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A small Christian sect founded in the United States c.一个基督教的小教派创立于美国角1845, the Christadelphians were originally called Thomasites after their founder, John Thomas (1805 - 71).1845年,最初称为基督弟兄会后,他们的创始人,约翰托马斯Thomasites(1805 - 71)。Rejecting all doctrinal development, they claim to return to biblical belief and practice. They do not believe in the Trinity, but awaited the Second Coming of Christ and his establishment of a theocracy centered in Jerusalem; only those who believe in the gospel will become immortal.拒绝所有理论的发展,他们声称回到圣经的信仰和实践。 他们不相信三位一体,但在等待第二次来的基督和他的神权政治为中心,建立耶路撒冷只有那些谁福音相信会成为不朽。There is no central organization of clergy; it is therefore difficult to ascertain membership.没有神职人员中央组织,因此,很难确定成员。

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