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The last in the group of the four great uncial manuscripts of the Greek Bible, received its name from the treatises of St. Ephraem the Syrian (translated into Greek) which were written over the original text.去年,四大安色尔字体的希腊圣经手稿组收到它的名字从圣Ephraem叙利亚(翻译成希腊文),它是对原始文本的书面论文。 This took place in the twelfth century, the ink of the Scriptural text having become partially effaced through fading or rubbing.这发生在12世纪的地方,圣经文本的油墨已成为部分抹去通过褪色或摩擦。Several Biblical codices are palimpsests (see MANUSCRIPTS OF THE BIBLE), of which Codex Ephraemi is the most important.几个圣经抄本palimpsests(见“圣经”手稿),其中食品Ephraemi是最重要的。After the fall of Constantinople it was brought to Florence; thence it was carried to Paris by Catherine de' Medici, and has passed into the possession of the National Library.的君士坦丁堡陷落后,它被带到了佛罗伦萨,那里它被运到巴黎凯瑟琳德美第奇,并已通过国家图书馆藏。

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Through Pierre Alix, Montfaucon, and Boivin, attention was called to the underlying text, and some of its readings given to the world.通过皮埃尔阿利克斯,Montfaucon,和博伊文,被称为基础文本,其读数给世界。The first complete collation of the New Testament was made by Wetstein (1716).新约圣经的第一个完整的整理是由Wetstein(1716)。Tischendorf published the New Testament in 1843 and the Old Testament in 1845.蒂申多夫出版于1845年在1843年的新约和旧约。 The torn condition of many leaves, the faded state of the ink, and the covering of the original writing by the later made the decipherment an extremely difficult task; some portions are hopelessly illegible.撕裂许多树叶,褪色的墨水状态,并覆盖原来的写作条件,后来解密一个极为艰巨的任务;某些部分是无可救药难以辨认。 Tischendorf, then a young man, won his reputation through this achievement.蒂申多夫,然后一个年轻人,通过这一成就赢得了他的名誉。 His results, however, have not been checked by other scholars, and so cannot yet be accepted without caution.然而,他的研究结果,并没有得到遏制其他学者,所以还不能接受没有谨慎。

The codex, of good vellum, measures 12 1/4 inches by 9 inches; there is but one column to a page, C being the earliest example of this kind.良好的牛皮纸,食品法典委员会,措施12 1 / 4英寸9英寸,有一列到一个页面,C这种最早的例子。The writing is a little larger than that of Codices Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, and Vaticanus; the first hand inserted no breathings or accents, and only the occasional apostrophe.写作是一点点比抄本西奈抄本,Alexandrinus和Vaticanus较大;第一手插入没有breathings或口音,只有偶尔撇号。 The period is marked by a single point.这一时期的特点是单点。Large capitals are frequent, as in the Codex Alexandrinus.大资本频繁,如在食品Alexandrinus。The margin of the Gospels contains the Ammonian Sections, but not the numbers of the Eusebian Canons, which were probably written in vermilion and have faded away.的福音保证金包含Ammonian的部分,但不是Eusebian大炮,这很可能是在唇红书面和数字消失。The Euthalian chapters are missing; the subscriptions are brief.Euthalian章节缺少订阅简短。From these indications and the character of the writing, Codex C is placed in the first half of the fifth century, along with A. Tischendorf distinguishes two scribes (contemporaries), one for Old Testament, the other for New Testament, and two correctors, one (C2) of the sixth, the other (C3) of the ninth century; he conjectured that Egypt was the place of origin.从这些迹象和写作的字符,食品法典委员会彗星是在上半年的第五世纪,随着答:提申多夫区分两个文士(同时代),旧约,新约,以及两个校正, (C2)的第六,第九世纪(C3),他推测,埃及的产地。With the exception of Tischendorf no modern has really studied the manuscript.随着提申多夫的异常没有现代真正研究的手稿。

Originally the whole Bible seems to have been contained in it.本来似乎已经在它包含整本圣经。 At present, of the Old Testament only some of the Hagiographa survive, in an imperfect state, namely nearly all of Ecclesiastes, about half of Ecclesiasticus and Wisdom, with fragments of Proverbs and Canticles -- in all 64 leaves.目前,旧约只有一些Hagiographa生存,在一个不完美的状态,即几乎所有的传道书,Ecclesiasticus和智慧的一半左右,谚语和canticle的片段 - 在所有64片叶子。About two-thirds of the New Testament (145 leaves) remain, including portions of all the books except II Thess.关于新约三分之二(145叶)仍然存在,包括部分第二帖撒罗尼迦后书以外的所有书籍。and II John; no book is complete.II约翰;无书完成。The text of C is said to be very good in Wisdom, very bad in Ecclesiasticus, two books for which its testimony is important.C的文字是说在Ecclesiasticus,两书,其证词是重要的智慧很好,很糟糕。The New Testament text is very mixed; the scribe seems to have had before him manuscripts of different types and to have followed now one now another.新约文本是非常混杂;文士似乎在他之前已经有不同类型的手稿,现在另一个跟随。"Sometimes", says Kenyon, "it agrees with the neutral group of manuscripts, sometimes with the Western, not unfrequently with the Alexandrian and perhaps oftenest with the Syrian". “有时”,凯尼恩说,“它同意与中立集团的手稿,有时与西方,而不是unfrequently与亚历山大,也许与叙利亚oftenest”。From certain displacements in the apocalypse, Hort infers that the book was copied from a codex of small leaves.从一定的启示位移,园艺推断出这本书是从一个小叶子法典复制。Such an exemplar would not be used in church services and would have no guarantee of a good text.这种示范性将不会被用于在教会服务,将没有一个很好的文本的保证。Possibly the rest of the manuscript was copied from similar codices.可能其他的手稿复制类似的抄本。

Publication information Written by John Francis Fenlon.由约翰弗朗西斯Fenlon书面的公开信息。 Transcribed by Sean Hyland.转录由Sean海仑。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IV.天主教百科全书,第四卷。Published 1908.发布1908。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat.Nihil Obstat。Remy Lafort, Censor.人头马lafort,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰米farley,大主教纽约

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