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A religious and philosophical system based on the theosophical ideas of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).鲁道夫斯坦纳(1861年至1925年)的神智思想的基础上的宗教和哲学体系。Born in Hungary and raised a Roman Catholic, Steiner studied science at the University of Vienna, became an accomplished Goethe scholar, and acquired an intense interest in the occult.出生于匈牙利,并提出了罗马天主教,施泰纳在维也纳大学学习科学,成为一个多才多艺的歌德学者,并取得了在隐匿的浓厚兴趣。 In 1902, while serving as editor of a literary magazine, he became general secretary of the German Theosophical Society but soon grew disillusioned with its overstress on Eastern religious thought.1902年,同时作为一个文学杂志的编辑,他成为德国神智学会秘书长,但很快就幻灭,其对东方宗教思想过度紧张。 In 1913 Steiner broke with theosophy and founded the Anthroposophical Society, which joined certain Christian elements to its basically theosophical outlook.施泰纳在1913年打破了神智,并成立Anthroposophical协会,加入某些基督教元素基本上接神前景。 In 1922 Steiner and Friedrich Rittlemeyer, a former Protestant pastor, organized the movement into "Christian Fellowships" (Christengemeinschaften) where priests and priestesses performed mystical rites patterned after the Catholic Mass. 1922年,前新教牧师,施泰纳和弗里德里希Rittlemeyer组织运动“基督教奖学金”(Christengemeinschaften)祭司执行后的天主教马萨诸塞州图案的神秘仪式

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Like theosophy from which it came, anthroposophy includes elements from Hinduism, Neoplatonism, Gnosticism, and Sufism.像它的神智,anthroposophy包括从印度教元素,柏拉图,诺斯替主义,和苏菲主义。It affirms the existence of spiritual as well as material worlds and teaches that salvation consists of escaping the confines of the material world by obtaining esoteric spiritual knowledge about the true nature of things.它肯定存在的精神以及物质世界,并教导我们,救赎逃避物质世界的束缚,获得对事物的真实性质深奥的精神知识由。Unlike theosophy (wisdom of God), which holds that such knowledge comes from avatars (incarnations) and arhats (master teachers), anthroposophy (wisdom of man) teaches that people possess the truth within themselves.不同的神智(智慧神),认为这种知识的化身(化身),罗汉(师父),anthroposophy(人的智慧)的教导,人们拥有自己的真理。 By cultivating one's occult powers through certain mental, physical, and spiritual exercises, anyone can become a Hellseher, a master of clear vision, and thereby gain extraordinary spiritual insight.通过一定的智力,体力,和精神上的练习培养自己的神秘的力量,任何人都可以成为Hellseher,视野清晰的掌握,并从而获得非凡的精神洞察力。 According to Steiner's doctrine of the "seven lotus flowers," each person has seven bodies (physical, astral, etheric, the most intimate "I," etc.) which open out, like the lotus blossom, to new levels of truth.据施泰纳的学说“七荷花,”每个人有7具尸体(物理,星芒,以太,最贴心的“我”等),开出来的,像莲花一样,对真理的一个新的水平。 Once these spiritual organs are developed through meditation (yoga), one has access to "cosmic memory" through which he can understand all things. ,一旦这些精神器官是通过冥想(瑜珈),一有“宇宙的记忆”,通过他可以了解所有的事情。

Whereas theosophy views Christ as only one of many avatars, anthroposophy teaches that Christ is the only avatar, an exalted solar being (Sonnenwesen) who entered human history as the full revelation of the spiritual world.鉴于许多替身只有一个神智意见基督,anthroposophy教导,基督是唯一的化身,一个崇高的太阳能被(Sonnenwesen)进入人类历史上的精神世界的启示。 Contact with Christ brings deeper penetration into his own knowledge of reality.与基督的联系带来了更深的渗透到他自己的现实知识。Thus for anthroposophists celebration of the Eucharist has ultimate significance.因此,为anthroposophists庆祝圣体的终极意义。Called the "Act of the Consecration of Man."所谓的“人的奉献行为。”the sacrament mystically joins the celebrant with the spirit and body of Christ, making him truly "man" and capable of realizing his own occultic powers.圣礼神秘的精神和基督的身体加入监礼人,使他真正的“人”和能够实现他自己的occultic权力。

Anthroposophy was condemned by the Roman Catholic Church in 1919. Anthroposophy谴责罗马天主教会在1919年。Followers today are most numerous in Germany, Britain, and the United States, and generally are drawn from "intellectuals" in search of more "effervescent" religious experience outside established religious channels.今天的追随者最众多的德国,英国,美国,一般是从“文化人”,寻找更多的“泡腾片”宗教经验以外设立的宗教渠道绘制。

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GA Kaufmann, Fruits of Anthroposophy; R. Steiner, The Story of My Life; F. Rittlemeyer, Reincarnation. GA考夫曼Anthroposophy水果; R.施泰纳,我的生活故事;楼Rittlemeyer,轮回。

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