the bull Vox in excelso).法国国王为维埃纳省于3月20日,后两天克莱门特V交付的枢机主教委员会批准,为了圣殿被压抑的牛市(excelso牛市VOX)。 In the second session of the council, which took place on 3 April 1312, this bull was approved and the pope announced a future crusade.在安理会第1312年4月,历时3第二次会议批准,这个牛市和教皇宣布了未来的讨伐。The Templars' property, of immense value, was entrusted to other persons by the bulls Ad providam of 2 May and Nuper in concilio of 16 May.圣殿“财产的巨大价值,是委托给其他人公牛广告5月2日和Nuper providam在5月16日concilio。The fate of the Templars themselves was decided by the bull Considerantes of 6 May.圣殿自己的命运,决定5月6日的牛市Considerantes。In the bulls Licet dudum (18 Dec. 1312), Dudum in generali concilio (31 Dec. 1312) and Licet pridem (13 Jan. 1313) Clement V gave further treatment to the question of the Templars' property.克莱门特Licet dudum公牛队(12月第1312 18),忠concilio Dudum(12月31日的第1312)和Licet pridem 1月1313(13)V了进一步治疗的圣殿“财产的问题。

In the third session of the council, which was held on 6 May 1312, certain constitutions were promulgated.在第三,这是第1312 5月6日举行的理事会会议,某些宪法颁布。We do not know their text or number.我们不知道自己的文本或数字。In Mueller's opinion, what happened was this: the constitutions, with the exception of a certain number still to be polished in form and text, were read by the council fathers; Clement V then ordered the constitutions to be corrected and arranged after the pattern of decretal collections.在穆勒的意见,发生了什么事:宪法,除了一个一定的数量仍在以将表格和文字打磨,是该理事会的父亲读;克莱门特V然后下令宪法,以被纠正和格局后安排法令的集合。 This text, although read in the consistory held in the castle of Monteux near Carpentras on 21 March 1314 was not promulgated, since Clement V died a month later.在城堡附近卡庞特拉的Monteux的第1314年3月21日举行的consistory读这段文字,虽然没有颁布,自克莱门特V一个月后死亡。 It was pope John XXII who, after again correcting the constitutions, finally sent them to the universities. It is difficult to decide which constitutions are the work of the council.这是教皇约翰二十二谁,再次纠正宪法后,终于把他们送到大学,这是很难决定哪些宪法理事会的工作We adopt Mueller's opinion that 38 constitutions may be counted as such, but only 20 of these have the words "with the approval of the sacred council". The texts that we publish are taken from Hefele's edition (see above p.334, n. 17) for the bull Vox in excelso, and from the edition of the Vatican register (= Regestum) for the other bulls; for the text of the constitutions, we have used Friedberg's edition of Corpus Iuris Canonici (= Fr). 我们采用穆勒认为,38宪法可能是这样计算的,但只有这20人“的神圣理事会的批准”的话,我们发布的文本是从黑弗勒版(见p.334以上,N. 17)excelso牛市VOX,并从其他公牛梵蒂冈寄存器(= Regestum)的版本;的宪法文本,我们已经使用弗里德贝格的语料库Iuris Canonici(= FR)版。

[Where there is considerable doubt that a document is the work of the council it is in smaller print][凡有很大疑问,一个文档是对安理会工作的,它在较小的打印]

[Bulls and ordinances of the Roman curia concerning the order of the Templars and the business of the holy Land][公牛队和罗马教廷条例有关圣殿的顺序和业务的圣地]

[1]. [1]。Clement, bishop, servant of the servants of God, for an everlasting record.克莱门特,主教,神的仆人的仆人,一个永恒的记录,。A voice was heard from on high, of lamentation and bitter weeping, for the time is coming, indeed has come, when the Lord shall complain through his prophet: This house has aroused my anger and wrath, so that I will remove it from my sight because of the evil of its sons, for they have provoked me to anger turning their backs to me, not their faces, and setting up their idols in the house in which my name is invoked, to defile it.听到一个声音是从高的哀悼和苦哭泣的时间快到了,确实已经来临,当主应通过他的先知抱怨:这房子已经引起了我的愤怒和愤怒,所以,我会从我因为其儿子的邪恶的视线,因为他们有惹我发怒,我把他们的背上,而不是他们的脸,并设立自己的偶像,在我的名字是在其中调用的房子,玷污它。 They have built the high places of Baal in order to consecrate their sons to idols and demons.他们建立了巴力的高处,为了奉献自己的偶像和魔鬼的儿子。They have sinned deeply as in the days of Gibeah.他们都犯了罪深深地在基比亚的日子。When I learnt of such deeds of horror, at the dread of such notorious scandal -- for who ever heard of such infamy?当我得知恐怖事迹,恐惧等臭名昭著的丑闻 - 曾经听到这样的骂名?who ever saw the like?谁见过像吗?-- I fell down at hearing it, I was dismayed at seeing it, my heart grew embittered and darkness overwhelmed me.- 我爱上听下来,我沮丧地看到它,我的心长大苦和黑暗压倒我。Hark, a voice of the people from the city!徐克,全市人民的声音!a voice from the temple!从寺庙的声音!the voice of the Lord rendering recompense to his enemies.主渲染补偿的声音,他的敌人。The prophet is compelled to exclaim: Give them, Lord, a barren womb and dry breasts.先知是不得不惊呼:给他们,主,一个贫瘠的子宫和干燥的乳房。Their worthlessness has been revealed because of their malice.他们的无能已经显露,因为他们的恶意。Throw them out of your house, and let their roots dry up; let them not bear fruit, and let not this house be any more a stumbling block of bitterness or a thorn to hurt.他们赶下台,你的房子,让自己的根干起来,让他们不见效,并让这房子是更多的苦涩的绊脚石或刺伤害。

Not slight is the fornication of this house, immolating its sons, giving them up and consecrating them to demons and not to God, to gods whom they did not know.不轻微是这所房子的私通,immolating的儿子,让他们供奉他们的恶魔,而不是神,神人,他们不知道。Therefore this house will be desolate and in disgrace, cursed and uninhabited, thrown into confusion and levelled to the dust, lowly, forsaken, inaccessible, spurned by the anger of the Lord, whom it has despised; let it not be lived in but reduced to a wilderness.因此,这所房子将被荒凉和耻辱,诅咒和无人居住,手忙脚乱,并夷为平地的尘埃,卑微,遗弃,人迹罕至,由主,谁藐视的愤怒所唾弃,我们不能住在减少荒野。 Let everyone be astonished at it and hiss at all its wounds.让大家惊讶,并在其所有的伤口嘶声。For the Lord did not choose the people on account of the place, but the place on account of the people.对于主并没有选择的地方帐户的人,但地方的人的帐户上。Therefore the very place of the temple was made to share in the punishment of the people, as the Lord proclaimed openly to Solomon when he built the temple for him, to Solomon who was filled with wisdom like a river: But if your sons turn aside from me, not following and honouring me but going instead after strange gods and worshipping them, then I will cut them off from before me and expel them from the land which I have given to them; and the temple which I have consecrated to my name I will cast out of my sight, and it will become a proverb and a byword among all peoples.因此非常到位的寺庙是分享的人的惩罚,正如耶和华宣布公开所罗门时,他为他建造的寺庙,是充满智慧像一条河流的所罗门:但是,如果你的儿子打开预留从我做起,不遵守和尊重我,但,而不是去后,奇怪的神灵崇拜他们,那么我会切断他们从我面前,并开除他们,我已经给他们的土地,和我已奉献给我的名字的寺庙我会投出我的视线,它会成为一句谚语和各民族之间的一个代名词。 Everyone passing by it will be astonished and shall hiss, and shall say, "Why has the Lord done thus to this temple and to this house?"由它传递的每个人都将被震惊和应咝咝声,并应说:“耶和华为何从而做这个寺庙,这所房子?”And they will say : "Because they forsook the Lord their God who bought and redeemed them, and followed instead Baal and other gods, worshipping and serving them. Therefore the Lord has brought all this evil upon them'".他们会说:“因为他们离弃耶和华他们的神购买和赎回他们,并遵循而不是巴力和其他神,崇拜,并为他们提供服务,因此,主给他们带来了的这一切邪恶。”

Indeed a little while ago, about the time of our election as supreme pontiff before we came to Lyons for our coronation, and afterwards, both there and elsewhere, we received secret intimations against the master, preceptors and other brothers of the order of Knights Templar of Jerusalem and also against the order itself.事实上,一小会儿前,我们作为至高无上的教皇选举的时间之前,我们来到里昂为我们的加冕典礼,之​​后,在那里和其他地方,我们收到了对主,preceptors和其他兄弟为了圣殿骑士的秘密暗示耶路撒冷和秩序本身也反对。 These men had been posted in lands overseas for the defence of the patrimony of our lord Jesus Christ, and as special warriors of the catholic faith and outstanding defenders of the holy Land seemed to carry the chief burden of the said holy Land.这些人已张贴在土地海外为保卫我们的主耶稣基督的遗产,并作为特殊的战士信仰天主教的圣地出色的维护者似乎进行的行政负担,说的圣地。 For this reason the holy Roman church honoured these brothers and the order with her special support, armed them with the sign of the cross against Christ's enemies, paid them the highest tributes of her respect, and strengthened them with various exemptions and privileges; and they experienced in many and various ways her help and that of all faithful Christians with repeated gifts of property.出于这个原因罗马教会的荣幸,她特别支持这些兄弟和顺序,武装反对基督的敌人的十字架的符号其中,支付他们她的尊重的最高的敬意,并加强与各种豁免和特权他们;和他们在经历了许多不同的方式她的帮助和财产反复礼物所有忠实的基督徒。 Therefore it was against the lord Jesus Christ himself that they fell into the sin of impious apostasy, the abominable vice of idolatry, the deadly crime of the Sodomites, and various heresies.因此,它是对主耶稣基督,他们不虔诚叛教,偶像崇拜的恶劣副,所多玛的致命的犯罪,和各种歪理邪说的罪恶下跌。 Yet it was not to be expected nor seemed credible that men so devout, who were outstanding often to the shedding of their blood for Christ and were seen repeatedly to expose their persons to the danger of death, who even more frequently gave great signs of their devotion both in divine worship and in fasting and other observances, should be so unmindful of their salvation as to commit such crimes.然而,这不是可以预料,也似乎可信,男人如此虔诚,谁是优秀的,往往是他们为基督的血脱落,多次看到暴露自己的人死亡的危险,谁更频繁了他们伟大的迹象无论是在神圣的崇拜和奉献在空腹及其他纪念活动,应使他们的得救不顾犯有这类罪行。 The order, moreover, had a good and holy beginning; it won the approval of the apostolic see.订单,此外,有一个很好的和神圣的开端,它获得批准的使徒见。The rule, which is holy, reasonable and just, had the deserved sanction of this see.规则,这是神圣的,合理和公正的,看到这个当之无愧的制裁。For all these reasons we were unwilling to lend our ears to insinuation and accusation against the Templars; we had been taught by our Lord's example and the words of canonical scripture.出于所有这些原因,我们都不愿意借给我们的耳朵对圣殿的影射和指责,我们一直教导我们的主的榜样,典型的经文的话。

Then came the intervention of our dear son in Christ, Philip, the illustrious king of France.然后来到我们亲爱的儿子在基督里,菲利普,杰出的法国国王的干预。The same crimes had been reported to him.同样的罪行已经向他报告。He was not moved by greed.他不感动贪婪。He had no intention of claiming or appropriating for himself anything from the Templars' property; rather, in his own kingdom he abandoned such claim and thereafter released entirely his hold on their goods.他无意声称或挪用给自己任何的圣殿“财产的,而是在自己的王国,他放弃了此类索赔,此后发布完全是他自己的商品上举行。 He was on fire with zeal for the orthodox faith, following in the well marked footsteps of his ancestors.他信仰东正教的热情的火,他的祖先的脚步声以及标记。He obtained as much information as he lawfully could.他因为他合法取得尽可能多的信息。Then, in order to give us greater light on the subject, he sent us much valuable information through his envoys and letters.然后,为了给我们更大的主体,他给我们送来了许多宝贵的信息,通过他的特使和信件。The scandal against the Templars themselves and their order in reference to the crimes already mentioned increased.增加对圣殿自己和他们的订单中已经提到的犯罪丑闻。There was even one of the knights, a man of noble blood and of no small reputation in the order, who testified secretly under oath in our presence, that at his reception the knight who received him suggested that he deny Christ, which he did, in the presence of certain other knights of the Temple, he furthermore spat on the cross held out to him by this knight who received him.甚至还有的骑士,一个人的命令,偷偷在我们面前宣誓作证下,在他接待的骑士凡接待他的建议,他否认基督,他没有高贵的血统和不小的声誉,寺的某些其他骑士的存在,此外,他吐向他伸出凡接待他的这个骑士跨。 He also said that he had seen the grand master, who is still alive, receive a certain knight in a chapter of the order held overseas.他还表示,他见过的人还活着,大法师,收到一定的骑士在一章在海外举行的次序。The reception took place in the same way, namely with the denial of Christ and the spitting on the cross, with quite two hundred brothers of the order being present.接待了以同样的方式进行,即拒绝与基督在十字架上随地吐痰,与在场的命令相当有两百年的兄弟。The witness also affirmed that he heard it said that this was the customary manner of receiving new members: at the suggestion of the person receiving the profession or his delegate, the person making profession denied Jesus Christ, and in abuse of Christ crucified spat upon the cross held out to him, and the two committed other unlawful acts contrary to christian morality, as the witness himself then confessed in our presence.证人也确认,他听到它说,这是习惯性地接收新成员:在接受专业或他的代表的人的建议,使专业的人否认耶稣基督,并在基督钉在十字架上的虐待后,发生了口角交叉举行,他说,两犯有其他违背基督教道德的非法行为,作为见证自己,然后在我们的面前供认不讳。

We were duty-bound by our office to pay heed to the din of such grave and repeated accusations.我们是由我们的办公室责无旁贷留意DIN等严重和反复指责。When at last there came a general hue and cry with the clamorous denunciations of the said king and of the dukes, counts, barons, other nobles, clergy and people of the kingdom of France, reaching us both directly and through agents and officials, we heard a doleful tale: that the master, preceptors and other brothers of the order as well as the order itself had been involved in these and other crimes.当最后出现了一般的呼救声与喧嚣谴责说,国王和公爵,计数,贵族,贵族,僧侣和法兰西王国的人,达到了我们直接或通过代理人和官员,我们听到一个寂寞的故事:在这些和其他犯罪的主,preceptors为了兄弟,以及订单本身已经涉及。 This seemed to be proved by many confessions, attestations and depositions of the master, of the visitor of France, and of many preceptors and brothers of the order, in the presence of many prelates and the inquisitor of heresy.这似乎是由许多的供述中,的证明和主的证词法国游客,许多preceptors和兄弟为了证明存在许多主教和异端审判官。 These depositions were made in the kingdom of France with our authorisation, edited as public documents and shown to us and our brothers.与我们的授权英国在法国,这些证言被公开的文件编辑,并显示给我们和我们的的兄弟。 Besides, the rumour and clamour had grown to such insistence that the hostility against both the order itself and the individual members of it could not be ignored without grave scandal nor be tolerated without imminent danger to the faith.此外,谣言和鼓噪已经发展到这样的坚持,对订单本身和它的个别成员的敌意不能被忽略,没有严重的丑闻,也没有迫在眉睫的危险的信念的情况下容忍。 Since we though unworthy, represent Christ on earth, we considered that we ought, following in his footsteps, to hold an inquiry.由于我们虽然不配,代表地球上的​​基督,我们认为,我们应该跟随他的脚步,举行一次调查。

We called to our presence many of the preceptors, priests, knights and other brothers of the order who were of no small reputation.我们呼吁我们的存在许多preceptors,牧师,骑士和其他兄弟为了不小的声誉。They took an oath, they were adjured urgently by the Father, Son and holy Spirit; we demanded, in virtue of holy obedience, invoking the divine judgment with the menace of an eternal malediction, that they tell the pure and simple truth.他们采取了一个誓言,他们迫切adjured圣父,圣子和圣灵;我们的要求,凭借神圣服从,调用与一个永恒的诅咒的威胁神圣的判决,他们告诉纯洁和简单的道理。 We pointed out that they were now in a safe and suitable place where they had nothing to fear in spite of the confessions they had made before others.我们指出,现在,他们在一个安全的和适宜的地方,在那里他们没有恐惧,尽管他们在别人面前的供词。We wished those confessions to be without prejudice to them.我们希望这些口供,以不妨碍他们。In this way we made our interrogation and examined as many as seventy-two, many of our brothers being present and following the proceedings attentively.这样,我们做了我们的审讯和审议多达七十二个,许多我们的兄弟,现在和留心以下的法律程序。We had the confessions taken down by notary and recorded as authentic documents in our presence and that of our brothers.我们采取由公证员和记录作为地道的文件在我们的存在和我们的兄弟的供词。After some days we had these confessions read in consistory in the presence of the knights concerned.过了些日子,我们已经在阅读有关骑士的存在consistory这些供词。Each was read a version in his own language; they stood by their confessions, expressly and spontaneously approving them as they had been read out.每个宣读了自己的语言版本;,他们站在他们的供词,明确和自发批准他们,因为他们已经读出。

After this, intending to make a personal inquiry with the grand master, the visitor of France and the principal preceptors of the order, we commanded that the grand master, the visitor of France and the chief preceptors of Outremer, Normandy, Aquitaine and Poitou be presented to us while we were at Poitiers.在此之后,我们有意与特级大师,法国游客和秩序的主要preceptors个人查询,指挥,大法师,法国游客和Outremer行政preceptors,诺曼底,阿基坦大区和普瓦图呈现在我们面前,而我们在普瓦捷。 Some of them, however, were ill at the time and could not ride a horse nor conveniently be brought to our presence.然而,其中一些病在当时并不能骑马,也方便我们的存在。We wished to know the truth of the whole matter and whether their confessions and depositions, which were said to have been made in the presence of the inquisitor of heresy in the kingdom of France and witnessed by certain public notaries and many other good men, and which were produced in public and shown to us and our brothers by the inquisitor, were true.我们希望知道事情的来龙去脉,以及是否他们的供词和证言说,这是已经在英国,法国的异端审判官的存在,并在一定的公证人和许多其他的好男人见证真理,这在公众中产生,并打破砂锅给我们和我们的的兄弟,是真实的。 We empowered and commanded our beloved sons Berengar, cardinal, then with the title of Nereus and Achilleus, now bishop of Frascati, and Stephen, cardinal priest with the title of saint Cyriacus at the Baths, and Landulf, cardinal deacon with the title of saint Angelo, in whose prudence, experience and loyalty we have the fullest confidence, to make a careful investigation with the grand master, visitor and preceptors, concerning the truth of the accusations against them and individual persons of the order and against the order itself.我们有权和指挥弗拉斯卡蒂尼利亚和Achilleus,现在主教标题Berengar我们心爱的儿子,大是大非,然后,和斯蒂芬枢机主教神父,圣Cyriacus在浴池的标题,并Landulf,枢机执事圣称号安杰洛,其谨慎,经验和忠诚度,我们有充分的信心,使一个大法师,游客和preceptors的缜密侦查,对他们的秩序和对秩序本身的个别人士的指控的真相。

If there was evidence, it was to be brought to us; the confessions and depositions were to be taken down in writing by a public notary and presented to us.如果有证据表明,这是给我们带来的口供和证言,应采取书面形式由公证呈现在我们面前。The cardinals were to grant absolution from the sentence of excommunication, according to the form of the church, to the master, visitor and preceptors -- a sentence incurred if the accusations were true -- provided the accused humbly and devoutly requested absolution, as they ought to do.枢机主教逐出教会的句子授予赦免,根据教会的形式,以主,游客和preceptors - 如果指控是真实发生的一个句子 - 提供被告虚心和虔诚的请求赦免,因为他们应该做的。

The cardinals went to see the grand master, the visitor and the preceptors personally and explained the reason for their visit.主教去见大法师,游客和个人preceptors和解释的原因,他们的访问。Since these men and other Templars resident in the kingdom of France had been handed over to us because they would freely and without fear of anyone reveal the truth sincerely to the cardinals, the cardinals by our apostolic authority enjoined on them this duty of telling the truth.由于这些男人和其他居住在法国的国度的圣殿已经移交给我们,因为他们将自由和不害怕任何人的真情流露真诚的枢机主教,主教我们的使徒权威,对他们责成说真话的责任。 The master, the visitor and the preceptors of Normandy, Outremer, Aquitaine and Poitou, in the presence of the three cardinals, four notaries and many other men of good repute, took an oath on the holy gospels that they would tell the truth, plainly and fully.主,游客和诺曼底,Outremer,阿基坦大区和普瓦图preceptors,参加了三个枢机主教,4名公证员和良好声誉的许多其他男人,存在一个神圣的福音宣誓,他们会说真话,说白了并充分。 They deposed one by one, in the cardinals' presence, freely and spontaneously, without any compulsion or fear.他们一个接一个被废黜,在枢机主教“存在,自由和自发的,没有任何强制或恐惧。

They confessed among other things that they had denied Christ and spat upon the cross at their reception into the order of the Temple.他们供认除其他事项外,他们否认基督在十字架上,并吐在他们的接待到寺秩序。Some of them added that they themselves had received many brothers using the same rite, namely with the denial of Christ and the spitting on the cross.其中一些补充说,他们自己收到了很多兄弟,使用相同的仪式,即拒绝与基督在十字架上随地吐痰。There were even some who confessed certain other horrible crimes and immoral deeds, we say nothing more of these at present.甚至有一些人供述其他某些可怕的犯罪和不道德的事迹,我们无话可说目前这些。The knights confessed also that the content of their confessions and depositions made a little while ago before the inquisitor was true.骑士交待,他们的供词和证言的内容作出了一会儿,前前打破砂锅是真实的。These confessions and depositions of the grand master, visitor and preceptors were edited as a public document by four notaries, the master and the others being present and also certain men of good repute.作为一个公共文档编辑太爷,游客和preceptors这些口供和证言,由4个公证处,船长和其他存在和良好的声誉也有一定的男子。 After some days, the confessions were read to the accused on the orders and in the presence of the cardinals; each knight received an account in his own language.过了些日子,被告订单和存在的枢机主教宣读的供词,每个骑士在他自己的语言一个帐户。They persisted in their confessions and approved them, expressly and spontaneously, as they had been read out to them.他们坚持在他们的供词和批准,明确和自发的,因为他们已经被读出。After these confessions and depositions, they asked from the cardinals absolution from the excommunication incurred by the above crimes; humbly and devoutly, on bended knee, with hands joined, they made their petition with many tears.这些口供和证言后,他们要求从上述犯罪所招致的逐出教会的枢机主教赦免;谦卑和虔诚的,弯曲的膝盖上,用双手的加入,他们与许多眼泪他们的请愿书。 Since the church never shuts her heart to the sinner who returns, the cardinals granted absolution by our authority in the customary form of the church to the master, visitor and preceptors on abjuration of their heresy.由于教会从来没有关闭她的心,谁返回的罪人,枢机主教在教堂的习惯形式授予赦免主人,访客和放弃他们的异端邪说preceptors我们的权力。 On their return to our presence, the cardinals presented to us the confessions and depositions of the master, visitor and preceptors in the form of a public document, as has been said.在他们返回到我们的存在,枢机主教给我们提出了在一份公开文件的形式中的主人,访客和preceptors的供述和​​证言,正如人们所说的。 They also gave us a report on their dealings with these knights.他们也给了我们与这些骑士的交易报告。

From these confessions, depositions and report we find that the master, the visitor and the preceptors of Outremer, Normandy, Aquitaine and Poitou have often committed grave offences, although some have erred less frequently than others.从这些供词,供词和报告中,我们发现,主,游客和Outremer,诺曼底,阿基坦大区和普瓦图preceptors往往犯下的严重罪行,尽管有些失误比别人少。 We considered that such dreadful crimes could not and should not go unpunished without insult to almighty God and to every Catholic.我们认为,这种可怕的罪行不能,不应该没有侮辱逍遥法外全能的上帝,每一个天主教的。We decided on the advice of our brothers to hold an enquiry into the above crimes and transgressions.我们决定我们的兄弟的意见,举行上述犯罪和越轨行为进行调查。This would be carried out through the local ordinaries and other wise, trustworthy men delegated by us in the case of individual members of the order; and through certain prudent persons of our considered choice in the case of the order as a whole.这将是通过当地的普通股和其他明智的,值得信赖的男人,我们中的个别成员的顺序的情况下授予;我们认为选择的人,作为一个整体秩序的情况下通过一定的谨慎。 After this, investigations were made both by the ordinaries and by our delegates into the allegations against individual members, and by the inquisitors appointed by us into those against the order itself, in every part of the world where the brothers of the order have usually lived.在此之后,调查由普通和我们的代表对个别成员的指控,而反对的秩序本身,为了兄弟通常居住的世界的每一个部分,我们委任的调查官。 Once made and sent to us for examination, these investigations were very carefully read and examined, some by us and our brothers, cardinals of the holy Roman church others by many very learned, prudent, trustworthy and God-fearing men, zealous for and well-trained in the catholic faith, some being prelates and others not.一旦和检查发送给我们,非常仔细地阅读这些调查和研究,我们和我们的兄弟,许多非常博学,严谨,守信和敬畏上帝的人的神圣罗马教会其他的枢机主教,一些热心和的培训中,一些主教和其他天主教信仰。 This took place at Malaucene in the diocese of Vaison.这发生在Malaucene Vaison教区的地方。

Later we came to Vienne where there were assembled already very many patriarchs, archbishops, selected bishops, exempt and non-exempt abbots, other prelates of churches, and procurators of absent prelates and of chapters, all present for the council we had summoned.后来,我们来到维埃纳省,那里进行组装已经非常多的始祖,大主教,主教选定,豁免和非豁免的方丈,其他教堂的主教,和检察官的缺席主教和章节,现在我们已经召见安理会的所有。 In the first session we explained to them our reasons for calling the council.在第一届会议上,我们向他们解释我们呼吁安理会原因。 After this, because it was difficult indeed almost impossible, for the cardinals and all the prelates and procurators gathered for the council to meet in our presence in order to discuss how to proceed in the matter of the Templars, we gave orders as follows.在此之后,因为它是难的枢机主教和所有的主教和检察理事会齐聚一堂,在满足我们的存在,以讨论如何继续在圣殿的事,几乎是不可能的,我们给了如下的命令。 Certain patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, exempt and non-exempt abbots, other prelates of churches, and procurators from all parts of Christendom, of every language nation and region, were concordantly chosen out of all the prelates and procurators at the council.某些始祖,大主教,主教,豁免和非豁免的方丈,其他主教教堂,和所有基督教的部分,每一种语言的国家和地区,检察员,​​和谐地选择所有的主教和检察理事会。 The choice was made from those believed to be among the more skilful, discreet and apt for consultation on such an important affair and for discussing it with us and the above-mentioned cardinals.相信是其中较为娴熟,谨慎,在这样一个重要的事进行协商和讨论,与我们上面提到的枢机主教APT的选择。After this we had the attestations received during the inquiry read publicly in the presence of the prelates and procurators.在此之后,我们在阅读中存在的主教和检察官公开查询认证。This reading went on during several days, for as long as they wished to listen, in the place assigned for the council, namely the cathedral church.这种阅读了数天期间,只要他们愿意听,在理事会指定的地方,即大教堂。Afterwards the said attestations and the summaries made from them were considered and examined, not in a perfunctory manner but with great care, by many of our venerable brethren, by the patriarch of Aquileia, by archbishops and bishops of the present sacred council who were specially chosen and delegated for the purpose, and by those whom the whole council had chosen very carefully and earnestly.后来说的证明,并从他们所作的摘要的考虑和研究,而不是敷衍地,但非常谨慎,我们许多可敬的弟兄们,目前的神圣理事会专门的大主教和主教Aquileia族长,选择并委派为目的,由全体委员会选择了非常仔细和认真。

We convoked therefore the said cardinals, patriarchs, archbishops and bishops, the exempt and non-exempt abbots, and the other prelates and procurators elected by the council to consider this affair, and we asked them, in the course of a secret consultation in our presence, how we should proceed, taking special account of the fact that certain Templars were presenting themselves in defence of their order.因此,我们召集的说,枢机主教,元老,大主教和主教,豁免和非豁免的住持,和其他的主教和检察官当选会考虑这件事情,我们要求他们在我们的秘密磋商的过程中,存在,我们如何着手,采取特殊考虑一定的圣殿是自己在捍卫他们的订单。 The greater part of the cardinals and nearly the whole council, that is those who were elected by the whole council and were representing the whole council on this question, in short the great majority, indeed four-fifths among every nation taking part, were firmly convinced, and the said prelates and procurators advised accordingly, that the order should be given an opportunity to defend itself and that it could not be condemned, on the basis of the proof provided thus far, for the heresies that had been the subject of the inquiry, without offence to God and injustice.被牢牢的枢机主教的更大的一部分,几乎全体委员会,即当选全体委员会,并代表全体委员会在这个问题上,在短绝大多数,每个国家之间确实五分之四参加,深信不疑,因此,说的主教和检察建议的顺序应该是有机会为自己辩护,它不能被谴责,证明提供了迄今为止的基础上已主体的歪理邪说,查询,不属违法行为上帝和不公正。

Certain others on the contrary said that the brothers should not be allowed to make a defence of their order and that we should not give permission for such a defence, for if a defence were allowed or given there would be danger to a settlement of the affair and no small prejudice to the interests of the holy Land.相反某些人说,兄弟不应该被允许,作出了他们的订单的国防,我们不应该放弃这种防御的权限,如果防御被允许或会有危险的事情的解决圣地的利益和不小的损害。 There would be dispute, delay and putting off a decision, many different reasons were mentioned.会有纠纷,拖延和推迟决定,提到了许多不同的原因。Indeed although legal process against the order up to now does not permit its canonical condemnation as heretical by definitive sentence, the good name of the order has been largely taken away by the heresies attributed to it.事实上,虽然对订单到现在不允许其明确的一句谴责为异端邪说的规范的法律过程,订单的好名字已在很大程度上采取的歪理邪说归咎于它。 Moreover, an almost indefinite number of individual members, among whom are the grand master the visitor of France and the chief preceptors, have been convicted of such heresies, errors and crimes through their spontaneous confessions.此外,个别成员几乎是无限期的数量的,其中有特级大师法国游客和行政preceptors,通过他们自发的口供等歪理邪说,错误和罪行已被定罪。 These confessions render the order very suspect, and the infamy and suspicion render it detestable to the holy church of God, to her prelates, to kings and other rulers, and to Catholics in general.这些供词呈现的顺序非常怀疑的骂名和怀疑使可憎的神圣教,她的主教,国王和其他统治者,和一般的天主教徒。It is also believed in all probability that from now on there will be found no good person who wishes to enter the order, and so it will be made useless to the church of God and the carrying on of the undertaking to the holy Land, for which service the knights had been destined.也相信在所有的可能性,从现在起将有没有发现良好的人希望进入的顺序,所以这将是无用的神的教会,并承诺进行的圣地,服务,骑士已经注定。

Furthermore, the putting off of a settlement or arrangement of this affair of the Templars, for which we had set ourselves a final decision or sentence to be promulgated in the present council, would lead in all probability to the total loss, destruction and dilapidation of the Templars' property.此外,把这个圣殿的事和解或安排,为此我们不得不为自己定下了一个最后的决定或句子要在目前的会颁布,将导致在所有的总损失,破坏和失修的的概率圣殿的财产。 This has for long been given, bequeathed and granted by the faithful for the aid of the holy Land and to oppose the enemies of the christian faith.这长久以来,遗赠和忠实授予圣地援助,反对基督教信仰的敌人。

There were therefore two opinions: some said that sentence should immediately be pronounced, condemning the order for the alleged crimes, and others objected that from the proceedings taken up to now the sentence of condemnation against the order could not justly be passed.因此,有两种意见:有的说应立即​​宣判的那句话,被指控的罪行的谴责命令,以及其他反对占用的诉讼,从现在谴责针对该命令的判决不能理直气壮地予以通过。 After long and mature deliberation, having in mind God alone and the good of the holy Land without turning aside to right or to left, we elected to proceed by way of provision and ordinance, in this way scandal will be removed, perils avoided and property saved for the help of the holy Land.长期和成熟的考虑后,头也不回预留向右或者向左记只有上帝和良好的圣地,我们选出的规定和条例的方式进行,在这样的丑闻,将被删除,避免危险和财产保存为圣地的帮助。 We have taken into account the disgrace, suspicion, vociferous reports and other attacks mentioned above against the order, also the secret reception into the order, and the divergence of many of the brothers from the general behaviour, way of life and morals of other Christians.我们已考虑到的耻辱,猜疑,喧嚷的报告和其他攻击上述对秩序,秘密接收到订单,和许多兄弟从一般的行为上的分歧,生活方式和其他基督徒的道德。 We have noted here especially that when new members are received, they are made to swear not to reveal the manner of their reception to anyone and not to leave the order; this creates an unfavourable presumption.我们在这里指出,特别是接收新成员时,他们发誓不透露给任何人对他们的接待方式,并没有离开的顺序,这将创建一个不利的推定。 We observe in addition that the above have given rise to grave scandal against the order, scandal impossible to allay as long as the order continues to exist.我们观察到,除上述已经上升到对的顺序,绯闻不可能只要为了继续存在,以减轻严重的丑闻。

We note also the danger to faith and to souls, the many horrible misdeeds of so many brothers of the order, and many other just reasons and causes, moving us to the following decision.我们也注意到的信仰和以灵魂的危险,许多可怕的秩序这么多兄弟的劣迹,以及许多其他正当理由和原因,我们作出以下决定。

The majority of the cardinals and of those elected by the council, a proportion of more than four-fifths, have thought it better, more expedient and advantageous for God's honour and for the preservation of the christian faith, also for the aid of the holy Land and many other valid reasons, to suppress the order by way of ordinance and provision of the apostolic see, assigning the property to the use for which it was intended.大多数的枢机主教和的会,更超过五分之四的比例,选出的人有思想,更好,更权宜利于为上帝的荣耀和维护基督教信仰,也为神圣的帮助土地和许多其他正当理由,以抑制使徒见本条例和规定的顺序,分配财产的使用它的目的是。 Provision is also to be made for the members of the order who are still alive.也是为了那些仍然活着的成员提供。This way has been found preferable to that of safeguarding the right of defence with the consequent postponement of judgment on the order.这种方式已被发现的顺序而推迟的判断与维护辩护权,更可取。We observe also that in other cases the Roman church has suppressed other important orders for reasons of far less gravity than those mentioned above, with no fault on the part of the brethren.我们也观察到,在其他情况下的罗马教会抑制弟兄没有过错其他重要的订单,远远低于上面提到的那些重力的原因。Therefore, with a sad heart, not by definitive sentence, but by apostolic provision or ordinance, we suppress, with the approval of the sacred council, the order of Templars, and its rule, habit and name, by an inviolable and perpetual decree, and we entirely forbid that anyone from now on enter the order, or receive or wear its habit, or presume to behave as a Templar.因此,我们怀着悲伤的心情,没有明确的句子,但使徒的规定或条例,抑制,与神圣的理事会,为了圣殿,和它的规则,习惯和名称批准,不可侵犯的和永久的法令,我们完全禁止从现在起,任何人输入订单,或接收或穿其习惯,或推定的行为作为圣堂。

If anyone acts otherwise, he incurs automatic excommunication.如果任何人的行为,否则,他即被自动逐出教会。Furthermore, we reserve the persons and property for our disposition and that of the apostolic see.此外,我们保留我们处置的人员和财产的使徒见。We intend with divine grace, before the end of the present sacred council, to make this disposition to the honour of God the exaltation of the christian faith and the welfare of the holy Land.我们打​​算与神的恩典,本神圣理事会年底前,使这个配置荣誉神的基督教信仰和圣地福利的提高。We strictly forbid anyone, of whatever state or condition, to interfere in any way in this matter of the persons and property of the Templars.我们严格禁止任何人,任何国家或条件,以任何方式干涉这个圣殿的人员和财产的问题。 We forbid any action concerning them which would prejudice our arrangements and dispositions, or any innovation or tampering.我们禁止任何行动,他们将损害我们的安排和部署,或任何创新或篡改。We decree that from now on any attempt of this kind is null and void, whether it be made knowingly or in ignorance.我们的法令,从现在起,任何这种企图是无效的,无论是在明知或无知。Through this decree, however, we do not wish to derogate from any processes made or to be made concerning individual Templars by diocesan bishops and provincial councils, in conformity with what we have ordained at other times.通过这项法令,但是,我们不希望减损所采取的任何进程或有关个人的圣殿教区主教议会和省议会,符合与我们有规定在其他时间,。 Let nobody therefore 因此让任何人 If anyone 如果任何人

Given at Vienne on 22 March in the seventh year of our pontificate. 3月22日,在我们的教皇的第七个年头,在维埃纳省。

[2]. [2]。For an everlasting record.一个永恒的记录。It belongs to Christ's vicar, exercising his vigilant care from the apostolic watch-tower, to judge the changing conditions of the times, to examine the causes of the affairs which crop up and to observe the characters of the people concerned.它属于基督的副主教,行使他的警觉,照顾从使徒的手表塔,判断时代的不断变化的条件,审查事务作物,并遵守有关人士的字符的原因。 In this way he can give due consideration to each affair and act opportunely; he can tear out the thistles of vice from the field of the Lord so that virtue may increase; and he can remove the thorns of false dealing so as to plant rather than to destroy.这样他可以充分考虑到每个外遇的行为适时,他可以撕下副主领域的蓟使美德可能会增加;以植物而不是他可以删除虚假交易,以便在荆棘给毁了。 He transfers slips dedicated to God into the places left empty by the eradication of the harmful thistles.他转移到地方专门上帝的单左根除有害蓟空。By thus transferring and uniting in a provident and profitable way, he brings a joy greater than the harm he has caused to the people uprooted; true justice has compassion for sorrow.因此,转让和团结在公积金和赢利方式,他带来了喜悦大于他的人连根拔起造成的伤害;真正的正义的悲哀的同情。By enduring the harm and replacing it profitably, he increases the growth of the virtues and rebuilds what has been destroyed with something better.通过持久的危害,并取代它有利可图,他增加了什么更好的东西已销毁的优点和重建的增长。

A little while ago we suppressed definitively and perpetually the order of the Knights Templar of Jerusalem because of the abominable, even unspeakable, deeds of its master, brothers and other persons of the order in all parts of the world.不多时前,我们明确地抑制和永恒的耶路撒冷圣殿骑士为了因恶劣,甚至是不可告人的,它的主人的事迹,兄弟和其他人在世界各地的订单。 These men were spattered with indecent errors and crimes, with depravity- they were blemished and stained.这些人溅满与不雅的错误和罪行,与堕落,他们玷污和染色。We are silent here as to detail because the memory is so sad and unclean.我们是无声的细节,因为内存是如此悲伤和不洁的。With the approval of the sacred council we abolished the constitution of the order, its habit and name, not without bitterness of heart.随着神圣的议会的批准,我们取消了宪法秩序,其习惯和名称,不无仇恨之心。We did this not by definitive sentence, since this would be unlawful according to the inquiries and processes carried out, but by apostolic provision or ordinance.我们这样做是不明确的句子,因为这将是非法进行查询和过程,但使徒的规定或条例。We issued a strict prohibition that nobody might henceforth enter the order or wear its habit or presume to behave as a Templar.我们发出了严格的禁止,没有人可能从此进入订单或磨损的习惯,或推定表现为一个圣堂。Anyone doing otherwise incurred automatic excommunication.任何人这样做,否则产生自动逐出教会。We commanded, by our apostolic authority, that all the property of the order be left to the judgment and disposition of the apostolic see.我们指挥,我们的使徒权威,该命令的所有财产留给使徒见的判断和处置。 We strictly forbade anyone, of whatever state or condition, to interfere in any way regarding the persons or property of the order or to act in prejudice of the direction or disposition of the apostolic see in this matter, or to alter or even to tamper; we decreed all attempts of this kind to be henceforth null and void, whether made knowingly or in ignorance.我们严格禁止任何人,任何状态或条件,干涉任何有关的人或财产的命令或行为使徒看到在这个问题上,或改变甚至篡改的方向或处置的偏见;我们颁布了这种尝试,今后无效,是否明知或无知。

Afterwards we took care lest the said property, which over a long period had been given, bequeathed, granted and acquired from the worshippers of Christ for the help of the holy Land and to assail the enemies of the christian faith, should be left without management and perish as belonging to nobody or be used in ways other than those intended by the pious devotion of the faithful.后来,我们采取了照顾,以免说的物业,在一个较长的时期,遗赠,授予和基督信徒收购圣地的帮助和攻击基督教信仰的敌人,应该没有管理和灭亡属于任何人或使用其他方式比预定由虔诚的信徒奉献。 There was the further danger that tardiness in our arrangements and dispositions might lead to destruction or dilapidation.有进一步的危险,在我们的安排和部署迟到可能导致破坏或失修。We therefore held difficult, lengthy and varied consultations and discussions with our brothers, the cardinals of the holy Roman church, with patriarchs, archbishops, bishops and prelates, with certain outstanding and distinguished persons, and with the procurators at the council of the chapters, convents, churches and monasteries, and of the remaining absent prelates, in order that, through this painstaking deliberation, a wholesome and beneficial disposal of the said property might be made to the honour of God, the increase of the faith, the exaltation of the church, the help of the holy Land, and the salvation and peace of the faithful.因此,我们认为我们的兄弟,神圣罗马教会的枢机主教,与先祖,大主教,主教和主教与一些优秀和杰出的人士,并会在章节检察困难,冗长和不同的协商和讨论,修道院,教堂和修道院,其余缺席主教,以便通过这种细致的审议,健康和有益的处置财产可能是神的荣誉,增加的信念,提高教堂,圣地的帮助下,和忠实的救恩和和平。 After especially long carefully thought out, deliberate and complete consultations, for many just reasons, we and the said fathers and patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, other prelates, and the outstanding and distinguished persons, then present at the council, finally came to a conclusion.后,特别是经过深思熟虑的,蓄意的,完整的磋商,只是对于许多原因,我们说父亲和先祖,大主教,主教,主教,以及优秀和杰出的人,然后在安理会目前,最后得出一个结论。 The property should become forever that of the order of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem , of the Hospital itself and of our beloved sons the master and brothers of the Hospital, in the name of the Hospital and order of these same men, who as athletes of the Lord expose themselves to the danger of death for the defence of the faith, bearing heavy and perilous losses in lands overseas.该物业应成为永远, 耶路撒冷圣若望医院 ,医院本身和我们的掌握和兄弟医院的宝贝儿子在这些相同的男子医院和秩序名称以便为主运动员自己暴露在捍卫信仰的死亡危险,轴承海外的土地的沉重和危险的损失。

We have observed with the fullness of sincere charity that this order of the Hospital and the Hospital itself is one of the bodies in which religious observance flourishes.我们观察与丰满真诚的慈善医院和医院本身的顺序,这是宗教仪式中,一夜暴富的机构之一。Factual evidence tells us that divine worship is fervent, works of piety and mercy are practised with great earnestness, the brothers of the Hospital despise the attractions of the world and are devoted servants of the most High.事实证据告诉我们,神圣的崇拜是热切的,虔诚和怜悯语重心长地实行,医院的兄弟鄙视世界的旅游景点和投入的最高级的公仆。 As fearless warriors of Christ they are ardent in their efforts to recover the holy Land, despising all human perils.作为基督的无畏武士,他们都在努力恢复圣地,藐视一切人类的危险,他们的殷切。We bear in mind also that the more plentifully they are supplied with means, the more will the energy of the master and brothers of the order and Hospital grow, their ardour increase and their bravery be strengthened to repel the insults offered to our Redeemer and to crush the enemies of the faith.我们铭记,更丰满,他们有能力提供,秩序和医院的掌握和兄弟的能量越会增长,增加他们的热情和他们的英勇行为得到加强,击退我们的救主,并提供侮辱粉碎敌人的信念。 They will be able to carry more lightly and easily the burdens demanded in the execution of such an enterprise.他们将能够携带更多的淡然和轻松在这样一个企业的执行要求负担。They will therefore, not unworthily, be made more watchful and apply themselves with greater zeal.因此,他们将不会混迹,更警觉,并适用于更大的热情。

In order that we may grant them increased support, we bestow on them, with the approval of the sacred council, the house itself of the Knights Templar and the other houses, churches, chapels, oratories, cities, castles, towns, lands, granges, places, possessions, jurisdictions, revenues, rights, all the other property, whether immovable, movable or self-moving, and all the members together with their rights and belongings, both beyond and on this side of the sea, in each and every part of the world, at the time when the master himself and some brothers of the order were arrested as a body in the kingdom of France, namely in October 1308.为了我们可以给予他们更多的支持,我们给予他们与神圣的理事会,房子本身的圣殿骑士团和其他房屋,教堂,小教堂,oratories,城市,城堡,城镇,土地,格朗批准的地方,财产,司法管辖区,收入,权利,所有的其他财产,不论是动产或不动产,自我发展,和所有成员一起与他们的权利和财产,既超越和对海的这一边,在每一个和每一个世界的一部分,在时间顺序掌握自己和一些兄弟被逮捕时,作为一个机构在法国的国度,即十月1308。 The gift is to include everything which the Templars had, held or possessed of themselves or through others, or which belonged to the said house and order of Knights Templar, or to the master and brothers of the order as also the titles, actions and rights which at the time of their arrest belonged in any way to the house, order or persons of the order of Knights Templar, or could belong to them, against whomsoever of whatever dignity, state or condition, with all the privileges, indults, immunities and liberties with which the said master and brothers of the house and order of Knights Templar, and the house and order itself, had been legitimately endowed by the apostolic see or by catholic emperors, kings and princes, or by other members of the faithful, or in any other way.礼物是包括一切的圣殿,自己或通过他人持有或拥有,或属于上述的标题,行动和权利的房子,为了圣殿骑士团,或兄弟为了和主属于任何方式的房子,命令或为了圣殿骑士的人在逮捕他们时,或可能属于他们的,针对何人所为任何的尊严,状态或条件的的一切特权,indults,豁免和被合法赋予的使徒见或天主教的皇帝,国王和王子,或由其他成员的忠实,或与该说,船长和兄弟的房子和秩序圣殿骑士团,和房子和秩序本身的自由,以任何其他方式。 All this we present, grant, unite, incorporate, apply and annex in perpetuity, by the fullness of our apostolic power, to the said order of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and to the Hospital itself.这一切,我们目前,补助金,团结,合并,永久的申请和附件,丰满我们的使徒的力量,说为了圣耶路撒冷约翰医院和医院本身。

We except the property of the said former order of Knights Templar in the kingdoms and lands of our beloved sons in Christ, the illustrious kings of Castile, Aragon, Portugal and Majorca, outside the kingdom of France.我们说前为了圣殿骑士王国和我们心爱的儿子在基督里,卡斯蒂利亚,阿拉贡,葡萄牙和马略卡显赫的国王,法国英国以外的土地的财产除外。 We reserve this property, from the said gift, grant, union, application, incorporation and annexation, to the disposal and regulation of the apostolic see.我们保留从属性说,礼物,赠款,联合应用,合并和兼并,使徒见的处置和监管。We wish the prohibition made a little while ago by other proceedings of ours to remain in full force.我们希望禁止的其他诉讼我们一小会儿前保持充分的效力。Nobody of any state or condition may intervene in any way as regards these persons and property in prejudice to the regulation or disposition of the apostolic see.至于使徒见规例或处置这些人在财产损害任何国家或条件的任何人不得以任何方式干预。We wish that our decree concerning these persons and property in the kingdoms and lands of the above kings should remain in full force until the apostolic see makes another arrangement.我们希望,我们这些人,并在上述国王的王国和土地财产法令应继续全面生效,直到使徒见另安排。

Occupiers and unlawful detainers of the property, irrespective of state, condition, eminence or dignity, even if this is pontifical, imperial or royal, unless they abandon the property within a month after it is called for by the master and brothers of the Hospital, or by any of them, or by their procurators [.占用和财产的非法detainers,不论状态,状况,隆起或尊严,即使这是罗马教皇,帝王或王室,除非他们放弃在一个月之内的财产后,它被称为由主机和兄弟医院,或其中任何一方,或由他们的检察官。 ..]. ]The property must be fully and freely restored to the order of Hospitallers and to the said Hospital, or to the master, priors, preceptors or brothers of the said Hospital, in any regions or provinces, or to any of them individually, or to their procurator or procurators, in the name of the said order of Hospitallers, even if the priors, preceptors and brothers and their procurators or any one of them have no special mandate from the master of the Hospital, provided that the procurators hold or show a special commission from the priors and preceptors or from any one of them, in the provinces or regions in which these priors and preceptors have been delegated.该属性必须恢复到充分和自由的Hospitallers的秩序,并表示医院,或主,先验,preceptors或兄弟的医院说,在任何地区或省,或其中的任何单独,或他们检察长或检察人员说,在名称Hospitallers秩序的先验,preceptors和兄弟和他们的检察官或其中任何一个,即使没有从医院掌握的特殊任务,提供检察官持有或显示一个特殊的从先验和preceptors或从其中任何一个委员会,在这些先验和preceptors已被委派在各省或地区。 The priors, preceptors and brothers are obliged to give a full reckoning to the master concerning everything: conduct, actions, receipts and negotiations.先验,preceptors和兄弟有义务给予了充分的推算,以掌握有关的一切行为,行动,收据和谈判。 The procurators are to render a similar account to the priors and preceptors, and to each one of them, by whom they were delegated.检察官来呈现一个类似的帐户的先验和preceptors,他们每个人,他们委托。

All who have knowingly given counsel, aid or favour to the occupiers and detainers mentioned above concerning such occupation or detention, publicly or secretly, lie under excommunication.凡明知律师,援助或赞成上述提及关于这种占领或拘留的占用人及detainers,公开或秘密,谎言下被逐出教会。 Chapters, colleges or governing bodies of churches and monasteries, and the corporations of cities, castles, towns and other places, as well as the cities, castles, towns and other places themselves which were at fault in this, and the cities, castles and places in which the detainers and occupiers hold temporal lordship, if such temporal lords place obstacles to the giving up of the property and its restoration to the master and brothers of the Hospital, in the name of the Hospital, not desisting from such conduct within a month after the property is called for, are automatically laid under interdict.章,高校或教堂和修道院的理事机构,城市,城堡,城镇和其他地方,以及城市,城堡,城镇和其他地方自己有过错在这公司,和城市,城堡和detainers和占用持有时间的贵族身份的地方,如果这样的时空领主的地方障碍,放弃的财产和其恢复到主站和兄弟医院,在医院的名称,而不是从这种行为在desisting一个月后的财产被称为自动奠定下停职。 They cannot be absolved from this until they offer full satisfaction.他们不能被免除,直到他们完全满意。Moreover the occupiers and detainers and those who have given them counsel, aid or favour, whether individuals or the chapters, colleges or governing bodies of churches or monasteries, as also the corporations of cities, castles, lands or other places, incur, in addition to the above-mentioned penalties, automatic deprivation of everything they hold as fiefs from the Roman or other churches.此外,占领者和detainers和那些曾经给予他们的律师,援助或赞成,无论是个人或章节,学院或教堂或寺院的理事机构,如城市,城堡,土地或其他地方,企业承担,除了上述处罚,自动剥夺的一切,他们从罗马或其他教会封地举行。 These fiefs are to revert freely without opposition to the churches concerned, and the prelates or rulers of those churches may dispose of the fiefs at will, as they judge will be to the advantage of the churches.这些封地恢复自由,不反对教会和会的封地,这些教堂的主教或统治者可能处置,因为它们法官将教会的优势。Let nobody therefore .因此,让任何人。..If anyone .如果任何人。..

Given at Vienne on 2 May in the seventh year of our pontificate.鉴于在维埃纳省5月2日,在我们的教皇的第七个年头。

Continued in E:续在E:

We therefore commission you by our apostolic letters, that acting together or in pairs or singly, directly or through one or more others, you induct the master or priors or preceptors or brothers of the Hospital, or any individual member, or their procurator or procurators, in the name of the Hospital, into possession of the house of the Knights Templar and of their other houses, churches, chapels, oratories, cities, castles, towns, lands, granges, places, possessions, jurisdictions, revenues and rights to all their other movable, immovable and self-moving property, with all their members, rights and belongings, both on the near and far side of the sea and in every part of the world, which the order, master and brothers of the Knights Templar had, held or possessed, directly or through others, at the time of their arrest.因此,我们的佣金我们使徒信你在一起,或对或单独,直接或通过一个或多个其他,你感应船长或先验或preceptors或兄弟医院,或任何个别会员或他们的检察长或检察,在医院的名称,到拥有房子的圣殿骑士和其他房屋,教堂,小教堂,oratories,城市,城堡,城镇,土地,格朗,地方,财产,司法管辖区,收入和权利的所有他们的其他动产,不动产和自我发展的财产,其所有成员,上海的远近端,并在世界的每一个部分,圣殿骑士团的顺序,掌握和兄弟的权利和财产, ,持有或拥有在逮捕他们时,直接或通过他人,。The Hospitallers are to be inducted by our authority and defended afterwards; occupiers, detainers, administrators and conservators are to be removed. Hospitallers是要引导我们的权力之后,捍卫;占用,detainers,管理者和保护者被删除。You are to ask a full account from those who have been delegated by apostolic authority and any other, including those sub-delegated, to care for the aforesaid property.你问一个充分考虑那些曾委派由使徒的权柄和任何其他,包括那些委托,照顾上述财产。

The account is to comprise all the fruits, revenues, incomes, rights and accretions.该帐户是包括所有的成果,收入,收入,权利和增生。The occupiers or detainers, administrators, conservators and others, unless within the prescribed time they abandon the property and revenues, and restore them freely and fully to the order of the Hospital and to the same Hospital, or to the master, prior, preceptors or brothers of the Hospital, in the regions and provinces in which the property has been, including to each of them individually, or to their procurator or procurators, in the name of the Hospital, as said above, as well as those who give help, counsel or favour to the occupiers, detainers, administrators or conservators, are to be excommunicated by you, if they are individuals; but if they are chapters, colleges, convents or corporations, as well as the cities, castles, towns and places themselves at fault in this, and those in which the detainers and occupiers have temporal dominion and are obstructive when asked to abandon the property and restore it to the master and brothers of the Hospital, in the name of the Hospital, and refuse to desist from such conduct within a month, you are to lay them under interdict.占用或detainers,管理者,保护者和其他人,除非在规定时间内,他们放弃的财产和收入,并恢复他们自由,充分地医院的秩序,在同一家医院,或主之前,preceptors或兄弟医院在该财产已在地区和省份,包括他们每个人单独,或在医院的名称,他们的检察长或检察,正如上面所说的,以及那些提供帮助的人,律师或赞成的占用,detainers,管理员或保护者,将被逐出教会你,如果他们是个人,但如果他们是章,学院,修道院或公司,以及城市,城堡,城镇和地方自己在此故障,其中detainers和占用时间的统治和阻塞时,要求放弃的财产和恢复它的掌握和兄弟医院,在医院的名称,并拒绝停止这种行为在一个月之内,你是奠定下停职。

The offenders are also to be deprived of all property which they hold in fief from the Roman or any other church.罪犯也被剥夺所有的财产,他们在从罗马或任何其他教会封地。You will give notice everywhere where you think it useful and have it announced by others that the excommunicated persons are to be strictly avoided until they have made suitable satisfaction and merited absolution.你会发出通知无处不在,你认为它有用,被别人宣布逐出教会的人都必须严格避免,直到他们有合适的满意度和值得赦免。 No exception is to be made on account of any indult from the apostolic see to the effect that they cannot be laid under interdict, suspended or excommunicated by apostolic letters which do not make an express, full and word for word declaration.没有例外的是indult从使徒看到的,他们不能被解雇阻截下,暂停或逐出教会使徒信不作明确的,全面和字的字声明的任何帐户。 You are also to suppress any other objectors, if there be such, by ecclesiastical censure, disregarding appeals.您也压制任何其他的反对者,如果有这样,教会的谴责,不顾上诉。It is our will also and we decree by our apostolic authority, that with the present instruction you all and singly are given power and jurisdiction in every detail of this matter.这是我们的意志,也和我们通过我们的使徒权威的法令,与目前的指令,你所有,并单独在这件事情的每一个细节的权力和管辖权。 You may from now proceed freely as if this same jurisdiction were perpetuated by citation or by any other lawful way.您可以继续自由仿佛从现在这个相同的司法管辖区被引用或由任何其他合法的方式延续下去。The jurisdiction shall be considered perpetuated as though the case were no longer undecided.的司法管辖权,应被视为延续的情况下,仿佛已不再犹豫不决。Each of you may continue the part which has been left unfinished by one of your colleagues, in spite of his opposition and unhampered, notwithstanding the constitution of pope Boniface VIII, our predecessor of happy memory, as often and whenever this is suitable.你们每个人已经离开你的同事,未完成的部分可能会继续,尽管他的反对和不受阻碍地,尽管教皇波尼法爵八,我们的快乐记忆的前身,宪法经常时,这是适合。 Given as above.鉴于以上。

[3]. [3]。Clement, bishop, servant of the servants of God, for assurance in the present and for future record.克莱门特,主教,神的仆人的仆人,在当前和未来的记录的保证,。The inquiries and various processes commissioned not long ago by the apostolic see through all parts of Christendom against the former order of Knights Templar and its individual members, concerning accusation of heresies, brought them into grave disrepute.不久前委托使徒的查询及各种生产工艺通过对圣殿骑士的前秩序,其个别成员的所有部分的基督教,关于异端邪说的指责,带进坟墓蒙羞。 In particular there was the accusation that the brothers of the former order at, and sometimes after, their reception denied Christ and spat in his dishonour on a cross held out to them, and sometimes trampled it underfoot.特别是前秩序的兄弟,有时对他们的接待后,否认基督和吐向他们伸出了一个跨在他的耻辱,有时践踏它脚下的指控。 The master of the order, the visitor of France, the chief preceptors and many brothers of the order confessed at their trial to these heresies.为了主,法国的游客,行政preceptors和许多为了兄弟交待这些异端的审判。 The confessions cast grave suspicion on the order.口供投订单上的严重怀疑。In addition, the widespread disgrace, the strong suspicion, and the clamorous charges of the prelates, dukes, communes, barons and counts of the kingdom of France also gave grave scandal which could hardly be allayed without suppression of the order.此外,广泛的耻辱,强烈怀疑,闹哄哄的主教,公爵,公社,大亨和法兰西王国的计数收费,也可能难以抑制的顺序没有平息了严重的丑闻。 There were many other just reasons mentioned in the legal process which influenced us.在法律过程中,影响我们刚才提到的许多其他原因。We therefore, with the approval of the sacred council, our heart filled with great bitterness and sorrow, suppressed and abolished the said former order of the Temple and its constitution, habit and name and we forbade its restoration.因此,我们的神圣安理会的批准,我们的心充满极大的痛苦和悲伤,压抑,并取消了前寺秩序和宪法,习惯和名称,我们说不准其恢复。 We did this, not by definitive sentence since we could not legally do this according to the inquiries and processes mentioned above, but by apostolic provision and ordinance.我们这样做,没有明确的句子,因为我们无法合法做到这一点,根据上述的查询和过程,但使徒的规定和条例。We reserved the persons and property of the order to the decision and disposal of the apostolic see.我们保留的秩序的人员和财产的决定和处置的使徒见。In doing so, however, we had no intention of derogating from the processes made or to be made concerning individual persons or brothers of the said former order by diocesan bishops and provincial councils, as we have ordained elsewhere.然而,这样做,我们无意减损或作出有关个人或个别的兄弟的过程说教区主教议会和省议会前秩序,正如我们所受戒其他地方。

Now therefore we wish to provide more suitably for individual persons or brothers.因此,我们希望为个别人士或兄弟更合适。We reserved lately for our own disposition the master of the former order, the visitor of France and the chief preceptors of the holy Land, Normandy, Aquitaine, Poitou and the province of Provence, as well as brother Oliver de Penne , a knight of the said former order, whom henceforth we reserve to the disposition of the apostolic see.最近,我们保留我们自己的性情前的订单,法国和游客的圣地,诺曼底,阿基坦大区,普瓦图和普罗旺斯省的行政preceptors, 以及兄弟的主人奥利弗 -长通粉,一个骑士的前秩序,今后我们储备,以处置使徒见说。We have decided that all the other brothers should be left to the judgment and disposition of provincial councils, as we have indeed done until now.应该是所有其他兄弟省议会的判断和处置,因为我们确实到现在为止,我们已经决定。We wish judgment to be given by these councils in accordance with the different cases of individuals.我们希望判断这些议会在根据个人的不同情况。Thus those who have been legally acquitted, or will be acquitted in the future, shall be supplied with the goods of the former order whereby they can live as becomes their state.因此,那些被依法宣告无罪,或将在未来被宣告无罪,应提供与前为了使他们能够生活成为他们的状态货物。

With those who have confessed concerning the above errors, we wish the provincial councils prudently to temper justice with mercy: the situation of these men and the extent of their confessions are to be duly weighed.那些已经承认上述错误,我们希望省议会谨慎,宽严相济:这些人的情况和他们的供词的程度都得到适当的权衡。With regard to those who are impenitent and have relapsed, if any -- which God forbid -- be found among them, justice and canonical censure are to be observed.对于那些不知悔改,并有复发,如果有的话 - 这上帝保佑 - 其中,公正和规范谴责待观察。As for those who even when questioned have denied their involvement in the above errors, the councils are to observe justice and equity according to the canons.至于他们甚至质疑时否认参与上述错误,两个市政局的观察公正和公平的大炮。With the approval of the sacred council, we hereby cite those who have not yet been questioned and who are not held by the power or authority of the church but are perhaps fugitives, to appear in person before their diocesans within a year from today.随着神圣的议会的批准,我们在此列举那些尚未受到质疑,谁不举行教会的权力或权威,但也许是逃犯,在一年内出现的人在他们diocesans之前,从今天的。 This we assign them as a precise and final limit.这是我们分配给他们作为一个精确的和最终的限制。They are to undergo an examination by their diocesans, receiving a just judgment from the said councils according to their deserts.他们是接受他们diocesans的检查,得到一个公正的判决说,议会根据其沙漠。Great mercy however is to be shown and observed both to these last and to those previously mentioned, except the relapsed and impenitent.大悲不过是要显示和观察这些最后和前面提到的,除了复发和不知悔改。They should also be provided from the property of the order with the necessities of life; all the brothers of the former order, whenever they return to the obedience of the church and as long as they persist in that obedience, shall be maintained as becomes the circumstances of their state.他们也应该提供生活必需品的顺序的财产;前的秩序,只要他们回到服从教会,只要他们坚持,服从所有的兄弟,应保持为成为其状态的情况。

All of them shall be placed in houses of the former order or in monasteries of other religious, at the expense however of the former order itself according to the judgment of the said provincial councils; but many of them shall not be placed together at the same time in one house or monastery.所有这些应放置在屋前的顺序或其他宗教寺庙,但是在牺牲前为了本身的说,省议会的判决,但其中许多人不得放置在同一时间在一所房屋或寺院。

We order also and strictly command all those with whom and by whom the brothers of the former order are detained, to surrender them freely whenever required to do so by the metropolitans and the ordinaries of the brothers.我们也为了和严格命令所有那些与人前秩序的兄弟被拘留​​,交出他们自由地要求这样做的大都市和普通的兄弟。If within the year those cited do not appear before the diocesans, as stated above, they incur automatically sentence of excommunication; and because in a case especially concerning the faith, contumacy adds strong presumption to suspicion, the contumacious who stubbornly remain excommunicate for a year are henceforth to be condemned as heretics.如果在今年内那些引不出现之前diocesans,正如上文所述,他们承担自动逐出教会的句子;因为,尤其是关于信仰的情况下,contumacy增添了强劲的推定怀疑,顽皮的人固执地保持破门为一年今后要谴责为异端。 This citation of ours is made of set purpose and we wish the brothers to be obliged by it as if they had received a special citation personally, for as vagabonds they can in no way be found or at least not easily.引用我们的这一集的目的是和我们想的兄弟如果他们收到一个特殊的引用亲自为他们可以在没有办法找到,或至少不容易的流浪者,它有义务。

In order, then, to prevent all subterfuge, we publish our edict in the present sacred council.那么,为了防止所有的托词,我们在目前的神圣市政局发布的诏书。And in order to bring this citation more assuredly to the knowledge of the brothers themselves and to the general knowledge of all, we shall have papers or parchments containing the citation and sealed with our bull hung or fastened to the doors of the principal church of Vienne.为了把这个引用更稳妥的兄弟自己和所有的一般知识的知识,我们应包含引文的文件或羊皮纸,我们的牛市悬挂或固定的维埃纳省的主要教堂的门密封。 This will secure a loud and widespread publication of this citation, so that the brothers whom the citation concerns can claim no excuse that the citation has not reached them or that they were ignorant of it, since it is improbable that what is so openly made public to all can remain unknown or hidden to them.这将确保此引用一个响亮而广泛的出版物,使兄弟其中的引文问题可以索赔没有引用没有达到他们或借口,他们的无知,因为它是不可能的,什么是公开公开所有可他们仍下落不明或隐藏。 Furthermore, in order to observe greater precaution, we order the local diocesans to make public this edict of our citation, as soon as conveniently possible, in their cathedrals and in the churches at the most conspicuous places in their dioceses.此外,为了观察到较大的预防措施,我们为了本地diocesans,使他们在最显眼的地方,在他们的教区教堂的大教堂和公共此诏书,尽快方便可能,我们引用。

Given at Vienne on 6 May 1312 in the seventh year.在第七个年头,在维埃纳省于5月第1312 6。

[4]. [4]。To all the administrators and guardians of the property of the former house and order of the Knights Templar, delegated by apostolic and any other authority.为所有管理员和故居和秩序的圣殿骑士的财产的监护人,使徒和任何其他机关的授权。Recently we held, as the Lord so disposed, a general council at Vienne.最近,我们召开,作为主处理,一般在维埃纳省议会。 There we gave long and careful consideration to the disposal of the former house and order of the Knights Templar.在那里,我们给了长和仔细考虑的故居和秩序的圣殿骑士处置。We thought it more acceptable to the most High, more honourable to those who worship in the true faith, and more useful for the aid of the holy Land, to grant this property to the order of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem, rather than to give it or even attach it to a new order to be created.我们认为这更容易接受的最高端,更光荣的那些真正的信仰崇拜,以及圣地援助更为有用,授予此属性圣耶路撒冷约翰医院的秩序,而不是给它,甚至将它附加到要创建一个新秩序。 There were some, however, who asserted that it would be better to confer the property on an order to be newly created than to attach it to the order of the Hospital, and so we were unable to obtain the result we hoped for.有一些,但是,他断言,它会更好,赋予一个新创建的,比将其附加到医院秩序的顺序的属性,所以我们无法获得我们所希望的结果。 At last, however, by God's favour, on 2 May of this present month, with the approval of the sacred council, we judged that the property should be granted and attached and even united to the said Hospital or order.然而,最后,由上帝的青睐,2月,目前这个月的神圣安理会的批准,我们判断该财产应授予和连接,甚至美国的医院或秩序。

We made an exception, for certain reasons, of the Templars' property in the kingdoms and lands of our beloved sons in Christ, the illustrious kings .我们做了一个例外,因为某些原因,圣殿“财产,在我们心爱的儿子在基督的王国和土地,显赫的国王。..of Castile, .卡斯提尔。..of Aragon, .阿拉贡。..of Portugal, and .葡萄牙和。 ..of Majorca', outside the kingdom of France.马略卡岛,外法兰西王国。We reserved this property for our disposition and that of the apostolic see, until some other arrangement be made by us and the apostolic see for its use to aid the holy Land.我们保留了我们的性格和使徒见这个属性,直到一些其他的安排是由我们和使徒见供其使用,以帮助圣地。

We therefore strictly command all of you, by apostolic ordinance, to restore in full, in the name of the said Hospital and order, this property with the revenue gathered from it, after all expenses have been paid, to the master and brothers of the Hospital, or to restore individual items to the said Hospital's individual priors or preceptors of the provinces or cities or dioceses or places in which the property lies, or to the procurator or procurators of one or more of them, according to the terms of your commission, within a month of being so required.因此,我们严格命令大家,由使徒条例“,全面恢复,在名称表示,医院和秩序,这与收入的财产聚集,已支付的所有费用后,船长和兄弟医院,或以恢复个别项目的说,医院的个别先验或省份或城市或教区或地方,其中的属性在于preceptors,或在检察长或之一或他们更多的检察,根据您的佣金条款,如此规定的一个月内。 For this the master, brothers, priors and preceptors, or their procurator or procurators, shall fittingly commend you, and we shall rightly acknowledge your prompt and devoted obedience.对于这个主,兄弟,先验和preceptors,或他们的检察长或检察,应恰当地赞扬你,我们应正确认识你的提示和专门服从。

Given at Livron in the diocese of Valence on 16 May in the seventh year.{1} {1}由于在Livron价教区在5月16日在第七个年头。

[5].{2} Our redeemer, the only-begotten Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, loved so much the daughter of Zion, the holy Land, that he chose her as his inheritance and his own patrimony. [5]。{2},上帝的独生子,我们的主耶稣基督,我们的救赎爱与其说是锡安的女儿,圣地,他选择了她作为他的继承和自己的遗产。He therefore, clothed with our flesh, honoured her with his presence and consecrated her by the shedding of his precious blood.因此,他穿着我们的血肉,他的存在,她的荣幸和他的宝血脱落,她的奉献。But we mourn and bitterly lament that so noble an inheritance of our redeemer has been turned over to strangers and laid low by the frenzy of the Babylonian persecutor, trampled underfoot by the feet of the defiled.但是,我们的哀悼和恨恨地感叹那么高尚的继承我们的救主,已上缴给陌生人和巴比伦的迫害狂潮的玷污的脚践踏在脚下,奠定低。

She is dishonoured by the vile grasp of the unclean Saracens, faithless enemies of the christian name.她是通过不洁的撒拉逊人,基督教名称移情别恋敌人的卑鄙把握兑现。She has been occupied and wretchedly retained, the christian people have been savagely slaughtered.她已被占用,可怜保留,基督教的人都被野蛮的屠杀。To the insult of the creator, to the outrage and sorrow of all Christendom, the name of Christ is horribly blasphemed by the filthy and detestable conduct of the enemy.创建者的侮辱,所有基督教的愤怒和悲哀,基督的名是可怕的亵渎敌人的污秽和可憎的行为。This sad region therefore weeps under the lash and repeatedly laments to the vicar of Christ about this intolerable persecution.这种可悲的地区,因此哭泣下眼线,并一再感叹对此不能容忍的迫害基督的副主教。Wounded by her disgrace, she pleads with christian princes and the catholic people.她的耻辱中受伤的,她恳求的基督教诸侯和天主教的人。She uncovers her wounds to those from whom she awaits the work of the healer.她发现她的伤口,从她等待治疗师的工作。She demands liberation from those for whose salvation the author of salvation bore within her borders the suffering of the cross.她要求解放的救赎,救恩的作者,她的边界内孔交叉的痛苦。All this and more besides, which the mind cannot fully conceive nor the tongue tell, rose to our heart and roused our mind as soon as we were called by divine favour, though unworthy, to the summit of apostolic dignity.这一切,更此外,头脑不能充分想象,也不舌告诉,上升到我们的心,激起我们心中只要我们被称为神的青睐,虽然不配,使徒的尊严之巅。 We gazed tenderly at the doleful state of the holy Land and we applied ourselves to think out remedies by which, with the aid of heaven, that Land, freed from the enemy's criminal hands, might see, after the darkness of so many tribulations, the bright times of longed-for peace我们凝视着温柔的圣地寂寞的状态和我们应用自己来想了补救措施,其中,天上的帮助下,该土地,从敌人的犯罪手中解脱出来,可能看到这么多磨难的黑暗后,,在渴望已久的和平的美好倍

For this and other holy works acceptable to God, to be advanced by his almighty power, we convoked a general council in the city of Vienne{3}.对于这和其他圣地工程接受的神,他的全能电源先进,我们召集总理事会在城市维埃纳{3}。Then, together with our brothers the cardinals of the holy Roman church, the patriarchs, archbishops, bishops and other prelates and our beloved sons in Christ the illustrious kings Philip of the Franks and Louis of Navarre, who were present at the council, as also some other eminent men and the procurators of the remaining absent prelates and of chapters, convents, churches and monasteries, assembled at the council, we held a long, complete and careful discussion on bringing aid to the holy Land.然后,连同我们的兄弟罗马教会,始祖,大主教,主教和其他主教和我们心爱的儿子在基督里的枢机主教的杰出国王纳瓦拉,目前在安理会,直率和路易斯菲利普也其他一些杰出的男性和其余的缺席主教和章节,修道院,教堂和修道院,在安理会组装检察,我们举行了一个长期援助圣地,完整和细致的讨论。 At last we resolved, with the council's approval, to succour the holy Land by a general crusade.最后,我们决定,在安理会的批准,救助由一个一般的十字军东征的圣地。Intending to use our apostolic power zealously to this end, and having duly weighed all we have said, we judged, with the approval of the sacred council, that a tithe should be imposed by our apostolic authority on all ecclesiastical revenues and incomes throughout the world.打算使用我们的使徒热忱为此,适当权衡所有我们已经说过,我们判断,与神圣的议会的批准,什一税应强加给所有教会的收入和收入在世界各地我们的使徒权威。 Only the persons and places belonging to the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and the other military orders were to be exempted.只有人员和地方,属于耶路撒冷圣约翰医院和其他军事订单可获豁免。The tithe was to be collected and paid for six years to be reckoned from 1 January last, in fixed installments, as we should find best, and to be directed to helping the holy Land and opposing the infidels and the enemies of the catholic faith.{4}十分之一是收集和支付6个不可忽视的力量从去年1月1日起,在固定分期,我们应该找到最好的,并帮助的圣地,反对异教徒和信仰天主教的敌人。 {4}

But actually we reflected of late that our letters concerning the imposition, collection and payment of the tithe had not reached you by I January, nor could easily do so in a short time, on account of the great distance of those parts from the Roman curia.但实际上,我们反映了后期,我们的信件,有关征收,收集和支付什一税没有达到我一月你,也可以很容易地在很短的时间占很大的距离从罗马教廷的那些部分, 。Wishing, then, to consult your ease and convenience, we have decreed that the six years are to begin in your region on I October next.许愿,然后,咨询您的易用性和方便,我们已颁布6年来,我十月明年开始在您的地区。We therefore ask, admonish and earnestly exhort you, also commanding you strictly by apostolic ordinance in virtue of obedience, to pay without difficulty the tithe for six years beginning from I October.因此,我们要求,告诫和认真告诫你,你也指挥使徒条例严格服从的美德,没有太大的困难十分之一支付我十月开始的六年。 The tithe is to be paid in the customary way, namely for the first half of the first year on 1 October next, and for the second half on I April immediately following, and in the same way for each of the remaining five years.什一税是在习惯的方式支付,即明年10月1日的第一年上半年,我对下半年4月紧随,并在余下的五年,每年同样的方式。 Each of you is to pay it in full from your ecclesiastical revenues and incomes.你们每一个人,是您教会的收入和收入支付。 If you fail to pay the tithe within the above periods, each of you automatically incurs sentences similar to those pronounced for nonpayment by you or by the suitable and trustworthy persons delegated by you to collect the tithe in your cities and dioceses.如果您未能在上述期间内支付什一税,你们每个人自动承担那些明显的拖欠,由您或委派收集在你的城市和教区的什一税的人适合和值得信赖的句子类似。

Furthermore, you are to collect the tithe from our beloved sons, the abbots, priors, deans, archdeacons, provosts, archpriests and other prelates of churches, the chapters, colleges and convents of the Cistercians, Cluniacs, Premonstratensians, of saint Benedict and saint Augustine, of the Carthusians, Grandmontines and other orders, and other non-exempt secular and regular ecclesiastical persons, in your cities and dioceses, that is, each of you in each city and diocese.此外,你从我们心爱的儿子,方丈,先验,院长,archdeacons,学院院长,archpriests和其他主教的教堂,章熙大学和修道院,Cluniacs,Premonstratensians收集十分之一,圣本笃和圣奥古斯丁,Carthusians,Grandmontines和其他订单,以及其他非豁免世俗和定期的教会人士,在你的城市和教区,就是你们每个人在每个城市和教区。 The priors, preceptors, masters and other persons and the places of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and of the other military orders are to be the only exceptions made.先验,preceptors,船长和其他人,耶路撒冷圣若望医院和其他军令的地方是唯一的例外。The tithe is to be collected by you or by other suitable and trustworthy persons delegated by you for this service in each of your cities and dioceses.十分之一是必须由您或其他合适的和值得信赖的人委派这项服务,你在你的城市和教区,每年收集。It is altogether our wish and command that you should delegate such persons.干脆,这是我们的愿望和命令,你应该等人委托。We entrust to them and command them by this document to claim and collect it in full by our authority, in each of the cities and dioceses where they are delegated, from our beloved sons the abbots, priors, deans, provosts, archdeacons, archpriests and other prelates of churches, and the exempt chapters, colleges and convents of the above-mentioned orders, in your cities and dioceses.我们委托给他们,并命令该文件要求,并收集全面的,我们的权力,他们委派的城市和教区,每年从我们心爱的儿子的方丈,先验,系主任,学院院长,archdeacons,archpriests和,其他主教教堂,上述订单的豁免章节,高校和修道院,在你的城市和教区。 Only the priors, preceptors, masters, persons and places of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and of the said other military orders are to be excepted.只有先验,preceptors,主人,人,和耶路撒冷的圣徒约翰医院和地方其他军令说是例外。

The tithe is to be claimed and collected in full from the ecclesiastical revenues and incomes, by our authority, in the customary way according to the years and periods mentioned above.认领,并全面收集来自教会的收入和收入,我们的权力,在习惯的方式,根据这些年来,上述期间的十分之一。 The delegates are to collect it from both the exempt and the non-exempt: each is to hand over and assign it for each period to the person among you by whom he was delegated, without delay or as soon as he conveniently can.代表们收集的豁免和非豁免:每个交出,并毫不拖延或他方便可以尽快的,分配给每个到你们中间的人,他被委派期间。You are to compel them by ecclesiastical censure, without any appeal, to give you an account of the money claimed and collected from the aforesaid non-exempt persons, as well as to hand over and assign the tithe claimed and collected from both the exempt and the non-exempt.您是迫使他们教会的谴责,没有任何上诉,声称,从上述非豁免的人士,以及交出和分配十分之一声称,从双方的豁免收集收集的钱给你一个帐户非豁免。 Public instruments are to be drawn up and other due precautions taken concerning the handing over and assigning of the tithe.要制订公共文书及其他采取适当的预防措施有关移交和什一税分配。In this way, when needed, it can be established how much, from whom, when and for what period the delegates received the money and how much, when and for what period they handed over and assigned it to each of you.这样,在需要的时候,它可以建立多少,从谁,何时和什么时期的代表收到钱多少,何时以及什么时期,他们交​​给你们每个人。

The money which has been duly claimed and collected by you and your delegates from the exempt and non-exempt persons and has been handed over to you, including that which has been claimed and collected by your delegates from the said exempt persons, as mentioned above, and also the money which you will pay from your own revenues and incomes, is to be put away by each of you, together with your cathedral chapter, beneath the church or even elsewhere, as you think best, in some more becoming and safe place.已正式宣称,由你和你的的代表的豁免和非豁免的人士收集,并已交给你了,包括那些一直声称,您的代表收集到的钱说,获豁免人士作为上述,也是钱,你会从自己的收入和收入支付,收起你们每个人,连同您的大教堂章节,教会之下,甚至在其他地方,你认为最好在一些更成为和安全,地方。 Here, at your expense and that of the chapter, you will have it guarded carefully and faithfully, to be consigned by each of you to our delegates as and when shall seem good to us, for the business of the holy Land and the service of the faith.在这里,您的费用和本章,你将有仔细,忠实地守卫,你们每个人委托给我们的代表时,应似乎好我们圣地的业务和服务,的信念。

In order that you may more easily and effectively collect this tithe, we grant by this document full and unrestricted power to each of you to constrain by ecclesiastical censure directly or through your delegates, disregarding any appeal, the abbots, priors, deans, provosts and other aforesaid non-exempt persons, in your cities and dioceses.为了您可能更容易和更有效地收集这十一奉献,我们这个文件全面和不受限制的权力授予你们每个人教会的谴责,限制直接或通过您的代表,不顾任何上诉,方丈,先验,院长,学院院长和其他上述非豁免任何人,在你的城市和教区。 We grant the same power to your delegates, in each city or diocese for which they have been delegated, with regard to the abbots, priors, deans, provosts and other aforesaid exempt persons.我们同样的权力授予您的代表,他们被委派为在每个城市或教区方面的方丈,先验,系主任,学院院长及其他上述获豁免人士。 This power may also be used to constrain any opponents and rebels.这股力量也可以用来限制任何对手和反政府武装。In addition, we grant full and unrestricted power to you to absolve in your cities and dioceses, after satisfaction has been made, the aforesaid non-exempt persons, and to your delegates regarding the aforesaid exempt persons who, because of non-payment of the tithe in due time, are bound by sentences of excommunication, suspension or interdict; also to dispense from irregularity contracted by celebrating divine worship or taking part in it while bound by one or more of the above sentences.此外,我们给予充分和不受限制的权力给你开脱,在你的城市和教区中,已经取得了满意后,上述非豁免的人士,和您的代表,有关的人,因为非支付的上述获豁免人士在适当的时候什一税,也必然被逐出教会,暂停或停职的句子;也免除从不规则收缩,庆祝神圣的崇拜,或在它的一部分,而由一个或多个以上的句子必然。 In order that you and your delegates may have a reward for the labours undertaken, we enjoin on you the above things in remission of your sins.为了您和您的代表可能有一个为开展劳动报酬,我们责成你在你的罪缓解上述事情。

The tithe is to be paid even if the apostolic see has granted an indult to you or some of you, or to the abbots, priors and other aforesaid exempt or non-exempt persons, or to anyone else, that you are not obliged and compelled to pay, or that you cannot be laid under interdict, suspension or excommunication by apostolic letters which have not made full and express mention of this indult and its tenor word for word, or of the names of your orders, localities and persons.什一税是使徒见,即使已授予indult你或你,或一些的方丈,先验和其他上述豁免或不获豁免的人士,或向任何人支付的,你没有义务,迫使支付,或者说,你不能奠定下阻截,暂停或没有提到这indult和其字,或您的订单,地方和个人的名称男高音字充分表达使徒信被逐出教会。 The same applies to any privileges, indulgences, exemptions and apostolic letters which have been granted generally or specially in any form of words by the said apostolic see to any dignities, orders, places or persons, and of which and their whole tenor there should be made in our letters word for word, special, full and express mention.这同样适用于任何特权,放纵,豁免和已授出任何形式的话,一般或特别的使徒信说使徒看到任何尊严,订单,地方或个人,并和他们的整个男高音应该有在我们的信件逐字逐句,特殊的,全面的和明确提到。 Consider, besides, that in these duties you are engaged in God's business, and that you are acting in the sight of him who sees all.,此外,考虑,在这些职务,你是从事上帝的业务,以及你是在他的视线,他看到所有。You will therefore be obliged to render an account to him and to us; we intend to use all diligence in this matter.因此,您将不得不作出交代,他和我们在这个问题上,我们打算使用所有勤奋。You will receive due reward from both him and us.您将收到来自他和我们应有的报酬。You should therefore act prudently and carefully, not only to avoid the danger of punishment and confusion, but also to gain the glory of praise and well-deserved reward.因此,您应该谨慎行事,仔细,不仅避免了处罚和混乱的危险,但也获得的赞誉和当之无愧的奖励的荣耀。

It is our wish also that each of you oblige the persons delegated by you for collecting the tithe, to swear that they will be diligent and careful in their work and to use this formula: "I swear . . . by you, lord . . ., who am delegated by the authority of the apostolic see and by the same see itself to claim, collect and receive a tithe of all ecclesiastical revenues and incomes from all exempt and non-exempt ecclesiastical persons in your city and diocese, that I will faithfully claim, collect, receive and guard this tithe which has been imposed by the apostolic see for the business of the holy Land and of the catholic faith. Only the priors, preceptors masters and other persons and places of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and of the other military orders are excepted. I shall not give way in this to any person, of whatever dignity, status or condition, whether from entreaty, fear, gratitude, favour or any other cause. I shall restore and consign the full tithe to you at your order. I shallrender a final and integral account concerning everything in detail, namely to you regarding what I have claimed, collected and received from non-exempt persons, and to the delegate or delegates of the holy see regarding exempt persons. If you lay down your office in this matter, I shall do the same according to the orders of your successor. So may God help me and these holy gospels of God.",我们希望你们每个人迫使委派征收什一税的人,发誓,他们将自己的工作勤奋和小心使用这个公式:。。“我发誓你,主。 ,很权威的使徒见和相同的看到自己声称,收集和接收的所有教会的收入和收入豁免和非豁免所有在你的城市和教区教会人士的什一税的委派,我将忠实地声称,收集,接收和后卫,这已经强加给使徒看到的圣地和信仰天主教的业务的什一税。只有先验,preceptors主人和其他人的圣耶路撒冷约翰医院的地方和其他军事订单除外,我不得给任何人以这种方式,任何的尊严,地位或状况,是否恳求,恐惧,感激之情,赞成或任何其他原因,我应当恢复和委托的什一税您的订单给你,我shallrender最后的和不可分割的帐户,所有的细节问题,即你我都声称,收集和接收从非获豁免人士,并委托或代表神圣的有关获豁免人士看到。如果你放下你的办公室在这个问题上,我会做同样的,根据你的继任者订单。愿上帝帮助我,这些神的圣洁的福音。“

Given at Avignon on 1 December in the eighth year.鉴于12月1日,在第八个年头,在亚维侬。

[6]. [6]。For future record.对于未来的纪录。Not long ago, in the general council at Vienne, we transferred, with the approval of the sacred council, the property, rights, privileges, indults, immunities and liberties of the former order of the Temple to the order of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem.不久前,我们在总理事会在维埃纳省,转移,与神圣的理事会,物业批准的权利,特权,indults,豁免权和自由的圣殿前为了圣约翰医院的顺序耶路撒冷。 For the sake of greater peace and concord between prelates of churches and other clergy on the one hand, and the brothers of the order of the Hospital on the other, as also for other justifiable reasons, we suspended, in the last session of the council, all the privileges granted to the Hospital by the apostolic see, and with them as a necessary consequence the privileges of the former Temple, which should be thought of as belonging to the said Hospital and transferred to it.为了更大的和平与教堂的主教和其他神职人员一方面,与兄弟的其他医院为了,也为其他正当理由之间的和谐,我们暂停,在理事会上届会议,所有的使徒见,并作为一个必然后果,与他们到医院授予的特权,前寺,应认为属于特权说医院和转移它。 We excepted the privilege of exemption, if they had any.我们,如果他们有任何例外的豁免特权。We wished these privileges to be suspended at our good pleasure.我们希望这些特权被暂停在我们好高兴。There are some, however, who assert on insufficient grounds that the suspension of these privileges of the Hospital does not extend to the privileges of the former order of the Temple.也有一些,但是,谁主张充分的理由,暂停医院的这些特权并不延伸到前寺秩序的特权。Although there is not the faintest reason for such an assertion, we wish to remove from their minds the slightest doubt that it was our intention, by the said suspension of the privileges of the order of the Hospital, to suspend the privileges of the former Temple, which have become by the transference those of the Hospital itself.虽然目前还没有对这种说法的最微弱的原因,我们希望从他们的头脑中删除,这是我们的意图丝毫的怀疑,说悬浮医院秩序的特权,暂停前寺的特权移情成为医院本身。 We declare therefore by our apostolic authority and decree that these, like the other privileges of the Hospital, are and remain suspended.因此,我们宣布我们的使徒的权威和政令这些,就像医院的其他特权,并继续暂停。

Indeed, before the suspension, it was said in general by some of our brothers cardinals of the holy Roman church, to many of the prelates assembled at the general council, that there would be a suspension of the Hospital's privileges until everything that was still uncertain among the said prelates and other clergy, with regard to concord, lawsuits and disputes, had been completely settled.事实上,停牌前,有人说,一般由一些我们的兄弟罗马教会的枢机主教,许多聚集在总理事会的主教,,那里将是直到一切,是仍然不明朗的暂停和医院特权之间的主教和其他神职人员,和睦,诉讼和纠纷方面,已彻底解决。 We observed, however, that if it was necessary to await the end of all these lawsuits and disputes, one little case might generate grave prejudice against the Hospitallers, and great loss might result from the continuing suspension of their privileges.然而,我们观察到,,如果有必要等待所有这些诉讼和纠纷的结束,一个不大的情况下可能会产生对Hospitallers的严重损害,并可能会导致巨大的损失,从他们的特权继续停牌。 We reflected that this might provide material for many misrepresentations.我们反映,这可能提供许多失实陈述材料。In the last session of the council, therefore, wishing to obviate such greater dangers, we judged it fitting to make known orally, clearly and openly, even for a third time, so that each and all might clearly understand, that we wished the said suspension of the privileges of the order of the Hospital to continue until we willed otherwise.因此,希望在理事会最后一次会议,以避免更大的危险,我们判断它装修,使已知口头,明确和公开的,甚至第三次,使每个和所有可能清醒地认识到,我们希望暂停医院秩序的特权继续下去,直到我们的意志,否则。 We intend with the Lord's help to consider what is good for both sides and to make provision for both prelates and other clergy on the one hand, and the Hospitallers on the other, so that neither will have reason for complaint but both will receive due satisfaction.我们打​​算与上帝的帮助,以考虑对双方都有好处的和,以使两个主教和其他神职人员,一方面,和其他的Hospitallers规定,因此,既不将有申诉的理由,但都将收到因满意。 Let nobody therefore 因此让任何人

Given at Avignon on 18 December in the eighth year.鉴于12月18日,在第八个年头,在亚维侬。

[7]. [7]。For an everlasting record.一个永恒的记录。Not long ago, under the Lord's providence, we held a general council at Vienne, at which we suppressed the former order of the Knights Templar of Jerusalem.不久前,在上帝的普罗维登斯,我们在维埃纳省举行的总理事会,我们镇压前的耶路撒冷圣殿骑士秩序。We granted, attached and joined the Templar possessions, with the approval of the sacred council, to the order of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem, for the help of the holy Land; with the exception, for certain reasons, of their property lying in the kingdoms and lands of our beloved sons in Christ, the illustrious kings .我们理所当然,连接并加入了圣堂财产,神圣的议会批准,耶路撒冷圣若望医院的秩序,为圣地的帮助;与例外,因为某些原因,他们的大话地产在我们心爱的儿子在基督里,显赫的国王的王国和土地。 ..of Castile, .卡斯提尔。..of Aragon, .阿拉贡。..of Portugal and .葡萄牙和。 ..of Majorca, outside the kingdom of France, which we reserved for our disposal and that of the apostolic see until we made other arrangements.马略卡岛,法国,英国,这是我们为我们的处置和保留以外的使徒看,直到我们作出其他安排。Then, in the same council, we made some sound provisions for furthering the cause of the holy Land and others by which quarrels, scandals and discord might be prevented, and continuous peace and concord be established, between prelates of churches and other clergy on the one hand and the brothers of the Hospital on the other.然后,在相同的会,我们提出了完善的规定,进一步的圣地,并可能会阻止他人争吵,丑闻和不和谐的原因和持续的和平和和谐之间建立教堂的主教和其他神职人员,在一方面和其他医院的兄弟。 We also made provision on other points relating to the reform of the order of the Hospital.我们还提供医院秩序的改革有关的其他点。

Actually, business has pressed upon us.其实,企业已经压在我们身上。It is like an ocean pouring into the apostolic see.它像一个海洋浇筑成的使徒见。The waters of care constantly harass our heart.护理水域不断骚扰我们的心。We have not been permitted until now, and are still not permitted, to put into execution the arrangements we desire.我们没有被允许到现在为止,仍然不允许,把我们的愿望安排到执行。In order that the fruit of such sound proposals may not perish through oblivion or pressure of business, but rather may be gathered up, by the Lord's will, at the opportune time, we have had the headings of these projected decrees inserted into the present document.这样的声音建议的成果未必灭亡通过遗忘或业务的压力,但而可能被收集起来主的旨意,在适当时机,我们不得不这些预测法令的插入到本文件中的标题。 Their drift is as follows.如下的漂移。We wish that the transfer of property of the former order of the Temple to the order of the Hospital may, by our provision, be of advantage to the holy Land.我们希望,我们的规定,前寺医院为了秩序的财产移交圣地的优势。We also wish that quarrels, scandals and discord be prevented between prelates and other clergy on the one hand and the brothers of the order on the other; that lasting concord be established between them; and that the order and its members be reformed, if and as this seems good.我们也希望,主教和其他神职人员之间的争吵,丑闻和不和谐防止一方面,和其他的顺序兄弟,他们之间建立持久的和谐;秩序和进行改革,如果其成员和因为这似乎不错。 We have therefore made three special provisions regarding the order of the Hospital.因此,我们提出了三个特别规定,有关医院的秩序。

The first has to do with the holy Land.首先需要做的圣地。We shall have an exact and careful enquiry made into the past and present possessions of the order of the Hospital and their exact annual value.我们应当有一个准确和仔细询问,为了医院的过去和现在的财产和其确切的年度价值。We shall wish to know fully the annual value of each old and new house of the order, and how much this represents each year in terms of assistance to the holy Land.我们想知道每个订单的新老房子的价值充分年度,这代表每年在援助圣地方面多少。On completion of this valuation, and taking into account the necessary local expenditure, we shall oblige the order to maintain continuously in the holy Land a certain number of brothers and knights.这个估值,并考虑采取必要的地方财政支出完成后,我们将责成连续保持在圣地的兄弟和骑士的若干。These brothers and knights are to labour effectively and strive to win the holy Land and keep it, as far as God grants.这些兄弟和骑士是有效的劳动和努力赢得的圣地,并保持它,尽可能神助学金。We shall arrange and provide that very few brothers of the order remain on this side of the sea.我们会安排和提供的订单很少兄弟留在海的这一边。These shall be only those required to govern the houses of the order and those who are old, sick or unfit for war.这应是只有那些需要执政的秩序的房子和那些老,病或不适宜战争。The young and the strong, who are able to fight, shall be required to go and stay overseas so that the holy Land may have its needs met.年轻的强,谁能够打,应要求去和留在国外可能使圣地满足其需要。The order will thus pursue the purpose for which it was instituted, as is only right and fitting.因此,此次订货会追求它被设立的目的,是唯一正确的和装修。In this way it will not reserve for itself great wealth or many persons of quality.这样,它不会为自己预留巨大的财富或许多人的质量。Rather, the order will lose all occasion for pride or the prosecution of idle enterprises, since the brothers and knights who drag their feet on this side of the sea will be far fewer than before.相反,为了将失去所有的自豪感或闲置的企业进行起诉之际,因为兄弟和骑士拖到海的这一边用脚将会比以前要少得多。The property remaining behind will also be heavily and more than usually burdened as a result of our above-mentioned provisions.留守的财产也将大量资金,并且超过上述规定的结果通常是作为一个负担。

We cannot impose on our successors the continuation of the above policy.我们不能强加给我们的接班人的上述政策的延续。Yet, in order to make this course of action possible and easier for them, we shall have the annual value of each house registered exactly in the Roman curia, and also the service which it will be able to provide each year for the holy Land, and the fixed number of brothers and knights required to stay overseas.然而,为了使这门课程可能采取的行动,并为他们更容易,我们应每年每间房子的价值,正是在罗马教廷注册,也服务,它能够提供的圣地,每年,和留在国外的兄弟骑士的固定数量。 We shall arrange that the registered material be kept permanently with the papal registers under our bull.我们应作出安排,永久保持与我们的牛市下的教皇寄存器的注册材料。Further, that there be no lack of carefulness or caution in this matter, we shall send the registered material under our bull to all christian kings to be permanently kept by them in order that if it should happen -- though may it not -- that this ordinance is not observed by the Hospitallers, the kings themselves, being informed in the above manner, may more quickly and fully know where the observance of this ordinance has ceased.此外,有不乏细心或谨慎对待这一问题,我们应根据我们的牛市中发送所有的基督教国王为了要永久保存的登记材料,它是否应该发生 - 虽然它可能没有 - 不遵守本条例由Hospitallers,自己,以上述方式告知国王,可能会更迅速和充分知道已不再遵守本条例。As a result, they will also be moved to take care that it is observed.因此,他们也将被移到照顾,这是观察。

Secondly, in order to establish tranquility and peace, as was said above, between the churches with their prelates and the order of the Hospital, we shall see that all the privileges of the order are fully shown to us.其次,以建立安宁与和平,正如上面所说的,与他们的主教教堂和医院秩序之间,我们应看到,该命令的所有特权,充分表明我们。 And although we have no intention whatsoever of taking away its exemption, if the order has such, or of granting exemption, if the order has none, we shall altogether take away any privileges, if such there be, which are odious or provide matter for quarrels, discord or scandals.虽然我们没有带走的豁免,如果订单等,或给予豁免无意,如果订单没有,我们将完全带走任何特权,如果这样的事,这是可憎的,或提供事争吵,不和或丑闻。 If we happen to find areas of uncertainty which it is not advisable to remove, we shall clarify.如果我们碰巧发现这是不可取的,以消除不确定性的领域,我们应当明确。In addition, we shall delegate in each province two of its prelates and one of our clerics or another cleric to provide more fully for concord, giving them full and unrestricted powers, so that simply and easily, and without the din of a court of law, they may hear and settle or make peace between the parties in all disputes and cases that have arisen or might arise for any reason between the aforesaid order and the churches and any ecclesiastics with regard to churches, tithes, first-fruits, procurations and any property or rights whatsoever.此外,我们应当委托在每个省,其主教和我们的教士或其他神职人员,为和谐更充分,让他们充分和不受限制的权力,这样简单和容易,没有一个法庭DIN ,他们可能会听到和定居或使各方之间的一切争端和已出现或可能出现的任何之间的上述顺序和教会和教区教堂,什一税,第一水果,procurations和任何方面的任何理由的情况下和平任何财产或权利。 This is to include questions concerning the property and rights of the former order of the Temple.这是包括前寺秩序的财产和权利的问题。The parties may be summoned or not as they wish; charges may be laid or not, as they please.当事人可传召或并非如他们所愿,费用可能会被解雇或不请他们。Before or after the delegates' decision there can be no appeal.代表们决定之前或之后,可以有没有提出上诉。Whatever they do or decide shall altogether be regarded as done or decided by us.无论他们或决定应完全被视为完成或由我们决定。

We shall also grant to them the power of regulating the procurations owed by the order to the bishops in different places so that, when and as seems good to them, they are converted into an annual payment as money to be paid by the order to the bishops.我们也应给予调节所欠的顺序在不同的地方主教的procurations这样,他们的权力时,和作为似乎对他们好,他们转换成一个每年支付的钱是为了支付的主教。 The bishops, on receiving such payments, are bound to visit at their own expense, at a time suitable for them, the places making them.主教,在收到有关款项,也必然自费访问,在适合自己的时间,使他们的地方。If this regulation does not seem useful, the bishops will receive on visitation the procurations owed to them by the churches of the order, if these are able to pay them.如果本规例似乎并不有用,主教们将收到关于探视为了教会他们欠的procurations,如果这些都能够向他们支付。 If a church cannot pay the full procuration, the above delegates will make an estimate of the amount payable to the bishop as the procuration for that church.如果一个教会不能全额支付筹得,上述代表将要支付的金额估计为促致该教堂的主教。We shall also ordain that all churches which have annexed to them the cure of souls and belonged to the order of the Hospital on account of any right of the Temple, or even on account of any other rights which belong or shall belong to the Hospital, shall be subject in all spiritual matters to their diocesans, notwithstanding any privilege of exemption.我们应当也注定所有教堂所附他们治愈的灵魂和属于任何寺右侧的医院秩序,甚至对任何属于或应属于医院的其他权利,应在其diocesans所有属灵的事情上受,即使有任何豁免的特权。 Indeed, in order that everything decreed above may be fulfilled more quickly and without evasion on the part of the order, and that our good will may appear to everyone, we suspend entirely from now all the privileges for long granted by the apostolic see to the order, except for the privilege of exemption, if possessed, and we wish them to remain suspended at our pleasure.事实上,我们的良好意愿,颁布上述的一切可能实现更快速,更没有逃避部分订单,并可能会出现给大家,我们完全暂停从现在起所有长使徒授予看到特权秩序,除豁免的特权,如果拥有,并希望他们继续留在我们的荣幸暂停。

Thirdly, concerning the order of the Hospital itself, we shall be making decrees regarding its regulation and reform.第三,关于医院本身的秩序,我们应使法令有关其监管和改革。 We shall be seeing and examining carefully the rules, statutes, form of government and progress of the order itself and of its members.我们应当看到,并仔细研究规则,法规,政府的形式和秩序本身和其成员的进展。 We shall approve and confirm what is good.我们应批准和确认什么是好的。We shall clarify doubtful points that we find in need of revision in the order itself and in its personnel, both head and members.我们应当明确,我们在订单本身需要修订,并在其工作人员,头部和成员中发现的疑点。We shall restore the norm of truth, justice and regular observance with the equilibrium of reason and equity, to the advantage and welfare of the order and for the help of the holy Land.我们应当恢复真理,正义和理性和公平的平衡经常遵守的规范,秩序和帮助圣地的优势和福利。In this way the order itself will be preserved from decay and kept in a healthy and prosperous condition.在这样的秩序本身将被保留从衰变和保持一个健康和繁荣的的条件。

The prelates of France, after the above intentions had been explained to them, petitioned that we should take away the privilege of exemption, if the order of the Hospital possessed it, or at least suspend such exemption, just as we have decreed the suspension of the order's other privileges.法国主教,上述意图后,已经向他们解释,请求,我们应该带走的豁免特权,如果医院为了拥有它,或至少暂停该项豁免,正如我们已经下令暂停该命令的其他特权。 These prelates also declared that, as long as the unlettered and simple brothers of the order remain under the care of their simple priests, and the prelates themselves are unacquainted with the brothers' deeds and consciences, they can be in grave danger of losing their souls through having the privilege of exemption, if they do in fact possess it.这些主教还宣布,只要为了胸无点墨和简单的兄弟仍在照顾他们简单的祭司,和自己的兄弟“的事迹和良心不了解的主教,他们可以在失去自己的灵魂的严重危险通过豁免特权,如果他们这样做实际上拥有它。 Our reply is that because of shortness of time we are unable here to formulate a full and determinate decree.我们的回答是,由于时间短促,我们无法制定一个完整的和确定的法令。As soon as we can conveniently do so we shall with the Lord's help decree and provide in this matter.只要我们可以方便地这样做,我们应与主的帮助的法令,并提供在这个问题上。Also, as these prelates earnestly petitioned us, it is our will and decree that just as individual catholic kings shall receive in writing the valuation of the order's revenues and the other relevant information, so each province ought to have and shall have the same document.此外,作为这些主教认真奏请我们,它是我们将和法令,就像个人天主教国王应收到写的订单的收入估值和的其他相关信息,所以每个省应以有和应有相同的文档。

Also, in accordance with the petition of these prelates, we decree and determine that the compositions pending or made within the last ten years, which were extorted from churches and ecclesiastics through fear of the order of the Hospital and the order of the former Temple, do not disadvantage or harm the said churches and ecclesiastics in any way, and that if two prelates and a non-prelate delegated by us cannot reach agreement, then whatever is decided by one of the prelates and the non-prelate, or decreed by them by way of composition or agreement, shall have effect and full validity.此外,根据这些主教的请愿书,我们法令和决定的成分或在过去十年内,这是从教堂和教士敲诈医院为了通过恐惧和前寺秩序,做没有缺点或损害的说,教会和以任何方式神职人员,并认为如果两个主教和一个非主教我们的授权不能达成的协议,那么无论是决定之一的主教和在非-主教,或由他们下令成分或协议的方式,所具有的效力和充分有效。 Also, we wish to be as gracious as possible to the said prelates.此外,我们希望尽可能施恩给说主教。Therefore we shall allow the two prelates delegated by us to raise in ready money the procurations of their dioceses while absent, and we shall have the non-prelate provided for in money from the property of the former order of the Temple.因此,我们应当让我们两个委派的主教,以提高他们的教区procurations现钱,而缺席,我们必须非主教钱前寺秩序的财产。 We shall also decree in accordance with the petition of the prelates of France, that Hospitallers who publicly receive excommunicated persons or those under interdict or notorious usurers for ecclesiastical burial, or for solemnizing their marriages or having them solemnized or permitting them to be solemnized in their churches against the law, or for administering the sacraments to outside parishioners or permitting this in their churches, incur automatic excommunication.我们还应当根据与法国的主教,公开接受逐出教会的人或那些在教会埋葬停职或臭名昭著的高利贷者,或solemnizing他们的婚姻,或让他们举行婚礼,或允许他们在他们举行婚礼,Hospitallers请愿法令违反法律的教堂,或为管理圣礼以外的教区居民,或允许在他们的教堂,招致自动逐出教会。 And we strictly forbid the Hospitallers to trouble anyone unduly by use of apostolic letters.我们严格禁止的Hospitallers,不必要的麻烦使徒信的人。We shall also decree, in accordance with the petition of the same prelates, against the building of new churches or chapels, the erecting of bell-towers and the making of cemeteries; we shall provide adequate laws on these subjects to be observed by the Hospitallers.我们会法令,按照相同的主教请愿,反对兴建新的教堂或教堂,架设钟塔和墓地的决策,我们将提供有关这些问题的适当的法律Hospitallers观察。

Given at Avignon on 31 December in the eighth year of our pontificate {5}考虑在阿维尼翁教皇在我们的第八个年头12月31日{5}

[8]. [8]。For an everlasting record.一个永恒的记录。Some time ago, in the general council held at Vienne under the Lord's inspiration, we suppressed the former order of the Temple for certain good reasons as explained in the letter of suppression.前一段时间,在维埃纳省举行的总理事会主的灵感下,我们镇压前为了抑制信解释一些很好的理由寺。After long and careful deliberations with our brothers and the whole council, we bestowed on the order of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem, on the Hospital itself and on our beloved sons, the master and brothers of the Hospital, in the name of the Hospital and of the order of these men, who as the Lord's athletes expose themselves unfailingly to the danger of death in defence of the faith and have borne and still bear heavy loss overseas, the house of the Knights Templar and their other houses, churches, chapels, oratories, cities, castles, towns, lands, granges and all their other movable, immovable and self-moving property, together with all the members and rights and all that belongs to them, beyond and on this side of the sea and in all parts of the world, which the former order and its master and brothers had and comprised at the time when the master himself and some of the brothers were arrested as a body in the kingdom of France, namely in October 1308.长期与我们的兄弟和全体委员会和深思熟虑之后,我们赋予圣耶路撒冷约翰医院的顺序,对医院本身和我们心爱的儿子,船长及兄弟医院的名称医院和这些男人,谁主的运动员公开无一例外地的死亡捍卫信仰的危险和有承担和仍承担损失惨重海外的顺序,房子的骑士圣殿骑士和他们的其他房屋,教堂,教堂,oratories,城市,城堡,城镇,土地,格朗和所有其他动产,不动产和自我发展的物业,连同所有的成员和权利和所有属于自己,超越和对海的这一边,在世界上所有的部分,其中前者为了和它的主人和兄弟,并在主本人和一些兄弟被逮捕时,作为一个机构在法国的国度,在第1308年10月即组成。

The property includes that which the Templars had of themselves or through others, and anything belonging to them in any way, with all their rights, privileges, indults, immunities, liberties, honours and charges.该物业包括,自己或通过他人的圣殿,和任何属于他们以任何方式与他们的所有权利,特权,indults,豁免,自由,荣誉和收费,的。 We donated and united all this forever to the Hospital and incorporated it into the Hospital, with the approval of the sacred council and from the fullness of our apostolic power, for the help of the holy Land.我们捐赠和联合国所有这一切永远医院,并把它纳入医院,与神圣的议会的批准,并从丰满我们的使徒的力量,为圣地的帮助。 However, whatever rights belonged to kings, princes, prelates, barons, nobles and any other Catholics, before the arrest of the master of the former order of the Temple and of some other brothers, were to remain.然而,任何权利属于国王,王子,主教,贵族,贵族和任何其他的天主教徒,前逮捕的前寺秩序和其他一些兄弟主,是保持。 We excepted from the said donation, union and incorporation the property of the former order of the Temple in the kingdoms and lands of our beloved sons in Christ, the illustrious kings 我们说捐赠,工会和公司前在我们敬爱的儿子在基督里,显赫的国王的王国和土地寺秩序的财产除外 of Castile, 卡斯提尔的, of Aragon, 阿拉贡 of Portugal, and 葡萄牙,并 of Majorca, lying outside the kingdom of France, which we reserved with good reason for the disposal of the apostolic see.马略卡岛,法国,英国,这是我们处置的使徒见的好理由保留以外说谎。

In the letter of donation, union and incorporation, however, through the carelessness, neglect or engagements of the scribe or secretary, mention was omitted of the non-violation of the rights of kings, princes, prelates and other persons concerned.然而,在捐赠,工会和法团的信,通过粗心大意,疏忽或隶或秘书订婚,提到省略的国王,王子,主教和其他有关人员的权利不受侵犯。 Lest therefore any doubt arises in the future from such an omission concerning these charges and rights, and any prejudice be generated against the said kings, princes, prelates, barons, nobles and other persons, we, who desire that everyone retains his rights unimpaired, wishing to provide a suitable remedy in the matter for the said kings, princes, prelates, barons, nobles and any other Catholics, declare that we have made the above donation, union and incorporation to the order of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem, and to the Hospital itself and its master and brothers, in the name of the said Hospital and order, in the way expressed above.为了避免因此产生任何疑问,在未来这样一个有关这些费用和权利的遗漏,而且对产生任何偏见说,国王,王子,主教,贵族,贵族和其他人,我们渴望每个人都保留自己的权利受到损害,希望在这个问题上,以提供一个适当补救说:国王,王子,主教,贵族,贵族和任何其他的天主教徒,申报,我们已经取得以上的捐款,工会和纳入耶路撒冷圣若望医院秩序,和医院本身和它的主人和兄弟,在说,医院和秩序的名称的方式,表达以上。

We determine and decree of our certain knowledge that, without violation of the property of the former order of the Temple donated to the order of the Hospital, together with all its privileges, indults, immunities, liberties, rights, honours and charges, for the help of the holy Land, nevertheless whatever rights belonged to kings, princes, prelates, barons, nobles and any other Catholics, at the time of the said arrest of the master and some brothers of the Temple, remain intact, unimpaired and exactly as they would be in everything as if they had been distinctly and expressly mentioned in the said letter of donation, union and incorporation.我们决定和法令,没有违反财产捐献给医院的顺序寺的前为了,以及​​其所有的特权,indults,豁免,自由,权利,荣誉和收费,为我们的某些知识帮助的圣地,但任何权利的主寺的一些兄弟说,逮捕的时候,属于国王,王子,主教,贵族,贵族和任何其他的天主教徒,保持完好,未受损害和完全一样他们将一切仿佛他们已经清晰,并明确表示,在上述信件中提到的捐赠,工会和纳入。 Let nobody therefore .因此,让任何人。..

Given at Avignon on 13 January in the eighth year.{6}鉴于1月13日在阿维尼翁的第八个年头。{6}


[1]. [1]。Adhering firmly to the foundation of the catholic faith, other than which, as the Apostle testifies, no one can lay, we openly profess with holy mother church that the only begotten Son of God, subsisting eternally together with the Father in everything in which God the Father exists, assumed in time in the womb of a virgin the parts of our nature united together, from which he himself true God became true man: namely the human, passible body and the intellectual or rational soul truly of itself and essentially informing the body.信仰天主教的基础,坚定不移地坚持以外,使徒证明,没有人能打好,我们公开宣称圣母教堂,神的独生子,存续的父亲永远在一起,一切是上帝父亲的存在,假设在处女的子宫中的时间我们的性质美国的部分结合起来,从他自己的真神成为真正的男人:即人力,passible身体和本身真正的智力或理性的灵魂和本质通知身体。 And that in this assumed nature the Word of God willed for the salvation of all not only to be nailed to the cross and to die on it, but also, having already breathed forth his spirit, permitted his side to be pierced by a lance, so that from the outflowing water and blood there might be formed the one, immaculate and holy virginal mother church, the bride of Christ, as from the side of the first man in his sleep Eve was fashioned as his wife, in this way, to the determinate figure of the first and old Adam, who according to the Apostle is a type of the one who was to come, the truth might correspond in our last Adam, that is to say in Christ.神的话语,在这个假设的性质为拯救不仅要被钉在十字架上,死在任性,但也已经呼吸了他的精神,允许他身边的长矛刺穿,所以,从流出的水和血,有可能形成一个纯洁无瑕和圣洁的处女母亲教会,基督的新妇,从一侧的第一个男人在他的睡眠除夕老式这样,作为他的妻子,第一和老亚当,根据使徒是一个人来确定的数字,真相可能对应于我们末后的亚当是在基督说。

This, we say, is the truth, fortified by the witness of that huge eagle which the prophet Ezechiel saw flying over the other gospel animals, namely blessed John the apostle and evangelist, who relating the event and order of this sacrament, said in his gospel : But when they came to Jesus and saw that he was already dead, they did not break his legs, but one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there came out blood and water. ,我们说,这是真理,强化有关的事件和此圣事的顺序,在他说先知Ezechiel看到飞越其他福音动物,即祝福约翰使徒和传道,那巨大的鹰的见证福音:但是,当他们来到耶稣那里,看见他已经死了,他们并没有打断他的腿,但一个士兵用长矛刺穿他的身边,一旦出现了血和水。 He who saw it has borne witness - his testimony is true, and he knows that he tells the truth -- that you also may believe.他看到它见证 - 他的证词是真实的,他知道,他道出了实情 - 你也可以相信。

We, therefore, directing our apostolic attention, to which alone it belongs to define these things , to such splendid testimony and to the common opinion of the holy fathers and doctors, declare with the approval of the sacred council that the said apostle and evangelist, John, observed the right order of events in saying that when Christ was already dead one of the soldiers opened his side with a spear.因此,我们指导我们的使徒的注意,因为只有它属于定义这些东西 ,如此辉煌的证词和神圣的父亲和医生的共同意见,申报的神圣安理会的批准,说使徒和传道,约翰说,当基督已经死了一个士兵打开了他身边的一个矛,观察事件的正确的顺序。 Moreover, with the approval of the said council, we reject as erroneous and contrary to the truth of the catholic faith every doctrine or proposition rashly asserting that the substance of the rational or intellectual soul is not of itself and essentially the form of the human body, or casting doubt on this matter. In order that all may know the truth of the faith in its purity and all error may be excluded, we define that anyone who presumes henceforth to assert defend or hold stubbornly that the rational or intellectual soul is not the form of the human body of itself and essentially, is to be considered a heretic.此外,我们的说,安理会的批准,拒绝错误的,违背信仰天主教的真理,每一个学说或主张贸然断言理性或智力的灵魂的物质本身,基本上对人体的形式或铸造在这个问题上的疑问。为了所有可能知道其纯度和所有的错误信仰的真理可能被排除在外,我们定义,假设今后任何人主张捍卫或持有顽固,理性或智力的灵魂,是不是人体本身,基本上形成,被认为是异端。

All are faithfully to profess that there is one baptism which regenerates all those baptized in Christ, just as there is one God and one faith'.都忠实地信奉,有一个洗礼,重新生成所有那些在基督受洗,就像是一个上帝,一个信念“。We believe that when baptism is administered in water in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit, it is a perfect means of salvation for both adults and children.我们相信,时在父亲的姓名和子和圣灵的洗礼是在水管理,这是一个救赎的成人和儿童的完美手段。Yet because, as regards the effect of baptism in children, we find that certain theologians have held contrary opinions, some saying that by baptism guilt is indeed remitted in infants but grace is not conferred, others on the contrary asserting that both guilt is remitted and the virtues and sanctifying grace are infused with regard to habit though for the time being not with regard to use, we, considering the general efficacy of Christ's death, which through baptism is applied in like manner to all the baptised, choose, with the approval of the sacred council, the second opinion, which says that sanctifying grace and the virtues are conferred in baptism on both infants and adults , as more probable and more in harmony with the words of the saints and of modern doctors of theology.然而,因为,至于孩子的洗礼的效果,我们发现,某些神学家们举行了相反的意见,有的说,洗礼内疚确实是在婴儿汇往但不赋予宽限期,相反的主张,既内疚汇出和其他的美德和sanctifying恩典是注入,当时正在使用方面不习惯虽然,我们考虑的基督的死亡,其中通过洗礼,是适用于像的方式向所有的洗礼,选择与审批,一般疗效神圣的理事会,第二个意见,说,sanctifying恩典和美德 ,随着越来越多的可能和和谐的圣人和神学的现代医生的话的婴儿和成人的洗礼赋予的。

[2]. [2]。Abbots and other religious holding any major ecclesiastical office may not, when it is a question of priories or other places subject to them, bring an action against anyone on the authority of letters of the apostolic see or its legates, except in such places and before such persons as is permitted to the priors and other persons in charge of the priories and other places.方丈和其他宗教持有任何重大的教会办公室可能不会,它是一个priories或其他地方,他们的问题时,带来行动反对任何人对权威的使徒见或其使节字母,除非在这些地方和前这样的人是允许的先验和其他priories和其他地方的负责人。 Nor is anything else of this kind permissible in the case of places belonging to the table maintenance of these abbots and other religious, except when these places have special officials in charge of them.也不是别的,除非这些地方有特殊的官员,在他们的指控时,这种属于表维护这些方丈和其他宗教场所的情况下,允许。If anyone presumes to molest someone in contravention of the above, he is to be condemned by the judge of the case to pay the expenses and for any damage.如果有人假设骚扰他人违反上述的,他是由法官的情况下支付的费用,并谴责任何损害。Any process contrary to this decree is null and void.任何违反这一法令的过程,是无效的。

[3]. [3]。Although the chief official of a bishop, or a religious obtaining the office of conventual prior (even though that office is not customarily elective), may be delegated by the apostolic see or its legate, nevertheless we do not wish this to be observed in the cases of an official-forane or of a religious who is the claustal prior of his monastery.虽然主教的行政官员,或一个宗教获得conventual前办公室(即使该办公室没有惯常选修),可能是由使徒看到或其特使的授权,但我们不希望这是在观察例forane官方或宗教,谁是他的寺院claustal前。

[4]. [4]。Since prelates of religious orders occasionally neglect to fill vacant priories, churches, offices or other benefices pertaining to their disposition within the time prescribed by the Lateran council, the local diocesan bishops shall supply for this negligence by their own authority in the case of the non-exempt, and by apostolic authority in the case of the exempt.由于宗教教派主教偶尔疏忽,以填补空缺priories,教堂,办公室或其他benefices拉特兰会议规定的时间内,他们的处置有关的,当地教区主教应提供自己的权威在非的情况下,为这个疏忽豁免和豁免的情况下使徒的权柄。 Those which have customarily been governed by the secular clergy shall be conferred on secular clerics, those which have usually been entrusted to or conferred on only religious shall be conferred on the religious of the monasteries whose prelates were negligent.应赋予世俗的神职人员,这些通常被赋予唯一的宗教赋予宗教寺院的主教被疏忽应赋予那些已经习惯被世俗的神职人员管辖。 The diocesan bishops, by the same authority, shall in no way permit the said prelates to apply such priories, churches, offices or benefices to their table maintenance, to impose new payments or to increase the old ones any new ones imposed or old ones increased shall be paid back.教区主教,由同一机构,应允许在没有办法说,主教等priories,教堂,办公室或benefices申请其表的维护,对新的支付或增加任何强加的或旧的新的旧的增加应收回。 By the said priories, churches, offices and benefices we mean those that are not for the table maintenance of their prelates and customarily have their own priors, administrators or rectors, even though these priors and administrators can be freely recalled, if necessary, to the cloister.通过中说priories,教堂,办事处和benefices我们是指那些不为他们的主教表维护和习惯有自己的先验,行政人员或校长,即使这些先验和管理员​​可以自由地回忆说,如有必要,修道院。

In this matter we have decided to uphold the constitution of our predecessor pope Boniface VIII, which prohibits the property of vacant benefices to be appropriated by prelates or anyone else, as well as that other constitution of the same Boniface which forbids any religious to have several priories or churches with the cure of souls, even though the cure is exercised by someone other than himself and there is no danger to souls for the priories.在这个问题上,我们已经决定,坚持我们的前任教宗波尼法爵八,其中禁止由主教或其他任何人拨空置benefices的财产,以及其他宪法,禁止任何宗教相同的博尼法斯宪法有几个priories或治愈的灵魂的教堂,即使治愈行使其他人比自己有没有灵魂的priories危险。

[5]. [5]。So that those who are obliged to divine office in cathedrals or secular collegiate churches, or will be so obliged in the future, may be more readily moved to receive sacred orders, we decree that nobody henceforth may have in such churches a voice in the chapter, even though this is freely granted to him by the others, unless he has received at least the subdiaconate.使那些有责任在教堂或世俗大学教堂神圣的办公室,或将在未来的责任,可能更容易被转移到接收神圣的订单,我们法令,没有人今后可能会在这种教会中有一章中的声音即使这是自由给予他的其他人,除非他已收到至少subdiaconate。 Moreover, those who now hold peacefully dignities, parsonages, offices or prebends to which certain orders are annexed, or will hold them in future, shall have no voice in the chapter unless, having no just impediment, they receive the corresponding orders within a year.此外,现在拥有和平的尊严,parsonages,办事处或棒禄某些订单的附件,或将在未来他们,应没有一章中,除非语音,有没有公正的障碍,他们在一年之内收到相应的订单。 They shall receive only half the payment made to those who assist at certain hours, all customs and statutes to the contrary notwithstanding.他们应接受协助在某些时段,所有的习俗和法规有相反的规定支付的只有一半。 The penalties, moreover, which are decreed by law against those refusing to be promoted to orders, are to remain in force.的处罚,此外,对那些拒绝被提拔到订单的人受到法律的颁布,是继续有效。

[6]. [6]。We wish to check, in the cases mentioned below, the expensive prolongation of lawsuits which, as experience teaches us, arises sometimes from overprecise observance of judicial order.我们希望检查在下文所述的情况下,昂贵的诉讼,因为经验告诉我们,有时出现overprecise遵守司法秩序的延长。 We therefore decree that in cases concerning elections, postulations, or provisions, concerning dignities, parsonages, offices, canonries, prebends or any other church benefices, concerning tithes, even when those obliged to pay them have been admonished and can be corrected by ecclesiastical censure, and concerning matrimony or usury and anything connected with it, that a simple, easy process shall be valid without the noise and rhetoric of a court of justice.因此,我们的法令,关于选举的假定,或规定,关于尊严,parsonages,办事处,canonries,棒禄或任何其他教会benefices,关于什一税,即使必须支付他们已经告诫和那些可以被教会谴责纠正案件有关婚姻或高利贷和与它相连的任何的,一个简单的,简单的过程,应无噪音和一个法院的言辞有效。 We wish this decree to apply not only to future business but also to the present, and even to cases awaiting appeal.我们希望这项法令适用于不仅未来的业务,但到现在,甚至等待上诉的案件。

[7].Although it is generally forbidden by the sacred canons for a bishop to exercise jurisdiction in a diocese other than his own, we nevertheless make an exception for bishops who have been driven from their sees by the insolence of the ungodly and do not dare, from fear of their persecutors, to reside in their cities and dioceses or in any part of them, nor to exercise their jurisdiction there directly or through others.虽然它一般是由一个行使管辖权的其他比他自己的一个教区的主教神圣的大炮禁止,但我们已经从他们看到驱动的罪人傲慢的主教异常,不[7]。不敢,担心他们的迫害,居住在他们的城市和教区或其中的任何部分,也有直接或通过他人行使其管辖权。 Lest the wrong done to their churches by their expulsions remains unpunished, we have considered it necessary to permit that in other dioceses, from cities or other prominent places near their churches, where they will be able to reside securely and to exercise freely their jurisdiction they may freely proceed against their expellers and their counsellors and supporters, as justice shall advise.以免他们驱逐到他们的教堂的错误仍然逍遥法外,我们认为有必要允许在其他教区附近的教堂,在那里他们将能够安全居住和自由地行使自己的管辖权,他们从城市或其他突出的地方,可以自由地进行反对他们expellers和他们的辅导员和支持者,正义应告知。 (The cities and places must be such as are untroubled by these expellers and their counsellors and supporters. They are to be cited personally or to the bishop's house, if this can be done safely; if not, they are to be cited publicly in the cathedral church of the place or of their domicile.) (在城市和地方都必须这样的作为是这些expellers和他们的辅导员和支持者平静他们到被引用的个人或主教的房子,如果这可以是做安全;。如果不是,他们是到被引用在公开大教堂的地方或他们的住所。)

If however the bishops have not dared to cite their expellers or their counsellors or supporters in this way, or if these have maliciously frustrated their being cited, it is lawful for the bishops to cite the expellers, counsellors and supporters, or to have them cited, on Sundays and festivals when the people assemble for divine worship, so that the accused may be presumed in all probability to have learned of the citation.然而,如果主教们不敢举expellers或辅导员或在这样的支持者,或如果这些恶意沮丧,他们被引用,它是合法的主教举expellers,辅导员和支持者,或有他们引上周日和节日,当人们对神的崇拜组装,使被告可以在所有引文中吸取的概率假定。 This shall take place publicly in the churches of the cities or other prominent places, and then the bishops shall proceed against their persecutors, if they refuse to appear in the bishops' presence within a suitable fixed time, just as if the citation had been made legally elsewhere.应采取公开的城市或其他显眼地方教会,然后主教应继续对他们的迫害,如果他们拒绝固定在一个合适的时间出现在主教的存在,就像引用已经取得了法律在别处。 We grant also to those bishops, lest justice suffer, authority to exercise full jurisdiction over their subjects from the other dioceses in which they have to stay, provided that they cannot or dare not do this, either directly or through someone else, in their own dioceses.我们授予那些主教,以免司法遭受,授权,以行使对他们的臣民的中,他们都留其他教区充分的管辖权,他们不会或不敢没有做这个,直接或者间接通过别人在自己的,教区。 The subjects, however, excluding the expellers or their counsellors and supporters, should not have to travel more than two days' journey from the boundary of their diocese.的科目,但是,不包括expellers或他们的辅导员和支持者,应该没有超过两天的旅行,从他们的教区的边界的旅程。

It is our will also that the bishops first seek permission from the diocesans of their places of exile; if they are not able to obtain this, they may nevertheless proceed as we have said.这是我们还将主教先征求他们的流放地diocesans许可;如果他们不能够获得,他们仍可继续我们已经说过。 Of course if the said bishops have asserted that they did not dare to cite the expellers or their counsellors and supporters, personally or to the bishop's house, or publicly in their cathedral church, as has been said, or that they maliciously prevented the citation, or that the bishops cannot or dare not exercise jurisdiction in their dioceses either directly or through someone else against these persecutors, then we wish these assertions to be reliable, strictly enjoining the bishops, under threat of the divine judgment, that they do not assert or invent anything false or deceptive.当然,如果在说主教已经宣称,他们不敢举的expellers或他们的辅导员和支持者,亲自或主教的房子,或在他们的大教堂教会公开,正如人们所说的,或认为他们恶意阻止引文,主教们可不能或不敢不行使他们的教区管辖范围直接或者间接通过其他人对这些迫害,那么我们希望这些说法来是可靠的,严格责令主教,神圣的判决的威胁下,,他们做的不是断言或发明任何虚假或欺骗性。 The neighbouring bishops, when asked by the exiled bishops, should give notice or have notice given throughout their dioceses of the verdicts and the legal processes which the exiled bishops have judged necessary.邻近的主教,由流亡的主教问时,应给予通知或已通知各地的流亡的主教们判断必要的判决和法律进程的教区。 No prejudice shall arise from the passage of time, or for any other reason, to the local ordinaries or to anyone else having jurisdiction in these places where the expelled bishops also exercise jurisdiction.没有偏见来自时间的推移,或任何其他原因,当地的普通股或其他人在这些地方被驱逐的主教也行使管辖权具有管辖权。

[8]. [8]。We strictly command local ordinaries to admonish by name three times clerics who publicly and personally engage in the butcher's trade or conduct taverns, that they cease to do so within a reasonable time to be fixed by the ordinary and never resume such trades.我们严格命令当地普通谏三次公开,并亲自从事屠夫的贸易或进行小酒馆,他们停止在合理时间内由普通和永远不会恢复等行业固定神职人员的名字。 If after admonition they do not leave off or if they resume them at any time, then as long as they persist in the above ways of life those who are married shall automatically lose all clerical privileges, and those who are unmarried shall automatically lose their clerical privileges relating to things, and if the latter go about in every way as laymen they shall also lose automatically their personal privileges as clerics.如果后,告诫他们不能离开或关闭,如果他们在任何时候恢复,那么只要坚持上述方式生活那些已婚的,应当自动丧失所有文书的权限,而那些未婚的,应当自动丧失其文书特权有关的东西,如果是后者,请在作为外行的每一个方法,他们也应失去自动神职人员他们的个人的特权。 As for other clerics who apply themselves publicly to secular commerce and trade or any occupation inconsistent with the clerical state, or who carry arms, the ordinaries are to be diligent in observing the canons, so that these clerics may be restrained from such miscon duct and they themselves may not be guilty of reprehensible negligence.至于其他神职人员申请公开世俗的商业和贸易或任何职业与文书状态不一致,或携带武器,普通是要勤于观察的大炮,使这些神职人员可以从这样的渎职管克制他们自己可能不应受谴责的疏忽罪。

[9]. [9]。Since he who abandons the dress proper to his order, and puts on other clothes and wears them in public, without a good reason, renders himself unworthy of the privileges of that order, we ordain by the present constitution that any cleric wearing striped or variegated clothes in public, without a good reason, is automatically suspended, if he is beneficed, from receiving the revenues of his benefices for a period of six months.由于他放弃他为了适当的礼服,并把其他的衣服,戴在公共场合,他们没有一个很好的理由,使自己愧对该命令的权限,我们注定现行宪法,任何神职人员穿着条纹或杂色在公共场合的衣服,没有一个很好的理由,是自动暂停,如果他是beneficed,从他benefices接受为期六个月的收入。 If however he does not have a benefice but is in sacred orders below the priesthood, he becomes automatically disqualified for the same period from obtaining an ecclesiastical benefice.然而,如果他不有一个采邑,但在以下的教士的神圣订单,他将自动获得教会采邑同期的资格。The same penalty applies to other clerics having the tonsure yet wearing such clothes in public.同样的处罚,适用于其他神职人员,但在公共场合穿这样的衣服有剃度。He who holds a dignity, a parsonage or another benefice to which the cure of souls is annexed, as also any other priests and religious, whose outward garb should reveal their inner integrity, who without reasonable cause wear such clothing in public, or appear thus with a woollen band or linen cap on their heads, are, if beneficed, automatically suspended for a year from receiving the revenues of their benefices.他持有任何其他神职人员和宗教,其向外的装束,应该揭示其内在的完整性,在无合理因由的情况下,在公共场合穿这样的服装,或因此出现一个尊严,一个牧师或治愈的灵魂附在另一采邑,与羊毛乐队或床单盖在他们头上,如果beneficed,自动停赛一年,从收到他们benefices的收入。

Such other priests and religious are also disqualified for the same period from obtaining any ecclesiastical benefices.这样其他神职人员和宗教也被取消​​资格获得任何教会benefices同期。 These and any other clerics who wear a gown or tabard which is furred to the edge and so short that the lower garment is clearly seen, if they are secular clergy or religious with administrative posts, are obliged to give the gown to the poor within a month.这些和任何其他神职人员,谁穿长衫或战袍,这是毛皮边缘,这么短,可以清楚地看到,较低的服装,如果他们是世俗的神职人员,宗教或行政职务有义务内给予穷人的长衫一个月。 The other religious who do not have administrative posts are obliged within the same period to consign the gown to their superiors, to be used for some pious purpose.没有行政职务的其他宗教都必须在同一期间内委托的长衫,他们的上司,一些虔诚的目的。If this is not done, the above penalties, of suspension in the case of the beneficed clergy and of disqualification in the case of the rest, are incurred for the above period of time.如果不这样做,上述罚款,暂停beneficed神职人员和休息的情况下丧失资格的情况下,以上的时间内发生。To this penalty we add that clerics, especially those with benefices, may not wear in public chequered, red or green boots.这个点球,我们添加,神职人员,尤其是那些与benefices,不得佩戴在公众的格子,红色或绿色的靴子。

[10]. [10]。The following decretal, published a little while ago by our predecessor pope Boniface VIII, was revoked by our predecessor pope Benedict XI.我们的前任教宗本笃十一以下教令,一会儿前,我们的前任教宗波尼法爵八发表被撤销。Since, as results have proved, the revocation did not bring with it the peace hoped for by its author, but rather stimulated the discord which it was designed to allay, we annul it altogether and renew, with the insistence and approval of the sacred council, the said decretal published by Boniface which runs as follows. ,因为结果已经证明,撤销没有带来和平希望的作者,而是刺激了它的目的是要消除坚持和神圣的议会的批准,我们完全废除它,并重新不和谐,说教令公布如下运行的博尼法斯。

"Boniface, bishop, servant of the servants of God, for an everlasting record. “博尼法斯,主教,神的仆人的仆人,一个永恒的记录,。

"Having been placed by the divine clemency on the chair of pastoral preeminence, burdened though we are by the many arduous affairs which flow like a torrent from all directions into the Roman curia, summoned by many cares distracted by many proposals, we nevertheless aim ardently and devote ourselves with ever-active solicitude so that, to the glory of the divine name, the exaltation of the catholic faith and the profit of faithful souls, after the thornbushes of disagreement have been rooted out and the intricacies of quarrels removed, the tranquility of peace may thrive with the ardour of charity, and unity of heart and mind may grow and persist, between the bishops charged with the care and rule of the Lord's flock and other persons in the clerical state. We know, and experience teaches us, that only in time of peace is the author of peace duly worshipped, nor are we ignorant that dissensions and scandals prepare the way to wicked acts, stir up rancour and hatred, and give boldness to evil living. For a long time past there has existed between prelates and rectors or priests and clerics of parish churches throughout the different provinces of the world on the one hand, and the friars Preacher and Minor on the other, grave and dangerous discord, produced by that enemy of peace, the sower of cockle, in the matters of preaching to the faithful, hearing their confessions, enjoining penances, and burying the dead who choose to be buried in the churches or lands of the friars. “被放在神圣的宽大牧区卓越的椅子上,负担虽然我们许多艰巨的事务流就像一个从所有方向,许多建议分心的许多关心传唤到罗马教廷的洪流中,但我们的目标热烈投入日益活跃慰问自己,这样,神圣的名字,忠实的灵魂信仰天主教和利润的提高,已被铲除后的thornbushes分歧和争吵的复杂性移除,安宁的荣耀和平可能茁壮成长的慈善热情,团结的心和头脑可能成长和坚持被控的照顾和主的羊群和其他文书状态的人统治的主教之间,。我们知道,和经验告诉我们,对于过去有已经存在很长一段时间,笔者正式供奉的和平只有在和平时期,也不是我们无知的纠纷和丑闻邪恶行为准备的方式,挑起积怨和仇恨,并给予邪恶生活的勇气。之间的主教和校长或整个一方面,世界上不同的省份和方济各会士传教士和其他严重和危险的不和谐的,和平的敌人,拾贝索维生产,轻微的教区教堂的牧师和教士,忠实的说教,听取他们的供词,责令penances,埋葬死者,选择埋在教会的修士土地的事宜。

"As an affectionate father rightly suffers with his children, we carefully considered and turned over in our mind the great danger and loss that such discord brings, and how detestable it is in the sight of the divine majesty. We therefore intend with all the energy of fatherly care to eradicate and remove it wholly, so that with the Lord's favour it may never revive in the future. We desire greatly that this business, so close to our heart, may be beneficially and speedily completed by apostolic sagacity. After careful deliberation with our brothers, we decree and ordain, with the advice of our brothers and by our apostolic authority, to the honour of God and the exaltation of the catholic faith and for the peaceful condition of the aforesaid parties and the salvation of the souls of the faithful, that the friars of the said orders may freely preach and explain the word of God to the clergy and the people in their churches and other places as also in public places, except at that hour only when the local prelates wish to preach or have someone to give a special sermon in their presence; at this hour they shall not preach, except the prelates decide otherwise and give special permission. “作为一个深情的父亲,正确与他的孩子受苦,我们仔细考虑,并关闭在我们的脑海很大的危险和损失,这种不和谐带来的,和它的神圣威严的视线是多么可恨,因此,我们打算与所有的能量慈父般的照顾,以消除和删除它完全,所以主的青睐,它可能永远不会复苏在未来,我们的愿望大大的这项业务,所以接近我们的心,可能是益,并迅速完​​成使徒远见卓识经过仔细考虑后。与我们的兄弟,我们的法令,并注定与我们的兄弟的意见和我们的使徒权威,以神的荣誉和信仰天主教的提高,并为上述各方的和平条件和拯救的灵魂忠实的,说订单的修士可以自由传教和解释神的话语在他们的教堂和其他地方,如在公共场所的神职人员和人民,但在那个时刻,只有当当地主教希望鼓吹或有人给在他们面前的一个特殊的说教,在这个时候,他们不得宣扬,除了主教决定,否则,给予特别许可。

In institutes of general studies, where it is customary to give a special sermon to the clergy on certain days, at funerals, and on special feasts of the friars, they are at liberty to preach, unless perhaps during the hour when it is customary to preach to the clergy in the above places the bishop or a higher prelate should summon the clergy in general to his presence, or for some urgent reason should assemble them.一般研究的机构,它是习惯神职人员在某些日子给予了特别的布道,在葬礼上,特殊节日的修士,他们鼓吹的自由,除非在1小时时,它也许是习惯宣讲在上述地区主教或更高的主教应召集他的存在一般的神职人员,或一些紧急的原因,他们组装的神职人员。 In parish churches, however, the said friars may not preach or explain God's word, unless invited or called to do so by the priests of the parishes, and with their good will and assent, or having asked and obtained permission, unless the bishop or higher prelate should through them commission a friar to preach.在教区教堂,不过,在说修士可能不鼓吹或解释神的话,除非邀请或称为教区的祭司这样做与他们良好的意志和同意,或有要求并得到许可,除非主教,或更高的主教应通过他们的佣金的修道士宣讲。

"By the same authority we also decree and ordain that in each city and diocese in which the friars have houses, or in neighbouring cities and dioceses where they have no houses, the masters and priors provincial of the Preachers or their vicars, and the ministers general and provincial and the guardians of the Minors, should gather in the presence of the prelates of those places either personally or through friars whom they judge will be suitable delegates, and humbly request that friars chosen for the purpose may freely hear the confessions of those of the prelates' subjects who wish to confess to them, may impose salutary penances as they shall think right in God's eyes, and may grant absolution to them, with the leave, favour and good will of the prelates. The masters, priors, provincials and ministers of the orders are then to choose diligently sufficient persons who are suitable, of approved life, discreet, modest and skilled for such a salutary ministry and office. “我们也由同一机构的法令,并注定在每个城市和教区修士有房子,或在邻近城市和教区,他们有没有房子的主人,先验的传教士或他们的教区牧师省,和部长一般和省,未成年人的监护人,应该收集那些亲自或通过修士的地方他们法官将被适当的代表主教的存在,并虚心请求修士为目的选择,可以自由地听到这些口供的主教“科目有意承认他们施加有益的penances作为他们应认为右侧有神的眼睛,和可能给予赦免他们,在离开,赞成和良好的主教将。”主人,先验,外省人部长的命令,然后选择努力足够的人,谁是合适的,批准的生命,谨慎,谦虚和熟练这样一个有益部和办公​​室。

These they are to present or have presented to the prelates that by their leave, favour and good will, they may hear the confessions of those wishing to confess to them in the prelates' cities and dioceses, impose salutary penances and grant absolution, as has been said above.这些他们目前或已提交的主教,他们离开时,赞成和良好的,他们可能会听到那些希望在主教的城市和教区,承认他们施加有益的penances和授予赦免的供词,作为上述情况。 They are by no means to hear confessions outside the cities and dioceses for which they were appointed.他们都没有办法听到他们获委任以外的城市和教区的口供。We want them to be appointed for cities and dioceses, not for provinces.我们希望他们能够被任命为城市和教区,而不是各省。The number of persons to be chosen for this ministry ought to be in proportion to that which the number of clergy and people demands.要选择这个部的人数应该是在比例,其中的一些神职人员和人民的要求。

"If the prelates grant the permission requested for hearing confessions, the said masters, ministers and others shall receive it with thanks, and the persons chosen should carry out the duties entrusted to them. If the prelates do not accept one of the friars presented to them, another may and should be presented in his place. But if the prelates issue a general refusal to the friars chosen, we graciously grant, from the fullness of our apostolic power, that they may freely and lawfully hear the confessions of those wishing to confess to them and impose salutary penances, and then impart absolution. By this permission, however, we by no means intend to give more ample power to such friars than is granted by law to the parish clergy, unless perhaps the prelates of the churches think that such power should be given to them. “如果主教授予的权限要求听证口供,说:主人,部长和其他应接受与感谢,并选择的人应该开展委托给他们的职责,如果不接受的主教提交的修士之一他们,另一种可能,并应在他的地方,但一般拒绝选择的修士,如果主教问题,我们恩准,丰满我们的使徒的力量,他们可以自由地和合法那些希望听到的供词承认他们施加有益的penances,然后传授赦免此权限,但是,我们决不打算提供更充足的动力比这样的修士,是法律赋予的教区神职人员,除非是教堂的主教认为应该给予他们这样的权力。

"To this decree and regulation of ours we add that the friars of the said orders may provide free burial everywhere in their churches and cemeteries, that is they may receive for burial all who have chosen these places for their burial. Yet, lest parish churches and their clergy, whose office it is to administer the sacraments and to whom it belongs by law to preach God's word and to hear the confessions of the faithful, should be denied their due and necessary benefits, since the labourer deserves his wages, we decree and ordain by the same apostolic authority, that the friars are obliged to give the parish clergy a fourth part of all the income from funerals and from everything left to them, expressly or not, for whatever definite purpose, even from such bequests of which a fourth or canonical part is not claimed by custom or by law, and also a fourth part of bequests made at the death or at the point of death of the giver, whether directly or through a third party. We set and also limit this amount to the fourth part by our apostolic authority. “为了我们的这项法令和法规,我们补充说订单的修士到处可提供免费安葬在他们的教堂和墓地,那就是,他们可能会收到埋葬所有选择这些地方,他们的埋葬,然而,以免教区教堂和他们的神职人员,是向管理圣礼和人,受法律属于以宣讲神的话语和听到的忠实的口供,应否认因和必要等多种,因为劳动者应该得到他的工资,我们的法令由同一使徒的权柄和出家的修士,有责任给教区神职人员从葬礼和一切留给他们没有任何明确的目的,明示或第四部分的全部收入,即使其中有这样的遗赠第四或规范的一部分是没有通过自定义或法律要求,也是一个遗赠死亡或送礼者的死亡点,不论是直接或通过第三方,第四部分。我们设置,也可以限制这一数额我们的使徒权威的第四部分。

The friars are to see to it that bequests are not left to others from whom this fourth part is not owed, to the advantage or interest of the friars themselves, nor go in this way as gifts to these others; and that they do not arrange for that which would be given at death or in illness to the friars, to be given to themselves while the donors are healthy.的修士看到,遗赠人第四部分是不欠别人都没有离开的修士自己的优势或利益,也以这种方式去为这些别人的礼物;,他们并没有安排而捐助者是健康的,这将是死亡或疾病的修士,给自己的。 We intend to prevent anything of this kind by binding the friars' consciences, so that if, which God forbid, any deceit or fraud has been practised by the friars themselves, contrary to their obligation to the said priests, rectors and pastors, a strict account will be demanded at the last judgment.我们打​​算,以防止这种事情的具有约束力的修士“良心,因此,如果上帝保佑,任何欺骗或欺诈行为已经实行的修士本身,相反其义务牧师说,校长和牧师,严格帐户将被要求在最后的判决。 The rectors of parishes, pastors and prelates may not, however, exact more than this portion, nor are the friars obliged to pay more, nor may they be compelled by anyone to do so.但是,教区,牧师和主教的校长,可能无法确切超过这部分的,也不是必须付出更多的修士,也可能他们被强迫任何人这样做。

"In order that everything may go forward evenly and peacefully with the Lord's favour, we revoke, void, annul and invalidate completely all the privileges, favours and indults granted orally or in writing, in any form or expression of words, by ourself or our predecessors as Roman pontiffs to any of the said orders, and also customs, agreements and contracts, in so far as these are contrary to the above provisions or any one of them. We declare all such privileges to be null and void. Furthermore, by this present decree, we earnestly ask and exhort, indeed we strictly command, all prelates of churches, of whatever pre-eminence, status or dignity, and the parish priests, pastors and rectors, out of their reverence for God and the apostolic see, to show friendliness to these orders and their members, not being difficult, severe, hard or austere to the friars, but rather gracious, favourable and kind, showing them a spirit of holy generosity. “为了这一切可能去向前主的青睐均匀和和平,我们撤销,无效,废止和失效完全的一切特权,主张和indults给予口头或书面的任何形式或词表达,,致力于或我们的罗马pontiffs任何前辈说的订单,到目前为止,因为这些都是违反上述规定或其中任何一个的,海关,协议和合同。我们宣布所有这些特权是无效的。此外,由目前这个法令,我们恳请劝诫,事实上,我们严格的命令,不论前一统天下的地位和尊严的所有主教的教堂,和本堂司铎,牧师和校长,他们对神的崇敬和使徒看到,这些订单,其成员,以显示友好,不被困难,严重的,硬的或简朴的修士,而是亲切的,有利的,善良的,显示出他们神圣的慷慨精神。

They should accept the friars as suitable fellow-workers in theoffice of preaching and explaining God's word and in everything else mentioned above, admitting them with ready kindness and affection to a share in their labours, so as to increase their reward of eternal happiness and the fruitful harvest of souls.在上述的其他任何说教和解释神的话语theoffice,他们应该接受合适的同胞工人的修士,承认准备善良和感情分享他们的劳动他们,以便使他们的奖励永恒的幸福和对丰硕的收获灵魂。 Nor let them be unaware that if perhaps they act otherwise, the kindness of the apostolic see, which honours these orders and their members with great favour and holds them in its heart, will with good reason be roused against them, nor can it tolerate with good will such behaviour without applying a suitable remedy.也让他们不知道,如果或许他们的行为,否则,善良的使徒见荣誉大忙这些订单,其成员,并持有其心,将有很好的理由对他们惊醒,也不可能容忍良好的意愿这样的行为,不应用一个合适的补救。 The indignation, moreover, of the heavenly king, the just rewarder, whom the friars serve with all earnestness, will not be lacking."的愤慨,此外,天王,只是赏赐,其中的修士,语重心长,不会缺乏。“

[11]. [11]。There are religious who presume to usurp by cunning fraud, or under a feigned title, tithes on newly tilled land or other tithes owing to churches, to which they have no legal claim, or who do not permit or even forbid tithes to be paid to the churches on animals belonging to their familiars and shepherds or others whose animals intermingle with their flocks, or on animals which they buy in many places and then hand over to the keeping of sellers or others, thus defrauding the churches, or on land the cultivation of which they have entrusted to others.有宗教人士推测篡夺狡猾的欺诈,或一个假装的标题下,什一税的新耕种的土地或其他由于教堂的什一税,他们没有任何法律索赔,或不容许甚至禁止将支付给什一税上属于他们的知交和牧羊人或其他的动物与他们的羊群混动物,或动物的教会,他们在许多地方买,然后移交卖方或其他人,从而骗取了教堂,或陆地上的种植其中,他们已经委托他人。 If such religious, after claim has been made by those whom it concerns, do not desist within a month from the above practices, or if they do not make fitting satisfaction to the defrauded churches within two months, they are and remain suspended from their offices, administrative posts and benefices until they have desisted and made satisfaction, as stated above.如果这样的宗教后的人,它涉及的债权已经,不停止在一个月内从上述做法,或如果他们不作出两个月内装修满意,骗取教堂,他们现在是并将继续暂停从他们的办公室行政职位,直到他们有desisted和满意,正如上文所述benefices。 If these religious have no administrative posts or benefices, they incur, in place of suspension, the sentence of excommunication, from which they cannot receive absolution before making due satisfaction, notwithstanding privileges to the contrary.如果这些宗教,有地方悬挂,逐出教会的句子,没有行政职位或benefices,他们承担,他们不能作出应有的满意之前接受赦免尽管有相反的特权,。 We do not wish, however, this decree to apply where animals are held by oblates of the religious, provided that these oblates have given themselves and their possessions to the religious.我们不希望,然而,这项法令适用于动物献主会提供这些献主会士们给自己和他们的财产,宗教的宗教,举行。

[12]. [12]。If a tithe on the benefices of anyone be granted for a time, the tithe can and should be raised in accordance with the customary valuing of the tithe in the regions in which the grant is made, and in the money generally current.如果一个人benefices什一税被授予一时间,十分之一,并应按照授予地区的什一税的习惯估价提出,并在货币一般电流。 We do not wish the chalices of churches, books and other equipment destined for divine worship to be taken or received as security or distraint by the collectors, raisers or exactors of the tithe, nor are such objects to be distrained or seized in any way.我们不希望神圣的崇拜注定要采取的,或安全或扣押的收藏家,饲养员或什一税exactors收到的教堂,书籍和其他设备的酒杯,也不是这样的对象,被扣押或以任何方式扣押。

[13]. [13]。In order that those who profess poverty in any order may persevere more readily in the vocation to which they have been called, and that those who have gone over to a non-mendicant order may apply themselves to live there more peacefully the more the ambition which produces discord and division is checked, we decree, with the approval of the sacred council, that any mendicants, who even with apostolic authority shall go over to non-mendicant orders in the future or have hitherto done so, even though they now hold the office of prior or obedientiary or other offices, or have any care or government of souls in the non-mendicant order, shall have no voice or place in the chapter, even though this be granted freely to them by the others.为了那些自称贫困任何顺序可能持之以恒更容易在他们被称为职业,而那些非乞丐为了可以申请自己更和平更生活在那里求新求变的产生不和谐和分裂被选中,我们的法令与神圣的议会批准,任何乞丐,甚至与使徒的权柄去非乞讨订单在未来或有迄今这样做,即使他们现在持有的之前或obedientiary或其他办事处,或有任何照顾或在非乞丐为了灵魂的政府办公室,有没有一章中的语音或地方,即使被授予由他人自由。 They may not continue to hold the office of prior or obedientiary or other offices previously held, even as vicar or minister or deputy, nor may they have the care or government of souls either directly or on behalf of others.他们可能不会继续保持以前举行之前或obedientiary或其他办事处的办公室,牧师或部长或副甚至,也可能他们有直接或代他人照顾或政府的灵魂。

All actions contrary to this decree shall be automatically null and void, notwithstanding any privilege whatsoever.所有行动违反这项法令应自动无效,尽管任何任何特权。We do not however wish this constitution to extend to those mendicant orders which the apostolic see has allowed to continue on condition that they admit no more persons to profession, and to which it has granted a general permission for passing to other approved orders.但是我们不希望这部宪法延伸到那些乞丐的使徒见已获准继续的条件下,他们承认没有更多的人界,它已获得一个一般权限传递给其他批准的订单订单。

[14]. [14]。That nothing unbecoming or corrupt find its way into that field of the Lord, namely the sacred order of the black monks, or anything grow into a ruinous crop, but rather that the flowers of honour and integrity may there produce much fruit, we decree as follows.没有什么不得体或损坏发现那场主,即黑色僧侣的神圣秩序,或任何生长成毁灭性的作物,而是荣誉和完整性的花朵有可能会产生多大的水果,我们的法令作为如下。

We forbid the monks all excess or irregularity with regard to clothes, food, drink, bedding and horses.我们禁止所有多余的或不规则关于衣服,食品,饮料,床上用品和马的僧侣。We decree that the upper garment next to their habit should be black, brown or white, according to the custom of the region in which they live.我们的法令,上部的服装旁边的习惯应该是黑色,褐色或白色的,根据他们居住在哪个地区的习俗。The quality of the cloth should not exceed monastic moderation, nor should they seek what is expensive and fine, but what is practical.布的质量应不超过寺院的节制,也不应该寻求什么是昂贵和精致的,但实际是什么。The garment itself should be round and not slit, neither too long nor too short; it should have broad sleeves extending to the hands, not sewn or buttoned in any way.服装本身应是圆的,而不是缝,既不太长也不太短;它应该有广泛的袖子,延伸到手上,不缝或以任何方式搞定。The monks should be content with an almuce of black cloth or fur in place of a hood together with the hood of the habit which they wear, or by arrangement of the abbot they may wear unpretentious hoods which are open over the shoulders.僧侣们应该用黑布或在与他们穿的习惯罩罩起来的地方皮草almuce的内容,或由方丈的安排,他们可能穿着朴实无华的抽油烟机是开放的肩膀。 They should not wear silk in place of fur.他们不应该穿丝绸皮草的地方。They may use large summer shoes or high boots for their footwear.他们可以使用他们的鞋类大夏鞋或高筒靴。None shall presume to wear an ornate belt, knife or spurs, or ride a horse with the saddle highly ornamented with nails or sumptuous in any other way, or with a decorative iron bridle.不得推定穿华丽的腰带,刀或马刺队,或用指甲或以其他任何方式丰盛的高度装饰的马鞍骑一匹马,或带有装饰铁笼头。

In communities in which there are twelve monks or more, the abbot, prior or other superior may wear within the monastery walls a frock of the cloth customarily used for the frocks and cowls of the monastery; other monks in monasteries where frocks are customarily worn should use them also.优越的社区,其中有12名僧侣或以上,方丈,事先或其他可能在修道院的墙壁穿了寺院的连衣裙和cowls惯用的布工装;其他习惯穿连衣裙的僧侣在寺院他们也使用。 In other monasteries, however, and in houses and priories where there is a smaller community, they should wear cowls which are closed and of becoming appear ance.然而,在其他寺庙,房屋和priories那里是一个小型的社区,他们应该穿封闭cowls,成为出现ANCE。When the abbots, priors or other superiors and other monks set footoutside the monastery, they should wear a frock or a cowl or a closed cloak; if they wear the cloak, they should wear underneath it a cowl or, if they prefer, a scapular.当footoutside寺院的方丈,先验或其他上级和其他僧侣,他们应该穿工装或整流罩或一个封闭的斗篷,如果他们穿的外衣,他们应该在它下面穿一个整流罩,或如果他们愿意,肩胛。 When they put on albs or sacred vestments in order to minister at the divine offices, or when they are engaged in work, they may wear the scapular.当他们把albs或神圣的法衣为了神圣的办事处,或他们所从事的工作时,部长,他们可能会穿的肩胛。Lest any uncertainty arises from the different meanings in different regions of the world of the words cowl and frock, we declare that by cowl we understand a long and full habit without sleeves, and by frock we understand a habit with long full sleeves.避免任何不确定性的整流罩和工装的话世界不同地区的不同含义时,我们宣布,由整流罩我们明白一个长期和全面的习惯没有袖子,工装,我们了解与长期的全面的袖子一种习惯。

At least once every month, both inside and outside the monastery, each and all of the monks must go to confession, and on the first Sunday of each month they should receive communion in the monastery, except for some reason which they should make known to the abbot, prior or confessor in the monastery; they should abide by his decision.至少每月一次,寺院内外,每一个和所有的僧侣必须去表白,并在每个月的第一个星期日,他们应获得在修道院的共融,除了出于某种原因,他们应已知,方丈之前,或在寺院的忏悔;他们应该遵守他的决定。 When the rule is read in chapter, it is to be explained in the vernacular by him who presides, or by someone else appointed by him, for the sake of the younger monks.当读一章中的规则是,它是在白话由他主持,或由别人为了年轻僧人,由他任命的解释。The novices shall have a competent instructor in the divine offices and in regular observance.新手应在神圣的办事处,并定期遵守主管教练。

All shall always abstain from hunting and fowling.应始终投弃权票,从狩猎和打鸟。They shall not be present at them, nor presume to have hunting-dogs or birds of prey in their keeping or in that of others, nor permit familiars living with them to keep them, unless the monastery has woods, game preserves or warrens, or has the right to hunt on property belonging to others, in which there might be rabbits or other wild animals.不得出席,也不认为有保持或在别人的狩猎犬或猛禽,也不允许知交与他们的生活,以保持他们的寺院,除非有树林,游戏保留或养兔场,或已属于他人,其中有可能是兔子或其他野生动物的狩猎财产的权利。 They are then permitted to keep such dogs and birds, as long as they do not keep the hunting-dogs in the monastery or the houses in which they live or within the cloister, and the monks themselves do not appear at the hunt.然后,他们允许保留这些狗和鸟类,只要他们不保留在寺院或他们所居住的房屋在修道院内的狩猎犬,和僧侣自己不会出现在追捕。

If someone rashly violates the above regulations, he shall be subject to the regular discipline.如果有人贸然违反上述规定,他应定期纪律。If he presumes to wear unlaced high shoes, or a hood not open as aforesaid, he is also suspended from conferring benefices for a year, if he is an abbot or a prior who does not have an abbot above him; if anyone else, he is suspended for a year from administrative office, if he holds any.如果他的假设穿unlaced高的鞋,或不作为上述打开引擎盖,他也赋予benefices暂停了一年,如果他是一个方丈或事先没有在他之上的住持,如果任何人,他暂停从行政办公室的一年,如果他认为任何。 If he has no administrative office, he is automatically disqualified for a year from holding such office or an ecclesiastical benefice.如果他没有行政办公室,他是自动取消了一年举行这样的办公室或教会的采邑。If any are deliberately present at rowdy hunting or fowling or occupied in other ways with dogs and birds, they incur automatic suspension and disqualification, according to the above distinction of persons, for two years.如果有任何粗暴狩猎或故意目前打鸟或在与狗和鸟类其他方式占用,他们承担自动暂停和取消资格,根据以上的人的区别,为两年。 If the abbot or prior has been suspended from conferring benefices, this devolves, with the counsel and assent of the community or its greater part, on the claustral prior.如果住持或之前已暂停授予benefices,转予,与律师和社会的同意或大部份,遁世之前。

Some monks, as we hear, throw off the sweet yoke of regular observance and leave their monasteries, feigning that they cannot securely remain there, or under some other pretext, to wander about the courts of princes.一些僧侣,我们听到,甩开定期遵守甜蜜的枷锁,离开他们的寺庙,假装他们不能安全仍然存在,或一些其他的借口下,徜徉诸侯法院。 Unless these monks' superiors grant them the pension or subsidy which they ask for, the monks conspire against their superiors, betray them or otherwise oppress them, bring about their capture and imprisonment, have their own monasteries burned, and occasionally even presume to seize in whole or in great part the property of the monastery.除非这些僧侣“上级给予他们的退休金或补贴,他们要求,僧人密谋对他们的上司,出卖或以其他方式压迫他们,使他们的捕获和监禁,有自己的寺庙烧毁,有时甚至擅自抓住全部或修道院的财产在很大程度上。 We wish to counter such unprincipled audacity.我们要对付这种无原则的厚颜无耻。We forbid, by this perpetual edict, that monks and canons regular who are not administrators should presume, without special leave of their superiors, to betake themselves to the courts of princes.我们禁止,这永久法令,即僧侣和大炮经常不管理员应推定,没有上级的特别许可,奔往自己诸侯法院。If, in order to do harm to their superiors or monasteries, they presume to go to such courts, we determine that they incur automatic excommunication.如果以损害他们的上级或寺院,他们推测到该等法院,我们确定他们承担自动逐出教会。We nevertheless strictly enjoin on their superiors to restrain them with all diligence from visiting the said courts and from any wandering about; they are to correct severely those who do not obey.尽管如此,我们严格责成其上级来约束所有的尽职调查,他们访问说,法院和任何人徘徊;他们严厉纠正那些不服从。 We decree that monks who keep arms inside their monastery, without leave of their abbot, incur the same sentence.我们法令,僧侣们保持他们的寺院内的武器,没有离开他们的住持,承担相同的句子。

Following in the footsteps of our predecessors, we forbid by a perpetual edict that monks presume to live alone in houses and priories of which they have charge.继前人的脚步,我们一个永久的法令禁止僧侣假定独自住在房子和他们负责的priories其中。If the incomes of such priories and houses do not suffice for the support of two, then, unless the abbots make them sufficient, let the local ordinaries, with the advice and consent of the abbots, unite these houses and priories with neighbouring places belonging to the monasteries, or with offices of the monasteries, or with one another, as will be most convenient.如果这种priories和房屋的收入不足以支持两个,那么,除非方丈使他们有足够,让当地普通的意见和同意的方丈,团结与邻国的地方,属于这些房子和priories寺院或寺庙,或与另一个办公室,也将是最方便。 The monks of the places which will be united to others are first to be recalled to their monastery, and due provision is to be made, from the incomes of the said places, for the clergy who are to serve there.这将是美国对他人的地方僧侣首先要回顾他们的寺院,并作出适当规定,服务有神职人员说,地方的收入。Furthermore, conventual priories cannot be conferred or entrusted to anyone under twenty-five, and non-conventual priories having the care of souls, even if that care is exercised by secular priests, to anyone under twenty.此外,conventual priories不能被授予或委托给任何人下二十个,非conventual priories灵魂的关怀,照顾,即使是行使世俗教士,20岁以下人士。

Those who hold priories of either kind are to have themselves ordained priest within a year from the time of their collation or commission and taking possession, or before the age of twenty-five if they are entrusted with or collated to non-conventual priories when they are under that age.当他们那些持有或者实物priories自己祝圣神父在一年之内从他们整理或委托时,接管,或二十五岁之前,如果他们都委托或整理非conventual priories根据该年龄段。If they have not done this, and are without reasonable excuse, they are deprived of the said priories, even without previous admonition, and the priories may not be conferred on them again that time.如果他们没有这样做,并没有合理辩解,他们被剥夺的说priories,即使没有以前的训诫,priories可能再次赋予他们那个时候。 Nobody may be given or entrusted with a priory or an administrative post unless he has previously made profession in a monastic order.任何人不得给予或委托一个小修道院或行政职务,除非他曾在寺院秩序的专业。Those appointed to priories or administrative posts outside the monastery are not permitted to remain in the monastery and are obliged to reside where they hold office, notwithstanding any contrary custom, unless they are excused for a time from this residence for some reasonable cause, such as studies.任命priories或寺院以外的行政职位的人是不允许留在寺院,都必须驻留在他们的任期,尽管有任何相反的习俗,除非他们是为一些合理的原因,从这个居住时间借口,如研究。 In order to promote divine worship, we decree that every monk, at the command of his abbot, should have himself raised to all the sacred orders, unless there is some lawful excuse.为了促进神圣的崇拜,我们的法令,每一个和尚,在他的方丈的命令,应该有自己提出的所有神圣的订单,除非有一些合法的借口。 Further, in order that the monks may not be deprived of the opportunity to make progress in knowledge, there should be in each monastery which has sufficient means a suitable master to instruct them carefully in the primary branches of knowledge.此外, 为了僧侣可能不会被剥夺的机会,使知识的进展,应在每个寺院有足够的手段一个合适的主人精心指导他们在知识的主要分支

All the foregoing, and those things which our predecessor pope Innocent III of happy memory decreed for greater religious observance in the monastic state, regarding clothing, poverty, silence, the eating of meat, the triennial chapter, and anything else, we approve, renew and expressly wish and decree to be strictly observed.所有上述情况,我们的快乐记忆的前任教宗英诺森三世下令在寺院的状态下更大的宗教仪式,服装,贫困,沉默,吃肉,三年期的篇章,和别的东西,我们批准,更新,并明确表示希望和法令,必须严格遵守。

[15]. [15]。Considering that where discipline is despised, religion suffers shipwreck, we have thought it especially necessary to provide that such contempt produces nothing discordant in those who have dedicated themselves to Christ by vow, staining the good name of religious life and offending the divine majesty.纪律是鄙视,宗教遭受海难,我们认为尤其要提供这种蔑视,有专门的基督自己的誓言产生什么不和谐,染色宗教生活的好名字,得罪了神的威严。 We therefore, with the approval of this sacred council, have judged it wise to decree that every convent of nuns should be visited each year by their ordinary as follows: exempt convents subject to the apostolic see alone, by the authority of that see; non-exempt convents by the ordinary's authority, and other exempt convents, by the authority to whom they are subject.因此,我们在这个神圣的理事会的批准,判断是否明智法令,每一个修道院的修女应每年由他们的普通访问如下:受使徒豁免修道院仅见,权威,看到非豁免修道院,由普通的权威,和其他豁免修道院,他们受到的权力。 The visitors are to be very careful that the nuns -- some of whom, to our sorrow, we have heard are transgressors -- do not wear silk, various furs or sandals; do not wear their hair long in a horn-shaped style, nor make use of striped and multicoloured caps, do not attend dances and the banquets of seculars, do not go walking through the streets and towns by day or night; and do not lead a luxurious life in other ways.游客要非常小心,修女 - 有些人,我们的悲伤,我们听到的都是违规 - 不穿丝绸,各种皮草或凉鞋;不穿在一个喇叭状的风格的头发长,也不使用条纹和五彩的帽子,不参加舞会和宴会seculars,不要去穿行白天还是夜晚的街道和城镇,并不会导致一个在其他方面的奢华生活。

They shall carefully withdraw the nuns from the excesses and allurements of this world and persuade them to devote themselves in their convents to the cultivation of the virtues which is due to the Lord.他们应当认真从这个世界上的过激行为和诱惑却撤出的修女,并说服他们把自己的修道院,这是由于主的美德的培养。We order the visitors to compel the nuns to observe all this by suitable measures, notwithstanding exemptions and privileges of any kind, without prejudice however to these exemptions in other respects.我们为了游客,强迫尼姑适当的措施来观察这一切,不论任何形式的特权和豁免,但不妨碍在其他方面,这些豁免。We also decree that anyone chosen for the office of abbess in those convents where it is customary for abbesses to be blessed, should receive that blessing within a year from the time of her confirmation in office.我们也法令,女修道院院长办公室选择在这些修道院是abbesses祝福,习惯的人应在一年之内收到从她在办公室确认的时候,祝福。 If she does not, unless there be reasonable cause, she has completely lost her right, and provision is to be made canonically for the monastery to be provided with an abbess by those to whom this belongs.如果她没有,除非有合理因由,她已经完全失去了她的权利,并规定将要提供的那些人属于同一个女修道院院长的修道院规范。 We also order, by our apostolic authority, that those women who are commonly called secular canonesses and who lead a life like that of secular canons, making no renunciation of private property and no profession, should be visited by the local ordinaries, who are to visit the non-exempt on their own authority and the exempt on the authority of the apostolic see.我们也为了我们的使徒权威,那些妇女通常被称为世俗canonesses和谁导致世俗大炮一样的生活,并没有放弃私有财产,没有专业,应参观了当地的普通股,谁是访问权威的使徒见自己的权威的非豁免和豁免。

By this, however, we are not intending to approve the status, rule or order of secular canonesses .这一点,但是,我们不打算批准的地位,规则或世俗canonesses秩序。We command the visitors, in making their visitation, to be content with two notaries and two persons from their own church and four other men of undoubted honour and maturity.我们命令的游客,在他们的探视,两名公证员和两个人从自己的教堂和其他男人勿庸置疑的荣誉和成熟四个内容。Those who presume to hinder the visitors in their task or any part of it, unless they repent on being admonished, incur automatic excommunication, notwithstanding any privileges, statutes and customs to the contrary.冒昧地阻碍他们的任务或任何部分游客,除非他们被告诫悔改,承担自动逐出教会,尽管任何特权,法规和海关相反。 '

[16]. [16]。The women commonly known as Beguines , since they promise obedience to nobody, nor renounce possessions, nor profess any approved rule are not religious at all, although they wear the special dress of Beguines and attach themselves to certain religious to whom they have a special attraction.俗称为Beguines的妇女,因为他们承诺服从任何人,也不放弃的财产,也不信奉任何经批准的规则是不是宗教,虽然他们穿特殊的Beguines礼服和依附某些宗教,他们有一个特殊的吸引力。 We have heard from trustworthy sources that there are some Beguines who seem to be led by a particular insanity.我们听到来自可靠来源,有一些Beguines人似乎是由一个特定的精神错乱LED。They argue and preach on the holy Trinity and the divine essence, and express opinions contrary to the catholic faith with regard to the articles of faith and the sacraments of the church.他们认为,对三位一体的神圣本质,和表达意见,违反关于文章的信仰和教会的圣礼信仰天主教的传。These Beguines thus ensnare many simple people, leading them into various errors.这些Beguines从而诱捕许多简单的人,带领他们到各种错误。They generate numerous other dangers to souls under the cloak of sanctity.他们产生许多其他危险的神圣外衣下的灵魂。We have frequently received unfavourable reports of their teaching and justly regard them with suspicion.我们经常收到自己的教学不利的报告和公正方面持怀疑态度。With the approval of the sacred council, we perpetually forbid their mode of life and remove it completely from the church of God.随着神圣的议会的批准,我们永远禁止他们的生活模式和删除它完全从神的教会。We expressly enjoin on these and other women, under pain of excommunication to be incurred automatically, that they no longer follow this way of life under any form, even if they adopted it long ago, or take it up anew.我们明确责成对这些问题和其他妇女,疼痛会自动将产生的,任何形式下,他们不再遵循这种生活方式,即使他们通过不久前,或将其重新下被逐出教会。

We strictly forbid, under the same penalty, the religious mentioned above, who are said to have favoured these women and persuaded them to adopt the Beguinage way of life, to give in any way counsel, help or favour to women already following this way of life or taking it up anew; no privilege is to avail against the above.我们根据同样的刑罚,严禁宗教上面提到的,谁是说有利于这些妇女,并说服他们采取Beguinage方式生活,放弃以任何方式,律师,帮助或有利于妇女已经在下面这种方式生活或重新服用;没有特权,是对上述利用。 Of course we in no way intend by the foregoing to forbid any faithful women, whether they promise chastity or not, from living uprightly in their hospices, wishing to live a life of penance and serving the Lord of hosts in a spirit of humility.当然,我们打算在上述禁止任何忠实的妇女没有办法,他们是否承诺贞洁与否正直生活在他们的收容所,希望住的苦行生活,谦虚的精神和服务万军之耶和华,。 This they may do, as the Lord inspires them.他们可能会做,正如耶和华激励他们。

[17]. [17]。It happens now and then that those in charge of hospices, leper-houses almshouses or hospitals disregard the care of such places and fail to loosen the hold of those who have usurped the goods, possessions and rights of these places.现在它发生,然后在收容所的负责人,麻风病人的住房救济院或医院不顾这些地方的照顾,并不能放松那些篡夺了这些地方的货物,财产和权利持有。 They indeed permit them to slip and be lost completely and the buildings to fall into ruin.他们确实允许滑会完全丢失和建筑物废墟陷入。They have no care that these places were founded and endowed by the faithful so that the poor and lepers might find a home and be supported by the revenues.他们没有这些地方成立和护理,使穷人和麻风病人可能会找到一个家庭和收入支持的忠实赋予。They have the barbarity to refuse this charity, criminally turning the revenues to their own use, even though that which has been given by the faithful for a certain purpose should, except by authority of the apostolic see, be applied to that purpose and no other.他们的野蛮拒绝这个慈善机构,刑事责任把自己使用的收入,即使已被忠实的为某种目的,除由权威的使徒见,可以被应用到这一目的并没有其他。 Detesting such neglect and abuse, we decree, with the approval of the sacred council, that they to whom the duty belongs by right or by statute laid down at the foundation of these places, or by lawful custom, or by privilege of the apostolic see, should strive to reform these places in all that has been referred to above. Detesting与神圣的议会的批准,我们的法令,这样的忽视和虐待,他们谁的责任权利或属于奠定了基础,在这些地方,或通过合法的习俗,使徒见的特权或法规,应力求改革在所有已上面提到的这些地方。 They are to restore what has been seized, lost and alienated.他们是恢复已被查封,失去了和疏远。

They should compel the persons in charge to receive the poor people and maintain them in accordance with the resources and revenues of the places.他们应该迫使负责人收到穷人和维护他们根据所拥有的资源和收入的地方。If they are remiss in this, we enjoin on the local ordinaries, even if the institutions enjoy the privilege of exemption, to fulfil each and all of the foregoing, either directly or through others, and to compel the nonexempt rectors by their own authority and the exempt and otherwise privileged rectors by the authority of the apostolic see.如果他们在这个疏忽,我们责成当地普通,即使机构享有豁免特权,履行上述所有直接或通过他人,自己的权威,迫使非豁免校长和由权威的使徒的豁免,否则特权校长看到。 Those who object, of whatever state or condition they may be, and those who give them counsel, help or favour, are to be checked by ecclesiastical censure and other legal remedies.那些对象,他们可能是任何国家或条件,给他们的那些律师,协助或支持,受到教会的谴责和其他法律补救措施的检查。 By this, however, we do not impair the validity of exemptions or privileges in relation to other matters.这一点,但是,我们不损害有关的其他事项豁免或特权的有效性。

In order that the above may be more readily observed, none of these places shall be conferred as benefices on secular clerics, even though this may have been observed as a custom (which we utterly condemn), unless it was otherwise determined at the foundation or unless the post is to be filled by election.为了上述可能会更容易观察,这些地方都不应被赋予世俗教士benefices,即使这可能已被作为一个定制的(我们完全谴责)观察,除非它是在基础另有决定或除非该职位由选举填补。 But let these institutions be governed by prudent suitable men of good repute, who have the knowledge, good will and ability to rule the institutions, to take care of their property and defend their rights to advantage, to distribute their revenues faithfully for the use of needy persons, and who are not likely to divert the property to other uses.但是,让这些机构的审慎适合男性,信誉良好,有知识,有良好的意愿和能力统治机构,采取照顾他们的财产,并捍卫自己的权利的优势,忠实地分发使用他们的收入管辖有需要的人,谁不有可能转移财产的其他用途。 We lay these responsibilities on the consciences of those entrusted with these places, calling on the witness of the divine judgment.我们躺在这些职责与这些地方所托付的良心,见证神圣的判断。Those who are entrusted with the government or administration of such places shall also take an oath, after the manner of guardians, and make inventories of the property belonging to the place, and give an account each year of their administration to the ordinaries or others to whom these places are subject, or to their representatives.这些人都与这些地方的政府或管理委托,也应采取宣誓后,监护人的方式,以及属于地方的财产清单,并交代其管理每年的普通股或其他这些地方的人的主题,或他们的代表。

If anyone attempts to act otherwise, we decree that the appointment, provision or arrangement is null and void.如果有人试图采取行动,否则,我们的法令,任命,提供或安排是无效的。

We do not wish, however, the foregoing to apply to the hospices of military or religious orders.我们不希望,然而,上述适用于军事或宗教命令的收容所。For these hospices we order those in charge of them, in virtue of holy obedience, to provide in them for the poor in accordance with the institutes and ancient observances of their orders, and to show themselves duly hospitable.我们对于这些收容所为了在他们的负责人,在神圣服从美德,为贫困人口提供他们按照机构和古老的纪念活动,他们的订单,并正式好客来展示自己。 They shall be compelled to do this by strict disciplinary measures of their superiors, notwithstanding any statute or custom.他们不得被强迫做的,由上级严格的纪律措施,尽管任何法令或习俗。Furthermore, our intention is that, if there are hospices which have had from old times an altar or altars and a cemetery, with priests who celebrate divine services and administer the sacra ments to the poor, or if the parish priests have been accustomed to do this, theseancient customs are to be retained.此外,我们的目的是,如果有收容所有从旧时代的一个祭坛,祭坛和墓地,庆祝神圣的服务和管理萨克拉ments,对穷人的道士们,如果已经习惯了做本堂司铎对此,theseancient海关予以保留。

[18]. [18]。We wish the constitution to be observed which forbids that anyone even at the presentation of exempt religious, be admitted to some church, contrary custom notwithstanding, unless a portion of the revenues of that church has been assigned to him in the presence of the diocesan bishop, wherewith he may be able to meet his obligations to the bishop and have a suitable means of livelihood.我们希望的禁止,甚至在提交豁免宗教,任何人都必须遵守宪法,承认一些教会,相反的习俗,尽管他在教区主教的存在,除非该教堂的部分收入已分配的,wherewith他可能能够满足他的义务主教,并有一个合适的生计手段。 We are therefore taking care, with the approval of the sacred council, to explain the constitution and to add certain considerations.因此,我们照顾,与神圣的议会的批准,以解释宪法,并加入一定的考虑。Thus we strictly forbid, adjuring the divine judgment, diocesan bishops to admit anyone presented by any ecclesiastical person having the right of presentation to some church, unless within a certain suitable period, set beforehand by the bishop for the presenter, the one presented is assigned, in the bishop's presence, a suitable portion of the revenues.因此,我们严禁adjuring神圣的判断,教区主教承认任何教会人演示一些教会的权利,除非在某一个合适的时期,由主教,事先主持人提出的人,一个是分配在主教的面前,一个合适的部分收入。 If the one presenting neglects to assign this within the period, we decree, lest this neglect harm the presentee, that the bishop should then admit him, unless there is some other canonical obstacle, and the power of assigning is to devolve on the bishop as a penalty against the presenter.如果呈现忽略到指定的期限内,我们的法令,以免疏忽伤害presentee,主教应该承认他,除非有一些其他的规范的障碍,和分配的权力下放主教对主持人的刑罚。

We admonish however the diocesan bishops, adjuring the divine judgment, and we lay it on their consciences, that they act justly in assigning this portion, nor are they to be knowingly swayed by hatred or favour or in any other way to assign more or less than what is due.然而,我们告诫教区主教,adjuring神圣的判断,我们躺在自己的良心,他们的行为公正地分配这部分,也不是他们明知仇恨或赞成或以任何其他方式分配或多或少左右比,是因为。 Of course in the churches of priories or of other places, regular as well as secular, in which religious or others, to whom the revenues belong, have been accustomed to carry the burdens mentioned above the above instructions are not to be observed; but the said religious and others are obliged to undertake all the burdens which would lie upon the permanent priests or vicars if the portion had been assigned to them, to treat the priests and vicars correctly, and to provide them with adequate and fitting sustenance.当然,在priories或其他地方的教堂,定期以及世俗的,宗教或其他人的收入属于,已经习惯于进行上述上述指示的负担不观察,但说宗教和其他有义务采取一切将永久的神父或教区牧师躺在如果部分已分配给他们,正确对待神父和教区牧师,并提供充足和装修寄托他们的负担。 We wish the diocesan bishops to compel the religious and others by ecclesiastical censure to full observance of all this, including the assignation of a just portion by the bishop if the religious and others fail to do this themselves, notwithstanding any exemptions, privileges, customs or statutes, which we wish to be of no avail to the religious and others with regard to the above.我们希望教区主教教会的谴责,迫使宗教和其他所有这一切完全遵守,包括分配公正的部分,如果宗教和其他人没有这样做,自己的主教,尽管任何豁免,特权,海关或,法规,我们希望利用宗教和其他方面上述。

[19]. [19]。Since it is only reasonable that those who enjoy advantages should not refuse the burdens connected with them, we decree by the following inviolable constitution that any religious who have in any way obtained monasteries or churches, should take care to pay the procurations of legates of the apostolic see and the obligations to bishops and others which were in force before they took possession, unless they are excused by privilege of the apostolic see, exemption or other lawful cause.因为它是唯一合理的欣赏那些优点不应该拒绝与他们连接的负担,我们通过以下的不可侵犯的宪法法令,任何宗教有以任何方式获得的寺庙或教堂,应该照顾到支付该legates procurations使徒见和主教及其他生效之前,他们把拥有,除非它们是由使徒见,豁免或其他合法理由的特权免除义务。We do not wish, however, that such privileges or exemptions should be extended to monasteries or churches which they may happen to acquire in the future.然而,我们不希望这样的特权或豁免,应扩展到寺庙或教堂,他们可能会发生在未来取得。

[20]. [20]。We have heard with sorrow that prelates visiting the monasteries of the Cistercian order, although charitably received and courteously served with all that is needful, are nevertheless not content with the food prescribed by the monastic rule.我们听到主教参观修道院为了寺院的悲哀,虽然收到的慈善和有礼貌是needful,与寺院的规则所规定的食品,但内容。 Contrary to the privileges of the said order they demand meat and if it is not served to them, they obtain it by force.相反的特权说,为了他们的需求肉类,如果它无法提供给他们,他们通过武力获得。Although they receive suitable alms in these monasteries, the prelates procure more for themselves against the will of the religious, sometimes even in places where neither custom nor law provide a title to procurations.虽然他们收到反对将适当的施舍,在这些寺庙的主教为自己购买更多的宗教,有时甚至在那里既没有自定义,也没有法律提供了一个标题,以procurations的地方。 They demand and extort money for their horses to be shoed, even when this is unnecessary, and their cooks demand and extort money by reason of their office; nor do they observe the arrangements made between the prelates and the monks concerning procurations.他们的需求和敲诈他们脚穿马的钱,即使这是不必要的,而且他们的厨师的需求,并勒索钱由他们办公室的原因,也没有遵守关于procurations之间的主教和僧侣的安排。

In receiving the procurations they are so oppressive that in one short hour they consume what would last the community for a long time.在接受的procurations,他们是如此的压迫,他们在短短的小时消耗将持续很长一段时间的社会。They have with them, while they are receiving the procurations, their hunting-dogs, falcons and hawks.他们与他们,而他们正在接受procurations,他们的狩猎犬,猎鹰和老鹰队。Unless their demands are met, the doors of monasteries or churches are often violently broken and the ornaments of the church are carried off.寺庙或教堂的门,除非他们的要求得到满足,往往是剧烈的破碎和教会的饰物进行。Without any privilege from the apostolic see they receive several procurations in one day occasionally paid in money, even without making a visitation; and on the occasion of these procurations they often demand from the monks what these are not obliged to pay them, laying on the monks an intolerable burden.没有任何特权从使徒看到他们在一天之内收到几个偶尔支付的钱,即使没有探视,procurations;这些procurations之际,他们往往要求从这些是什么没有义务向他们支付的僧人,在铺设和尚一个难以承受的负担。 There are also some prelates who impose on exempt and other religious the greater part of procurations due to nuncios of the apostolic see and other extraordinary burdens, in order to free themselves and secular priests, without any consultation with the religious about dividing the load.也有一些主教施加豁免及其他宗教procurations由于使徒见和其他造成了沉重的负担nuncios的更大的一部分,为了自己的自由和世俗教士,没有任何与宗教有关除以负载的咨询,。 In many other ways the said prelates oppress exempt monasteries and churches which are subject to these monasteries in both civil and canon law, in receiving their procurations and in imposing unaccustomed burdens.在其它许多方面说,主教压迫豁免接受他们的procurations和实施不习惯负担,在民事和教会法的这些寺院的寺庙和教堂。

We wish therefore to provide a suitable remedy for this state of affairs.因此,我们希望这种状况提供一个合适的补救措施。We decree, with the approval of the sacred council, that if the bishops come to the said monasteries not for visitation but for hospitality, they should receive graciously the refreshment offered in charity to them.我们的法令,与神圣的议会的批准,如果不能探视,但招待费说,寺院的主教来,他们应该接受慷慨慈善机构为他们提供的茶点。 But if the bishops come to these monasteries and receive the procurations due to them by common law custom, privilege or any other law, they may if they wish be served with meat on days when it is permitted, in the houses of the monasteries if these are available, but outside the monastic precincts, notwithstanding any privilege to the contrary; if the houses are not available, they may be served within the monastic precincts but not inside the religious door, as it is called.但如果主教来这些寺院和接收由于普通法定制,特权或任何其他法律procurations,如果他们想与肉类送达天当它是允许的,在寺院的房子,如果这些可用,但专用区外的寺院,即使有任何相反的特权;如果房子是不可用的,他们可能会担任的寺院专用区内,但不是在宗教门,因为它是所谓的。 Nor do we consider it unbecoming if the fragments which are collected from the tables of the bishops and the members of their households are collected up and given by the bishops' almoners to the poor of the area.我们也不认为这是不相称的主教和他们的家庭成员表中收集的片段收集起来,由主教“almoners该地区的穷人。 The prelates are carefully to refrain from all the other oppressions mentioned above, if they wish to avoid the indignation of God and of the apostolic see.主教是小心不要从上面提到的所有其他压迫的,如果他们想避免神的使徒见的愤慨。

[21]. [21]。By the present constitution we order local ordinaries, when the matter becomes known to them, to publish or have published by their subjects the sentences of excommunication and interdict pronounced by law against those who, either on their own initiative or at the command of others, exact or extort tolls or imposts, to the danger of their own souls and the disadvantage of those they oppress, from churches or ecclesiastical persons for goods that are their own, which they are not carrying or having carried or sending for the purposes of trade.目前的宪法,我们当地的普通股,有关问题时,他们知道,公布或有他们的臣民被逐出教会的句子公布和制止对那些人,要么自己主动或在别人的指挥,法律明显确切或敲诈费或imposts,自己的灵魂和他们欺压劣势的危险,从教堂或教会人士为自己的商品,它们不携带或贸易的目的进行或发送。 They shall continue to publish such sentences until restitution is made for the exactions and fitting satisfaction is given.他们将继续发表这样的句子,直到恢复原状的横征暴敛和装修满意。

[22]. [22]。We are gravely disturbed that, owing to the negligence of some rectors, their subjects fear no punishment and so are encouraged in bad behaviour.我们深感不安,由于一些校长的疏忽,他们的臣民恐惧没有处罚等不良行为鼓励。Many ministers of churches have cast aside clerical modesty.教会的许多部长文书谦虚唾弃。They ought to offer to God a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of their lips, in purity of conscience and devotion of mind.他们应该提供一个牺牲的赞美,他们的嘴唇的果子,上帝纯洁的良心和奉献的精神。Instead they presume to say or chant the canonical hours in a hurried manner, omitting parts, mingling with them conversation which is mostly vain, profane and unbecoming.相反,他们相信在匆匆地说呗规范小时,省略部分,与他们混杂其中大多是徒劳的,亵渎和不得体的谈话。They come late to choir, or often leave the church without good reason before the end of the office, occasionally carrying birds or having them carried and bringing hunting-dogs with them.他们来晚了合唱团,或者往往没有充分的理由离开教堂,办公室年底前,偶尔携带禽鸟或他们进行,带着他们的狩猎犬。As if regardless of their clerical obligations, they presume to celebrate or be present at office, even though tonsured and vested, with an utter lack of devotion.仿佛不管文书义务,他们假定为庆祝或在办公室,即使出家和既得利益,完全缺乏奉献,。There are some, both clergy and laity, especially on the vigil of certain feasts when they ought to be in church persevering in prayer, who are not afraid to hold licentious dances in the cemeteries of the churches and occasionally to sing ballads and perpetrate many excesses.有一些僧侣和俗人,特别是在某些节日的守夜活动,他们应该是在教堂祈祷锲而不舍,不怕举行的教堂和坟场的荒淫舞蹈偶尔唱民谣和犯下许多过激。 From this sometimes there follows the violation of churches and cemeteries, disgraceful conduct and various crimes; and the liturgical office is greatly disturbed, to the offence of the divine majesty and the scandal of the people nearby.这有时有如下的教堂和墓地,不光彩的行为和各种犯罪行为;和礼仪办公室深感不安,罪行的神圣威严和附近的人的丑闻。 In many churches also the vessels, vestments and other articles necessary for divine worship are, considering the churches' means, unworthy.在许多教会神圣的崇拜所必需的船只,法衣和其他物品,考虑教会“的意思,名不副实。

We do not wish these transgressions to increase and become a bad example to others.我们不希望这些越轨行为增加,并成为了一个坏榜样给他人。We therefore, with the approval of the sacred council, forbid these practices.因此,我们的神圣安理会的批准,禁止这些做法。 We decree that those whose duty it is -- namely the local ordinaries for the non-exempt and the superiors for the exempt and otherwise privileged-must exercise watchful, care to get rid of all negligence and carelessness, to reform the above-mentioned things and to correct each of them.我们的法令,其职责是 - 即非豁免的豁免和其他特权必须运用观察,护理,摆脱所有的疏忽和粗心大意,改革上述的事情上级本地普通并纠正他们每个人。Also, the day and night office is to be devoutly chanted at the proper hours in cathedrals and in regular and collegiate churches, and in other churches it is to be fittingly and duly celebrated, if ordinaries and superiors wish to avoid the indignation of God and of the apostolic see.此外,白天和夜晚的办公室将在适当时间定期和合议教堂的大教堂和虔诚高呼,并在其他教会,它是要恰当,并适当地庆祝,如果普通和上级的希望,以避免神的愤慨和看到使徒。 They are to curb, if they have jurisdiction, those who oppose correction, by ecclesiastical censure and other suitable remedies.他们是遏制,如果他们拥有管辖权,反对教会的谴责和其他适当的补救措施的修正,。In this and other matters which concern the worship of God and the reform of morals, and also the honourable reputation of churches and cemeteries, they are to see to it, as far as duty binds them, that the sacred canons are inviolably observed, and they shall take care to be well acquainted with these canons.'在这个问题和其他事项,其中涉及神的崇拜和道德的改革,也光荣的教堂和墓地的声誉,他们看到,责任结合,神圣的大炮inviolably观察,并他们应采取谨慎,要了解这些大炮。“

[23]. [23]。We think it altogether right and fitting that clerics, both religious and others, who belong to the household of a cardinal of the holy Roman church or of any bishop in communion with the apostolic see, should join with them in the divine office.我们认为是完全正确的,恰当的神职人员,宗教和其他人,属于家庭的神圣罗马教会的枢机主教使徒见任何共融的,应该与他们一起在神圣的办公室的。 We therefore concede, with the approval of the sacred council, that these clerics may lawfully say the same office as the cardinal or bishop, nor are they obliged to say any other.因此,我们承认,与神圣的议会的批准,可以合法地说,这些神职人员为枢机主教或主教的同一间办公室,也不是他们不得不说任何其他。

[24]. [24]。Among the cares lying heavily on us there is one on which we reflect constantly: how we may lead the erring into the way of truth and win them for God with the help of his grace.其中的关心躺在巨资对我们有一个我们不断反映:我们如何进入真理的方式可能会导致犯错误的,并与他的恩典帮助他们赢得上帝。 This is what we seek earnestly and longingly, to this we direct our mind with great zeal, to this we are alert with an ever-attentive enthusiasm.这是我们所追求的认真和渴望,我们直接我们的心灵以极大的热情,对此我们不断周到热情的警报的。We are in no doubt that to attain our desire, the word of God should be fittingly explained and preached to great advantage.我们毫无疑问,实现我们的愿望,上帝的话,应该是恰当的解释和宣扬的巨大优势。Nor are we unaware that the word of God is learned in vain and returns empty to the speaker if it is directed to the ears of those ignorant of the speaker's language.也不是我们不知道,上帝的话,白白据悉,返回空扬声器,如果它是扬声器的语言一无所知的人的耳朵里。We are therefore following the example of him whom we, though unworthy, represent on earth.因此,我们按照他的例子,我们虽然不配,代表地球上。He wished that his apostles, going through the whole world to evangelize, should have a knowledge of every tongue. We desire earnestly that holy church should be well supplied with catholic scholars acquainted with the languages most in use by unbelievers.他希望他的门徒,要贯穿于整个世界传福音,应该有一个舌头的每一个知识,我们的愿望,认真,圣教应该很熟悉大部分由非信徒使用语言的天主教学者提供。 These scholars should know how to train unbelievers in the christian way of life, and to make them members of the christian body through instruction in the faith and reception of sacred baptism.这些学者应该知道如何培养非信徒在基督徒的生活,并且使他们的基督教团体成员通过在信仰和神圣的洗礼接待的指令

In order, then, that skill in these languages be attained by suitable instruction, we have stipulated, with the approval of the sacred council, that schools be established for the following languages wherever the Roman curia happens to reside and also at Paris, Oxford, Bologna and Salamanca : that is, we decree that in each of these places there should be catholic scholars with adequate knowledge of Hebrew, Arabic and Chaldaic . ,那么,为了在这些语言的技能通过适当的指令实现,我们有规定,与神圣的理事会,为罗马教廷发生的地方居住,并在巴黎,牛津以下语言学校成立批准博洛尼亚和萨拉曼卡 :那就是,我们的法令,在这些地方,每年应该有足够的知识希伯来语,阿拉伯语和 Chaldaic天主教学者。There are to be two experts for each language in each place.有两名专家为每个在每个地方的语言。 They shall direct the schools, make faithful translations of books from these languages into Latin, and teach others those languages with all earnestness, passing on a skilful use of the language, so that after such instruction these others may, God inspiring, produce the harvest hoped for, propagating the saving faith among the heathen peoples.他们应直接在学校,从这些语言的书籍的忠实翻译成拉丁文,并教给别人语重心长这些语言,在语言的娴熟运用传递,等指令后,使这些其他可能,神鼓舞人心,产生的收获希望,传播异教徒人民之间的得救的信心。 The salaries and expenses of these lecturers in the Roman curia will be provided by the apostolic see, those at Paris by the king of France, and those at Oxford, Bologna and Salamanca by the prelates, monasteries, chapters, convents, exempt and nonexempt colleges, and rectors of churches, of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, of Italy, and of Spain respectively.在罗马教廷这些讲师的薪金和开支,将提供使徒见,在巴黎的法国国王,并在牛津大学,博洛尼亚和萨拉曼卡的主教,寺院,章节,修道院,豁免和非豁免高校那​​些和教会的校长,英格兰,苏格兰,爱尔兰和威尔士,意大利,分别在西班牙。 The burden of contributing shall be imposed on each in accordance with the needs of the faculties, notwithstanding any contrary privileges and exemptions, which however we do not wish to be impaired in other respects.应当对每个作出贡献的负担,按照院系的需求,即使有任何相反的特权和豁免,但我们不希望在其他方面受损。

[25]. [25]。It is an insult to the holy name and a disgrace to the christian faith that in certain parts of the world subject to christian princes where Saracens live, sometimes apart, sometimes intermingled with Christians, the Saracen priests commonly called Zabazala, in their temples or mosques, in which the Saracens meet to adore the infidel Mahomet, loudly invoke and extol his name each day at certain hours from a high place, in the hearing of both Christians and Saracens and there make public declarations in his honour.它是一种侮辱神圣的名称和基督教信仰的一种耻辱,在世界主题的某些部分,其中撒拉逊人的生活,时而分开,时而与基督教徒混合基督教诸侯,撒拉逊牧师俗称Zabazala在他们的寺庙或清真寺,撒拉逊人,其中符合崇拜异教徒穆罕默德,大声调用和歌颂他的名字每天在某些时段从高的地方,在基督徒和撒拉逊人的听力,在他的荣誉公开声明。 There is a place, moreover, where once was buried a certain Saracen whom other Saracens venerate as a saint.有一个地方,此外,这里曾经是埋下了一定的撒拉逊其他撒拉逊人尊崇为圣人。A great number of Saracens flock there quite openly from far and near. This brings disrepute on our faith and gives great scandal to the faithful.的撒拉逊大量涌向有相当坦率地由远及近, 这使我们的信仰蒙羞,并给出了大丑闻忠实These practices cannot be tolerated any further without displeasing the divine majesty. We therefore, with the sacred council's approval, strictly forbid such practices henceforth in christian lands.这些做法不能被容忍,没有不高兴的神圣威严的任何进一步 。因此,我们的神圣安理会的批准,严格禁止这种做法,今后在基督教的土地。We enjoin on catholic princes, one and all, who hold sovereignty over the said Saracens and in whose territory these practices occur, and we lay on them a pressing obligation under the divine judgment that, as true Catholics and zealous for the christian faith, they give consideration to the disgrace heaped on both them and other Christians.我们责成天主教王子,和所有,谁持有超过说,撒拉逊人,这些做法发生在其领土主权,我们对他们打下神圣的判断下的一个紧迫的义务,作为真正的天主教徒和基督教信仰的热忱,他们考虑对他们和其他基督徒堆的耻辱。

They are to remove this offence altogether from their territories and take care that their subjects remove it, so that they may thereby attain the reward of eternal happiness.他们删除此罪行,完全从本国领土和照顾,他们的臣民将其删除,使他们从而达到永恒的幸福奖励。 They are to forbid expressly the public invocation of the sacrilegious name of Mahomet.他们都是明文禁止的亵渎穆罕默德的名字公共调用。They shall also forbid anyone in their dominions to attempt in future the said pilgrimage or in any way give countenance to it.他们也应禁止在其领土的任何人试图在未来的说,朝圣或以任何方式给它的尊容。Those who presume to act otherwise are to be so chastised by the princes for their irreverence, that others may be deterred from such boldness.那些假定采取行动,否则他们的大不敬诸侯如此严厉批评,别人可能会阻止这样的气魄。

[26]. [26]。The apostolic see has received many complaints that some inquisitors , appointed by it to suppress heresy, have overstepped the limits of the power given to them.使徒见已收到很多投诉,一些调查官 ,由它任命的压制异端,给他们的权力不可逾越的界限。They occasionally so enlarge their authority that what has been wisely provided by the apostolic see for the growth of the faith, oppresses the innocent under pretext of piety and results in harm to the faithful.他们偶尔会因此扩大他们的权力,已明智地增长的信心的使徒见,压迫无辜者的虔诚和伤害忠实结果的借口。 The work of the inquisition will be the more successful the more solemnly, diligently and cautiously its investigations are prosecuted.的宗教裁判所的工作将会更成功,更郑重,勤奋和谨慎的调查起诉。We decree therefore, for the glory of God and the increase of the faith, that this work will be done by both diocesan bishops and by inquisitors appointed by the apostolic see.因此,我们的法令,为荣耀神和信仰的增加,这项工作将由两个教区主教和使徒见委任的调查官做。All worldly affection hatred and fear shall be put aside, as also any seeking of temporal advantage.抛开所有世俗的感情仇恨和恐惧,也寻求任何时间优势。We decree that the bishops and the inquisitors may act independently of one another.我们的法令,主教和调查者可能彼此独立行事。They may summon, arrest or hold for sake-keeping, even securing those arrested hand and foot if it seems necessary.他们可传召,逮捕或持有,甚至为了维持安全而被捕的手和脚,似乎有必要。

For this we hold them responsible.为此,我们认为他们负责。They may also inquire about those concerning whom inquiry seems right before God and just.他们也可能打听那些关于他们的查询权,上帝面前,只是似乎的。The bishop, however, without the inquisitor, or the inquisitor without the diocesan bishop or his officer or the delegate of the chapter when the see is vacant, may not commit to harsh or close imprisonment, which seems more like punishment than custody, or subject anyone to torture or pronounce sentence on anyone, if they can have access to each other within eight days after seeking it; any contravention of this has no legal validity.然而,没有打破砂锅主教或教区主教或他的人员或委托本章没有砂锅时见是空的,可能不会犯苛刻或关闭的监禁,这似乎更像是惩罚比保管,或受任何酷刑或发音句话对任何人,如果他们能有后八天之内争取获得对方任何违反本有没有法律效力。 If nevertheless the bishop, or the delegate of the chapter when the see is vacant, cannot or will not personally meet the inquisitor, or if the inquisitor cannot or will not personally meet either of the other two, the matter may be entrusted to their proxies or settled by counsel and consent through letters.如果不过的主教,或本章的委托时,在看到是空置的,不能或将不能亲自迎接打破砂锅,或打破砂锅能不能或将不能亲自满足其他两个或者,此事可能是委托其代理人由律师和同意通过书信或定居。

In regard to the custody of prisons for heretics, commonly called walls in certain regions, we have realized that much deceit has been practised of late, and we wish to obviate this.关于异端监狱羁押,俗称墙在某些地区,我们已经意识到,很多欺骗已晚练,和我们希望避免。We decree that any such prison or wall, which we wish for the future to be for the joint use of bishop and inquisitor, shall have two principal guards, discreet, diligent and trustworthy, one to be appointed and provided for by the bishop, the other by the inquisitor.我们的法令,任何这样的监狱或墙壁上,我们对未来的希望主教和审判官的联合使用,应当有两个主要的卫士,谨慎,勤奋和守信用,被任命主教,打破砂锅等。 Each of these guards may have a loyal and trustworthy assistant.这些卫兵,每个人都可以有一个忠实和值得信赖的助手。For each room of the prison there will be two different keys, one held by each guard.对于每一个监狱的房间会有两个不同的密钥,每个护卫举行。

He may entrust or subdelegate his key to his assistant for the purpose of ministering to the prisoners.他可以委托或subdelegate服事囚犯的目的,他的关键,以他的助手。Furthermore, the guards, before they assume office, shall, in the presence of both the bishop, or the chapter while the see is vacant, and the inquisitor, or their substitutes, take an oath on the holy gospels, which they shall touch, that they will use all diligence and care in their duty of guarding those placed or to be placed in their custody on account of the crime of heresy; that one guard shall say nothing in secret to a prisoner out of hearing of the other guard; that they will administer faithfully and without any deduction the provisions which the prisoners receive from the administration and those that they may be offered by relatives, friends or other trustworthy persons, unless there is an order to the contrary from the bishop and the inquisitor or their deputies, and that in this matter there will be no fraud.此外,警卫,他们上任之前,应在主教,或本章存在,而看到的是空的,并打破砂锅,或者其替代品,采取宣誓神圣的福音,这是他们应触摸,他们将使用所有在他们的守卫者放置或在其保管帐户的异端罪放在的职责的勤奋和护理,一名警卫说没有什么秘密的听到对方后卫的囚犯;他们将忠实地管理,不作任何扣除的规定,囚犯管理和亲戚,朋友或其他值得信赖的人提供他们可能会从收到的,除非有相反从主教和审判官或他们的副手是为了,并在这个问题上不会有欺诈。 The assistants of the guards shall take the same oath in the presence of the same persons before exercising their office.警卫助理应采取相同的宣誓在行使自己的办公室之前,同一人存在。

And since it often happens that bishops have their own prisons, not shared with inquisitors, we wish and strictly command that the guards appointed by the bishop, or by the chapter while the see is vacant, and their assistants, shall take a similar oath before the inquisitors or their substitutes.因为它经常发生的主教,有自己的监狱,不与调查者共享,我们希望和严格命令,由主教任命的警卫,或由章,而看到的是空置的,和他们的助手,应采取了类似的誓言调查者或他们的替代品。 Notaries of the inquisition shall also swear in the presence of the bishop and the inquisitor or their substitutes, to exercise the office of notary faithfully.勘验公证人也应宣誓的主教和打破砂锅或者其替代品的存在,忠实地行使公证处。The same shall hold good of other persons necessary for the carrying out of this duty.同样的任期为履行这一义务所必需的​​其他人好。

While it is a grave offence not to work for the extermination of heresy when this monstrous infection requires action, it is also a grave offence and deserving of severe punishment to impute maliciously such wickedness to the innocent.虽然这是一个严重罪行,不灭绝的异端时,这种可怕的感染需要采取行动,它也是一个严重的罪行,应该得到严厉的惩罚恶意推诿等邪恶对无辜。 We therefore order bishops, inquisitors and their substitutes, in virtue of holy obedience and under threat of eternal damnation, that they proceed discreetly and promptly against those suspected of heresy, while not imputing maliciously or deceitfully such a disgraceful crime to an innocent person, or accusing him of hindering them in the execution of their office.因此,我们为了主教,调查者和其替代品,在圣洁的服从的美德和永恒的诅咒的威胁下,他们继续谨慎,并及时对那些怀疑的异端,而不是一个无辜的人归咎于恶意或欺骗这样一个可耻的犯罪,或指责他阻碍他们在执行其职务。 If they fail, because of hatred, favour, affection, money or temporal advantage, to proceed against someone when they ought, against justice and their conscience, then the bishop or superior is suspended from office for three years and others incur automatic excommunication, in addition to other punishments imposed in accordance with the gravity of the offence.如果他们失败了,因为仇恨,赞成,亲情,金钱或时间优势,继续对某人时,他们应该,对正义和自己的良心,然后主教或优于暂停三年从办公室和他人产生自动逐出教会,除了按照罪行的严重性而施加的其他处罚。

The same penalties apply if they presume for the same reasons to disturb someone with the imputation that he is a heretic or has hindered them in their duties.适用同样的刑罚,如果他们假定出于同样的原因,有人说,他是一个邪教组织,或阻碍了他们的职责扰乱归集。They shall obtain absolution from this excommunication only from the Roman pontiff, except at the hour of death, and then after making satisfaction.逐出教会他们应获得这只是从罗马教皇的赦免,但在死亡的时刻,然后后满意度。No privilege shall avail in this matter.应利用在这个问题上没有特权。We wish of course, with the approval of the sacred council, that any other rulings made by our predecessors concerning the office of the inquisition and not in conflict with the above are to remain in full force.当然,我们希望与神圣的议会的批准,我们有关的宗教裁判所的办公室,而不是在上述冲突的前辈所做的任何其他裁决,保持充分的效力。

[27]. [27]。We do not wish the splendour of the faith to be obscured, as it were by a dark shadow, by the indiscreet and wicked acts of any inquisitors of heresy.我们不希望的光彩被遮蔽的信仰,因为它是由一个黑影异端任何调查者的轻率和邪恶的行为,。We therefore decree, with the approval of this sacred council, that nobody below the age of forty may be entrusted with the office of inquisitor.因此,我们的法令与这个神圣的理事会的批准,,那的40岁以下的任何人不得委托调查官办公室。We enjoin very strictly on all commissaries of inquisitors or of bishops or, in vacant sees, of chapters that they do not, under pretext of the office of the inquisition, extort money by any unlawful means from anyone, or knowingly attempt to apply the property of churches, on account of the offences of clerics, even to the treasury of a church.我们非常严格责成调查官或主教小卖部,空置看到,他们不章节,勘验办公室为借口下,任何人的任何非法手段敲诈钱,或者明知尝试应用属性教会神职人员罪行,甚至教堂的宝库。 If the commissaries disobey, we place them automatically under sentence of excommunication.如果违背小卖部,我们把它们自动被判逐出教会。They cannot be absolved, except at the moment of death, until they have made full satisfaction to those from whom they have extorted the money; all privileges, pacts and remissions are of no avail.它们不能被赦免,但在死亡的那一刻,直到他们完全满意,这些从他们勒索金钱;的一切特权,村规民约和减免无济于事。

Notaries and officials of the inquisition, as also the brethren and associates of the inquisitors and commissaries, who have secret knowledge that the inquisitors and commissaries have committed such extortions, if they wish to avoid the indignation of God and of the apostolic see as well as offence to both, shall strive to correct the culprits severely in secret.公证员和官员的宗教裁判所的弟兄和联营公司的调查官和小卖部,有秘密知识的调查官和小卖部都犯了这样的勒索,如果他们想避免神的使徒的愤慨,以及罪行都应当努力纠正在秘密的元凶严重。 If they have such knowledge as to be able to offer proof if need be, they should earnestly report the matter to the relevant superiors of the inquisitors and commissaries, and these superiors are obliged to remove from office those found guilty and then duly to punish or correct them in other ways.如果他们有这样的认识,能够提供证明,如果需要的话,他们应该认真的调查官和小卖部有关上级报告此事,并有义务这些上级罢免被判有罪者,然后适当地惩罚或纠正他们在其他方面。 Superiors of inquisitors who fail to do this are to be informed of this decree by the local ordinaries, whom we strictly order in virtue of holy obedience to make known these affairs to the apostolic see.谁不这样做的调查官的上级,这项法令是由当地的普通股,我们严格的圣洁顺服的美德,让人们了解这些事务的使徒见顺序通知。 Furthermore, we strictly forbid the inquisitors themselves to abuse in any way the concession to carry arms, or to have any but the necessary officials for accomplishing the duties of their office.此外,我们严禁以任何方式滥用优惠,携带武器的调查官,或有任何必要的官员,为完成他们的办公室的职责。

[28].[28]。We entertain in our heart a deep longing that the catholic faith prosper in our time and that the perverseness of heresy be rooted out of christian soil.在我们的心里,我们招待了深刻的向往,信仰天主教的繁荣,我们的时间和异端乖张根深蒂固的基督教土壤。We have therefore heard with great displeasure that an abominable sect of wicked men, commonly called Beghards , and of faithless women, commonly called Beguines , has sprung up in the realm of Germany.因此,我们听到了很大的不满,恶劣的恶人俗称Beghards,移情别恋妇女俗称Beguines,节如雨后春笋般涌现在德国的境界。 This sect, planted by the sower of evil deeds, holds and asserts in its sacrilegious and perverse doctrine the following errors.恶行索维种植,持有此节,并在其亵渎和有害的学说下面的错误断言

  1. First, that a person in this present life can acquire a degree of perfection which renders him utterly impeccable and unable to make further progress in grace.首先,在目前这个生活的人能够获得一个完美的程度,这使他完全无懈可击,无法取得进一步的进展,在恩典。For, as they say, if someone could always make further progress, he could become more perfect than Christ. ,正如他们所说,如果有人总是可以取得进一步的进展,他有可能成为比基督更完美。
  2. Secondly, that it is not necessary to fast or pray after gaining this degree of perfection, for then the sensitive appetite has been so perfectly subjected to the spirit and to reason that one may freely grant the body whatever pleases it.其次,这是没有必要为快,或获得这种完美的程度,那么敏感的胃口已经如此完美的精神和原因之一可以自由地授予任何为所欲为的身体祈祷后的。
  3. Thirdly, that those who have reached the said degree of perfection and spirit of liberty, are not subject to human obedience nor obliged to any commandments of the church, for, as they say, where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.第三,那些已经达到的程度的完善和自由的精神,是不受人类服从也有义务任何教会的戒律,正如他们所说的,是主的精神,有自由。
  4. Fourthly, that a person can gain in this life final beatitude in every degree of perfection that he will obtain in the life of the blessed.第四,一个人能获得的每一个完美的程度,他将获得的祝福生活在这生命最后的至福。
  5. Fifthly, that any intellectual nature in itself is naturally blessed, and that the soul does not need the light of glory to elevate it to see God and enjoy him blissfully.第五,任何知识产权的性质本身是自然的祝福,和灵魂并没有必要的荣耀,以提升它去见上帝和他暗藏享受。
  6. Sixthly, that the practice of the virtues belongs to the state of imperfection and the perfect soul is free from virtues.第六,美德的实践,属于不完善的状态和完美的灵魂,是从美德。
  7. Seventhly, that to kiss a woman is a mortal sin since nature does not incline one to it, but the act of intercourse is not a sin, especially in time of temptation, since it is an inclination of nature.七,吻女人是弥天大罪,因为性质不向它倾斜之一,但性交行为是不是一种罪过,尤其是在时间的诱惑,因为它是一个自然的倾向。
  8. Eighthly, that at the elevation of the body of Jesus Christ, they ought not to rise or show reverence to it; it would be an imperfection for them to come down from the purity and height of their contemplation so far as to think about the ministry or sacrament of the eucharist, or about the passion of Christ as man.第八,在耶稣基督的身体抬高,他们不应该上升或显示它的崇敬;这将是一个不完善,他们来自他们沉思的纯度和高度到目前为止,想想部或圣体圣事,基督作为人的热情。

With the counterfeit appearance of sanctity they say and do other things also that offend the eyes of the divine majesty' and constitute a grave danger to souls.他们说,随着神圣的假冒外观和做其他事情也冒犯的神圣威严“的眼睛和灵魂构成了严重威胁。Since the duty of the office committed to us obliges us to exstirpate from the catholic church this detestable sect and the above execrable errors, lest they be further propagated and corrupt the hearts of the faithful, we condemn and utterly reject, with the approval of the sacred council, the sect itself and the errors described above , and we strictly forbid anyone henceforth to hold, approve or defend the errors.以来致力于向我们办公室的职责要求我们exstirpate这可恨的教派和天主教教会上述恶劣的错误,否则他们会进一步传播和腐败的忠实 ​​心,我们谴责和完全拒绝,与批准神圣的理事会,该教派本身和错误上面所述 ,我们严格禁止任何人今后举行,批准或辩护的错误。We decree that those who act otherwise are to be punished with canonical censure.我们的法令,那些行为,否则将被处罚规范的谴责。 The diocesans and the inquisitors of heresy for the regions where these Beghards and Beguines live, are to exercise their office with special care concerning them, making inquiries about their life and behaviour and about their beliefs in relation to the articles of faith and the sacraments of the church.这些Beghards和Beguines居住的地区diocesans和异端的调查官,与他们有关的行使特别照顾他们的办公室,使他们的生活和行为,在自己的信念与信仰的文章的查询和圣礼的教会。 They are to impose due punishment on those whom they find guilty, unless there is voluntary abjuration of the above errors and repentance with fitting satisfaction.他们是要对那些人,他们发现有罪应有的惩罚,除非是自愿放弃上述错误并悔改装修满意。

[29].[29]。Serious suggestions have been made to us that communities in certain places, to the divine displeasure and injury of the neighbour, in violation of both divine and human law, approve of usury .严重建议已经向我们提出,在某些地方社区,神圣的不满和受伤的邻居,违反了神和人法律 ,批准高利贷。 By their statutes, sometimes confirmed by oath, they not only grant that usury may be demanded and paid, but deliberately compel debtors to pay it.其章程,有时宣誓证实,他们不仅授予高利贷,可要求和支付,但故意迫使债务人支付。By these statutes they impose heavy burdens on those claiming the return of usurious payments, employing also various pretexts and ingenious frauds to hinder the return.通过这些法规,他们对那些声称归还高利贷支付施加沉重的负担,也以各种借口和巧妙的诈骗行为阻碍返回。We, therefore, wishing to get rid of these pernicious practices, decree with the approval of the sacred council that all the magistrates, captains, rulers, consuls, judges, counsellors or any other officials of these communities who presume in the future to make, write or dictate such statutes, or knowingly decide that usury be paid or, if paid, that it be not fully and freely restored when claimed, incur the sentence of excommunication.因此,我们希望摆脱这些有害的做法,与神圣的理事会,所有法官,船长,统治者,领事,法官,辅导员或任何其他官员,这些假定在未来的社区,使批准的法令, 写等法规或规定,或者明知决定,高利贷支付,或者,如果支付,它不充分和自由恢复时声称,招致被逐出教会的句子

They shall also incur the same sentence unless within three months they delete from the books of their communities, if they have the power, statutes of this kind hitherto published, or if they presume to observe in any way these statutes or customs.他们也应承担相同的句子,除非在三个月内删除其社区的书籍,如果他们有权力,这种法规迄今为止,出版,或如果他们假定以任何方式去观察这些法规或习俗。 Furthermore, since money-lenders for the most part enter into usurious contracts so frequently with secrecy and guile that they can be convicted only with difficulty, we decree that they be compelled by ecclesiastical censure to open their account books, when there is question of usury. If indeed someone has fallen into the error of presuming to affirm pertinaciously that the practice of usury is not sinful, we decree that he is to be punished as a heretic ; and we strictly enjoin on local ordinaries and inquisitors of heresy to proceed against those they find suspect of such error as they would against those suspected of heresy.此外,由于大部分放债人如此频繁地进入高利贷合同与保密性和诡计,他们可以只定罪困难,我们的法令,他们受到教会的谴责,被迫开放自己的帐簿,当有放高利贷的问题。 如果确实有人落入错误的假设肯定pertinaciously高利贷的做法是不是罪过,我们的法令,他是作为一个邪教组织的惩罚,我们严格按照当地普通的异端调查官责成着手对那些他们发现这样的错误,因为他们对那些怀疑的异端嫌疑人。

[30]. [30]。Complaints, loud, frequent and incessant come to us from certain religious that very many prelates -- bishops, their superiors and others-unjustly disturb in many ways the peace of the religious.投诉,响亮,频繁,不断给我们来自某些宗教,很多主教 - 主教,他们的上司和其他不公正扰乱和平的宗教的许多方面。Some of them seize and imprison exempt religious when the law does not permit this.他们抓住并囚禁豁免宗教时,法律不允许这样。 Some, by threat of severe penalties, hinder those who owe tithes or revenues to exempt religious from paying and prevent people from hearing their masses.有些人,通过严厉的惩罚的威胁,阻碍了那些欠什一税或收入豁免宗教支付和防止人们听到它们的质量。They suspend, interdict and excommunicate without reasonable cause the millers of the religious, their cooks, servants, vassals, and members of household, and anyone who has any relation with them, occasionally also seizing unlawfully their goods.他们暂停,制止和破门无合理因由磨坊主的宗教,他们的厨师,仆人,附庸,和家庭成员,和任何人有任何与他们的关系,偶尔还缴获非法商品。 They in no way submit to the appeals which the said exempt religious sometimes make with good reason, because of the foregoing or other oppressions.他们没有办法提出上诉,上述豁免宗教,有时有很好的理由,因为上述或其他压迫。They now and then seize the appellants on the occasion of these appeals, or they have them seized and thrown into prison.现在他们然后抓住这些呼吁之际,上诉人,或他们有他们的收缴和投入监狱。

There are some prelates, moreover, who without lawful cause do not permit chaplains to celebrate nor to administer the sacraments to the parishioners in churches belonging fully and lawfully to the exempt religious.有一些主教,此外,人无合法理由不容许牧师来庆祝,也不属于完全合法的豁免宗教教堂的教区居民管理圣礼。There are even some prelates who with indiscreet haste unjustly suspend, excommunicate, seize and imprison exempt abbots, monks and laybrothers, as also clerics legally subject to them, and lay under interdict their churches and houses, if they do not obey even in matters where there is no obligation.甚至有一些主教轻率匆忙的,不公正的暂停,破门,抓住和监禁豁免方丈,僧侣和laybrothers,也依法受到他们的神职人员,并奠定下阻截他们的教堂和房屋,如果他们不遵守的事项,即使也没有义务。 In addition, the prelates exceed all measure in claiming charitable aid from the exempt religious themselves and from those subject to them.此外,主教超过声称从豁免宗教本身和他们的那些慈善救助措施。Contrary to law they make demands which are unjust and unusual.违反法律规定,这是不公正和不寻常的的要求。They lay new taxes and unfair burdens on parish churches in which exempt religious have the right of patronage.他们躺在豁免宗教赞助权的教区教堂的新税,不公平的负担。They do not permit legal actions and decisions justly made in favour of the exempt religious, by delegates of the apostolic see or by conservators, to be made public or to be put into execution by their subjects.他们不允许法律行动和公正赞成豁免宗教,使徒见或保护者的代表,要公开或将执行他们的臣民的决定。 They restrain public notaries from drawing up instruments, judges from administering justice, and lawyers from giving counsel or aid in the suits or legal business of the exempt religious.他们限制从图纸给在西装或豁免宗教的法律业务的律师或援助文书,从司法的法官,律师,公证人。

The prelates also refuse to admit to orders or benefices those presented by exempt religious who have the right of presentation, unless the presenters profess obedience in the greeting of the letter of presentation.主教也拒绝承认订单或benefices通过豁免宗教人士表述的权利,除非主持人自称在服从问候信介绍提出的。 Furthermore, these prelates, when the churches for which monasteries have the right of patronage become vacant, turn away the suitable persons presented to them and appoint people who are incompetent and unworthy.此外,这些主教,出缺时,教堂寺院的赞助权,拒绝向他们提出合适的人选,并任命的人不称职,不值得。Certain prelates confer churches, which have the cure of souls and belong to the table maintenance of abbots, and the revenues of which they sometimes hand over for a rent to secular clerics, on their own clergy at the death of those secular clerics, even though the churches because of this are not truly vacant.某些主教赋予的教堂,有治愈的灵魂,属于表维护的方丈,他们有时手为一个世俗的神职人员对自己的神职人员,在那些世俗的神职人员死亡的租金收入,即使因为这个教堂是不是真正的空置。 Some prelates appropriate unjustly for themselves the rights of monks in churches belonging to monasteries, and so regulate the disposal of the revenues that not enough remains for the livelihood of the rectors.一些不公正主教适当为自己的教堂属于寺院僧侣的权利,等等规范处置的收入,没有足够的校长民生。

Some prelates, armed and with standards hoisted, destroy the mills and other property of exempt religious, disregarding all justice, even when the religious have been in possession from time immemorial.一些主教,武装和标准悬挂,破坏工厂和其他财产的豁免宗教,不顾一切正义的,甚至当宗教在藏有从远古时代。 Prelates also often send their relatives and nephews to the monasteries in their cities and dioceses, occasionally with their animals and herdsmen, with the demand that they be provided for.主教还经常给自己的亲戚和侄子在他们的城市和教区的寺院,偶尔会与他们的牲畜和牧民与他们提供的需求。 Often also prelates compel abbots and priors of monasteries to grant the possessions of their monasteries or priories to their kindred and nephews either perpetually or for a period; these grants or pensions we wish to be of no consequence in law.也常常主教迫使寺院的住持和先验给予他们的寺庙或priories财产,他们的亲属和侄子永久或一个时期,这些补助金或退休金,我们希望在法律上没有后果。 They also compel the abbots and priors to present to them for vacant churches in which the monks have the right of patronage, and occasionally to receive into their order, their friends, kindred and nephews.他们还迫使方丈和先验目前其中僧侣们的赞助权的空置教堂,偶尔接收到他们的订单,他们的朋友,亲属和侄子。 Frequently also they permit and tacitly consent to the seizure, in the prelates' temporal domains, of movable and immovable property of the monasteries in cases not permitted by law, by the prelates' soldiers, vassals and secular officials.常见,他们还允许和默许扣押,在主教“时间域,动产和不动产的情况下,没有法律许可的,由主教,寺院财产的士兵,诸候和僧俗官员。 They also outrage in various other ways both the clerical and lay persons of the monasteries.他们还愤怒,在各种文书打下寺庙的人的其他方式。

Besides, the prelates occasionally deprive unjustly of their benefices abbots, priors and others, so that if they can take the revenues of the benefices in the first year, under pretext of a privilege which they claim to have, then they may be able to receive the first year's revenues of vacant benefices for a certain time.此外,主教偶尔不公正地剥夺benefices方丈,先验和他人,所以,如果他们能在第一年的benefices的收入,为借口下的特权,他们声称有,那么他们可能能够接收第一年的收入,在一定时间内的空置benefices。 Not content with this, they seize unlawfully horses, cattle, treasure and other property of monasteries and vacant benefices which should be reserved for posterity.与此内容,他们抓住非法马,牛,珍惜和其他财产,应为后人保留的寺庙和空置benefices。Some prelates sell for a time to knights and other powerful persons the revenues and incomes of their dignities, in order to oppress the neighbouring exempt religious more heavily by means of these people.一些主教为骑士和其他他们的尊严的收入和收入的强大人出售,以压迫邻近豁免更多地通过这些人的宗教。Some even destroy monasteries without just cause.有的甚至破坏寺庙师出无名。Others often seize houses, hospitals and other property of the monasteries, both movable and immovable, and retain what they have seized.其他人往往抓住住房,医院和寺院,动产和不动产的其他财产,并保留他们抓住什么。Many times also, without just cause, they prevent exempt religious from repairing their houses.很多时候,没有正当理由,他们防止修理他们的房屋免征宗教。Certain prelates enact statutes derogatory to the privileges of the exempt religious.某些主教制定法规贬义的豁免宗教的特权。And in general, very many prelates unjustly inflict grave injury and loss on religious, especially on those who are exempt and have privileges: on their persons, property and rights, both spiritual and temporal.而在一般情况下,很许多主教不公正造成严重的伤害和损失,宗教,特别是对那些豁免及拥有特权:他们的人身,财产和权利,精神和时间。

Since however there is for both regulars and seculars, for superiors and subjects, for exempt and non-exempt, one universal church, outside of which there is no salvation, for all of whom there is one Lord, one faith and one baptism, it is right that all who are of the same body should be of one will, and as brethren bound to one another by the bond of charity.由于有常客和seculars,为上级和科目豁免和非豁免,一个普世教会,置身其中,有没有救赎,其中,有一主,一信,一洗,是正确的,同一机构应一会,并绑定到一个由慈善机构债券的弟兄们。 It is right therefore that both prelates and others, exempt and non-exempt, should be content with their rights and abstain from inflicting injury or loss on one another.这是正确的,因此,主教和其他豁免和非豁免的,应与他们的权利的内容,并放弃对彼此造成伤害或损失。We therefore strictly command, by the present decree, all prelates of churches that they desist altogether from the oppression described above, and see to it that their subjects do likewise.因此,我们严格的命令,由目前的法令,所有主教的教会,他们完全停止从压迫以上所述,并看到他们的科目也这样做。 They are to treat religious men, whether exempt or having privileges or non-exempt, both mendicant and non-mendicant, with charity, and they are to encourage them.他们对待宗教的男人,是否豁免或特权,或不获豁免,两个乞丐和非行乞,与慈善事业,他们,鼓励他们。They are to respect their rights and privileges as inviolable.他们都是不可侵犯,尊重他们的权利和特权。And since what is specially forbidden is feared more than what is forbidden merely in general, we forbid most strictly that prelates presume to hinder in any way abbots, priors and other religious from going to their general or provincial chapters.什么是特别禁止,恐怕比什么是被禁止的只是一般多以来,我们禁止主教相信以任何方式阻碍方丈,先验和其他宗教要他们一般或省分会的最严格的。

[31 ]. [31]。Religious who presume to administer the sacrament of extreme unction or the eucharist to clerics or lay people or to solemnise marriages, without the special leave of the parish priest, or to absolve those excommunicated by canon law, except in cases expressed in law or granted to them by privilege of the apostolic see, or those excommunicated by sentences promulgated by provincial or synodal statutes, or (to use their own words) to absolve anyone from punishment and guilt, incur automatic excommunication.假定管理临终圣餐或圣体圣事,神职人员或裁员或solemnise婚姻,没有教区牧师的特别许可,或免除佳能依法逐出教会的人,除了表示在法律的情况下,宗教人士或授予他们的使徒见,或由省级或主教会议章程,或(用自己的话)颁布的句子,免除处罚和内疚的人逐出教会的特权,招致自动逐出教会。 They are to be absolved only by the apostolic see.他们将被免除只能由使徒见。The local ordinaries are to announce publicly that they are excommunicated, once this is established, until notified of their absolution.当地的普通股公开宣布,他们逐出教会,一旦成立,这是直到他们赦免通知。The religious can make no valid appeal in this matter to any exemption or privilege.宗教可以使任何豁免或特权,在这个问题上没有有效的上诉。We also strictly forbid religious, in virtue of holy obedience and under threat of eternal malediction, to disparage prelates in their sermons or to draw the laity away from their churches, to publish false indulgences, to restrain testators, when present at the making of their wills, from making due restitutions or legacies to their mother churches, or to bring about that money legacies, or money owed or perhaps unjustly taken, should come or be bequeathed to themselves or to other individuals of their order, or to their houses, to the detriment of other people.我们也严格禁止宗教,神圣服从的美德和永恒的诅咒的威胁下,贬低主教在他们的布道或远离他们的教堂画的俗人,发布虚假的宽容,克制立遗嘱时,目前在他们的决策从他们的母亲教会到期归还或遗产,遗嘱,或带来遗留下来的钱,或欠款或者不公正采取,应该或遗赠对自己或其他个人,他们的订单,或以自己的房子,损害其他人的利益。 Nor are they to absolve anyone in cases reserved to the apostolic see or to the local ordinaries.也不是他们开脱任何人的情况下,保留使徒见或向当地普通。They are not to annoy unreasonably ecclesiastical persons who prosecute justice against them, especially before judges delegated by us, nor are they to bring them to court in more than one place, especially if these places are distant.他们不烦扰不合理的教会人士,谁对他们的起诉司法,尤其是之前我们所委派的法官,,也不是他们,使他们在多个地方来法院,特别是如果这些地方是遥远的。

Those who presume to act contrary to this decree are subject for two months to the penalties usually imposed by their rule or statutes on those who commit grave crimes or faults.那些假定的行为违反这项法令受到两个月通常是由他们的规则或法规对那些犯有严重罪行或故障所判处的刑罚。Dispensation shall not be granted without manifest necessity.省却不得给予无舱单的必要性。Their superiors, besides, unless after these excesses they make full satisfaction within a month to the churches or ecclesiastical persons harmed or offended, after being required to do so, incur automatic suspension until they have made due satisfaction, notwithstanding statutes or privileges of whatever tenor.此外,除非他们的上司,这些暴行后,他们在一个月内教会或教会人士受到伤害或冒犯,被要求这样做后,招致自动中止,直到他们完全满意,尽管法规或特权应有的满意度,无论男高音。 Of course the religious who have been granted permission by the aposto lic see to administer the sacraments to members of their household or to the poorin their hospices, are not affected by this decree.当然aposto LIC的权限已被授予的宗教管理圣礼,其家庭成员或他们的收容所,不影响这项法令poorin的。

[32]. [32]。With the approval of the sacred council, we grant by this present constitution to an archbishop passing through, or perhaps turning aside, to exempt localities of his diocese to have the cross carried openly before him, to bless the people, to hear the divine offices there privately or publicly, also to celebrate them in pontificals and to have them celebrated in his presence without pontificals, notwithstanding any contrary privilege.我们的神圣安理会的批准,目前这个宪法授予大主教通过,或者转向一边,他的教区免征地方有交叉进行公开他的面前,要祝福的人,听到神的办事处私下或公开,也为庆祝他们在pontificals和庆祝他的存在,即使有任何相反的特权,没有pontificals。 In like manner we grant to a bishop that in exempt localities of his diocese he may bless the people, hear the divine offices and celebrate them there, as also have them celebrated in his presence.我们在喜欢的方式授予一位主教,在他的教区免征地方,他祝福的人,听到神的办事处,并庆祝他们那里,也有他们在他在场的庆祝。 Under pretext of this concession, however, the archbishop or bishop may exercise no other jurisdiction in the exempt or privileged localities.然而,这项宽减措施的借口下,大主教或主教可以行使没有在其他司法管辖豁免或特权的地方。He is not to annoy the exempt or privileged persons, there should be no cause for complaint and nothing prejudicial to the exemption or privileges of the religious.他是不是惹恼豁免或特权的人,不应该有投诉和没有偏见的宗教豁免或特权的原因。The archbishop or bishop does not acquire by this decree any other right.大主教或主教不会获得通过这项法令的任何其他权利。

[33]. [33]。If anyone at the instigation of the devil has committed the sacrilege of wrongfully and rashly striking a bishop, or of seizing or banishing him, or has ordered these things to be done, or approved them when done by others, or been an accomplice, or given advice or shown favour, or knowingly defended the guilty, and has not incurred excommunication by canons already published, he is excommunicated by this our present constitution, notwithstanding any custom to the contrary.如果在魔鬼的指使人已犯的错误的亵渎和贸然引人注目的主教,或扣押或驱逐他,或已下令做这些事情,或批准时由他人完成,或从犯,或提出的意见或显示赞成的,或者明知辩护有罪,并没有招致已经出版的大炮被逐出教会,他被驱逐这是我们的现行宪法,即使有任何相反的习俗。 Indeed, with the approval of the sacred council, we consider such a custom to be a corruption, and the culprit may be absolved by the supreme pontiff only, except at the moment of death.事实上,与神圣的议会的批准,我们认为这种习惯是一个腐败,罪魁祸首可能是除在死亡的那一刻,只能由最高法院教皇赦免。 In addition, he shall lose all fiefs, leases, offices and benefices, whether spiritual or temporal, which he holds from the church over which the offended bishop presides.此外,他将失去所有的封地,租赁,办事处和benefices,无论是精神或时间,他从教堂的冒犯主教主持持有。 All these shall revert freely to that church.所有这些应恢复自由,教会。The offender's descendants in the male line to the second generation shall be disqualified, without hope of dispensation, from holding ecclesiastical benefices in the city and diocese of the bishop.罪犯的第二代父系后裔应被取消资格,没有希望的豁免,在城市和教区的主教教会benefices。The offender's estates also, when within one diocese, shall lie under interdict until he has made due satisfaction.罪犯的屋,在一个教区时,应在停职的谎言,直到他作出了应有的满意。The place where the captured bishop is detained shall likewise be under interdict for as long as he remains detained.捕获的主教被拘留的地方,同样应受到停职,只要他仍然被扣留。If the criminal's estates include two or more dioceses, then the diocese of his principal domicile and the diocese where the crime was committed, if the land is his, and two other dioceses which belong to his territory and are nearest to the place of the crime, shall he under the same interdict.如果罪犯的屋,包括两个或两个以上的教区,他的主要住所,并在犯罪地教区主教管区,如果土地是他的,和两个其中属于他的领地和最接近的犯罪地点的其他教区他在相同的拦截。

Since his confusion will increase the more his offence is known, his excommunication will be announced in public, with the ringing of bells and candles burning, until he has made due satisfaction, in all the places where the crime was committed, as also in the churches of the neighbouring cities and dioceses, on all Sundays and feast days.由于他的困惑会增加更多的他的罪行是已知的,将他逐出教会公开宣布,响当当的钟声和燃烧的蜡烛,直到他作出了应有的满意度,在所有地方犯下罪行的,在教会的邻近城市和教区所有星期日和节日,。 And when he is to receive absolution, let him be well prepared to undergo the punishment imposed and, with the help of God, to perform the penance enjoined on him.而当他是接受赦免,让他准备好接受惩罚,上帝的帮助,来执行对他责成苦修。The city, moreover, that has committed any of the crimes described above against its bishop, shall be placed under the above-mentioned interdict until it has made satisfaction.城市,此外,一直致力于其主教描述对上述罪行,应划归上述停职,直到它取得了满意。The authorities, counsellors, bailiffs, magistrates, advocates, consuls, governors and officials of any description who are at fault in this affair, are likewise subject to excommunication from which they can be absolved only in the manner stated above.当局,辅导员,法警,裁判,倡导者,领事,省长和官员的任何说明,在这件事情是谁的错,也同样受到逐出教会,他们只能在免除上述的方式。 All these instructions shall be observed all the more strictly in dealing with those who kill bishops, since they should be punished more severely than the offenders already mentioned and merit greater indignation.所有这些说明,应观察的更严格,在处理那些杀死主教的,比已经提到的罪犯更严重,因为他们应该受到惩罚,值得更大的愤慨。

Let nobody be surprised that we do not inflict heavier punishment on those who perpetrate the above crimes.让任何人感到惊讶,我们不给那些犯有上述罪行的刑罚。Alas!唉!shameful to relate, these crimes are of frequent occurrence, and for the many men of violence an example is needed.可耻的关系,这些罪行是经常发生的,暴力的许多男人需要一个例子。The punishment of the offender ought to be in proportion to the dignity of the person wronged.罪犯的处罚应该是比例委屈的人的尊严。Bishops are called most holy, are Christ's ambassadors, spiritual fathers, our brothers and fellow bishops, the acknowledged pillars of the church.主教被称为最圣洁的,是基督的大使,精神的父亲,我们的兄弟和同胞主教,教会的承认支柱。The punishment, then, ought to be heavy, proportionate to the guilt of one who violates the dignity of such an eminent person.的处罚,那么,应该是沉重的,一个有罪的,谁违反了这样一位杰出的人的尊严相称。However, we wish to mitigate the severity of the punishment for the present, being prepared to impose other penalties if we see that the offenders' insolence demands such action.然而,我们希望减轻处罚的严重性,目前正在准备,如果我们看到的罪犯“傲慢无礼的要求这样的行动施加其他处罚。If of course anyone involved in the above cases has been absolved at the moment of death from excommunication, he shall incur automatically the same sentence if after recovery he does not, as soon as conveniently possible, present himself before the Roman pontiff in order to receive humbly his commands, as justice shall advise.当然如果在上述情况下,任何涉及已免除从被逐出教会死亡的时刻,他应承担相同的句子,如果恢复后,他没有,只要方便可能,目前自己前罗马教皇才能收到虚心,他的命令,正义应告知。 Although this has been fully enough provided for elsewhere in the law, we thought it well to make this addition, lest someone from ignorance of the law should busy himself to find excuses.虽然这已经完全足够的法律规定,我们认为它使这个此外,以免有人从对法律的无知要忙自己找借口。

[34]. [34]。Many serious complaints have reached us that some who hold temporal power do not hesitate to capture ecclesiastics frequently and detain them with sacrilegious audacity until they resign their benefices, nor to prevent those summoned to the apostolic see by someone or by law from going there, for the most part seizing them as they depart.许多严重的投诉已经达到了我们有些人举行世俗力量毫不犹豫地捕捉神职人员经常和扣留他们,直到他们亵渎大胆辞去其benefices,也不是为了防止那些传唤到使徒去那里看到有人或法律,抓住大部分他们,因为他们离开。 In view of the great offence to our honour and that of the apostolic see, as also to the peace and welfare of ecclesiastical persons, not to speak of the damnable scandal, we, with the approval of the sacred council, decree that, in addition to the penalty attached by the canon to such deeds, those who bring them about, if prelates, are suspended for three years from receiving the revenues of their churches.在伟大的罪行,以我们的荣幸和使徒看到,也教会人士的和平与福利,更不要说该死的丑闻,我们的神圣安理会的批准,法令,除了佳能等的事迹,使他们了解那些,如果主教,缓刑三年,接收他们的教堂收入的罚款。 If they are lower clergy, they are automatically deprived of their benefices.如果他们是较低的神职人员,他们是自动剥夺了他们的benefices。Those who have brought about their own capture by the secular power -- this, we have heard, sometimes occurs -- as a pretext for not obeying a summons to the apostolic see, are to incur the same penalty.那些对自己捕捉带来世俗权力 - 这一点,我们所听到的,有时会出现 - 作为一个借口不服从传票的使徒见,都受到同样的刑罚。Resignations of benefices extorted in the above manner, although accepted and ratified by the prelates of those who resign, have no validity whatever.的benefices辞职以上述方式勒索,虽然接受那些辞职人员主教批准,没有任何有效性。We enjoin on local ordinaries that, after learning that subjects of theirs have incurred these penalties, they do not delay in publishing them and, as far as it concerns them, they put the penalties into execution.我们责成当地普通,学习后,他们的主体发生了这些刑罚,他们不延误出版,并尽可能地关注他们,他们把执行的刑罚。

[35]. [35]。Desiring to restrain those whom the rewards of virtue do not induce to observe the law, by the addition of new penalties and by fear of those to be added, we decree that transgressors of the constitution which forbids mendicant religious to acquire houses or places of any kind, or to exchange those already acquired or transfer them to others under any title of alienation, are automatically subject to excommunication.希望到这些人凭借回报不诱导遵守法律,限制增加新的刑罚,并担心这些被添加的,我们的法令,对违规的宪法禁止收购房屋或任何地方的宗教乞丐一种或交换那些已经获得或转让给他人异化的标题下任何,会自动以逐出教会。

The same sentence of excommunication is incurred by those religious who presume in their sermons or otherwise to restrain their hearers from due payment of tithes to churches.逐出教会的同一个句子中产生的那些宗教人士,假定在他们的布道或以其他方式限制他们的听众,从教堂的什一税付款。 And since it is not enough to abstain from evil unless good is done, we enjoin on all religious, invoking the divine judgment and under threat of eternal malediction, that whenever they preach to the people on the first, fourth and last Sundays of Lent, and on the feasts of the Ascension of the Lord, Pentecost, the Birthday of blessed John the Baptist, the Assumption and the Birthday of the most blessed virgin Mary, the mother of God, they take care to exhort their hearers expressly, if required by the rectors or vicars of the churches or those taking their place, and also to inform the consciences of their penitents in confession, that they have the obligation to pay tithes.投弃权票,从邪恶的,除非是做了很好的,因为它是不够的,我们责成对所有宗教,调用神圣的判断和永恒的诅咒的威胁下,每当他们在第一,第四和最后一个星期日四旬期人民宣讲,主升天,圣灵降临节,生日祝福施洗约翰,假设和最圣母玛利亚,天主之母的生日宴上,他们照顾他们的听众明确告诫,如果需要的话校长或教堂或自己的位置,也教区牧师通知,在忏悔自己的悔罪的良心,他们有责任支付什一税。 If the religious knowingly evade this duty in their sermons on the above-mentioned days, they are to receive a severe rebuke from their superiors.如果宗教故意逃避他们的布道,这个责任对上述天,他们收到来自上级的一个严重的训斥。

We also strictly command the superiors, in virtue of holy obedience, to enact laws in accordance with which they may so severely punish transgressors that their punishment may be an example for others.我们还严格命令的上司,凭借神圣服从,按照制定的法律,他们可能严惩违规者,他们的处罚,可能是为他人的例子。The constitution of our predecessor of happy memory pope Gregory IX, dealing with this matter, is to remain in full force.我们的快乐记忆罗马教皇格雷戈里九的前身宪法,处理这个问题,是保持充分的效力。Those who knowingly have neglected to inform the consciences of penitents with regard to payment of these tithes, are automatically to remain suspended from preaching until they inform the consciences of their penitents, if they can conveniently do this.这些人明知而忽视了通知关于支付这些什一税的悔罪者的良心,自动继续暂停从说教,直到他们通知其悔罪的良心,如果他们可以方便地做到这一点。 They are to incur automatic excommunication if they presume to preach without atoning for their neglect as above.他们承担自动逐出教会,如果他们假定没有为自己而忽视上述赎罪宣讲。We do not however wish this to apply to the religious of monasteries, or the rectors of churches, who are in receipt of tithes.但是我们不希望这适用于宗教寺庙或教堂,在收到的什一税的校长。

Rash violators of the constitution which forbids religious and secular clerics to induce anyone to vow, swear, pledge or otherwise promise that they will choose a burial place beside their churches or, having made this choice, that they will not alter it, incur automatically the same sentence of excommunication (the penalty in the said constitution is to remain in force); they are not to be absolved except by the apostolic see, except at the moment of death, notwithstanding any privileges or statutes of whatever tenor.皮疹违反宪法禁止的宗教和世俗的神职人员诱使任何人发誓,发誓,质押或其他承诺,他们会选择他们的教堂旁边的埋葬地点,并在作出这样的选择,他们不会改变它,自动产生相同的句子被逐出教会(中说,宪法是仍然有效的惩罚),它们不是被判决除了使徒见,但在死亡的那一刻,尽管任何特权或任何男高音法规。

[36]. [36]。Grave complaint has been made to us by prelates that certain nobles and temporal lords, when their territory has been laid under ecclesiastical interdict, have masses and other divine offices celebrated publicly and solemnly not only in the chapels of their houses, but also in collegiate churches and other churches of prominent places.墓的投诉一直是由主教某些贵族和时间领主,当其领土内已奠定教会的阻截下,有广大人民群众和其他神圣办事处公开庆祝,不仅在自己的房子的教堂,并郑重向我们提出,但在合议教堂和其他教会的显眼地方。 They invite and, what is worse, sometimes compel now these, now those, to celebrate the offices.他们邀请和,更糟的是,有时会迫使现在这些,现在这些,为庆祝办事处。Not content with these excesses, they have people summoned, even those under interdict, by the ringing of bells and by the public crier, to hear these masses.不与这些暴行的内容,他们已经传唤的人,即使在制止那些,钟声和市民的喊叫,听到这些群众。

Some of the lords and nobles are not afraid to order people, for the most part their own subjects, although they are publicly under excommunication and interdict, not to leave the churches while mass is being celebrated, even though the celebrants urge their departure.一些领主和贵族都不怕,为了人民,大部分自己的学科,虽然他们逐出教会和阻截下公开,群众正在庆祝时,不要离开教堂,即使监礼人,要求他们离开。 It therefore happens frequently that mass is left unfinished to the offence of God and the scandal of clergy and people.因此,它经常发生,质量是半途而废神和神职人员和人民的丑闻的罪行。In order, then, that excesses so grave may not be imitated because the transgressors are left unpunished, we excommunicate, with the approval of the sacred council, all those who shall presume to compel anyone in any way in places under interdict to celebrate the divine offices, or to summon people in the above way to hear them, especially those under excommunication or interdict. ,那么,为了如此严重,过度可能无法被模仿,因为在罪犯留下逍遥法外,我们破门,与神圣的理事会,所有这些人须推定下制止强迫任何人以任何方式,在庆祝神圣的地方批准办事处,或传召在上述方法的人听到他们的声音,尤其是那些下被逐出教会或停职。 The same penalty is imposed on those who forbid persons publicly excommunicated or under interdict to leave the church during mass when warned to do so by the celebrant, also on those publicly excommunicated and those under interdict who presume to remain in church when named by the celebrant and warned that they must leave.同样的处罚对那些禁止逐出教会公开或停职离开教堂时警告说,在大规模做证婚,公开逐出教会和下阻截那些假定留在教堂里,由礼命名时也的人并警告说,他们必须离开。 The excommunications can be remitted only by the apostolic see.excommunications可以汇往只能由使徒见。

[37]. [37]。The friars Minor receive into their churches to hear the divine offices in time of interdict brothers and sisters of the third order, instituted by blessed Francis; they are called continent or of penance.修士的未成年人接收到他们的教会停职的兄弟姐妹们的祝福弗朗西斯提起三阶时间听到神的办事处,他们被称为大陆或苦修。 Since this practice generates scandal in the minds of others who are excluded, thus debasing ecclesiastical censure and weakening the force of an interdict, we strictly forbid the friars Minor to admit henceforth in any way to their churches for the divine offices in time of interdict any of the above-mentioned persons, even if they or the friars have privileges of any kind in this matter; we in no way favour such privileges.由于这种做法产生丑闻,在其他人被排除在外,从而贬低教会的谴责和削弱力量的阻截的头脑中,我们严格禁止任何未成年人承认,在今后任何方式停职时间为神圣的办事处,其教堂的修士上述人士,即使他们的修士在这个问题上的任何特权;我们绝不赞成这样的特权。 If the friars infringe this decree, they lie under automatic excommunication, from which they can only be absolved by the Roman pontiff or, if they have made satisfaction, by the local bishops, whom we wish to act in this matter by our authority.如果修士侵犯这项法令,他们的谎言下自动逐出教会,他们只能被判决或由罗马教皇,如果他们所取得的满意度,由当地的主教,我们希望在这个问题上采取行动,我们的权力。

[38]. [38]。I came out of paradise, I said: I will water my garden of plants.我来到天堂了,我说:我将水植物的花园。Thus speaks the heavenly cultivator, who is truly the source of wisdom, God's Word, begotten by the Father from eternity, yet remaining in the Father.因此,讲天上的修炼,谁是真正的智慧,神的话语,从永恒之父的独生子,但在父亲的剩余源。In these last days, made flesh in the womb of a virgin by the operation of the holy Spirit, he went forth to the arduous work of redeeming the human race, giving himself to humanity as the model of a heavenly life.在这最后的日子里,在处女的子宫的圣灵运作的肉,他去挽救人类的艰巨工作,给自己一个天堂般的生活模式,人类。But because so often people, overcome by the anxieties of this mortal life, turned their mental gaze away from such a model, our true Solomon has made in the realm of the church militant, among other gardens, a garden of delight, far from the stormy waves of the world, in which people might devote themselves with greater peace and security to contemplating and imitating the works of the exemplar, and he himself entered this world that he might refresh it with the fertile waters of his spiritual grace and teaching.但是,由于经常的人,克服尘世的忧虑,把他们的精神凝视远离这样的模式,我们真正的所罗门在教会的激进的境界,在其他的花园,一个欢乐的花园,远离世界的风浪,在其中的人可能会投入更大的和平与安全的考虑和模仿的典范作品,而他自己进入这个世界,他可能与他的精神的风度和教学肥沃的水域,它刷新。

This garden is the holy religion of the friars Minor which, enclosed within the firm walls of regular observance, is content with God alone and is constantly enriched with fresh shoots, her sons.这个花园,是神圣的修士的未成年人,定期遵守公司的墙壁内封闭宗教,是与神单独的内容,并不断丰富与新鲜的竹笋,她的儿子。 Entering this garden, the beloved Son of God gathers the myrrh and spices of mortification and penance which by their marvellous fragrance diffuse to everyone the perfume of an attractive sanctity.走进这个花园,神的爱子集,其奇妙的香味弥漫,给大家一个有吸引力的神圣香水的屈辱和苦修的没药和香料。This is that form and rule of the heavenly life sketched by that eminent confessor of Christ, saint Francis, who taught his sons its observance by both word and example.这是天上生活的形式和规则,由著名的忏悔,基督,圣弗朗西斯字和示例,谁教他的儿子遵守勾勒。The observers of that holy rule, men of zeal and devotion, as both pupils and true sons of so great a father, aspired and still ardently aspire to observe that rule faithfully in all its purity and fullness.观察员,神圣的规则,男人的热情和奉献精神,为学生和这么伟大的父亲真正的儿子,渴望,仍然热切渴望,以观察其纯度和丰满的规则忠实。

They perceived certain particulars of which the interpretation was doubtful, and they prudently had recourse to the apostolic see for clarification.他们认为其中的解释是值得怀疑的某些细节,他们谨慎地诉诸使徒见澄清。Receiving assurance from that see, to which their very rule proclaims allegiance, they were able to serve the Lord, free from all doubt, in the fullness of charity.接收从看到,他们的统治宣布效忠的保证,他们能在丰满的慈善机构,成为所有疑问的主,自由。Several Roman pontiffs, our predecessors, rightfully heeded their pious and just requests; they defined doubtful points, promulgating certain interpretations and making some concessions, as they thought good for the consciences of the friars and the purity of religious observance.几位罗马教宗,我们的前辈,理应听取他们的虔诚和公正的要求,他们定义的疑点,颁布的某些解释,并作出了一些让步,因为他们认为良好的修士的良心和宗教仪式的纯洁性。 But because there are devout consciences which very often fear sin where it does not exist, and dread any turning in the way of God, the previous clarifications have not fully quietened the consciences of all the friars.但因为有虔诚的良心,这往往害怕罪不存在,害怕任何方式在神的转折点,以前的澄清并没有完全平息的所有修士的良心。 There are still some points belonging to their rule and state of life where doubts arise, as many have often told us in public and private consistories.还有一些分属于自己的统治和生活状态产生怀疑,正如许多人经常告诉我们在公共和私人consistories。 For this reason the friars themselves have humbly entreated us to clarify opportunely the doubts which have arisen and those which may arise in the future, thus applying a remedy by the kindness of the apostolic see.由于这个原因,修士自己谦卑地恳求我们澄清适时出现的怀疑和那些在未来可能出现的的,因此适用的使徒见的恩情补救。

We have from a tender age had a warm devotion to those who profess this rule and to the whole order.我们从小小年纪就不得不向那些信奉这一规则,整个秩序的温暖奉献。Now that, though unworthy, we bear the office of universal pastor, we are the more roused to cherish them and to honour them more kindly and attentively, the more often we consider and reflect on the plentiful harvest reaped continually from their exemplary lives and wholesome teaching for the good of the universal church.现在,虽然不配,我们承担的普遍牧师的办公室,我们更激起珍惜他们,并表彰他们更亲切和用心,更多的时候我们考虑和反映好收成收获不断从自己的模范的生活和卫生教学为普世教会的利益。 Moved by the pious intentions of the petitioners, we have directed our efforts to carry out diligently what they ask.请愿虔诚的意图提出,我们有我们的努力,努力开展他们要求什么。We have had a careful examination made of these doubts by several archbishops, bishops, masters in theology and other learned, prudent and discreet men.我们有几个大主教,主教,神学的主人和其他的教训,谨慎的和谨慎的男子仔细检查这些疑虑。

At the beginning of the rule it is said: "The rule and life of the friars Minor is this, to observe the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ, by living in obedience without property and in chastity"2.在规则的开始,它是说:“修士小调的规则和生活就是这样,来观察我们的主耶稣基督的福音,服从生活没有财产和贞节”。 Also, further down: "Having completed a year of probation, let them be received to obedience, promising always to observe this life and rule"3.此外,再往下:“在完成了缓刑一年,让他们收到服从,总是有希望的观察生活和规则”3。Also, towards the end of the rule: "Let us observe poverty, humility and the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ, which we have firmly promised"4.此外,对规则:“让我们观察贫穷,谦逊和我们的主耶稣基督的福音,我们坚定承诺”4。 There was uncertainty whether the friars of the order were obliged to all the precepts and counsels of the gospel by profession of their rule.有不确定性,为了修士是否有义务向所有的戒律和福音律师界自己的统治。 Some said they were obliged to all.有人说,他们有义务。Others, however, asserted that they were obliged to three only, namely "to live in obedience, in chastity and without property", and to what was stated as obligatory in the rule.然而,其他人声称,他们有义务只有三个,即“住在没有财产的贞洁和服从,”,并作为强制性规则所述。

With regard to this article we follow in the footsteps of our predecessors and, giving this article further clarification, we answer the doubt as follows.关于这篇文章中,我们遵循前人的脚步,给这篇文章作进一步的澄清,我们回答如下的疑问。Since every determinate vow must have a defined object, he who vows to follow the rule cannot be considered obliged by his vow to those evangelical counsels which are not mentioned in the rule.由于每一个确定的誓言必须有一个明确的的对象,他发誓要遵循的规则不能被认为是他的誓言是不是在规则中提到的的那些福音派律师有义务。 And indeed this is shown to have been the intention of blessed Francis the founder, from the fact that he laid down certain counsels in the rule but omitted others.事实上,这是祝福弗朗西斯的创始人的意图,已经从事实,他奠定了一定的律师的规则,但省略了其他。For if by those words, "The rule and life of the friars Minor is this" etc. he had intended to oblige them to all the evangelical counsels, it would have been superfluous and futile to include some of them and not others.如果那些话,“修士小调的规则和生活,是这个”等,他本来打算迫使他们所有的福音派律师,已经多余和徒劳的,包括其中一些,而不是其他。

However, since the nature of a restrictive term demands the exclusion of everything foreign to it but includes everything belonging to it, we declare that the friars are bound by the profession of their rule not only to those three vows simply and solely, but also to everything related to them expressed in the rule itself.然而,由于限制性的长期性质,要求给它的一切外国的排斥,但包括属于它的一切,我们宣布的修士由他们统治的行业,不仅简单,仅这三个誓言的约束,但也一切有关他们对规则本身。 For if the friars were obliged to observe the three vows precisely and no more, in their promise to observe the rule by living in "obedience, chastity and without property", and not also to observe everything contained in the rule that is relevant to those vows, then the words "I promise to observe always this rule" would be useless, as implying no obligation.准确,没有更多的修士有义务遵守中美三个誓言,在自己的承诺,以观察在“服从,贞洁,没有财产”的生活规则,而不是更要遵守规则中的一切,是那些有关誓言,然后改为“我的承诺,始终遵​​守这个规则”将是无用的,因为这意味着没有义务。 We must not think, however, that blessed Francis intended to impose on those who profess this rule the same obligation regarding everything in the rule relating to the three vows, or anything else contained in the rule.但是,我们绝不能认为,祝福弗朗西斯打算强加给那些信奉这一规则相同的义务有关的三个誓言规则,或任何其他规则中的一切。 Rather, he made a clear distinction: in some matters his words imply that transgression is a mortal sin, in others not, since he applies to some the word "precept" or its equivalent, while elsewhere he is content to use other expressions.相反,他作出了明确的区分:有些事情,他的话意味着越轨是一个弥天大罪,而不是其他人,因为他适用于一些字的“戒律”或同等学历,而在其他地方,他是使用其他表达式内容。

Besides those things laid down in the rule expressly in words of precept or exhortation or admonition, there are some things in the imperative mood in either a negative or an affirmative form.除了在规则中明确言教或劝诫或告诫的话放下那些东西,有祈使语气有些事情在任何一个否定或肯定的形式。Concerning these, there has been up to now some doubt as to whether they are of precept.关于这些,已经被现在有些怀疑他们是否是言教。This doubt is not made less but rather increased by the declaration of our predecessor pope Nicholas III' of happy memory, that the friars are obliged by rule to those evangelical counsels which the rule expresses in form of precept or prohibition or equivalent words and, in addition, to the observance of everything that the rule imposes in words of obligation.这无疑是不是减少而是增加我们的前任教皇尼古拉三世“的快乐记忆的声明,是由规则的修士有义务福音律师该规则的信条或禁止或相同的单词的形式表示,在此外,遵守一切规则规定的义务的话。 The friars therefore begged that we would, for their peace of conscience, graciously define which of these matters should be considered equivalent to precepts and obligatory.因此,修士恳求,我们会为他们的良心和平,慷慨地定义这些事项应被视为等同于观念和强制性。We therefore, delighted by their sincerity of conscience, observing that in matters affecting salvation the safer path is to be taken in order to avoid grave remorse of conscience, say that, although the friars are not obliged to observe everything expressed by the rule in the imperative mood in the way that they are obliged to observe matters which are explicitly or equivalently of precept, it is right for them, if they are to observe the rule strictly in its purity, to acknowledge that they are bound to observe in this way the injunctions noted below.因此,我们很高兴自己的良心的诚意,观察,更安全的路径,在影响的救恩是要采取,以避免严重的良心自责,说的修士,虽然不一定要遵守所有规则中的表达祈使语气中,他们有义务遵守事项明确或等价的信条,它是适合他们,如果他们要严格遵守的规则,在其纯度承认,他们必然要以这种方式观察指出下面的禁令。

In order to summarise these things which appear equivalent to precepts, in virtue of the words or at least of the subject-matter, or of both, we declare the following to be of obligation for the friars, as expressed in the rule: not having more tunics than one "with a hood, and one without a hood"2, not wearing shoes, and not riding a horse except in case of necessity; that the friars "wear cheap clothes"5; that they fast "from the feast of all saints to Christmas"6 and on Fridays; that "clerics recite the divine office according to the rite of the holy Roman church"7; that ministers and guardians take great care "of the needs of the sick and of the friars' clothing"8, that, "if a friar falls ill, the other friars are to wait on him"9; that "the friars are not to preach in the diocese of a bishop when he has forbidden them this"; that "nobody ventures at all to preach to the people unless he has been examined, approved and appointed for this by the minister general" or by others having authority according to the aforesaid declaration; that "friars who know that they cannot observe the rule in detail, may and should have recourse to their ministers"3; and everything laid down in the rule regarding the form of the habit of both novices and professed friars, the manner of reception, and profession, except for the habit of novices with regard to those admitting them (here the rule which says "according to God it may seem otherwise"4 may be followed).为了总结出现相当于戒律的美德的话,或至少的标的物,或两者,这些东西,我们声明如下规则中所表达的修士,义务:没有更多长袍的修士“穿便宜的衣服”;比一“,与引擎盖,引擎盖没有一个”2,不穿的鞋子,而不是骑在必要的情况下除外马,快“的盛宴圣诞节圣人“,上周五;,”教士背诵神圣办公室根据罗马教会的仪式“7;部长和监护人采取非常谨慎”生病和修士服装的需求,“ 8,说,“如果一个修道士生病,其他修士等待他为”9“的修士在教区主教讲道时,他已经禁止他们这种”说:“在所有无人企业来宣扬的人,除非他已审查,批准并为此通过的部长一般“或其他有权威的上述声明任命;,”修士懂得,他们可以不遵守详细的规则,可能和应该有“3和规则对于初学者和宣称的修士,接待方式,和职业的习惯的形成,除了新手方面承认他们的习惯,放下一切(这里求助于他们的部长说:“根据神,否则它可能看起来”5月4日应遵循的规则)。

The order generally has judged, holds and has held from of old that wherever in the rule there occurs the words "they shall be bound", there is a precept and the friars ought to act as bound by precept.为了普遍判断,持有并已经从旧规则中的任何地方发生的话“,他们应受其约束”,有一个信条和修士应该作为戒律约束。

The confessor of Christ, when prescribing the practice of the friars and their ministers in relation to the reception of those entering the order, said in the rule: "The friars and their ministers shall take care not to be solicitous about their temporal goods, but leave them free to do with them whatever the Lord inspires them to do; the ministers may have leave, however, to send them to some God-fearing men, if counsel be needed, who may advise them how to give their goods to the poor"5.基督的忏悔,处方在输入订单的接收方济各会士和他们的部长的做法时,在规则中说:“方济各会士和他们的部长应照顾不殷勤是他们的颞货物,但让他们自由地与他们做任何主启发他们做;部长们可能已经离开,但是,送他们到一些敬畏上帝的男人,如果律师是必要的,他们可能会建议他们如何让自己的商品向穷人“5。 Many of the friars were uncertain, and still are, whether they may receive anything from those who enter, if it is given; whether they may without fault persuade them to give to individuals and friaries; and whether the ministers themselves or the friars ought to give advice concerning the disposal of property, when there are other suitable advisers to whom the entrants can be sent.许多修士是不确定的,仍然是,是否可能会收到来自那些进入,如果它是什么东西;它们是否可能无过错说服他们,给个人和friaries;不论是部长或自己的修士应该提供有关财产处置的意见,当有其他合适的顾问参赛者可以发送。 We observe attentively that saint Francis intended to banish from his disciples, whose rule he had based on a very strict poverty, all affection for the temporal goods of those entering the order, especially in using the above words in order that, on the part of the friars, reception into the order might appear holy and pure.我们留心观察,圣弗朗西斯打算从他的弟子,其统治,他有一个非常严格的贫困,所有的亲情输入订单的时间商品,放逐,特别是在使用上面的字,部分为了修士,接收到的顺序可能出现的圣洁和纯净。

They should be seen to have no eye to their temporal goods, but only to deliver the novices up to the divine service.应该看到他们没有眼睛颞货物,但只提供新手神圣的服务。We say that both ministers and friars ought to abstain from persuasion to give them the property, and also from advice as to its distribution.我们说,部长和修士都应该投弃权票,从说服,给他们的财产,也从分布的意见。They should send those who seek counsel to God-fearing men of another state, not to friars.他们应该发送那些寻求律师对上帝的敬畏另一国的人,不修士。In this way all will see them truly as zealous and perfect observers of their father's sound tradition.这样会看到他们真正为他们的父亲的声音传统的热忱和完善观察员。Since however the rule itself wishes those entering to be free to do as the Lord inspires concerning their property, it does not seem unlawful for the friars to receive something, in view of their needs and in accordance with the aforesaid declaration, if the entrant freely wishes to give it, as he would to other poor people by way of alms.既然但是规则本身希望进入主激发了他们的财产,它不似乎非法的修士接受的东西,在他们的需求,并按照上述声明,如果参赛者自由希望给它,因为他会到其他穷人施舍的方式。 The friars however do well to take care, in accepting such offerings, that they do not create an unfavourable impression by the amount they receive.修士但是做得很好的照顾,在接受这种产品,他们收到的金额不利的印象,他们不创造。

The rule says that "those who have promised obedience should have one tunic with a hood, and another without a hood, those who wish to have it"; also, that "all the friars should wear cheap clothes"' .规则说,承诺服从那些“应该有没有引擎盖引擎盖与外套,另外,那些希望”;也说:“所有的修士应穿便宜的衣服”。We have declared that the said words are equivalent to precepts.我们已经宣布,该说的话是相当于戒律。In order to express this more clearly, however, we say that it is not lawful to have more tunics, except when this is necessary in accordance with the rule, as our said predecessor has more fully explained.为了更清楚地表达了这个,但是,我们说这是不合法,有更多的外衣,除非在有需要时按照规则,我们说的前身有更充分的解释,。 As for the poverty of the clothes, both of the habit and of the inner clothing, it is to be judged in relation to the customs and observances of the country, as to the colour of the cloth and the price.至于贫困的衣服的习惯和服装的内在,它是在关系到国家的风俗和纪念活动,以布的颜色和价格,来进行判断。There cannot be one standard for every region.不能有每个地区的标准之一。We think that this poverty in dress should be entrusted to the judgment of the ministers and guardians; they must form their own consciences, but see to it that poverty in dress is maintained.我们认为这在着装上的贫困,应委托部长和监护人的判决,就必须形成自己的良心,但看到它,在着装上的贫困是维护。 In the same way we leave it to the judgment of the ministers and guardians as to when the friars have need to wear shoes.我们以同样的方式离开,当修士都需要穿鞋的部长和监护人的判决。

The rule refers to two periods: "from the feast of all saints until Christmas", and especially in Lent, when the friars are obliged to fast.的规则,是指两个时期:“直到圣诞节所有圣人的盛宴”,尤其是在封斋期,当修士都必须快速。We find inserted in the rule: "at other times they are not obliged to fast, with the exception of Fridays"3.我们发现在插入规则:“在其他时间,他们没有义务要快,除周五外,”3。From these statements some have concluded that the friars are not obliged to observe any other fasts except from propriety.从这些语句已经结束,不须遵守任何其他斋戒,除了从礼的修士。We declare that they are not obliged to fast at other times except at the times established by the church.我们声明,他们没有义务除由教会设立的时代,在其他时间快速。For it is not probable that either he who instituted the rule or he who confirmed it intended to dispense the friars from observing the fasting days to which the general law of the church obliges other Christians.它的可能性不大,无论是他制定的规则或他证实,它打算免除的修士,从观察到教会的一般法律规定,其他基督徒空腹天。

When St Francis, wishing his friars to be completely detached from money, commanded "firmly all the friars not to accept money in any manner, either directly or through some other person"4, this same predecessor of ours, in his interpretation, defined the cases and the ways in which the friars cannot and ought not to be called receivers of money against the rule and sincerity of their order.圣弗朗西斯,希望他的修士完全分离钱,吩咐:“所有的修士坚决不接受任何方式的钱,直接或通过其他人”,我们这个相同的前身,他的解释,定义案件和方式的修士不能和不应该被称为对规则和诚意,他们的订单的钱的接收器。 We declare that the friars must take the greatest care that they have no recourse to those who give money or their agents in ways other than those defined by our said predecessor, lest they deservedly be called transgressors of the precept and rule.我们申报的修士必须采取谨慎,他们没有诉诸那些给钱或他们的代理人,在那些比我们的定义说,前任的其他方式,以免他们当之无愧地被称为信条和规则的违规。 For when there is a general prohibition, anything not expressly granted is understood to be refused.时,有一个普遍禁止,未明确授予的任何被理解为拒绝。For this reason, all collection of money and acceptance of offerings in church or elsewhere, boxes for storing offerings or gifts of money, and any other recourse to money or those who have it which is not allowed by the said declaration, is, we say, completely and absolutely forbidden.出于这个原因,所有的钱,在教堂或其他地方的产品接受的收集,存储产品或礼金盒,和任何其他金钱或诉诸那些没有被允许上述声明,是的,我们说,完全和绝对禁止的。

Recourse to special friends is expressly allowed in only two cases, according to the rule.明确允许诉诸特别的朋友,只有两种情况,根据规则。These are "the needs of the sick and the clothing of the friars"'.这些“病人和修士服装的需求”。Our said predecessor kindly and wisely extended this permission, in view of their needy life, to other wants of the friars which can occur or even be pressing when there are no alms.我们表示善意和明智的前身延长此权限,在他们的贫困生活,希望其他可能发生或者甚至被按下时,有没有施舍的修士。The friars however are to observe that for no other reasons except the above or those of a similar kind, may they have recourse to such friends, either on the road or elsewhere, whether their friends themselves give the money or their representatives, messengers or trustees, whatever name they are given, even if the ways granted by the above declaration are entirely observed.修士但是没有其他的原因,除上述或类似的观察,他们可能会诉诸这样的朋友,无论是在道路上或其他地方,自己的朋友是否把钱或他们的代表,使者或受托人任何名义给他们,即使上述声明授予的方式是完全遵守。

The confessor of Christ wished above all that those who professed his rule should be completely detached from love and desire of earthly things, and in particular from money and its use, as is proved by his constantly repeating in the rule the prohibition of accepting money.基督的忏悔,希望所有那些自称他的统治应完全分离的热爱和渴望地上的事,特别是从资金及其使用,是他不断重复规则禁止接受金钱证明。 When, therefore, the friars need, for the reasons mentioned above, to have recourse to those who have money, destined for their needs, whether they are their principal benefactors or their envoys, these friars should so behave in the eyes of all as to show that they are completely unconcerned as regards money, as indeed it does not belong to them.时,因此,修士需要,上述原因,诉诸那些有钱的人,注定他们的需要,无论是其主要的恩人或他们的特使,这些修士应如此表现在所有的眼睛,表明他们是完全漠不关心,至于钱的,因为它确实不属于他们。 Therefore such actions as to order that the money be spent and in what way, to exact an account, to ask for the return of the money in any way, to put it away or have it put away, and to carry a money-box or its key, are unlawful for the friars.因此,这种行动,为了使花的钱,以及以何种方式,确切的帐户,要求以任何方式返回的钱,把它剥夺或有它放好,并进行一个钱盒或它的关键,是非法的修士。 These actions belong properly to the owners who gave the money and to their agents.这些行动属于正常是谁给了钱的业主和他们的代理人。

When the saint expressed the manner of the friars' poverty in the rule, he said: "The friars should make nothing their own, neither house nor land nor anything, but go confidently to seek alms as pilgrims and strangers serving the Lord in poverty and humility"2.当圣人的表达方式的修士“在规则中的贫困,他说:”修士应该没有自己的,既没有房子也没有土地也没有什么,但理直气壮地去寻求作为主服务于贫困的朝圣者和陌生人施舍谦逊“2。 This is also the renunciation defined by certain of our predecessors as Roman pontiffs, to be understood both specifically and in general.这也是我们的某些前辈定义为罗马教宗的放弃,专门和一般理解。These pontiffs have therefore accepted for themselves and for the Roman church the absolute ownership of everything granted, offered or given to the friars, leaving them simply the right of use.因此,这些教宗已接受为自己和罗马教会的绝对所有权授​​予的一切,提供或给予的修士,离开他们只是使用权。Yet we have been asked to examine certain practices that are said to go on in the order and seem repugnant to the vow of poverty and the sincerity of the order.然而,我们一直要求审查的某些做法,是说去的顺序,似乎令人反感的贫困和秩序的诚意的誓言。

The following are the practices which we believe are in need of remedy.以下是我们认为需要补救的做法。The friars not only allow themselves to inherit, but even bring this about.的修士,不仅让自己继承,而且甚至会带来这篇文章。They sometimes accept annual revenues so high that the friaries concerned can live completely on them.他们有时会接受如此之高,完全可以住在他们的friaries的年收入。When their affairs, even of a temporal kind, are debated in the courts, they assist the advocates and procurators; in order to encourage them, they present themselves in person.当他们的事务,甚至一个时间的一种,是在法庭辩论,他们协助倡导者和检察官,为了鼓励他们,他们亲自出席。They accept the office of executor of wills and carry it out.他们接受的遗嘱执行人的办公室,并抓好落实。They sometimes meddle with settlements involving usury or unjust acquisition and the restitution to be made.他们有时会插手涉及高利贷或不公正的收购和将要作出的的归还的定居点。Sometimes they have not only extensive gardens but also large vineyards, from which they collect great quantities of vegetables and wine to sell.有时候,他们不仅广泛花园也大葡萄园,从他们收集大量出售的蔬菜和葡萄酒。 At the time of harvest they collect so much corn and wine by begging or buying, storing them in their cellars and granaries, that they can live off them without begging for the rest of the year.在收获时,他们收集这么多的玉米和酒乞讨或购买,储存在他们的酒窖,粮仓,他们可以过他们没有在今年余下时间的乞讨生活。 They build churches or other edifices, or have them built, of such size, style and costliness that they seem to be the abodes of the wealthy not of the poor.他们建教堂或其他华厦,或内置有这样的规模,风格和高价,他们似乎要的富人没有穷人的住所。The friars in very many places have so many church ornaments and so obviously precious ones as to surpass in this the great cathedrals.在很多地方的修士有这么多的教堂饰物,如此明显宝贵的超越在这个伟大的大教堂。They also accept indiscriminately horses and arms offered to them at funerals.他们还接受胡乱马匹和武器提供给他们在葬礼上。

Yet the community of friars, and in particular the rulers of the order, asserted that the above abuses, or most of them, did not exist in the order and any friars found guilty in such matters are punished rigorously.然而,修士,特别是统治者为了社会断言,上述虐待,或其中最重要的,根本不存在的顺序和任何修士发现在这些问题上犯严格处罚。 Moreover, very strict laws were passed long ago in the order to prevent such abuses.此外,不久前通过非常严格的法律,为了防止此类侵权行为。Wishing, therefore, to provide for the consciences of the friars and to remove, as far as we can, all doubt from their hearts, we give the following replies.因此,许愿,为的修士的良心,并删除,我们可以尽可能的是,他们心中的所有疑问,我们给予以下答复。

For a way of life to be authentic, outward actions must correspond to the interior attitude of mind.对于生活是真实的方式的,向外的行动必须符合室内态度的心态。The friars, therefore, who have torn themselves away from temporal possessions by so great a renunciation, must abstain from all that is or may seem to be contrary to that renunciation.修士,因此,有撕裂自己放弃如此巨大的时间的财产,必须放弃所有或可能似乎相反,放弃。Now, heirs acquire not only use of their inheritance but, in time, ownership also, and the friars cannot acquire anything for themselves in particular or for their order in general.现在,收购的继承人不是只使用他们的继承,但是,在时间上,所有权也和修士不能获得为自己在特定的或任何他们在一般的顺序。 We therefore declare that the absoluteness of their vow renders the friars altogether incapable of such inheritance, which of its nature extends both to money and to other movable and immovable goods.因此,我们宣布,他们发誓绝对呈现的修士完全不能这样的继承,其性质,金钱和其他动产和不动产。 Nor may they allow themselves to be left or accept as a legacy the value of such inheritance, or a great part of it, so that it could be presumed that this was done by deceit; indeed, we absolutely forbid this.不得让自己留下,或接受一个这样的继承遗产的价值,或它的很大一部分,因此它可以推定,这是欺骗做,事实上,我们绝对禁止。

Since annual revenues are considered by law as immovable goods, and are contrary to poverty and mendicancy, there is no doubt that the friars may not accept or have revenues of any kind, given their state of life, just as they may not have possessions or even their use, since this use is not granted to them.年收入被认为是法律作为不动产,并违反贫困和行乞,是毫无疑问的修士可能不接受或任何形式的收入,他们的生活状态,就像他们可能没有财产或甚至他们的使用,因为这种使用未授予他们。

Further, not only what is known to be evil, but also everything which has the appearance of evil, should be specially avoided by perfect men.此外,不仅什么是已知的恶,而且一切邪恶的外观,应特别避免以完美的男人。Now, to be present in court and urge their case, when the law is concerned with matters of advantage to them, leads people to believe from external appearances that the friars present are seeking something as their own.现在,目前在法庭上,并敦促他们的情况下,当法律与关心他们的优势,事项,导致人们认为修士目前正在寻求自己的东西的外表。 In no way, therefore, ought the friars who profess this rule and vow, to meddle in legal processes in such courts.没有办法,因此,应当信奉这一规则,誓要的修士们,染指这些法院的法律程序。

By abstention they will be thought well of by outsiders, and they will live up to the purity of their vow and avoid scandal to their neighbour.通过投弃权票,他们将被认为是良好的外人,他们将不辜负他们的誓言的纯度,避免丑闻,他们的邻居。Indeed, the friars are to be complete strangers not only to the acceptance, possession, ownership or use of money, but even to any handling of it, as our said predecessor has repeatedly and clearly said in his interpretation of the rule.事实上,修士都不仅要接受,持有,拥有或使用的资金,但任何处理甚至完全陌生的,因为我们说,前任多次明确表示,他对规则的解释。 Also, the members of this order cannot go to law for any temporal thing.此外,这种秩序的成员不能诉诸法律为任何时间的事情。The friars may therefore not lend themselves to such legal processes, but rather consider them forbidden by the purity of their state, because these activities cannot be concluded without litigation and the management or administration of money.的修士,因此可能不适合这样的法律进程,而是考虑禁止其状态的纯度,诉讼和管理或管理的资金,因为这些活动不能没有结束。 Nevertheless they do not act in a manner contrary to their state if they give advice for the execution of these affairs, since this advice does not confer upon them any jurisdiction or legal authority or administration with regard to temporal goods.然而他们不采取行动的方式相反的状态,如果他们给这些事务的执行的意见,因为这个建议并没有赋予他们任何司法管辖区或颞货物方面的法律或行政管理局。

Certainly it is not only lawful but very reasonable that the friars who devote themselves to the spiritual works of prayer and study should have gardens and open spaces for recollection and recreation, and sometimes in order to provide a bodily distraction after their spiritual labours, as also to cultivate vegetables for their needs.当然,它不仅是合法的,但非常合理的修道士潜心祈祷和研究的精神工程,应该有回忆和娱乐的花园和空地,有时为了提供身体撑开后,他们的精神劳作,也培养他们的需要的蔬菜。 To keep gardens, however, in order to cultivate vegetables and other garden produce for sale, and vines likewise, is inconsistent with the rule and purity of their order.然而,要保持花园,以培养蔬菜及其他园艺产品销售和藤蔓,同样,是与它们的顺序规则和纯度不一致。Our said predecessor has declared and also ordained that if, for this kind of use, someone were to leave a field or a vineyard or something of this nature to the friars, they should refrain absolutely from accepting it, since to have such things in order to receive the price of the produce in season is similar to having an income.我们说,已宣布的前身,也受戒,这种使用,如果有人要离开一个领域或一个葡萄园或这修士的性质的东西,他们应避免完全接受,因为有这样的事情,以接收季节生产的价格是类似的收入。

Again, saint Francis has shown, both by the example of his life and by the words of his rule, that he wishes his brothers and sons, relying on divine providence, to cast their burden on the Lord, who feeds the birds of the air, which neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns.同样,圣弗朗西斯已经表明,他的生活的例子,他的统治的话,他希望他的兄弟和儿子,依靠神圣的普罗维登斯,投他们的负担,对主,谁送入空中的鸟,这既不母猪也没有收获也没有收集到谷仓。 It is not likely, then, that he would have wished them to have granaries or wine-cellars, when they hope to live by daily begging.,那么,这是不太可能,他会希望他们有粮仓或酒窖,当他们希望生活每天乞讨。And for that reason they should not lay by provisions from some slight fear, but only when it is very probable from experience that they will not otherwise find the necessities of life.出于这个原因,他们不应该躺在由一些轻微的恐惧的规定,但只有当它是从经验中很可能,否则他们不会找到生活的必需品。We therefore consider that the decision should be left to the consciences of the ministers and guardians, both as a body and separately in their offices and guardianships, acting with the advice and consent of the guardian and two discreet older priests from a house of the order in the area.因此,我们认为,决定应留给部长和监护人,作为一个机构,并分别在他们的办公室和guardianships,良心的意见和监护人的同意和谨慎的两个年纪较大的祭司从秩序的房子在该地区。

The saint wished to establish his friars in the greatest poverty and humility, both in inclination and in fact, as practically the whole rule proclaims.圣希望建立在最贫穷和谦卑,无论是在倾斜而事实上,他的修士,因为实际上整个规则宣布。It is only right, then, that they should in no way build, or allow to be built, churches or edifices of any kind which, in relation to the numbers of friars living there, might be considered excessive in number or in size.这是唯一正确的,那么,他们应该在没有办法的基础上,或允许兴建,教堂或任何一种,与生活在那里的修士,的数字可能被认为在数量上还是在规模过度大厦。 We therefore wish that, everywhere in the order, the friars should be satisfied with buildings which are modest and humble, lest outward appearances, which strike the eye, should contradict the great poverty promised by the heart.因此,我们希望,无处不在的顺序,应该是满意的修士是温和和谦逊的与建筑物,以免罢工的眼睛,外表,应心承诺相抵触的极度贫困。

Although church ornaments and vessels are ordained to the honour of God's name, for which purpose God created everything, yet he who discerns what is secret looks chiefly at the heart of those who serve him, not at their hands.虽然教会的装饰品和船只被祝圣的神的名字,为此目的,上帝创造了一切荣誉,但他谁辨别什么是秘密的,看起来主要是在那些为他服务的心脏,而不是在他们的手,的。 He does not wish to be served through things which jar with the professed life-style of his servants.他不希望通过东西哪个JAR,与他的仆人自称生活方式。The friars should therefore be content with vessels and church ornaments which are seemly in appearance and sufficient in size and number.的修士,因此,应得体的外观和在规模和数量足够的船只和教会饰物的内容。

Excess, costliness or over-elaboration in these or in anything else does not become the friars' profession or state of life.过剩,高价或在这些或在其他任何过度的阐述不成为修士“的职业或生活状态。Everything which smacks of treasure and abundance detracts, in the eyes of people, from the profession of such great poverty.一切珍惜和丰富之嫌削弱,在人们的眼中,从如此巨大的贫困行业。We therefore wish and command the friars to observe what we have said.因此,我们希望和命令观察我们所说的修士。

As for the presents of horses and arms, we decree that everywhere and in everything the aforesaid declaration concerning alms of money be observed.至于马匹和武器的礼物,我们的法令,无处不在,一切的上述声明,关于钱的施舍观察。

From the above matters, however, there has arisen among the friars an uneasy question, namely, whether their rule obliges them to a strict and meagre use of things.然而,从上述事项,有之间的修士出现不安的问题,即,无论他们的统治,要求他们严格的事情和微薄的使用。Some of the friars believe and say that, just as they are vowed to a very strict renunciation of ownership, they are also enjoined the greatest restraint in the use of things.有些人认为的修士说,就像他们发誓要非常严格的所有权放弃,他们也受命在使用的东西最大的克制。Other friars on the contrary assert that by their profession they are not obliged to any restrained use that is not expressed in the rule; they are however obliged to a temperate use, in the same way as other Christians and even more fittingly.相反其他修士断言,他们的职业,他们没有义务向任何克制的使用,是不是在规则中表示,然而,他们不得不到温带使用,在同样的方式与其他基督徒,更恰当。 Wishing, then, to give peace to the friars' consciences and to put an end to these disputes, we declare that the friars Minor in professing their rule are obliged specially to the strict and restrained use expressed in the rule.许愿,然后,给和平的修士“良心和制止这些争端,我们宣布,未成年人自称自己的统治的修士必须特别严格克制使用规则表示。 To say, however, as some are said to assert, that it is heretical to hold that a restricted use of things is or is not included in the vow of evangelical poverty, this we judge to be presumptuous and rash.说,然而,正如一些人断言,它是异端邪说,认为限制使用的东西是不包括在福音贫困的誓言,我们判断,放肆和皮疹。

Finally, when the rule states by whom and where the minister general should be elected, it makes no mention at all of the election or appointment of provincial ministers.最后,当规则规定由谁来部长一般应选,它使没有提及在省部长的选举或任命的所有。There can arise some uncertainty among the friars on this point.之间的修士在这一点上可能会出现一些不确定性。We wish them to be able to go forward with clarity and security in all they do.我们希望他们能够向前去与他们的清晰度和安全。 We therefore declare, decree and ordain in this constitution of perpetual validity, that when a province is to be provided with a minister, his election belongs to the provincial chapter.因此,我们宣布,法令和出家在此永久有效的宪法,部长提供一个省时,他的当选属于省级章。It shall hold the election the day after assembling.应举行选举后的第二天组装。The confirmation of the election belongs to the minister general.选举确认属于部长一般。If this election is made by ballot, and the votes are divided in such a way that several ballots are made without agreement, then the choice made by the numerical majority of the chapter (leaving aside considerations of zeal or merit), notwithstanding objections of any kind from the other side, is to be confirmed or invalidated by the minister general.如果这次选举是由抽签票分为几个选票没有达成任何协议,在这样一个方式,然后选择数值的章节的大部分(撇开热情或择优考虑),尽管任何反对意见从对方的一种,是被证实或由部长一般无效。 Having first given careful consideration to the matter, in accordance with his office, he shall take counsel with discreet members of the order, so that a decision is made which is pleasing to God.他首先仔细考虑的问题,按照他的办公室,,应采取谨慎成员顺序律师,因此作出决定,这是神所喜悦的。

If the minister general invalidates the election, the provincial chapter shall vote again.如果部长一般的选举无效,省章应重新表决。If the chapter does not elect its minister on the day mentioned, the minister general shall freely provide a provincial minister.如果本章不选择在上述日期的部长,部长一般不得随意提供一个省部长。There are, however, certain provinces -- Ireland, Greece and Rome -- which are said to have had until now, for just reasons, another way of providing the provincial minister.然而,有一些省份 - 爱尔兰,希腊和罗马 - 这是说,到现在为止,只是原因,有另一种方式提供的省部长。In these cases, if the minister general and the general chapter judge, with good reason, that the provincial minister should be appointed by the minister general, with the advice of good religious of the order, rather than by the election of the provincial chapter, this shall be done without dispute for the provinces of Ireland, Rome and Greece when the previous provincial minister dies or is relieved of office on this side of the sea; there shall be no deceit, partiality or fraud, the burden resting on the consciences of those who decide the appointment.在这种情况下,如果部长和一般的很好的理由,省部长,部长一般应任命,与良好的秩序宗教的意见,而不是由选举省章,章法官,这应不为爱尔兰,罗马和希腊时,以前的省部长死亡或者被解除海的这一边的办公室省的争议;应当有没有欺骗,偏袒或欺诈,休息的良心的负担那些决定任命。 As for the dismissal of provincial ministers, we wish the order to retain the procedure which has been customary up to now.至于省部长被解雇,我们希望为了留住已经习惯到现在的过程。

For the rest, if the friars are without a minister general, his duties shall be carried out by the vicar of the order until there is a new minister general.对于剩下的,如果没有一个部长一般的修士,他的职责应当由副主教的顺序进行,直到有一个新的部长一般。Further, if there be any attempted violation of this decree concerning the provincial minister, such action shall be automatically null and void.此外,如果有任何企图违反本​​有关省部长的法令,这种行动应自动无效。

Let nobody therefore 因此让任何人 If anyone however '如果任何人都不过 “


  1. 16 May 1312, from Regestum 79525月16日第1312,从7952 Regestum

  2. The introductory address given in Regestum 9983 is omitted here because many other introductory addresses are known of (see Regestum VIII, pp. 416-420). Regestum 9983介绍地址在这里省略,因为很多其他的介绍地址是已知的(见Regestum第八章,第416-420)。Regestum gives two versions of the letter.Regestum给出了两个版本的信。The one used here as the base text (Regestum 9983) is addressed to each and all of the bishops.这里作为基础文本(Regestum 9983)一个是给每一个和所有的主教。The other is addressed to king Philip of France (= P), see Regestum 8986 (19 Dec. 1312).另一种是给法国国王菲利普(= P),看到Regestum 8986(12月19日1312)。

  3. P adds: Indeed our beloved son in Christ, Philip the illustrious king of the Franks, who together with our beloved son in Christ, Louis the illustrious king of Navarre, was present at the council, showed himself to be the most christian of princes. P补充说:事实上,在基督里,我们心爱的儿子菲利普直率显赫的国王,连同我们心爱的儿子在基督,路易显赫的国王,纳瓦拉在安理会目前,表明自己是基督教最诸侯。 He had the cause of the holy Land very much at heart.他圣地的原因很心。He burned with zeal of faith and devotion to rescue the holy Land from the hands of the impious and to right the wrongs there of him who underwent disgrace and shame for the sake of our redemption.他烧的信仰和奉献的热情抢救不虔诚手中神圣的土地和权利的是非曲直有他为了我们的救赎,谁接受耻辱和羞耻。 He so directed and still directs the desires of his heart, that he undertook in the council the business of the general crusade ordained by us intending therefore to take for a certain time the sign of the life-giving cross, with the deliberate purpose of sailing personally with his forces to the aid of the holy Land.他指示仍指示他内心的欲望,他在会中进行业务一般的远征,因此我们打算在一定时间内采取的赋予生命的跨迹象,与帆船的故意目的,受戒亲自与他的部队的援助的圣地。

  4. But actually we .但实际上我们。..holy gospels of God"] And at last, commending in the Lord this purpose of the king, so acceptable to God, we thought it fitting and most proper that we and the church ought to assist such a glorious prince in proceeding with this great enterprise. We observed especially that because the cities and other places once held by the faithful had been laid waste by the wild rage of the enemy, there was no place left to admit the champions of the faith. The enterprise would be more costly than formerly when some of the king's ancestors and other christian princes had sailed to the aid of the holy Land; then the cities and places were prosperous and could produce and admit catholic warriors. We therefore judged that the tithe for six years, namely that on the ecclesiastical revenues and incomes of France, which used to be paid in times past in that kingdom, should be granted to the king to help him in his enterprise, so that he might use it for the aid of the holy Land.圣洁的神的福音“],最后,在主赞扬本王的目的,所以接受上帝,我们认为它拟合和最适当的,我们和教会应该与这个伟大的企业出发,以协助这样一个光荣的王子我们观察到,尤其是因为一旦忠实举行的城市和其他地方已经奠定浪费敌人的狂野怒火,有没有地方承认信仰的冠军。企业将更加昂贵比以前当国王的祖先和其他基督教诸侯航行援助的圣地;。然后在城市和地方是繁荣和可能产生和承认天主教的战士,我们因此判断,在6年的什一税,即,在的教会收入和法国的收入,用于支付在时间过去,英国,应该给予国王在他的企业帮助他,让他可以使用它为圣地的援助。
    We therefore ask, admonish and exhort earnestly all our venerable brothers, the archbishops and bishops, our beloved chosen sons, the abbots, priors, deans, provosts, archdeacons, archpriests and other prelates of churches, the chapters, colleges and convents of the Cistercians, Cluniacs, Premonstratensians, of saints Benedict and Augustine, of the Carthusians, Grandmontines and other orders, and other secular and regular ecclesiastical persons, exempt and non-exempt, in the kingdom of France, with the exception only of the persons and places belonging to the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and of the other military orders, by our other letters, and also enjoining on them strictly by apostolic ordinance and in virtue of obedience, to pay the tithe, each and all of them, out of reverence for God, the apostolic see and us, for six years, which we wish to be reckoned from the next feast of blessed Mary Magdalen.因此,我们要求,告诫和劝勉我们认真所有可敬的兄弟,大主教和主教,我们敬爱的选择儿子,方丈,先验,系主任,学院院长,archdeacons,archpriests和其他主教的教堂,章熙大学和修道院,Cluniacs,Premonstratensians,Carthusians,Grandmontines和其他订单,以及其他世俗和定期的教会人士,豁免和非豁免,在法国的王国,圣本笃和奥古斯丁的唯一例外的人员和属于地方圣耶路撒冷约翰医院和其他军事订单,我们的其他字母,还责令他们严格按照使徒条例和服从的美德,支付十分之一,他们和所有的崇敬,神,使徒见和我们,为6年,我们要祝福玛丽抹大拉的下一个盛宴计算。

    We enjoin further on each archbishop and bishop to claim and collect from each and all of the abbots, priors, deans, provosts, archdeacons, archpriests and other prelates of churches, the chapters, colleges and convents, and other non-exempt secular and regular ecclesiastical persons, in their cities and dioceses, except for the persons and places of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and of the other military orders.我们责成对每个大主教和主教的进一步要求,并收集和所有的方丈,先验,系主任,学院院长,archdeacons,archpriests和其他主教的教堂,章节,高校和修道院,和其他非豁免世俗和定期教会的人,在他们的城市和教区中,除了圣耶路撒冷约翰医院的人员和场所和其他军令。 The collection is to be made directly or through other persons appointed by them in each city and diocese, from the ecclesiastical revenues and incomes, in the usual manner for the periods stated below, namely for half of the first year on the next feast of blessed Mary Magdalen and for the remaining half on the coming feast of the purification of the blessed virgin Mary, and so on for the remaining five years.收集将直接或通过他们在每个城市和教区任命的其他人员,从教会的收入和收入期间的通常的方式,下面的说明,第一年的一半,即对未来的祝福盛宴玛利亚抹大拉和对圣母玛利亚的净化盛宴,剩下的一半,而对余下的五年。

    The tithe should be collected without difficulties being made and by our authority.什一税应收集没有提出的困难和我们的权力。We empower and command, by our aforesaid letters, the persons delegated by the archbishops and bishops to make this collection, to claim and collect this tithe by our authority from the abbots, priors, deans, provosts, archdeacons, archpriests and other prelates of churches, the chapters, colleges and convents, and other exempt secular and regular ecclesiastical persons, with the exception of the persons and places of the Hospital of saint John of Jerusalem and the other military orders.我们授权和命令,我们的上述信件,由大主教和主教委派人员,使这个集合,要求我们的权力,并收集从方丈,先验,院长,学院院长,archdeacons,archpriests和其他主教的教会什一税的章节,高校和修道院,和其他豁免世俗和定期的教会人士,与圣耶路撒冷约翰医院和其他军事订单的人员和地方除外。 The tithe is to be collected for the years and periods mentioned above.十分之一是要为上面提到的这些年来,期间收集。The archbishops and bishops, as also their delegates, are to take care to transfer to you, our deputies, their own tithe and that of others as collected by themselves or their delegates for each of the six years.大主教和主教,也是他们的代表,是照顾转移到你,我们的人大代表,自己的什一税和由自己或他们的代表为每个六年收集他人的。 You are to assign the collection to the king of France or his delegate or delegates for the purpose of the crusade.你是法国国王十字军东征的目的收集或他的代表或委托指定。

    In order that you may more easily and effectively collect and assign this tithe, we grant you by the present document free and unrestricted power, in virtue of our authority, to compel the archbishops and bishops and their delegates, disregarding any appeal, to the fulfilment and collection of this tithe and its assignation, as prescribed.为了您可能会更容易,更有效地收集并分配这个十一奉献,我们授予您通过本文件的自由和不受限制的权力,凭借我们的权力,迫使大主教和主教和他们的代表,不顾任何上诉,履行和什一税和其分配的集合,如规定。 We also grant you the same full power in imparting absolution to those archbishops and bishops bound by sentences of excommunication, suspension or interdict for not paying the tithe in due time, after they have made satisfaction, and of dispensing with those bound by such sentences who have contracted irregularity by celebrating or taking part in divine worship.我们也给予你相同的完整的权力,约束在适当的时候不支付什一税被逐出教会,暂停或停职的句子的大主教和主教在传授赦免后,他们的满意度,这类句子的约束配药染上不规则庆祝或神圣的崇拜的一部分。 P P

  5. 31 December; from Regestum 998412月31日,从9984 Regestum

  6. 13 January 1313; from Regestum 89731313年1月13日,从8973 Regestum

Introduction and translation taken from Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils , ed.介绍和翻译取自法令的基督教议会 ,版。Norman P. Tanner诺曼体育唐纳

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