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The term refers historically to those (1) who have based their understanding of the Christian faith in the evangelical tradition of the church, but (2) who have understood their responsibility to the modern world as demanding their acceptance of a scientific world view with its specific commitment to historical and psychological methodology.这个词是指那些历史(1)谁设在教会的传统,他们对福音派基督教信仰的理解,但(2)谁理解为,要求他们接受了科学的世界观与他们的责任,以现代世界的具体承担的历史和心理的方法。 Used particularly in the early decades of the century by some within the Church of England (eg, T Guy Rogers, VF Storr, EW Barnes) to clarify their continuing evangelical orientation, the term has sometimes been adopted to describe other theological moderates who have sought a synthesis of the gospel and modern knowledge.用在由英格兰教会内的一些世纪最初几十年特别是(例如,T盖伊罗杰斯,室颤斯托,东西向巴恩斯)澄清其持续福音方向,这个术语有时被用于描述其他温和派谁寻求神学的福音和现代知识的合成。

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With evangelicals, these pastors and teachers have emphasized the need for a personal relationship with God, the freedom of the Spirit, the authority of the Bible, the person of Jesus as God incarnate, the centrality of the cross, and the need for conversion. However, with liberals, they have agreed that in a world forever changed by the Enlightenment the message of Christianity must be recast.有了福音,这些牧师和教师都强调需要转换为个人的需要与自由关系的上帝,圣灵的,权威的和圣经中的耶稣的人,神的化身的中心地位,在十字架上。然而,与自由党,他们已经同意,在一个世界永远的启蒙运动对基督教的信息必须是重铸改变。 Bemoaning the decline of evangelicalism in the wider church, liberal evangelicals have seen a major reason as being a lack of sensitivity to the modern age and its thought forms.哀叹在更广泛的福音派教会的衰落,看到了自由的福音派是一个敏感的年龄和其思想的现代形式缺乏的主要原因。

While the term "liberal evangelical" is an imprecise one, allowing for a wide range of theological distinctiveness, it has often included the following: (1) The authority of Scripture is understood as residing not in the letter of the text (this would be bibliolatry) but in its dynamic revelation of God in Christ.尽管术语“自由福音派”是一个不精确的,独特的神学允许范围很广,它通常包括以下内容:(1)圣经的权威是不被理解为居住在该信的文字(这将bibliolatry),但在其动态启示神在基督里。 (2) Older and what is believed cruder penal theories of the atonement have sometimes been replaced by those stressing the redeeming love of God in Christ. (2)旧的,什么是相信的赎罪粗糙刑法理论有时被基督取代那些强调上帝救赎的爱。(3) Scientific theories such as evolution have been embraced and understood as being compatible with a Christian view of creation.(3)科学理论,如演化创造了拥抱和被理解为基督教认为与兼容。(4) Higher critical conclusions concerning the Bible (eg, the dating of Daniel, the authorship of II Peter, the redaction of (Matthew) have been accepted. (四)重要的结论被接受高等教育有关圣经(例如有,署名权丹尼尔约会,在二)彼得,节录的(马太。

The English liberal evangelicals of the 1920s (the terms "modern evangelicals" and "younger evangelicals" have also been used) sometimes diverged on these and other specific issues, but they found a unity in their desire to be concurrently evangelical and modern.英语自由福音20世纪20年代之条款(“现代福音派”和“年轻的福音派”也被使用),有时在这些分歧和其他具体问题,但他们发现了一个团结的愿望并处福音和现代。 Their precursors were such British moderates as PT Forsyth, RW Dale, and James Denney; their colleagues outside the Church of England, theologians such as HR Mackintosh; and their successors (though the term was seldom applied), such luminaries as TW Manson, JS Whale, Donald and John Baillie, and perhaps even CS Lewis.他们的前体为PT福塞斯,刻录戴尔,詹姆斯丹尼等英国温和派;以外的英格兰教会他们的同事,如人力资源麦金托什神学家,他们的继任者(尽管这个词是很少应用),为荃湾曼森,江苏等灯具鲸,唐纳德和约翰贝利,甚至CS刘易斯。

In America, owing perhaps to the early acrimony of the fundamentalist - modernist controversy, no comparable turn - of - the - century moderating group of evangelical scholars emerged.在美国,或许由于早期辛辣的原教旨主义 - 现代主义的争论,没有类似的转换 - - 的 - 世纪福音派学者群体的干扰出现。Charles Briggs and Henry Preserved Smith began their careers as evangelicals but in the process of speaking to the modern age repudiated much of their earlier beliefs.布里格斯和亨利查尔斯史密斯开始了福音派保留,但在发言的现代进程中的职业生涯否定了先前的信念了。In the 1960s and 1970s the influence of CS Lewis and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the need for a more responsible biblical criticism, the stress on human fulfillment, and a renewed commitment to social justice have combined to produce a group of younger evangelicals who share with their earlier British counterparts a joint commitment to the evangelical faith and the modern age.在60年代和70年代的CS刘易斯和迪特里希朋霍费尔,一个更负责任的圣经批评的需要,实现压力对人体的影响,并继续致力于社会公正相结合,产生了谁分享了先前一组年轻的福音派共同承诺,以福音派信仰和年龄的英国同行的现代化。

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