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Anglo-Catholicism is the modern name for that tradition within Anglicanism that was previously termed "High Church."英天主教是该范围内英国国教的传统,以前被称为现代名称“高教会。”The name dates only from 1838 and occurred during the Tractarian or Oxford Movement.这个名字只能从1838年的日期在Tractarian或牛津运动发生。Edward Pusey, John Keble, and John Henry Newman were the leaders of this transition from the older high churchmanship with its emphasis on the established Erastian church - state relationship to an emphasis upon the distinctive claims of the church's authority in apostolic succession of bishops.爱德华皮塞,约翰基布尔和纽曼是伊拉斯特派教会领袖建立了这种过渡从旧高churchmanship,其重点是-国家的关系, 一使徒继承主教强调独特的索赔后,在权威的教会。

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Earlier High Churchmen had tended to dismiss the claims of Free Church bodies on the ground that they were not a part of the Church of England, duly constituted by law.早期的高牧师已趋于解雇自由教会,理由是他们不是一对英国教会的一部分机构的要求,正式通过法律组成。The Anglo Catholics sensed a real threat to the church rather than a help in this relationship with an increasingly secular state.盎格鲁天主教徒到教堂感受到真正的威胁,而不是在这种关系与日趋世俗国家的帮助。 Instead they insisted that the church's authenticity lay in the essential nature of the episcopacy (Tract , 1833).相反,他们坚持认为,教会的真实性在主教(道,1833年)本质所在。Ordination by bishops was thus seen to be of the esse of the church without which a church is not a church.由主教任命因此认为是对教会的教堂,没有它不是一个教会实在。

At the same time less appreciation was given to the principles of the Anglican Reformation, and the movement became suspect in the eyes of many because of the large number of conversions to Rome out of Anglo Catholicism, especially that of John Henry Newman.在同一时间内升值是给英国圣公会改革的原则,以及运动成为嫌疑,因为大量的转换是人们眼中的罗马出盎格鲁天主教,特别是纽曼。

Two major works indicate the best in scholarship and theological emphasis of this tradition: Lux Mundi (1889) and Essays Catholic and Critical (1926).两个主要的研究发现,在这个传统学术与神学强调最好:勒克斯芒迪(1889)和散文天主教和批判(1926)。

In modern times four strands of Anglo Catholicism have been discerned: (1) The Cambridge Camden Society and its successors, who lay great and somewhat romantic emphasis upon English history and pre Reformation English rites and vestments; (2) liberal Anglo Catholicism, which is less authoritarian and more friendly to liberal theology; (3) evangelical Catholics, who attempt to blend the biblical and Reformation teachings on grace and gospel with the classical dogmas and distinctive polity; and (4) pro Roman Anglo Catholicism, whose main aim is the reunion of Anglicanism with Roman Catholicism, not merely in a general ecumenical way but by the sacrifice of the doctrine of the Anglican Reformation when it conflicts with the Council of Trent.在近代四盎格鲁天主教股已经看出:(1)剑桥坎登社会及其继任者,谁躺在英国历史和英语改革前的仪式和法衣伟大而有点浪漫的重视;(2)自由主义的盎格鲁天主教,这是少专制和更友好的自由派神学;(3)福音派教徒,谁在努力融入古典优雅,与福音的教条和鲜明的政体改革的圣经和教义,以及(4)亲盎格鲁罗马天主教,其主要目的是团聚的英国国教与罗马天主教,而不是仅仅在一般合一的方式,而是由英国圣公会的改革主义牺牲,与安理会的遄达发生冲突。

Anglo Catholicism has emphasized the doctrine of the incarnation, sacramental theology, and ecclesiastical polity.盎格鲁天主教强调的化身,圣神学和宗教政体学说。It has appealed more to clergy than to laity.它呼吁更多的神职人员,而不是俗人。

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