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The first day of Tishri (October), the seventh month of the Hebrew year.提斯利(10月)的第一天,第七个月的希伯来年。Two trumpets are mentioned in the Bible, the shophar and hacocerah.两个小号都提到了“圣经”,shophar和hacocerah。 The latter was a long, straight, slender, silver clarion, liturgically a priestly instrument.后者是长,直,细长,银号角,liturgically一个祭司的文书。The shophar was made of horn, as we see from its now and then being called qeren, "horn" (cf. Joshua 6:5); in fact, in the foregoing passage, it is designated a "ram's horn", qeren yobel. shophar是喇叭,因为我们看到,从它现在被称为qeren的“号角”(参见约书亚6:5);事实上,在上述的通道,它是指定的“羊角”,qeren yobel 。The Mishna (Rosh hasshanah, iii, 2) allows the horn of any clean animal save the cow, and suggests the straight horn of the ibex.密西拿(犹太hasshanah,三,2)允许任何清洁动物的角保存牛,并建议直角的山羊。The Feast of Trumpets is ordained in the words: "The seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall keep a sabbath, a memorial, with the sound of trumpets" (Leviticus 23:24).吹角节祝圣的话:“第七个月,每月的第一天,你应保持一个安息日,纪念的喇叭声”(利未记23时24分)。The Hebrew text has: "a memorial of the blast".希伯来文:“爆炸的纪念”。The Septuagint adds "of trumpets" (salpiggon), a word which together with keratine (made of horn) always designates in the Septuagint, shophar and never the hacocerah.七十补充道:“小号”(salpiggon),一个字keratine(喇叭),总是指定的译本,shophar和从未hacocerah。 We find the feast also ordained in Numbers, xxix, 1: The first day also of the seventh month.我们找到的盛宴,也祝在数字XXIX,1:第七一个月的第一天。..is the day of the sounding of the trumpets.是冠冕堂皇的喇叭的一天。This text gives us no more light in the original, where we read only "the day of blast let it be unto you".这段文字给了我们更多的光线,在原有的,我们只读“爆炸的日子让你们”。Here, too, the Septuagint hemera semasias, "day of signaling", affords no light.在这里,七十hemera semasias,“信号的一天”,给没有光。The feast is called by Philo salpigges, "Trumpets".被称为salpigges斐洛,“号角”的盛宴。It would seem, then, that the shophar and not the hacocerah was in Biblical times used on the feast of the new moon of Tishri.,那么,这似乎shophar和不hacocerah盛宴提斯利新的月球上使用的圣经时代。In Rabbinical ritual the festival has come to be known as New Year's Day (rosh hasshnah), Day of Memorial (yom hazzikkaron), and Day of Judgment (yom haddin).在犹太教的仪式,节日已经到了被称为元旦(ROSH hasshnah),纪念(赎罪hazzikkaron)日,审判日(赎罪haddin)。The shophar gives the signal call to solitude and prayer.shophar给孤独和祈祷的信号。In preparation for the great feast, the shophar is sounded morning and evening excepting Sabbaths, throughout the entire preceeding month of Elul.在准备大摆筵席,shophar是吹响了早晨和晚上除了安息日,在整个前一个月的Elul。According to the Mosaic Law, the special offerings of the Feast of Trumpets were a bullock, a ram and seven lambs for a burnt offering; a buck goat for sin offering (Numbers 29:2, 5; Leviticus 22:24-25).据镶嵌法,吹角节的特殊产品,为燔祭的公羊和七个小羊羔普乐;降压山羊为赎罪祭(利未记22:24-25号码29:2,5)。

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