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The following tabular view of the Christian population of the world from the beginning has been attributed to Sharon Turner, English historian, apparently around 1810.世界从一开始的基督教人口以下的表格视图已被归因沙龙特纳,英国史学家,显然围绕1810。The nineteenth century estimate is certainly too low, and does not appear to have possibly been provided by Ms. Turner.十九世纪的估计肯定是太低,并没有出现有可能被特纳女士提供。

Growth of the Church in Numbers.教会在人数的增长。

Era的时代 Estimated Christians预计基督徒
First century至上世纪 500,000500000
Second century第二个世纪 2,000,0002000000
Third century第三个世纪 5,000,0005000000
Fourth century第四世纪 10,000,000 10,000,000
Fifth century第五世纪 15,000,00015000000
Sixth century六世纪 20,000,00020000000
Seventh century公元七世纪 24,000,00024000000
Eighth century十八世纪 30,000,00030000000
Ninth century第九世纪 40,000,00040000000
Tenth century十世纪 50,000,00050000000
Eleventh century11世纪 70,000,00070000000
Twelfth century12世纪 80,000,00080000000
Thirteenth century十三世纪 75,000,00075000000
Fourteenth century十四世纪 80,000,00080000000
Fifteenth century十五世纪 100,000,000 100,000,000
Sixteenth century十六世纪 125,000,000 125,000,000
Seventeenth century十七世纪 155,000,000 155,000,000
Eighteenth century十八世纪 200,000,000 200,000,000
(Nineteenth century)(19世纪) (400,000,000) (400,000,000股)

Editor's Note编者按

Many people seem to make many wild assumptions regarding how much knowledge and how much documentation existed in early human history!很多人似乎使许多野生多少知识的假设,并在早期人类历史上存在多少文档!Prior to even 1800 AD, only an extremely small fraction of people knew how to read or write, likely around one percent of the total population at most.甚至1800广告之前,只有非常小部分人知道如何读或写,可能最多约占总人口的百分之。And those people were generally only taught to be literate for specific purposes of a Government or a Church.那些人一般只教识字特定用途的政府或教会。

One interesting consequence of this is the usual assumption that EVERYONE read their own Bible at home, was essentially unrealistic and impossible!这方面的一个有趣的结果是通常假设每个人都自己在家读的圣经,基本上是不现实的,不可能!People certainly could MEMORIZE words that a Priest told them in Church, and then even be able to repeat those words to younger generations by Oral Tradition.人们当然可以记忆单词,在教会的一位牧师告诉他们,然后甚至可以重复这些话,口头传统的年轻一代。

Prior to the invention of the printing press around 1454 AD by Gutenberg, Scribes had to hand copy every individual character of every word of every page, an immensely time consuming and difficult activity.周围公元1454由古登堡的印刷机的发明之前,文士手每一页的每一个字,一个非常耗时和困难的活动的每一个复制的个性。 The central consequence of this was that VERY FEW COPIES of any written documents ever existed (prior to around 1460 AD).这个中央的后果是,很少副本的任何书面文件曾经存在过(公元1460之前)。Those copies were nearly all kept by governments and Churches, and virtually no individuals ever even owned a single book (even the Bible!)和这些副本几乎所有各国政府和教会保持,几乎没有人过,甚至拥有一本书(甚至“圣经”!)

By the way, Illuminated Manuscripts of the Bible were created during the Middle ages, where artists drew pictures that showed the events of Bible texts.顺便说一下, 照明手稿 “圣经”在中世纪,艺术家提请图片显示经文事件。Since virtually no one who would attend a Church could ever have read the words of a Bible, such Illuminated Bibles such as Kells quickly became very popular.由于几乎没有人会参加教会有史以来已经阅读圣经凯尔斯,如照明,如“圣经”的话,很快就成为非常受欢迎。They were very difficult and time consuming to create, so rather few of them were ever created.他们是非常困难和耗时的创建,因此而其中一些人不断创造。However, Churches learned from that to do as many things in visual terms as possible, such as stained glass windows in the Churches, and sets of paintings such as the set of 14 paintings presenting the Stations of the Cross, which soon were created for nearly all Churches to display.然而,从该教会的教训,做很多事情,如在教堂的彩绘玻璃窗,在视觉方面尽可能为,和,如14画呈现在十字架上,很快创造了近车站设置的绘画集所有教堂的显示。

Getting back to the numbers of Christians in the very early Church, we must note that the Roman Empire spent nearly three hundred years in aggressively trying to exterminate all Christians.回在非常早期教会的基督徒人数,我们必须注意的是罗马帝国花了将近三百年,在积极试图消灭所有基督徒。 The Roman Emperors were fearful that such a religion might threaten their authority over much of the known world, and their solution was to entirely eliminate any documents, references and people associated with Christian beliefs.罗马皇帝担心,这种宗教可能威胁他们的权力比已知世界,和他们的解决方案是完全消除任何文件,参考资料,并与基督教信仰有关的人。 They were quite effect in this effort, in exterminating enormous numbers of people who had any connection with Christianity.他们相当的效果,在这一努力中,在灭绝的人有任何与基督教的连接数量巨大。

A primary result of this was that Christians quickly learned that it was a terrible idea for large numbers of Christians to ever meet!这方面的一个主要结果是,基督徒很快就学会了,这是一个基督徒大批达到可怕的念头!Such meetings would always attract Roman soldiers and all the Christians would be executed.此类会议将始终吸引罗马士兵和所有的基督徒会被处决。We modern Christians imagine that there were many huge Christian Churches, such as some that are mentioned in the New Testament.现代基督徒,我们想象,有许多巨大的基督教教堂,如在新约中提到的一些,。But think about it.但仔细想想。 IF there was a huge Church in Corinth where hundreds or thousands of Christians would meet each Sunday to attend Services, that would have been (and was) an extremely convenient way for Roman soldiers to collect and exterminate large numbers of Christians all at the same place at the same time.如果有一个巨大的教会在科林斯在数百或数千名基督徒将满足每个周日参加服务,已(和)罗马士兵一个非常方便的方式来收集和消灭所有在同一地点大批的基督徒在同一时间

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Christians sooned learned that it was a terrible idea for ANY large numbers of them to ever meet except in total secret.基督徒sooned据悉,这是一个可怕的念头其中任何大量不断满足除总的秘密。And even then, there were often spies for the Romans where the entire group of Christians were still exterminated.即使如此,也往往有整个集团的基督徒仍然灭绝的罗马人的间谍。

The point here is that the modern approach to doing census taking to count up large numbers of people were simply not realistic regarding Christians in those first few Centuries.这里的要点是,现代的方法,做好普查计数大量的人根本就没有在那些最初的几个世纪的现实基督徒。

Until the Roman Empire became converted to Christianity around 312 AD, there was tremendous danger if even groups of five Christians would meet, unless they were all certain that they were trusted friends, or else they all might soon be executed.直到大约312 AD转换基督教成为罗马帝国的,有巨大的危险,如果五个基督徒甚至群体满足,除非他们被肯定,他们是值得信赖的朋友,否则他们都可能很快被执行。

In addition, if Roman soldiers discovered ANY evidence that any person might have even associated with Christians, that person was likely to be imprisoned and probably killed.此外,如果罗马士兵发现任何证据,任何人,甚至可能与基督教徒,那人可能被监禁,并可能被打死。So virtually no Christian would dare ever even carry any icon that suggested Christianity, and whether they were capable of reading it or not, no one would dare even possess any scroll or manuscript which refered in any way to Christianity.所以几乎没有基督教会敢于不断进行任何图标,建议基督教,和他们是否能够阅读或没有,没人敢甚至拥有任何提及任何方式向基督教的滚动或手稿。

The result of all this is that there was no possible way that anyone could have accurately known how many Christians there were during the first three Centuries.这一切的结果是,有没有可能的方式,任何人都可以准确地知道有多少基督徒在前三世纪。Once the Roman Empire adopted Christianity, then the organization and bureaucracy of the Roman Empire was used to collect and save many Christian documents.一旦通过基督教的罗马帝国,则该组织和罗马帝国的官僚用于收集和保存许多基督教文件。This resulted in a sudden tremendous increase in the number of Christian documents beginning around 317 AD.这导致了基督教文件,大约317 AD开始突然大幅增加。At least 9,000 separate manuscripts are now known from the Early Christian Church, but only a few dozen of those are known to be from earlier than 317 AD.从早期的基督教教会,目前已知至少有9000家独立的手稿,但只有那些几十被称为是从早于317公元。

There have been a number of authors who have published recent books about the number of early Christians.已经有一些发表关于早期的基督徒人数最近书籍的作者。Unfortunately, for the reasons described above, none of those modern authors had any significant accurate information available upon to build estimates.不幸的是,上面所述的原因,这些现代作家都没有任何显著的准确信息后,可以建立的估计。So those authors have tended to speculate widely differing numbers, none of which probably had any better or worse value than the others.因此,这些作者都倾向于推测各种不同的数字,其中没有可能有任何比别人更好或更坏的价值。

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