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The name of Mount Thabor, is rendered in the Septuagint as Tabor, and in Jeremias and Osee as .山Thabor的名字,呈现在译本为泰伯,在赫雷米亚斯Osee作为。It is under this last form (Itabyrion or Atabyrion) that the mount figures in the historical works of the ancients.正是在这最后的形式是(Itabyrion或Atabyrion),在古人的历史著作安装数字。The Arabs call it Jebel et Tur (mountain of mountains), a name which they give likewise to Mounts Garizim, Sinai, and Olivet.阿拉伯人称之为吉贝等图尔(山山),一个名字,他们给同样的底座Garizim,西奈半岛,和科特。 Mount Thabor is distinguished among the mountains of Palestine for its picturesque site, its graceful outline, the remarkable vegetation which covers its sides of calcareous rock, and the splendour of the view from its summit. Thabor山是杰出的风景如画的网站,其优美的轮廓,其中包括其两侧石灰岩植被显着,和辉煌的首脑会议认为,巴勒斯坦的山间。Nearly isolated on all sides and almost hemispherical in shape it rises in a peak 1650 feet above the Plain of Esdraelon, which it bounds on the north and east, about five miles south-east of Nazareth.近孤立各方在外形上几乎半球形,在繁忙的1650英尺以上Esdraelon的平原,它的边界在北部和东部地区约五英里东南拿撒勒上升。 It attains a height of 1843 feet above the level of the Mediterranean and of 2540 feet above that of the Lake of Tiberias.它达到了1843英尺以上的地中海和2540英尺以上的太巴列湖的水平的高度。Josephus (Bell. Jud., IV, i, 8) gives it a height of thirty stadia, or 18,201 feet, but he doubtless made use of the figure (four stadia or 2427 feet), which the copyist must have replaced by (thirty).约瑟夫(Bell.达瓦慈善会,四,我8)赋予了它的第三十场馆,或一八二〇一英尺的高度,但他无疑使用的图(4个体育场馆或2427英尺),抄写员必须取代(第三)。 The summit forms an oblong plateau about 3000 feet long, from north-west to south-east, by 1000 wide.本次峰会的形式,约3000英尺长的一个长方形的高原,从西北到东南,1000宽。The eye is immediately attracted to the north-east by the gigantic masses of Great Hermon, then to the Valley of the Jordan, the Lake of Tiberias and the mountain chains of Hauran, Basan, and Galaad.眼睛立刻吸引了东北大Hermon的巨大的群众,然后到约旦,太巴列湖和山脉,巴桑Hauran,Galaad谷。 To the south are Naim and Endor at the foot of Jebel Daby or Mount Moreh (Judges 7:1), wrongly identified by Eusebius and St. Jerome with Little Hermon (Ps. xli, 7); somewhat farther off is seen Mount Gelboe.南都纳伊姆和ENDOR杰贝尔Daby或摩Moreh(士7:1)错误尤西比乌斯和圣杰罗姆小的赫尔蒙山(XLI诗篇,7)确定,脚下稍微更远关山Gelboe。 Westward the rich plain of Esdrelon stretches as far as Mount Carmel and innumerable Biblical and historical localities stir thoughts of the past.大话Esdrelon丰富的平原延伸尽可能迦密山和无数的圣经和历史的地方挑起过去的想法。

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Mount Thabor is the object of poetical comparisons on the part of the Psalmist (Ps. lxxxviii, 13), the Prophet Jeremias (xlvi, 18), and the Prophet Osee (v, 1). Thabor山是诗意的诗篇“(诗篇lxxxviii,13),先知赫雷米亚斯(四十六,18),和先知Osee(V,1)的一部分比较的对象。 The beautiful mountain also played an important part in history.美丽的山区,也发挥了在历史上的一个重要组成部分。There the Prophetess Debbora secretly assembled 10,000 Israelites under the command of Barac, who subsequently swept down upon the army of Sisara and put it to flight at the torrent of Cison (Judges 6:2-7:18-19).有先知Debbora巴拉克,随后席卷看不起Sisara军队,并把它在奇松洪流(法官6:2-7:18-19)飞行的指挥下偷偷组装万以色列人。 At the division of the Promised Land, Thabor formed the boundary between Isachar and Zabulon (Joshua 19:22). Thabor乐土分工,形成Isachar和西布伦(约书亚19时22分)之间的边界。Within the tribe of Zabulon, but near Dabereth, a city of Isachar, the Book of Josue (xix, 12) mentions the city of Coseleththabor, in Hebrew Chisloth-Thabor, which means "slope or side of Thabor".在西布伦支派,但附近Dabereth,一个城市的Isachar,书若苏埃(19 12)提到Coseleththabor城市,在希伯来文Chisloth Thabor,这意味着“斜坡或Thabor方”。I Par.我票。(vi, 77) also speaks of a city of Zabulon called simply Thabor and assigned to the Levites descended from Merari.(六,77)还谈到一个城市西布伦简称Thabor和分配给利未人米拉利的后裔。This is an abbreviated form of the name of the same city, and is probably the same as that which as Dabour figures among the Galilean cities conquered by Rameses II, according to the "Papyrus Anastasii" (I, xxii, 2).这是同一个城市的名称的缩写形式,可能是相同的拉美西斯二世征服了伽利略的城市,根据“纸莎草Anastasii”(我,22,2)之间的Dabour数字。 Polybius (Hist., V, lxx, 6) relates that in 218 BC Antiochus the Great captured by stratagem the city of Atabyrion in Galilee.波里比阿(Hist.,V LXX,6)有关,在公元前218年安提阿哥伊战略抓获在加利利Atabyrion城市。 History makes no further mention of this city, not even in connexion with the bloody battles fought at the foot of Mount Thabor in 53 BC between Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, and Gabinius, the lieutenant of Pompey ("Ant. Jud.", XIV, vi, 3; "Bell. Jud.", I, viii, 7).历史使这个城市没有进一步提及,甚至没有在联接争取在山Thabor脚下的浴血奋战,在公元前53之间,阿里斯托布鲁斯的儿子亚历山大,并Gabinius,庞培(中尉“蚂蚁。达瓦慈善会”。第十四,第六,3“。贝尔达瓦慈善会”,我,八,七)。 Eusebius alone again refers to it in the words "Dabira … a village of the Jews on Mount Thabor" ("Onom.", ed. Klostermann, 78).尤西比乌斯仅是指它在的话“Dabira 山Thabor的犹太人的一个村庄”(“Onom”。Klostermann,78)。Dabereth (Joshua 19:12; 21:28) is indisputably the modern village of Dabûriyéh, at the foot of Mount Thabor towards the west. Dabereth(约书亚19时12分,21时28分)是无可争议Dabûriyéh现代村庄,在山Thabor的脚下向西。

A ten minutes' ascent northward from Nazareth brings one to the ruins of a Hebrew place called by the natives Khirbet Daboura (ruins of Daboura) and also Abu Amoûd (father of columns).向北从拿撒勒有10分钟的上升带来了一个当地人遗迹Daboura(Daboura废墟)和阿布Amoûd(列之父)称为希伯来语地方的废墟。 This is the site of the Biblical Ciseleth Thabor, of the Daboura of the Egyptians, and the Atabyrion of the Greeks.这是圣经Ciseleth Thabor网站,埃及人Daboura,希腊人Atabyrion。It commanded the road of caravans and armies.它指挥大篷车和军队的道路。During the revolt of the Jews against the Romans, Josephus surrounded "the plateau of Thabor" with a wall of circumvallation twenty-six stadia or about two miles in circumference, which task was accomplished in forty days.约瑟夫在犹太人起义反对罗马人,包围了“Thabor高原”的城墙墙二十六个场馆或周长大约两英里,它的任务是在四十天完成。 This formed a kind of entrenched camp where the rebels, pursued from all directions, sought refuge in order to organize their last stand.这形成了一种根深蒂固的阵营的叛乱分子,来自四面八方的追求,寻求避难,以组织的最后一站。Vespasian's lieutenant, Placidus, marched against them with a force of 600 horsemen, enticed them into the plain by stratagem, and completely defeated them ("Vita", 37; "Bell. Jud.", II, iv, xx, 6; i, 8).维斯帕先的中尉,Placidus,对他们的游行与600骑兵的力量引诱到平原由战略他们,彻底击败他们(“维他”,37;“。贝尔犹。”,二,四,XX,6;我,8)。 In the fourth century of our era Mount Thabor, which was acknowledged as the scene of Christ's Transfiguration, became a place of pilgrimage and was surmounted by a basilica and several churches and chapels.在我们这个时代的山Thabor,这是作为基督的变身场景承认的第四个世纪,成为朝圣的地方,是由一个教堂和几个教会和教堂克服。 In 1101 the Benedictine monks rebuilt the sacred edifices and erected a fortified abbey, where they withstood several attacks by the Saracens, but after the battle of Hattin (1187) they had to abandon the mountain.本笃会修士在1101重建的神圣华厦筑起了一道森严的修道院,在那里他们经受住撒拉逊人的几次攻击,但Hattin战役(1187)后,他们不得不放弃了山。 Melek el Adel built there (1210-12) a large and solid fortress which the Crusaders attacked in vain in 1217; in the following year Melek el Adel caused it to be dismantled.Melek EL阿德尔建有一个庞大而坚实的要塞十字军徒劳的攻击在1217年(1210年至1212年);在次年Melek EL阿德尔造成它被拆除。The plateau of Mount Thabor is now occupied by Franciscans and Schismatic Greek monks.高原山Thabor现在占领方济会和分裂的希腊僧侣。

Publication information Written by Barnabas Meistermann.巴拿巴Meistermann编写的出版物信息。Transcribed by WGKofron.转录WGKofron。With thanks to Fr.随着神父的感谢。John Hilkert, Akron, Ohio The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XIV.约翰Hilkert,俄亥俄州阿克伦城天主教百科全书,第十四卷。Published 1912.发布1912年。 New York: Robert Appleton Company.纽约:罗伯特Appleton还公司。Nihil Obstat, July 1, 1912. Nihil Obstat,1912年7月1日。Remy Lafort, STD, Censor.人头马lafort,性病,检查员。Imprimatur.认可。+John Cardinal Farley, Archbishop of New York+约翰farley枢机主教,大主教纽约

Bibliography 参考书目
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Mount Tabor is a hill in the Holy Land near Nazareth. 泊山是一座小山附近拿撒勒圣地。It is believed by many to be the site of the Transfiguration of Christ.这是许多人认为,要变身基督的网站。


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Mountain of Palestine, the modern Jabal al-Ṭur, on the northern edge of the plain of Jezreel.巴勒斯坦山,现代的Jabal al -图尔,耶斯列平原的北部边缘。It is a dome-shaped hill with softly rounded outlines, and rises about 400 m.这是一个轻轻的圆润轮廓的圆顶形的山,上升约400米。 above the surrounding plain and 562 m.周围的平原和562米以上above sea-level.海平面以上。 Standing out boldly on all sides, except in the northeast, where a low ridge connects it with the hill-country of Nazareth, it rises high above all the elevations in its vicinity and forms a landmark visible at a great distance.站在大胆地在各方面,除在东北,低脊连接拿撒勒的山国,上升以上在其附近的所有海拔高,并形成一个具有里程碑意义很大的距离可见。 From the southwest it forms almost a semicircle.从西南形式几乎一个半圆。Its beauty and symmetry, together with its isolated position, render it, like Carmel and Hermon, important in history and tradition (Jer. xlvi. 18; Ps. lxxxix. 13 [AV 12]).它的美丽和对称,连同其孤立的境地,渲染,像焦糖和黑门,重要的历史和传统(耶四十六18;诗lxxxix 13 [AV 12])。In ancient times it formed the boundary between Zebulun, Issachar, and Naphtali (Judges iv. 6, 12, 14); and there Barak assembled his army to battle against Sisera ( ib. iv. 6), while it was also the center of an ancient cult (Hos. v. 1).在古代形成,以萨迦,西布伦和拿弗他利(法官四,6,12,14。)之间的边界;巴拉克组建自己的军队对西西拉同上IV 6。)的战斗,同时也有人中心一个古老的邪教(Hos. 1节)。The Tabor mentioned in Judges viii.泰伯提到法官第八。18 must not be identified with this mountain, even in case the text does not require emendation (comp. 18必须确定与此山中,即使在文本不需要校正(comp.Moore, "Judges," p.摩尔,“法官”,第228), but is rather to be localized in the vicinity of Ophrah, the home of Gideon. 228),但而在俄弗拉,基甸的家附近进行了本地化。In like manner "the plain of Tabor" mentioned in I Sam.在喜欢的方式“在我心”中提到的泰伯平原。x.X.3 has no connection with the mountain under consideration, but the name seems to have been a frequent designation for places in the territory of Benjamin. 3没有与正在审议的山连接,但似乎已经本杰明境内的地方经常指定的名称。

In later Jewish history Tabor is mentioned in the wars between Antiochus III., the Great, and Ptolemy VII., Philopator, the city of Atabyrium, which was situated on this mountain, being taken by Antiochus in 218 BC In 55 BC the proconsul Gabinius, the general of Pompey, defeated Alexander, the son of Aristobulus, in a bloody battle at the foot of Tabor.在以后的犹太历史泰伯提到安提阿哥三世之间的战争,大,和托勒密第七,Philopator,Atabyrium城市,这是坐落在这座山上,在公元前218年由安提阿哥伊在55 BC方伯Gabinius ,一般情况下,对庞培击败阿里斯托布鲁斯的儿子,亚历山大,在脚下的泰伯的血战。The mountain was fortified against Vespasian by Josephus as governor of Galilee (67 CE); but lack of water compelled those who survived the defeat in the plain to surrender to the general Placidus (Josephus, "BJ" iv. 1, § 8; idem , "Vita," § 37).山是由约瑟夫强化对维斯帕先的加利利(67 CE)州长,但缺水迫使那些存活在平原战败投降一般Placidus(约瑟夫,“北京”IV 1,§ 8。 同上 ,“维他”,§ 37)。

The sanctity ascribed to the mountain from very early times reappears in Christian legend; for the Gospel according to the Hebrews designates it as the scene of the transfiguration of Jesus (Matt. xvii. 1; Mark ix. 2; Luke ix. 28), and as early as the fourth century churches and monasteries were built on its summit.的神圣冲高到山上,从很早期基督教传说中的再次出现;福音根据希伯来指定它作为耶稣(太十七1。马克IX 2。路加九28)变身的场景,早在第四世纪的教堂和修道院是建立在其首脑会议。This tradition is incorrect, however; for a comparison of the statements of the Evangelists shows that they localized the event on a mountain north of the Lake of Gennesaret.这个传统是不正确的的,但是福音报表的比较表明他们本地化的事件,在革尼撒勒湖的山北。


A city of Zebulun bordering on Issachar (Josh. xix. 22); a priestly city of the family of Merari (I Chron. vi. 62 [AV 77]).西布伦的城市接壤萨迦(约书亚记十九22);的米拉利族的祭司的城市(我专栏VI 62 [AV 77])。It was situated on a peak of the mountain of the same name, and covered a level surface of considerable extent, being about 900 m.它坐落在山的同名的高峰,并涵盖了相当程度的水平表面上,约900米。from east to west and 400 m.从东到西400米from south to north, with a periphery, according to Josephus, of 26 stadia.从南到北,与周边,根据约瑟夫,26个体育场馆,。The place existed even in the post-exilic period.这个地方存在甚至在放逐后的时期。Polybius (v. 70) calls it "Atabyrium"; and the walls with which Josephus fortified it may very possibly correspond to the outer walls of the peak in modern times.波里比阿(70节)“Atabyrium”;墙壁与约瑟夫强化,它可能很可能对应于近代的高峰期的外墙。

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Barnabé, Le Mont Thabor , Paris, 1900Barnabé,勒山Thabor,巴黎,1900年

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