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American evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, b.美国布道家Aimee森普尔麦克弗森湾near Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 9, 1890, d.附近的英格索尔,安大略省,加拿大,1890年10月9日,四Sept. 27, 1944, founded the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. 1944年9月27日,成立了国际四方福音教会。Converted by her first husband, Robert Semple, a Pentecostal evangelist, she joined him in revival campaigns and then in the mission field in Asia.她的第一任丈夫,罗伯特森普尔,一五旬节传道转换,她参加了复兴运动了,并在团场,然后在亚洲。When he died in 1910, she returned to the United States with her infant daughter, married Harold McPherson, a grocery salesman from Rhode Island, and began to hold revivals.当他在1910年去世后,她带着女儿回到了美国,已婚哈罗德麦克弗森,从罗得岛州杂货店推销员,开始举行的复兴。

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"Sister" Aimee's following grew, but her marriage began to fail, and in 1918 she settled in Los Angeles. “姐姐”Aimee的以下的增长,但她的婚姻开始失败,并于1918年,她在洛杉矶定居。That year she established a headquarters there and spent the next 5 years on the revival road.那年,她成立了一个总部在那里,花了复兴之路,未来5年。Her dream of establishing a more permanent "foursquare movement" built around her understanding of the four roles of Jesus Christ - savior, baptizer, healer, and coming king - became a reality when she opened (1923) Angelus Temple, a 5,300 seat auditorium.救世主,施洗,治疗师,以及未来的国王 - - 她的建立一个更加永久性的“四角运动”在她周围的耶稣基督的四个角色理解的基础的梦想变成了现实,当她打开(1923)钟寺,5300座位的礼堂。 She subsequently founded a radio station, a Bible college, an evangelistic association, and the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (1927).她随后成立了一个广播电台,圣经学院,一福音协会,以及国际四方福音教会(1927)。

Scandal repeatedly touched her personal life - most notably in 1926 when she disappeared for a month, reappeared with the story that she had been kidnapped, and was tried (case dismissed) for perjury.丑闻不断抚摸着她的个人生活 - 尤其是在1926年时,她就消失了一个月,与她被绑架的故事又出现了,并尝试了伪证罪(案件驳回)。Nevertheless she persisted and her movement grew.不过她坚持和她的运动成长。When she died in 1944 from an accidental overdose of barbiturates, leadership of her church passed to her son, Rolf McPherson.当她1944年死于意外服用过量的巴比妥酸盐,传递给她的儿子,罗尔夫麦克弗森她的教会领导。

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Bibliography 参考书目
GH Douglas, Women of the Twenties (1986); AS McPherson, The Story of My Life (1951); L Thomas, Storming Heaven (1970).生长激素道格拉斯二十年代(1986年)妇女,正如麦克弗森,我的生活(1951年)故事的L托马斯,震荡天堂(1970年)。

FourSquare Gospel Church - Aimee Semple McPherson四方福音教会 - Aimee森普尔麦克弗森

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Aimee Semple McPherson was a Pentecostalist revivalist and radio pioneer, one of America's best-known religious figures in the 1920s and 1930s. Aimee森普尔麦克弗森是Pentecostalist复兴和电台的先驱,美国最著名的20世纪20年代和30年代的宗教人物之一。She married first the man who had been influential in her conversion, Robert Semple, a Pentecostal minister, with whom she went to China as a missionary in 1908.她嫁给了谁首先跟她去了中国作为一个传教士于1908年在她的转换,罗伯特森普尔,五旬节教派牧师,有影响力的人。When Semple died, his wife returned to the United States.森普尔去世时,他的妻子回到了美国。She then married Harold McPherson, from whom she was subsequently divorced.然后,她嫁给哈罗德麦克弗森,从被她后来离婚了。A third marriage and another divorce came later.第三次婚姻,另外一个是后来离婚。With her mother as companion Aimee Semple McPherson began after World War I a very successful series of revival tours across the United States.与她的同伴Aimee森普尔麦克弗森母亲第一次世界大战后开始了横跨美国的复兴之旅非常成功的系列。"Sister Aimee" was an attractive woman who knew how to exploit her vibrant personality and captivating energy to win the attention of the media. “姐姐Aimee”是一个有吸引力的女人谁知道如何利用她的充满活力的个性和迷人的能量,赢得了媒体的注意。She broke new ground in radio evangelism (1922) and may have participated in a staged kidnaping of herself in 1926, a case which remains clothed in mystery.她打破了无线电传福音(1922)新的天地,并可能在一个参与绑架上演自己在1926年,仍然在一个神秘的穿着情况。 Her teaching was probably not as important as her personality in her great success, but it did include standard fundamentalistic and Pentecostal emphases: sanctification, baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues, Christ as Savior and healer, faith healing, and the imminent return of Christ.她的教学很可能并不如她在她的巨大成功人格的重要,但它确实包括标准fundamentalistic和五旬节重点:圣洁,圣灵的洗礼,所赐的口才,基督为救主和医治者,信仰疗法,以及即将返回基督。 In 1922 she settled in Los Angeles, where she preached to thousands each week at her $1.5 million Angelus Temple.1922年,她定居在洛杉矶,在那里她对着数千她150万美元的钟寺每星期。The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel arose as a result of her ministry in 1927.该国际四方福音教会由于她出现在1927年卫生部的结果。It continued under the direction of her son after she died, and now numbers well over 100,000 members worldwide.这下继续她的儿子去世后,她的方向,而现在的数字远远超过100,000名会员。Part of the sensation surrounding McPherson's career arose from allegations, romantic and otherwise, which she knew how to exploit to her own advantage.周围McPherson的事业感源于部分指控,浪漫,否则,她知道如何利用她自己的优势。She was a force in American popular religion who blazed trails that others, who did not necessarily share her convictions, have followed.她是美国流行的宗教力量开辟别人谁,谁也不一定分享她的信念,都跟随小径。

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(Elwell Evangelical Dictionary) (Elwell宣布了福音字典)

Bibliography 参考书目
McPherson, The Story of My Life; L. Thomas, Storming Heaven.麦克弗森,我的生命故事;属托马斯,震荡天堂。

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