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During the second century, the church in Asia Minor, faced with considerable heresy, refused to recognize the validity of heretical baptism.在第二个世纪,在小亚细亚的教会,面临着相当大的异端,拒绝承认邪教洗礼的有效性。Converts to the orthodox faith from heretical groups were accordingly rebaptized.转换为信仰东正教邪教团体据此rebaptized。The church at Rome, however, took the position that the rite was valid when properly performed, ie, with the correct formula and with the right intention, despite the erroneous views of its administrator.然而,在罗马的教会仪式是有效的,正确执行时,即,用正确的公式,并与权利的意图,尽管其管理员的错误观点,所采取的立场。

In North Africa, Tertullian, then Cyprian, would not recognize the baptism of heretics.在北非,良,然后塞浦路斯,不承认异端的洗礼。Cyprian carried on a bitter controversy with Stephen, bishop of Rome, on this issue.塞浦路斯进行了一场激烈的争论与泉,罗马的主教,在这个问题上。An anonymous writing, De rebaptismate, set forth the position of the church at Rome.一位不愿透露姓名的写作,德rebaptismate,提出了在罗马的教会的立场。It made a distinction between water baptism and Spirit baptism.它提出了水的洗礼和精神的洗礼之间的区别。When a heretic was admitted to the church by the laying on of hands, the Spirit was conveyed, making further application of water unnecessary.当一个邪教组织被送往教堂,由铺设在手的精神传达了,进一步应用水不必要的。The Roman position was endorsed by the Council of Arles (314) and was championed by Augustine in his controversy with the Donatists.罗马的立场是赞同由安理会的阿尔勒(314)是由奥古斯丁在他的争议与多纳徒倡导。Its advocates could point to the fact that Scripture contained no instance of rebaptism, that the analogous rite of circumcision was not repeatable, and that the questioning of the legitimacy of heretical baptism made the efficacy of the rite depend upon man rather than God.它的倡导者可能指向的事实,圣经中没有实例rebaptism,类似的割礼仪式是不可重复的,和邪教洗礼的合法性提出质疑的仪式的疗效取决于人而不是神。 The Council of Trent, in its fourth canon on baptism, reaffirmed the Catholic position.安理会的遄达,在其上的洗礼第四佳能,重申了天主教会的立场。

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In Reformation times the Anabaptists insisted on baptism for those who had been baptized in infancy, and this has continued to be the position of the Baptist churches.再洗礼派坚持在改革时代上的洗礼,对于那些已经在婴儿受洗,这一直是浸信会教堂的位置。The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England practice what is known as conditional baptism in cases where there is doubt as to the validity of prior baptism.罗马天主教会和英国的做法是在有条件的情况下洗礼之前洗礼的有效性有怀疑的教会。The formula used in the Church of England begins, "If thou art not already baptized, I baptize thee."在英格兰教会中使用的公式开始,“如果你的艺术尚未受洗,你我施洗。”

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