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This group founded by Herbert W Armstrong has been made famous by his magazine, The Plain Truth, and radio broadcast, "The World Tomorrow."由赫伯特W阿姆斯特朗创办了这家集团一直由他的杂志,明摆着的事实,及电台广播,著名的“明日世界”。Its full name is the Worldwide Church of God, which has its headquarters at Ambassador College in Pasadena.它的全称是神的世界教会,有其大使在帕萨迪纳学院总部。Armstrongism is a blend of prophetic interpretation which applies a version of the teaching of British Israelitism to the American situation and a variety of other doctrines culled from Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses. Recently Armstrongism has been shaken by internal disputes between Herbert W Armstrong and his son Garner Ted. Armstrongism是一个融合了预言的解释,适用于一目击者版本的英国人教学Israelitism到美国的情况,并一个和耶和华复临各种其他理论精选自。最近Armstrongism已加纳动摇他的儿子因内部纠纷赫伯特W阿姆斯特朗和特德。 These involve accusations of widespread immorality and corruption.这些涉及广泛的不道德和腐败的指责。

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RR Chambers, The Plain Truth about Armstrongism; M E Jones, ed., Ambassador Report; LF Deboer, The New Pharisaism; J Tuit, The Truth Shall Make You Free.居民代表分庭,约Armstrongism明显的事实。ME的琼斯,海关,大使的报告;低频德博尔,新法利赛; Ĵ Tuit,真理必叫你们得以自由。

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The article above was written around 1990.上面写的文章1990年左右。Armstrong had died in 1986, and Joseph Tkach, Sr., then led the Church.阿姆斯特朗在1986年去世,约瑟夫Tkach,老,然后带领教会。 In the succeeding years, the core Church has initiated a great number of changes, particularly in a number of its core beliefs.在接下来的几年,核心教会发起了大量的变化,特别是在其核心信念数量。For this reason, Armstrong's original Church (since 1968 called the Worldwide Church of God) has separated itself from the beliefs of Armstrongism.出于这个原因,阿姆斯特朗的原教会(称为自1968年以来全球的上帝教会)逐渐脱离了本身的Armstrongism的信念。 The two must now be considered separate entities.这两个现在必须考虑独立的实体。

Armstrongism Now现在Armstrongism

Armstrongism still endures in a wide and varied assortment of splinter groups that have broken off of the core Church over the years.Armstrongism仍然忍受在一个分裂集团的广泛和多样的分类,已经打破了核心丘奇奥夫多年来。 Two of the largest of these are Garner Ted Armstrong's Church of God International (1978) and the United Church of God (1995).其中最大的两个是加纳特德阿姆斯特朗的神国际(1978)和美国的上帝教会(1995)教会。

Most traditional Christians consider Armstrongism to be a cult.大多数传统的基督徒认为Armstrongism是一个邪教。The reliance on a modern person to be a source of Prophetic insight (which Armstrong never actually claimed), the "triple tithe" (10% for regular giving; 10% for benevolent support; and 10% for an annual Feast), very rigid Sabbath-keeping attitudes, and an insularity from all other Christian Churches and organizations which are considered Satan-driven, are some of the reasons for this common opinion that Armstrongism is not truly Christian.对一个现代人的依赖是一个先知洞察力的源泉(这实际上从未宣称阿姆斯特朗),“三十分之一”(10%,定期提供; 10%的慈善支持,以及10%的年度盛宴),很死板守安息日的态度,以及从所有其他基督教教会和被认为撒旦驱动型组织,与外界隔绝是这个共同​​认为,Armstrongism是不是真正的基督教的一些原因。 In addition, Armstrong believed that there was not just one God but two, he did not believe in the Trinity, and he believed that all Church members will some day attain Godhood are similarly considered non-Christian.此外,阿姆斯特朗认为有上帝,但不只是一两个,他不相信在三一,他认为所有教会的成员有一天会达到神格也同样视为非基督徒。 Many controlling attitudes toward behavior are also part of Armstrongism beliefs, specifying lengths of hair, styles of clothing, etc., no holiday celebrations, no divorce, no smoking对许多行为控制的态度也是Armstrongism信仰的一部分,指定长度的头发,衣物等方式,没有节日庆典,没有离婚,不吸烟

The Worldwide Church of God Now现在全世界的上帝教会

The core Church, the Worldwide Church of God, came to realize that many of Armstrong's teachings and beliefs were not Biblical.核心教会,神的世界各地的教会,来认识到,阿姆斯特朗的教义和信仰的许多人不是圣经。As a result, beginning in early 1995, those beliefs were rejected and more orthodox Christian beliefs accepted in their place.因此,早在1995年开始,这些信仰被拒绝,更正统基督教信仰在自己的位置接受。Strict examination of every aspect of belief and practice has been instituted, for compatibility with Scripture.每一个信仰和实践方面已经建立严格的考核,对于圣经的兼容性。As a result, many long-held, central beliefs have been reversed.因此,许多长期持有的,中央信念得到扭转。The Worldwide Church of God has now entered a path much closer to true Christianity.神的世界已经进入了一个教会的道路更接近真正的基督教。The regular reference to it as a cult has disappeared and it is now generally considered on a path to become a solid Protestant Christian Church.经常提到它作为一个邪教组织已经消失,现在人们普遍认为的道路上成为一个坚实的基督教新教。

These changes in teachings have been enormous.在教学这些变化是巨大的。The almost entire reversal of position on a number of core beliefs and practices has seriously shaken the Church.几乎所有的位置上的核心理念和手法逆转,严重动摇了教会。Many pastors and members have left as a result, often to form or join a splinter Armstrongism group.许多牧师和成员已离开,结果,往往形成或加入一个分裂Armstrongism组。Where membership had been 145,000 worldwide (89,000 in the US) during the late 1980s, these numerous departures have resulted in a current Church of around half that size, around 75,000 worldwide (49,000 in the US).凡会员国已在全球范围内145,000 80年代后期(89,000在美国),这些众多的班次,导致了目前的大约一半大小教会全世界大约75,000(49,000在美国)。These reductions have greatly reduced the Church's income and cash flow, and it seems to be financially struggling now.这些削减已大大减低了教会的收入和现金流,它似乎是现在财政上挣扎。

Joseph Tkach has even issued a broad apology on behalf of the Church collectively, regarding past errors in incorrect and misleading teachings.约瑟夫Tkach甚至发表了一份共同的教会代表广泛的道歉,就在不正确和误导的教诲过去的错误。If, in the long run, this Church survives its changes, it will likely represent one of the most striking transformations in the history of Christianity.如果从长远来看,这个教会生存及其变化,它可能会代表在基督教历史上最引人注目的变革之一。

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