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Sinaiticus codex西奈抄本法典

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Sinaiticus codex, usually designated by the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is one of the most valuable of ancient MSS of the Greek New Testament.西奈抄本食品法典委员会,通常由指定的第一个字母的希伯来文字母表,是最有价值的古希腊文新约的MSS之一。 On the occasion of a third visit to the convent of St. Catherine, on Mount Sinai, in 1859, it was discovered by Dr. Tischendorf.在第三次访问,在西奈山圣凯瑟琳修道院之际,于1859年,它被发现博士蒂申多夫。He had on a previous visit in 1844 obtained forty-three parchment leaves of the LXX, which he deposited in the university library of Leipsic, under the title of the Codex Frederico-Augustanus, after his royal patron the king of Saxony.他曾在1844年以前的访问取得的lxx四十三个羊皮纸叶,他存放在大学图书馆的Leipsic,根据食品法典委员会弗雷德里科Augustanus的标题后,他的皇家赞助人的萨克森国王,。 In the year referred to (1859) the emperor of Russia sent him to prosecute his search for MSS, which he was convinced were still to be found in the Sinai convent.在今年(1859),俄罗斯的皇帝派他去起诉他,他确信用于MSS的搜索,仍然在西奈修道院发现。

The story of his finding the manuscript of the New Testament has all the interest of a romance.他找到新约圣经的手稿的故事有一个浪漫的利益。He reached the convent on 31st January; but his inquiries appeared to be fruitless.他1月31日达成的修道院,但他的调查似乎是徒劳的。On the 4th February he had resolved to return home without having gained his object.在2月4日,他下了决心,获得了他的对象,而无需返回的家。"On that day, when walking with the provisor of the convent, he spoke with much regret of his ill-success. Returning from their promenade, Tischendorf accompanied the monk to his room, and there had displayed to him what his companion called a copy of the LXX, which he, the ghostly brother, owned. The MS was wrapped up in a piece of cloth, and on its being unrolled, to the surprise and delight of the critic the very document presented itself which he had given up all hope of seeing. “在那一天,修道院provisor行走时,他说很遗憾他生病成功返回从他们的长廊,提申多夫的陪同和尚到他的房间,并有向他显示他的同伴称为复制的lxx,而他,幽灵般的兄弟,MS是在一块布包裹起来,和其正展开,惊喜和评论家的文件中提出自己的喜悦,他已经放弃了所有的希望拥有。看到。

His object had been to complete the fragmentary LXX of 1844, which he had declared to be the most ancient of all Greek codices on vellum that are extant; but he found not only that, but a copy of the Greek New Testament attached, of the same age, and perfectly complete, not wanting a single page or paragraph." This precious fragment, after some negotiations, he obtained possession of, and conveyed it to the Emperor Alexander, who fully appreciated its importance, and caused it to be published as nearly as possible in facsimile, so as to exhibit correctly the ancient handwriting.他的目标已完成1844年的零零碎碎的LXX,这是他宣布将牛皮纸所有希腊抄本是现存最古老的,但他不仅发现,但所附的希腊文新约的副本,同样的年龄,并完美地完成,不想要一个单页或段落。“这珍贵的片段,经过一番谈判,他获得了占有,并转达给亚历山大皇帝,充分认识其重要性,并引起它予以公布近尽可能在传真,从而为展览正确古代的笔迹。

The entire codex consists of 346 1/2 folios.整个食品法典委员会由346 1 / 2对开。Of these 199 belong to the Old Testament and 147 1/2 to the New, along with two ancient documents called the Epistle of Barnabas and the Shepherd of Hermas.这199属于旧约和新147 1 / 2,随着两个所谓的书信巴拿巴和牧人书的古代文献。The books of the New Testament stand thus:, the four Gospels, the epistles of Paul, the Acts of the Apostles, the Catholic Epistles, the Apocalypse of John.因此,新约中的书籍纳入,四福音,保罗的书信,使徒行传,天主教书信,约翰的启示。

It is shown by Tischendorf that this codex was written in the fourth century, and is thus of about the same age as the Vatican codex; but while the latter wants the greater part of Matthew and sundry leaves here and there besides, the Sinaiticus is the only copy of the New Testament in uncial characters which is complete.销售,这是由蒂申多夫显示,这种食品法典委员会是在第四世纪的书面,因此梵蒂冈法典同年龄,但而后者则希望马修和杂叶,大部份在这里和那里此外,西奈抄本是。只复制新约,完成安色尔字体字符。 Thus it is the oldest extant MS copy of the New Testament.因此,它是现存最古老的MS的新约的副本。Both the Vatican and the Sinai codices were probably written in Egypt.梵蒂冈和西奈抄本可能是写在埃及。

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Codex Sinaiticus食品法典西奈抄本

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This Codex is commonly referred to by the Hebrew character Aleph , though Swete and a few other scholars use the letter S .这通常被称为食品法典委员会是由希伯来文字符阿莱夫 ,虽然Swete和其他一些学者使用字母 S。

A Greek manuscript of the Old and New Testaments, of the greatest antiquity and value; found on Mount Sinai, in St. Catherine's Monastery, by Constantine Tischendorf.在西奈山圣凯瑟琳修道院,由君士坦丁提申多夫,一个希腊的旧约和新约,最大的古代和价值的手稿。He was visiting there in 1844, under the patronage of Frederick Augustus, King of Saxony, when he discovered in a rubbish basket forty-three leaves of the Septuagint, containing portions of I Par.他来访的有在1844年,萨克森国王奥古斯都冯检基的支持下,当他发现在一个垃圾筐的septuagint四十三片叶子,含有部分余票。 (Chron.), Jer., Neh., and Esther; he was permitted to take them.(Chron.),哲,尼,和Esther;。允许他带他们。He also saw the books of Isaias and I and IV Machabees, belonging to the same codex as the fragments, but could not obtain possession of them; warning the monks of their value, he left for Europe and two years later published the leaves he had brought with him under the name of Codex Friderico-Augustanus, after his patron.伊萨亚斯,我和四Machabees书籍,他也看到,属于同一法典片段,但无法获得他们的占有,警告其价值的僧人,他离开欧洲,两年后出版了他的叶子根据食品法典委员会Friderico Augustanus的名称后,带来了他的赞助人。They are preserved at Leipzig.它们被保存在莱比锡。On a second visit, in 1853, he found only two short fragments of Genesis (which he printed on his return) and could learn nothing of the rest of the codex.在第二次访问,于1853年,他发现只有两种成因(这是他印在他的回归)短的片段,可以学习任何食品法典委员会的其余部分。 In 1859 he made a third visit, this time under the patronage of the Czar, Alexander II. 1859年,他第三次访问,这个时候,沙皇亚历山大二世的赞助下。This visit seemed likewise fruitless when, on the eve of his departure, in a chance conversation with the steward, he learned of the existence of a manuscript there; when it was shown to him, he saw the very manuscript he had sought containing, beyond all his dreams, a great part of the Old Testament and the entire New Testament, besides the Epistle of Barnabas, and part of the "Shepherd" of Hermas, of which two works no copies in the original Greek were known to exist.这次访问似乎同样无果而终时,就在他离开的前夕,在与管家的机会谈话中,他的手稿有存在的经验教训;当它被显示给他,他看到了非常手稿,他曾试图含有超越他所有的梦想,很大一部分旧约和整个新约,除了书信巴拿巴,“牧羊人”的黑马,这两部作品在希腊原文无份已知存在的一部分。 Thinking it "a crime to sleep", Tischendorf spent the night copying Barnabas; he had to leave in the morning, after failing to persuade the monks to let him have the manuscript.认为它“睡觉的犯罪”,提申多夫过夜复制巴拿巴,他未能说服和尚让他的手稿后,在早晨离开。At Cairo he stopped at a monastery belonging to the same monks (they were of the Orthodox Greek Church) and succeeded in having the manuscript sent to him there for transcription; and finally, in obtaining it from the monks as a present to the Czar, Tischendorf's patron and the protector of their Church.在开罗,他停在一个修道院属于相同的僧侣(他们的希腊东正教教会),并成功的稿件发送到他那里转录;最后,在获得僧侣作为沙皇目前,蒂申多夫的靠山和保护他们的教会。 Years later, in 1869, the Czar rewarded the two monasteries with gifts of money (7000 and 2000 roubles each) and decorations.多年以后,于1869年,沙皇奖励礼金(7000和2000年卢布每)和装饰两个寺院。The manuscript is treasured in the Imperial Library at St. Petersburg.珍惜这份手稿是在帝国图书馆在圣彼得堡。Tischendorf published an account of it in 1860; and, under the auspices of the czar, printed it in facsimile in 1862.蒂申多夫在1860年出版的帐户;,沙皇主持下,于1862年,印在传真。Twenty-one lithographic plates made from photographs were included in this edition, which was issued in four volumes.从照片二十一平版印刷板,包含在这个版本中,这是四卷发出中。The following year he published a critical edition of the New Testament.次年,他发表了一个关键版的新约。Finally, in 1867, he published additional fragments of Genesis and Numbers, which had been used to bind other volumes at St. Catherine's and had been discovered by the Archimandrite Porfirius.最后,在1867年,他出版了成因和数字,已被用来绑定在圣凯瑟琳其他卷和司祭Porfirius已发现的其他片段。 On four different occasions, then, portions of the original manuscript have been discovered; they have never been published together in a single edition.然后,在四个不同的场合,部分原稿已被发现,他们一直没有被公开在一个单一的版本。

The Codex Sinaiticus, which originally must have contained the whole Old Testament, has suffered severely from mutilation, especially in the historical books from Genesis to Esdras (inclusive); the rest of the Old Testament fared much better.法典西奈抄本,原本必须载有整个旧约,已遭受严重切割,特别是在从创世记到埃斯德拉斯(含)的历史书籍;旧约的其余部分的表现要好得多。 The fragments and books extant are: several verses from Gen., xxiii and xxiv, and from Num., v, vi, vii; I Par., ix, 27-xix, 17; Esdras, ix,9 to end; Nehemias, Esther, Tobias, Judith, Joel, Abdias, Jonas, Nahum, Habacuc, Sophonias, Aggeus, Zacharias, Malachias, Isaias, Jeremias, Lamentations, i, 1-ii, 20; I Machabees, IV Machabees (apocryphal, while the canonical II Machabees and the apocryphal III Machabees were never contained in this codex).现存的碎片和书籍是:从将军,二十三和二十四,从数量,V,VI,VII几个诗句;我票,IX 27 - 19,17;埃斯德拉斯,九,9月底;内赫米亚斯,。以斯帖,托比亚斯,朱迪思,乔尔,Abdias,约拿,那鸿,Habacuc,Sophonias,Aggeus,撒迦利亚,玛拉基亚亚,伊萨亚,赫雷米亚斯,悲叹,我,1 - II,20,我Machabees,第四Machabees(杜撰的,而规范的II Machabees和猜测三Machabees没有包含在这个食品法典委员会)。A curious occurrence is that Esdras, ix, 9 follows I Par., xix, 17 without any break; the note of a corrector shows that seven leaves of I Par.一位好奇的发生,是埃斯德拉斯,九,9如下我票,十九,没有任何突破17;一个校正的说明显示,7叶我看齐。were copied into the Book of Esdras, probably by a mistake in the binding of the manuscript from which Codex Sinaiticus was copied.复制到图书埃斯德拉斯,可能是由一个具有约束力的法典西奈抄本被复制的手稿的错误。 Our Esdras is called in this codex, as in many others, Esdras B. This may indicate that it followed Esdras A, as the book called by Jerome III Esdras (see ESDRAS) is named in ancient codices; the proof is by no means sure, however, as IV Machabees is here designated Machabees D, as was usual, although the second and third books of Machabees were absent from the manuscript.我们埃斯德拉斯被称为在此法典,在许多人,埃斯德拉斯B.这可能表明,它遵循一个埃斯德拉斯,由Jerome第三埃斯德拉斯(见埃斯德拉斯)称为书是在古抄本命名;证明绝不是确保然而,作为四Machabees是在这里指定Machabees ð,因为是平常,虽然Machabees的第二和第三的书籍手稿缺席。The New Testament is complete, likewise the Epistle of Barnabas; six leaves following Barnabas are lost, which probably also contained uncanonical literature: the "Shepherd" of Hermas is incomplete, and we cannot tell whether other works followed.新约圣经是完整的,同样的书信巴拿巴;六叶以下巴拿巴丢失,这可能也包含uncanonical文学:“牧羊人”的黑马是不完整的,我们不能告诉其他作品是否遵循。 In all, there are 346 1/2 leaves.在所有的,也有346 1 / 2叶。The order of the New Testament is to be noted, St. Paul's Epistles preceding Acts; Hebrews following II Thess.在新约中的顺序是必须指出,圣保禄的书信前款行为;希伯来书二帖前。The manuscript is on good parchment; the pages measure about 15 inches by 13 1/2 inches; there are four columns to a page, except in the poetical books, which are written stichometrically in two columns of greater width; there are 48 lines to a column, but 47 in the Catholic Epistles.这份手稿是良好的羊皮纸上的页面测量大约15英寸,13 1 / 2英寸;有四列的页面,除了诗意的书,这是写在两列更大的宽度stichometrically,有48行列,但在天主教教会47。The four narrow columns give the page the appearance of an ancient roll; it is not impossible, as Kenyon says, that it was in fact copied from a papyrus roll.狭窄的四列给页面古卷的外观,也并非不可能,因为凯尼恩说,其实这是从纸莎草卷复制。It is written in uncial characters, well formed, without accents or breathings, and with no punctuation except (at times) the apostrophe and the single point for a period.这是写在安色尔字体的字符,以及形成的,不带重音符号或breathings,除了标点符号(次)的单引号和一个时期的单点。 Tischendorf judged that there were four hands engaged in the writing of the manuscript; in this he has been generally followed.蒂申多夫判断有四手联弹在从事写作的手稿;在此,他已普​​遍遵循。He has been less happy in obtaining acceptance of his conjecture that one of these scribes also wrote the New Testament of the Vatican Codex.他一直不快乐,在获得接纳他的猜想,这些文士也写了梵蒂冈食品法典委员会的新旧约。He recognized seven correctors of the text, one of them contemporaneous with the writing of the manuscript.他承认七个校正的文字,其中一人与写作的手稿同期。The Ammonian Sections and the Eusebian Canons are indicated in the margin, probably by a contemporary hand; they seem to have been unknown to the scribe, however, who followed another division. Ammonian第Eusebian大炮表示的保证金,可能是由当代手,他们似乎一直默默无闻的抄写员,但是,谁跟着另一个部门。The clerical errors are relatively not numerous, in Gregory's judgment.文书上的错误是相对并不多,在格雷戈里的判断。

In age this manuscript ranks alongside the Codex Vaticanus.这个手稿队伍在年龄,与食品法典委员会Vaticanus。Its antiquity is shown by the writing, by the four columns to a page (an indication, probably, of the transition from the roll to the codex form of manuscript.), by the absence of the large initial letters and of ornaments, by the rarity of punctuation, by the short titles of the books, the presence of divisions of the text antedating Eusebius, the addition of Barnabas and Hermas, etc. Such indications have induced experts to place it in the fourth century, along with Codex Vaticanus and some time before Codex Alexandrinus and Codex Ephræmi Rescriptus; this conclusion is not seriously questioned, though the possibility of an early fifth-century date is conceded.它的古代写作,由四列的​​页面(从辊稿件法典形式过渡的迹象,可能。),如果没有大的首字母和饰品,稀有的书籍的简称,文本的日期提前,巴拿巴和黑马此外,尤西比乌斯分歧的存在,标点符号等,这些迹象引起了专家的地方,在第四世纪,随着食品法典委员会Vaticanus和一些Alexandrinus食品法典委员会和食品Ephræmi Rescriptus前的时间;这个结论是不严重的质疑,虽然早期的第五世纪日期的可能性是承认。Its origin has been assigned to Rome, Southern Italy, Egypt, and Caesarea, but cannot be determined (Kenyon, Handbook to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament, London, 1901, p. 56 sqq.).它的起源已分配到罗马,意大利南部,埃及,和该撒利亚,但不能确定(凯尼恩,手册考据学的新约,伦敦,1901年,第56页SQQ)。 It seems to have been at one time at Caesarea; one of the correctors (probably of seventh century) adds this note at the end of Esdras: "This codex was compared with a very ancient exemplar which had been corrected by the hand of the holy martyr Pamphilus [d. 309]; which exemplar contained at the end of the subscription in his own hand: `Taken and corrected according to the Hexapla of Origen: Antonius compared it: I, Pamphilus, corrected it'."似乎有一次在该撒利亚的校正之一(可能是公元七世纪)埃斯德拉斯年底增加注:“本法典是一个非常古老的典范圣洁的手已被纠正相比烈士Pamphilus [D. 309];结束在他自己的手的订阅中包含的典范:`采取纠正根据奥利Hexapla:安比起来,我,Pamphilus,纠正它“。Pamphilus was, with Eusebius, the founder of the library at Caesarea.Pamphilus,尤西比乌斯,图书馆的创始人在该撒利亚。 Some are even inclined to regard Codex Sinaiticus as one of the fifty manuscripts which Constantine bade Eusebius of Caesarea to have prepared in 331 for the churches of Constantinople; but there is no sign of its having been at Constantinople.有些人甚至倾向于把康斯坦丁吩咐准备在331君士坦丁堡教会的撒利亚尤西比乌斯五十手稿之一法典西奈抄本,但有没有在君士坦丁堡的迹象。 Nothing is known of its later history till its discovery by Tischendorf.没有人知道它,直到它通过提申多夫发现后来的历史。The text of Codex Sinaiticus bears a very close resemblance to that of Codex Vaticanus, though it cannot be descended from the same immediate ancestor.食品法典西奈抄本的文字蕴藏着食品法典委员会Vaticanus的非常紧密的相似性,但它不能被立即从同一祖先的后代。 In general, Codex Vaticanus is placed first in point of purity by contemporary scholars and Codex Sinaiticus next.在一般情况下,食品法典委员会Vaticanus纯度点首先由当代学者和法典西奈抄本未来。This is especially true, for the New Testament, of the Gospels.这是特别真实的,新约的福音。The differences are more frequent in the Old Testament where the codices Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus often agree.在旧约抄本西奈抄本和Alexandrinus往往同意的差异更加频繁。

Publication information Written by John Francis Fenlon.由约翰弗朗西斯Fenlon书面的公开信息。 Transcribed by Sean Hyland.转录由Sean海仑。The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume IV.天主教百科全书,第四卷。Published 1908.发布1908。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat.Nihil Obstat。Remy Lafort, Censor.人头马lafort,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John M. Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰米farley,大主教纽约

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