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Dispensationalists distinguish Israel from the church and so look for a point in history at which God's redemptive program changed from the one form of administration to the other. The most common dispensationalism finds the beginning of the church in Acts 2 with the Spirit's coming at Pentecost. 时代论区分教堂以色列从,因此寻找一个历史点在上帝的救赎计划管理改为构成一到另一端。最常见的dispensationalism找到了2开头的教堂,在行为与圣灵的降临未来在。 From the standpoint of Acts 2 dispensationalism two other views seem extreme, or "ultra." According to Acts 13 dispensationalism the church began when Paul started his mission to Jews and Gentiles (Acts 13:2).从dispensationalism立场的行为,二两个看似极端的其他意见,或“超。”根据行为13 dispensationalism教会开始时,保罗开始了他的使命,犹太人和外邦人(徒13:2)。According to Acts 28 dispensationalism the church began toward the end of Paul's ministry with his reference to Israel's rejection of the kingdom of God and the sending of God's salvation to the Gentiles (Acts 28:26 - 28).根据行为28 dispensationalism教会开始向上帝结束保罗的部与他提到王国以色列的拒绝和神的救恩派遣的向外邦人(使徒26节- 28)。

Acts 28 dispensationalism is sometimes called Bullingerism after its leading proponent, Ethelbert William Bullinger (1837 - 1913).行为有时也被称为28 dispensationalism布凌格Bullingerism后的主要倡导者,埃塞尔伯特威廉(1837年至1913年)。 Other writers holding this position include Charles H Welch, AE Knoch, Vladimir M Gelesnoff, and Otis R Sellers.持这种立场的其他作家包括查尔斯ħ韦尔奇,自动曝光诺奇,弗拉基米尔M Gelesnoff,和Otis ř卖方。 Bullinger's analysis of the NT led to three dispensations where Acts 2 dispensationalism has two (Israel before Pentecost and the church after Pentecost).布凌格的分析导致的新台币三特许在行为2 dispensationalism有两个(以色列前五旬节和五旬节之后堂)。Bullinger's first administration encompassed the time of the Gospels when Christ offered the kingdom of Jews only and entrance was signified by water baptism.布凌格第一届政府的包含了基督的福音时所提供的仅犹太人王国的入口被水洗礼标志。Second was the traditional period in Acts and the earlier NT epistles when the apostles offered the Jews participation in the "bride church" and practiced two baptisms, in water and in the Spirit.二是在传统时期的行为和早期新台币书信使徒时提供的“新娘教会”犹太人的参与和实践两个洗礼,在水和圣灵。 Third was the oneness of Jew and Gentile in the body of Christ addressed in Paul's prison epistles (Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians, 1 Timothy, Titus, and 2 Timothy) and entered by Spirit baptism alone.三是对犹太人和外邦人在基督的处理在保罗的监狱书信(以弗所书,歌罗西书,腓利,提摩太,提多和2提摩太)和精神洗礼单独输入身体的合一。

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Bullinger based some of his arguments upon dichotomies of words that did not refer to incompatible realities.布凌格依据的话没有提到他的两分法不符合现实的一些论点。For example, the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper had to do with the flesh only and so had no place in the body of Christ alleged to be of the Spirit only.例如,条例的洗礼和主的晚餐都和肉体,所以没有只有在基督的身体部位据称是唯一的精神。Bullinger failed to understand that just as the inner and outer man can be one man, so the inner Spirit baptism and outer water baptism can constitute one baptism.布凌格不明白,正如内,外面的人可以是一个人,所以内在精神的洗礼和外部水的洗礼,可以构成一个洗礼。The church, as many recent studies have indicated, is made up of tangible people in bodies meeting together in visible gatherings for the purposes of ministering to the whole person, both spirit and body.教会,许多最近的研究表明,人是由有形可见在会议上聚会在一起的服事整个人都精神和身体的目的机构。Christ's reference to baptism in the Great Commission need not exclude it from application to today's church.基督的大使命参考的洗礼,不排除需要从应用到今天的教会它。

Spokesmen for the Acts 13 dispensationalism are JC O'Hair, CR Stam, and Charles F Baker, author of a major textbook, A Dispensational Theology.该行为是赛马会发言人13 dispensationalism奥海尔,华润斯塔姆和查尔斯F贝克,一个主要的教科书,一个时代论神学作家。Baker's name is associated with the Grand Rapids Grace Bible College, which prepares people for ministry in Grace Gospel Fellowship and the Worldwide Grace Testimony.贝克的名字是与大瀑布城恩圣经学院,准备在恩典的福音团契和全世界的恩典见证部的人。

Answering the Acts 28 dispensationalism.回答28 dispensationalism的行为。Baker notes that Paul's statement (Acts 28:28) does not mark the beginning of the body of Christ but should be understood in the past tense, the gospel had been sent to the Gentiles (RSV , NIV , and others).贝克指出,保罗的声明(徒28:28)不纪念基督的身体开始,但是应该在过去式的理解,已被送往福音的外邦人(呼吸道合胞病毒,为证,和其他人)。 Baker also argues effectively for the unity of all the Pauline epistles in their teaching about the church.贝克也认为有效地为所有在他们对教学的教会宝莲,书信的统一。In Paul's letters he finds support for the practice of the Lord's Supper (1 Cor. 11) but not water baptism.在保罗的信,他找到了主的晚餐的做法(1肺心病。11),但没有水的洗礼的支持。Paul's transitional use of water baptism for Jews (he assumes) is not regarded as normative for Gentiles (1 Cor. 1:13 - 17).保罗的水洗礼的犹太人(他假设)过渡使用不视为外邦人规范(1肺心病一点13 - 17。)。Baker interprets baptism in Rom.贝克解释在ROM的洗礼。6:3 - 4 as mere Spirit baptism, but as has been noted, it may best be understood as both inner Spirit baptism and outer water baptism.6:3 - 4仅仅作为精神的洗礼,但正如已经指出,这可能既是最好的内在精神的洗礼和外部水的洗礼理解。

In defense of Acts 2 dispensationalism Charles C Ryrie argues that the question is when God initially formed the church, not when it was first understood.在查尔斯的行为2 dispensationalism ç赖里防御认为,问题是当上帝初步形成了教会,而不是当它第一次理解。Baker replies that God plainly stated what he was doing earlier, bringing in the consummation of all prophecy and offering the kingdom to Israel (Acts 2:16; 3:24).贝克回答说,上帝显然说明他在做什么之前,在所有的预言实现,并提供完善的以色列国(使徒2点16分; 3:24)。 As late as Acts 11:16, he writes, the apostles preached only to Jews.迟行为11:16他写道,使徒鼓吹只有犹太人。However, Baker failed to quote Acts 3:25, which explains that through the Jews all people on earth will be blessed.不过,贝克没有报价行为3:25,这说明,通过地球上的犹太人所有的人都会得到祝福。Is the message in the early chapters of Acts to the Jews exclusively, or to the Jews first, in order that Samaritans and Gentiles also may be added to the church?是早期章节的行为向犹太人独家消息,为了向犹太人或第一,撒玛利亚会和外邦人也可能被添加到教会?Baker's attempt to divorce the Pentecostal reception of power from the Spirit's baptism cannot stand in the light of the total development in Acts.贝克试图离婚的权力​​来自圣灵的洗礼五旬节接待受不了在总的发展情况中的行为。The church began when believers in the crucified and risen Christ were baptized by the Spirit into one body (Acts 2:38, 41, 44, 47; cf. 1 Cor. 12:13) to which the Spirit added Samaritans (Acts 8:17) and Gentiles (Acts 10:28, 34 - 35, 45 - 48; 11:18).教会开始时,在信徒和复活的基督钉在十字架上被圣灵受洗,成了一个身体(徒2:38,41,44,47;比照1肺心病12点13分。。),以增加它的精神撒玛利亚(徒8: 17)和外邦人(徒10:28,34 - 35,45 - 48; 11:18)。

Baker's chief reason for objecting to Acts 2 dispensationalism is that what happened prior to Paul had been prophesied by the prophets, but nothing about the body of Christ was revealed before Paul.贝克的行为,反对以2 dispensationalism的主要原因是发生了什么事之前,保罗曾预言的先知,但对基督的身体,什么也没有发现之前,保罗。Such all or nothing reasoning is imposed upon Scripture, not drawn from it.这种推理是全部或任何强加于圣经,而不是从中得出。 The fact that Paul most fully understood, explained, and received the mystery of uniting Jew and Gentile in one body need not imply that Peter, Cornelius, and the Jerusalem church had grasped nothing of this truth (Acts 10:30 - 38; 11:1 - 18).保罗最充分的理解事实,解释,并获得团结为一体的犹太人和外邦人不必暗示,彼得,哥尼流,和耶路撒冷的教会已经掌握了这个真理无关(使徒10时30分的奥秘 - 38,11: 1 - 18)。Did not Jesus Christ lay the one foundation for the church and prepare the disciples to establish it?没有耶稣基督为教会打下一个基础,并准备建立它的门徒?Robert L Saucy shows that the church is built upon the entire work of Christ's first coming and is sustained through his present leadership.罗伯特L圣诞表明,该教会是建立在基督的全部工作和第一次来他现在的领导是通过持续的。But he also finds that the actual historical formation of the church occurred in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost.但他也认为,实际的教会在耶路撒冷发生的历史上形成一天的降临。

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Bibliography 参考书目
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Additional Note其他注意事项

Recently, a Minister who visited BELIEVE soundly criticized us for this author's presentation.最近,一位部长相信谁访问了扎实批评笔者的介绍我们。The Minister felt that this author was consistently denigrating 'late Acts' Dispensationalism in preference for Acts 2 Dispensationalism.这位部长认为,这是笔者一贯诋毁'晚行为'的行为在2 Dispensationalism偏好Dispensationalism。We do not see this bias, but we are now looking for a better overview article for our presentation.我们看不到这种偏见,但我们现在为我们介绍寻找更好的概述文章。Unfortunately, it seems that the proponents for each of the possibilities tend to write articles that strongly support their own point while severely attacking the opposing positions.不幸的是,它似乎为每个支持者的可能性往往会写文章,强烈支持他们自己的观点,同时严厉打击敌对立场。Normally, we would just include several articles, presenting each position, but there do not seem to be 'short' articles available, and having this presentation be a combination of three separate hundred-screen articles doesn't seem appropriate.通常,我们只是包括几篇文章,介绍每个位置,但似乎并没有被'短'的文章可用,并且有这个介绍是由三个独立的百幕文章结合似乎并不合适。

The Minister was not done with us (or this author)!这位部长没有这样做我们(或此作者的)!He was also extremely irate that we did not present or discuss Acts 9 Dispenstionalism.他也非常生气,我们并没有提出或讨论9 Dispenstionalism行为。Until his comment, we apparently had led sheltered lives, because we had been unaware that we had overlooked yet another alternative.直到他的意见,我们似乎已经导致庇护生活,因为我们一直不知道,我们忽略了另一个选择。 He claims that that position has existed since at least 1950, but we do not know how generally that position is held, or any facts on the matter.他声称,这一立场至少1950年以来存在的,但我们不知道如何普遍持有这一立场,或对此事的任何事实。We will look into it!我们将看看吧!

And finally, the visitor was incensed that the author of the above article stated that CR Stam supported Acts 13 Dispensationalism, when he knew for a fact that Stam supported Acts 9 Dispensationalism.最后,游客被激怒的是,上述文章的作者说,华润斯塔姆13 Dispensationalism支持行为,当他知道一个事实行为9 Dispensationalism斯塔姆支持。Again, we have no way (yet) of confirming these potential shortcomings in this presentation.同样,我们没有在此演示文稿确认这些潜在的缺点的方式(还)。Until we can accumulate facts, we decided to let visitors to this page know about these claims.直到我们能积聚的事实,我们决定让游客到这个网页了解有关这些索赔。

Another Additional Note另一个额外注

It appears that the mid-Acts Dispensationalism, referred to above as Acts 13 Dispensationalism, has now split into at least four separate groups!看来,中行为Dispensationalism,上文提到13 Dispensationalism作为行为,现在已经到至少四个不同群体分裂的!They seem to be very closely related in concept, all essentially relying on Acts 13, but they see the actual process beginning in: Acts 8, Acts 9, Acts 11, or Acts 13.他们似乎非常密切相关的概念,本质上都依赖行为13,但他们看到的实际过程开始于:徒八,行为9,行为11,13或行为。As witnessed by the passionate note just above from a visitor to BELIEVE, these various groups seem to have intense feelings regarding their specific positions as being correct and the others being wrong!作为见证了热情的注意,以相信游客从正上方,这些不同群体似乎已经被视为是正确和错误的人的具体位置强烈的感受! However, with a "larger perspective" we still see value in the article at the beginning of this presentation, as distinguishing the broader categories of early-, mid- and late-Acts Dispensationalisms, as being substantially different.然而,在一个“大视角”我们仍然看到在本报告发表文章开头的价值,更广泛的类别区分早,中,晚行为Dispensationalisms,因为被大大不同。 Where that article refers to Acts 13 Dispensationalism, we ask readers to realize that the author was apparently referring collectively to the four separate mid-Acts positions and groups.如该文章是指13 Dispensationalism行为,我们要求读者认识到提交人显然是指集体四个独立中期和群体行为的立场。

The dialogue between the four mid-Acts groups is ongoing, and the positions seem to still be somewhat fluid.四间中的行为团体的对话正在进行,立场似乎仍有些液体。BELIEVE tries to never get tangled in ongoing controversies, so that's why we are still willing to lump the four together, even though it seems to upset all four groups!相信尝试过自己这个问题进行争论​​纠缠不清,所以这就是为什么我们仍然愿意一次性四个在一起,即使它似乎打破所有四组! We suspect that in a few years, the specific positions and credibility of each of the four positions will be better established, and at that time, it will be appropriate for BELIEVE to add presentations of their separate positions.我们怀疑,在几年的具体位置和每个位置的四个信誉将更好地确立起来,在那个时候,它会相信是适当的添加各自的立场发言。

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