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Churches of Christ number about 13,000 independent and autonomous congregations in the United States, with about 1.5 million members.基督教会人数约13,000独立和自主的教会在美国,大约有150万会员。These congregations operate without interlinking organization or headquarters; they are united by the direct adherence of each to the Bible alone as the sufficient rule of faith and practice.这些教友没有相互联系的组织运作或总部,他们是团结的每个直接坚持圣经为信仰与实践充分说了算。

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The group operates colleges and universities, orphanages, and schools of preaching, and has missionaries in international fields.本集团经营高校,孤儿院,学校和说教,并在国际领域的传教士。Publications play a strong role in the life of the church.出版物中发挥的教会生活产生了强烈的作用。Faith in the verbal inspiration of the Bible, the divinity of Jesus, the necessity of compliance with biblical teachings, and a firm hope of everlasting life is characteristic of the group.在圣经,耶稣,圣经的教义,遵守与神性的必要性,和一个永恒的生命信念坚定希望口头灵感是集团的特点。The Churches of Christ believe that Jesus established his church and made it available to all the saved, and that it is the responsibility of all individuals to seek it out and be added to it.基督的教会认为,耶稣建立了他的教会并提供给所有保存的,而且它是所有个人的责任,把它找出来,并添加到它。

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