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The Haggada or Aggada (Hebrew haggâdah, from higgîdh"to relate"), in Judaism, is the body of nonlegal rabbinical lore, comprising legends, anecdotes, and parables, which exemplifies the religious and ethical principles of the traditional law compiled in the Talmud and Midrash during the first centuries of the Christian era. Haggada或Aggada(希伯来语哈加达,从higgîdh“关系”)在犹太教,nonlegal拉比的传说,包括传说,轶事,以及比喻,这体现在犹太法典汇编的传统法律的宗教和道德原则的身体米德拉士在第一世纪的基督教时代。 The Haggada is a complement to the Halakah, or legal sections of rabbinical literature. Haggada的halakah,或拉比文学的法律条文的补充。The Haggada and Halakah were set down concurrently.Haggada和Halakah同时定下。Although the Talmud contains numerous Haggadic passages, the great bulk of Haggadic lore was assembled in separate compilations known as Midrashim, that is, homiletic interpretations of the Old Testament.虽然犹太法典包含了大量的Haggadic通道,Haggadic绝杀大部分是聚集在被称为米大示,即旧约说教的解释单独的汇编。 For the most part, the oldest Midrashim reflect Halakah rather than Haggada.在大多数情况下,最古老的米大示反映Halakah比Haggada而。The greatest of the Haggadic Midrashim is the Midrash Rabbah, or Great Midrash, a verse-by-verse interpretation of the entire Pentateuch and also of the five scrolls (Esther, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs) that are read on the various Jewish holidays. Haggadic米大示最大的是米德拉士拉巴,或大米德拉士,整个pentateuch五个卷轴(以斯帖,露丝,哀歌,传道书,雅歌),阅读经文,经文解释各种犹太节日。 The Haggada is the primary source of knowledge of the theology of the ancient rabbinic Judaism. Haggada是古代拉比犹太教的神学知识的主要来源。The term Haggada denotes also the prayer books used at the Seder, or ritual dinner observed at Passover.长期Haggada表示祈祷书在家宴,或祭祀观察在逾越节的晚餐。This prayer book, besides many Psalms, reproduces extracts from the traditional Haggada chosen for their special relevance to the holiday.本祈祷书,除了许多诗篇,再现其特殊意义的假期选择了传统Haggada的提取物。

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