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Christian Churches and Churches of Christ comprise an undenominational fellowship of Protestant Christians dedicated to the "restoration of New Testament Christianity, its doctrine, its ordinances, and its life."基督教教会和基督教会组成一个专门的新教基督徒undenominational现身“新约基督教,它的教义,它的条例,并恢复它的生命。” Included are some 5,500 self governing congregations in North America, with membership just over 1 million, and 1,500 congregations with some 150,000 members in forty other nations.包括一些5500自治教会在北美,其成员刚刚超过100万,和1500与其他一些国家的150,000第四个成员教会。 The movement began in the eastern United States about 1800.该运动开始于美国东部约1800年。Prominent early leaders included Thomas Campbell (1763 - 1854), Alexander Campbell, and Barton W Stone.杰出的早期领导人包括托马斯贝尔(1763年至1854年),亚历山大贝尔,和巴顿W石。Until 1906 its history was shared with those Churches of Christ that avoid the use of instrumental music in worship; and until 1968 it shared a common history with the then restructured Disciples of Christ (Christian Church).直到1906年它的历史是与那些共享,避免了基督教会的器乐在崇拜的使用,以及直到1968年它有着共同的历史和当时的重组基督(基督教)的弟子。 For their creed and moral code, the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ depend on direct quotations from the Bible.因为他们的信条和道德准则,基督教教会和基督教会依赖于从圣经直接报价。Baptism is by immersion; communion is central to each Sunday's worship.洗礼是由浸泡;共融的核心是每个星期天的崇拜。

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