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Ancestor Worship is reverence granted to deceased relatives who are believed to have become powerful spiritual beings or, less frequently, to have attained the status of gods.祖先崇拜是授予那些被认为已成为强大的精神存在,或不经常,已经达到了神的地位的死者亲属的崇敬。It is based on the belief that ancestors are active members of society and are still interested in the affairs of their living relatives.它是基于对信仰的祖先是社会的积极成员,并在他们的生活亲属的事务仍然感兴趣。

The cult of ancestor worship is common, although not universal.祖先崇拜的邪教,是共同的,虽然不具有普遍性。It has been extensively documented in West African societies (the Bantu and the Shona), in Polynesia and Melanesia (the Dobu and the Manus), among several Indo-European peoples (the ancient Scandinavians, Romans, and Germans), and especially in China and Japan. In general, ancestors are believed to wield great authority, having special powers to influence the course of events or to control the well-being of their living relatives.它已被广泛记载在西非社团(班图语和绍纳语),在波利尼西亚和美拉尼西亚(Dobu和马努斯)在几个印欧人民,(古代斯堪的纳维亚人,罗马人,和德国),尤其是在中国和日本。 一般情况下,祖先被认为挥动极大的权威,具有特殊的权力来影响事件的过程中或,控制他们的生活亲戚福祉。Protection of the family is one of their main concerns. They are considered intermediaries between the supreme god, or the gods, and the people, and can communicate with the living through dreams and by possession.保护家庭是其主要关注的问题之一,他们被认为是至高无上 ​​的神,或者神,和人民之间的中介,可以通过梦想和占有与生活沟通。The attitude toward them is one of mixed fear and reverence.对他们的态度是一个混合的恐惧和敬畏。If neglected, the ancestors may cause disease and other misfortunes.如果忽略,祖先可能导致疾病和其他不幸。Propitiation, supplication, prayer, and sacrifice are various ways in which the living can communicate with their ancestors.挽回祭,祈求,祷告,和牺牲的生活与他们的祖先沟通的各种方式。

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Ancestor worship is a strong indication of the value placed on the household and of the strong ties that exist between the past and the present.祖先崇拜是对家庭的过去和现在之间存在的紧密联系的价值置于的强烈暗示。The beliefs and practices connected with the cult help to integrate the family, to sanction the traditional political structure, and to encourage respect for living elders.与邪教的信仰和做法,有利于整合家庭,制裁传统的政治结构,并鼓励对生活的长者的尊重。Some scholars have also interpreted it as a source of individual well-being and of social harmony and stability.也有的学者解释为个人福祉和社会和谐稳定的来源。Because it is practiced by family groups, ancestor worship excludes proselytizing and rarely involves a separate priesthood. It has no formal doctrines and is ordinarily an aspect of some larger religious system.祖先崇拜,因为它是实行家庭团队,不包括传教,很少涉及到一个单独的神职人员,它没有正式的教义,通常是一些较大的宗教制度的一个方面。

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