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The first of five major Bible Manuscripts prior to around 900 AD, numbered A, is the Alexandrian manuscript. Though brought to this country by Cyril Lucar, patriarch of Constantinople, as a present to Charles I., it is believed that it was written, not in that capital, but in Alexandria; whence its title.五大圣经手稿在公元900年左右之前,编号A,是亚历山大的手稿,虽然这个国家所带来的西里尔卢卡尔,君士坦丁堡的族长,作为查尔斯一,目前,它是认为这是书面的,没有资本,但在亚历山大;何处它的标题。 It is now dated in the fifth century AD Also called Codex Alexandrinus .现在日在第五世纪的广告也被称为食品法典委员会 Alexandrinus 。It contains almost the entire Bible.它几乎包含了整本圣经。

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Codex Alexandrinus食品法典委员会Alexandrinus

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A most valuable Greek manuscript of the Old and New Testaments, so named because it was brought to Europe from Alexandria and had been the property of the patriarch of that see.最珍贵的希腊手稿旧约和新约,因此而得名,因为它是从亚历山大带到欧洲,并已即见族长的财产。For the sake of brevity, Walton, in his polyglot Bible, indicated it by the letter A and thus set the fashion of designating Biblical manuscripts by such symbols.简便起见,沃尔顿,在他的多语种圣经“,表示它由字母A,从而设置指定圣经手稿等符号的时尚。Codex A was the first of the great uncials to become known to the learned world.一个食品法典委员会了解到世界第一的伟大uncials。When Cyril Lucar, Patriarch of Alexandria, was transferred in 1621 to the Patriarchate of Constantinople, he is believed to have brought the codex with him.当西里尔卢卡尔,牧首亚历山大,在1621年转移到君士坦丁堡宗主教,他被认为是带来了食品法典委员会。Later he sent it as a present to King James I of England; James died before the gift was presented, and Charles I, in 1627, accepted it in his stead.后来他送它目前作为英格兰国王詹姆斯一世的詹姆斯去世之前礼物,并在1627年,查理一世,代替他接受。It is now the chief glory of the British Museum in its manuscript department and is on exhibition there.现在是在其手稿部门的大英博物​​馆的首席荣耀,并有展览。[Editor's Note: The British Museum and the British Library split in 1973, and the Codex is now kept in the latter.][编者注:大英博物馆和大英图书馆在1973年分裂,以及食品法典委员会是现在保存在后者。]

Codex A contains the Bible of the Catholic Canon, including therefore the deuterocanonical books and portions of books belonging to the Old Testament.食品法典A包含圣经的天主教佳能,包括因此次经书籍和部分书籍属于旧约。Moreover, it joins to the canonical books of Machabees, the apocryphal III and IV Machabees, of very late origin.此外,它加入Machabees,杜撰的第三和第四Machabees典型的书籍,很晚出身。To the New Testament are added the Epistle of St. Clement of Rome and the homily which passed under the title of II Epistle of Clement -- the only copies then known to exist.添加新约圣克莱门特的罗马书信和讲道通过二书信的克莱门特标题下 - 然后已知存在的唯一副本。These are included in the list of New Testament books which is prefixed and seem to have been regarded by the scribe as part of the New Testament.这些都包含在新约圣经的书籍,这是前缀,似乎已被视为新约的一部分文士的清单。 The same list shows that the Psalms of Solomon, now missing, were originally contained in the volume, but the space which separates this book from the others on the list indicates that it was not ranked among New Testament books.相同的清单显示,所罗门的诗篇,现在下落不明,原本在卷中,但分开的空间,而从名单上的其他人这本书表明,它不是在新约圣经的书籍中排名。 An "Epistle to Marcellinus" ascribed to St. Athanasius is inserted as a preface to the Psalter, together with Eusebius's summary of the Psalms; Psalm 151 and certain selected canticles of the Old Testament are affixed, and liturgical uses of the psalms indicated. “书信Marcellinus”归因于圣athanasius插入的psalter的序言,连同尤西比乌斯的诗篇的总结;诗篇151和某些旧约canticle的贴,礼仪使用的诗篇表示。 Not all the books are complete.不是所有的书都完成了。In the Old Testament there is to be noted particularly the lacuna of thirty psalms, from 5:20, to 80:11; moreover, of Genesis 14:14-17; 15:1-5, 16-19; 16:6-9; 1 Samuel 12:20-14:9.在旧约中有特别的空隙三十诗篇,从5:20到80:11;此外,创世记14:14-17; 15:1-5,16-19; 16:6指出 - 9; 1塞缪尔12:20-14:9。The New Testament has lost the first twenty-five leaves of the Gospel of St. Matthew, as far as 25:6, likewise the two leaves running from John 6:50, to 8:52 (which, however, as the amount of space shows, omitted the formerly much disputed passage about the adulterous woman), and three leaves containing II Corinthians 4:13-12:6.新约已经失去了福音的圣马太二十五个叶,尽可能25:6,同样的两片树叶从约翰6:50,8:52(然而,作为量空间显示,省略了对通奸的女人以前很多有争议的段落),以及三片叶子含有哥林多后书4:13-12:6。 One leaf is missing from I Clement and probably two at the end of II Clement.叶之一是缺少从我克莱门特和可能两个在二克莱门特月底。 Codex A supports the Sixtine Vulgate in regard to the conclusion of St. Mark and John 5:4, but, like all Greek manuscripts before the fourteenth century, omits the text of the three heavenly witnesses, I John 5:7.一个支持在圣马可和约翰5:4结束Sixtine武加大食品法典委员会,但是,像前14世纪的希腊文手抄本,忽略了文本的三个天上的证人,约翰一书5:7。 The order of the Old Testament books is peculiar.旧约书的顺序是奇特。In the New Testament the order is Gospels, Acts, Catholic Epistles, Pauline Epistles, Apocalypse, with Hebrews placed before the Pastoral Epistles.在新约中的顺序是福音,行为,天主教教会,保罗书信,与希伯来人的启示,置于前教牧书信。Originally one large volume, the codex is now bound in four volumes, bearing on their covers the arms of Charles I. Three volumes contain the Old Testament, and the remaining volume the New Testament with Clement.本来是一个大容量,食品法典委员会现在是四卷的约束,其涵盖查尔斯一,三册包含旧约和新约圣经与克莱门特的剩余量的武器。 The leaves, of thin vellum, 12 3/4 inches high by 10 inches broad, number at present 773, but were originally 822, according to the ordinary reckoning.叶,薄牛皮纸,高12 3 / 4英寸,10英寸的广泛,在目前的773数量,但原本是822,按照普通清算。Each page has two columns of 49 to 51 lines.每一页有49至51行的两列。

The codex is the first to contain the major chapters with their titles, the Ammonian Sections and the Eusebian Canons complete (Scrivener).食品法典委员会是第一个包含与他们的头衔,Ammonian第Eusebian大炮完成(斯科维娜)的主要章节。 A new paragraph is indicated by a large capital and frequently by spacing, not by beginning a new line; the enlarged capital is placed in the margin of the next line, though, curiously, it may not correspond to the beginning of the paragraph or even of a word.一个新的段落是由一个大的资本和经常间距表示,而不是开始一个新行的下一行的保证金放在扩大资本,不过,奇怪的是,它可能不符合该段的开头,甚至一个字。 The manuscript is written in uncial characters in a hand at once firm, elegant, simple; the greater part of Volume III is ascribed by Gregory to a different hand from that of the others; two hands are discerned in the New Testament by Woide, three by Sir E. Maunde Thompson and Kenyon -- experts differ on these points.这份手稿是写在安色尔字体的字符在手,在一次坚定,典雅,简洁,第三卷,大部份是由格雷戈里归因于从其他不同的手,两只手都在新约中看出端倪,三Woide爵士E. Maunde汤普森和肯扬 - 专家在这些问题上不同。The handwriting is generally judged to belong to the beginning or middle of the fifth century or possibly to the late fourth.手写普遍判断属于第五个世纪的开头或中间或有可能到后期的第四。An Arabic note states that it was written by Thecla the martyr; and Cyril Lucar the Patriarch adds in his note that tradition says she was a noble Egyptian woman and wrote the codex shortly after the Nicene Council.祖师,它是由Thecla烈士写的一个阿拉伯国家注意;和Cyril卢卡尔的补充,传统说,她是一个高尚的埃及妇女和尼西亚会议后不久写的法典,在他的注意。 But nothing is known of such a martyr at that date, and the value of this testimony is weakened by the presence of the Eusebian Canons (d. 340) and destroyed by the insertion of the letter of Athanasius (d. 373).但没有什么是已知的在该日期的烈士,这个证词的价值被削弱Eusebian大炮的存在(卒于340),和由信亚他那修(373 D.)插入销毁。On the other hand, the absence of the Euthalian divisions is regarded by Scrivener as proof that it can hardly be later than 450.另一方面,Euthalian部门的情况下被认为是由斯科维娜证明,它也很难超过450。This is not decisive, and Gregory would bring it down even to the second half of the fifth century.这是不是决定性的,格雷戈里甚至会带来下半年的第五世纪。The character of the letters and the history of the manuscript point to Egypt as its place of origin.的信件和手稿点的历史,其产地埃及的字符。

The text of Codex A is considered one of the most valuable witnesses to the Septuagint.食品法典委员会的一个文本被认为是最有价值的证人的译本之一。It is found, however, to bear a great affinity to the text embodied in Origen's Hexapla and to have been corrected in numberless passages according to the Hebrew.发现,但是,要承担很大的亲和力,体现在渊源的Hexapla文本,并已在无数通道纠正根据希伯来文。The text of the Septuagint codices is in too chaotic a condition, and criticism of it too little advanced, to permit of a sure judgment on the textual value of the great manuscripts.文字的译本抄本是在太乱的条件,和它的批评太少先进,允许一个伟大的手稿文本值的肯定的判断。The text of the New Testament here is of a mixed character.这里的新约文本是一个混合性质。In the Gospels, we have the best example of the so-called Syrian type of text, the ancestor of the traditional and less pure form found in the textus receptus.在福音中,我们有所谓的叙利亚类型的文本,textus receptus发现传统的和不太纯形式的祖先最好的例子。 The Syrian text, however, is rejected by the great majority of scholars in favour of the "neutral" type, best represented in the Codex Vaticanus.叙利亚的文本,但是,绝大多数学者赞成“中性”的最好的食品法典Vaticanus为代表,被拒绝。In the Acts and Catholic Epistles, and still more in St. Paul's Epistles and the Apocalypse, Codex A approaches nearer, or belongs, to the neutral type.的行为和天主教教会,更在圣保禄的书信和启示,食品法典委员会的一个方法接近,或属于中立型。This admixture of textual types is explained on the theory that A or its prototype was not copied from a single manuscript, but from several manuscripts of varying value and diverse origin.这种文本类型的外加剂解释上,或它的原型是不是从单一的手稿复制的理论,而是从几个不同的价值和多样化的起源手稿。 Copyist's errors in this codex are rather frequent.在此抄本的抄写员的错误而频繁。

Codex Alexandrinus played an important part in developing the textual criticism of the Bible, particularly of the New Testament.食品法典委员会Alexandrinus发挥圣经的考证,特别是新约,在发展的重要组成部分。Grabe edited the Old Testament at Oxford in 1707-20, and this edition was reproduced at Zurich 1730-32, and at Leipzig, 1750-51, and again at Oxford, by Field, in 1859; Woide published the New Testament in 1786, which BH Cowper reproduced in 1860. Grabe编辑旧约在牛津大学在1707至1720年,这个版本是1730年至1732年在苏黎世转载,并在莱比锡,1750年至1751年,并再次在牛津,领域,在1859年; Woide发表于1786年的新约,波黑考贝在1860年重现。The readings of Codex A were noted in Walton's Polyglot, 1657, and in every important collation since made.食品法典委员会的一个读数在沃尔顿的多语种,1657年,在每一个重要的整理指出,自制成。Baber published an edition of the Old Testament in facsimile type in 1816-28; but all previous editions were superseded by the magnificent photographic facsimile of both Old and New Testaments produced by the care of Sir E. Maunde Thompson (the New Testament in 1879, the Old Testament in 1881-83), with an introduction in which the editor gives the best obtainable description of the codex (London, 1879-80).巴伯发表旧约传真类型在1816年至1828年版,但所有以前的版本取代,生产照顾E. Maunde汤普森爵士(在1879年的新约旧约和新约的宏伟摄影传真在1881年至1883年的旧约),在编辑器提供了最好的食品法典委员会索取的说明(伦敦,1879年至1880年)的一个介绍。

Publication information Written by John Francis Fenlon.由约翰弗朗西斯Fenlon书面的公开信息。 Transcribed by Sean Hyland.转录由Sean海仑。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IV.天主教百科全书,第四卷。Published 1908.发布1908。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat.Nihil Obstat。Remy Lafort, Censor.人头马lafort,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰米farley,大主教纽约

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