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See: Ne 4:1-23见:氖4:1-23

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This word is very rare in the Bible, but the thought behind the term, that of the one people of God, is extremely prominent.这个词是非常罕见的,但在“圣经”一词背后的思想,一个人的神,是非常突出的。 Already in the OT Israel is descended from the one father, and although the tribes are later divided the psalmist commends unity (Ps. 133:1) and Ezekiel looks to the time when there shall be "one stick" (Ezek. 37:17).在旧约以色列已经从一个父亲的后代,虽然部落后分为诗人赞扬团结(诗篇133:1)和以西结书看起来的时候,应当有“一棒”(以西结书37:17 )。Nor is this merely a political or natural unity, for Abraham is divinely elected, and Isaac is the child of special promise and miracle.也不是这只是一个政治或自然的统一,为亚伯拉罕是神当选,以撒是孩子的特殊承诺和奇迹。

In the NT this unity is expanded in accordance with the original promise.在NT的团结,是扩大按照原来的承诺。The wall of partition between Jew and Gentile, and indeed between Greek and barbarian, bond and slave, male and female, is broken down.希腊和野蛮之间的犹太人和外邦人之间的分割墙,而事实上,债券和奴隶,男性和女性,是细分。 There is now the one people of God embracing men of all nations (Eph. 2:12-13; Gal. 3:28).现在是神的一个人拥抱所有国家的男子(弗2:12-13;加仑3时28分)。

But this new unity is not one of mere good will, or common interests, or ecclesiastical organization.但这个新的团结不是一个单纯的良好意愿,或共同利益,或教会组织。It is a unity of expansion because of contraction.这是一个团结的扩张,因为收缩。It is a unity in the one seed (Gal. 3:16) who has come as the true Israelite and indeed the second Adam (Rom. 5:12-13).这是一个团结在一个种子(加拉太书3:16)已经作为真正的以色列人和第二个亚当(罗马书5:12-13)。The old and estranged men are made one in Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:15).老和疏远的人是耶稣基督(弗2:15)。The one Jesus Christ is the basis of the unity of his people.耶稣基督是他的人民团结的基础。

But they are one in Jesus Christ as the one who reconciled them by dying and rising again in their stead.但他们不甘心死​​亡和再次上升,代之而起的是耶稣基督之一。As divided men they first meet in his crucified body, in which their old life is put to death and destroyed.分为男子,他们第一次见面他钉在十字架上的身体,在他们的旧生命是死亡和销毁。They are reconciled in one body by the cross (Eph. 2:16).他们不甘心于一体的交叉(弗2:16)。"We thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead" (II Cor. 5:14). “因此,我们判断,如果对所有死亡,当时都死了”(二肺心病。5:14)。But Jesus Christ rose as well as died, and as the Resurrected he is the one true life of his people (Col. 3:3-4).但耶稣基督上升以及死亡和复活的,他是一个他的人的真实生活(西3:3-4)。They thus meet in his risen body, in which they are the one new man.因此,他们满足他上升的身体,他们是一个新人。

Yet if this unity is centered in Jesus Christ, it is necessarily a unity of the Holy Spirit.然而,如果这种团结是耶稣基督为中心的,它必然是一个团结的圣灵。Believers have their new life in Christ as they are all born of the one Spirit (John 3:5; Eph. 4:4).徒有其在基督里的新生活,因为它们都是一个圣灵(约翰福音3:5;弗4时04分)出生。But this means that they are brothers of Jesus Christ and of one another in the one family of God.但是,这意味着,他们是耶稣和一个家庭在上帝的另一个兄弟。They have the one God and Father of all (Eph. 4:4).他们有一个神(弗4:4)和父亲。They have not only a common birth, but a common mind which is the mind of Christ (Phil. 2:5).他们不仅是一种常见的出生,但一个共同的心态,这是基督(腓2:5)的头脑。They are led by the one Spirit, being built up as a habitation of God through the Spirit (Eph. 2:22).他们领导一个精神作为神借着圣灵居住(弗2:22)正在兴建,。

How full and real this unity is emerges in the fact that the church is called the bride of Christ, and is therefore one body and one spirit with him (cf. I Cor. 6:17; Eph. 5:30).如何全面和真实的这种团结是出现在事实上,教会是基督的新娘,并因此与他的身体和精神的(参林前6点17分;。弗5:30。) It can thus be described quite simply as his body, of which Christians are the different members (Rom. 12:4).因此,可以很简单描述为他的身体,其中基督徒的不同成员(罗马书12:4)。Since it is by faith that Christians belong to Christ, their unity is a unity of faith (Eph. 4:13).既然信仰是基督徒是属于基督的,他们的团结,是一个信仰的合一(弗4:13)。It is expressed in the two sacraments, for as there is only one baptism (Eph. 4:5), so there is only one loaf and cup (I Cor. 10:17).它表现在两个圣礼,只有一个洗礼(弗4:5),所以只有一个面包和一杯(我肺心病。10:17)。

Since unity belongs so essentially to the people of God, it is right that it should find expression in the creed (one church), and that in all ages there should be a concern for Christian unity according to the prayer of Christ himself (John 17:21).由于团结所以基本上属于神的人,它是正确的,它应该找到的信条(一教堂)的表达,并在所有年龄段应该有一个基督徒合一的关注,根据基督自己的祷告(约翰福音17 :21)。For the attainment of genuine unity, however, it is necessary that the following point should be observed.然而,为了实现真正的团结,是必要的,应遵守以下点。

Christian unity is a given fact of the new life to be believed and accepted in faith in Christ.基督教的团结,是一个给定的事实可以相信,在基督信仰接受新的生活。It is not first the unity created, safeguarded, or enforced by a human institution or association.这不是第一次团结创建,维护,或由人组成的机构或协会的执行。Nor can it be simply equated with a particular structure of the church or form of ministry, practice, or dogma.也不能简单地等同于一个特定的结构形式的教会或部,实践,或教条。Like the righteousness of the Christian, it is found first and primarily and exclusively in Christ.基督教义一样,这是首次发现,在基督里的主要和专门。

Again, Christian unity is not identical with uniformity.同样,基督徒的团结,是不是均匀一致的。It does not allow division.它不允许分工。But it does not exclude variety.不过,这并不排除各种。The one Spirit gives different gifts (I Cor. 12:4-5).一个精神给出了不同的礼物(我肺心病。12:4-5)。In the one body of Christ there are many members.在基督的身体有很多成员。The unity grounded in Christ leaves scope for diversity of action and function, the only conformity being to the mind of Christ and direction of the Spirit.在基督接地的统一行动和功能的多样性,只有符合基督的心和精神的方向离开的范围。

Finally, the unity received in faith must find expression in historical life and action.最后,在信中收到的团结,必须找到历史生活和行动中的表达。There must be no antinomian acquiescence in diveded or competitive Christian bodies.不得有diveded或有竞争力的基督教团体的唯信仰论默许。To this extent, it is right and necessary that there should be an active pursuit of practical unity, but only on the basis of the unity already given, and therefore with a fuller looking to Christ and readier subjection to his Spirit.从这个意义上讲,这是正确的和必要的的,应积极追求实用的统一,但仅在已给定的统一的基础,因此,更全面的寻找基督和他的精神readier隶属。

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