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Muslim Month and Year Begins: - - - Western穆斯林月份和一年开始: - - - 西方
There is a rare chance that this table will have a month start one day different than in Muslim practice.是一个难得的机会,该表将有一个月开始有一天比穆斯林的做法不同。Muslims do not use the moment of the New Moon but the moment when the crescent Moon is first visible.穆斯林不使用新的月球的时刻,但此刻,当新月是第一个可见的。That depends on many things, including the weather and the longitude on Earth, which has the general effect of causing time zones.这取决于很多东西,包括天气和地球上的经度,这已造成不同时区的效果一般。The crescent Moon is only visible very shortly after sunset in any location.月牙儿是唯一可见的,非常后不久,在任何地点日落。 For these table entries, we have assumed that the crescent Moon is first visible exactly 1.5 days after the moment of the New Moon.对于这些表中的条目,我们假设,月牙儿是第一个可见的,正是新月亮的时刻后1.5天。 However, some locations on Earth will not have a sunset and the opportunity to observe the crescent Moon for a number of extra hours, again due to their longitude.然而,地球上的某些位置,不会有夕阳和机会来观察一些额外的时间,又由于其经度月牙儿。

The Muslim New Year is on Muharram 1.穆斯林的新年是回历1。The Hajj pilgrimage is to be done during the first ten days of the last lunar month of the year, Dhu al-Hijja.朝觐是在第一个十年的最后一年的农历正月,东华大学人Hijja天完成。The month of Ramadan involves fasting regarding eating, drinking and smoking, from dawn to the moment of sunset.斋月涉及空腹进食,饮酒和吸烟,从黎明到日落时刻。The Night of Determination occurs on the night of Ramadan 26, during which, the Koran says that God/Allah determines the course of the world for the following year.的决心之夜发生在斋月26日晚上,在这期间,“古兰经”说,神/真主决定次年的世界当然。Shawwal 1 to 3 is the Festival of the Fast-Breaking and is celebrated with special prayers and festivities. Shawwal 1至3节快破,特别祈祷和庆祝活动庆祝。Dhu al-Hijja 10 to 12 is the Festival of the Sacrifice, which indicates the end of the Hajj period.东华大学人的Hijja 10至12节的牺牲,这表明在朝觐期间结束。

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