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Very large numbers of people feel uncertainty regarding whether God exists, or about whether there is really any value in Christianity or any Religion.非常大的数字的人都觉得关于上帝是否存在,或者是否真的是有基督教或任何宗教的任何值的不确定性。 Such people usually soon become fearful of expressing such questions or doubts because they tend to be immediately pounced on by all kinds of people!这样的人通常很快成为害怕表达等问题或疑虑,因为他们往往​​由形形色色的人立即扑上! Some Christians are horrified at hearing even the slightest question about Faith or God or Christianity, and they tend to immediately set to work in "educating" the person.有些基督徒感到震惊甚至丝毫关于信仰或神或基督教的问题,在听证会上,他们往往立即着手在“教育”的人。 After all, Christians are all Taught that people can be "Lost Souls" if they are not Devoutly Christian and Saved!毕竟,基督徒都教导人们可以“失魂”如果他们不虔诚的基督徒和保存! Loads of adversaries also pounce on anyone expressing even the slightest question regarding Faith, and particularly Christian Faith, because they see an opportunity to "steal someone away" from Christianity.负载扑向对手也表示哪怕是一丁点的问题关于信仰的人,尤其是基督教信仰,因为他们看到了一个“偷了”从基督教的机会。

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We tend to think that both groups are drastically over-reacting, and each may even be wrong in their actions!我们倾向于认为,这两个群体是大大的过度反应,甚至每个人都可以在自己的行为错误! We think it is often very valuable if people ask questions or if they decide to personally research subjects that they are not completely comfortable about.我们认为,它往往是非常宝贵的,如果有人问问题,或如果他们决定要亲自研究课题,他们有一点不舒服。 More importantly, we believe that the Lord would want people to educate themselves regarding such things.更重要的是,我们相信,上帝希望人们教育自己对这样的事情。 Didn't He provide a good brain and mind for each of us?没有他提供一个良好的大脑和我们每个人的心中呢​​? Doesn't it seem logical that He would want us to USE that brain and mind?不,似乎是合乎逻辑的,他希望我们用大脑和心灵? This is essentially what this BELIEVE web-site aspires to be for!这是本质上这是什么网站,立志要为!

During about eighteen centuries of Christianity, the majority of Church attendees were illiterate and so couldn't have read a (usually Latin) Bible even if they could afford to buy one.在18世纪基督教,教会与会者多数是文盲,​​所以不能读了(通常是拉丁语)圣经,即使他们能买得起一个。 Therefore, they all necessarily totally relied on the Church leadership to provide every religious thought to them.因此,他们都未必完全依赖于教会的领导,向他们提供一切宗教思想。 They never had to actually think!他们从来没有真正觉得! Everything was simply TOLD to them!一切都只是告诉他们!

During the past couple hundred years, more people have become literate, more have become educated, and more have started to believe that they are capable of thinking for themselves.在过去数百年中,更多的人已成为有文化,更已成为教育,并已经开始相信他们能够为自己的思维。 This represents both good and bad.这代表有好有坏。

The good includes Church-goers who now may not blindly follow the words of a Minister, without checking with the Bible to confirm that what he/she says is Scriptural.好,包括现在可能不盲目跟随检查,以确认他/她说的是“圣经”与“圣经”没有一个部长的话,教会观众。 This is good because it tends to keep us (human) Ministry close to the Word!这是一件好事,因为它往往让我们(人类)到Word部密切! There are still some Churches where a Minister "announces" dress codes and such things, and all Members are expected to follow those rules without any hesitation.还有一些教会其中一个部长“宣布”着装规定,这样的事情,和所有议员都将遵循这些规则,没有任何犹豫。 "Structure" is fine in a Church, as it encourages organized and strict Faith, as long as the human-side of the Ministry does not provide too much of the Lessons! “结构”,在教会,因为它鼓励组织和严格的信念,只要人类端部没有提供太多的教训! You know how little kids are always asking "Why?"你知道如何小的孩子总是问“为什么?” Sometimes that might not be out of place (in a private conversation, not as a confrontation) regarding some unexpected portion of a Sermon.有时候可能不出来的地方(在私人谈话,而不是对抗)对于一些意想不到的部分说教。

The bad includes the fact that many modern people have begun to feel that they do not need a Church at all, that they are fully capable of Learning and Studying the Word of the Lord on their own.坏,包括事实上,许多现代的人们已经开始觉得,他们并不需要一个教堂,他们完全有能力学习和研究自己的主的话语。 Within limits, this can be a good thing.在一定范围内,这可能是一件好事。 However, such independent study can result in a person accepting something as true when it isn't.然而,这样的独立研究结果在接受真实的东西,当它不是人。 I will always believe that many of those Branch Davidians who died in Waco, Texas, probably intended to be Devout Christians.我永远相信,那些大卫教派在得克萨斯州韦科,死亡,可能是为了虔诚的基督徒很多。 Unfortunately, they happened to encounter an individual (David Koresh) who was able to convince them that he was Jesus.不幸的是,他们碰巧遇到一个人(大卫考雷什)能够说服他们,他是耶稣。 If people accepted that premise, and they certainly did, what could anyone expect of them?如果人们接受这个前提下,他们当然也可以想到他们呢? They would want to Serve the Lord, and they would have felt honored to be able to be near the Lord.他们会想事奉主,他们会感到荣幸,能够到附近的主。 Without any external source of information to either confirm or deny things that Koresh told them, it would be expected that they do what "the Lord" instructed them to do, without thinking, without question, without hesitation.没有任何外部的信息证实或否认,考雷什告诉他们的事情来源,这将是预期的,他们做什么“上帝”指示他们这样做,没有思想,毫无疑问毫不犹豫地。

It has seemed clear from the e-mail that comes to BELIEVE that modern people commonly have any of several common reservations regarding God, Faith and the Bible.它似乎很清楚,从电子邮件,来认为,现代的人通常有几种常见的保留任何关于上帝,信仰和圣经。 I feel it appropriate to include some observations here.我觉得是适当的,包括一些意见。

I chose these subjects because they seem to be common ones that are brought up as concerns or criticisms regarding Christian beliefs.我选择这些科目的,因为他们似乎是关于基督教信仰的关注或批评,都带来了常见的。 I believe that I am a rational and fairly intelligent person, and that I think reasonably logically.我相信我是一个理性的和相当聪明的人,我认为合理的逻辑。 The reasoning above represents my personal understanding of these matters.上面的推理代表我个人的理解这些问题。 Obviously, I am merely a human and I might be wrong, but I think the general logic seems solid in each case.很显然,我只是一个人,我可能是错的的,但我认为在每一种情况下,一般的逻辑,似乎固体。 Siding with many skeptics, I do NOT encourage Christians to believe things simply because some person at the front of a Church told them so!屋面许多怀疑论者,我不鼓励基督徒相信简单的事情,因为有些人在教堂前告诉他们这样! I encourage personal study of any issues that seem troubling.我鼓励个人学习的任何问题似乎困扰。 The real trick regarding that is finding reliable information to base your conclusions on, because the vast majority of authors seem to have a soapbox on which they are trying to promote whatever it is that they personally believe.真正的技巧是找到可靠的资料,你的结论的基础上,因为绝大多数的作者似乎有一个肥皂盒上,他们正在努力促进不管它是什么,他们个人认为的。

As examples of this, the Old Testament contains (in its 800,000 words) a few references to the word "red".作为这方面的例子,旧约包含(在其80万字)“红”字的几个参考。 There are some modern Christian leaders who find some way to apply those references, written 3300 years ago, to the Soviet Union, which was often referred to as "Red" simply because of that word!谁找到了一些办法适用于3300年前,苏联,这是通常被称为“红”,仅仅是因为这个词的引用,还有一些现代的基督教领袖! The Soviet Union only came into existence in 1917, very recently, and there is no realistic reason that any text written 3300 years ago would make direct references to a government that didn't even last 80 years!苏联在1917年才成立,最近,有没有现实的原因,3300年前编写的任何文本,甚至近80年来没有一个政府会直接引用! Some of those same Christian leaders point out another OT Verse referring to "enemies from the north" as also somehow applying to the Soviet Union.一些相同的基督教领袖指出另一个旧约的经文,指“来自北方的敌人”也莫名其妙地申请到苏联。 Doesn't this all seem simply like HUMANS (and not agents of God) finding ways to promote hatred of distant and unknown peoples?这难道不是一切似乎只是像人类一样(而不是神的代理人)寻找途径,以促进遥远而未知的民族仇恨?

There are several Denominations of Christians who believe that England is centrally important and regularly referred to in the Bible.有几个教派的基督徒,他们认为,英国是中央的重要,并定期在“圣经”提到。 It might be noted that those Denominations each began in England.它可能会注意到,这些教派都在英格兰开始。 Again, why would the Bible specifically mention some country or some society that would not even exist for many centuries?同样,“圣经”为什么会特别提到一些国家或一些,甚至不存在了很多个世纪的社会? It is also very popular these days for Ministry to casually mention that the Bible mentions the United States.这也是部这些天随便提及,“圣经”中提到的美国很受欢迎。 If their intention is to try to make people in the United States feel especially important, I guess that might help.如果他们的意图是设法使在美国的人都觉得特别重要,我想可能的帮助。 But the United States has only existed for around two hundred years, and this is all many, many centuries after countless other countries and societies have prospered and disappeared, and even more centuries after the Bible texts were Originally written.但美国只存在大约两百多年,这是所有很多,许多世纪以来,经过无数其他的国家和社会的繁荣和消失,后经文更世纪最初写。

If Christianity (or any religion) is to have credibility, it seems that it should not be adding in many speculative extrapolations by assorted enthusiastic Ministry.如果基督教(或任何宗教)是具有公信力,它似乎是不应该在许多投机性的推断加入什锦热心部。 (personal opinion!) Our Church believes that we should avoid such hyperbole and simply stick close to what the Bible actually Teaches and Says. (个人意见),我们的教会认为,我们应该避免这样的夸张,只是贴近“圣经”实际上教导,并表示。 We think that if we do that, we can't go far wrong.我们认为,如果我们做到这一点,我们不能去远矣。 The BELIEVE Project (and later web-site) was developed to aid people in finding "real Truth" from among the astounding amount of religious information that is now available to all of us.相信项目(以及后来的网站)的开发,以帮助人们从宗教信息的数量惊人,现在我们在寻找“真相”。 We are convinced that it really entirely up to you to figure out that Truth, and we would not try to "tell" you what to believe.我们相信,它真的完全由你来找出真理,我们不会试图“告诉”你该相信什么。 Our BELIEVE site hopefully avoids "personal opinions" such as these included here, and instead simply provides you with each of the arguments for various positions on any subject.我们信的网站希望避免如这些包括在这里的“个人意见”,并与任何学科的各个岗位的每个参数,而不是简单地提供您。 If we did it well enough, you would then be able to sit back and contemplate, to Discern the Truth.如果我们做得不够好,然后,你将能够坐下来思考,洞察真相。

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