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The Coptic language is now recognized in four principal dialects, Bohairic (formerly Memphitic), Fayumic, Sahidic (formerly Theban), and Akhmimic.科普特语是目前公认在四个主要的方言,Bohairic(原Memphitic),Fayumic,Sahidic(旧称底比斯),Akhmimic。 The relative antiquity of these as literary idioms is much debated.相对古代的​​这些作为文学成语是备受争议。But the fact is that no Bohairic manuscript and probably no Fayumic manuscript is older than the ninth century, while some Sahidic and Akhimimic codices are apparently as old as the fifth and even the fourth century.但事实是没有Bohairic手稿,大概没有Fayumic手稿是年纪比第九世纪,而一些Sahidic Akhimimic抄本,显然是作为第五个,甚至第四世纪的老的。In the ninth century Bohairic was flourishing, in Northern Egypt, particularly in the Province of Bohairah (hence its name) south-west of Alexandria and in the monasteries of the Desert of Nitria, while Sahidic was spread throughout Upper Egypt or Sahid (hence the name of Sahidic) inclusive of Cairo, having already superseded Fayumic in the Province of Fayum (ancient Crocodilopolis) and Akhmimic in the region of Akhmim (ancient Panopolis).在第九世纪Bohairic的蓬勃发展,在埃及北部,尤其是在Bohairah省(因此得名)西南的亚历山德里亚,在Nitria沙漠寺院,而Sahidic整个上埃及或萨希德传播(因此Sahidic)开罗的包容性的名称,已经取代Fayumic在法尤姆省(古Crocodilopolis)和Akhmimic Akhmim(古Panopolis)地区。Later (eleventh century?) when the Patriarch of Alexandria moved his residence from that city to Cairo, Bohairic began to drive out Sahidic and soon became the liturgical language of the Copts throughout Egypt.后来(11世纪)时,牧首亚历山大提出他的住所,从这个城市到开罗,Bohairic开始赶Sahidic,并很快成为了整个埃及的科普特人的礼仪语言。

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There are versions of the Bible in all four dialects.有“圣经”的版本,在所有四个方言。All of them are now incomplete, but there is hardly any reason to doubt that they once existed in their entirety.现在他们都是不完整的,但几乎没有任何理由怀疑他们曾经存在的全部。It is now considered certain that they were made independently and that their differences are to be traced to a difference between the Greek recensions from which they were translated.它现在被认为是肯定的,他们独立,他们之间的分歧可以追溯到希腊的recensions从它们被翻译之间的差异。 There is much discussion between specialists as to the age of the Coptic versions, especially as to which of them was made first.科普特版本的年龄的专家之间有很多讨论,尤其是因为他们是第一次。The present writer in his "Étude sur les versions coptes de la Bible" (Revue biblique, 1897, p. 67) concluded that some Coptic version must have been in existence as early as the end of the second century.目前的作家在他的“练习曲SUR LES版本coptes DE LA圣经”(歌剧团biblique,1897年,第67页)的结论是,一些科普特版本必须已经存在,早的第二个世纪结束。On the other side Forbes Robinson (Hastings, "Dict. of the Bible:, IV, 570) does not think that there is sufficient ground for believing that a Coptic version existed before the fourth century (see also Burkitt in Cheyne, "Encycl. Biblica", IV, 5008 seq.). However, in proportion as older manuscripts are discovered, and Coptic versions are submitted to closer study, the pendulum of opinion is swinging back to the former view. Leipoldt agrees that the Sahidic version was completed about AD 350 ("Gesch. der christlichen Literaturen", VII, 2, Leipzig, 1907, p. 139). Dr. Kenyon goes one step further: "If, therefore, we put the origin of the Coptic versions about AD 200, we shall be consistent with all extant evidence, and probably shall not be very far wrong" ("Textual Criticism of the New Testament", 154, quoted by Budge in "Coptic Biblical Texts", p. LXXXIII). More emphatic still is Horner: "If, with Harnack, relying on Leipoldt we may conjecture, though we cannot prove, that the Sahidic version partly goes back to the third century, there seems some reason for supposing that need of a vernacular version arose as early as the time of Demetrius [AD 188].福布斯“圣经”:罗宾逊(黑斯廷斯,“快译通,四,570)在对方并不认为有足够的理由相信,科普特版本的第四个世纪前存在(亦见伯基特在进益,”Encycl。 Biblica“,四,5008 SEQ)。然而,比例为旧手稿被发现,和科普特版本提交仔细研究,舆论的钟摆摆动到前视图。莱波尔特同意Sahidic版本完成约公元350(“Gesch DER christlichen Literaturen”,七,二,莱比锡,1907年,第139页)博士肯扬更进一步:“因此,如果我们把科普特版本的起源约公元200年,我们应与所有现存的证据是一致的,而且很可能不得很远的错误“(”新约“,154个财政预算案中引述”科普特经文“,第捌拾叁考据学)更多强调的依然是霍纳: “如果,与哈纳克,依靠对莱波尔特我们可能会猜想,但我们可以不证明,说的Sahidic版本部分进入回的第三个世纪,有似乎某种原因,假设,白话版本的需要产生早德米特里时[公元188]。 Where history fails us, the internal character of the Sahidic supplies confirmation of a date earlier than the third century.历史上失败,我们在哪里,Sahidic用品确认日期早于三世纪的内部字符。..the traces of early mixture shown by the definite tinge of Western influence can hardly be explained except by reference to a date as early as possible.西方影响的明确的色彩表现出早期的混合物的痕迹难以解释,除了参考日期尽快。If Christianity did not exist at all in Upper Egypt before AD 150, then we must come down to the date of Demetrius as the earliest possible date of the version; but if, as is more likely, the Christian religion had spread by means of the Nile immediately after it began to be preached in Alexandria, and had already become infected by heretical and semi-pagan superstitions in the second century, we may provisionally conclude from the character of the Sahidic version that it was made at that time" ("The Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Southern Dialect", III, Oxford, 1911, p. 398).如果基督教不存在于所有在上埃及,公元150之前,那么我们就必须降下来的德米特里版本尽早日期,但如果像更容易,基督教传播的手段尼罗河立即开始鼓吹在亚历山德里亚,并已成为感染邪教和半异教迷信,在第二个世纪,我们可能会暂时结束Sahidic版本,这是当时的性格“(”科普特版本在南方方言的新约圣经“,三,牛津大学,1911年,第398页)。

All agree as to the great value of the Coptic versions.大家都同意的科普特版本的巨大价值。The Sahidic version is especially of importance for the study of the Septuagint, as it was made, it seems from Greek manuscripts free from Hexapla influence.尤其是Sahidic版本的septuagint研究的重要性,因为它是,它似乎从Hexapla影响希腊文手抄本。 However, the critical value of those versions cannot be fully realized until we have a more comprehensive study of them, based on critical editions as we already have for the New Testament in Boharic and for the Gospels in Sahidic by Horner.然而,这些版本的临界值,不能完全实现,直到我们对他们有更全面的研究,关键版本,因为我们已经为在Boharic新旧约和Sahidic霍纳的福音。 The following is a synopsis of the material on hand for the study of the several Coptic versions.以下是手头上材料研究的几个科普特版本的概要。(See the writer's "Étude des versions coptes de la Bible" in "Rev. bibl." (1896-7) for a fuller account of the Boharic material and in the case of the other three versions for an account up to that date.(见作者的“ETUDE coptes DE LA圣经DES版本”“牧师bibl。”一个更充分地考虑了Boharic材料和其他三个版本的情况下(1896-7),该日期的帐户。

The Bohairic VersionBohairic版本

The only complete books of the Old Testament known to be extant in Bohairic are the Pentateuch, the Prophets with Lamentations, the Psalms, and Job. Bohairic现存已知的旧约中唯一完整的书籍的pentateuch,先知与悲叹,诗篇,和作业。Of the others we have fragments only, mostly taken from lectionaries.其他我们有碎片,大多是从lectionaries采取。The New Testament is complete.新约圣经是完整的。Chief editions: Pentateuch, Wilkins (London, 1731); P. de Lagarde (Leipzig, 1867); Prophets and Lamentations, Tattam, Prophetae majores (Oxford, 1852); Prophetae minores (ibid., 1836); Psalms, Tuki (Rome, 1744), Ideler (Berlin, 1837), Schwartze (ibid, 1851); Job, Tattam (London, 1846).行政版本:摩西五,威尔金斯(伦敦,1731年);山口拉加德(莱比锡,1867年);先知和悲叹,塔塔姆,Prophetae majores(牛津,1852); Prophetae minores(同上,1836年);诗篇,Tuki(罗马,1744),Ideler(柏林,1837年),Schwartze(同上,1851年);工作,塔塔姆(伦敦,1846年)。 The older editions of the New Testament have all been outranked by the recent Oxford edition; "The Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Northern Dialect, otherwise called Memphitic or Bohairic", by Geo.新约中的旧版本都被outranked最近牛津版“在北方方言的新约的科普特版本,否则所谓Memphitic或Bohairic”受地缘,。 Horner (4 vols. Clarendon Press, 1898-1905).霍纳(4卷。Clarendon出版社,1898年至19​​05年)。The only new manuscript of importance is one of these recently acquired by the late JP Morgan of New York.唯一重要的新的手稿是最近由已故的纽约摩根大通收购之一。It is supposed to have come from the Monastery of St. Michael in the Fayum as the rest of the collection.它应该是从圣迈克尔法尤姆其余集合寺。It contained once the four Gospels.它包含四福音一次。Many leaves unfortunately are now missing.不幸的是,许多叶子,现在下落不明。Still it may prove of considerable value as it is from one to two hundred years older than the oldest known Bohairic manuscript of the Gospels (Bodl. Huntington 17, AD 1174).不过,它可能证明具有相当的价值,因为它比已知的最古老的福音Bohairic手稿(Bodl.亨廷顿17日,公元1174年)的一两百多年。

The Sahidic VersionSahidic版本

Of this version until recently we had almost nothing but fragments, representing several hundred manuscripts, chiefly from the monastery of Amba Shnudah (Shenoute) near Sohag province of Akhmim, generally known as the "White Monastery".这个版本的,直到最近,我们几乎一无所有,但碎片,相当于几百手稿,主要是从附近索哈杰省Akhmim,一般称为“白寺”的寺院AMBA Shnudah(Shenoute)。The only complete books were those of the Wisdom of Solomon and the Wisdom of Jesus son of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus), and some of the minor Epistles.唯一完整的书籍,所罗门的智慧和智慧耶稣的儿子西拉奇(Ecclesiasticus),和一些未成年人的书信。 Of late, however, this number has been considerably increased, see above.然而,最近,这个数字已大大增加,见上面。COPTIC LITERATURE, Morgan collection, and British Museum, Recent acquisitions.科普特人的文学,摩根收集,和大英博物馆,最近的收购。 The most important editions since 1897 (besides those mentioned in the article just referred to) are the following:自1897年以来最重要的版本(除了刚才提到的文章中提到的那些)的有以下几种:

Old Testament旧约

(1) Rahlfs, "Die Berliner Handschrift des sahidischen Psalters" (Abhandlungen der königlichen Gesellschaft der Wissenchaften, zu Gottingen, philolog.-hist. Klasse, IV, 4), Berlin, 1901.(1)Rahlfs,“模具柏林Handschrift DES sahidischen Psalters”(DER königlichen促进协会Abhandlungen DER Wissenchaften,格丁根祖,philolog.的历史。Klasse,四,4),柏林,1901年。This codex, which Rahlfs ascribes to about AD 400, contained in the neighbourhood of 129 leaves out of which 98 are still extant in a rather dilapidated condition.本法典,这Rahlfs赋予大约在公元400载,在附近的129的叶片,其中98现存仍处于相当残旧。The greatest lacuna (about thirty leaves), between leaf 94 and 95, covered Psalms 106-143.最大叶94和95之间的空隙(大约三十叶),覆盖诗篇106-143。Six pages are reproduced in collotype at the end of the book.六页在书的结尾在珂罗版复制。

(2) "A Coptic Palimpsest containing Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Judith, and Esther", by Sir Herbert Thompson (Oxford Univ. Press, London, 1911). (2)“科普特变余含约书亚,法官,罗思,朱迪思,和Esther”,爵士赫伯特汤普森(牛津大学出版社,伦敦,1911年)。This palimpsest is the manuscript Add.这个重写本的手稿地址。17,183 of the British Museum known already from the descriptions of W. Wright, "Catalogue of the Syriac Manuscripts in the British Museum", II, 89, no.描述已知的大英博物​​馆已经从赖特,“叙利亚文的手稿在大英博物馆目录”17183,II,89,没有。DCCCXII, and Crum, "Catalogue of the Coptic Manuscripts of the British Museum", no. DCCCXII,克拉姆,“大英博物馆的科普特人手稿目录”,没有。12.12。Specimens of the script, which can be dated in the seventh century, were published by the present writer in "Album de paleographie copte" (Paris, 1888), pl.标本的脚本,可以在第七个世纪月,出版了目前的作家,在“相册paleographie copte”(巴黎,1888年),PL。 VII, 1, and LVI, 1.七,1,和LVI,1。Some twenty-five folios of the original manuscript are now missing, leaving as lacunae: Joshua, ii, 15-iii, 5; x, 26-36; xvii, 17-xviii, 6; xix, 50-xx, 1,6; xxii, 14-20; Judges, vii, 2-6, 15-19; viii, 11-19; viii, 28-ix, 8; x, 7-14; xvi, 19-xvii, 1; xviii, 8-21; xix, 8-15; xx, 16-23; xx, 48-xxi, 6; xxi, 15 end; Ruth, iv, 3-9; Judith, ii, 6-iv, 5; v, 6-14; v, 23-vi, 3; vii, 2-7; vii, 18-21; xvi, 7-xvii, 16; Esther (according to Sweet's Greek edition: A, 11-i,11; ii, 8-15; iii, 13-B, 4; iv, 13-C, 6; D, 9-vi, 5; viii, 2-E, 6; E, 17-viii, 12.原稿大约25对开现在缺少的缺陷离开:约书亚,二,5,15 - III X,26-36;十七,17十八,6;十九,50,XX,1,6 22,14-20;法官,第七,2-6,15-19,11-19;八,八,28九,8,X,7-14;十六,19十七,1;十八,8 -21;第十九8-15; 16-23 XX,XX,48 - XXI,6,15月底XXI;露丝,四,3-9;朱迪思,II,6 - IV,5 V,6 - 14,V,23 - VI,3;第七,2-7; 18日至21日,第七十六,7 - 17,16;以斯帖(甜的希腊版:11,11 - I,II,8 - 15; III,13 - B,4,四,6,13 - C,D,9 - VI,5;第八,6,2 - E,E,17 - VIII,12。

(3) "The Coptic (Sahidic) version of certain books of the Old Testament from a Papyrus in the British Museum: by Sir Herbert Thompson (Oxford Univ. Press, London, 1908). This papyrus (British Museum, Or. 5984), once in ordinary book form, now consists of fragments only, preserved in 62 numbered glass frames. Originally it contained the Books of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Canticle of Canticles, Wisdom, and Ecclesiasticus (Sirach). Of Job only xxxviii, 27-xxxix, 12 is left. Of Proverbs there are considerable portions from iv, 16 to the end; of Ecclesiastes, likewise from vi, 6 to ix, 6; of Canticle of Canticles, from the beginning to the end; of Wisdom, from the beginning to xix, 8; of Ecclesiasticus from the beginning to xl, 18. The script (illustrated by a plate reproducing Ecclesiasticus Prol., 1-i, 12) is pronounced by Crum (Proc. Of the Soc. of Bibl. Archaeology) to be "Perhaps of the sixth or seventh century". (3)“科普特(Sahidic)从大英博物馆中的纸莎草纸的旧约的某些书籍的版本:爵士赫伯特汤普森(牛津大学出版社,伦敦,1908年),纸莎草纸(大英博物馆,5984。) ,一旦在普通书的形式,现在由片段只在62个编号的玻璃帧保存,它最初包含有关职位的书籍,箴言,传道书,canticle的canticles,智慧,和Ecclesiasticus(西拉奇)。作业只XXXVIII,27 - XXXIX,12是左边的谚语,有相当一部分16日,从第四到最后;。传道书同样从6六,,九,6; canticle的canticles,从开始到结束的智慧,从克拉姆(Proc.的SOC的Bibl考古。十九,8月初; Ecclesiasticus从一开始到18 XL,的脚本(由音响Ecclesiasticus海峡板图文并茂,1 - I,12)是明显。 )“也许第六或第七世纪”。

(4) "Sahidischgriechischa Psalmenfragmente" by C. Wessely in "Sitzungsber. d. kais. Akad. d. Wissenschaften, philos.-histor. Klasse", vol. (4)“Sahidischgriechischa Psalmenfragmente”三威斯利在“Sitzungsber D.凯斯卡布。Akad D.学问,philos. - histor。Klasse”,第一卷。155, I (Vienna, 1907). 155,我(维也纳,1907年)。In this the learned curator of the Rainer collection gives us some very important fragments of the Psalms, among which are twenty-four leaves of a papyrus codex containing once the whole Psalter both in Greek and Sahidic on opposite pages, and shorter fragments of two other bilingual parchment manuscripts of the Psalms, and other parchment fragments in Sahidic only.在此据悉馆长莱纳收集的诗篇给我们一些非常重要的的片段,其中有二十四叶一纸莎草法典包含在其他两个希腊和Sahidic相反的网页,和更短的的片段,一旦整个诗篇双语羊皮纸手稿的诗篇,并仅在Sahidic其他羊皮纸碎片。 Another bilingual fragment of the Psalms, from the same collection, was published by Wessely in his "Griechische u. koptische Texte theologischen Inhalts I" in "Studien zur. Palæographie u. Papyruskunde", IX (Leipzig, 1909) no.另一个双语片段的诗篇,从同一个集合,是由威斯利在他的“Griechische U. koptische Texte theologischen Inhalts我”在“家庭研究楚发表Palæographie U. Papyruskunde”,IX(莱比锡,1909年)没有。17.17。

(5) The latter volume of Wessely contains also several fragments of the Old Testament in Sahidic, along with some Psalms in Greek only. (5)威斯利后者体积也包含在Sahidic旧约的几个片段,随着一些诗篇,在希腊只。

(6) "Textes de l'ancien testament en copte sahidique" by Pierre Lacau in "Recueil de travaux relatifs a la philologie et a l'archeologie egyptiennes et assyriennes", XXIII (Paris, 1901).(6)“Textes DE L' ancien遗书EN copte sahidique”皮埃尔Lacau在“海牙讲义集准备relatifs A LA philologie等一个L' archeologie egyptiennes等assyriennes”,二十三(巴黎,1901年)。From the library of the Institut Francais, Cairo, one leaf of an Old-Testament lectionary (Borgia, XXXII), and six leaves of a manuscript of Isaias; from the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, one leaf of the latter manuscript.从研究所的语言,开罗,一个旧全书lectionary叶(波吉,三十二),六叶手稿的伊萨亚斯罗库;从国家图书馆,巴黎,叶后者手稿之一。

(7) Winstedt.(7)Winstedt。Some unpublished Sahidic fragments of the Old Testament in "Journ. of Theol. Studies", X (Oxford, 1909), 233-54.一些未发表Sahidic的碎片在旧约“Journ的Theol研究”,第十章(牛津,1909),233-54。 Those are the nos.这些都是NOS。5, 15, 44, 19, 20, 40, 43, 45, 46, 47, 53, 51, 52, 56, 59, and 14 of Crum's "Catalogue of the Coptic Manuscripts in the British Museum" (London, 1905). 5,15,44,19,20,40,43,45,46,47,53,51,52,56,59,和14克拉姆的“在大英博物馆的科普特人手稿目录”(伦敦,1905年) 。

(8) "Sahidische Bibel-Fragmente aus dem British Museum zu London I and II" in "Sitzungsberichte der kai. Akademie d. Wissenschaften in Wien, philos.-hist. Klasse", vol. (8)“Sahidische Bibel Fragmente AUS DEM大英博物馆祖伦敦期间,我和II”在“Sitzungsberichte DER启。AKADEMIE D.学问在维也纳,p​​hilos.的历史。Klasse”,第一卷。162, VI, and 164, VI (Vienna, 1909-11) by J. Schleifer and "Bruchstucke der sahidischen Bibelubersetzung," (ibid., vol. 170, I, Vienna, 1912) by the same author. 162,六,和164,六(维也纳,1909年至1911年)由J. Schleifer和“Bruchstucke DER sahidischen Bibelubersetzung”(同上,第170,我,维也纳,1912年)由同一作者。Those are the nos.这些都是NOS。11, 43, 48, 47, 21, 51, 40; 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, 23, 8, 938; 9, 934, 935, 936, 953, of Crum's "Catalogue" (see above), plus one fragment from Eaton College Library, London, and one from the Bibliothèque Nationale of Paris (1317, fol. 36). 11,43,48,47,21,51,40,1,4,5,7,10,13,23,8,938,9,934,935,936,953克拉姆的“目录”,(见上面),再加上一个片段从伊顿学院图书馆,伦敦,从巴黎国家图书馆(1317年,FOL 36)之一。With reference to the edition of the Paris Old-Testament fragments published by G. Maspero, "Memoires de la Mission," etc. (Paris, 1886) we must mention:参考巴黎老遗嘱碎片出版G.马斯伯乐​​“Memoires DE LA团”等版本(巴黎,1886年),我们必须提到:

(9) S. Gaselee's "Notes on the Coptic Version of the LXX, I" in "Journ. of Theol. Studies", XI (1909-10), 246-55, in which the writer supplies from the originals quite a number of corrections and some additions, to the text of the historical books in that edition. (9)S.盖斯利的“票据上的科普特版本的lxx,我”在“Journ的Theol。研究”,第十一章(1909至1910年),246-55,从原稿的作家用品为数不少更正和一些补充,在该版本的历史书籍的文字。

Also (10) Deiber's "Fragments coptes inédits de Jérémie", supplying likewise one leaf of Jeremias (23:13-34:4), overlooked by Maspero.同样的(10)Deiber的“碎片coptes inédits的热雷米”,提供同样一个叶片赫雷米亚斯(23:13-34:4),马斯伯乐忽视。

(11) Finally, an excellent contribution to the Old-Testament Sachidic fragments by A. Hebbelynck in his "Manuscripts coptes sahidiques du Monastère Blanc, I", reprinted from the "Muséon" (Louvain, 1911).(11)最后,一个杰出的贡献由A. Hebbelynck片段在他的“手稿”的旧遗嘱Sachidic coptes sahidiques杜Monastère相思,我“,从”Muséon“(1911年鲁汶,)重印。The author identifies the fragments scattered throughout Europe which belonged once to the same codices as the thirty-two Borgian fragments.笔者确定了分散在欧洲各地的片段,这一次,属于第三Borgian片段相同的抄本。We are informed that this work of identification will be extended to the other fragments of the whole Monastery outside of the Borgian collection.我们被告知,这样的鉴定工作将扩展到整个寺院外的Borgian集合其他碎片。

B. New TestamentB.新约

(1) "Sacrorum bibliorum fragmenta copto-sahidica musaei Borgiani, vol. III, Novum Testamentum edidit PJ Balestri OSA" (Rome, 1904), with forty full-page collotype specimens under special cover.(1)“Sacrorum bibliorum fragmenta copto sahidica musaei Borgiani,第三卷,Novum酒店Testamentum edidit PJ Balestri杰出学校奖励计划”(罗马,1904年),与40页的特殊盖下的珂罗版标本。

(2) "The Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Southern Dialect otherwise called Sahidic and Thebaic, with Critical Apparatus, literal English translation, Register of fragments and estimate of the version", I-III (Oxford, 1911), with photographic specimens of the most important manuscripts. (2)“在南方方言的科普特版本的新约,否则称为Sahidic Thebaic,关键仪器,文字的英文翻译,注册版本的片段和估计”,I - III“(牛津,1911年),与摄影标本的最重要的手稿。In this masterpiece of patient scholarship, the author (whose name does not appear on the title page), Rev. George Horner, has succeeded in reconstructing the whole of the Four Gospels (a few verses excepted) out of 744 fragments scattered throughout the public and private collections of the world.在这一杰作病人奖学金,作者(其名字没有出现在书名页),乔治霍纳牧师,已成功地重建出744的碎片散落在整个公共,整个四福音(几个诗句除外)和世界的私人藏品。 These fragments belonged once to some 150 different manuscripts, the identification of which by the author is perhaps not the least merit of his work.这些碎片属于曾经有150个不同的手稿,作者也许不是他的工作至少值得的鉴定。Unfortunately some valuable fragments, in particular those in the Rainer collection, now incorporated with the Imperial Library of Vienna, were not accessible to Horner in time to be used for his edition.可惜一些有价值的片段,特别是在现在维也纳的帝国图书馆中,莱纳收集不及时访问霍纳他的版

(3) Since then, the New-Testament fragments of that rich collection have been published in autography with the most minute palaeographical details by the curator C. Wessely, "Griechische u. koptische Texte theologischen Inhalts, I-III" in "Studien zur Paläographie u. Papyruskunde", IX, XI, XII (Leipzig, 1909-12). (3)此后,新约圣经的片段,丰富的馆藏已发表在autography由馆长C.威斯利分钟palaeographical细节,“Griechische U. koptische Texte theologischen Inhalts I - III”中“(研究)楚Paläographie U. Papyruskunde“,第九,第十一,十二(莱比锡,1909年至1912年)。

C. Mixed EditionsC.混合版

Fragments both of the Old and the New Testament have also been edited since 1897 (inclusive).片段两个老的和新约也已经从1897年(含)的编辑。

(1) By Pleyte and Boeser from the Leyden Museun in their "Catalogue des manuscripts coptes du Musée d'antiquités des Pays-Bas" (Leyden, 1897).(1)从莱顿Museun Pleyte和Boeser在他们的“目录”DES手稿coptes奥赛antiquités DES PAYS - BAS“(莱顿,1897年)。

(2) By Leipoldt, from the Museum of Berlin in "Aegyptiselie Urkunden aus den königlichen Museen zu Berlin, koptische Urkunden", I (Berlin, 1904). (2)莱波尔特,从柏林博物馆“Aegyptiselie Urkunden AUS巢穴königlichen Museen祖柏林,koptische Urkunden”,我(柏林,1904年)。

(3) By O. v. Lemm, from the British Museum, the Bibliothèque, Nationale of Paris, the Golenishef Collection, St. Petersburg, and the Berlin Library in his "Sahidische Bibelfragmente III" in "Bulletin de l'Académie imper. des Sciences," Ve, ser., XXV, 4 (St. Petersburg, 1906). (3)由O.诉Lemm,从大英博物馆,国家图书馆,国立巴黎,Golenishef收集,圣彼得堡,并在他的“Sahidische Bibelfragmente三”在“公报学院的国际imper柏林图书馆。科学“VE系列,二十五,4(圣彼得堡,1906年)。

Most of the New-Testament publications in the fragments just mentioned have been used by Horner for his edition.刚才提到的片段的新旧约出版物大多已使用霍纳为他的版本。But they are not the less welcomed in their independent actual condition, especially when printed page by page and line by line, as done, for instance by Wessely, O. v. Lemm, and Schleifer, so as to give to all students of the Coptic version the means of reconstructing as far as possible the ancient codices as they originally were.但他们并不欢迎其独立的实际情况,尤其是在打印时页页和一行行,为完成例如,威斯利,O.诉Lemm,Schleifer,以便让所有学生的科普特版本的手段,尽可能重建古抄本,因为他们原本。

Fayumic VersionFayumic版本

E. Chassinat edited anew and more correctly the fragments once published by Bouriant (Bull. de l'Inst. Franc. D'arch. or. au Claire, II) and showed that they belonged to the same codices as the Borgian "Fragmenta Basmurica", I-III.E. Chassinat编辑新的和更正确的一次由布里安公布的片段(Bull. DE L'研究所法郎。德拱坳克莱尔,二),并表明它们属于同一抄本Borgian“Fragmenta Basmurica “I - III。Other additions to the same fragments were made from the Rainer collection by C. Wessely in "Sitzungsber. der kais. Akad. d. Wissensch. in Wien, philos.-hist. Klasse", vol.其他相同片段莱纳收集由C.威斯利在“Sitzungsber DER凯斯卡布。Akad。D. Wissensch在维也纳,p​​hilos.历史。Klasse”,第一卷。158, 1 (Vienna, 1908), and Jos. David from the Bibliothèque Nationale of Paris in "Revue biblique" (1910), 80 sqq.158,1(维也纳,1908年),并从巴黎的国家图书馆“杂志biblique”(1910年),80 SQQ圣何塞大卫 There are also a dozen more fragments rather short, on papyrus or on parchment, described and published as far as they could be deciphered by WE Crum, "Catalogue of the Coptic manuscripts in the British Museum" (London, 1905), nos.也有十几更多的片段比较短,对纸莎草纸或羊皮纸上,尽量描述和出版,因为他们可以通过我们破译克拉姆,“目录的科普特人手稿在大英博物馆”(伦敦,1905年),NOS。 493-510, 1221. 493-510,1221。Three of those, 500, 502 and 504 are bilingual, one side of the leaf, exhibiting the Greek and the other the Fayumic text.这三个,500,502和504都是双语的,叶的一面,展示了希腊和其他Fayumic文本。Since the completion of Crum's "Catalogue," the British Museum has acquired a new fragment, Or.自完成克拉姆的“目录”中,大英博物馆已经收购了一个新的片段,或。6948, Acts, vii, 14-28, ix, 28-39.6948,行为,七,14-28,九,28-39。It was published by S. Gaselee in "Journ. of Theol. Studies", XI, (1909-10), 514-7.这是由S.盖斯利出版的“Journ Theol。研究”,第十一,(一九○九年至1910年),514-7。

Akhmimic VersionAkhmimic版本

A considerable addition since 1897 has been made to the material for our knowledge of this version, in the discovery of a whole papyrus codex containing the Proverbs of Solomon.相当此外自1897年一直为我们的这个版本知识的材料,在整个纸莎草法典发现含有所罗门的箴言。It is to be hoped that this valuable manuscript, now preserved in the Berlin Library, will soon be published.它是希望这个宝贵的手稿,现在保存在柏林图书馆,即将公布。Apart from that the only other important additions are papyrus fragments of the Gospel of St. John (bilingual, Ch. x, complete in Akhmimic, vv. 1-10, in Greek; xi, complete in Akhmimic, vv, 1-8, 45-52, in Greek; xii, 1-20, in Akhmimic, xiii, 1, 2, 11, 12, in Akhm.) and the Epistle of St. James (I, 13-v, 20).除了唯一的其他重要的补充是福音的圣约翰(双语,CH X,在Akhmimic完成,VV 1-10,在希腊的纸莎草纸碎片,第十一,Akhmimic完成,VV,1-8, 45-52,在希腊; 1-20,十二,十三,1,2,11,12,Akhm Akhmimic,)和圣雅各福群会的书信“(13 - V,我20)。They were published by Rosch, in "Bruchstücke des ersten Clemensbriefes" (Strasburg, 1910).他们出版了由Rosch,“Bruchstücke ersten Clemensbriefes”(斯特拉斯堡,1910年)。The famous parchment codex of the twelve lesser Prophets in the Rainer collection is unfortunately still unpublished.莱纳收集的12个较小先知著名羊皮纸法典,遗憾的是,仍然未公布。But the short papyrus fragments published by Bouriant have been given out anew in a more correct edition by Lacau in "Bulletin de l'Institut Francais d'archéologie orientale", VIII (Cairo, 1911), 43-107 (see COPTIC LITERATURE in this volume; and EGYPT).但短期由布里安出版的纸莎草纸碎片已经重新由Lacau更正确的在“公告DE L'学院的语言D' archéologie东方”,第八条(开罗,1911年),43-107版(见科普特文学在这量;和埃及)。

Publication information Written by H. Hyvernat.阁下Hyvernat编写的出版物信息。Transcribed by Thomas M. Barrett.转录由托马斯M巴雷特。Dedicated to the Poor Souls in Purgatory The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XVI (Index Volume).献给可怜的灵魂在炼狱天主教百科全书,卷十六(索引卷)。Published 1914.发布1914年。 New York: The Encyclopedia Press, Inc. Nihil Obstat, March 1, 1914.纽约:大百科全书出版社,1914年3月1日,公司Nihil Obstat。 Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰farley枢机主教,大主教纽约

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