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Likely the same as Saint Bartholomew.圣巴塞洛缪可能相同。

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One of the first disciples of Jesus, to Whom he was brought by his friend Philip (John 1:43-51).耶稣的门徒之一,他被带到他的朋友菲利普(约翰福音1:43-51)。It is generally held that Nathanael is to be identified with the Apostle Bartholomew of the Synoptic writers.人们普遍认为,拿天气作家使徒巴塞洛缪确定。The latter make no mention of Nathanael, but in their lists of the Twelve, one, Bartholomew, is always designated by his family Bar-Tolmai (son of Tolmai), and it is assumed that it is he whom the author of the Fourth Gospel designates by his personal name Nathanael.后者没有提到拿,但在他们列出的十二,一,巴塞洛缪,总是由他的家庭酒吧Tolmai(Tolmai儿子)指定的,并假定这是他其中的第四福音的作者指定由他个人的名义拿。 The main reasons on which this assumption rests are:这个假设所依据的主要理由是:

that the circumstances under which Nathanael was called do not differ in solemnity from those connected with the call of Peter, whence it is natural to expect that he as well as the latter was numbered among the Twelve; Nathanael is mentioned as present with other Apostles after the Resurrection in the scene described in John 21;不严肃不同,从那些与彼得的号召下,被称为拿的情况下,何处是自然地想到他,因为后者是十二编号;拿目前与其他使徒提到后复活在现场描述了约翰21;

Nathanael was brought to Jesus by Philip (John 1:45), and thus it seems significant that Bartholomew is always mentioned next to Philip in the lists of the Twelve given by the Synoptists (Matthew 10:3; Mark 3:18; Luke 6:14).拿耶稣被带到由菲利普(约翰福音1:45),因此,它似乎显著,巴塞洛缪总是提到Synoptists(马太福音10:3十二列出未来菲利普马克3:18;路加福音6 :14)。

Publication information Written by James F. Driscoll.由詹姆斯楼斯科尔编写的出版物信息。Transcribed by Sean Hyland.转录由Sean海仑。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume X. Published 1911.天主教百科全书,卷十,发布1911年。New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, October 1, 1911. Nihil Obstat,1911年10月1日。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰farley枢机主教,大主教纽约

Nathanael, known also as Bartholomew拿,也被称为巴塞洛缪

Coptic Orthodox Information科普特东正教信息

The details of Bartholomew or Nathanael's call to discipleship are recorded in John 1:43-51.巴塞洛缪或拿的号召,以门徒的细节都记录在约翰福音1:43-51。He was brought to Jesus by his friend Philip.他被带到耶稣由他的朋友菲利普。

It is generally believed that Nathanael and Bartholomew are the same individual.人们普遍认为拿和巴塞洛缪是同一个人。The Synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) do not mention a Nathanael as a disciples.天气福音(马太,马可和路加)没有提到作为一个弟子拿。John's gospel makes no mention of Bartholomew.约翰福音没有提到的巴塞洛缪。

Notice that Bartholomew's name is coupled with Philip's name in the listings of Matthew and Luke.请注意,巴塞洛缪的名字是与菲利普的马修和卢克目录的名称加上。It is found next to Philip in the list of Mark.这是菲利普在标记列表。This would seem to agree with the gospel of John, where the evangelist describes Philip as an old friend who brought Nathanael to Jesus.这似乎与约翰福音的传播者描述菲利普作为老朋友,谁拿耶稣同意。

Bartholomew means "son of Talmai (Tolmai)" which was ancient Hebrew name.巴塞洛缪是指“儿子挞买(Tolmai)”,这是古代希伯来文的名字。It appears in 2 Samuel 3:3 where it is listed as the given name of the King of Geshur who was the father of a wife of David, Maacah.它出现在2塞缪尔3:3的地方,它是基述王谁是父亲,玛迦大卫的妻子给定的名称上市。Just as we sometimes refer to close friends by their family name rather than their given name, so it appears that only John lists this disciple by his given name.正如我们有时关闭自己的姓氏,而不是其名称的朋友,所以看来只有约翰列出了他的这个徒弟。The other three gospel writers apparently designated him by his family name, Bar-Tolmai.其他三个福音书的作者显然他指定由他的家人的名字,酒吧Tolmai。

Characteristics of This Disciple这个徒弟的特点

Nathanael means "gift of God."拿的意思是“上帝的恩赐。”John's account tells us that he was from Cana in Galilee, a small village about 5 miles northeast of Nazareth.约翰的帐户告诉我们,他在加利利的迦拿,拿撒勒东北约5英里的一个小村庄。He might well have been present when Jesus performed his first miracle in that town.他很可能已经存在,当耶稣在那个小镇进行他的第一个奇迹。One obscure legend even suggests that he was the bridegroom at that wedding; another pictures him as the former boyfriend of the bride who didn't quite make it.一个模糊的传说,甚至表明他是新郎的婚礼,另一个图片作为他的新娘不太使它的前男友。Thankfully we can ignore such reports.幸运的是,我们可以忽略这样的报告。When Philip suggested that Jesus was the Messiah, Nathanael honestly expressed his doubts.当菲利普认为耶稣是弥赛亚,拿诚实地表达了他的疑虑。He failed to see how such a great one could come from a town such as Nazareth.他没有看到这样一个伟大的人可能来自如拿撒勒镇。 Bartholomew reminds us of the many very nice people we meet who straightforwardly tell us that they don't believe in Jesus as their Savior.巴塞洛缪提醒我们许多非常好的人,我们满足他们直截了当地告诉我们,他们不相信耶稣为他们的救主。Maybe they had a bad experience with a church or a pastor or some church members.也许他们有一个坏的经验与教会或牧师或一些教会成员。Perhaps they are confused about religion in general.也许他们是对一般的宗教混为一谈。Like Nathanael, they need to see Jesus.拿一样,他们需要看到耶稣。We won't be able to change their minds, but we can invite them to "come and see."我们将不能够改变他们的想法,但我们可以邀请他们“来看看。”

Other than his call to be a disciple Nathanael/Bartholomew is not mentioned frequently in the biblical record.除了他的电话是一个拿/巴塞洛缪是圣经的记载中没有提到经常弟子。He is mentioned with the other apostles after the resurrection in the account recorded in John 21, in particular verse 2.他提到与复活后的其他使徒约翰21记录的帐户,尤其是第2节。His innocence and simplicity won high praise from the lips of the Savior when Philip brought him to Jesus.当菲利普带他到耶稣救主的嘴唇赢得自己的清白和简单的高度赞誉。

Outside of Scripture, we hear little of this man.的经文之外,我们很少听到这名男子。There is no mention of him in ecclesiastical literature before Eusebius, who records in his Church History that Pantaenus of Alexandria, the teacher of Origen, visited India in the second century and found there a Hebrew copy of the Gospel According to Matthew.他没有提及前尤西比乌斯,在他的教会的历史记录,Pantaenus的亚历山德里亚,奥利老师,访问印度的第二个世纪,发现有一个福音希伯来副本据马修教会文学。 He was told that Bartholomew had been to India before him and had left this gospel.有人告诉他,巴塞洛缪在他之前已经向印度,离开了这个福音。We should note that "India," at the time, meant everything from Arabia to the east.我们应该注意到,“印度,”在当时,这意味着一切从阿拉伯半岛到东部。Other traditions suggest that Bartholomew preached in Mesopotamia, Persia, Egypt, Armenia, Phrygia and the shores of the Black Sea.其他传统的建议,巴塞洛缪在美索不达米亚,波斯,埃及,亚美尼亚,弗里吉亚和黑海沿岸鼓吹。

Even church tradition cannot agree on his death.即使是教会的传统不能同意他的死亡。He supposedly died in Albanopolis (Urbanopolis) in Armenia.据说,他死于Albanopolis(Urbanopolis)在亚美尼亚。 Some say he was beheaded and others insist that he was skinned alive and crucified head down at the command of King Astyages for having converted King Polymios.有人说他被斩首和其他人坚持认为,他在国王阿斯提阿格斯的命令剥皮活着,并钉在十字架上的头转换王Polymios。

In Michaelangelo's "Last Judgment" he is pictured as flayed and holding in his hand his own skin.在米开朗基罗的“最后的审判”,他描绘成剥了皮和拿在手里自己的皮肤。Due to this account of his death, the symbol for Bartholomew/Nathanael is a skinning knife or a series of them.由于这对他的死亡的帐户,巴塞洛缪/拿的象征,是一个剥皮刀或他们的系列。Sometimes the knives are pictured together with a "skin."有时刀合照与“皮肤。”

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