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(Or the Gospel of Nicodemus.)(或尼哥底母福音。)

This work does not assume to have written by Pilate, but to have been derived from the official acts preserved in the praetorium at Jerusalem.这项工作并不承担彼拉多书面,但已经从praetorium保存在耶路撒冷的官方行为的。The alleged Hebrew original is attributed to Nicodemus.据称希伯来原来是由于对尼哥底母。The title "Gospel of Nicodemus" is of medieval origin.标题“尼哥底母福音”,是中世纪的起源。The apocryphon gained wide credit in the Middle Ages, and has considerably affected the legends of our Saviour's Passion.在中世纪apocryphon获得广泛的信贷,已大大影响了我们的救主受难的传说。Its popularity is attested by the number of languages in which it exists, each of these being represented by two or more recensions.证明了它的流行语言中,它的存在,这些被两个或两个以上的recensions表示。We possess a text in Greek, the original language; a Coptic, an Armenian and a Latin, besides modern translations.我们拥有在希腊一文,原来的语言,一个科普特人,亚美尼亚和拉丁除了现代译本。The Latin versions were naturally its most current form and were printed several times in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.拉丁美洲版本,自然其最新的形式,并多次被印在第十五和十六世纪。One class of the Latin manuscripts contain as an appendix or continuation, the "Cura Sanitatis Tiberii", the oldest form of the Veronica legend.有一类的拉丁手稿包含作为附录或延续,“库拉Sanitatis Tiberii”,维罗尼卡传说最古老的形式。

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The "Acta" consist of three sections, which reveal inequalities of style.“文献”包括三个部分,其中揭示的风格的不平等。The first (i-xi) contains the trial of Jesus based upon Luke, xxiii.第一(I - 11)包含基于耶稣的审判后,卢克,XXIII。The second part comprises xii-xvi; it regards the Resurrection.第二部分包括第十二至第十六;关于复活。An appendix, detailing the Descensus ad Infernos, forms the third section, This does not exist in the Greek text and is a later addition.附录,详细介绍了Descensus广告地狱,形式的第三部分,这并不存在于希腊文,是后来。 Leucius and Charinus, the two souls raised from the dead after the Crucifixion, relate to the Sanhedrin the circumstances of Our Lord's descent to Limbo.Leucius Charinus,从死里复活后,在十字架上的两个灵魂,涉及到我们的主的后裔中间状态的情况下,公会。The well-informed Eusebius (325), although he mentions the Acta Pilati referred to by Justin and Tertullian and heathen pseudo-Acts of this kind, shows no acquaintance with this work.消息灵通尤西比乌斯(325),虽然他提到了文献皮拉蒂贾斯汀和德尔图良和异教徒的这种伪行为,说明这项工作没有熟人。 We are forced to admit that is of later origin, and scholars agree in assigning it to the middle of the fourth century.我们不得不承认,后来的原产地是,学者同意将其分配给第四世纪中叶。There is no internal relation between the "Acta" and the feigned letter found in the Acts of Peter and Paul.有没有内部之间的“文献”和彼得和保罗的行为发现假​​装信关系。Epiphanius refers to the Acta Pilati similar to our own, as early as 376, but there are indications that the current Greek text, the earliest extant form, is a revision of the original one.埃皮法尼乌斯是指文献皮拉蒂类似我们自己的,早为376,但也有迹象表明,目前希腊文,现存最早的形式,是原修订。The "Acta" are of orthodox composition and free from Gnostic taint.“文献”是正统的组成和诺斯底污点。The book aimed at gratifying the desire for extra-evangelical details concerning Our Lord, and at the same time, to strengthen faith in the Resurrection of Christ, and at general edification.本书旨在可喜的额外细节福音关于我们的主的愿望,并在同一时间,以加强在基督复活的信仰,和一般的熏陶。 The writers (for the work we have is a composite) could not have expected their production to be seriously accepted by unbelievers.作家的工作,我们是一个复合不可能预计他们的生产受到严重的非信徒所接受。(See Apocryha, under Pilate Literature.)(见彼拉多文学Apocryha。)

Publication information Written by George J. Reid.乔治J里德编写的出版物信息。Transcribed by Deacon Jim Awalt.转录由执事吉姆Awalt。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume I. Published 1907.天主教百科全书,第I卷出版1907年。New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, March 1, 1907. Nihil Obstat,1907年3月1日。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰farley枢机主教,大主教纽约

Bibliography 参考书目
The best Greek and Latin edition of the text, with notes, is that of THILO, Codex Apocryphorum Nove Testamenti, I (Leipzig, 1832; TISCHENDORF, Evangelica Apocrypha (Leipzig, 1853, 1876), is uncritical in this regard. For dissertations: LIPSIUS, Die Pilatus Akten kritisch untersucht (Kiel 1871); WÜLCKER, Das Evangelium Nicodemi in der abendlandischer Litteratur (Paderborn, 1872); DOBSCHÜTZ, art. Gospel of Nicodemus in Hastings, Dict. of the Bible, extra volume; LIPSIUS, art. Apocryphal Gospel, in Dict. of Christ. Biog., II, 707-709. The Acta Pilati receives due notice in the histories of ancient Christian literature by BARDENHEWER, ZAHN, HARNACK and PREUSCHEN.文本的最好的希腊文和拉丁文版笔记,蒂洛,食品Apocryphorum诺夫Testamenti(莱比锡,1832年,我提申多夫,Evangelica伪经(莱比锡,1853年,1876年),是在这方面不加批判地的论文:。 LIPSIUS,模具皮拉图斯Akten kritisch untersucht(基尔1871年); WÜLCKER,DAS Evangelium Nicodemi DER abendlandischer Litteratur(帕德博恩,1872年); DOBSCHÜTZ,艺术尼哥底母福音在黑斯廷斯,快译通“圣经”,额外的体积;。LIPSIUS,艺术。在古老的基督教文学的历史巴登黑韦尔,赞恩,哈纳克和普罗伊申猜测福音,基督在快译通。Biog,二,707-709。文献皮拉蒂收到适当的通知。

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