Christian Arrogance, Self-Righteousness基督教的嚣张气焰,自以为是

Many modern Christians seem to have developed incredible non-Christian characteristics, and they do not realize it!许多现代的基督徒似乎已经开发出令人难以置信的非基督教的特点,他们没有意识到这一点! Righteous is excellent, exactly what the Lord Taught us.正义是优秀的,正是上帝教导我们。 But Self-Righteousness seems to have become rampant among many modern Christians!但自以为是,似乎已经成为许多现代基督徒之间的猖獗! Self-Confidence is fine, but Arrogance of alleged superiority is not.自信是好的,但不涉嫌优势的嚣张气焰。 Jesus must certainly be appalled!耶稣一定是震惊!

It is excellent to have very strong Faith, and to defend that Faith against any critics.它是优秀的,有非常坚定的信念,并抵御任何批评信仰。 Fine!好! It is excellent to Testify or Witness to others.它是优秀的作证或证人向他人。 But there should be a recognition regarding the limitations of our human brains and minds!但也应认识到我们人类的大脑和思想的局限性! And a consideration that Jesus tried to Teach us Humility, Tolerance and many other such things.而一个考虑因素,耶稣试图教给我们以谦逊,宽容和许多其他的东西。

Many modern Christians, especially a lot of Fundamental Christians, are amazingly aggressive and arrogant regarding claiming that every single detail of whatever they believe is absolutely right and cannot be questioned under any circumstances.许多现代的基督徒,特别是很多基本的基督徒,是令人惊讶的侵略性和傲慢,就声称,不管他们相信,每一个细节是绝对正确的,在任何情况下都不能质疑。 NO ONE better dare even question any aspect of whatever they believe. Again, having deep Faith SHOULD mean that you really believe what you believe. But when it goes too far, it becomes a sort of Arrogance, something that Jesus and the Bible Taught us to be cautious about.没有一个更好,甚至不敢的问题,不管他们相信任何方面,同样,有虔诚信仰,应该是指,你真的相信你相信什么,但时过犹不及,就变成一种傲慢的,东西,耶稣和圣经教导我们要持谨慎态度。

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Several Scriptural Passages directly address the issue of Arrogance, including 1Samuel 2:3; Psalms 12:4; Proverbs 8:13; Isaiah 13:11.几个圣经的段落,直接解决问题的嚣张气焰,包括1Samuel 2:3;诗篇12:4;箴8:13;以赛亚书13时11分。 These (and other) Scriptures warn against become arrogant in any regard.这些(和其他)圣经警告反对在任何方面成为傲慢。 This includes our Faith.这包括我们的信仰。

It has become common that modern Christians, especially in America, have come to believe that they have absolute and total understanding of every possible aspect of Christian Faith, including every detail. IF any person could actually ever have such absolute and complete knowledge, that means that person either has or believes he/she has an entire and perfect understanding of the Plan of God for man. 它已成为常见的,现代的基督徒,尤其是在美国,他们相信,他们有绝对的,总的认识基督教信仰的每一个可能的方面,包括每一个细节,如果任何人,实际上可能有这样的绝对的和完整的知识,这意味着那人认为他/她的整个神对人类的计划和完善的理解。 Such an attitude indicates a belief that the person is as smart as the Lord is, to so completely understand a Plan that has eluded billions of Christians before them, including many who spent their entire lives attempting to understand it.这种态度表示相信,该人是作为智能主,所以完全理解一个计划,躲避他们面前的基督徒十亿美元,其中包括许多人花了他们试图去了解它的整个生命。 That is essentially the very definition of Arrogance, of an absolute smugness in one's own perfection that no one is allowed to ever question any aspect of it!本质上是非常傲慢的定义在一个人的自身的完善绝对沾沾自喜,任何人都不得过问题的任何方面!

The central concept where this seems to be most totally demonstrated is regarding the absolute insistence of those Christians that THEY are ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED of Salvation and entry into Heaven. Again, this would be a wonderful situation to be in! 中央的概念,这似乎是最完全的证明,就这些,他们是绝对保证救恩和进入天堂进入基督徒的绝对坚持。同样,这将是一个美妙的情况! It would also make being a Pastor a LOT easier if it was so extremely easy to achieve as to simply have selected the correct church to attend!这也使作为一个牧师轻松了许多,如果它是非常容易实现的,简单地选择了正确的教堂参加!

The fact that THIS presentation suggests that such an ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE may not be as absolute as they assume, has resulted in incredibly vicious attacks on me (a Christian Pastor) by those (alleged) Christians!事实上,这个演示表明,这种绝对保证未必绝对的,因为他们承担,已造成令人难以置信的恶毒攻击我(牧师)(涉嫌)基督徒! Many simply say (these are NOT Theologians, but normal attendees of Churches, remember) that I am absolutely NOT a Pastor or Minister at all, and they sometimes use four-letter words in expressing that I am not even a Christian, for saying such a thing!许多人简单地说,“(这不是神学家,但正常的教会与会者,请记住),我绝对不会在所有的牧师或部长,他们有时会用四个字母的单词,说这样的表达,我什至不一个基督徒,的事!

These people must not read their Bibles, or actually study them!这些人不能阅读“圣经”,或实际研究他们! The Bible does NOT provide ANY statement of any ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE of either Salvation or entry into Heaven!圣经并没有提供任何声明任何绝对保证,无论是拯救或进入天堂的条目! It repeatedly says something that seems similar, and THAT expression has been twisted into the ABSOLUTE GUARANTEES that seem to be announced by many modern Churches.它一再表示,似乎类似的东西,那表情已经扭曲,似乎是许多现代教会宣布的绝对保证。 You might note, however, that virtually always, that ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE ONLY applies to Members of "this" Church, and very definitely NOT the Churches down the road!不过,您可能会注意到,几乎总是绝对的保证仅适用于“本”教会的成员,并十分肯定不是在路上教会! So the claim in itself has to bring on some question as to why the Lord's Bible's Teachings would not equally apply to the 330,000 other Churches in America!所以本身的索赔带来一些问题,如为什么上帝的圣经“的教导,不会同样适用于美国的330,000其他教会! But the problem is actually far more basic than that.但问题是,实际上远远超过了基础。

Here are the most direct references to the fact that a person's Faith in Christ secures Salvation: John 3:16; 3:36; 5:24; 6:40; 11:25; 20:31; Acts 8:37; 10:43; 13:39; 16:31; Romans 9:33; 10:9; 2 Tim 3:15; 1John 5:1 .这里有最直接引用的事实,在基督获得拯救一个人的信仰: 约翰福音3:16,3:36,5:24,6:40,11:25; 20点31分,徒8:37; 10: 43; 13时39分,16时30分;罗马书9:33; 10:9;添3:15,约翰一书5:1。 These essentially all use the exact same Original Greek word, pisteuo , (Strongs 4100).这些基本上都使用完全相同的原始的希腊字,pisteuo,(Strongs 4100)。 (Only the Timothy Verse is not centered on that specific word, and its wording is actually quite interesting in that regard.) The word is generally translated as "believeth" in the King James, and as "believe" otherwise. (只有蒂莫西诗句是不是集中在特定的字,其措辞实际上是在这方面挺有意思。)一词一般翻译为“信”在国王詹姆斯,“相信”,否则。

John 3:16 is the most commonly cited wording: For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.约翰福音3:16是最常被引用的措辞:神爱世人,他给他的独生子,谁在他的信应该不会灭亡,但有永恒的生命。 (KJAV). (KJAV)。 Is THIS an absolute guarantee?这是绝对的保证吗? It is certainly understood to be so by those attacking Christians!这当然是了解这些攻击基督徒是如此! And why isn't it?而为什么不呢? Because it contains a REQUIREMENT on the individual, regarding some standard of whatever "believeth" means.因为它包含了对个人的要求,对于一些什么“信”是指标准。

When a Church decides it can define precisely what is required regarding "believing", then, yes, it appears to then be an absolute guarantee.当教会决定什么是需要“相信”,它可以精确地定义,然后,是的,它出现,然后是一个绝对的保证。

Well, countless thousands of Christian Theologians over the past two thousand years have tried to figure out PRECISELY what is required "to believe".那么,基督教神学家在过去两千年来无数试图找出需要的正是“相信”。 Each has attempted to meet the standards that he felt applied, but virtually all also realized that they were destined to fall short!每个试图满足,他觉得申请的标准,但几乎也都意识到,他们是注定要功亏一篑! So, thousands of lives of Monks and Saints were lived, with incredibly strict personal vows of compliance to things that were felt required to meet the standards of Salvation.因此,数千名僧侣和圣人的生命生活,令人惊讶的,严格的遵守个人的誓言,以满足救恩的标准,认为需要的东西。 Many spent lives of never speaking, and of chastity, and of poverty, and many other things, and STILL they were never absolutely sure that "it was good enough" because of the basic unavoidable fact that we each happen to be humans and we regularly mess up.许多花的生活,从来没有讲的贞洁,贫穷,和许多其他的事情,他们仍然不能绝对肯定,“这是不够好”,因为基本的不可回避的事实,我们每个人都发生人类和我们经常乱了起来。

We DO have an excellent example to study!我们确实有一个很好的例子,研究! We know that Abraham believed so absolutely in the Lord that he was about to sacrifice his own dear son, simply because he believed that God wanted him to do that.我们知道亚伯拉罕所以绝对相信,在主,他要牺牲自己亲爱的儿子,仅仅是因为他相信上帝希望他能做到这一点。 Yes, we can all agree that Abraham was certainly "guaranteed" of Salvation with that depth of belief.是的,我们都同意,亚伯拉罕是肯定的“保证”的救赎,信仰的深度。

Is that a level of belief that applies to you?这是一个适用于您的信仰水平?

There are other Scriptures that relate to the main concept.有主要的概念,涉及到的其他经文。 Some resemble Hebrews 5:9 "eternal Salvation to all them that obey Him."有些类似于希伯来书5:9“永恒的救赎所有服从他。” This Verse (and others) are centered on "obey" or the Greek word hupakouo .这节经文(和其他)都集中在“服从”或希腊字hupakouo。 We have the exact same situation as above.如上,我们有完全相同的情况。 Exactly what is the standard to have to meet to be able to say one "obeys"?到底是什么标准,以满足能够说一个“服从”吗? Strongs (5219) says "to listen, to harken". Strongs(5219)说:“听取意见,以哈肯”。 So, would it be enough to observe that "I know I am not SUPPOSED to cheat on my wife" and then still do it?所以,这足以观察,“我知道我不该欺骗我的妻子”,然后做? Of course not. The Lord expects us each to SHOW Him that by our behaviors and thoughts, that we Devoutly believe everything about Him.当然没有。 主期望我们每个人都向他展示我们的行为和思想,我们虔诚地相信关于他的一切

OK.确定。 Fast forward to the modern world.快进到现代世界。 A person who might be unfaithful to a spouse, or who might lie and intentionally deceive others regularly, or who might intentionally mislead and lie in business dealings to achieve some sale of some product, goes to Church, lists off for the Lord (some of) these various Sins, and is then "wiped clean" (tabula rasa) for another week to do it all over again.一个人谁可能是不忠实的配偶,或也许是故意欺骗他人,定期或可能故意误导和业务往来的谎言,以达到某种出售一些产品,去教堂,列出主(部分)这些不同的罪,然后“擦干净”(白板)一个星期做一遍。 THIS person thinks he/she has some sort of ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE of Salvation and entry to Heaven???此人认为,他/她一些救亡和入境的绝对保证的排序为天人吗??

These people seem to try to apply an extremely legalistic definition of the words that are important, and then attempt to do that absolute minimum possible to comply with those defined rules.这些人似乎尝试运用的话,是很重要的一个极其墨守成规的定义,然后尝试这样做,绝对最低可能符合这些定义的规则。 It is almost like they think they are playing some sort of game with the Lord, that He will not notice as they do everything they can to bend every rule they can!这几乎是像他们认为他们是在玩某种游戏,与主,他不会注意到,因为他们做一切他们可以弯曲每一条规则,他们可以! They seem to assume that the Lord ONLY can see them when they happen to visit His House on Sunday mornings, when they are on their best behaviors!他们似乎承担主不仅可以看到他们时,他们碰巧访问他在星期天早晨的房子,当他们在他们的最好的行为! Do they really believe that the Lord does not or can not see the business trickery they do to make sales and profits, or the times they lie and cheat friends and neighbors and relatives?难道他们真的相信主没有或不能看到他们做,使销售额和利润的业务挂羊头卖狗肉,或他们的谎言和欺骗的朋友,邻居和亲戚倍吗? That seems to be yet another variation of Arrogance, where they seem to believe that they can get away with such things from the Lord!这似乎是另一个变化的嚣张气焰,他们似乎相信,他们可以得到这样的事情离主!

Look at the Strong's definitions for that Greek word pisteuo.看强的定义,希腊字pisteuo。 There are quite a few.有相当多的。 "to think to be true" happens to be the first listed. “认为是真实的”的,恰好是第一家上市。 " to place confidence in" is also in there. “地方信心”也是在那里。

WELL, IF my job as a Pastor was simply to try to get people to accept that there was a person named Jesus 2000 years ago, wouldn't that mean that they "believe" in Jesus?好,如果我作为一个牧师的工作只是试图让人们接受,有一个人名叫耶稣在2000年前,不会,表示他们“相信”耶稣? Is that enough?这就够了吗? There are some Christians who actually think it is!有一些基督徒认为这是! They are sure that they are guaranteed Salvation simply because they are willing to accept that there had been someone named Jesus alive 2000 years ago!因为他们愿意接受曾有过名叫耶稣的人还活着2000多年以前,他们肯定他们根本保证救国! Wow!哇!

Other people, and most Churches, add in additional requirements.其他人,大多数的教会,添加额外的要求。 One must not only accept that a Jesus Lived, but that He was "Special".不仅一个人必须接受一个耶稣住,但他是“特殊”。 Most specifically, if a person makes a very simple statement, ONCE, regarding Jesus being a Personal Savior, THAT is considered to be the sum total of what is required to PROVE the "believeth" part!最具体的是,如果一个人使一个非常简单的语句,一次,关于耶稣作为个人的救主,这被认为是需要什么来证明“信”的一部分的总和! THIS makes Christianity incredibly easy and convenient!这使得基督教非常容易和方便! No matter what you have ever done, and no matter what a jerk you might be now, just say a simple sentence, ONCE, and instantly be forgiven everything in the past and simultaneously receive an absolute guarantee of Salvation!不管你曾经做过什么事,不管你现在可能是一个混蛋,只说简单的句子,一旦发现,瞬间可以原谅过去的一切,并同时获得拯救的绝对保证! Who could pass on THAT?谁可以传递?

That IS a description of ONE TINY PART of Salvation, what is called Justification.这是一个救赎的一小部分的描述,什么是所谓的理由。 Yes, Justification proceeds exactly in that way. HOWEVER, that is NOT all there is to Salvation! You might think of YOUR part of Justification as being a Letter of Intent to the Lord.是的,正是在这样的理由的收益。然而,这是不是所有有得救!你可能会认为你的理由的一部分作为主意向书。 But at that instant, you have not (yet) SHOWN the Lord anything!但在那一瞬间,你有没有(至今)所示的主那里得什么!

Beginning at the instant of Justification, the person is REQUIRED to then spend the remaining LIFETIME in something called Sanctification. 理由即时开始,人是需要再花称为圣洁的东西在剩余寿命 Every minute, every day. I sometimes describe it as somewhat analogous to Finishing School. 每一分钟,每一天。,我有时会形容它有点类似于精修学校。 If someone received an Invitation from the Queen of England to some enormous Ball (the Invitation being like Justification, the RIGHT to attend), the person then would need to "refine one's manners and behaviors" in order to actually BELONG in the presence of the Queen of England, by attending some Finishing School.如果有人收到英国女王的邀请,一些巨大的球(邀请书一样的理由,有权出席),人的需要,以“完善一个人的举止和行为”,以便到实际上属于存在的英国女王,出席一些精修学校。 If a Christian thinks that simply by casually stating a simple sentence, that he/she is then fully prepared to be in the Presence of the Lord Jesus, I might remind them of all those Sins that they feel free to keep repeating now!如果一个基督徒认为,只要随便说出简单的一句话,他/她,然后做好充分的准备,在主耶稣的存在,我会提醒他们所有的罪孽,他们觉得不断重复现在! The entire purpose of Sanctification is to gradually get each Christian to Sin less often, and eventually, hardly ever, in order to be more suitable for being in the Presence of the Lord.整个成圣的目的是逐步得到每一个基督徒仙较少,并最终未落,为了更适合在主面前。 (I have a suspicion that using foul four-letter words in insulting a Christian Pastor might not be what the Lord is looking for!) (我有一个怀疑,使用侮辱性的一个基督教牧师的犯规四个字母的单词可能不是主正在寻找什么!)

SO!原来如此! You people who insist on absolutely believing your own Minister's assurance that you are GUARANTEED SALVATION because of his own interpretation of that Greek word, fine, you can believe whatever you wish.你这个人坚持绝对相信你自己的部长的保证,保证您拯救,因为他自己的解释,希腊字,精细的人,你可以相信,无论你想。 You can even consider me worthless pond-scum (because I will not repeat the actual words used to describe me) and a total failure as a Christian Pastor.你甚至可以认为我是毫无价值的池塘浮渣(因为我不会重复使用实际的话来形容我的),作为一个基督教牧师的彻底失败。 However, I would guess that you could probably use some "Finishing School" that is, an actual effort at IMPROVING one's Christian Walk.不过,我猜想,你也可能使用一些“精修学校”,也就是实际努力改善基督教步行。

It is quite sad today that there seem to be millions of people who call themselves Christians who see absolutely no reason to even consider trying to improve themselves in any way!这是很可悲的今天,似乎有百万人自称为基督徒看到绝对没有理由,甚至认为试图以任何方式,以改善自己的人! Since they ALREADY have their ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE into Heaven, they see no reason to "waste time" on such things.因为他们已经有绝对保证他们进入天堂,他们认为没有理由对这样的事情“浪费时间”。 I guess that IF they are actually correct about that guarantee, maybe that sort of behavior would get by!我想,如果他们实际上是对保证正确的,也许那种行为会得到! But if Jesus is anywhere like what we Ministry keep claiming that He is, then how could He be Pleased with "lazy Christians"?但是,如果耶稣是任何地方一样我们部不断声称,他是,那么怎么可能,他很高兴与“懒基督徒”呢? Among Catholics, they are called Non-Practicing Catholics, which means that they CLAIM all the benefits but do not want to bother with the chores or responsibilities.其中,天主教徒,他们被称为非执业的天主教徒,这意味着他们声称所有的好处,但不想打扰的家务负担或责任。 Of course, many similar Protestants make a big point of always attending Sunday Church Services, and even mostly listening!当然,很多类似的新教徒,使大点的总是参加周日的教会服务,甚至大多听! And then they (arrogantly) go off feeling that they have done EVERYTHING REQUIRED.然后他们(傲慢地)去的感觉,他们所做的一切所需。 Did they?是吗? Does Jesus run Heaven where a legalistic set of rules of entry apply, and as long as you got a C - grade in loyally attending Church, then you really do have a GUARANTEED TICKET IN?是否耶稣运行天堂申请的入境规则墨守成规,只要你有一个C -在忠实地出席教会的等级,然后你真的有保障的机票吗? In all the Bibles I read, Jesus does not seem remotely like that!在我看过的所有的“圣经”,耶稣似乎没有这样的远程!

Our tiny Church likes to think that we have some idea about that subject, since our official name is A Christ Walk Church .喜欢认为我们有一些关于这个主题的想法,因为我们的正式名称是基督步行教会我们的小教堂。 And in case you didn't notice it, we are not named THE Christ Walk Church because we realized that would be very Arrogant to claim some implied monopoly on Teaching a Christian Walk!情况下,你没有注意到这一点,我们没有被命名的基督步行教会,因为我们意识到,那将是非常傲慢要求在教学基督教步行的一些隐含的垄断! We are merely "A" Church that attempts to have a focus on Sanctification, that is, lifelong Christian behavior, and constant effort at improvement.我们仅仅是“A”的教会,试图有一个圣洁的焦点,那就是终身基督教的行为,并在不断努力改善。

In any case, this results in our having extremely strong confidence that our Teachings of Christian concepts contribute to our Members being Saved and being welcomed into Heaven. Does it include any absolute guarantee? 在任何情况下,在我们有极强的信心,我们的教训,基督教的概念有助于我们的成员被保存和进入天堂的欢迎。这个结果是否包括任何绝对的保证吗? No. I guess we wish that we COULD do such a miraculous job of Ministry that we were able to offer such a guarantee.我想我们希望,我们可以做这样一个部的奇迹般的工作,我们能够提供这样的保证。 But we think it would be incredibly self-righteous of us to even CLAIM that we could offer any absolute guarantee of it.但我们认为这将是令人难以置信的自以为是,我们甚至声称,我们可以提供任何的绝对保证。 THAT is the difference, as we see it, in this apparently violently emotional issue!的区别是,我们看到,在这个显然猛烈的情感问题!

There is an entirely different way of looking at this problem.有一个完全不同的方式看​​待这个问题。 It has to do with the DEFINITION of the word Faith.它已与字的信念的定义。 The people who hold these ABSOLUTE opinions about their Salvation and all the rest seem to have a bizarre idea of what Faith means!持有有关他们的得救,其余所有这些绝对意见的人似乎有一个信仰意味着什么古怪的想法! To have Faith MEANS that you HOPE your understanding is true and correct AND that you HOPE that includes the results that you will eventually be Saved! Faith is a Trust in things that are unknowable. There is NO GUARANTEE when FAITH is involved!要有信心,你希望你的理解是真实的,正确的,你希望,你最终将被保存的结果! 信心是一个不可知的事情是信托。,没有信仰是保证!

IF the concept of Faith involved ABSOLUTE GUARANTEES, then that is not Faith at all, and is rather a clinical and legal guarantee.如果信仰的概念涉及绝对保证,那么这是没有诚信可言,而且是相当的临床和法律保障。

Noting that countless Christian Theologians and scholars have spent their entire lives in study to try to be able to grasp some comprehension of the Plan of God, it seems incredible that Members of some modern Churches feel free to announce even greater understanding!注意到,无数的基督教神学家和学者们在研究中度过他们的整个生活,试图能掌握一些理解神的计划,这似乎令人难以置信的是一些现代教会的成员随时宣布更大的理解! And based on what?依据是什么? Massive personal study?大规模的个人学习? No. Based nearly entirely on what they learned at their own Church from a single Minister, and their reading of the Bible, flavored by the effects of that Minister's Sermons.号根据他们在自己的教会从一个单一的部长,和他们对圣经​​的阅读,部长的讲道的影响有味,几乎完全。

This attitude of Arrogance of many modern Christians spills over into another related Sinful behavior, Self-Righteousness.许多现代基督徒的嚣张气焰的这种态度溢出到另一个相关的罪恶的行为,自义。 The Bible has a lot to say about that, too, including Deut.圣经说了很多,也包括申。 9:4; Job 9:20; 35:2; Proverbs 12:15; 16:12; 20:6; 21:2; 30:12; Jer 2:35; 2 Cor 10:12: Rev 3:17. 9:4; 工作9:20,35:2;箴言12:15; 16:12; 20:6; 21:2; 30:12;耶2:35;哥林多前书10:12:冯3:17。

It seems to be a tremendous incentive for such people to then "talk down" to anyone else who does not possess that perfection of absolutely total knowledge and understanding!这似乎是一个这样的人的巨大激励,然后“谈下来”,其他人不具备完美,绝对的总的认识和理解! I have seen many Christians talk in amazingly disgusting ways, often to other Christians (always from some other Church, which apparently Teaches badly!).我看到许多基督徒谈以惊人的恶心方式,往往以其他基督徒(总是从一些其他的教会,这显然是教不好!)。 Dozens of Christians have even "talked down" like that to me, knowing that I am a Christian Pastor!数十名基督徒,甚至“谈下来”这样对我,知道我是一个基督教牧师! It is almost as though they wished they could spit in my face but are limited to words in e-mails!它几乎就像他们希望他们能在我的脸上吐痰,但不限于电子邮件的话! It is not that I deserve any special treatment, because I don't.这不是,我应该得到任何特殊待遇,因为我不。 But when some Christian starts lecturing me on a laundry list of many errors and flaws they attribute to me, (generally in a remarkably short period of knowing me!) the main thing I see is that they clearly completely missed an important part of what Christianity is supposed to be!但是,当一些基督徒开始讲课我的属性我的许多错误和缺陷的洗衣清单上,(通常是在一个非常短的时期,我知道!)主要的事情,我看到的是,他们完全清楚错过了什么基督教的一个重要组成部分应该是! Jesus was Humble.耶稣是谦虚。 He was Compassionate.他是值得同情的。 He was Considerate.他是体贴。 He was Tolerant.他是宽容的。 He tried to Teach us such behaviors.他试图教给我们这样的行为。 He never went around saying "I am smart and you are not!"他从不四处说:“我很聪明,你是不是!” When a Christian starts to decide that he/she has the right to "lecture" anyone, he/she really better have really solid ground for anything they might say.当基督徒开始,以决定他/她的“演讲”的人的权利,他/她真的更好地为任何他们可能会说有非常坚实的的地面。 Specifically, the equivalent to a Degree in Theology, at least regarding the subject they choose to lecture about!具体来说,至少相当于一个神学文凭,就这个问题,他们选择讲解!

Such people seem to forget that they are intrinsically flawed, and imperfect.这样的人似乎忘记了,他们本质上是有缺陷,不完善。 That is a basic assumption of our Christianity, that we are all affected by Original Sin and incapable of being anywhere close to "perfect". ,这是我们的基督教,原罪无法望其项背“完美”的影响,我们都的基本假设。 As soon as they start lecturing others, especially other Christians who attend other Churches, regarding their flaws (and their own perfection), they are forgetting that casting stones is not advisable as they also live in glass houses!一旦他们开始讲课他人,特别是那些参加其他教会的其他基督徒,对他们的缺点(和自己的完美),他们忘记了铸造的石头是不可取的,因为他们还住在玻璃房子里的!

But the reality is that many Christians whose knowledge and understanding of Christianity virtually entirely came from some single Minister in their own Church, (and their own individual attempts at understanding the Bible, based on Sermons by that Minister) now commonly feel free, and even expected and encouraged, to lecture (and often also insult) nearly everyone else!但现实情况是,许多基督徒,他们的知识和了解基督教几乎完全从单一的部长,一些在他们自己的教会(和自己的个人试图了解圣经,讲道,部长),现在普遍感到自由,甚至期望和鼓励,演讲(也常常侮辱)其他几乎每个人都! They see themselves as perfect experts!他们看到自己完善的专家!

That is a very misguided effort at fulfilling the Bible's guidance toward Witnessing (John 15:27; Acts 1:8, many more). Witnessing, as a humble Christian, is one thing, quite admirable, and even required. Lecturing as though one is an absolute and perfect expert, is something entirely different! 作为一个谦卑的基督徒 ,这是一个非常误导的努力在履行走向见证“圣经”的指导(约翰15时27分,徒1:8,越来越多的)。见证,是一件事情,非常令人钦佩的,甚至需要讲述,仿佛之一。是一个绝对的和完美的专家,是完全不同的东西! Witnessing is a wonderful thing.看到的是一个美妙的事情。 Jesus would clearly want all Witnessing to demonstrate the Humility He tried to Teach us.耶稣显然希望所有见证表现出的谦逊,他试图教给我们。 He clearly would NOT condone any arrogant action of claiming superiority to those being lectured to!他显然不会容忍任何声称优势傲慢的行动,正在讲课的! As soon as any Christian starts to "ANNOUNCE" the Truth, that person is unintentionally demonstrating an enormous gap in his/her Christianity.只要任何基督教开始“宣布”的道理,那人却无意间展现在他/她的基督教的巨大差距。 It should quickly be repaired before further attempts are made at Witnessing.它应该迅速修复,然后再进一步尝试在见证。

I would point out that Jesus NEVER spoke or acted with the intention of making anyone else feel "small".我想指出,耶稣从来没有发言或让其他人觉得“小”的意图行事。 It seems to be a grand desire of many Christians today!它似乎是今天许多基督徒的宏伟愿望!

The saddest part of this is that such people have absolutely no chance of seeing the point of these comments or ever improving that behavior!这个最悲哀的是,这样的人绝对没有机会看到这些评论的点或不断提高,行为! Their belief in their own perfection of Faith is so great that even comments like these are seen as "ignorant people trying to criticize their perfection".他们在他们自己的信仰完善的信念是如此之大,甚至喜欢这些意见为“无知的人试图批评他们的完美”。 They seem to have forgotten that we are all sin-prone and unavoidably flawed.他们似乎已经忘记了,我们所有的罪易,难免有缺陷的。 Yet, their own sense of self-perfection initiates a self-pride (also non-Christian) that they see as beyond any reproach.然而,他们自己的意识,完善自我启动自我的骄傲(也非基督徒),他们超越任何责备。 Only a single person could ever rightfully criticize them, their own Minister, but that is the same person who TAUGHT them those bad behaviors!只有一个人可以永远正确地批评他们,自己的部长,但谁教他们这些不良行为,这是同一个人!

In fact, if anyone should even bring up any tiny criticism regarding any possibility of their non-perfection (such as a Minister from a different Church, such as me), their response seems to be virtually universal.事实上,如果任何人,甚至会带来任何微小的批评,就其非完善(如从一个不同的教会,比如我,部长)的任何可能性,他们的反应似乎是几乎普遍。 The response is to entirely ignore the comments, and smile broadly (in their Pride), and then go into a personal attack on me, often telling me that Satan is leading me, because no Christian would ever criticize them!反应是完全忽略的意见,并广泛的微笑(在他们的骄傲),然后进入一个人身攻击,我常常告诉我,撒旦是我的领导, 因为没有基督教会不断批评他们!

It seems to me that for anyone to LEARN anything, a TEACHER is often beneficial.在我看来,任何人都可以学到什么东西,老师往往是有利的。 As a Pastor, a main function of mine is to be a Teacher.作为一个牧师,我的一个主要功能是成为一名教师。 It seems to me that my job description REQUIRES me to speak up!在我看来,我的工作描述需要我说话! My intention has never been to "criticize" such people, as I don't think it's my place to do so.我的意图从来没有“批评”这样的人,因为我不觉得这是我的地方这样做。 Instead, I feel a responsibility, as a Christian and as a Pastor, to attempt to "plant a seed" regarding possibly improving one's Christian Walk.相反,我觉得是一种责任,作为一个基督徒,作为一个牧师,试图“植物种子”就可能提高一个人的基督教步行。 But it appears that such people feel that they have ALREADY completed their Christian Walk, that they are already "perfect in their understanding of God's Plan and everything about it".但看来,这样的人感到,他们已经完成了他们的基督教的步行,他们已经“认识神的计划和关于它的一切完美”。 They don't need no stinkin' seeds!他们不需要任何讨厌的种子! I do not claim to be the smartest person on Earth, but I still find it very sad that they see exactly zero value in my comments which are intended to try to be of benefit specifically for them.我不敢说是地球上最聪明的人,但我还是觉得很悲哀,他们看到我打算尝试是有益的,专门为他们的意见完全零值。

A relative, who is nearing the end of her life, recently ripped into me in this regard, with a viciousness that was quite impressive!相对的,是谁接近她的生命结束,最近撕开到我在这方面,与邪恶,是相当可观的! She happens to be one of those people who insist that they have the ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE, and that NO ONE could possibly criticize them or give any guidance to them, with the single exception of their own Minister in their own Church.她正好是这些的人坚持认为,他们有绝对保证,没有人可能会批评他们,或给予任何指导,他们唯一的例外,他们在自己教会自己的部长。 I had merely made what I thought were minimal diplomatic comments regarding her ensuring a wonderful future in Heaven, as she certainly spent a lifetime extremely devoted to the Lord.我只是提出我的想法是最小的,她保证一个美好的未来在天堂,她肯定花了非常致力于主一生外交评论。 However, I am not sure that Jesus will be Pleased with her enormous self-righteousness and conceit regarding what He tried to Teach us.不过,我不知道,耶稣将高兴与她巨大的自以为是,唯我独尊关于他试图教给我们什么。 Over an intended casual lunch at a restaurant, she was constantly TELLING me what my many flaws are and especially regarding religious subjects, where she made clear that she considered me to be absolutely ignorant (she did not use that word).一个旨在随便在一家餐馆吃午饭,她不断告诉我,我的许多缺陷,特别是关于宗教题材,她明确表示,她认为我是绝对无知(她并没有用这个词)。

After a number of such tirades (all before any food was even ordered!), I finally said something, which was the gentlest possible approach to the matter of this text. (所有之前的任何食物,甚至下令!)等tirades后,我终于说了些什么,这是温柔的可能的方法,以这个文本的问题。 Of course, I did not use any terms that were harsh, and I tried to be as diplomatic as a quiet Pastor can be!当然,我没有使用任何条款,是苛刻的,而我作为一个安静的牧师可以被视为外交! Once she realized that I was trying to suggest CHANGES in her words, she said something that is really terrifying!有一次,她意识到,我是想建议用她的话说变化,她说这实在是可怕的东西! She said "MY Salvation is guaranteed! YOU are the one who has a lot of doubt about getting to Heaven!"她说:“我的救恩是有保​​障的,你是一个人有很多疑问前往天!” In just two sentences, she managed to demonstrate nearly everything that Jesus Taught against!在短短的两句话,她成功地展示耶稣教导对几乎所有! She was extremely arrogant in her claim, as well as denigrating and insulting to me!她是极其嚣张,在她的说法,以及贬低和侮辱我! She implied that I was a truly ignorant and stupid Christian Pastor!她暗示,我是一个真正的无知和愚蠢的基督教牧师! We had just met for lunch at a restaurant, and I told her that I was about to get up to leave.我们刚刚在一家餐馆共进午餐,我告诉她,我正要起身离开。 And she had no clue why!她不知道为什么! In her mind, she was just expressing "absolute facts"!在她心里,她只是表示“绝对事实”!

Wow!哇! My understanding is that even people like Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas and all the other famous Christian Fathers, still felt an uncertainty regarding their Salvation. That has always been my understanding, that you did your best at becoming the best Christian you can during your life, and then Jesus would evaluate how well you did! Yes, it is tempting to think that a Billy Graham or a Mother Teresa probably had a real good chance of getting into Heaven!我的理解是,即使像圣奥古斯丁和圣托马斯阿奎那和所有其他著名的基督教神父的人,仍感到一种不确定性,关于他们的得救,这一直是我的理解,你没有成为最好的基督教,您可以在您的您的最佳生活,然后耶稣会评估如何你!是的,这是容易让人联想到,葛培理或特蕾莎修女可能有一个真正的天堂得到很好的机会! But when a Christian simply says that she is GUARANTEED in, I tend to suspect that there is something wrong!但是,当一个基督徒简单地说,她保证,我倾向于怀疑有什么不对!

I had hoped to possibly simply plant a seed regarding her possibly doing some introspection regarding that issue, enhancing her Christianity.我所希望的可能是简单的植物种子,她可能做一些关于这个问题的反省,提高她的基督教。 But the response was amazing and vicious, including references to Satan leading me!但反应是惊人的和恶性的,包括撒旦的领导我! And it was quite clear that she truly believes that she has no NEED for introspection!这是很清楚,她真正相信,她已经没有必要进行反省! She even tried to turn it around, in telling me that she was feeling sorry for me that I was so much under the influence of Satan!她甚至试图将其翻过来,告诉我,她为我感到抱歉,我是撒旦的影响下这么多! Really amazing!真是太神奇了! It was a very, very sad experience.这是一个非常,非常难过的经验。 I can only Pray that she figures this out before the day when she might have the opportunity to meet Jesus.我只能祈祷,她的数字前一天这一点时,她可能有机会,以满足耶稣。

I guess it must be quite convenient to ASSUME that you know absolutely every detail, combined with the easy response of always claiming that anyone who disagrees with them in the least is Satan leading you!我猜想,假设你知道绝对的每一个细节,结合总是声称,任何人在最不同意与他们轻松应对是撒旦领先你必须相当方便! That takes care of every possibility, doesn't it?这需要对每一种可能性的照顾,不是吗?

By the way, I am NOT claiming that I have any brilliance or advantage here!顺便说一句,我不是说我有任何的光彩或优势,在这里! Not at all.不尽然。 I am merely a simple Pastor, whose function it is to be a Tool of the Holy Spirit.我只是一个简单的牧师,其功能是圣灵工具。 In addition to my education in becoming a Pastor, the 16 years I have spent in assembling the BELIEVE web-site has provided me with a LOT of information to read!此外我成为一个牧师的教育,我在组装花16年,相信网站提供了我阅读了大量的信息! My understanding is that in my function as Pastor, I am supposed to attempt to spread seeds when I think that there might be a need.我的理解是,在我作为牧师的功能,我应该试图传播时,我认为有可能是一个需要的种子。 It does NOT mean I am always right, regarding when, how or even if!这并不意味着我永远是对的,关于何时,如何,或者即使! I believe that He expects me to just do the best I am capable of!我相信他预计,我只是做最好的我能!

The existence of this new web-essay has caused a significant amount of e-mail.这一新的网络作文的存在已经引起了相当数量的电子邮件。 Many people indicate that they totally agree, and give me attaboys.许多人表示,他们完全同意,并给我attaboys的。 But several dozen e-mails have already come in from people who are specifically the people I was referring to above!但几十个电子邮件已经进来的人特别的人,我是指上述! Their e-mails have provided me with an insight that I had never even imagined before!他们的电子邮件,我从来没有想象过的洞察力! They generally say, yeah, yeah, about the arrogance stuff, but DON'T MESS with my beliefs or my absolute Salvation!他们一般会说,呀,呀,有关的嚣张气焰的东西,但千万不要惹我的信念,我绝对拯救! They then, in several ways, make clear that they believe NOTHING could ever damage or cancel their Salvation.然后,他们在几个方面,作出明确,他们认为没有什么能够永远破坏或取消他们的救恩。 The most impressive way they show that is that some of them use the foulest four letter words that they may know how to spell, in telling a Christian Pastor "where he can put it" (well, that one is a three letter word!) or about every other possible way they could think of to try to insult or degrade me!最令人印象深刻的方式,它们表明的是,他们中的一些使用的散发着阵阵四个字母的单词,他们可能知道如何拼写在讲述一个基督教牧师“在那里,他可以把它”(好,一个是三个字母组成的单词!)或所有其他可能的方式,他们能想到的,试图侮辱或降低我! (As it happens, THEIR opinion really does not matter to me, only the Lord's Opinion of me!) After I receive such vicious and foul-languaged e-mails from "Christians who have absolute guaranteed entry into Heaven and guaranteed Salvation", I tend to wonder in what part of the Bible did they find those words and those attitudes! (碰巧的是,他们认为真的没有不事给我,只有主的我的意见!)后,我收到从“基督徒绝对保证入口进入天堂,并保证救国”等恶性和犯规,languaged发送的邮件,我往往不知道什么“圣经”的一部分,他们发现了这些话,这种态度! But, from THEIR perspective, since they think that their ticket is absolute into Heaven, there really are NO RULES for how they need to think or talk or act!但是,从他们的角度来看,因为他们认为他们的票是绝对进入天堂,真的是他们需要如何去思考或说话或行为没有规矩! I find that an astounding position for anyone who claims to be a Christian to have!我觉得任何人声称自己是一个基督徒有一个惊人的位置! No rules whatever!没有规矩不管! If they decided to kill a few neighbors, not a problem, I guess, because they still think they have their Guarantee!如果他们决定杀了几个邻居,不是一个问题,我猜,因为他们仍然认为他们有他们的保证! They could simply attend Church the next Sunday and apologize to the Lord, and everything would again be PERFECT!他们可以简单地出席教会下周日和主道歉,一切都将再次完美!

Therefore, it seems necessary that I add some Teaching here!因此,似乎有必要,在这里我想补充一些教学! YES, Jesus said "I am the Way" being the ONLY way that Christians can get to Heaven.是的,耶稣说:“我就是道路”基督徒可以得到天堂的唯一途径。 In the past couple hundred years, it has become popular to say that being Saved is immediately and irrevocably available to anyone if they are willing to say a single statement, resembling: "Hey, Jesus, I am willing to allow you to be my Savior." ,在过去的情侣一百多年中,它已经成为通俗的说,被保存立即及不可撤回地提供给任何人,如果他们愿意说一个单独的语句,类似:“嘿,耶稣,我愿意让你成为我的救主“。

It is terrifying that many modern Churches Teach that THAT is the whole show!这是可怕的,许多现代教会的教导,这是整个展会! Once you make that statement, your Salvation and your ticket to Heaven are absolute and guaranteed!一旦你声明,你的救恩,你到天堂的门票,是绝对的,并保证! Wow!哇!

If that were so, we could really throw away nearly all of the Bible, and just keep the few pages that refer to that!如果是这样,我们真的可以扔掉,几乎所有的“圣经”,而只保留引用该几页!

That might be really convenient, but that is NOT what the Bible nor Christianity Teaches!这可能是真的很方便,但是,这并不是什么“圣经”和基督教教导! First, that sentence is ONLY supposed to be valid IF the person is extremely Devout and fully understands what he/she is committing to.首先,这句话只应该是有效的,如果这个人是非常虔诚,充分理解他/她正致力于的。 Second, it is only the "flashy" part of being a Christian, generally referred to as Justification, and soon followed by a public water Baptism.其次,它是唯一的“华而不实”作为一个基督徒的部分,一般简称为理由,并很快由公共水的洗礼。

The critically important part that seems to often be left out today is that Justification is actually only a transition, into a state where Sanctification can occur.极为重要的一部分,似乎往往是今天的理由实际上是进入的状态下可发生成圣,只是一个过渡。 This Sanctification is actually a far more significant part of what Christianity is supposed to be, a life-long PROCESS of continual learning and growth.这成圣实际上是一种什么基督教应该是一个终身的过程,不断的学习和成长更为显著的部分。

We sometimes describe this as Justification being akin to your parents signing you up for school, while Sanctification is the 12 years you spent actually doing the learning.我们有时描述,以此为理由被你的父母,学校签订类似,而成圣是你花了12年来实际做学习。 Not a lot was really accomplished by them just signing you up, it really depended on YOU and whether you paid attention and learned, whether the entire process of "education" worked very well for you!真的不是很多,他们刚刚签署你完成的,它真的取决于你和你是否重视和教训,“教育”的整个过程中是否很好地为你工作!

Look at this another way.看看这另一种方式。 If YOU say a specific sentence, and therefore receive an absolute guaranteed Salvation and entry to Heaven, doesn't that sound extremely "legalistic".如果说一个特定的句子,因此得到绝对保证救亡和进入天堂,非常不健全的“墨守成规”。 It would really be saying that the Lord would never again have any say in whether you are Saved or get to Heaven, no matter what you might ever do or say or think.真的是说主会不会再有任何说,无论你是保存或上天堂,不管你可能永远做或说或认为。 Didn't He show a displeasure regarding the Jews being legalistic about applying the Old Testament Law?没有他表现出不满,墨守成规的有关应用旧约“关于犹太人?

Now, I suppose it would really simplify things if all Christians really are absolutely guaranteed of Salvation and entry to Heaven.现在,我想如果真的是所有基督徒的救恩和进入天堂的绝对保证的东西,确实简化。 As a Pastor, my job would be far simpler, just having to get people to recite a sentence!作为一个牧师,我的工作将简单得多,只是让人们去念一个句子! I have never thought of my job as that simple!我从来没有想过我的工作就这么简单! The understanding of our Church is what we think was nearly the universal attitude prior to maybe 50 years ago.我们教会的理解是我们认为这是近之前,也许50年前的普遍态度。 We study, get Saved, get Baptized, and constantly try to learn and grow from things we hear in Church.我们的研究中,得到保存,得到洗礼,不断努力学习,从我们在教会中听到的东西中成长。 Then, when our Earthly time is done, we show up at the Gates of Heaven.然后,当我们尘世的时间完成,我们将展示在天堂的门。 Our understanding is that, AT THAT MOMENT, the "status of our heart" is evaluated by the Lord.我们的理解是,在那一刻,“祖国的心脏地位”是由主评估。 IF the Lord is Pleased with that status, we feel that person is welcomed in. IF the Lord is not Pleased with that status, we believe that He sends that person to the other place.如果主是具有这种地位感到高兴,我们觉得那人欢迎的,如果主是不具有这种地位感到高兴,我们相信他,其他地方的人发送。

It seems unimaginable to our small Church that there could be people in line with "guaranteed tickets" where they might as well just push everyone ahead out of their way "Step aside! Step aside! Guaranteed ticket here!".似乎难以想象我们的小教堂,有可能在符合“保证票”的人,他们可能也只是推每个人都提前了自己的方式“步骤预留!靠边站!保证机票在这里!”。 I guess it would be hoped that they don't knock Jesus down as they barge into Heaven!我想这将是希望他们不敲门耶稣,因为他们进入天堂驳船!

Wow!哇! If THAT is the way the Lord runs Heaven, it sure doesn't sound like the Heaven I have always envisioned from the Bible!如果是这样的方式运行主天堂,但它确实不健全,像我一直从“圣经”所设想的天堂! Our Church sort of assumes that only people who behave and talk and think properly would get in (based on that status of the heart business).我们的教会样的假设,行为和谈话,并认为正确的唯一的人将得到基础上,心脏业务的地位。 In any case, we really do NOT see any basis for ANYONE to brag about having a guaranteed Salvation or guaranteed entry to Heaven.在任何情况下,我们真的没有看到任何人吹嘘保证救国或保证进入天堂的基础。 It sure doesn't seem to be the Bible we use (King James).确保它似乎并不被我们使用的圣经(国王詹姆斯)。

In fact, I personally wonder if people who carry such self-centered attitudes are EVER even allowed inside Heaven. 事实上,我个人不知道的人携带这种以自我为中心的态度是从未有天堂内允许。 Would Jesus really want to be around people who thought and spoke so self-centeredly? 耶稣会真的要被周围的人认为如此自我centeredly并讲话吗

In any case, now that I realize that those Christians who believe they have absolutely guaranteed Salvation and entry to Heaven, can feel that they can act or say whatever they wish, I think I will not be as upset when they express their vocabulary of four-letter-words to and about me!在任何情况下,现在我认识到,这些基督徒相信他们绝对保证救恩和进入天堂,都能感受到他们能够采取行动或说为所欲为了,我想我不会心烦的时候,他们表达自己的四个词汇字母词和关于我! But it still makes me feel sorry for them, as I sort of wonder how the Lord would look on their treating of one of His workers when their hearts were evaluated.但它仍然使我感到抱歉,对他们来说,我不知道如何主对他们的治疗他的一个工人时,他们的心灵进行了评价。

But, if they are right, and there is no evaluation necessary, I guess they are right to be arrogant and self-righteous.但是,如果他们是正确的,有没有评价的必要,我想他们是正确的傲慢和自以为是的。 And I suppose they also therefore know more than this Pastor does about what Christianity involves!我想他们也因此知道比这个牧师基督教涉及! However, I still intend to keep Teaching the Christianity that our Church believes the Bible presents, and TRYING to live a life which I think Jesus seemed to encourage, such as involving humility and compassion and tolerance and all the rest. We have not found any Scripture that talks about absolute guarantees.不过,我仍打算保持教学的基督教,我们的教会认为“圣经”的介绍,并试图过着生活,我认为耶稣似乎鼓励,如涉及谦卑,同情和宽容,和所有其余的。我们没有发现任何圣经,谈的绝对保证。

Since this essay seems to be causing trouble anyway, why not stir up a little more?由于这篇文章似乎是造成麻烦,反正,为什么不挑起多一点呢? Our Church has NO "official position" and no real attitude either for or against abortion.我们的教会有没有“官本位”,没有或反对堕胎的真实态度。 We certainly think that the rampant casual sex is inappropriate, and we aggressively try to Teach against that.当然,我们认为猖獗的休闲性是不合适的,我们积极反对,试教。 But we note that virtually EVERY Christian Church and countless millions of Christians are as violently against abortion as some e-mailers seem to be against me!但我们注意到,几乎所有的基督教教堂和无数的基督徒,反对堕胎猛烈一些邮件发送者似乎对我! Again, no opinion either way here.同样,没有意见两种方式。 But Protestant Churches all insist that we are Sola Scriptura , by the Bible alone .但基督教都坚持认为,我们唯独圣经 ,仅“圣经”。 So when I hear my fellow Christians raving on and on against abortion, I sometimes quietly ask what Scripture they cite on which that is based.所以,当我听到我的同胞基督徒反对堕胎和呓语,有时我悄悄问他们举出上,是基于什么圣经。 None have ever mentioned any.都没有提起过任何。 There is certainly the Commandment against murdering (NOT "killing", by the way, which is quite different) and several later references to it.当然是有打击杀人的诫命(不是“杀”的方式,这是完全不同的,)和它的几个后来引用。 But I have never yet had any fellow Pastors or Ministers cite any clear Scripture on which their extremely strict position is allegedly based.但我还从来没有任何同胞牧师或部长举据称极为严格的立场是基于任何明确的圣经上。 It is my suspicion that that subject is so emotion-laden that it may be a variation of the absoluteness discussed above, that some writer had expressed some personal opinion, or personal interpretation of some Scripture, and it has remained unchallenged and UNCHALLENGEABLE ever since.这是我的怀疑,这个主题是如此的充满情感,它可能是上面讨论的绝对变化,一些作家表达了一些个人的意见,或个人的一些经文解释,并一直受到质疑和不容挑战的,自从。

I would welcome finding that the Bible DID forbid abortions, but the Scriptures in our King James Bible do not seem to express but the most vague and indirect reference to the concept.我欢迎发现“圣经”DID禁止堕胎,但在我们的国王詹姆斯圣经圣经似乎并没有表达,但最模糊和间接引用的概念。 And even those indirect references seem only to be in the English translations and not in the Original Greek or Hebrew.即使是那些间接引用,似乎只在英文翻译,在希腊原文或希伯来文。

It might also be true that the correct interpretation of some Scripture might establish the valid basis for it.这也可能是真实的,一些经文的正确解释可能建立有效的基础。 In any case, given the responses I have gotten from this essay, where Christians who believe they have absolute guarantees think they are allowed to do anything, I start to see how and why some would decide to bomb clinics and kill doctors and nurses.在任何情况下,给出的答复,我已经得到了从这篇文章中,基督徒相信他们有绝对保证,认为他们可以做任何事情,我开始看到如何以及为什么有些人会决定炸弹诊所和杀死医生和护士。 They actually think they are doing such things FOR CHRISTIAN REASONS!实际上,他们认为他们正在做这样的事情,为基督徒的原因! (and out of the other side of their mouth, they express vicious revulsion regarding Muslims who do the very same things!) They actually feel that their Salvation cannot be endangered! (出了他们的嘴的另一端,他们​​表达的恶性反感穆斯林做同样的事情!)他们实实在在地感受到,他们的救赎不能濒危! I can only say, Wow!我只能说,哇!

Again, our Church is aggressively against the casual sex that is everywhere in society today, and strongly against the casual attitudes that seem to exist regarding women getting abortions.同样,我们的教会正在积极对休闲性,是无处不在当今社会,并强烈反对,休闲的态度,似乎存在有关妇女获得堕胎。 However, we cannot see that Jesus would have ever expressed any ABSOLUTE rule regarding such a subject.但是,我们不能看到耶稣会曾经表示任何绝对的统治,就这样一个主题。 Read the Bible.阅读“圣经”。 Get a sense of Who Jesus was!获得耶稣是谁感! Didn't He ALWAYS show Personal and individual attention to each unique situation which He confronted?没有他总是显示他面对每一个独特的情况,个人和个人的关注呢? And then He chose a response that was amazingly insightful?然后他选择了回应,这是令人惊讶的见地? So, imagine that the Bible might have mentioned some incident where Jesus met some young girl who had just been raped, by some criminal.因此,可以想象,“圣经”有可能提到的一些事件,耶稣在那里会见了刚刚被强奸的一些犯罪,一些年轻的女孩。 Jesus would certainly have asked her to sit down and describe to Him the situation, and He would not have interrupted her.耶稣一定会问她坐下来形容他的情况,和他没有打断她。 And once she was done describing what had happened, Jesus would have offered His amazing insight.一次,她描述发生了什么事,耶稣会提供他惊人的洞察力。 If He sensed that the girl was suicidal, would He have really ordered her to have and raise that baby?如果他感觉到,这个女孩是自杀的,他会真的下令她和提高,婴儿呢? Such that for nine months, AND for the rest of her life, she would have the most vivid possible reminder of being raped?这样,为9个月,并为她的后半生,她将有可能被强奸的最生动的提醒呢? Doesn't it seem at least POSSIBLE that Jesus might have concluded that such a life for her would be totally worthless?不,它似乎至少有可能是耶稣可能已经得出结论,这样一个在她的生活将完全不值钱吗? That even if she would somehow avoid committing suicide, she would not likely ever have her remaining life amount to anything? ,即使她会在一定程度上避免自杀,她将不可能永远有她的剩余寿命有出息吗? Would Jesus really force her to have a clearly worthless and empty life?耶稣真的逼她有一个明确毫无价值,空的生活? I am not sure.我不知道。 In other words, even though we know that Jesus would not be enthusiastic regarding that raped girl having an abortion, we think that MAYBE He might Decide that she could be so much more productive in her future life if He suggested that course to her?换句话说,即使我们知道耶稣会不热心,强奸少女堕胎,我们认为,也许他可能会决定她未来的生活,她可以在这么多生产的,如果他建议,当然她的? In terms that might be more understandable to the right-to-life proponents, would Jesus see that there would be NO chance that this girl would ever have any happiness, or marriage, or future children?的权利的条款可能会更加容易理解生活的支持者,耶稣会看到会有这个女孩将永远有任何幸福,或结婚,或未来的孩子没有机会呢? What decision would Jesus have made if He knew that she had the potential of raising four healthy and happy babies later in life OR in never raising any other children other than the one that would always represent pain and suffering to her?耶稣有什么样的决定,如果他知道她有可能提高4个健康快乐的婴儿后,在生活中还是在从来没有提出任何一个始终代表痛苦和折磨她的以外的其他孩子? I cannot answer that question, as I am not Jesus.我不能回答这个问题,因为我不是耶稣。 I merely note that He MIGHT have considered such things.我只是注意到,他有可能考虑这样的事情。 But the modern view is ALWAYS simply for the short-term implications regarding whether a tiny fetus actually represents a human yet or not.但现代观点总是简单的短期影响方面,一个微小的胎儿是否实际上代表人或不。 Doesn't it seem at least POSSIBLE that Jesus might evaluate a "bigger picture" including the girl's entire future life, where He might have seen some "best of many undesirable courses?"没有它似乎至少可能,耶稣可能评估“大局观”,包括女孩的整个未来的生活,在那里他可能已经看到一些“最佳许多不良的课程吗?”

It actually seems somewhat surprising that the right-to-life advocates do not find flaw in the fact that each month, an unfertilized egg is lost (wasted) from each woman!实际上,它似乎有点令人惊讶,从右到生活的倡导者没有找到漏洞,在每月,未受精的卵子是从每一个女人失去(浪费)! Isn't that egg essentially 99% of the start of a fetus?这不是鸡蛋基本上99%的胎儿开始? What is the difference?有什么区别?

It seems to me that many Christians might have supported a possibly wrong viewpoint in a related situation several years ago.在我看来,许多基督徒几年前,有可能支持一个可能是错误的观点,在有关情况。 There had been a (young) woman in Florida who had been in a serious traffic accident around 1990 (Terry Shaivo), whom medical doctors had needed to attach to a lot of equipment to maintain heartbeat and breathing.曾有过在佛罗里达州的(年轻)的女子,曾在1990年左右,严重交通意外,意外(特里Shaiv​​o),其中医生有需要附加到大量的设备维持心跳和呼吸。 The doctors had all agreed that her brain had been so damaged as to functionally be dead from the start.医生们都同意她的大脑已损坏,功能从一开始就死了。 After FIFTEEN YEARS on that equipment, some of her family had decided that it was time to disconnect that equipment, as she had shown no improvement and no indication of awareness during those 15 years.经过15年的设备,她的家人已决定,这是断开的设备的时候,因为她在这15年来没有改善和没有意识的迹象。 Millions of American Christians became violently opposed to that, even including the American Congress (which passed a Law specifically about her situation) and President Bush (who even made a special trip from Texas to Washington, DC, just to sign it).数以百万计的美国基督徒成为激烈反对,甚至包括美国国会(通过法律明确规定有关她的情况)和美国总统布什(他们甚至专程从得克萨斯州到华盛顿特区,只是签署)。

The Christians who so aggressively support right-to-life may or may not be right about many things, I do not know.基督徒积极支持正确的生活可能会或可能不会对很多事情,我不知道。 But in this one, it seems to me that they may have been extremely wrong! IMHO, as a Christian, the young lady SHOULD have had the opportunity to be WITH JESUS as early as 1990. But the right-to-life advocates would have forced her to NOT be able to be in Heaven with the Lord for another thirty or forty years.但在这其中,在我看来,他们可能已经极其错误的! 恕我直言,作为一个基督徒,年轻的女士应该有机会与耶稣早在1990年,但从右到生活的倡导者强迫她不能够在天堂与主三十或四十年。 Doesn't that seem that they were actively DENYING her the most valuable of all things? I am not saying that their GENERAL attitude is wrong, but just that SOMETIMES it might be short-sighted. 不,似乎他们积极否认她所有的东西最宝贵?我不是说他们的一般态度是错误的的,但只是有时它可能是短视的。 There are merits in some aspects of some things they say.他们说一些事情的某些方面的优点。 But the Bible did not provide many of the vicious ideas they seem to often promote, and those ideas were clearly just dreamed up by HUMANS who had their own personal opinions.但“圣经”并没有提供很多他们似乎常常促进的恶性思想,这些想法显然只​​是梦想自己的个人意见,人类曾。 The fact that they became so fanatical about this one woman's heartbeat continuing seemed to be a clear example (to me, at least!) that they had entirely lost sight of the POINT of what they were trying to argue for! Since medical science keeps improving, and the woman was so young to start with, it does seem impossible that medical science might have been able to keep her heart beating for a thousand years! ,他们成为使有关这一之一女人的心跳持续狂热,似乎到是一个明显的例子(我,至少!),他们已经完全失去了看到点什么,他们是试图据理力争 !由于医学科学的不断改善,和女人是如此年轻开始,它似乎是不可能的医学科学可能已经能够保持她的心脏跳动了一千多年! And right-to-life advocates would certainly have bragged that they had accomplished that for her. But I truly suspect that IF they had been able to ask the young woman's opinion, she would certainly have told them "Let me go so I can be with the Lord!"和右键来,生活的倡导者将肯定有吹嘘,他们已经完成了对她说,但我真正的犯罪嫌疑人,如果他们已经被问年轻女子的意见,她一定告诉他们“让我去这样我就可以与主同在!“

Again, nothing wrong with right-to-life, but people need to realize that WE are merely humans and that we sometimes become illogical or fanatical about subjects that we feel emotionally about, and that there probably are exceptions to every rule. Many modern (American) Christians seem to assume that ABSOLUTE rules must apply to many subjects, where there can be no exceptions allowed ever.同样,从右到生活没有错,但人们必须认识到,我们仅仅是人类,我们有时会变得不合逻辑或狂热的情绪有关,我们觉得有关科目,并有可能是每一个规则的例外。许多现代美国)基督徒似乎假设,绝对的规则必须适用于许多学科,那里可以允许有史以来也不例外。 If Jesus were here today, He would certainly describe that as Legalistic, which He was very much against when trying to apply God's Laws. It is as though we have not really learned very much in 2,000 years! 如果耶稣今天在这里,他一定会描述墨守成规,他非常反对尝试应用神的律法时 ,虽然我们还没有真正学会在2000年非常!

I can already see that additional thousands of people will be irate at me regarding this, and will be adding to my hate-mail from this essay!我已经可以看到额外数千人将在这方面的我怒气冲冲的,将增加从这篇文章的心头之恨! It always distresses me that (alleged) Christians send me death threats, (many hundreds of them so far).我总是苦恼(涉嫌)基督徒给我发死亡威胁,(数百个,其中许多至今)。 Didn't they learn ANYTHING in Church?难道他们在教会中学习什么? Rather than ranting or citing supposed references to Scriptures, I would ask that the ACTUAL WORDING of the Bible be included in such attacks on me, from either the NIV or the KJAV.而不是咆哮或引用应该引用到圣经,我会问,在这种攻击我,无论从为证或KJAV,包括“圣经”的实际措辞。 If you then want to rip into me, do it on the basis of THOSE WORDS from the Bible and not from some rhetoric that some Christian writer or speaker has said.如果你到我想撕毁,这些词的基础上,从“圣经”,而不是从一些说辞,一些基督教作家或喇叭说。

OK.确定。 This is only a distantly related issue to Arrogance, but I feel that I need to add another subject here.这仅仅是一个傲慢的亲缘关系较远的问题,但我觉得我需要添加另一个议题。 It is essentially the common Christian attitudes toward science.它实质上是对科学的共同的基督教的态度。

It is really disappointing, but virtually all Christians seem to have absolutely no clue regarding what actual science is!这实在是令人失望的,但几乎所有的基督徒似乎已经完全没有线索,就实际的科学是什么! Of course, they all THINK they do, and therefore they feel free to express pretty much unlimited OPINIONS.当然,他们都认为他们这样做,因此他们觉得可以自由地表达几乎无限的意见。 They are actually probably MORE capable of expressing their personal opinions regarding different procedures of brain surgery, but they do not seem interested in trying to convince anyone of their view in that field!他们实际上可能更能够表达他们的个人意见,关于脑外科手术的不同程序,但他们似乎没有兴趣,试图说服他们的观点的人在这一领域!

There is a MASSIVE difference between what most Christians think is science and what really is science.有一个大多数基督徒认为是科学和真正是科学之间的大规模的区别。 It might be seen easiest by an example.它可能会被视为最简单的一个例子。

A Christian FIRST decides on some statement he wants to claim as true. Then he SELECTIVELY looks for and finds data and logic which appear to support whatever it is that he intends to "prove"! 基督徒首先决定作为真正的要求,他希望一些语句 ,然后,他选择性地寻找和发现数据和逻辑,这似乎支持不管它是什么,他打算以“证明“! Christians do not even seem to be aware that DIFFERENT Christians often claim exact opposite positions, and base all their claims on the Bible!基督徒甚至似乎不知道,不同的基督徒经常声称完全相反的立场,和基地,他们对“圣经”的索赔! Around 1840, nearly all major American Churches split in half, because some insisted that they had proven that the Bible is against slavery, and others insisted that they had proven that the Bible is for slavery.大约在1840年,几乎所有主要的美国教会分成两半,因为一些坚持认为,他们已经证明,“圣经”是反对奴隶制,而另一些人坚持认为,他们已经证明,“圣经”是对奴役。 Several of those giant Churches existed as two identical Churches for over 100 years, only joining back together fairly recently. The point here is that the two groups each STARTED OFF with the conclusion they intended to prove, and clearly, both groups felt that their side had found words in the Bible that convincingly proved their case. Could BOTH SIDES have been right?几个存在了100多年的两个相同的教会的那些巨型教会,只加入一起回来不久以前。这里的关键是,这两个组,每组的结论,他们打算证明,并明确开始,这两个群体认为自己身边在圣经中找到的话,令人信服地证明了他们的情况。双方一直权?

Regarding virtually every social issue today, there are Christian groups which cite Biblical Scripture to allegedly prove both sides of the argument!今天,几乎每一个社会问题方面有引用圣经经文的基督教团体,据称证明双方的说法!

The problem is centered on the fact that it is DECIDED what the results will be before they even start, and in that way, the various claims by alleged Christian scientists ALWAYS turn out to be true! 问题为中心,这是决定的结果将是什么之前,他们甚至开始,并以这种方式,据称基督教科学家的各种说法总是属实!

REAL science is incredibly different from that!真正的科学是令人难以置信的不同! True, a researcher usually begins with a hypothesis. However, the reality is that MOST scientific experiments have the result of proving that the hypothesis was WRONG! It is relatively rare when experiments directly prove an initial hypothesis to be correct!诚然,研究人员通常开始与一个假设。 然而,现实是,大多数科学实验已经证明这一假设是错误的结果 !当实验直接证明了最初的假设是正确的,它是比较少见的!

However, in science, that is NOT seen as a bad thing!然而,在科学,就是没有看到是一件坏事! Such failures of experiments simply acts to eliminate one possibility regarding finding an answer to the problem at hand.这种失败的实验,简单的行为,以消除一种可能性,就手头的问题寻找一个答案。 The scientific attitude is to do enough failed experiments until you eventually narrow it all down enough to achieve a successful experiment. It is well publicized that Thomas Edison spent years attempting thousands of different ideas regarding a light bulb, all of which failed! But THAT was actually a good thing!科学的态度是做足够的失败的实验,直到你最终缩小上下足实现了成功的实验。,这是很好的宣传,托马斯爱迪生花了几年时间试图上千种不同的想法,一个灯泡,所有这一切都失败!但是,这是其实是一件好事! Each failure told Edison that some possibilities were not useful, and each failure narrowed down the remaining number of possibilities.每次失败告诉爱迪生一些可能性是没有用的,每个失败收窄剩余数的可能性。 Eventually, Edison came upon one approach that actually worked, and we now have billions of light bulbs!最后,爱迪生的方法之一,实际工作时,现在我们有十亿灯泡!

The great difference was that Edison NEVER knew how an experiment would turn out. I have done a large number of rigidly scientific experiments during my life, and a lot of them turned out to prove my initial thoughts to have been wrong. So the difference is that actual science DOES NOT absolutely insist on what the results would turn out to be, but it also involves the scientists always examining ALL data and all logic, and not just the parts which might seem to support what he might have hoped for .有很大的差别是,爱迪生从来不知道怎么会变成一个实验。,在我的生活,我做了一个硬性的科学实验的大量,他们中的很多横空出世,证明我最初的想法一直是错的,所以不同的是实际的科学不是绝对坚持什么结果就变成,但它也涉及科学家们一直研究的所有数据和所有的逻辑,而不仅仅是部分,这似乎支持什么,他可能希望。

Christians never seem to understand this distinction!基督徒似乎从来没有理解这一区别! They see claims made by some people who call themselves Christian scientists regarding the Earth being formed 6,000 years ago, and think that such claims are as valid as the claims of actual science.他们看到一些人自称为基督教科学家关于6000年前形成的地球提出的索赔,并认为,这种索赔只要实际的科学的索赔有效。 They are not, usually because of that selective use of data and logic, in proving a specific expectation.他们都没有,通常是因为数据和逻辑,选择性地使用,在证明一个特定的期望。

Christians generally assume that the true scientists simply cannot handle the competition, and they don't see any difference in quality of the claims made by Christian scientists and by actual scientists.基督徒一般假设,真正的科学家根本无法处理的竞争,他们没有看到任何基督教科学家提出的要求和实际科学家的质量差异。 In contrast, the actual scientists see the difference to be HUGE!相反,实际的科学家看到其中的差别是巨大的! Bigger than huge!巨大的更大! Because the logical sloppiness is usually really obvious in such efforts by those Christian scientists, the true scientists do not even bother to pay attention.由于逻辑草率通常是那些基督教科学家的努力真的很明显,真正的科学家不甚至懒得注意。 I find it rather amusing that Christians seem to think that scientists HATE Christianity.我觉得相当有趣的是,基督徒似乎认为科学家恨基督教。 I have never known any scientist who has had such strong emotions for Christianity or any other religion, because instead, they simply consider religions to be illogical, and therefore irrelevant.我从来不知道任何科学家,谁拥有了基督教或任何其他宗教的强烈的情感,,而不是,因为他们简单地认为宗教是不合逻辑的,因此无关。 Since serious scientists do not have any respect for the poor methods used by those Christian scientists, they simply ignore Christians and Christianity, NOT having any hatred or ANY strong feelings!由于严重的科学家没有任何尊重那些基督教科学家用穷人的方法,他们根本不理会基督徒和基督教,没有任何仇恨或任何强烈的感情!

The most publicized subject, of course is regarding Creation and Natural Selection (which is popularly called evolution).当然,最宣传的主题是关于创作和自然选择(也就是俗称的进化)。 In an interesting process of working both sides of the street, Christians commonly seem to think that it is not actually necessary to understand such subjects, but are quickly willing to express intense opinions on all the things that they think are wrong with science!在工作​​的街道两侧的一个有趣的过程中,基督徒通常似乎认为,它实际上没有必要了解等科目,但正在迅速愿意表达强烈的意见,所有的东西,他们认为科学错误! How can ANYONE rightfully express severe criticism about any subject that he intentionally has avoided ever learning about? IF such a Christian critic would actually ever learn enough about true science to understand what it is, THEN they would be in an excellent position to express criticism.怎么能正确地表达关于严厉批评,他有意避免了不断学习有关的任何问题,如果这样一个基督教评论家真正的科学了解不够了解它是什么,那么他们将在一个很好的位置来表达批评。 But none ever do that. It is most peculiar. 但没有一个做到这一点。它是最奇特的。 They insist on not knowing or learning about such an important subject, but still aggressively announce that they are right!他们坚持不知道或学习的一个重要课题,但仍然积极地宣布,他们是正确的的! (the Arrogance part!) (傲慢的一部分!)

Many Christians have the most bizarre ideas of what evolution is!许多基督徒有什么进化是最离奇的想法! Whether they personally dreamed it up or whether it was their Minister that dreamed it up, many are really, really funny in being so poorly thought out!无论他们个人梦想或:无论是他们的部长的梦想,很多都是真的,真的很有趣,在被未经深思熟虑! Most seem to be in either of two categories.大多数似乎是两类。 One is where a LIVING creature somehow changed spectacularly into becoming some totally different creature.其一是一种生物以某种方式改变了,成为一些完全不同的生物的壮观。 The other is where a creature such as a dog has a litter and they turn out to be goats or cats or chickens.另一种是如狗的生物有一个垃圾和他们变成山羊或猫或鸡。 People have seen far too many science fiction movies!人们已经看到太多的科幻电影!

Such bizarre ideas have been found my some Ministry to be great at creating intense emotions and hatred in uneducated Christians.这种离奇的想法已经发现我的一些部伟大的创造强烈的情感,在没有受过教育的基督徒的仇恨。 So it has been a very popular subject to rant on.因此,它一直咆哮上一个非常受欢迎的主题。 Without the Minister ever learning anything upon to base solid opinions, and since the Bible never actually mentions any of that, each Minister is free to use his own imagination to dream up any outrageous statements to insert into a Sermon!每个部长不部长不断学习任何东西后,基础坚实的意见,并自“圣经”实际上从未提到任何的情况下,自由地使用自己的想象,梦想任何离谱的语句来插入说教! Truth or honesty or accuracy is irrelevant!真理,诚实或精度无关!

ACTUAL Natural Selection is so slow that it is extremely hard to even detect in many species.实际的自然选择是如此缓慢,这是极其困难,甚至在许多物种中检测。 But YOU are likely to be taller than your grandparents and great-grandparents.但你很可能要长得比你的祖父母和曾祖父母。 Good food is part of the reason, but the result is that you might be one inch taller than three generations ago.良好的食物是部分原因,但结果是,你可能会比三代以前高了一英寸。 Imagine that good food continues to be available for the NEXT 100 generations of your descendants.试想一下,良好的食物,仍然是你的后裔世代在未来100。 If such a height effect would continue, then those people of 2,000 years from now might be around 33 inches taller than we are! ,如果这样的高度效果会持续下去,那么2000年从现在的人可能会比我们高约33英寸! Note that we hardly even notice that we are much different than our parents or grandparents, but if even very small effects kept repeating for a long time, big changes can occur.请注意,我们很难甚至注意到,我们比我们的父母或祖父母不同,但即使很小的影响不停地重复了很长时间,可能会发生大的变化。

THAT is the sort of thing that is ACTUALLY what Natural Selection is.这是之类的事情,实际上是自然选择的是什么。 Each generation might be a tiny bit different in some way from its parents, and they always are, but if those minor differences occurred for many generations, then really large changes can eventually be seen.每一代人可能是在某种方式从父母一点点不同,他们总是,但如果这些细微的差别发生许多代,然后最终可以看出真正的大的变化。

Did you know that there were only a handful of breeds of dogs just 500 years ago?你知道,只有少数的狗的品种仅有500年前吗? But breeders have intentionally given preference (of survival) of certain puppies, and we now have over 400 official breeds of dogs, after only around a hundred generations of dogs.但是,育种者故意给予一定的小狗(生存)的偏好,现在我们有超过400个官方的狗品种,经过几代人的狗只有约一百。 No one calls that Evolution, but it really is the same exact thing, but in that case, there have been artificially chosen advantages and disadvantages.没有人呼吁,进化,但它确实是完全相同的事情,但在这种情况下,有被人为选择的优点和缺点。

Even Christians do not believe that a Cocker Spaniel can change into a cat!即使基督徒不相信,可卡犬可以改变成猫! Or that a Chihuahua could have a litter of puppies that included a Great Dane!或者说,吉娃娃小狗,其中包括一个大丹犬的垃圾! The field of Animal Husbandry involves rather minimal changes from one generation to the next.畜牧业的领域涉及从一个世代到下,而最小的变化。 A breeder sees one puppy that does not have a black spot, and decides that is desirable, and selects that puppy out to later mate with another one that does not have that black spot.一个饲养员看到一个小狗,没有一个黑点,并决定是可取的,并选择与另一个没有,黑点,小狗以后的队友。 Eventually, after a few generations of dogs, he MIGHT get a whole population of dogs without that black spot. THAT is what Evolution is , but in this case it is driven by artificial choices.最终,经过几代人的狗,他可能会得到一个没有狗,黑点,整个人口是进化是什么,但在这种情况下,它是由人工选择驱动。 Natural Selection is essentially the same, where a white or lighter colored baby might blend in better in a snow-covered area, and therefore not be seen as easily by predators.自然选择是基本相同的,白色或浅色的婴儿可能更好地融合在一个冰雪覆盖的面积,并因此不可见的食肉动物一样容易。 A SLIGHT survival advantage might help that particular creature to survive to grow up and have babies.轻微的生存优势可能帮助,特别是生物生存中成长起来的,有婴儿的。 A baby in that snow-covered region that happened to be born with all black fur, MIGHT still survive, but the ODDS are not good!一个在这冰雪覆盖的地区发生的所有黑色皮草出生的婴儿,可能仍然生存,但前景并不看好! And if the black-furred creature is eaten before it gets old enough to have its own babies, then any preference regarding black-fur might disappear.而如果黑色皮毛的生物被吃掉之前,获得足够老有自己的婴儿,那么任何偏爱黑毛皮可能会消失。 The result of thousands and millions of generations of creatures in polar regions has tended to result in nearly all (surviving) animals having white fur.成千上万和极地地区的动物数以百万计的世代的结果往往导致几乎所有的(幸存)有白色毛皮动物。 It ain't that complicated!这是没有那么复杂!

For the record, penguins in Antarctica generally are NOT all white, they have large black areas of fur!为了记录在案,在南极洲的企鹅通常不是所有的白色,他们的毛皮大的黑色区域! The scientific explanation for this is pretty simple.这一科学的解释很简单。 There are no large predators in Antarctica!有在南极没有大型食肉动物! Whether a specific penguin is bright orange would not necessarily endanger its survival there.无论是一个特定的企鹅是明亮的橙色不会必然危及其生存。 Anywhere else, such a penguin might have very little chance of ever surviving long enougn to grow up.其他地方,这种企鹅可能很少有机会,不断尚存长enougn成长起来。

In any case, it will some day require some Christians to dismiss their sense of perfection and arrogance before actual scientists would even be willing to listen to them. I personally believe that BOTH groups will greatly benefit when such conversations become possible. I don't see it happening any time soon, because the people who call themselves Christian scientists are too arrogant about themselves, the methods and their results, for them to give any of that up any time soon.在任何情况下,它会在某一天需要一些基督徒解雇他们完美的和傲慢的意识前,科学家甚至会愿意听取他们的意见,我个人认为,这两个群体将大大有利于当这样的对话成为可能,我不看到它发生任何时间很快,因为过于傲慢,对自己的方法及其结果,他们很快放​​弃任何时间,任何的人自称为基督徒的科学家。

But that particular subject area seems to have a really interesting detail that no one seems to have noticed!但是,某一学科领域似乎有一个非常有趣的细节,似乎没有人注意到! The Bible certainly identifies Adam as UNIQUE (Genesis 1:26). “圣经”当然确定为唯一的(创世记1:26)亚当。 The ENGLISH TRANSLATION(s) all refer to a PHYSICAL resemblance of Adam to God.的英文翻译(S)是指亚当的身体相似上帝。 But a careful examination of the Original Ancient Hebrew words shows that those words really did NOT actually refer to any PHYSICAL resemblance at all! We believe that the actual Hebrew words of Genesis 1:26 were referring to the fact that God Chose to take an EXISTING creature of His, and ADD A SOUL to him/it, to create an entirely new and unique being, Adam. In that single Act, God made Adam (and all of his descendants, including us) absolutely unique in having a Soul and therefore totally different from any of God's other creatures.但是,一个原始古朴的希伯来字的仔细检查显示,那些话真的没有实际上是指任何物理相似!我们相信,实际的希伯来字创世记1:26提到的事实,上帝选择了利用现有的生物的他,并添加一个灵魂,他/它,创造一个全新的和独特的被,亚当在这种单一的行为,上帝造亚当(和他的后代,包括我们)绝对是独一无二的,有一个灵魂,因此从神的任何其他生物完全不同。 This single adjustment in interpretation has enormous implications.这种解释的单一调整,有巨大的影响。 First, it makes a LOT of the Bible a lot more logical, like regarding where Cain went to live when he left Eden.首先,它使很多很多更合乎逻辑的“圣经”,喜欢就其中该隐去生活,当他离开伊甸园。 (He went to live with CREATURES which happened to LOOK just like Adam, but which did not have Souls.) Or regarding WHY the Flood was later necessary. (他住进与生物发生的时装,就像亚当,但没有灵魂。)或有关为什么洪水后来必要。 Or countless other parts of the Bible. But it also would allow Christians to find 100% value in science and Evolution, without threatening the claim of uniqueness of us! We MIGHT then have had earlier antecedents that were of simple creatures, during Genesis, but that wonderful distinction of having a Soul has made us absolutely unique ever since Adam.或无数的其他部分,“ 圣经”,但它也将允许基督徒找到100%的科学和进化的价值,而不危及我们的独特性索赔,然后我们可能有简单的生物成因期间,早期的来路,但美妙的区别,有一个灵魂,使我们绝对独特自从亚当。 This even allows a wonderful explanation for why it is possible for blood transfusions from many types of apes could be used for human operations, which might then be seen as totally Christian!这甚至可以让一个精彩的解释为什么它是多种类型的类人猿的输血可用于人类的行动,这可能完全基督教!

But Christians tend to be set in their ways, and I wonder if any or many might adopt such a view in even a hundred years from now!但基督徒往往是他们的方式,我不知道如果任何或许多甚至百余年,从现在的观点可能会采取这样的!

C Johnson, Pastor, A Christ Walk Church荤约翰逊,牧师,教会的基督漫步

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